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Ron DeSantis Throws a Wrench in DA Bragg's
Indictment of Trump

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Posted By: Dreadnought, 3/30/2023 10:48:38 PM

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has swiftly responded to the partisan indictment of Donald Trump. In a statement posted to Twitter, DeSantis denounced the weaponization of the legal system to promote political agendas, and called out Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s soft-on-crime record, contrasting it with his current willingness to stretch the law to target political opponents by stretching the law to its limits. “The weaponization of the legal system to advance a political agenda turns the rule of law on its head. It is un-American,” DeSantis tweeted. “The Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney has consistently bent the law

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Reply 1 - Posted by: RedWhiteBlue 3/30/2023 11:01:15 PM (No. 1437646)
All presidential candidates should withdraw from running for president and let TRUMP on the ticket by himself.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: mifla 3/31/2023 4:33:11 AM (No. 1437721)
1. Boycott all things NYC - sporting events, products, banks, etc. 2. Stop all work in the House of Representatives. Shut down the government. 3. Protest outside of Bragg's house 24/7.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: NancyD 3/31/2023 6:17:04 AM (No. 1437770)
Ron DeSantis is a great Governor. If only he and Trump could join forces, they'd be unstoppable.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Rinktum 3/31/2023 6:46:00 AM (No. 1437785)
Democrats have pushed us too far. This is about saving the Republic. They are the enemy of justice and freedom and are an existential threat to the country. Gov. DeSantis deserves our praise. I would like to see him and the rest of the potential candidates for President stand boldly with President Trump and explain that democrats have crossed the Rubicon with the malicious prosecution of a former President. Now is the time to stand for what is right and put politics aside for the good of the country. I know the consultants are whispering in every candidate’s ear to take advantage of this situation, but I hope they reject it and decide that the country comes first. When a party goes off the rails in such a spectacular fashion, it’s time to unite to let them know that what they have done is unacceptable. Flood social media with support for PDT. I also hope that the Republican leadership will see just how destructive this malicious prosecution is. Wait until it is directed toward them and it will be. Could they even begin to withstand this reprehensible lawfare financially much less mentally? Republicans, we have a real enemy defiantly staring us in the face. Are you going to allow them to continue to use the DOJ as a weapon against us? Show some courage! If Republicans presented a united front against this, it would set democrats back on their heels. Donald J. Trump is not the enemy. Stop ignoring the weaponization of the DOJ to destroy a former President. I guarantee you will not like the government these demonic democrats have planned for us. Stand now while you can because if they have their choice, personal freedom will be subject to the whim of a pernicious and corrupt system.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: 49 Ford 3/31/2023 7:00:34 AM (No. 1437794)
# 3, Ron DeSantis is my governor and yes, he is a great one. But if by "join forces" you mean run on the same ticket, wouldn't work. Two Type A personalities, each of them his own man. The result would be a chaotic and ineffective campaign.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Lazyman 3/31/2023 7:42:55 AM (No. 1437813)
48 more states should do the same bipartisan pro American stance.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: petrichor 3/31/2023 7:44:00 AM (No. 1437815)
Sorry. I don't see a wrench anywhere. Find better metaphor.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Strike3 3/31/2023 7:59:55 AM (No. 1437825)
I like #2's idea although anybody with any sense is already avoiding New York City. The overstuffed whale known as Bragg should be easy to follow. People need to pay for their actions, I don't care if they are owned by Soros. Income tax day is coming up soon. That's the real reason the government needs us, act accordingly.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: bpl40 3/31/2023 8:08:45 AM (No. 1437832)
Trump has been indicted on a Federal offense. One assumes he can seek relief from a Federal court avoiding the rotten corrupt New York system altogether. This should be no brainer for the dumbest Federal judge.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: minuteman 3/31/2023 8:20:58 AM (No. 1437845)
How many times have they crossed the Rubicon? A partial list: - Spying on a presidential candidate - Spying on a president elect - Spying on a sitting President - using knowing false allegations to impanel a special counsel to persecute a sitting President - Colluding with a corrupt foreign dictator to impeach a sitting President - Stealing a presidential election and installing a totalitarian puppet - Producing a false flag event by instigating the January 6 show and murdering multiple patriots that day - Impeaching the President on fake charges related to the false flag event - Producing a show trial in the House of the President, without allowing a defense - Having the corrupt clown FBI raid the President’s home - And now, twisting the law into knots to indict the President
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Reply 11 - Posted by: felixcat 3/31/2023 8:33:06 AM (No. 1437856)
Well at least this time, Gov DeSantis. in his statement, didn't make some snarky remark about not knowing the details of paying hush money to a porn star*. BTW - every time a federal (or state or private company) agency settles with an aggrieved employee over sexual harassment, EEO complaint, etc and the aggrieved (whether legit or not) employee gets a money (or other compensation settlement) from the agency (actually its our tax dollars), a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed by both parties. This is routine and Ron DeSantis knows darn well as he was a government attorney. There is no equal justice under the law in this country anymore and haven't had it since Comey gave a pass to Hillary Clinton. We have corrupted, partisan judges at all levels who are open about their partisanship - see Judge Berryl Howell (and her fellow judges appointed by both Dems and Republicans) on the DC Circuit persecuting the J6 defendants. The sheer ignorance of a jury of ones peers - again, see juries in DC and NYC. The judges are corrupt and the jurors are stupid. * - porn star - she was a two bit porn performer.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: mifla 3/31/2023 8:42:29 AM (No. 1437870)
Florida has as Attorney General and a number of conservative DAs. Pick a lib who lives in Florida and find the dirt on them. Repeat as necessary.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: thethirdruffian 3/31/2023 9:01:51 AM (No. 1437891)
Florida needs to indict the NYC DA Bragg and everyone who worked with him for malicious prosecution and conspiracy to deny civil rights of a Florida resident under color of law.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: ARKfamily 3/31/2023 9:08:21 AM (No. 1437896)
All of this makes me curious as to Alvin Bragg's background. . .
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Speedypetey 3/31/2023 9:43:47 AM (No. 1437932)
What if the trucking industry starts delaying loads into New York state? Wouldn't that be a stitch!
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Reply 16 - Posted by: NancyD 3/31/2023 9:48:01 AM (No. 1437935)
#5, I'm a type A personality (can you tell? HA!) and most of my friends are the same. We debate and have our own opinions but I know and believe what I am saying. (That is why I love Rush so much.) 99% are Trump supporters and we differ on some issues, but we hold our ground and aren't afraid to lets say, tick someone off. Trump and DeSantis can and could join forces and I think they are both smart enough to be able to use it to their advantage. NO DOUBT.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: BaldGuy 3/31/2023 10:02:26 AM (No. 1437953)
#3,5 &16....I see Trump reaching a "deal" with DeSantis where he decides to just go play golf and throw his full support behind RD...he could have him up on stage at one of his rallies....if the establishment keeps chasing Trump, he can say you can chase me around the golf course all you want, I'm out. RD is ready and waiting to shove it right up their keeysters....he'll have 100 million people ready to vote for him....
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Reply 18 - Posted by: thomthomp 3/31/2023 10:14:00 AM (No. 1437969)
#4, hoping te Republican so-called "leadership" will do something, especially in defense of President Trump, is like hoping to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Ain't gonna happen. Mitch McConnell is probably secretly cheering for Bragg. The Republican Party needs new, REAL leadership or else the people need a new party.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: MDConservative 3/31/2023 10:20:24 AM (No. 1437988)
#17 - That isn't going to happen. Trump threw the dice when he announced. We may now be seeing the reason for the early announcement. It would seem Trump relishes the combat with NY and the Dems/libs there. He has certainly turned around his "expecting" to be arrested into political gold. And now there is the story that the grand jury also returned indictments for a number of fraud charges, which I expected in the first place rather than this payoff nonsense. All this said, Trump isn't headed to political retirement on any golf course. His political standing with MAGA Nation would drop 99% if he did. He has "loyalty" to consider, to them to fight on regardless. This circus has already been largely accepted across the political spectrum as political prosecution, a farce. Now, how will this affect New Hampshire and Iowa? That's the question. There are many here who shortchange DeSantis' campaign. I don't. One wonders whether this "arrest" and consequent turmoil will eventually turn off the "traditional" Republican voter and independents. DeSantis must do well, perhaps win these early caucus and primary engagements to take the nomination. It's almost a year away...and that's the proverbial eternity in politics.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: mean Gene 3/31/2023 10:46:13 AM (No. 1438016)
This is play-acting from De Santis. He profits from the indictment. He thinks this weak tea statement will propel him into the lead. Even now the Florida legislation is rewriting law to benefit only one man, De Santis. This is all scripted baloney aimed at killing MAGA.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Zigrid 3/31/2023 11:05:40 AM (No. 1438036)
I think Rick Grennel is right...all announced candidates should drop out and let President Trump be on the would serve the rino three "Rs"...rove ...ryan..romney...a good lesson...and practically speaking if sanctimonious ever wants to run as a republican and win the White House ...he had best think about...what will his voting base be when MAGA supporters stay home....
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Reply 22 - Posted by: sherlock1 3/31/2023 11:20:46 AM (No. 1438049)
I hope Joey enjoys the precedent his fellow Democrats are setting, when he tries to escape from being indicted for his family's dealings with China. Guess which gets you in more trouble Joey, being paid to commit treason or paying off an extorter?
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Reply 23 - Posted by: mc squared 3/31/2023 12:38:16 PM (No. 1438100)
Bragg was never installed to prosecute assaults and murders: he was installed to 'Get Trump' and he's trying to make good on that promise. If he isn't successful, Soros Inc. will cut off Bragg's allowance.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: TurtleDove 3/31/2023 1:29:13 PM (No. 1438131)
" In contrast, Clinton and her presidential campaign commissioned a document filled with bogus opposition research with the intention of harming Trump’s chances of becoming president. The document was then used by the Obama administration as a pretext to surveil Trump’s campaign and, later, as a justification to investigate Trump for connections to Russia that never existed." Interesting how this neglects to mention the costs - monetarily & emotionally - associated with the use of said doc to ruin the man, the President & this country.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: 49 Ford 3/31/2023 4:28:21 PM (No. 1438249)
Don't agree, # 16. A social circle is one thing, a national ticket another. And I fail to see what electoral advantage DeSantis in the VP slot would bring to Trump. IMO no one who thinks highly of DeS will fail to vote for Trump if he becomes the nominee. DeS in the veep slot would not garner a single extra vote for Trump that he would not otherwise receive. ...Besides, I want Governor Ron to stay here in Free Florida where we need him.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 3/31/2023 4:51:23 PM (No. 1438269)
Oh, Please. It is hardly a wrench. He just says he isn't going to help NYC's thugs haul Trump away in cuffs. He doesn't say a word about hindering them. And besides, it is all a moot point, as Trump already said that he will voluntarily turn himself in, and even looks forward to the spectacle.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 3/31/2023 5:09:38 PM (No. 1438287)
#10 Minuteman, totally agree with everything you said and I would add something else. Remember Officer Brian Sicknick, Capitol Police Officer who died the next day of a brain stroke/hemorrhage? I believe Brian was murdered because he caught on to the Left's agenda that day and it wasn't the Trump supporters causing the trouble or insurrection. He texted a fellow officer that day, J6, during the supposed riot and said he saw Antifa there and was calling it out. I think he realized it was a set up with Pelosi, Schumer, DNC, others doing a False Flag and making it look like it was Trump and his followers causing trouble. Pelosi, et al could not allow a Capitol Police Officer to destroy their narrative and Sicknick had to be removed. Sicknick was a Trump supporter. You think that couldn't happen? These evil people would/will do anything, including murder, to get rid of President Trump and his supporters to gain and keep their power and control! Yesterday we saw how far this Cabal will go to stop MAGA, Make America Great Again and all who support President Trump. Buckle your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Read Matthew 24, In The Last Days. In the end, we do win (Book of Revelation). Jesus calls us The Remnant though.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 3/31/2023 6:11:23 PM (No. 1438321)
#27. I had had the same thoughts about Sicknick's death, although I don't remember ever articulating it in public. And the suicides of the other CaPo officers soon after, either murder in your scenario , or perhaps actual suicide when they realized the evil they had been part of.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Rhh0nda 3/31/2023 7:38:33 PM (No. 1438387)
Wrench? You me wretch or wreck? Both work. The same old wretched Republican saying one thing and then doing the opposite after the election. The same old wretched Republicans who vote with Pelosi, Schumer, Schift,AOC,Kamala, Biden, 100% of the time to wreck everything and everyone except themselves. The same old Republican wretches McConnell,Bush,Rove,Thune, Cornyn, Barasso,are supoorting DeSantis to wreck and ruin America 1st MAGA. Wreck it Ron!! Another Wretched Product manufactured by the Makers of the WMD
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Earlier today, I wrote about how the outgoing board of Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID), the quasi-governmental agency that ran Disney’s Florida properties until Gov. Ron DeSantis and the state legislature dissolved it, enacted a series of covenants and development agreements that purported to keep control of the district in the company’s hands. The new board for the renamed Central Florida Tourism District — which DeSantis handpicked and put in place — worried that the actions neutralized the board’s authority, but Disney forgot who it was messing with. “We’re going to have to deal with it and correct it,” board member Brian Aungst Jr. told the Orlando Sentinel.
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Donald Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud in an indictment from a Manhattan grand jury, according to two sources familiar with the case – the first time in American history that a current or former president has faced criminal charges. Trump is expected to appear in court on Tuesday. The indictment has been filed under seal and will be announced in the coming days. The charges are not publicly known at this time. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office has been investigating the former president in connection with his alleged role in a hush money payment scheme and cover-up involving adult film star Stormy Daniels
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House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) said in a statement on Thursday that the indictment of former President Donald Trump was the “clearest example” of Democrats using the government to target their political opponents. Scalise, the number two Republican in the House, said in a written statement, “The sham New York indictment of President Donald Trump is one of the clearest examples of extremist Democrats weaponizing government to attack their political opponents. Outrageous.” Scalise released his reaction as a Manhattan grand jury voted to indict Trump on Thursday for “his role in paying hush money to a porn star,” according to the New York Times.
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A transgender activist group has called off its planned 'Trans Day of Vengeance Rally' after warnings of a 'credible threat to life and safety'. The rally was due to be held on Saturday in Washington D.C., but organizers of the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) said Thursday that threats on social media have led them to make the decision to cancel the event. The demonstration would have been held outside the Supreme Court but 'astronomical amounts of hate from the world' forced them to cancel, TRAN said.
Pelosi Inverts American Justice System:
Trump Has Right to ‘Prove Innocence’
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Posted by Hazymac 3/31/2023 8:39:34 AM Post Reply
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared to invert the U.S. justice system in a statement Thursday as she was reacting to news that a Manhattan grand jury had voted to indict former President Donald Trump. Pelosi, the former House speaker, placed the burden of proof in legal cases on defendants, saying that “everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence” and that the justice system “grants [Trump] that right.” “The Grand Jury has acted upon the facts and the law,” Pelosi wrote on social media. “No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence. Hopefully, the former President will peacefully respect the system,
Fetterman leaves Walter Reed with depression
'in remission'
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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman has left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after six weeks of inpatient treatment for clinical depression, with plans to return to the Senate when the chamber resumes session in mid-April, his office said Friday. In a statement, Fetterman's office said he is back home in Braddock, in western Pennsylvania, with his depression “in remission,” and gave details on his treatment — including that his depression was treated with medication and that he is wearing hearing aids for hearing loss. It was the latest medical episode for the Democrat, who won last fall's
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A San Jose grandmother has allegedly been importing fentanyl from India and other countries into the U.S. and has been using her home as a base for the global drug operation. Joanne Marian Segovia, 64, is the executive director of the San Jose Police Officers' Association, and was charged with attempting to unlawfully import valeryl fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, federal prosecutors said in a statement Wednesday. If convicted, she faces up to 20 years in prison. Starting in 2015, Segovia had at least 61 drug shipments mailed to her San Jose home from India, Hong Kong, Hungary and Singapore with manifests that listed their contents
Democracy in America on life support as
President Trump is indicted
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Posted by Magnante 3/31/2023 4:51:23 AM Post Reply
The indictment of President Trump is unprecedented; no President, former or current has ever been indicted before. But while that is an interesting historical fact to note, that isn’t the central argument against the indictment. If Trump were indeed guilty of a crime, he deserves to be punished, irrespective of his being a former president. So, let's examine the case. (snip) The offense of President Trump actually occurred on November 8, 2016; his crime was challenging and beating the establishment; what happened yesterday was merely the formality. There were myriad attempts before
Trans Activists Storm Florida Capitol,
Learn Being Loud Doesn't Equal Winning
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Posted by mc squared 4/1/2023 12:08:39 PM Post Reply
Trans activists have been storming state capitols over the last few days. On March 29, it was Kentucky. On March 30, it was Tennessee. Now for the third day in a row, trans activists have stormed another state capitol. This time, it’s Florida. But I’m fairly certain that none of these people will be charged with an effort to “obstruct an official proceeding,” after they screamed at the top of their lungs. One of the organizers ranted, to whip up the crowd, “This fight does not end here. We keep showing up every single day. We keep making our voices heard.” Then
'Donald Trump's knees don't buckle - he
is ready to fight': Ex-president's lawyer
says was 'initially shocked' by Manhattan
indictment but is now feeling 'combative'
- and claims he WON'T be handcuffed
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Posted by Imright 3/31/2023 9:54:18 AM Post Reply
Donald Trump was 'initially shocked' by the grand jury indictment handed down against him last night but is now 'ready to fight' and be 'combative', one of his lawyers has revealed. Trump, 76, will be arraigned in Manhattan at 2.15pm on Tuesday on an array of business fraud charges relating to 2016 hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels. He has denied any wrongdoing, and says he is the victim of a politically-motivated witch hunt led by the famously Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.
Watch: Ric Grenell Calls on GOP Candidates
to Drop Out, Endorse Trump After Indictment
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Former Director of National Intelligence and U.S. Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell called on Republican presidential candidates to drop out of the race and endorse former President Donald Trump following the grand jury indictment of the 45th president Thursday night.Grenell joined Rob Schmitt Tonight on Newsmax soon after the news and called on former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy to withdraw from the race and other Republicans to abstain from entering. Addressing any viewer “who has been maybe a DeSantis supporter or a Nikki Haley supporter or
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