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If You Liked Big Brother, Meet Google's

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Posted By: Judy W., 10/25/2022 6:40:20 AM

Google first unleashed MUM to fight what it considered COVID "misinformation" by making sure that everyone saw "high quality and timely information from trusted health authorities like the World Health Organization". By reducing the number of sources to only those that agree with its agenda, Google is able to deliver fast results while getting rid of different points of view. Google long ago ceased being a way to find different answers and its search results are deliberately repetitive. Search is an illusion. The user thinks that he's browsing the internet when he's actually spinning his wheels in Google's walled garden.


Anyone who uses google for a search engine will never learn the truth about anything with more than one opinion. I use Brave as my browser and it has its own search engine. Even so, when its engine doesn't come up with enough results, it uses google, though so far I haven't seen this applied to controversial topics.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: WhamDBambam 10/25/2022 6:47:33 AM (No. 1313492)
Don't use Google, Google is Evil.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: berthabutt 10/25/2022 6:57:12 AM (No. 1313500)
We thought DuckDuckGo was to be an independent search engine, but it appears to use google & bing results. Starting Brave today=MegaMagaForce!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: coldborezero 10/25/2022 7:57:52 AM (No. 1313539)
I respectfully disagree with Poster #1. Google is not evil. The people who run it are.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Strike3 10/25/2022 8:00:11 AM (No. 1313541)
There are far better search engines out there. Turn Google off on every device you have and life will be as fair as it's going to get.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: singermom9 10/25/2022 8:02:56 AM (No. 1313543)
Funny how much "misinformation" has now been proved to be true. Laptop-Covid lies- dems lies abt jan 6-dems jailing political opponents and so much more. There is no "misinformation". There is just a "different" opinion which usually turns out to be true if you are talking abt dems "lies or purposeful "misinformation".
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Reply 6 - Posted by: MickTurn 10/25/2022 8:28:05 AM (No. 1313562)
What needs to happen now that we know that big tech censors (Illegally) participants and plays God about every issue is reason enough to disconnect everything they own from the Internet. This includes newspapers/magazines that lie for a living, No issue may be transported via any road or other pathway if they discriminate, PERIOD. See how long they last once their Lying Paths are turned off!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: red1066 10/25/2022 9:10:25 AM (No. 1313607)
Google says it's for Covid info, but outside of a few paranoid nutjobs about the whole thing, who cares about Covid anymore? I suspect MUM will be just another way to control information that the government doesn't like.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: DVC 10/25/2022 10:16:18 AM (No. 1313696)
The World Health Organization is a communist front criminal outfit, NOT interested in anyone's health.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: DVC 10/25/2022 10:53:48 AM (No. 1313752)
OP is exactly right.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Geoman 10/25/2022 12:33:45 PM (No. 1313890)
WHO trusted? Only to the extent that they, and their communist partners in China, were in on developing and releasing the Coronavirus in the first place. That our taxpayer dollars were used to kill Americans you can trust.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: curious1 10/25/2022 9:34:01 PM (No. 1314327)
Who decided W.H.O. was a 'trusted health authority'?
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Mike22 10/25/2022 10:55:14 PM (No. 1314380)
Nominations for an good search engine?
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Google first unleashed MUM to fight what it considered COVID "misinformation" by making sure that everyone saw "high quality and timely information from trusted health authorities like the World Health Organization". By reducing the number of sources to only those that agree with its agenda, Google is able to deliver fast results while getting rid of different points of view. Google long ago ceased being a way to find different answers and its search results are deliberately repetitive. Search is an illusion. The user thinks that he's browsing the internet when he's actually spinning his wheels in Google's walled garden.
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The difference between me and friends, cousins and children no longer speaking to me is that I think the left is evil. By which I mean, malignant, without the best interests of the ordinary man and woman at heart and filled with hate for normal, the good, the sane. I think they have deliberately maxed out the administrative state imprisoning every enterprise in a set of contradictory regulations. They have invited and paid for the invasion by the South into Europe and the US. They have deliberately destroyed the economies of the South via the same policies that are destroying our world.
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Despite persistent efforts led by the Biden administration, House Democrats' Jan. 6 tribunal and allied media to paint former President Trump as authoritarian, nearly as many Americans view President Biden as a threat to democracy as they do Trump, according to a new poll — and the mainstream media itself looms as the most widely feared threat to American democracy. The stunning results from the latest New York Times/Siena poll of registered voters follow a range of recent polling suggesting that by seeking to investigate, prosecute, and stigmatize their political opponents as anti-democratic "extremists," Biden and other Democrats are arousing fears among voters that it is they themselves who are acting
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Liberal "diversity" is stupid and evil, and we should utterly reject it. It's based on the origin of grandparents and other meaningless box-checks involving stuff like genitalia and genitalia preferences, and it has resulted in a grim uniformity in the kind of humorless pinko dorks who make up the Democrat candidate roster. (Snip) But the kind of diversity Republicans are demonstrating is something totally different. It has nothing to do with what continent their ancestors came from, what religion they adhere to, or even how they pee. It's conservative diversity – nominating a broad range of exceptional people with unique skill sets leveraged for maximum effect. And we're making it
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There is a brooding aspect to this fall, as if everyone is on alert and evil walks among us. Darkness roils under the surface as people sicken and die, no one knows why, and the super-culture ignores it. (Snip) Last week, a doctor in Canada, highly credentialed, a Scot trained at Cambridge, his career a series of glittering positions, Roger Hodkinson, announced that, world-wide there have been 20 million deaths from the shots, and two billion adverse effects. This isa set of numbers that pulls focus away from the proliferation of evidence, the deliberate confusion of evidence, to this point: democide. No blood, no gulags, no battlefields, but still the same.
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President Joe Biden has made waves this fall with his plan to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars of student loans, shifting the burden to taxpayers. Five years earlier, his family cashed in on a zero-interest, forgivable loan of its own from an energy company in communist China, according to evidence in the possession of the FBI. The loan arrangement, confirmed in documents obtained by Just the News and also new information released by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), shows the Chinese energy firm CEFC Beijing International Energy Company Limited understood the transaction would benefit Joe Biden's family (referred to as "BD family" in the emails), but it also was creating heartburn
Score One for True the Vote 8 replies
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Konnech is an election software company which provides Poll Chief software for election worker management. It is used in a number of counties, (Snip) True the Vote, which seeks to ensure election integrity, investigated the company and was sued by it, alleging unauthorized access and “distribution of material gotten through such access.” Upon its allegations it received an immediate temporary restraining order. Based on this litigation the New York Times reported: From the N.Y. Times Monday: At an invitation-only conference in August at a secret location southeast of Phoenix, a group of election deniers unspooled a new conspiracy theory about the 2020 presidential outcome.
The Silencing of the Sensible 4 replies
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I cordially loathed my family growing up. It was enormous and seemed to go on forever. Plus it was dull as ditchwater. They were so good. So activist good. So exhortative good. Do good! They cried. Care of and for the self is a trap. Live for others! They had been good for generations, for centuries. In fact, they had been good for four hundred years in the New World by the time I arrived in their midst. I know this because I have their various diaries and letters, and some of them had been educated with enough time to be able to write,
The Constitution is Color-Blind 12 replies
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This week, President Biden suggested that the federal government has engaged in racial discrimination with respect to sentencing people for marijuana possession. “Sending people to jail for possessing marijuana has upended too many lives.... That’s before you address the clear disparities around prosecution and conviction.” (Snip) But if he thought this was the case, he shouldn’t have selected Kamala Harris as his running mate. She made her mark as a California attorney general in securing almost 2,000 convictions for marijuana use and possession: In that position she oversaw the arrest and prosecution of thousands of people, mostly young people of color, for marijuana and other drug offenses.
Why Did So Many Intellectuals Refuse to
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Think of all the institutions that have marched in lockstep during the dramatic decline in civilization over three years. It’s been media, Big Tech, large corporations, academia, the medical industry, central banks, and government at all levels. They have all been in on the lie. They sat by and said nothing or even cheered as governments utterly wrecked rights and liberties that humanity has fought for over 800 years. The examples are too numerous to list but one stands out to me. For several months, New York City attempted a bold experiment making a place for vaccinated people only. Disproportionately hit were 40 percent of black residents who refused
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‘Angry Black Woman’: Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle said she’s afraid to speak her mind or be clear about what she needs for fear of sounding “demanding” and being perceived as an “angry black woman.” During Spotify’s “Archetypes” podcast on Tuesday, the host Markle spoke with actress Issa Rae and comedian/actress Ziwe Fumudoh about her reluctance to be more assertive. The episode is titled “Upending the ‘Angry Black Woman’ Myth.” Markle is biracial. Her father is white, and her mother is black.
Twitter Employees Beg 'Reckless' Musk
Not To Fire Them, Demand Dignity
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Twitter employees have penned an open letter to soon-to-be boss Elon Musk and the Board of Directors begging to keep their jobs, after the Washington Post reported that Musk is planning to get rid of nearly 75% of the company's 7,500 workers - whittling Twitter down to a 'skeleton' staff of just over 2,000. "Elon Musk’s plan to lay off 75% of Twitter workers will hurt Twitter’s ability to serve the public conversation," reads a draft of the letter, which has not yet been published. "A threat of this magnitude is reckless, undermines our users’ and customers’ trust in our platform, and is a transparent act of worker intimidation."
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A Russian court on Tuesday upheld American basketball star Brittney Griner's nine-year prison sentence for drug possession, rejecting her appeal in a session where she appeared via video call from a penal colony outside Moscow. Griner can still appeal to a higher court, but her lawyers have yet to confirm whether they will take the case further. The decision clears the way for the WNBA star to serve nine years in a penal colony, unless the U.S. government negotiates a deal. The eight-time all-star center with the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury and a two-time Olympic gold medalist was convicted on August
Don't bring a stroke victim to a debate
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Just as one probably shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight, Democrats probably shouldn't have brought a 400-pound human vegetable incapable of processing the English language to a live political debate against a professional television star who just so happened to cut his teeth as a world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon. John Fetterman had no other options. After suffering a debilitating stroke, Fetterman has been mostly supplanted on the campaign trail by his wife and substitute Senate candidate Gisele. Lady McFetterman, whom Joe Biden already declared would be a "great lady in the Senate," went apoplectic on an NBC reporter who pointed out that the former mayor of Braddock's speech processing
Manning brothers’ awkward segment with
blathering Obama could be funniest thing
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Posted by Imright 10/25/2022 8:56:40 PM Post Reply
Awkward doesn’t begin to describe the Manning brothers asking former President Obama about the upcoming midterm elections and they couldn’t quite hide the less-than-disinterested expressions on their faces as he blathered on about voting. (Video) Peyton and Eli Manning had Obama on their alternative Monday Night Football Broadcast. It was apparent they either felt obligated to or were instructed to ask Obama about the upcoming midterm elections where Democrats are widely expected to get a shellacking for their horrific woke policies. The Super Bowl-winning brothers looked downright bored while listening to the former president.
Fetterman Blames The Closed Captioning
System After His Train Wreck Debate –
Debate Host Responds With Fire
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 10/26/2022 9:07:35 AM Post Reply
Democrat candidate John Fetterman and Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz squared off in the Pennsylvania Senate debate Tuesday evening. Fetterman waited until the last minute to debate Oz because he can barely speak after his massive stroke in May. John Fetterman used a monitor to help him through Tuesday night’s debate and he still fell apart.
Looks Like Mitch McConnell Wants to Lose
Winnable NH Senate Seat
25 replies
Posted by Imright 10/25/2022 4:51:11 PM Post Reply
Just a few days after U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced he would pull his Senate Leadership Fund PAC out of New Hampshire on the 25th, two polls showed the Republican candidate surging into what is now virtually a tied race. According to an Emerson poll released Monday, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Gen. Don Bolduc has surged five points since last month and is now down only three points — 45-48 percent — to incumbent Sen. Maggie Hassan. A second poll released by AmGreatness/Insider Advantage says we have a single point race, with Hassan at 48 percent and Bolduc at 47 percent.
MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Warns of GOP
‘Threat’ to Democracy, Suggests Foreign
Countries ‘Monitor’ U.S. Elections
25 replies
Posted by Imright 10/25/2022 4:29:04 PM Post Reply
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace suggested it may be time “to ask for friends and allies to come over and help us monitor our elections” on a segment this week, claiming America “used to do that in other burgeoning and threatened democracies,” as she warned of the “threats” to democracy posed by Republicans. Sitting with Congressman Jim Himes (D-CT) on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” on Monday, host Nicolle Wallace discussed alleged internal and external threats to upcoming U.S. elections while stressing the need for “reliable safeguards against ever present national security threats.”
The Looks On Secret Service Faces While
Brain-Dead Biden Goes Rambling Off Script,
Is Priceless (Video)
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 10/26/2022 8:15:53 AM Post Reply
I can recall the Trump administration being full of content as a writer for a conservative news site and commentary. Because someone was always worrying about the past president, there was always something to talk about. I was worried about Joe Biden’s inauguration, as it was too boring. What content can a nearly 80-year-old man offer? Biden’s boon would be a huge boon, and I was wrong. Biden has been an absolute goldmine and again provided more food for thought for those who prefer a president who can communicate.
Fetterman campaign lowers expectations
before debate with Oz
24 replies
Posted by Garnet 10/25/2022 12:38:38 PM Post Reply
The first and only debate between John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz is happening Tuesday. Fetterman, a Democrat and the current Pennsylvania Lt. Governor, and Dr. Oz, his Republican challenger, will face off without a live audience. In an unusual twist, the Fetterman campaign is lowering expectations before the debates happens.Fetterman, once expected to trounce Oz in the race to be Pennsylvania’s next senator, now runs as though he is the underdog. Since he suffered a serious stroke, his ability to serve in the Senate has been called into question. All polls still show Fetterman ahead of Oz, though only just barely.
Hillary Clinton Delivers BlueAnon Rant
Saying Republicans Are Going to 'Literally'
Steal the Election
24 replies
Posted by Imright 10/25/2022 10:41:41 AM Post Reply
Perhaps that time Hillary Clinton wandered the woods alone with a bottle of wine after the 2016 election should have been seen as a red flag. The twice-defeated presidential candidate and darling of the national press is back, and she’s crazier than ever. In what can only be described as a bizarre release, Clinton put out a video directly claiming that “right-wing extremists” have a “plan to literally steal the next presidential election.” I guess she’s now an ambassador for BlueAnon. (Tweet/Video) The first thing to note here is that you don’t have to “steal” something if you win it in the first place.
‘Morning Joe’ melts down after focus
group resoundingly rejects Democrats’
J6 narrative
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Posted by Imright 10/26/2022 3:48:28 AM Post Reply
Two weeks before the most important off-year elections in the history of the nation isn’t a good time for Democrats to realize that the narrative that they’ve been relentlessly pushing has been a complete failure, but that’s the reality for a party that bet everything on portraying the January 6, 2021 chaos at the Capitol as a serious effort to overthrow “democracy” and is only now beginning to realize that voters could care less. The unwelcome intrusion of reality into the bubble inhabited by the coastal cultural and political elite isn’t sitting well with many, including MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough who was flummoxed by the responses of a focus group
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