MAGA" Pushes Into Absurdity"> MAGA" Pushes Into Absurdity">

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Joe Biden's Latest Definition of "Ultra
MAGA" Pushes Into Absurdity

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Posted By: Imright, 9/10/2022 12:04:20 PM

In early September, Joe Biden delivered what has now been dubbed his “red speech.” Somehow, the content managed to be worse than the presentation. The president railed against “MAGA Republicans,” declaring them enemies of the state and a threat to the republic. Truly, it was the most obscene speech a president has given since the popularization of modern national addresses. Far from being a unifying figure, Biden chose to drive a knife through the heart of the country, and it didn’t take long for the walk-backs to begin. Pretty soon, the president began insisting that he wasn’t talking about “mainstream Republicans” and that the “ultra MAGA” represented

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Reply 1 - Posted by: SALady 9/10/2022 12:07:43 PM (No. 1273809)
Every time Lyin' Joe bidet opens his mouth about President Trump and his supporters, he just makes Trump that much more popular and makes the conservative T-shirt makers a bunch more money!!!!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Quigley 9/10/2022 12:23:24 PM (No. 1273819)
As bidet said: you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me. He casts all who oppose him into the outer darkness. The dims demonized the blacks in the old days (probably still do) and now they demonize anyone who disagrees with them on anything. They have no constructive policy for the citizenry. They just feed their supporters hatred and their supporters scream for more.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 9/10/2022 12:24:03 PM (No. 1273820)
Keep digging, you senile old fool, keep digging.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: udanja99 9/10/2022 12:54:56 PM (No. 1273847)
Republicans want to raise taxes? It isn’t Republicans who want to forgive a trillion dollars in student loans which will necessarily mean tax hikes. It isn’t Republicans who have welcomed in 5 million illegals and are giving them every handout and entitlement imaginable which will also necessarily mean tax hikes. When our daughter got her first real job with a real paycheck (as opposed to baby sitting) she was outraged when she saw how much of her income the government took. Our response to her was, “Never ever vote for a democrat”.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Citoyen 9/10/2022 1:15:16 PM (No. 1273868)
With such disaster inflicted on us before Biden’s term is even half over one might expect an overwhelming rejection of Democrats this November. I certainly hope for that yet am concerned that the Republican establishment is muffing its message to the voters. McCarthy issued a multi-point plan that is okay but is lacking the urgency our country needs. The Republicans seem to be steering clear of the contentious social issues that ushered in Glenn Youngkin. A “parents’ bill of rights” doesn’t cut it when the Democrats are hell bent in neutering children. Where is a Newt Gingrich when you need one?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: bad-hair 9/10/2022 1:32:24 PM (No. 1273887)
Quite simple really MMMMake AAAAAmerica GGGGGreat AAAAAgain. You want to fight ? Bring it.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 9/10/2022 2:03:24 PM (No. 1273906)
Raise your hand - - if you think Despicable Joe - - also known as Brandon Bewildered - - has the mental capacity to actually compose and send out a message. Anyone? The man with the green shirt? No? You were just stretching your arms. Anyone else? Anyone?
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Reply 8 - Posted by: franq 9/10/2022 2:06:01 PM (No. 1273909)
At least he got MAGA, not MEGA figured out.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: singermom9 9/10/2022 2:18:21 PM (No. 1273913)
Show me 1 video of Trump supporters or MAGA being VIOLENT. I can show you myriads of dem voters attacking people. We ned to start asking for PROOF of biden lies. Prove we are violent or promoting civil war or violent in our speech. Here are your violent insurrectionists. All dems. I NEVER hear repubs talk like this. I don't know why there are not uprisings all over the country, Maybe there will be-Nancy Pelosi There needs to be unrest in the streets-Presley Ya gotta be ready to throw a punch-Pelosi DT ya need to go back and punch him in the face-some fat dem I feel like Punching him (meaning DT)-dem I would take him back behind the gym if I were in HS and beat the hell out of him-biden I will go and take Trump out tonight-Watters Take him out now (meaning DT)-Warren I think alot of blowing up the white house-Madonna I would like to assassinate a pres (meaning DT) -some stupid thinks-he's-important singer They are still going to have to go out and put a bullet in DT (news anchor) All on video -and more- Now WHO is it again who is the instigator of INSURRECTION?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: judy 9/10/2022 2:21:36 PM (No. 1273914)
Now he’s calling them Trumpies…….…..
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Reply 11 - Posted by: vhs68 9/10/2022 3:05:36 PM (No. 1273925)
Mega, MAGA, Ultra, makes no difference to me. I would be happy & honored to be any one of those. The cavalry is ready to go; just waiting on a few great leaders to step forward & lead us. READY. CHARGE.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: crashnburn 9/10/2022 3:28:23 PM (No. 1273930)
Brandon,s handlers are poking the bear hoping for violence before the November elections so they ca declare martial law and cancel the elections. If you're going to get violent, wait until after the elections, especially if the DemoiKKKRats cheat enough to win. Then there's no reason to hold back
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Reply 13 - Posted by: bad-hair 9/10/2022 4:54:59 PM (No. 1273977)
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Reply 14 - Posted by: bpl40 9/10/2022 6:02:35 PM (No. 1274014)
First he said "You ain't black unless you vote for me". Now he is saying you are not American unless you vote for me. All the time calling the other guy a fascist.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: ms1234 9/10/2022 8:07:17 PM (No. 1274082)
Old Joe is so full of crap his eyes have turned brown. His head is so far up his arse, he has to open his mouth just to see out.
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Clinton investigator Kenneth Star died Tuesday at 76 after a lengthy illness. A Reagan judicial appointee and Solicitor General under George H.W. Bush, Starr earned his fame when he served as the independent counsel who led the investigation that led to the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton in the House. He died at Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center in Houston of complications from surgery. Starr has argued 36 cases before the Supreme Court, including 25 during his service as U.S. Solicitor General from 1989 to 1993.
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At her Coronation, the Queen wore a crown glittering with jewels and wielded a sceptre boasting the world's largest white diamond. But a royal expert has predicted that Her Majesty will be buried with just two pieces of jewellery. Lisa Levinson, head of communications at the Natural Diamond Council, told that it would be 'unlikely' that the 'humble' Queen will be buried with anything other than her 'simple Welsh gold wedding band to rest and a pair of pearl earrings'. She added that her engagement ring, which contains diamonds taken from a tiara owned by Prince Philip's mother Alice of Battenberg, will likely be given to her daughter Princess Anne.
Fascist Group ’65 Project’ Led by
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Far-left activists including David Brock, the founder of Media Matters and former Democratic Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle are targeting Trump attorneys in an attempt to deter conservatives from challenging any future election fraud schemes by the left. The 65 Project says they are “protecting democracy” by taking actions to destroy democracy in America. The Gateway Pundit reported on Media Matters numerous times in the past 18 years.
Jill Biden Says She Has ‘Not Yet’
Discussed 2024 with Husband – ‘I Just
Think He Needs to Keep Going’
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Posted by Imright 9/13/2022 10:09:28 AM Post Reply
Tuesday, during an appearance on NBC’s “Today,” first lady Jill Biden acknowledged she had not yet discussed her husband, President Joe Biden’s 2024 political plans. “Not yet,” she said. “He’s been a little bit too busy. Not yet, but I’m sure they’ll be discussions.” However, the first lady suggested he should run again. “You know, it is taxing,” Biden added. “But look at all that Joe has done. He has kept true to what he said he would do. So, I just think he needs to keep going.”
‘My Son Hunter’ True Fact: Hunter
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My Son Hunter, the new movie from Breitbart News, is a fact-based dramatization of the life of debauchery and corruption lived by the first son Hunter Biden. Although the movie takes certain artistic liberties, many scenes portray true accounts of the Biden scion’s life; this “True Fact” series will detail those accuracies. True Fact: Hunter Biden took a salary of $83,000 per month from his seat on the board of Ukrainian Energy Company, Burisma. Hunter Biden was taking a salary of over $83,000 per month from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings Ltd., to sit on its board while his father was Vice President,
What Are They Scared Of?: Google News
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Despite a major wave of interest in the hit film My Son Hunter resulting in coverage from publications including Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and the Washington Post, trending hashtags on social media, and a feature on Tucker Carlson, Google has deliberately excluded Breitbart articles about the new film from the Google News tab even though as the film’s distributor, Breitbart News is the best source of information on the movie about Joe and Hunter Biden. After Breitbart News requested comment on the matter from the Masters of the Universe, a week-old Breitbart article on the movie appeared on page two of the News tab.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blasted Over
‘Hypocrisy’ After Settling Dozens
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Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot is taking heat after she bussed dozens of migrants out of her city and housed them in a hotel in a smaller suburb without warning. Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso, a Republican, accused Lightfoot of hypocrisy on Saturday. Grasso said Lightfoot bussed migrants into his town while complaining about similar behavior by Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R). “We’re more than happy for people to find freedom, it is hypocrisy by the mayor of Chicago to complain about the governor of Texas – I do agree with what he’s doing –
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'We can cure cancers once and for all':
Joe Biden launches 'supercharged Cancer
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Joe Biden on Monday said ending cancer 'as we know it' was one of the reasons he ran for president as he supercharged his 'Cancer Moonshot' initiative with a shot of glamour from the Kennedy family. Biden, who wants to cut cancer deaths in half over the next 25 years, said cancer can be transformed into a disease that can be managed and lived with. He issued his new call to arms at the John F. Kennedy Library, on the 60th anniversary of Prsident Kennedy's famous 'Moonshot' speech, where JFK rallied America to beat Russia to the moon—which was accomplished in 1969.
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I don’t know, and neither do the experts who are charged with predicting them. Hard as it is to believe, our models about how the climate and weather work are not quite as reliable as we have been told. Again and again and again…. Ars Technica has an interesting story that does a fine job of pointing out the huge disconnect between the experts’ predictions of a vicious hurricane season and the welcome lack of tropical storms this year. Back in May NOAA predicted an above average year for tropical storms and hurricanes, and they had reasons to. They claimed that “ongoing La Niña, above-average Atlantic temperatures
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As we reported earlier, there have been a lot of questions being raised about John Fetterman’s ability to take on the job he’s running for given the way that he has been sounding during his public remarks. His latest remarks at a pro-abortion rally raise even more questions. He characterizes questions as making fun of the stroke he had in May, but his ability to perform the job is part of what people will be evaluated when deciding whether to vote for him. Casting it as “making fun of him” is trying to deflect from those legitimate questions. Fetterman has been wearing hoodies and neck coverings for some time.
Vice President Harris: 'The Border Is Secure' 33 replies
Posted by Imright 9/12/2022 12:37:09 PM Post Reply
Chuck Todd, host of NBC's "Meet the Press," asked Vice President Kamala Harris in recorded interview on Friday: "Since we're here in Texas, I want to ask you about the border. Would you call the border secure?" Harris said it was. She said: "I think that there is no question that we have to do what the president and I asked Congress to do, the first request we made: pass a bill to create a pathway to citizenship. The border is secure, but we also have a broken immigration system, in particular, over the last four years before we came in, and it needs to be fixed,"
Chick-fil-A faces backlash over ‘your
community’ tweet slammed as racist
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Posted by Ribicon 9/12/2022 2:21:15 PM Post Reply
Chick-fil-A scrambled to explain itself after a reply to a customer with the phrase “your community” sparked allegations of racism. The social media backlash began last Friday after one user tweeted the message “grilled spicy deluxe but still noooo spicy nuggets” to the fast-food giant’s official account. “Your community will be the first to know if spicy items are added to the permanent menu, Don!” Chick-fil-A’s account responded. A review of Chick-fil-A’s social media account showed the company has frequently used the phrase in recent days to convey they will announce when spicy chicken nuggets return to their menu in specific areas.
Sunday Talks, Senator Mark Warner Says
“People Will Die” if Trump Mar-a-Lago
Documents Become Public
30 replies
Posted by earlybird 9/12/2022 10:18:34 AM Post Reply
Now you are going to see why it was necessary to write the previous article about the Trump -v- Clinton lawsuit. We must stop pretending. Everyone, including everyone who reads here and specifically SSCI Chairman Mark Warner, already knows what is in those documents from Mar-a-Lago. Those documents contain the evidence of the collective government effort to target candidate Trump and then effectively remove President Trump. THAT effort included the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Stop pretending. Senator Mark Warner was at the heart of the legislative branch effort in the aftermath of the failed attempt to stop candidate Trump from winning the 2016 election. Senator Warner specifically
THIS Is Why Conservatives Can't Stand
Paying for PBS
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Posted by Imright 9/12/2022 12:50:55 AM Post Reply
The sound of Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson on Friday's PBS NewsHour underlined how there is no debate and no democracy on PBS. They put on a RINO who says the GOP is simply awful, and the liberal on the panel says "Oh, I agree!" Republicans pay taxes to be painted as awful for opposing the murder of unborn babies. Gerson was the chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush, a moderate Christian conservative. Bush nominated Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the majority opinion overturning Roe vs. Wade.
Our classrooms are increasingly diverse,
yet 9 of 10 teachers are white. Why that's
a problem and what can be done about it.
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Posted by MDConservative 9/13/2022 11:03:15 AM Post Reply
Wisconsin classrooms are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, yet school districts are struggling to build staffs that reflect their students' backgrounds. In fact, the mismatches between students and teaching staff is glaring in school districts in northeastern Wisconsin and across the state. About one-third of Wisconsin public school students in 2021-22 were students of color. That compares to about one-quarter of all students 10 years earlier and 20% of students in 2005-06. The same can’t be said of their teachers.
Over 1,300 New York Times employees pledge
not to return to office
28 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 9/13/2022 11:28:58 AM Post Reply
The New York Times expects employees to start returning to the office three days a week starting this week — but more than 1,300 journalists are saying hell no, they won’t go. It’s just the latest blow in the increasingly bitter contract dispute between the News Guild journalists union — which includes reporters and photographers, as well as some editors and business-side employees — and upper management, over wages. As of Monday, 1,316 Times workers had signed a pledge not to return to the office. This includes 879 members of the News Guild, but also members of the Times Tech Guild and the union for Wirecutter, the paper’s product-recommendation spinoff. “People are livid,”
Charlie Crist Compares Himself to Christ,
Says He’s Running for Governor against ‘DeSatan’
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Posted by Dreadnought 9/13/2022 10:50:28 AM Post Reply
A newly unearthed video shows Charlie Crist, the Democratic nominee for Florida governor, comparing himself to Jesus Christ and calling Republican governor Ron DeSantis “DeSatan.” The video, which was shared by DeSantis’s campaign on Monday, is from a March 17 event, according to the Daily Caller. Crist suggested the race for governor in the Sunshine State is about “decency” and “being kind to everyone” before saying of DeSantis, “You know some people call him DeSatan? Have you heard that?” “DeSatan versus that,” Crist said, gesturing to a sign behind him featuring his own name, and one of the event attendees said, “Christ!” Crist responded, “Oh think about it! Boom!”
For The Love Of God, Would You Please
Stop Being Stupid?
28 replies
Posted by RockyTCB 9/13/2022 7:19:35 AM Post Reply
I realize in advance that this message is futile, but I will try once again. Republicans/conservatives are in the habit of repeating the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over, and never learning from their mistakes, much less changing tactics. Their slogan is, “It didn’t work last time? Or the time before then? Or the time before that? Then we must try harder at doing the same thing!” Don’t forget, the Republican Party has been known for years (by their own constituents!) as The Stupid Party. And for good reason (just to take one example out of many, Republicans did not fight in Alaska to prevent
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