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Magnet! Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion bill
hands cash to illegals worth more than
per capita income of 74 countries

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Posted By: PageTurner, 10/5/2021 10:08:11 AM

Imagine you are a Honduran. If you make the average Honduran per capita income of $2,405.70 a year, and suddenly learn from a relative up in el norte that Joe Biden is handing out $3,600 a year to anyone in the U.S., legally present or not, for nothing more than having kids, what would you do? According to the Washington Free Beacon: President Joe Biden’s budget includes a provision that provides billions of dollars in cash to illegal aliens with children. ... Families, regardless of their legal status, would be eligible to receive checks of $3,600 per year per child. The Democratic bill would amount to a universal basic income


The free stuff is worth more than six times the average working income in Afghanistan. And it's about twice what a Honduran makes.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: PageTurner 10/5/2021 10:12:01 AM (No. 935844)
Headline left out the word 'annual' before per capita income, sorry!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Skinnydip 10/5/2021 10:13:36 AM (No. 935847)
I now identify as a Honduran with 12 children. Wheee!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: seal010101 10/5/2021 10:14:08 AM (No. 935850)
There's a very cynical part of me that thinks if we paid them to stay in Honduras, et al; we'd be better off!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Sanchin 10/5/2021 10:16:12 AM (No. 935853)
American citizens are really proving themselves to be complete dupes by allowing this to happen (with many supporting it). The smart ones are looking for the exit. Can anyone say Titanic?
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Reply 5 - Posted by: chance_232 10/5/2021 10:19:31 AM (No. 935860)
You know...... if the treasoncrats had any empathy for the tax PAYERS. they would at least offer a reach around. From what I pay in taxes annually, I should own several illegals.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 10/5/2021 10:29:09 AM (No. 935869)
Free money! F. Joe Biden says so!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: downnout 10/5/2021 11:15:59 AM (No. 935904)
It is no wonder we have tens of thousands risking life and limb to get to America. Imagine hearing that America (the sucker) will give you $3600 per year for each child!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: seamusm 10/5/2021 11:16:20 AM (No. 935905)
Everyone seems 'horrified' that these people haven't been properly vetted. Really? Damn near all of the real terrorism of the last century (with the exception of 9/11) has come from our own citizens and children. Maybe we need to vet those?
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Reply 9 - Posted by: wilarrbie 10/5/2021 11:19:25 AM (No. 935911)
Trillion$ and trillion$ of our dollars. We have no idea what they are considering, we have no clue what they will pass, and we damm sure have no say in the matter. We voted them in - our input is over.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Birddog 10/5/2021 11:55:04 AM (No. 935955)
He is going to pay THEM $3k per year per Kid to come to YOUR local school where YOU have to pay between $12-16,000 EACH to educate them. Create ever more crowded classrooms, as well as slow down the entire educational process because they not only do not speak english well, but have not even achieved anything approaching current grade level standards....unless Local schools end age stratification, and start seating 16yo foreigners in the tiny 3rd grade class desk chairs. Since "Catholic Charities" seems to be the primary driver/facilitator/Sponsor of these invasions...Perhaps ALL "new students" should be shunted to the Catholic Schools, rather the Public schools..and NO federal school funds can be spent on "private Schools".
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Reply 11 - Posted by: bad-hair 10/5/2021 12:11:30 PM (No. 935977)
Hell yes. I'm 75 and thinking about adopting a couple of kids. Nice little pension booster. i can hire an illegal nanny .and still clear a couple of thousand a month. keep printing Joe. When times get hard I'll move to Panama
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Reply 12 - Posted by: bighambone 10/5/2021 12:15:59 PM (No. 935985)
The paramount factor in all the money public handouts that will encourage and invite multitudes of poor and uneducated illegal aliens to unlawfully enter the USA that matters most to Biden, Harris, and the leftist and socialist Democrats, is that once such illegal aliens are allowed to stay in the USA permanently through Democrat designed “path to citizenship” amnesties is that as many as possible of them are transformed into leftist and socialist Democrat voters in the years ahead. Biden, Harris, and the Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas have been claiming that under US asylum laws that unlimited numbers of illegal aliens from all over the world who “feel oppressed” have the right to unlawfully enter the USA by way of their “Open borders” policy and be released into the USA to file an application for asylum in the USA, a process that now takes between three to five years to complete as there is already an over million case backlog in the immigration courts with only a few hundred administrative immigration judges to adjudicate those borderline asylum claims. In the past about 90% of such borderline asylum claims have been denied by immigration judges as not meeting the lawful requirements meriting a grant of asylum in the USA. Even after such asylum claims are denied by immigration judges, Biden has said that he will not force the departure of any illegal aliens from the interior of the USA until after individual illegal aliens are convicted in the criminal courts of serious violent felony crimes that have US citizen victims. That Biden Administration interpretation of the asylum laws conflicts with the general immigration laws that make it a criminal misdemeanor and a deportable offense for any alien to cross the borderline and enter the USA without being inspected or admitted by an immigration officer. Beyond that it is a criminal felony for illegal aliens to do that a second time after that. It is obvious that the Biden Administration’s motive in perpetrating their bogus “asylum guise” along the borderline is to flood the USA with as many poor and uneducated illegal aliens as possible, grant them amnesty, and ultimately to register them as future leftist and socialist voters in the years ahead. As the Biden Administration’s fraudulent interpretation of the Asylum laws potentially grants billions of prospective illegal aliens who “feel oppressed” mostly all from the third world the right to enter and stay in the USA for many years or forever as their bogus asylum claims move through the hugely backlogged immigration courts, that interpretation is potentially encouraging and inviting more illegal aliens into unlawfully enter the USA than the entire current population of the USA. The Biden Administration’s motive in doing that is no doubt with the intent of permanently changing the current White European descended majority population of the USA, to a future majority population whereby the that population group would be one that consists of a racial and ethnic coalition of peoples who fit within the racial and ethnic categories of Democrat identity politics, that would change the politics of the country and keep the leftist and socialist Democrats in permanent political power controlling both the Congress and the Presidency indefinitely. As if the Democrats ever thought that a majority of those legalized foreigners would ever vote Republican, you can bet your hat that the Democrats would be demanding 24/7 that the illegal alien population, that currently amounts to over 20 million mostly all poor and uneducated not be legalized but be deported forthwith.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: red1066 10/5/2021 1:34:42 PM (No. 936072)
It just keeps getting worse. This thing not passing is the only good thing that could happen to the U.S. taxpayers since Jan. 20th.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: cor-vet 10/5/2021 3:07:43 PM (No. 936167)
Xiden and the dims have all the money in the world to put illegals up in 1st class lodgings and eats, money for people to not work and money for non-contributors to society, but he may have to cut out VA payments and SS to contributing workers. And yet people support him? It's unbelievable what this once great country has come too. Between the communists teaching in our schools and years of paying useless to society non-working welfare recipients for votes, and the fine hand of Soros stirring the mix, we're on the downward slope. The swamp (government mafia) are all getting rich while the middle class dies!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: watashiyo 10/5/2021 4:49:23 PM (No. 936249)
Though I'm a U.S. citizen, maybe I should re-enter the U.S. through the border as an illegal alien to gain access to our wonderful and generous government entitlements.
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Magnet! Joe Biden's $3.5 trillion bill
hands cash to illegals worth more than
per capita income of 74 countries
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Posted by PageTurner 10/5/2021 10:08:11 AM Post Reply
Imagine you are a Honduran. If you make the average Honduran per capita income of $2,405.70 a year, and suddenly learn from a relative up in el norte that Joe Biden is handing out $3,600 a year to anyone in the U.S., legally present or not, for nothing more than having kids, what would you do? According to the Washington Free Beacon: President Joe Biden’s budget includes a provision that provides billions of dollars in cash to illegal aliens with children. ... Families, regardless of their legal status, would be eligible to receive checks of $3,600 per year per child. The Democratic bill would amount to a universal basic income
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