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In her first excoriating column for,
MEGHAN McCAIN says feckless,
unreliable, cantankerous
Joe Biden is shaping up to be a
worse president than Jimmy Carter

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Posted By: Imright, 9/22/2021 3:34:02 AM

Does anyone like living like this?This was the question presented to me by a friend of mine recently as we were discussing the current state of America under the Joe Biden administration and the deep malaise that has been ushered in by the man who promised over and over again to 'heal the soul of America'. No one is healing. Nothing is healed. The wound Donald Trump ripped open has done nothing but fester since Scranton Joe was inaugurated. Eight months since President Biden was sworn into office, the anticipation of a tone change and 'return to normalcy' has utterly disappeared.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Rand Al'Thor 9/22/2021 4:23:43 AM (No. 922484)
"The wound Donald Trump ripped open" Stopped reading there.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: SweetPea3 9/22/2021 5:07:33 AM (No. 922497)
She just now caught on?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: TXknitter 9/22/2021 5:43:11 AM (No. 922510)
I find this woman utterly uninteresting. She does not speak for me or any conservative I know. The egotistical funeral her horrid father was afforded still leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. She is a socialite rino. Go away.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: chumley 9/22/2021 5:45:49 AM (No. 922512)
Having one's enemies agree with you creates a terrible dilemma.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: EJKrausJr 9/22/2021 6:17:27 AM (No. 922525)
She and her mother, both endorsed Surrender Joe, saying he was better than the Orange Bad Man. She and her mother own the mess Biden and his minions have created.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: F15 Gork 9/22/2021 6:17:40 AM (No. 922527)
Still scratch my cranium over the picture of the Carter Doll People being visited by the really big Biden People. Looks like Meghan has had some work done since she was last seen. Didn’t bother reading the article.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: J. Arthur Brown 9/22/2021 6:35:49 AM (No. 922539)
The Daily Mail and Meghan McCain: Water seeks its own level.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Rinktum 9/22/2021 7:16:02 AM (No. 922559)
Stop peeing after: “ The wound Donald Trump ripped open…” Ever thin that “wound” was there because of corrupt liars like your father, sweetheart? Yeah, I said it. Men like your dad should never have been given power over even a first grade classroom. Honey, this country was a mess when President Trump came on the scene and he did more in less time to better it than your father and his cohorts in Congress or even the Presidency did in decades. Therefore, you absence of critical thinking compels me to refrain from reading anything you write.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rinktum 9/22/2021 7:17:32 AM (No. 922561)
Oops! Oh my goodness, what an error! I stopped READING!
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Reply 10 - Posted by: homefry 9/22/2021 7:29:16 AM (No. 922570)
Yeah, I did some dumb stuff. Inflation 12.3%. Interest rates of 18%. I left some choppers choked to death in the desert. I did not let some 16th century goat herders beat us down though.... J.Carter, Plains Georgia
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Reply 11 - Posted by: 5 handicap 9/22/2021 7:36:14 AM (No. 922575)
McCain is a dirt-bag treasonous POS like both her parents! "Shaping up to be worse than Carter"? At least Jimmah didn't go out of his way to sell America down the rat hole! Joe is the second worse person on the planet, only outdone by the paedophile, Il Papa Francis
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Bazi 9/22/2021 7:38:34 AM (No. 922576)
She expected Biden to heal the nation: Talk about feckless and naive. Is her husband a never Trumper, too?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: skacmar 9/22/2021 7:48:50 AM (No. 922584)
What wound did Trump rip open? I remember the Democrats and media (that was you Megan on the View) relentlessly attacking and sabotaging everything Trump wanted to do. Yet. Trump gave us a great economy, energy independence, and projected strength. If not for Covid, our country would not currently be suffering under the Biden administration. Biden has already proven the worst President ever.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: skacmar 9/22/2021 7:52:11 AM (No. 922587)
Jimmy Carter should call Joe Biden and thank him for taking the Worst President Ever crown. Carter has moved up a few notches in history.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Clinger 9/22/2021 8:00:27 AM (No. 922598)
Shaping up to be? Seriously Meghan? Mission accomplished.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bpl40 9/22/2021 8:19:55 AM (No. 922620)
The 'wound' that is being ripped open comes from the surgery that Trump performed on America .. Surgery which had to be done after eight years of misrule.. The fact that McCain deliberately misrepresents this makes any further reading of this garbage unnecessary.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: J F Ackerman 9/22/2021 8:30:34 AM (No. 922629)
Haven't heard "boo" out of Ambassador Cindy. Cindy McCain used what is left of the thugish McCain Machine here in Arizona to steal the 2020 Presidential election...mostly in her home county of Maricopa, where she still rules like a queen.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: wakeupcall 9/22/2021 8:39:24 AM (No. 922636)
Truth be known, the Marxist Communist democrats, republicrats GOPe, liberalcrats, etc., have no souls. Lucifer (Satan) has owned their souls forever awaiting in the 'Lost Souls' side of the gulf in Heaven.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Jean123 9/22/2021 8:40:21 AM (No. 922638)
Why doesn't she just go away and get a real job?
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Reply 20 - Posted by: zephyrgirl 9/22/2021 8:42:10 AM (No. 922642)
The McCain family is pure trash - starting with Cindy playing around with John while he was still married, John abandoning his loyal, disabled first wife after he returned from North Viet Nam, turning on Sarah Palin after she was nothing but supportive to John McCain, to the trashy way they treated PDJT after he graciously supported McCain's grandiose, undeserved funeral more befitting a president than just a treacherous, petty and vindictive Senator. Better they would have kept their mouths shut, but instead they had to pile on the abuse in 2020. They deserve to have their support for Biteme thrown in their faces every day for the rest of their lives. You picked him sweetie, so go shut your pie hole.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Come And Take It 9/22/2021 8:52:22 AM (No. 922653)
This fat sow needs to FOAD as well. Her sainted idiot of a father was joined at the hip to Xiden in the Senate for years - they were butt buddies from way back. And, I daresay, McStain would have given Xiden a run for his money as the worst president in history.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: PChristopher 9/22/2021 8:58:16 AM (No. 922658)
Didn't she and her mother work for him against Trump?
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Reply 23 - Posted by: moebellini3 9/22/2021 9:12:47 AM (No. 922674)
The wound Donald Trump ripped open has done nothing but fester since Scranton Joe was inaugurated. Excuse me, Trump never ripped open anything. Fact is he brought America together. The only ones who didn't come along are the democrats, the communists in our country who showed their true anti American colors. Get it yet.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Strike3 9/22/2021 9:26:30 AM (No. 922695)
The spawn of McCain belches again. Sleazy Joe passed Jimmy Carter months ago as well as that kenyan feller with the big ears. Joe is Number One and I emphasize that with the proper finger.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Right Time 9/22/2021 9:26:50 AM (No. 922696)
Exactly what "wound" did President Trump rip open, Meghan? That he called out your daddy for being the deceitful, treasonous, corrupt, egotistical buffoon that he truly was? The only thing I want to read about Meghan McCain is her obituary.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Strike3 9/22/2021 9:29:24 AM (No. 922699)
#8, you shouldn't bring your laptop into the bathroom. It could slip and fall in.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: red1066 9/22/2021 9:47:44 AM (No. 922727)
The whole premise that the country's soul needed to be healed was BS. The country was coming back and was back in a lot of cases from the Obozo regime because of Trump. Years ago, political commentators would say the economy was biggest issue for voters. Remember, "It's the economy stupid". The economy was humming along with low unemployment and the country was energy independent. That some Chinese virus came along and slowed everything down wasn't Trump's fault. That after more than a year and a half later, Biteme wins an election full of fraud and he makes the economy even worse. Now we can talk about REAL economic depression caused by one political party.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: padiva 9/22/2021 9:51:12 AM (No. 922733)
So.. DJT was a better POTUS, eh?
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Reply 29 - Posted by: bighambone 9/22/2021 10:08:34 AM (No. 922747)
Well when this Meghan referred to Biden as being unreliable, cantankerous, and feckless, at first I thought that she was referring to Biden’s good friend, her Dad, John McCain.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Edgelady 9/22/2021 10:16:17 AM (No. 922768)
Shaping up to be worse than Carter? Silliness - he's already passed him and is barreling down the drain and taking the country with him.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: JackBurton 9/22/2021 10:48:08 AM (No. 922800)
She means worse than Obama... ....who was worse than Carter.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: DVC 9/22/2021 1:53:43 PM (No. 923055)
Well, she got one thing right. No fan of hers, but she occasionally finds a fact.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: Kumoan 9/22/2021 2:16:59 PM (No. 923075)
The "wound" The President ripped open was the scab over the pustulating wound that is the DC Swamp.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: RuckusTom 9/22/2021 2:26:51 PM (No. 923089)
"The wound Donald Trump ripped open has done nothing but fester since Scranton Joe was inaugurated." Sorry Megs. The cure was Donald Trump, and you and other snowflakes couldn't handle a little ouchy now and then when some iodine and a band-aid were applied. But hey. No mean tweets, right?
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Reply 35 - Posted by: rocket-j-squirrel 9/22/2021 5:08:07 PM (No. 923234)
Take two pony kegs of Bud Lite stacked atop one another and you got yer Meghan torso. Just add two fence post legs, leave the tap hoses loose as arms and a Mardi Grad paper head, and you got yerself a Meghan. Honey, it's unbecoming to strive to be important when you're dumb as a stump.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: Rumblehog 9/22/2021 10:09:50 PM (No. 923443)
We need to finish the wall... Meghan, please travel to the opening and lay down!
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Reply 37 - Posted by: Come And Take It 9/22/2021 10:22:47 PM (No. 923447)
Isn't this sow ready for market yet?
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Reply 38 - Posted by: doctorfixit 9/23/2021 8:24:39 PM (No. 924447)
Get lost, Fatso.
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Reply 39 - Posted by: Italiano 9/23/2021 8:30:03 PM (No. 924451)
If Trump "ripped open a wound," it was to expose the cancer underneath. Which he did. Meghan, if you see your old buddy Joe, tell him to say hello to your father in Hell when he gets there.
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Jan. 6 House panel subpoenas Trump allies
Bannon, Meadows, 2 more
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The House select committee investigating the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol issued subpoenas to four key allies of former President Donald Trump Thursday, with the committee’s chairman instructing them to sit for depositions next month.Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) announced that former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former chief strategist Steve Bannon, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino and former Pentagon official Kash Patel had been subpoenaed because they all were working in or had communicated with the White House either in the days leading up to the riot
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Exclusive Video: Protesters Shout Down
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DEL RIO, Texas —The Rev. Al Sharpton toured the makeshift Haitian migrant camp situated under the local international bridge Thursday. At the conclusion of his visit, Sharpton attempted an impromptu press conference. His remarks were cut short after protesters shouted him down until choosing to leave the site. In the video, a visibly frustrated Sharpton can be seen trying to speak to media. Shouts from the crowd of mainly residents included the phrases “go home,” “get out of Texas,” and “our Border Patrol are heroes.” Attendees eventually crowded the reverend’s entourage as they exchanged words–prompting a quick departure.
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After scrubbing Israel’s Iron Dome from the House Budget Bill, the House voted today to pay for the defense system in a separate bill.On September 22, 2021, Bruce Ticker wrote in Arutz 7: The so-called “progressives” in Congress led Democrats to commit an act of war against the Jewish people on Tuesday when the House leadership slashed $1 billion incorporated into the spending legislation for Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system in an emergency spending package.
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After The Gateway Pundit leaked audio recordings of Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri bashing his colleagues for not supporting an audit and saying their audit was “pretty bullshit” the recordings are spreading like wildfire.In another recording, Steve Chucri admits that neither he nor County Recorder Stephen Richer are comfortable using Dominion Voting Systems ever again. (Snip) Chucri resigned Tuesday in embarrassment and continued to claim that Biden won.
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Embattled Rep. Liz Cheney is betting on figures from the fading Republican establishment to help her win re-election — setting up a clash between two GOP former presidents. Cheney (R-Wyo.), who has been sidelined by House Republican leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy for voting to impeach President Donald Trump, has invited President George W. Bush to hold a fundraiser for her next month in Dallas, the Wall Street Journal reported. Trump is backing her challenger Harriet Hageman in the 2022 Republican primary for Wyoming’s sole House seat.
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White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced Thursday that Border Patrol agents will no longer be permitted to use horses to guard the border in Del Rio, Texas, after “horrific” photos emerged of agents swinging long reins while interacting with Haitian migrants. The announcement comes after the media caused a frenzy by falsely portraying the videos and photos as showing agents hitting the migrants with whips. It was later revealed that the agents were in fact wielding the long reins that make it easier to maintain control of their horses, according to Border Control chief Raul Ortiz. An unnamed Border Patrol agent told Townhall’s Julio Rosas that mounted agents
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Much of the analysis surrounding Joe Biden’s downfall has centered on national approval ratings. RedState has covered that issue extensively, noting that the president appears to have no support floor. That makes him much more like George W. Bush and less like Donald Trump. But underneath the national discussion lies the environment that truly matters as we head into 2022, and it’s not looking good for Biden and his cohorts. Biden faces dismal job approval ratings in several battleground states, including Michigan, Virginia, and Iowa, where the president garnered the lowest score since George W. Bush in 2008 in a survey this week.
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Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that he was “horrified” by recent images of U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback confronting Haitian migrants along the Rio Grande River.Mayorkas said, “I too was horrified by the images captured by photographers with respect to the activities of Border Patrol agents of horseback. We do not condone. We do not tolerate any mistreatment of any migrant. What we did is we directed an immediate investigation of the events captured in the photographs and on video. I have ensured that the top leadership of the office of professional responsibility lead that investigation and that it be conducted thoroughly
The Feds Are Forced to Release January
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Why has the federal government been trying so hard to keep surveillance footage of January 6th under wraps? We may have an answer to that question if a set of newly released videos are any indication.A judge ordered the videos be released against the wishes of the government prosecutors who claimed doing so would undermine national security. Of course, that makes no sense, and what’s on the videos runs counter to the chosen narrative.Behold, the event that has been compared to the Civil War by the President of the United States. (Tweet/Video) If you can’t watch the video, what you’ll see are open doors/windows and people casually walking in.
'It's worse than slavery': Rep. Maxine
Waters attacks horseback-riding
Border Patrol agents with whips -
while Ayanna Pressley calls them
'white supremacists'
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Posted by Imright 9/23/2021 2:27:09 AM Post Reply
Maxine Waters said Wednesday that border patrol agents riding horses and apparently using whips on migrants is 'worse than slavery days' while Ayanna Pressley called it 'white supremacist behavior.''We're saying to the president and everybody else: You've got to stop this madness,' Waters said during a press conference.'And I want to know, in the first place, who's paying these cowboys to do this work?' she continued. 'They've got to be gotten rid of. They've gotten to be stopped. It cannot go on.'Waters, an 83-year-old Democratic representative for California's 43rd district, demanded that journalists: 'Write the story.
In her first excoriating column for,
MEGHAN McCAIN says feckless,
unreliable, cantankerous
Joe Biden is shaping up to be a
worse president than Jimmy Carter
39 replies
Posted by Imright 9/22/2021 3:34:02 AM Post Reply
Does anyone like living like this?This was the question presented to me by a friend of mine recently as we were discussing the current state of America under the Joe Biden administration and the deep malaise that has been ushered in by the man who promised over and over again to 'heal the soul of America'. No one is healing. Nothing is healed. The wound Donald Trump ripped open has done nothing but fester since Scranton Joe was inaugurated. Eight months since President Biden was sworn into office, the anticipation of a tone change and 'return to normalcy' has utterly disappeared.
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Scientists have created the ultimate GM crop: contraceptive corn. Waiving fields of maize may one day save the world from overpopulation. The pregnancy prevention plants are the handiwork of the San Diego biotechnology company Epicyte, where researchers have discovered a rare class of human antibodies that attack sperm. By isolating the genes that regulate the manufacture of these antibodies, and by putting them in corn plants, the company has created tiny horticultural factories that make contraceptives. 'We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies,' said Epicyte president Mitch Hein.
Former FDA chief predicts flu season will
be a ‘whopper’
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Posted by Ribicon 9/22/2021 3:27:11 PM Post Reply
Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb warned Wednesday that “we’re in for a whopper” of a flu season due to a lack of immunity in the US population. Gottlieb, who helmed the FDA under President Donald Trump and serves on Pfizer’s board of directors, made the chilling prediction during an interview on CNBC about workplace safety amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. “We haven’t seen a flu season last year—we’re in for a whopper because we haven’t put immunity into the population in at least one and maybe now two years. When the flu does come back, and it will come back, it’s going to come back
Biden REFUSES to take questions from American
reporters and tells Boris
Johnson 'good luck' when he says
he wants to answer 'just a couple'
of queries from the press before
White House aides interrupt the
British PM to clear journalists
from Oval Office
31 replies
Posted by Ribicon 9/22/2021 12:56:46 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden on Tuesday did not recognize any American reporters for questions during an Oval Office meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his aides cleared out journalists as they tried to query the president. Biden did attempt to answer one shouted question from a CBS reporter about the crisis on the Southern border but his answer was unclear when White House staff shouted down reporters, covering the president's attempt to respond as they demanded journalists leave.(Snip)Johnson then took control, calling on three British reporters for questions that he and Biden answered. The president did not call on a single reporter. With no American reporter called upon
Breaking: Chinese Defector Claims COVID
Outbreak Was Intentionally Released
in October 2019 at Military
World Games
29 replies
Posted by Imright 9/22/2021 6:23:42 PM Post Reply
A Chinese whistleblower has come forward, claiming the first COVID outbreak was INTENTIONAL and took place in October of 2019 at the Military World Games in Wuhan, China.According to Chinese defector Wei Jingsheng, the COVID-19 outbreak was intentional and was released through the Military World Games in Wuhan, China in October 2019 and China decided to wait two months before they notified the world.Jingsheng said the athletes fell sick after the event yet nothing was done.Check out what the Daily Mail reported: A whistleblower has sensationally claimed China deliberately spread Covid at a military tournament two months before the rest of the world knew
AOC Starts Crying as the Lunatics Come
Out to Play During the Iron Dome
Funding Vote
28 replies
Posted by AmericaFirstAlways 9/23/2021 5:20:03 PM Post Reply
By an overwhelming majority, the House voted to fund the Israeli Iron Dome today, a defensive system that protects against Palestinian rocket barrages. That vote was necessary as a stand-alone bill because far-left anti-Semites, mostly members of the so-called “squad,” joined forces earlier in the week to strip the funding from the main budget bill. Naturally, those who live to see Israel wiped off the face of the Earth didn’t take it well as scenes of lunacy were presented on the floor. Here’s a taste of that before we get to the weirdest reaction of the day.
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