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Mitch McConnell’s betrayal hurts the nation

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Posted By: Imright, 1/20/2021 12:12:55 AM

Et tu, Mitch McConnell?Just when Washington has a chance to turn the page, fresh signs emerged Tuesday that the past is not yet past. It is almost certain now that the Senate will hold an impeachment trial of President Trump next week.Even worse, it looks probable he will be convicted of a single charge stemming from the Capitol invasion. The history-making event got the green light from McConnell on his last day as Senate majority leader. Speaking on the Senate floor Tuesday, McConnell said of the Jan. 6 incident: “The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Lawsy0 1/20/2021 12:28:32 AM (No. 667161)
Quoting Mitch, ''Oink!''
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Reply 2 - Posted by: bobn.t 1/20/2021 12:39:53 AM (No. 667167)
Pathetic louse Traitor Dirtbag Weasel Loser Scatman
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Reply 3 - Posted by: GW_Rider 1/20/2021 12:40:27 AM (No. 667168)
I hope 2nd term President DJT releases every piece of dirt on this POS.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Scout Finch 1/20/2021 12:43:45 AM (No. 667172)
I hate Republicans like these. I really do. You’ve betrayed us deeply.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Scout Finch 1/20/2021 12:45:43 AM (No. 667175)
Well, maybe despise. Not hate. Ugh. I dislike betrayal. Lord help us.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: J. Arthur Brown 1/20/2021 12:52:32 AM (No. 667180)
Ah, to have a microphone on the wall of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee as staff reviews the responses to Mr. McConnell's next fundraising email.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: snakeoil 1/20/2021 1:03:27 AM (No. 667187)
Since there is a 50 50 split a conviction would require 16 GOPers voting to convict. Have we sunk that far?
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Safari Man 1/20/2021 1:10:01 AM (No. 667196)
McConnell must be made to pay a steep price for this betrayal.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 1/20/2021 1:13:06 AM (No. 667198)
As we say in the south "Mitch, you are suck a disappointment" You are a traitor. If not for Trump, you wouldn't have been re-elected. BTW Why doesn't the media call Ms Cheney "Orange woman" ?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 1/20/2021 1:24:54 AM (No. 667209)
In hindsight, it's unfortunate that Alison Grimes didn't win in 2014. Much easier on the eyes and probably would have delivered on par with the turncoat.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: TheLadyNextDoor 1/20/2021 1:44:01 AM (No. 667225)
So keep in mind, Republicans. Don't ever again think you should vote for someone who is different from democrat and current republicans, that really turns the country upside down. You want to let them all stay on one track; that will keep them all millionaires and they can do anything they want to keep you under control without the problems for them. Bring AOC in and just let her decide who can stay and serve and who has to go. pitiful country I thought i'd never see.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: judy 1/20/2021 1:52:58 AM (No. 667228)
Is anyone surprised? I’m not...and he , Pence & McCarthy will not attend Trumps ceremony flight to Florida .
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Reply 13 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 1/20/2021 1:54:34 AM (No. 667229)
“Ditch Mitch” “CocaineMitch” “The turtle” I call him the “t u r d in the punch bowl“. And nastier things than that.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: OhioNick 1/20/2021 1:57:23 AM (No. 667231)
Michael Goodwin is wrong to think President Trump could possibly be convicted. Republican senators would have to know it would be political suicide to vote for a conviction. Here in Ohio, Congressman Anthony Gonzales is completely aware of the fact that he won't be re-elected in 2022, after voting for impeachment in the House.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: OhioNick 1/20/2021 2:06:27 AM (No. 667235)
Sorry for the second post. Here's some more information about the backstabber here in Ohio. This is from the far-left website, Buzzfeed: "Jim Renacci, a Trump loyalist who held the seat before an unsuccessful Senate bid, now chairs the Medina County Republican Party. He told BuzzFeed News he’s been “slammed with residents calling for Anthony Gonzalez to step down, be recalled, and/or primaried.” Renacci cited a recent survey by a Trump pollster that found 76% of Republicans were less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes for impeachment. “That should be troubling” for Gonzalez “if the election was in 30 days,” Renacci, who is interested in primarying Ohio’s sitting Republican governor next year, wrote in an email. “That being said, 30 days in politics is a long time and 22 months is an eternity. So there will be many more votes taken and constituents are always less likely to remember something 22 months ago. But only time will tell.”
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Reply 16 - Posted by: EQKimball 1/20/2021 3:35:55 AM (No. 667260)
This is a no-brainer. If after the expiration of a lease a landlord sought to eject the former tenant who is no longer in possession, what would the court say?
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Reply 17 - Posted by: DCGIRL 1/20/2021 4:23:59 AM (No. 667270)
The republican party is dead to me. Mitch, how will it feel when you only have a few republicans in the senate. 2022 is just around the corner. Trump is talking about starting a new party and I will leave the GOP along with the 75+ million. I will only vote for who President Trump supports. As long as Mitch is in the senate, it is filthier then hell. Mitch will pay for his dirty deeds once his power is gone and that may happen sooner than later.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: zephyrgirl 1/20/2021 4:51:49 AM (No. 667283)
The Republican party is all talk and no action but for two men: Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. The rest talked and promised, but never delivered and never intended to do so. With that in mind, I doubt I'll vote Republican again. There's no point.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: ToryWhite 1/20/2021 5:02:48 AM (No. 667290)
Mitch will be remembered only for this.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Rinktum 1/20/2021 5:19:24 AM (No. 667296)
I cannot believe the disloyalty to President Trump. He has to be hands down the most effective President for the American people in decades. His accomplishments are unparalleled. Clearly, that means nothing when you are invested in self-serving corruption. McConnell and his wife could not stand up to scrutiny of their China dealings and McConnell’s election victory was beyond suspect. There was a lot of irregularities surrounding his victory which was likely directed by the same folks who manipulated Biden’s theft. The amount of corruption that runs through the government is astonishing. At the moment any talk of blatant voter fraud is being ignored and banned by social media. No one wants to know the truth and it is being pushed out of the public square like it never happened with the complete approval of our leaders. I just see no way forward for Americans who reasonably want the evidence to be presented. Our votes have been nullified by a system that neither cares the election was stolen or that Americans have been disenfranchised by venal men and women who will do anything to attain the power they crave. While I love my country dearly, I loathe and despise a government that is so totally corrupt that it could condone and protect a system that is lawless and has betrayed its citizens. The government has betrayed us because it is filled with selfish, arrogant, corrupt men like Mitch McConnell.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: J. Arthur Brown 1/20/2021 5:52:25 AM (No. 667307)
When Mr. McConnell uses words like "lies" and "conscience" you know his hand is in your pocket and/or his knife is in your back.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: planetgeo 1/20/2021 5:54:58 AM (No. 667311)
Confirmed: Pontius Pence and Judas McConnel. Act, contribute, and vote accordingly.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: mobyclik 1/20/2021 6:38:31 AM (No. 667338)
McConnell got his orders from Communist China as to what to say. He obeyed, like a good little corrupt commie.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Sergeant Major 1/20/2021 6:40:15 AM (No. 667342)
He doesn't care what you or millions of others have to say about these actions. He has six more years to go in the Senate and then can retire with guaranteed income from his wifes' fathers Chinese shipping business. Hell, he's laughing at us. On top of that this is a ploy to prevent Donald Trump from running for political office again. Whether it is constitutional will be decided by wait for it........................The Roberts Court.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: minuteman 1/20/2021 6:43:29 AM (No. 667348)
Elections are now meaningless, so he will not pay a political price unless he somehow disappoints his satanic masters.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Paintman 1/20/2021 6:46:02 AM (No. 667354)
I'm so glad Pontius Pence has entered the lexicon. The insult must especially irk him. This is a man who talks about his heightened sense of ethics and Superior morality in every speech defending his decisions. If you have to talk about yourself in such glowing terms that is a red flag that you were either trying to convince yourself or snow job someone else. The latter played out 1-6-21.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Califedup 1/20/2021 6:59:15 AM (No. 667367)
Everything rotten and wrong with the republican party is personified by this festering, loathsome traitor. Kentucky needs to amend their constitution and recall China Mitch. He is a traitor on par with Benedict Arnold and a list of the all senators who voted for this pulsating of lump fecal matter as leader of the Senate must be published and these traitors also removed from the Senate. No exceptions.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: WimeTarmerFable 1/20/2021 7:00:31 AM (No. 667368)
The Patriot Party may not come to pass or it may be squelched by the New Fascists, but I for one am ready to sign up just because of “Team Mitch..” Not one red cent to the GOP ever again..
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Reply 29 - Posted by: bobmadison 1/20/2021 7:20:13 AM (No. 667378)
Haven't been an "official" Republican in 15 years. The RUMOR is Pres. Trump will start a third party. It will be called he 'PATRIOT" party. I'm ready, willing and able. Are you???
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Reply 30 - Posted by: subman47 1/20/2021 7:41:27 AM (No. 667395)
When it comes to Mitch, FOLLOW THE MONEY. Especially from China.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: janjan 1/20/2021 7:46:24 AM (No. 667397)
The purpose of this charade is to prevent Trump from running again for public office. They’re afraid he would win. It’s not about him. It’s about us.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: Lazyman 1/20/2021 7:48:08 AM (No. 667399)
The end of any resistance by the Republicans who are quickly rejoining the swamp. This should bring the end to the party for good.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: msjena 1/20/2021 7:52:47 AM (No. 667404)
Are there really 17 Republican traitors who would vote to convict President Trump? For simply exercising his right to free speech? Who are they? If this happens, the Republican party will be as dead to me as Fox News.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: ARKfamily 1/20/2021 8:04:48 AM (No. 667419)
Okay, Mitch. Go ahead and impeach Donald Trump if that is truly what you and the Democrats want to do. Do you really think that will endear us to the Republican party? You do understand there are a lot of people fed up with government, the corruption, and how bloated it has become. You can try to stop Newsmax, OANN, Parler, etc. but how are you going to change hearts?
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Reply 35 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 1/20/2021 8:06:18 AM (No. 667421)
It is obvious how much damage Assange's information will do to Mitch and all of the uniparty. You stink of desperation Mitch! And every single senator with a "R" by their name who follows Mitch's lead to vote for the impeachment of Trump will be self-identifying as a traitor..... trying to hide evidence of bribery, blackmail and crimes against humanity from the voters. But they think they have little choice, if their evidence is included. They will not be able to walk down the street, in either case. So just do the right thing....for once!
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Reply 36 - Posted by: Philipsonh 1/20/2021 8:16:33 AM (No. 667430)
President Trump will be a private citizen TODAY, and as such, cannot be tried by the Senate, since he cannot be removed from office. The Left and the Rhinos are vile creatures who do not understand or follow trhe U.S.Constitution.
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Reply 37 - Posted by: 5 handicap 1/20/2021 8:19:26 AM (No. 667434)
At least Swallowswell from California didn't marry his CCP "Honeypot". The treasonous McConnell is so financially tied to the CCP, he makes tons more from China than the USA.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: udanja99 1/20/2021 8:20:37 AM (No. 667435)
#35, PDT still has 3 1/2 hours to pardon Assange and Snowden. He should do it this morning and shove it up Mitch’s ample arse.
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Reply 39 - Posted by: felixcat 1/20/2021 8:32:09 AM (No. 667449)
McConnell, Schumer, Piglosi, et al ad nauseum have been in cahoots the moment President Trump won the 2016 election. That McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao, with her ties to China through her father's shipping company ever got confirmed as Secretary of Transportation right there was a warning shot. The only insider threat to this country are 99.9% members of Congress, all federal law enforcement and all the intelligence agencies.
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Reply 40 - Posted by: FormerDem 1/20/2021 8:36:04 AM (No. 667455)
In that case I would indeed leave the GOP. There has been no pro-lifer like Donald J Trump.
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Reply 41 - Posted by: F15 Gork 1/20/2021 8:44:07 AM (No. 667463)
Surely the GOP doesn’t think we we rally around the likes of a Romney or a Mitch in the future do they? And don’t call me Shirley....
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Reply 42 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 1/20/2021 8:54:32 AM (No. 667472)
Turtle has taken the pubbie establishment to another new low. The real pubbie party has revealed itself as the deep staters I always suspected they were. The DC establishment disgusts me. I changed my voting registration to unaffiliated last week.
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Reply 43 - Posted by: john56 1/20/2021 9:01:27 AM (No. 667480)
Well, first, Mitch ain't gonna be running the Senate any more. Once Horizontal Harris' replacement shows up, it's 50-50 and Horizontal breaks the tie. I think it's a pretty safe bet that Horizontal's vote isn't gonna be for the Turtle. Republicans will be lucky if the committee assignments will be just -1 for the Republicans (you know 9 Dems, 8 Republicans). Schumer will have the show trial. Republicans would be wise to boycott the kangaroo trial (don't worry, it will be on CNN without interruption) and Pres Trump would be wise to ignore it as well, no defense counsel. The only time Republicans should show up in the chamber would be to vote NO. Any Republican voting YES should be removed from any committee and not eligible for GOP funds in their next re-election campaign. Marques of Queensbury rules are now over.
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Reply 44 - Posted by: bigken2 1/20/2021 9:06:11 AM (No. 667485)
if this bs goes though it will be the end of rep party
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Reply 45 - Posted by: Strike3 1/20/2021 9:35:48 AM (No. 667529)
China Mitch will pay for his little snits and so will many others. The elites have the mistaken idea that there are still republican voters out here.
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Reply 46 - Posted by: smokincol 1/20/2021 9:52:02 AM (No. 667552)
it is now 0935hrs in Massachusetts and President Trump is on his way to Mar-A-Lago to regroup and recharge, although he is one man who seems to never need a recharge. aside from that, when Air Force One lifted off from Andrews I immediately started my computer, entered Word and began to write a letter to this despicable specimen of human flesh, the above noted mcconnell. then, when my anger was reaching its peak, verbally, my computer froze up and I had to get out, having lost the contents of the letter. I want to thank Michael Goodwin for writing this article and voicing in somewhat more polite language, my feelings about the conduct of mcconnell. I have written a few letters to him, in the past, which are not on the most amiable terms, linguistically but, nevertheless they were words expressing my feelings about him. there will be days to come when, I know, I will be composing more letters to him so, I think, time is on my side and sometimes it's better to wait than to act on impulse. so, mitch, you're off the hook for now but, you will be hearing from me in the future and I guarantee there will be more than one letter from me that your office will receive from me. As Sam and Dave put it, "Hold On I'm Coming" and it won't be complimentary. you skunk!!
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Reply 47 - Posted by: bighambone 1/20/2021 9:52:24 AM (No. 667553)
Remember on January 6th when the moronic mob was able to gain unlawful entry to the US Capitol building it was McConnell and Pelosi who were the heads of the UniParty Congressional Aristocracy and as such were ultimately responsible for the security of the Capitol building. In that respect that mob, consisting of some violent extremists and some curious dopes “outed” both McConnell and Pelosi as being totally incompetent that day, as they failed to ensure as was their duty that the Capitol building was secure by having enough law enforcement manpower on duty and present to secure the Capitol building, with such a massive protest scheduled to occur in DC that day. Especially since it has now come out that federal law enforcement had abundant intelligence that extremists had plans to come to DC and cause major disruptions. So McConnell and Pelosi are doing what cowardly politicians always do, cast false blame on others in an attempt to obscure their failures.
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Reply 48 - Posted by: MDConservative 1/20/2021 10:15:00 AM (No. 667583)
Who is Mitch "betraying"? He has been the leader of the Republican subsidiary of the UNIPARTY for years. Can anyone say in all honesty that Mitch has ever been more than a politician? It really is time for many to wise up. We know who the enemy is...we just don't want to admit it.
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Reply 49 - Posted by: Zigrid 1/20/2021 10:17:38 AM (No. 667585)
President Trump cannot be impeached after he leaves office... impeachment is for serving presidents... he is no longer in office...BUT.. the turtle knows that and it's another kabuki theater trial...the charges are false... and the turtle knows that... but it's theater 101 for the establishment... they needed something to keep the media moguls happy...this way the nyslims and wapustule have something to report on.... while obama/biden slip in all kinds of illegal edicts from the Oval Office...obama has his pen and a phone again... and funny uncle Joe is in the basement closet talking to himself... wonder what meds he's on today...
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Reply 50 - Posted by: Muguy 1/20/2021 10:36:14 AM (No. 667618)
Benedict Turtle The RINOs RINO. Corrupt as they come! Check out Peter Schwiezer's "Secret Empires"
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Reply 51 - Posted by: bigfatslob 1/20/2021 10:45:15 AM (No. 667632)
I woke up this morning with two thoughts 1) President Trump is still the elected President 2) We have no government just all fraudsters in Washington. The fence and barricades should stay up permanently to keep the politicians in not to keep us out. The fraud Joe Biden can keep his 'palace guard' for all I care this is all a joke and the left knows it.
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Reply 52 - Posted by: Rumblehog 1/20/2021 10:47:59 AM (No. 667637)
"Cocaine" Mitch IS the Manchurian Candidate. All RINOs must be primaried and defeated.
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Reply 53 - Posted by: pensom2 1/20/2021 11:08:01 AM (No. 667666)
The only reason I'm still registered as a Republican is so I can vote against the disappointing Republicans in the primary elections.
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Reply 54 - Posted by: Casper27 1/20/2021 11:44:11 AM (No. 667700)
You senatorial frauds may regret a trial. Especially when all the proof and truth begins to arrive on your deceitful senate floor. The reason you want to impeach is that you know Trump is the real legitimate President. You committed fraud against the American citizens and violated your oath of office. You have committed treason. Gideon had 300, we are 78 million strong.
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Reply 55 - Posted by: pmcclure 1/20/2021 12:15:54 PM (No. 667730)
He has been amoral for at least the entirety of his political career. This is neither new nor unexpected.
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Reply 56 - Posted by: rochow 1/20/2021 12:23:45 PM (No. 667738)
If I go shoplifting today and get arrested I will have more legal representation than the President, and I mean President Trump, had in this entire debacle of the 'storming'!! We have already seen capitol police opening the barricades waving people in. Yesterday we learned that some of this 'storming' was planed way before the President even gave a speech. Remember the lefty with his expletive laden rhetoric how he wanted to drag President Trump out of office? He was arrested and as we can expect, if you are black and a lefty, released by the judge!! If he were white and a Trump supporter I assume he would be already beginning his sentence of 20 years or so. The Capitol Police is quite large, how come they were not able to manage the rather small crowd that entered?? Nancy Pelousi is in charge of them. This illiterate cow should be impeached and yesterday! Perhaps one might want to mention 'facts' to McConnell and his Chinese commie wife! I assume he will be a traitor to the end. He takes his orders from the Chines government and he will be amply recompensed! It would not surprise me if his wife winds up with another job in this administration!
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Reply 57 - Posted by: Red Ghost 1/20/2021 1:12:02 PM (No. 667788)
McConnell is an odious swamp creature. And I might be in violation of our beloved Lucianne's rules. But, I have called the Republican National Committee - 202-863-8500 and left a message saying that McConnell's action signalling he will vote to convict President Trump in the upcoming kangaroo court will unleash a firestorm against the Republican National Committee with many of us withholding any support for Republicans. I have already sent out a blast email to my list asking that they too call the RNC. I urge every Ldotter to call the RNC to let them know your thoughts on this matter if you agree. Look, without Trump we have no power to counteract the totalitarian government that has already been unleashed on us. We do, however, have some power NOW, and that is the threat of withholding any kind of support to the Republican Party. That Republicans, with the fascist Democrats, will continue to harass and persecute Trump out of office and preemptively try to crush us and any movement that Trump might organize, must be met with swift and overwhelming action on our part. We truly are in the fight of our lives. Call the RNC, now.
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Reply 58 - Posted by: clipped wings 1/20/2021 1:17:01 PM (No. 667793)
The turtle had better watch closely, the WaPo has admitted that the "Capitol siege" was preplanned-- several days ahead and was *not* triggered by PDJT's speech. The turtle might just take up residence in China with his sponsors.
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Reply 59 - Posted by: BillW. 1/20/2021 2:03:00 PM (No. 667844)
It's been a year or more since I bothered mentioning the Deep State includes both parties. No need, since it makes an "ass of you and me." --Veterans for Trump 2020
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Reply 60 - Posted by: rsgonner 1/20/2021 4:17:01 PM (No. 668004)
The Turtle killed the republican party and launched the Patriot Party better than anybody could. Thanks, jerk.
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Reply 61 - Posted by: Lazyman 1/20/2021 5:15:07 PM (No. 668084)
Mitch is making fools out of registered Republicans. We just flipped to Independents.
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Reply 62 - Posted by: TAzer 1/20/2021 5:43:17 PM (No. 668135)
We can almost hear McConnell saying to himself: "Mitch, my boy, you can swill in the trough of corruption, a happy happy swine, or stand starving on mere principles. Now, Mitch, what makes for a Happy Mitch,
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Reply 63 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 1/20/2021 8:47:09 PM (No. 668389)
Perdition, McConnell. Perdition.
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Reply 64 - Posted by: Lonestar Jack 1/20/2021 9:26:59 PM (No. 668462)
Sounds like everyone is forgetting Paul Ryan when it comes to being a traitor.
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Reply 65 - Posted by: crashnburn 1/21/2021 7:22:11 PM (No. 669583)
#47, I believe Turtle and Nandi wanted the Capitol to be breached so they’d have an excuse not to delay the Electoral College vote, and to give them an excuse to go after still my PDJT!
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Show: Here Are Some Of The Best
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While many focused on Inauguration Day for its political implications, seeing President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as the center of attention, someone else stole the show. Sen. Bernie Sanders rose as Inauguration Day’s standout star, whose cross-legged seated stance in coat and mittens instantly became an internet meme, triggering a wave of reproductions and parodies. Here are just some of the highlights. Friends (Tweet) Big Bang Theory (Tweet) The Bachelor’s meme within a meme (Tweet) Historic NYC Skyscraper (Tweet)
McCarthy Supports Liz Cheney Staying
In House GOP Leadership
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Thursday that he was in favor of House GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-WY), who has been facing calls to resign from her leadership position after she voted to impeach Trump, staying at her post.McCarthy emphasized that differences of opinion are a welcome aspect of the Republican Party, and then suggested that differences stemming from the impeachment vote would be discussed in an upcoming conference call with the Republican members of Congress.“This is the same leadership team, with the ranking members and others, that came five seats away from winning a majority when everybody in America thought we
Jesse Watters does hilarious mock read
of Trump’s letter that Biden only
called ‘very generous’
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President Joe Biden thanked outgoing President Trump for leaving a private letter for him on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office that he said was “very generous.” Reporters asked him about the letter on Wednesday as he signed numerous executive orders basically undoing a number of items that President Trump had accomplished during his tenure. Despite the fact that Trump and Biden are not fans of one another and Trump skipped Biden’s inauguration, Biden still had some rare, kind words for Trump.(Snip) There has been much speculation and many jokes about what was contained in the letter. It was most likely a professional and cordial welcome to the new president.
“Come On! Give Me a Break, Man!”–
Biden Struggles Through Covid Presser,
Snubs Reporter…And It’s Only His
First Full Day in Office (Video)
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78-year-old Joe Biden held a presser from the White House on his plans to distribute the Covid-19 vaccine. Doom and gloom Biden said the China Coronavirus death toll will likely pass 500,000 in February. Biden struggled to get through the presser…he must be tired. WATCH: (Tweet/Video) Biden then snubbed a reporter asking questions about the vaccine rollout plan. “Come on! Give me a break, man!” retorted Biden as his handlers shooed away the press pool.
“I’m Not Worried About That”; Pelosi Doesn’t
Care That Another Trump Impeachment
Would Undercut Biden’s “Unity” Message
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To the surprise of absolutely nobody, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’s not worried about the affect that an impeachment trial would have on “unity” in our country.“You mentioned unity and a message of unity yesterday,” the reporter began to ask.“Are you at all concerned about moving forward with an impeachment trial that could undercut that message and alienate all the conservative supporters of the President?,” he added.“No,” Pelosi responded bluntly.
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McConnell: Biden off to a bad start on
climate, pipeline, immigration policies
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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday criticized President Biden for taking “several big steps in the wrong direction” on his first day in office, citing the Democrat’s moves to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and to kill the Keystone XL pipeline project. “This was not the Day One that American workers deserved,” the Kentucky Republican said on the Senate floor. “It’s still early. There’s still plenty of time for President Biden to remember that he does not owe his election to the far left.” Mr. McConnell, who is negotiating a power-sharing agreement with Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer in the 50-50 Senate,
“This is Such a Good Question!” – WH Press
Sec When asked if Biden will Change
the Paint on Air Force One (Video)
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Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki held her first press briefing a few hours after Biden was sworn into office and it’s all rainbows and unicorns. A brave reporter asked Psaki if Joe Biden will keep Trump’s Air Force One color scheme. “This is such a good question!” Psaki said smiling. “I have not had the opportunity to dig into that today…”Rather than ask questions about the investigation into Hunter Biden’s money laundering scheme and how Joe Biden turned his son into a bagman, the reporters ask about paint.
Bono: ‘Lady Liberty’s Been Bruised and
Battered These Past Four Years’
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U2’s globalist frontman Bono gushed over President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris following their inauguration on Wednesday, calling it a “history making, history-shaping achievement.” He also took a veiled swipe at Donald Trump. [SNIP] “As an Irishman, I’ve always believed America isn’t just a country, it’s an idea … one the whole world has a stake in. Lady Liberty’s been bruised and battered these past four years, but today her flame burns bright as we watch her torch transfer to two new leaders who will calm the waters, even while they chart a new course,” he wrote.
We don't care who's President: Antifa rioters
smash windows at Oregon’s Democratic Party
headquarters in Portland, burn American flags
in Denver and vandalize stores in Seattle just
hours after Biden took office
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Antifa demonstrators smashed the windows of the Democratic Party headquarters in Portland, Oregon; burned American flags and spray-painted graffiti onto storefronts in Denver and Seattle; marched in Columbus, Ohio; and wielded shields and clubs while protesting in Sacramento hours after President Joe Biden's inauguration. A group of protesters carrying anti-Biden and anti-police signs were marching Wednesday in Portland streets and damaged the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon, police said. One of the signs read 'We don’t want Biden, we want revenge!' in response to 'police murders' and 'imperialist wars.' The group in Portland smashed windows and spray-painted anarchist symbols
McCarthy Supports Liz Cheney Staying
In House GOP Leadership
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Thursday that he was in favor of House GOP Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-WY), who has been facing calls to resign from her leadership position after she voted to impeach Trump, staying at her post.McCarthy emphasized that differences of opinion are a welcome aspect of the Republican Party, and then suggested that differences stemming from the impeachment vote would be discussed in an upcoming conference call with the Republican members of Congress.“This is the same leadership team, with the ranking members and others, that came five seats away from winning a majority when everybody in America thought we
Justin Thomas to enter 'training program' after
homophobic slur, finds support from Rory McIlroy
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Golf star Justin Thomas said Wednesday he will enter a training program amid the fallout from muttering a homophobic slur during a tournament earlier this month. Thomas, who lost Ralph Lauren as a sponsor, said he hoped to "become a better person." "It’s not a word I use," Thomas insisted. "And like I said, it’s going to be part of this process and training program, whatever I need to do, not only to prove to myself but to prove to my sponsors and prove to the people who don’t know who I am that that is indeed not the person
Fauci says it’s ‘liberating’ to
no longer have Trump as president
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He’s not alone. Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledged Thursday that life’s a lot less difficult with Donald Trump out of office, saying he’s finally able to do his job without feeling “uncomfortable.” Fauci, the government’s top infectious disease expert who now serves as President Biden’s chief coronavirus adviser, made the candid admission during his first appearance in the White House briefing room since Trump’s exit. “The idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know, what the evidence, what the science is, and know that’s it, let the science speak—it is somewhat of a liberating feeling,” Fauci told reporters.
Jaw-dropping contempt for Trump and
his voters from National Review star
columnist Kevin Williamson
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It is sad, but perhaps inevitable that contemptuous, raw class hatred for Trump voters would be featured so prominently in the National Review almost immediately after the swearing-in of Joe Biden yesterday. National Review, after all, produced the infamous “Against Trump” issue in January 2016, assembling conservatives from many publications in an effort to derail the nomination of the man who became our 45th president. The chief complaints about Trump centered on style… and class. But graciousness in victory apparently is not an element of civility that appeals to Kevin Williamson, a talented wordsmith and star at what was once the flagship publication of the conservative movement.
Ohio orthodox priest suspended for attending
Trump rally at U.S. Capitol, reports say
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An orthodox priest in western Ohio who has filled in at churches in the Cleveland area has been suspended and could be defrocked after he attended a rally for former President Trump in Washington on Jan. 6 that ended with an assault on the nation’s Capitol, according to reports. A notice on the website for the Orthodox Church in America says Archpriest Mark Hodges was suspended on Jan. 12. The notice offers no other details.
“Come On! Give Me a Break, Man!”–
Biden Struggles Through Covid Presser,
Snubs Reporter…And It’s Only His
First Full Day in Office (Video)
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78-year-old Joe Biden held a presser from the White House on his plans to distribute the Covid-19 vaccine. Doom and gloom Biden said the China Coronavirus death toll will likely pass 500,000 in February. Biden struggled to get through the presser…he must be tired. WATCH: (Tweet/Video) Biden then snubbed a reporter asking questions about the vaccine rollout plan. “Come on! Give me a break, man!” retorted Biden as his handlers shooed away the press pool.
Mitch McConnell offers a deal to delay
Donald Trump's impeachment trial for
two weeks to give ex-president time to
prepare a defense—as he FINALLY finds
a lawyer to take his case
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Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell will ask Democrats to delay the start of Donald Trump's impeachment trial until early February to give the former president's legal team time to prepare a defense. McConnell revealed his plans on a phone call with Republican senators Thursday. 'Senate Republicans are strongly united behind the principle that the institution of the Senate, the office of the presidency, and former President Trump himself all deserve a full and fair process that respects his rights and the serious factual, legal, and constitutional questions at stake,' McConnell said in a statement.(Snip)McConnell and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer have been working
Biden to keep Wray as FBI director:
law enforcement source
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President Joe Biden has asked Christopher Wray to stay on as FBI director and Wray has agreed to remain the head of the agency, a U.S. law enforcement source told Reuters.  Wray was a frequent target of former Republican President Donald Trump over his refusal to back false claims of voter fraud in the Nov. 3 election.  Biden’s decision to retain Wray as chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was welcomed by Adam Schiff, the Democrat who chairs the House Intelligence Committee and a critic of Trump’s handling of intelligence issues. CORRECTIONS*

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