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Voters stood up to the culture
and declared their center-right values

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Posted By: Garnet, 11/8/2020 11:28:04 AM

PINE TOWNSHIP — Had you spent any space of time in this northern suburb of Pittsburgh listening to voters, finding out what things mattered to them when it came to schools, community growth, economic prosperity, and the emotional impact of COVID-19 lockdowns, you would have at least been skeptical of the media narrative and the polls that claimed suburban voters here are no longer center-right. Not Republican per se, just center-right.Most reporters certainly didn’t take the time to do so. Instead, they relied on the scolding of our cultural curators in sports, media, and Hollywood as an indicator of how these college-educated, affluent voters would vote.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: reefdiver 11/8/2020 12:11:15 PM (No. 598891)
What good did it do? I wish it made a difference but unlikely.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Luke21 11/8/2020 1:35:33 PM (No. 599006)
This is like Scarborough saying it was a repudiation of the Democrats. We really won. Don't fight.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: kono 11/9/2020 12:49:53 PM (No. 600041)
Voters may have stood up to the culture and declared their center-right values; but the media have stood up to the voters and asserted their power to override everything.
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Saturday’s Media Declaration
Is A Naked Attempt To Silence
Republicans, And Nothing Has Changed
14 replies
Posted by Garnet 11/8/2020 11:33:47 AM Post Reply
Nothing has changed since Friday night. You might find that strange, given the media stampede to certify the election results for their man, but it’s crucial. The calls made Saturday morning are as arbitrary as they were last Tuesday, could just as easily have waited for Monday, and fly in the face of massive evidence of voter irregularities that, at minimum, should be heard in court before anyone considers calling the election.Add pending lawsuits and official recounts in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin, and the conclusion is an attempt by the American media to pick our president and decide our election.
Voters stood up to the culture
and declared their center-right values
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Posted by Garnet 11/8/2020 11:28:04 AM Post Reply
PINE TOWNSHIP — Had you spent any space of time in this northern suburb of Pittsburgh listening to voters, finding out what things mattered to them when it came to schools, community growth, economic prosperity, and the emotional impact of COVID-19 lockdowns, you would have at least been skeptical of the media narrative and the polls that claimed suburban voters here are no longer center-right. Not Republican per se, just center-right.Most reporters certainly didn’t take the time to do so. Instead, they relied on the scolding of our cultural curators in sports, media, and Hollywood as an indicator of how these college-educated, affluent voters would vote.
A House Divided Along New Lines 5 replies
Posted by Garnet 11/5/2020 5:45:07 PM Post Reply
America’s election reflects perfectly her psychological state. Divided and frustrated, citizens are realigning not along race or gender lines, but along philosophical ones. What does it mean to be an American? Who gets to define it? On one side: citizens of a Republic — Republicans. On the other side, the Oligarchy and the mob — Democrats. The two sides are fighting for control of America. Americans used to agree on certain things. They believed in God. They believed that America was a force for good in the world. They believed in the individual. They believed in protecting the innocent.
The Worst Is, They’ll Get Away With It 21 replies
Posted by Garnet 11/5/2020 5:33:17 PM Post Reply
This morning at my site I had a post explaining the misery, at least from my perspective, of watching the American political system devolve into failure this week: My mood isn’t the result of despondency that the election is lost. I don’t think it’s lost. At least, I’m not sure it’s lost. What I’ve recognized, what that late night on Tuesday taught me, is that the election is just a symptom of something a whole lot worse. At the end of the day, it’s this: the game will continue until the Left says it’s over.
Democrats falling short in bid
for control of U.S. Senate
1 reply
Posted by Garnet 11/4/2020 10:30:21 AM Post Reply
A Democratic drive to win control of the U.S. Senate appeared to fall short, with Democrats picking up only one Republican-held seat while six other races remained undecided early on Wednesday.Democrats defeated Republican Senators Cory Gardner of Colorado and Martha McSally of Arizona but lost the Alabama seat held by Democratic Senator Doug Jones. To win the majority in the Senate, Democrats would need to pick up three Republican seats if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is elected president and Senator Kamala Harris wields the tie-breaking vote as vice president. But the Democratic path to victory narrowed sharply as results poured in and the final outcome may not
Trump wins Pennsylvania
bakery’s cookie poll that called
last three elections
5 replies
Posted by Garnet 11/3/2020 11:03:22 AM Post Reply
A Pennsylvania bakery that has successfully predicted the last three presidential elections with its cookie poll has revealed the final tally in its Trump-Biden contest ahead of Election Day. The results as of Sunday afternoon, while not the official tally, were the final numbers released by Lochel’s Bakery of Hatboro, Pa., before Americans find out who has won the actual presidential election. They show President Trump leading former Vice President Joe Biden handily, with a staggering 27,903 red Trump cookies sold compared to just 5,114 blue Biden cookies.
All that plywood tells you the real
post-election fear is pro-Biden rioting
6 replies
Posted by Garnet 11/3/2020 10:54:07 AM Post Reply
There is one clear leading indicator pointing to Donald Trump still having a chance to win the election — stores around America are fortifying themselves in anticipation of election-related violence. Businesses in cities like New York City, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and Chicago are boarding up as if a Category 5 hurricane is bearing down. Everyone tends to be coy about the reason why. The cops in Beverly Hills worry about “protest activity.” Tiffany refers to “potential election-related activity.” Saks Fifth Avenue says it’s taking precautions “in the event of civil unrest due to the current election.”
The Left Doesn't Fear Amy Coney Barrett,
It Fears the Constitution
5 replies
Posted by Garnet 10/31/2020 11:58:45 AM Post Reply
Nothing threatens the progressive project more than the existence of a Supreme Court that adheres to the Constitution. It's really that simple. That's what the tantrum over Justice Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation is all about. The notion that the same Democrats who shelved the judicial filibuster and now threaten to destroy the separation of powers with a revenge scheme to pack the Supreme Court -- the same people, incidentally, so fond of smear-drenched confirmation hearings -- are sticklers for process or decorum is simply ludicrous.For one thing, no norms have been undone by the confirmation of Barrett. If Democrats won a Senate majority in 2016, Merrick Garland would already be ensconced
Lil Wayne's Endorsement of President Trump
Another 'Kick in the Nuts' to White Liberals
6 replies
Posted by Garnet 10/31/2020 11:54:08 AM Post Reply
If you are out walking or exercising this morning, check my 40-minute explanation on the significance of Lil Wayne's pivot to Trump and the mistake of valuing Affinity/Affection over Respect/Freedom. (Snip)Apparently we’ve found the lone celebrity Chelsea Handler has yet to bed. It’s Lil Wayne. Thursday the rapper tweeted support for President Trump’s proposed economic strategy for black Americans, The Platinum Plan, and included a picture of himself smiling next to the president. As of this writing, Ms. Handler has not publicly reminded Lil Wayne of her definition of blackness or offered him the privilege of
Democrat Delusions About Early Voting 9 replies
Posted by Garnet 10/30/2020 5:02:38 AM Post Reply
For those who rely on the legacy media for election news, it would be easy to conclude that early voters have already doomed President Trump’s chances of reelection. CNN analyst Harry Enten, for example, advises us that the current high volume of mail-in ballots confirms national polls showing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with a comfortable lead over Trump. Likewise, Slate tells its readers, “The Early Voting Revolution Is Already Helping Joe Biden.” But we have seen such headlines before. Just prior to Election Day 2016, Politico ran a story titled, “Record-breaking early voting fuels Democratic optimism.” That optimism turned out to be delusional, as will this year’s premature exhilaration.
Donald Trump Is Again Going to Win 10 replies
Posted by Garnet 10/28/2020 10:31:36 AM Post Reply
I do not like being wrong. Looking back on the journalism of the last few years, I have concluded this makes me one weird journalist. Most journalists, in fact most commentators, seem to prefer to be wrong — spectacularly, melodramatically wrong. In 2013, when I met Donald Trump for the first time, I concluded that he could be a successful politician. More than that, I concluded that if he ran for president he would win. He was not like any other politician I have known. He was smart, aggressive, and he knew enough about the issues to get by.
Another Pollster Sees a Trump Win 3 replies
Posted by Garnet 10/28/2020 10:10:47 AM Post Reply
The Trafalgar Group’s Robert Cahaly is an outlier among pollsters in that he thinks President Trump will carry Michigan, Pennsylvania, or both, and hence be reelected with roughly 280 electoral votes. (I explained his thinking here.) Last week another pollster, Jim Lee of Susquehanna Polling and Research, echoed some of Cahaly’s points about shy Trump voters being missed by pollsters. “There is definitely a submerged Trump vote,” Lee said. Asked for a prediction, he hedged a little but then predicted a Trump win: “I can’t call it. If the turnout is going to be what I think, Trump wins it.”
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George W. Bush congratulates Joe Biden
and tells Trump that he must concede
because the election 'was fundamentally
fair and its outcome is clear'
74 replies
Posted by Ribicon 11/8/2020 1:24:45 PM Post Reply
George W. Bush congratulated Joe Biden on his election victory Sunday—and delivered an unmistakable message to Donald Trump that he must now concede. The only living former Republican president broke his silence more than 24 hours after Biden was declared the winner in a call by TV networks and the Associated Press to say that he had spoken to the Democratic victor, and to Kamala Harris, the vice president-elect. 'I just talked to the President-elect of the United States, Joe Biden,' he said in a statement. No Republican leader has so far called Biden president-elect. 'Though we have political differences,
Time for Fox News to climb out of
the hole it's dug
59 replies
Posted by Magnante 11/8/2020 6:39:01 AM Post Reply
Suppose that you are an intrepid reporter — accent on the "intrepid." You witness voter fraud so vast that it reverses the outcome of a presidential election in a few states, enough to cause what should be the losing candidate to win. As a reporter, what do you want to do? (snip) If Fox wants to win back the respect of conservatives, it should unleash its intrepid reporters. Most conservatives would greatly enjoy learning how voter fraud can be committed, how much has occurred in past elections, and how successful prosecutions have been. They would also like to hear from judicial scholars
FNC's Wallace: Ted Cruz is Like a
Japanese Soldier Who Thinks The
War is 'Still Going On'
40 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/8/2020 5:38:05 PM Post Reply
Fox News host Chris Wallace said on Sunday that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was like a Japanese soldier who thinks World War II is “still going on” because he is questioning the presidential election results. Wallace said, “It would seem to me that Republicans on Capitol Hill have a role to play in this. A very few of them have said, look, you pursue your legal options, but, you know, damn down the rhetoric, like Mitt Romney, like Pat Toomey.” He added, “There are a lot who are just silent. And then there are some — I mentioned Ted Cruz — you know who are like the Japanese soldiers
Cindy McCain: My job is to
help put 'good' Republicans
in the Biden administration
39 replies
Posted by Ribicon 11/9/2020 1:28:01 PM Post Reply
Cindy McCain, a member of presumptive President-Elect Joseph R. Biden’s transition team, said Monday she’s helping look for “good” Republicans to serve in the new administration. Ms. McCain, the widow of the late GOP Sen. John McCain of Arizona, said she’s “proud” to serve on a transition team advisory board. “My job is to help put good Republicans into places within the administration,” Ms. McCain said on ABC’s “The View.” “This is an administration that’s going to be all-inclusive and there is a role for Republicans in the administration.” Ms. McCain had endorsed Mr. Biden and appeared in a video
Michelle Obama comes out of the
woodwork, feeling vindictive: 'Tens of
millions' voted for 'lies, hate and chaos'
38 replies
Posted by PageTurner 11/8/2020 4:47:32 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden hasn't even been ratified as president and former first lady Michelle Obama had this to say about all that vaunted national unity he called for: (Snip for tweet) She must have been boiling with hate for years, because last night she simply couldn't contain it. According to People, citing a string of tweets: “I’m beyond thrilled that my friend @JoeBiden and our first Black and Indian-American woman Vice President, @KamalaHarris, are headed to restore some dignity, competence, and heart at the White House. Our country sorely needs it,” Mrs. Obama wrote at the start of a lengthy statement shared on social media.
Rep. Clyburn: Republicans Have A
Responsibility To Force Trump To Concede
37 replies
Posted by Imright 11/9/2020 1:54:11 PM Post Reply
Democrats are moving quickly to seize power after the media crowned Joe Biden on Saturday and a campaign to shame Republicans into forcing President Trump to concede is underway.With Trump preparing to make his case that the election was influenced by fraud in a number of Democrat-controlled states and cities, the resistance is turning up the heat on already weak-kneed and squeamish GOP members who haven't exactly rushed to defend their POTUS. On Sunday morning, the "news" shows that serve as launching pads for the week's official talking points were an overflowing sewer of Democrat propaganda with the usual cast of subjects being trotted out to
Anger Grows Among Fans Of FOX News
Over Network’s Coverage Of 2020 Election
37 replies
Posted by Imright 11/8/2020 9:21:30 PM Post Reply
One of the things that has been amazing to watch in this election cycle, is the presentation on FOX News and the way people are reacting to it. People who consider themselves fans of the network are not happy with the direction it’s headed it, and are making themselves heard on social media. For instance, take a look at this tweet from Bret Baier: Join me + @marthamaccallum tonight 8pmET on @FoxNews — Bret Baier (@BretBaier) November 7, 2020 -And now take a look at some of the reactions: (Tweets)
Fox News ratings tumble after declaring
Biden prez; ‘off air’ clip of Sandra Smith’s
reaction to guest not winning anyone back
35 replies
Posted by Imright 11/9/2020 5:01:13 PM Post Reply
Ratings for Fox News have tumbled significantly over the past week since the network called Arizona for Democrat Joe Biden on Election Night and has since joined other outlets in declaring him the winner of the 2020 presidential election. “Fox News’s audience plummeted yesterday after Biden became president-elect. During the Biden/Harris speeches, Fox had three million viewers, the lowest total of any network,” wrote Michael Grynbaum in an “Updates” column in The New York Times. (Video)
Biden Vows to Unite the
Country, Will the Left Let Him?
35 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 11/8/2020 5:03:56 AM Post Reply
Speaking from Wilmington, Delaware Saturday night, former Vice President Joe Biden promised to "unite the country" as president and claimed he has a "mandate to march on the course of decency."(Snip for tweets)But will the leftists in Biden's Democrat Party allow him to do so? After all, the newest members want to keep track of Trump supporters so they can be punished, list Trump administration staffers so they can remain unemployed and members of the media want to "burn down" the Republican Party with "no survivors."
Frank Luntz urges pollsters to seek new profession
after Trump outperforms polls: 'Sell real estate'
33 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 11/9/2020 4:23:33 AM Post Reply
Republican pollster Frank Luntz told Fox News’ "Media Buzz" on Sunday that the credibility of his profession has been irreversibly damaged after President Trump outperformed polls for a second straight presidential election. The Veteran pollster told host Howard Krutz that that public opinion surveys significantly underestimated Trump’s support again, and urged those responsible for botching back-to-back presidential elections to seek a new profession.
Elections expert Q&A: No evidence of fraud
and fail-safes everywhere in US voting
33 replies
Posted by OhioNick 11/8/2020 10:08:24 PM Post Reply
As Joe Biden was declared the victor in the U.S. presidential election on Saturday and the president continued casting aspersions on the election results via Twitter, USA TODAY talked with Robert Brandon, 73, founder of the Fair Elections Center. Despite President Donald Trump’s attacks, attorney Brandon said when things are said and done, he thinks the 2020 Presidential Election may actually end up leaving people more confident in how the U.S. runs its elections. The Center is a non-partisan voters rights group that works to remove barriers to voters and improve overall election administration. Questions and answers have been edited for length, clarity and flow.
Fauci said Trump 'asking for trouble'
with potential super spreader rallies –
but silent on Biden celebrations
32 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 11/9/2020 4:18:12 AM Post Reply
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top disease expert, warned last month that President Trump was “asking for trouble” by holding large rallies amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but has so far been silent on celebrations being held nationwide over President-elect Joe Biden’s projected win. Fauci, 79, made the comments during an Oct. 12 interview on CNN to discuss Trump’s decision to hold campaign rallies despite having recovered from COVID-19.(Snip for tweet) “We know that that is asking for trouble when you do that,” Fauci told host Jake Tapper.
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