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Joe Biden calls Trump supporters 'chumps'
as they try to crash his drive-in Pennsylvania
rally as he defends its small size saying
'We don't want to become superspreaders'

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Posted By: Imright, 10/25/2020 1:23:20 AM

Joe Biden called Donald Trump supporters 'chumps' when they tried to crash his drive-by Pennsylvania rally Saturday morning as he defended its small size and made a thinly veiled dig at the president saying he doesn't want his events to be 'superspreaders'. The Democratic candidate vowed to 'take back our democracy' and insisted he would protect Pennsylvania jobs by creating 'millions' of green energy jobs, as he told supporters the election could be won or lost by the state.Biden made his first of two stops in his native state Saturday at Bucks County Community College, in Bucks County, Bristol, as the two hopefuls ramp up their campaign trail

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Vesicant 10/25/2020 1:52:22 AM (No. 583395)
Good taste (what little I have left) prevents me from comparing Dementia Joe's "rallies" to Jeffrey Toobin on Zoom.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: rtwngprof 10/25/2020 2:13:12 AM (No. 583405)
Weren't we told about all the great "green energy" jobs that were going to be created during the Obama administration? Solyndra, anyone?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DVC 10/25/2020 2:14:07 AM (No. 583406)
The chumps are the fools who have or will vote for Biden.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 10/25/2020 2:16:22 AM (No. 583408)
Does anybody know what disappearing Joe's platform is ? It's Trump bashing at every debate or rally. Is that all he has? Talk about "flip flopping"
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Flyball Dogs 10/25/2020 2:48:31 AM (No. 583418)
I smell a t shirt: “Deplorable Chump” I like it.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: govlawyer 10/25/2020 7:04:12 AM (No. 583460)
#5--How about "Irredeemable Deplorable Chump" for the XXL version of the shirt?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: philsner 10/25/2020 7:50:46 AM (No. 583491)
Well, this "chump" is voting for Trump.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: SkeezerMcGee 10/25/2020 7:59:07 AM (No. 583496)
Biden is TOAST in Pennsylvania. The number of people who drove to see Biden in Bucks County would not fill 10 rows of the seats behind the President's rally in Erie. Pennsylvanians are busy researching "Can I change my vote." They can (and will) in PA! According to voting laws in Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, if you change your mind on who you wish to vote for, you can have a do-over.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Namma 10/25/2020 8:50:38 AM (No. 583550)
PRESIDENT Trump explained the now CLOSED Chinese bank account. He was a business man. As like other businessmen with business on China he nice the bank account. Also. The amount he paid in IS taxes was well over two million dollars. This writer FAILED to include this info in the article and ole joe is pushing these lies.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: udanja99 10/25/2020 8:58:11 AM (No. 583558)
Who knew that people locked in their cars with windows rolled up were susceptible to the Wuhan flu?
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Skinnydip 10/25/2020 9:01:05 AM (No. 583566)
Anybody got a way around the article paywall?
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Reply 12 - Posted by: ROLFNader 10/25/2020 9:32:25 AM (No. 583595)
Yep, we're all gonna be building solar panels and windmills. I can still hear my dad and grandpa saying " The wind goes down with the sun". Good luck with that, idiots!
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While speaking to reporters on Monday, Russian president Vladamir Putin commented on the ongoing Hunter Biden scandal, stating that the former Vice President's son had made "very good money" in Ukraine.The Russian president said that Hunter Biden's business dealings had little to do with Russia.Check out what Russia Today reported: Business that Joe Biden’s son Hunter “had or might have” in Ukraine has nothing to do with Moscow, President Vladimir Putin said, on Sunday, adding that Biden made “good money” there and Russia sees “nothing criminal” in it. “It doesn’t concern us. It concerns the Americans and the Ukrainians,”
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According to a bombshell new report, ex-Biden associate Tony Bobulinksi will be joining Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday evening to play recordings of Biden family operatives, begging him to stay quiet."Tucker Carlson's show tomorrow night will be devoted entirely to an interview with Tony Bobulinksi, the Biden family insider-turned-whistleblower whose explosive e-mails show that Joe Biden himself was deeply involved in Hunter's foreign business dealings," reported The Federalist's Sean Davis."According to a source familiar with the planning, Bobulinski will play recordings of Biden family operatives begging him to stay quiet and claiming Bobulinski's revelations will "bury" the reputations
Brzezinski: Trump Holding ‘Superspreader
Events’ — ‘He’s Got a Trail of Germs That
He’s Spreading Across the Country’
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Posted by Imright 10/26/2020 2:39:29 PM Post Reply
Monday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski slammed President Donald Trump for continuing to hold “superspreader events” as he campaigns for reelection.Brzezinski claimed the virus is “spreading more rapidly” because of Trump. She added that Trump is leaving “a trail of germs that’s spreading across the country.”“As you are going out to vote, especially if you are a senior, just read in any newspaper. I just grabbed this from ‘USA Today’ on Friday: the president has participated in nearly three dozen rallies since mid-August, all but two at airport hangars. A USA Today analysis shows COVID-19 cases grew at a faster rate than before
New York Post, Washington Examiner
Endorse Trump For Reelection
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The New York Post and the Washington Examiner endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection in separate Monday op-eds.The Post praised Trump’s purported economic success before the coronavirus reached U.S. shores in late January and advocated against “cancel culture and censorship” in a front-page cover story.“We can return to the explosive job creation, rising wages and general prosperity we had before the pandemic,” the Post piece said. “We can have economic freedom and opportunity, and resist cancel culture and censorship. We can put annus horribilis, 2020, behind us and make America great again, again. We can do all this — if we make the right choice on Nov. 3.”
GOP Senate Candidate From Minnesota
Hospitalized, Sent To Emergency Surgery,
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U.S. Senate Candidate Jason Lewis, a former Republican congressman running against incumbent Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN), was hospitalized early Monday morning and has been sent into emergency surgery, according to his campaign manager. Campaign Manager Tom Syzmanski said in a statement Lewis experienced “severe abdominal pain” early in the morning and was subsequently “rushed” to the hospital. Lewis has been diagnosed with a “severe internal hernia,” he said. “Following tests and examinations, doctors determined that he is suffering from a severe internal hernia, a diagnosis which they indicated is life threatening if not treated quickly.
NASA says there’s more water than
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There appears to be more water than previously thought on the moon — and the discovery could greatly help fuel deep-space exploration, NASA said Monday.The water — which would be used for everything from drinking to the extraction of oxygen for astronauts to breath — is possibly trapped in “glass beads’’ about the size of a pencil tip in the moon’s soil, scientists said at a press conference.“This discovery that water might be distributed across the lunar surface and not limited’’ to ice at the moon’s sunless poles, as the space agency had thought, raises the possibility that it could be “accessible as a human resource,’’
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Twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called most Republicans “cowards” and “spineless enablers” for supporting President Donald Trump, who defeated Clinton during the 2016 presidential election with zero political experience. According to a report by Axios, Clinton told New York Times Opinion podcast host Kara Swisher on Sunday that “most Republicans are going to want to close the page” and “want to see [Trump] gone as much as we do, but they can’t say it publicly.”Most Republicans, Clinton claimed, “have been cowards, spineless enablers” of the president. The former secretary of state also said it makes her “literally sick” to her stomach
Susan Collins says she is voting against Coney
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Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, took a veiled shot at her party’s leadership in the Senate on Sunday when she announced that she would be voting against the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. “Prior to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, I stated that, should a vacancy on the Supreme Court arise, the Senate should follow the precedent set four years ago and not vote on a nominee prior to the presidential election.,” Collins said in a statement. She added: “Because this vote is occurring prior to the election, I will vote against the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.” Collins noted in her statement
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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that most Republicans want to see President Trump voted out of office but can’t say it publicly, Axios reported on Sunday. Clinton told the New York Times Opinion podcast “Sway” that most Republicans “have been cowards, spineless enablers” of the president throughout his administration. "Most Republicans are going to want to close the page," Clinton said on an episode of the podcast set to be released Monday. "They want to see him gone as much as we do, but they can't say it publicly."
Forget the Hunter Biden sex tapes.
The real news is much bigger than that.
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Posted by Magnante 10/25/2020 5:02:30 AM Post Reply
GTV, a Chinese dissident billionaire’s Taiwan-based media outlet, is releasing sordid, depressing videos and photographs of a person purported to be Hunter Biden engaging in sex and seemingly smoking crack. That’s not the big news. The big news is that the same outlet claims that (a) Communist China owns Joe Biden; (b) Joe Biden sold out CIA assets in China who were then executed or imprisoned; and (c) GTV has millions of images showing other presumably influential people in comprising positions. If all this is true, we may see a complete realignment in Western politics. The Hunter Biden videos and images are at GTV’s video site.
CBS shares their side of the Trump dust-up:
60 Minutes airs full footage of Trump storming
out while Lesley Stahl says 'I have a lot of
questions' - before Kayleigh McEnany hands her
a 'healthcare' binder full of executive orders
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Posted by Imright 10/26/2020 12:20:36 AM Post Reply
American viewers on Sunday night saw for themselves the moment Donald Trump walked out of a 60 Minutes interview, ending the interview early irritated by the questions.Trump's refusal to sit through Lesley Stahl's questioning on Tuesday sparked uproar on social media, and the president, furious at being called weak, released the entire clip on his Facebook page on Thursday.'Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS,' he said, with a link to the 38 minute segment.Stahl, in her introduction to Sunday's show, explained: 'We had prepared to talk about the many issues and questions facing the president, but in what has become an all-too-public
Are Recent Reports of COVID
Surges an Attempt to Suppress
In-Person Voting?
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Posted by Magnante 10/26/2020 4:38:08 AM Post Reply
Back in March, the COVID mantra was, “15 days to slow the spread”, meaning flattening the curve. (snip) What if the latest surge is just another political move, an attempt to influence election, now a week away? What exactly is this current surge? Is it a surge in positive tests, cases, hospitalizations, or deaths? A positive test alone is not a case, according to the CDC. The “case definition” of COVID is a positive test and symptoms. People who might have had a mild case a month ago may still have dead viral particles in their noses, triggering positive tests.
Chelsea Handler says she scolded 50 Cent
over Trump support: 'I had to remind him
that he was a black person'
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Posted by ladydawgfan 10/25/2020 1:11:29 AM Post Reply
Chelsea Handler responded to ex-boyfriend rapper 50 Cent’s perceived endorsement of President Trump by scolding him and “reminding him that he was black.” “I had to remind him that he was a black person, so he can’t vote for Donald Trump,” the comedian and television personality told Jimmy Fallon on Friday night in response to 50 Cent’s viral social media post knocking Joe Biden’s tax plan. “If he denounces Trump, I might be willing to go for another spin, if you know what I’m talking about.” [Tweet] “Hey f---er!” Handler tweeted to 50 Cent, legally known as Curtis Jackson.
'Buyer's Remorse' in play after 'can you change your vote'
surges in search terms
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Posted by Father of Internet 10/25/2020 12:30:51 AM Post Reply
A wave of voters searched 'can you change your vote' following the final presidential debate marking the most times it's been searched this election campaign, according to Sky News contributor Lauren Southern. The election campaign is hitting its final stretch with less than ten days in the battle for the presidency. Democratic candidate Joe Biden still has a significant lead in all national polls and in many key state-wide polls, but the President's campaign has kicked into gear since recovering from Covid-19. President Trump was considered to have performed much better than in the first debate, showing more restraint than in his previous encounter with Mr. Biden.
Brzezinski: Trump Holding ‘Superspreader
Events’ — ‘He’s Got a Trail of Germs That
He’s Spreading Across the Country’
33 replies
Posted by Imright 10/26/2020 2:39:29 PM Post Reply
Monday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski slammed President Donald Trump for continuing to hold “superspreader events” as he campaigns for reelection.Brzezinski claimed the virus is “spreading more rapidly” because of Trump. She added that Trump is leaving “a trail of germs that’s spreading across the country.”“As you are going out to vote, especially if you are a senior, just read in any newspaper. I just grabbed this from ‘USA Today’ on Friday: the president has participated in nearly three dozen rallies since mid-August, all but two at airport hangars. A USA Today analysis shows COVID-19 cases grew at a faster rate than before
Biden leads slightly in
Texas, poll indicates
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Posted by Dreadnought 10/25/2020 8:25:32 PM Post Reply
Democratic nominee Joe Biden holds a slight lead in Texas over President Donald Trump among likely voters in Texas, according to a poll released Sunday by the Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler. The poll showed Biden with the support of 48 percent of likely voters, compared with 45 percent for Trump. The results represent a shift from the same poll in September, when Trump led by 2 percentage points. One difference from September is that Biden has expanded his lead among Hispanic voters from 30 percentage points to 48.
Social Media Erupts Over Woman Who
Focuses On Getting Her Dad To
Vote For Biden While He Is Dying
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Posted by royzzer 10/26/2020 10:51:12 AM Post Reply

Social media erupted on Sunday over a TikTok video that was posted to Twitter showing a woman holding up note cards that explained how she got her terminally ill father, a supporter of President Donald Trump, to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. “My 55-year-old conservative dad has never voted Democrat in his LIFE,” the note cards said. “He’s dying of Aplastic Anemia. We’ve had some intense exchanges about him voting for Trump this year, which has been painful, since we’ll almost certainly lose him in the next few weeks/months.”  Corrections*

It’s a Lid! Trump Campaign Staff
Says Joe Biden Will Not Do Any
More In-Person Campaigning Until Election
29 replies
Posted by ConservativeYogini 10/26/2020 1:36:16 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden will not be doing any more in person campaigning through the election, according to a member of Trump’s campaign staff. The news comes one day after emails, pornographic and drug-filled photos and videos of his son Hunter Biden were published online. JT Lewis of Team Trump tweeted on Sunday that “Joe Biden says he won’t do any more in person campaigning for the remaining 9 days.” [snip for tweet] Biden’s campaign called a lid early on Sunday, before news broke that he would not be making any more appearances at all. There are no public appearances listed on his schedule.
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