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Stay Angry, Not Dispirited

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Posted By: cThree, 7/12/2020 7:27:07 AM

Like baboons showing their rears to zoogoers, the election of President Trump caused the rotting institutions of America to reveal their least attractive features. The press has engaged in nonstop lying without remorse. The premier educational institutions have revealed their Marxist colors and disdain for the sifting and winnowing of ideas that once were their reason to be. The FBI, Department of Justice, and the courts have tipped their partisanship, and to their dishonor, the ethical grounding that once made them worthy of respect.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Patchy Groundfog 7/12/2020 8:28:56 AM (No. 475438)
If you tell me 'Pieces' refers to excerpts from sources elsewhere, I'll believe you. If you tell me 'Pieces' refers to piece as in article or column, then it must be pointed out that 10,011 of the 14,887 characters in this, er, piece are from other sites. Fully 67% or 2/3. In college we called it boilerplate. A cynical shortcut to reaching a prescribed length for a term paper. Like a pair of our favorite radio hosts, initials RL and ML, some authors seem to be under the impression that the rest of us lack internet service, that we don't read voraciously and are already familiar with the items quoted at length, and that they should reprint or recite verbatim that which most of us have already seen.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: wordguy50 7/12/2020 8:56:24 AM (No. 475473)
Thanks for the comment, #1. May I point out that by my math, of all the items posted on Lucianne, roughly, um, 100 per cent or so have already appeared elsewhere. Yet still we come here. Selecting the best of what you call boilerplate, then compiling it coherently and adding her marvelous commentary makes Clarice's Pieces well worth the space devoted to them.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Paperpuncher 7/12/2020 8:56:53 AM (No. 475476)
Really? Did you actually count all the characters in this article? How long did that take? What did your comment have to do with the context? Think we have a troll here.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: udanja99 7/12/2020 9:00:53 AM (No. 475484)
#1 has been around here for a long time and is not a troll. However, may I suggest that, if Clarice’s columns bother you, skip them. Most of us love them.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 7/12/2020 9:02:32 AM (No. 475487)
Oh we are angry! REAL angry! A bit dispirited too as we watch our beautiful country of freedom and prosperity turned into a soy fueled hell on earth... But we are angry and we vote! Good luck Joe...and are going to need it!!!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: poliposter 7/12/2020 9:19:56 AM (No. 475510)
Everyone does not have the time to read voraciously. I skim headlines, or even read the comments here before deciding whether or not to read an article. Nothing annoys me more than a comment which has nothing to do with the content of the article. I appreciated Clarice Feldman's recap of several opinions that seemingly have little to do with one another but support her main point which is do not be discouraged with all that is going on but do not be complacent. I normally don't read Conrad Black, so I enjoyed the description of Biden as a "waxwork dummy."
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Reply 7 - Posted by: red1066 7/12/2020 9:57:37 AM (No. 475583)
If the shocked look on the media's faces when Trump won in 2016 were priceless, imagine the looks on the faces of those in the media when Trump wins again this year. Full scale on air hissy fits will be the norm. After the virus and riots BS of this year, watching the media talking heads try to remain calm and report another Trump win will be worth it.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Strike3 7/12/2020 10:09:14 AM (No. 475598)
Regardless of the source, these are words of wisdom and encouragement. While some may have become "dispirited" I am taking a perverse pleasure in watching the Leftist rebellion blow up in their faces. Like the CHOP/CHAZ idiocy, things are falling apart all over the place. They boast of defunding the police while having it demonstrated to them every day how much the absence of police creates a gap for rising violence, murder and general lawlessness. No matter how much Leftists deny it, they are finding that a disproportionate number of blacks just can't get along with each other and, well, anybody. If we all gave them our homes, our cars the choice jobs in the country or outright gifts of cash, society would quickly devolve into what we see in our democrat inner city neighborhoods today, crime and chaos. Until they stop the violence and accept the fact that serious education is the only way to progress there will be no peace for anybody. Way out here in flyover country, we country bumpkins have not been exposed to much of the rioting but there is not a single home out here that is not armed to the teeth and prepared to repel all boarders who have bad intentions. If they find a need to bring a warrant to my home to confiscate my guns it will be because they have been used vigorously to defend my family. None of this show-and-tell at the front door stuff.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: MickTurn 7/12/2020 10:13:34 AM (No. 475607)
I've had a COLD ANGER since coming back from VietNam and finding the COMMUNISTS had taken over the Universities!
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Reply 10 - Posted by: columba 7/12/2020 10:13:47 AM (No. 475608)
It is most important to realizes again that God is in control and will survive any goofy plot that the enemy invents. His followers know this and are not angry or dispirited.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: HotRod 7/12/2020 10:30:39 AM (No. 475639)
The mantra about white superiority is a dog whistle to the left. I do know one thing though; I AM superior to the BLM thugs, and so are all good people of color! Anyone who thinks America is bad, and other governments are better for their lives, is mentally and morally deficient!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: pensom2 7/12/2020 10:56:31 AM (No. 475668)
Clarice Feldman's articles are my first read on Sunday mornings, as are Kimberley Strassel's columns in the Wall St. Journal every Friday morning. That Clarice quotes two or three of the most insightful columns of the week is no sensible criticism of her. In this case, I had missed both the Conrad Black and the Julie Kelly columns. Both are outstanding. The quoted material from Julie Kelly includes a link to her column from Friday, July 3, "Sheep in Elephant Costumes." I recommend anyone who may have missed it click on the link in Clarice's article. Both it and Conrad Black's article deserve be be read in their totality. Some of us remain employed and have neither the time nor the inclination to pore over every opinion appearing each week in a multiplicity of online sources. I for one appreciate those who aggregate the best insights into one article or site. Indeed, that is the purpose of Lucianne's site.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: The Remnants 7/12/2020 11:39:25 AM (No. 475716)
Of all the institutions that disappointed me this past year, the world of medicine really wins the prize. i will never trust them again, and that includes my primary. I believe the motivation for everything we''re told about this pandemic is what's in it for them. When anyone outside the club voices a different opinion, they're quickly muzzled. This kind of stuff probably always went on, but now it's in our face.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 7/12/2020 1:10:52 PM (No. 475827)
The dems are not running a presidential campaign, the media is, with a cardboard cutout of Uncle Joe as the nominal candidate. Effectively, the media has BECOME a political party with the dems under their wing. In taking on this role, the media has abdicated their responsibilities to the American People for factually and openly reporting the news. This has actually been true for a long time but the media pretended that they were unbiased. Now, all bets are off. Getting Trump is the ONLY priority. They have said it themselves. They can ignore news, lie about it, and make stuff up. It's all good according to them. Of course their credibility is stretching toward zero as well. They ARE enemies of the People. They ARE, along with their incorporated dems, " a significant threat to you, your family, and your country.".
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Even before anyone ever heard of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Democrats were facing a marketing challenge unknown in the era of moving images: selling a candidate that no one -- with the possible exception of Jill “Edith Wilson” Biden -- could possibly be enthused about. By any standard, especially by progressive Democratic standards, Joe Biden is a flaming mess. No Democrat of any age will have ever pulled the lever for a less attractive candidate. (Snip) Democratic leaders and their increasingly Pravda-like media allies know what a mess Biden is. In 2019, before he emerged as the candidate, they openly shared their misgivings.
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Even before anyone ever heard of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Democrats were facing a marketing challenge unknown in the era of moving images: selling a candidate that no one -- with the possible exception of Jill “Edith Wilson” Biden -- could possibly be enthused about. By any standard, especially by progressive Democratic standards, Joe Biden is a flaming mess. No Democrat of any age will have ever pulled the lever for a less attractive candidate. (Snip) Democratic leaders and their increasingly Pravda-like media allies know what a mess Biden is. In 2019, before he emerged as the candidate, they openly shared their misgivings.
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In early August, the first kids in America went back to school during the pandemic. Many of these openings happened in areas where cases were high or growing: in Georgia, Indiana, Florida. Parents, teachers, and scientists feared what might happen next. (Snip) We are starting to get an evidence-based picture of how school reopenings and remote learning are going (those photos of hallways don’t count), and the evidence is pointing in one direction. Schools do not, in fact, appear to be major spreaders of COVID-19.
U.N.'s World Food Programme
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The United Nations' World Food Programme on Friday won the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts to combat hunger and food insecurity around the globe. The announcement was made in Oslo by Berit Reiss-Andersen, the chair of the Nobel Committee. The committee said the coronavirus pandemic has added to the hunger faced by millions of people around the world and called on governments to ensure that WFP and other aid organizations receive the financial support necessary to feed them.
Trump nominated for Nobel Peace
Prize by Norwegian official,
citing Israel-UAE peace deal
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Just weeks after helping to broker peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), President Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination submitted by Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the Norwegian Parliament, lauded Trump for his efforts toward resolving protracted conflicts worldwide. “For his merit, I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other Peace Prize nominees,” Tybring-Gjedde, a four-term member of Parliament who also serves as chairman of the Norwegian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, told Fox News in an exclusive interview.
New York Times’ sleazy
narrative on Trump
is nothing but a joke
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A former colleague at The New York Times once explained why he kept reading the paper even though he no longer trusted it: “I want to see what they’re up to.” What they’re up to now is staggering. (Snip) We are long removed from any possible claim that Baquet’s Times is fair and impartial. He has single-handedly abolished more than a century of standards in pursuit of his white whale: defeating Donald Trump.
Joe Biden's Three Risky Choices 7 replies
Posted by cThree 9/1/2020 8:08:00 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden’s quick trip to Pittsburgh and his speech there Monday condemning urban violence show Democrats now recognize they made a major mistake in ignoring the problem at their convention. They’ve read the polls and finally realize voters care about the arson, shootings, and looting -- and their own safety. That’s a problem for the Biden campaign, which had almost nothing to say about the violence all summer. Now, they are doing “cleanup on Aisle 6” and there’s a lot of broken glass around.
You Knew This Was Coming…
Nancy Pelosi: “I Don’t Think That
There Should Be Any Debates…
I Wouldn’t Legitimize a
Conversation with Him”
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Posted by cThree 8/27/2020 12:50:18 PM Post Reply
Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters on Thursday morning, “I don’t think there should be any debates.” Then she added, “I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him.” Anyone paying attention knew this was coming. There is no way in hell senile Joe Biden can stand in a debate with President Donald Trump. (Snip) Democrats are TERRIFIED of President Trump.
Stay Angry, Not Dispirited 14 replies
Posted by cThree 7/12/2020 7:27:07 AM Post Reply
Like baboons showing their rears to zoogoers, the election of President Trump caused the rotting institutions of America to reveal their least attractive features. The press has engaged in nonstop lying without remorse. The premier educational institutions have revealed their Marxist colors and disdain for the sifting and winnowing of ideas that once were their reason to be. The FBI, Department of Justice, and the courts have tipped their partisanship, and to their dishonor, the ethical grounding that once made them worthy of respect.
Just Like That,
Gun Control Support and
COVID-19 Died This Week
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Posted by cThree 6/7/2020 4:46:42 AM Post Reply
After watching hundreds (including Michigan Governor Whitmer and other political figures who placed the rest of us in lockdowns) marching, screaming shouting -- without social distancing and often without masks -- it’s going to be hard to persuade us that even normal social contact will infect us and those around us with COVID-19. After watching the police hamstrung by these same politicians as their cities were looted and burned and they and civilians were severely injured and killed, gun sales are soaring.
Leftists are in firm control
at The New York Times
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Posted by cThree 6/7/2020 4:33:28 AM Post Reply
In a lecture at Hillsdale College last year about the erosion of standards at The New York Times, I borrowed a memorable exchange from Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The Sun Also Rises.” “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asks. “Two ways,” Mike responds. “Gradually and then suddenly.” For the Times, “suddenly” has arrived. Its standards are now bankrupt. (Snip) From now on, nothing published in the Times will challenge their bias.
Nurses give inside look
at ‘nightmare’ NYC-run
adult-care center
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Posted by cThree 5/18/2020 7:30:09 AM Post Reply
Out-of-state nurses brought to Manhattan to fight the coronavirus say they found hellish conditions at the city-run adult-care center on Roosevelt Island — from patients with horrific bed sores to feces-smeared walls. “It was just heartbreaking,” said one of the RNs, a mom of four from Wisconsin who spent about 17 days at the Coler Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center. “Patients were in deplorable conditions — very, very dirty, bed sores, terrible odors,’’ the FEMA-contracted nurse, 38, told The Post.
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"I'll see you on the next plane":
Bruce Springsteen says he'll "move to
Australia" if Donald Trump is re-elected
-- after accusing the president of "dividing" America
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He may have been born in the USA, but Bruce Springsteen has joked that he'll move to Australia if Donald Trump is re-elected. The 20-time Grammy winner made the lighthearted comment on Wednesday during a virtual press conference promoting his new album, Letter to You. Springsteen, a longtime critic of the president, was asked by an Australian reporter if he would consider moving Down Under in the event of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden losing the election on November 3. Correction*

Members of Biden Clan Expected to Give
Half of Their Earnings to ‘Pop,’ Hunter
Biden Text Reveals
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Posted by earlybird 10/15/2020 11:56:18 AM Post Reply
Members of the Biden family allegedly had a specific system for distributing the money they earned through influence peddling, President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani revealed on Wednesday. According to a smoking gun text on Hunter Biden’s hard drive, members of “the Biden crime family” were expected to give half of their profits to “pop”—aka Joe Biden. Several members of the Biden’s clan, including his brother James Biden, his sister-in-law Sara, and his son Hunter, landed lucrative positions or contracts with foreign countries while Joe Biden was a U.S. senator as well as when he served as vice president.
Hillary: Say, doesn’t Barrett’s originalism mean she
should disqualify herself from the bench as a woman?
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Posted by MissMolly 10/15/2020 4:38:40 AM Post Reply
We live in an age of nearly limitless access to information, where nearly anyone can find the accurate definition for esoteric systems of thought. And yet, for the last few days, a succession of reporters, actors, and even lawyers have used social media to spew ignorance about “originalism” in the context of jurisprudence. Almost as one, they have rushed to Twitter to hyperventilate about handmaidens and slavery, all of it nonsense. Even presidential-election contenders who really should know better have gotten into the act.
Republican senator Ben Sasse predicts
Donald Trump will 'LOSE and take down the
Senate' and says he 'kisses dictators'
butts, sells out our allies, mocks
evangelicals,' and mistreats women
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Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse rips President Donald Trump for his handling of the coronavirus and says his party's president 'kisses dictators' butts' in a newly revealed audio recording. Sasse tears into the president in recorded comments from an apparent conference call with his constituents, the Washington Examiner reported–accusing him of having 'ignored' the coronavirus as it spread through the nation. He also accuses Trump of having 'treated the presidency like a business opportunity.' He also predicts that Trump will lose the election.(Snip) Some of his most searing comments come on the coronavirus–where polls show Trump is struggling against rival Joe Biden,
Why don’t we all recognize this horror? 30 replies
Posted by Magnante 10/15/2020 4:24:57 AM Post Reply
Recently, my pastor noted during his homily that it was Respect Life week. He mentioned that President Trump had signed an executive order to protect babies born alive. The order reads: "Every infant born alive, no matter the circumstances of his or her birth, has the same dignity and the same rights as every other individual and is entitled to the same protections under federal law.” I wasn’t sure why he issued this order because President George Bush had signed into law H.R.2175 - Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002. (snip) it’s obvious that the protection act was not being fully enforced.
Harris suspends travel after
staffer tests COVID-19 positive
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Posted by Dreadnought 10/15/2020 10:09:57 AM Post Reply
WILMINGTON, Del. -- Joe Biden's presidential campaign said Thursday that vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris will suspend in-person events until Monday after two people associated with the campaign tested positive for coronavirus. The campaign said Biden had no exposure, though he and Harris spent several hours campaigning together in Arizona on Oct. 8. Harris was scheduled to travel Thursday to North Carolina for events encouraging voters to cast early ballots. The campaign told reporters Thursday morning that Harris' communications director and a traveling staff member for her travel to Arizona tested positive after that Oct. 8 trip. Harris and Biden spent several hours together that day
Chris Cuomo: Amy Coney Barrett
not 'just an ordinary Catholic'
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Posted by NorthernDog 10/15/2020 9:14:25 AM Post Reply
CNN host Chris Cuomo declared Tuesday that Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett is no “ordinary Catholic” and that she has a “fundamentalist” approach to her faith that many Christians don’t share. “She does have an affiliation in a religious organization, which I think makes her different than most Catholics,” the prime-time host said while interviewing Sen. Mazie Hirono following the second day of Judge Barrett’s confirmation hearings. “I think that her faith is by design more central to her value system and her behavior and thoughts than it would be for just an ordinary Catholic who doesn’t belong
Savannah Guthrie Blasted For Hostile
Behavior Toward Trump During Town Hall
28 replies
Posted by Imright 10/15/2020 9:45:48 PM Post Reply
Leftist Savannah Guthrie was slammed online on Thursday night for her hostile and biased behavior toward President Donald Trump during an NBC News town hall event that was held in place of the second presidential debate, which was canceled last week.Guthrie, whose husband was former Vice President Al Gore’s traveling chief of staff during the 2000 presidential election cycle, was repeatedly combative with the president while Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden fielded mostly softball questions during a competing town hall event on ABC News. Media reporter Joe Concha highlighted one such instance of Guthrie’s aggressiveness toward the president,
Rupert Murdoch Predicts a
Landslide Win for Biden
28 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 10/15/2020 2:06:38 PM Post Reply
President Trump’s influential supporter Rupert Murdoch is telling close associates he believes Joe Biden will win the election in a landslide. The Australian-born billionaire is disgusted by Trump’s handling of COVID-19, remarking that the president is his own worst enemy, that he is not listening to advice about how best to handle the pandemic, and that he’s creating a never-ending crisis for his administration, according to three people who have spoken with Murdoch. In response to an email inquiry for this report asking him if he believes Biden will win in a landslide and his thoughts on Trump’s handling of coronavirus, Murdoch responded, “No comment except I’ve never called Trump an idiot,”
Twitter Locks Trump Campaign Account Less
than 3 Weeks Before Presidential Election
27 replies
Posted by Imright 10/15/2020 10:45:25 AM Post Reply
Twitter locked the account of @TeamTrump, an official Trump campaign account, citing the same policy it used to ban links to the New York Post’s bombshell story on hitherto unrevealed links between Joe Biden and the Ukrainian gas giant Burisma. Mike Hahn, a social media manager for Team Trump, revealed the censorship in a tweet earlier today.“Twitter has suspended ⁦ TeamTrump for posting a video calling Joe Biden a liar who has been ripping off our country for years, as it relates to the ⁦@nypost ⁩article” said Hahn. He added the suspension comes “19 days out from the election.”
National Grid is forced to search for
emergency power sources due to lack of
wind–a week after Boris Johnson said
wind farms could power every home
in the UK within a decade
25 replies
Posted by Ribicon 10/15/2020 6:48:13 PM Post Reply
National Grid is being forced to search for emergency power sources due to a recent lack of wind—just a week after Boris Johnson said wind farms would power every home in the UK within a decade. The utility company, which is responsible for ensuring supply and demand are balanced in Britain's energy systems, said electricity supply margins were likely to be tight in the country over the next few days.(Snip) The UK already boasts the world's biggest offshore wind market, but Mr Johnson has outlined plans to expand that even further, wanting to create 60,000 jobs and build thousands of coastal turbines.
Cornell English department votes
to change name to distinguish
from 'English as a nationality'
25 replies
Posted by Ribicon 10/15/2020 1:53:11 PM Post Reply
The English department at Cornell University has voted to change its name in an effort to distinguish English the language from English the nationality. The department at the Ivy League university in New York voted to change its name to “the department of literatures in English” during its first faculty meeting of the fall semester earlier this month, the student-led Cornell Daily Sun reported Wednesday. The change would help to eliminate the “conflation of English as a language and English as a nationality,” English professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies Kate McCullough told the newspaper.
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