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BLM proves the Broken Windows Theory

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Posted By: earlybird, 6/26/2020 11:03:42 AM

Taking over a crime-ridden New York City in 1993, Mayor Rudy Giuliani applied the Broken Windows Theory approach to crime in which small crimes are enforced as a means to create an atmosphere of law and order. Liberals have for 20 years denied his success reducing crime as mayor had anything to do with him, much less this theory. But under Obama, liberals began proving Giuliani was most correct. Today, as the Black Liberation Movement (aka Black Lives Matter) takes over cities, Democrat-run cities are turning into shooting galleries. (Snip)In Atlanta, traffic stops are down 80%. No big deal? Total arrests are down 71%. The cops have walked off the job while

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Reply 1 - Posted by: HotRod 6/26/2020 11:29:25 AM (No. 457882)
BLM, Antifa, and other left-wing Marxist radicals are making Republicans out of many former democrats. The current DNC thinks that all democrats are radicals, who want to burn down and loot cities. It has allowed the radicals to steal the party.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: stablemoney 6/26/2020 12:00:25 PM (No. 457955)
The cops are sworn to uphold the law. Why do they obey orders to not uphold the law from corrupt officials? The police should refuse such orders, and let the officials try and opposing it. The politicians won't hold up to such a confrontation. Man up!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: GreatGreyhounds 6/26/2020 12:02:38 PM (No. 457959)
Had plans for downtown Atlanta this weekend, cancelled them and instead we’ll spend the weekend with some friends on the lake...
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Reply 4 - Posted by: mathman 6/26/2020 12:38:30 PM (No. 458019)
Who will the Marxist cities tax? Business will not be done there. No trade, no imports, no exports, no money. Large corporations are getting out of Dodge. Their employees will not be safe in these h***holes. Actions have consequences. And this consequence will be especially severe.
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AG Barr Does Hand-To-Hand Combat
with NPR
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Posted by earlybird 6/27/2020 9:03:00 PM Post Reply
Last weekend Attorney General William Barr sat down for a “friendly” interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News. He covered a lot of subjects in that interview, but didn’t break new ground in any serious way. (Snip) Two days ago he sat down with NPR Morning Edition’s Steven Inskeep for a more “skeptical” session(Snip) Two observations before I get into the substance: 1) the interview shows Barr is willing to sit down and answer questions not just from a presumably “friendly” journalist, but he’s also willing to sit down and answer questions from journalist who is going to “bait” him with questions full of false premises; and 2)(Snip) you can see
Lady Colin Campbell calls Prince Harry
‘pathetic’ in new tell-all
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Posted by earlybird 6/27/2020 5:02:07 PM Post Reply
Jolly old England’s had unjolly Prince Andrew’s “Who’s Jeffrey Epstein?”, brothers William and Harry as cuddly as Harvey and Bob Weinstein, Her Majesty slowly ceding to son Charles, CV attacking all but Big Ben, plus there’s always Boris Johnson’s hairdo — comes now hell hath no fury like an actress unemployed. Out in London today, Lady Colin Campbell’s book “Meghan and Harry: The Real Story.” Note who gets top billing. It calls her “an operator.” It also calls her lots more. It calls him “pathetic.”
Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov
Says Black Lives Matter’s Marxist Roots,
‘Doesn’t Concern Me’
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Posted by earlybird 6/27/2020 11:24:51 AM Post Reply
In a discussion on a potential federal police reform bill in the Senate on Thursday, FOX News contributor Lisa Boothe, fired at fellow contributor, Jessica Tarlov, for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, despite it’s Marxist ideology. Tarlov argued, “[Black Lives Matter is] advocating for a platform that is based on the importance of treating black people in this country equally… All lives matter cannot occur until black lives matter equally.” Boothe interjected saying, “But do the Marxist tactics not concern you?” to which Jessica said, “No, it doesn’t concern me that there are roots in Marxism.”
Think twice about why the media attacks
William Barr
8 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/27/2020 10:56:18 AM Post Reply
Two years ago, I criticized President Trump for his endless attacks on then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Now, Attorney General William Barr is being similarly attacked by Trump critics, and some media coverage shows the same kind of blind rage without reason.(Snip)the basis for this criticism has never been weaker. Three particular news stories seemed to break entirely free from any factual or legal moorings, and no one seemed to care. (Snip) for Barr to be thoroughly immoral, the Flynn case must be portrayed as virtually immaculate. Thus, the coverage has steadfastly ignored disclosures over how the FBI pushed unrelentingly for any criminal charge against Flynn, allegedly withheld exculpatory evidence, and
The Left Wants to Distract Us from
a Choice in 2020
5 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/27/2020 10:16:05 AM Post Reply
In Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Square during the Left’s latest attempt to create “Year Zero” by erasing American history, the less-than-peaceful protestors endeavored to create a “Black House Autonomous Zone” (BHAZ). (Snip)Should these lawless desecrators demur, the president later tweeted that he has authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison,(Snip) Clearly, the president’s message comes not only in response to the vandals, but also in response to the president’s populist critics who have chided him for appearing weak in the face of the lawlessness.
Black Community Elders Shutdown And
Shame Anti-Statue Protest
11 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/27/2020 10:03:30 AM Post Reply
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Blazing sun and high humidity met hundreds of protesters, counter-protesters, neighborhood residents, police officers, and reporters Friday evening at Capitol Hill’s Lincoln Park. The protest, planned Tuesday, hoped to tear the monument of Abraham Lincoln with one hand on the Emancipation Proclamation freeing a slave, modeled by freedman Archer Alexander. It was paid for by local black residents and black Union veterans and dedicated by Frederick Douglass. (Snip)While Black Lives Matters activists tried to chant them down, reenactors dressed as freed slaves of Capitol Hill and Frederick Douglass gave an abridged version of the dedication speech.
Black Lives Matter Restarts “Polar Bear
Hunting” Program – Michigan Authorities
Charge 18-Year-Old Black Male Damire
Palmer for Unprovoked Violent Attack
Against White Macy’s Employee…
20 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/27/2020 9:51:26 AM Post Reply
Similar to the well-known “knock out” game, violent black males began attacking random white people as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. The objective is to violently beat any random white person while a friend or ally films the brutality. It is also known as “polar bear hunting’. CTH identified 28 victims in 2014 alone. [Typical Example] This is part of the BLM Marxist program of retaliation. Sometimes rape, gang sexual assault, or severe brutalization are part of the effort. This activity has laid dormant for a few years but surfaces again with the rise of the Black Lives Matter community. If the random white person does
Report: DOJ Preparing Anti-Trust Lawsuit
Against Google – Aligns With AG
Barr Statement Yesterday…
5 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/27/2020 9:46:27 AM Post Reply
CTH has discussed the likelihood of DOJ action against Google previously. Yesterday AG Barr also mentioned in an interview with Senator Ted Cruz that he was likely to have the final DOJ investigation on his desk for a decision within the next few months. Today Politico is reporting on some of the background DOJ activity which aligns with Bill Barr’s statements and our own research assembly.(Snip)[…] The suit is expected to involve allegations that the search giant has monopolized the advertising technology market. It is also expected to include allegations that Google has taken steps to extend its monopoly over search, such as through contracts with Apple and cellphone makers
‘That Is Scary’: Jim Jordan Absolutely
Goes off After Jerry Nadler Gaslights
Antifa as ‘an Imaginary Thing’
19 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/26/2020 3:32:51 PM Post Reply
The mainstream media and Democrats simply can’t seem to make up their minds when it comes to the radical left-wing anarchistic group Antifa. They’re either 1) modern-day versions of the WWII Normandy beach heroes and saving America from alt-right racists, 2) a fringe group joining up with white supremacist agitators to disrupt peaceful protests in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, or 3) they … simply don’t exist. That they are a mythical creation was posited by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) during a Thursday debate on the Democratic-led House’s police reform bill. Nadler(Snip) stated on the House floor that Republicans were “dealing with imaginary things like Antifa”:
On Today’s Episode of ‘Joe Being Joe,’
Biden Adds a Few Zeroes to America’s
Virus Death Toll
10 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/26/2020 3:26:04 PM Post Reply
To paraphrase Ronald Reagan’s “There you go again” admonition to Jimmy Carter during a 1980 presidential debate, there Joe went again, with yet another laugh-out-loud gaffe. Biden emerged from his basement on Thursday for a campaign trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, ostensibly to unveil his healthcare proposals, when he added a few zeroes to the Wuhan virus U.S. death count. “People don’t have a job, people don’t know where to go, they don’t know what to do,” the former vice president said in Lancaster on Thursday, Fox News reported. “Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.”
Judge Rao Got It Right Based On
Separation of Powers
4 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/26/2020 2:53:05 PM Post Reply
There has been some critical comments around the internet about the majority opinion by Judge Rao, in which it is said that she stopped Judge Sullivan from having a hearing on the DOJ motion to dismiss the case against General Flynn, and then asserted a lack of evidence of wrongdoing as a basis to direct Judge Sullivan to to dismiss the case — when the hearing she won’t allow is the vehicle for developing the very evidence she says he needs.(snip) some (Snip)are posing hypotheticals about how far advocates of a broad “separation of powers” argument would be willing to go to use it as a “shield” to insulate Executive
Former US attorney: Flynn case was
'manipulated' at highest levels of Obama
admin to go after Trump
8 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/26/2020 1:52:53 PM Post Reply
Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's rights were violated and he should consider a lawsuit against the Department of Justice and former Obama administration officials, former U.S. attorney Brett Tolman said Friday on "Fox & Friends." "That's why there is an action called a Bivens action. That is to go after a federal investigator that violates someone's constitutional rights. It's specific for that occasion and I hope is he looking at it strongly,” (Snip) Flynn’s lawyers said this week that newly uncovered notes from former FBI official Peter Strzok indicate then-FBI Director James Comey appeared to downplay Flynn’s calls during the presidential transition with Russia's ambassador as “legit” during a meeting where
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Ayanna Pressley: 'Black Lives Matter
is a mandate from the people. It's
time. Pay us what you owe us'
49 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 6/26/2020 4:53:07 PM Post Reply
Rep. Ayanna Pressley said on the House floor that the Black Lives Matter movement is a “mandate,” and the time has come for people to “pay us what you owe us.” “I rise today on behalf of every black family that has been robbed of a child,” the Massachusetts congresswoman and member of “the Squad,” said. “On behalf of every family member that has been forced to see their loved one lynched on national television. Driving while black. Jogging while black. Sleeping while black. We have been criminalized for the very way we show up in the world. Under the
BLM demonstrator loses testicle after being
shot with a rubber bullet, sues LAPD
44 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 6/27/2020 3:08:32 PM Post Reply
A South African activist with a history of opposing Apartheid was shot in the groin with a rubber bullet by Los Angeles police during a protest in late May, resulting in the loss of one of his testicles. Bradley Steyn, is now claiming he was purposely targeted and maimed by LAPD officers during a May 30 demonstration over the death of George Floyd earlier in the month at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, TMZ reported. Steyn claims that he was a witness to an incident involving police brutality but then was targeted by LAPD officers in the city’s Fairfax District who, he says, used batons to beat him in the chest
Joe Biden: I Will Force Americans
to Wear Masks in Public
40 replies
Posted by Imright 6/26/2020 10:17:31 AM Post Reply
Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he would compel Americans to wear masks in public if elected president.In an interview with Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA, Biden said that he would use federal power to “mandate” masks. Q: I know you have been critical of the president’s handling of the pandemic in the past. But let’s look ahead. If you became president tomorrow, what would you do differently regarding the pandemic and getting these surging cases now under control? Biden: I would go back to making sure that everybody had masks, that you had PPE [personal protective equipment] lined up, we’d have been making sure we stockpile
The CDC Lost Control Of The
Coronavirus Pandemic. Then
The Agency Disappeared.
35 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 6/26/2020 4:20:29 AM Post Reply
On January 17, the world’s most trusted public health agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, announced it was screening travelers from Wuhan, China, because of a new infectious respiratory illness striking that city. It was the CDC’s first public briefing on the outbreak, coming as China reported 45 cases of the illness and two deaths linked to a seafood and meat market in Wuhan. Chinese health officials had not yet confirmed that the new illness was transmitted from person to person. But there was reason to believe that it might be: four days earlier, officials in Thailand confirmed their first case,
Brooks Brothers Letter Supports BLM Plan
to Disrupt The Nuclear Family and ‘Dismantle
Cisgender Privilege’
32 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 6/26/2020 4:42:54 PM Post Reply
The CEO of Brooks Brothers sent out a letter to customers last week expressing support of the objectives of the Black Lives Matter movement, which include a plan to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family,” and “dismantle cisgender privilege.” Brooks Brothers, the oldest men’s clothier in the United States, is headquartered on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York City, and owned by the Italian billionaire Claudio Del Vecchio. In the letter, Del Vecchio stated that he wanted to make clear that Brooks Brothers opposes “hatred, racial bias, and inequality of any kind” during this “very painful moment for the United States.”
Carville says Trump more likely to drop out of
2020 race than be re-elected. We’ve heard
this narrative before.
29 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 6/27/2020 1:31:12 PM Post Reply
Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville is still riding Bill Clinton’s coattails, nearly 30 years after Slick Willy was first elected to the White House, and he thinks you’re more likely to see President Donald Trump withdraw from the race than win reelection. With a series of recent polling showing that presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden well ahead of Trump — just about every poll in America has Hillary Clinton beating the president — MSNBC host Brian Williams asked Carville for his thoughts on a new Fox News poll showing Biden leading in major battleground states.
‘Wake Up, Juan!’: Greg Gutfeld Rips Juan
Williams When He Tries To Blame Inner-
City Violence On Trump
28 replies
Posted by Imright 6/27/2020 4:53:15 AM Post Reply
Fox News host Greg Gutfeld tore into Juan Williams on Friday’s “The Five” after his co-host tried to blame President Donald Trump for inner-city violence.Gutfeld had just concluded a monologue slamming white antifa “laughable losers” and stating that he had more in common with “black winners than white losers.”“What ties us together is achievement and not grievance,” Gutfeld said. “So white winners and black winners are on the same side, and stay away from the white losers because they are poisoning the minds of everybody. That will end racism if all the winners of every race and color joined together
A Mysterious Rhythm Is
Coming From Another Galaxy
27 replies
Posted by StormCnter 6/27/2020 6:09:23 AM Post Reply
For about four days, the radio waves would arrive at random. Then, for the next 12, nothing. Then, another four days of haphazard pulses. Followed by another 12 days of silence. The pattern—the well-defined swings from frenzy to stillness and back again—persisted like clockwork for more than a year. Dongzi Li, a doctoral student at the University of Toronto, started tracking these signals in 2019. She works on a Canadian-led project, CHIME, that studies astrophysical phenomena called “fast radio bursts.” These invisible flashes, known as FRBs for short, reach Earth from all directions in space. They show up without warning and flash for a few milliseconds, matching the radiance of entire galaxies.
Winn-Dixie considering name change
due to Confederacy ties, report says
27 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/26/2020 10:11:22 AM Post Reply
Orlando, Fla.—First, the country music trio, The Dixie Chicks, dropped the 'Dixie' from their name. Could Winn-Dixie be next? According to TMZ, the southern supermarket chain is considering changing its name. The term Dixie reportedly refers to Southern U.S. states, especially those that belonged to the Confederacy. A Winn-Dixie spokesperson reportedly told TMZ: "At Southeastern Grocers, we are committed to cultivating an inclusive culture and community that promotes belonging, inclusion, and diversity. As such, we stand against racism and support the Black Lives Matter movement across our country." "While our Winn-Dixie banner has proudly served our communities for nearly 100 years,
Fox News Contributor Jessica Tarlov
Says Black Lives Matter’s Marxist Roots,
‘Doesn’t Concern Me’
26 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/27/2020 11:24:51 AM Post Reply
In a discussion on a potential federal police reform bill in the Senate on Thursday, FOX News contributor Lisa Boothe, fired at fellow contributor, Jessica Tarlov, for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, despite it’s Marxist ideology. Tarlov argued, “[Black Lives Matter is] advocating for a platform that is based on the importance of treating black people in this country equally… All lives matter cannot occur until black lives matter equally.” Boothe interjected saying, “But do the Marxist tactics not concern you?” to which Jessica said, “No, it doesn’t concern me that there are roots in Marxism.”
Monument destroyers back off after Trump
posts FBI wanted poster of vandals’ photos,
signs strong Executive Order
26 replies
Posted by Imright 6/27/2020 10:45:42 AM Post Reply
A day after Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned that President Donald Trump faces potential defeat in the upcoming 2020 presidential race unless he starts fighting back, the president donned his boxing gloves and began throwing some punches.The first punch came around 1:00 pm, when the president posted an FBI wanted poster that depicted the photos of 15 hooligans who’re wanted for vandalizing the statue of former President Andrew Jackson that lies in D.C.’s Lafayette Park.Look:(Tweet) The president captioned the FBI wanted poster by noting that the thugs, hooligans and other degenerates pictured all face up to 10 years in prison.Trump was just getting warmed up …
Appeals court rejects Trump's
border wall funding
26 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/26/2020 1:58:37 PM Post Reply
A federal appeals court ruled Friday that President Trump did not have the legal power to siphon money from the Pentagon to build his border wall, erecting another legal hurdle in the path of his most flamboyant campaign promise. The 2-1 ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals comes just two days after Mr. Trump visited the wall in Arizona, signing his name to a plaque marking 200 miles of construction during his term. In the new decision Judge Sidney R. Thomas, a Clinton appointee, said the wall is not a military project, so Mr. Trump couldn’t transfer $2.5 billion
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