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The Left’s Premature Revolution

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Posted By: Magnante, 6/16/2020 5:02:49 AM

There an evergreen adage in the world of business, politics and entertainment: “Timing is Everything.” (snip) The key to triggering this transformation was to be a spark in the form of another white police killing of an unarmed black man and the unleashing of the dogs of violence and intimidation throughout the country, culminating in the subsequent acquiescing by the ruling class to virtually all demands of the radical left in order to ensure peace. But the tragedy that befell George Floyd came too soon, as the timing and circumstances were not yet in place for this master plan to succeed.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: FleetUSA 6/16/2020 5:45:48 AM (No. 445952)
"red states victimized"? Or is it Blue states? I would hate to live in a deep blue state.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: OBX Pete 6/16/2020 6:08:35 AM (No. 445961)
I don't know anything about their timing but I do know something about their goal...….and it is working !!!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Judy W. 6/16/2020 6:32:00 AM (No. 445970)
I think he said "red states victimized" when he meant blue states. It's still hard to process what the media did in (I think it was) the 2000 election reporting when they switched the colors and paired Republicans with the communist color red. I think it was deliberately done to confuse voters.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Attila DiMedici 6/16/2020 7:12:47 AM (No. 445986)
While the author makes some good points, the left had no choice on the timing. If Donald Trump was able to resume what he had been doing before the virus hit, he would have destroyed the hold the Democratic Party had over the African-American voters. If Black Americans start voting for Republicans in any significant numbers the Democratic Party's days are numbered. Fortunately, the tactic appears to be backfiring. My biggest fear is that they were aware that it would and this was merely intended as cover for the massive voter fraud they intend to perpetrate in November.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: anniebc 6/16/2020 7:16:53 AM (No. 445993)
I don't hear much from black people I know; they've slowly become strangely very quiet and not so supportive of what's been taking place. People in general seem less and less concerned about the dangers of CV-19 too. You can't help but see the hypocrisy of allowing protests and riots while at the same time telling those not protesting or rioting that they have to social distance themselves. In other words, stay home and watch leftists destroy everything and like it.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Ismeme 6/16/2020 7:38:06 AM (No. 446010)
I am totally disgusted and can't wait to vote for President Donald J. Trump come November. Praying to God to continue His love and protection for our country and our President and to those of us who wish to live peacefully.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Krause 6/16/2020 7:41:42 AM (No. 446015)
What these riots brought out to me is the continuing decline of the black community, which, of course, is all blamed on white people, and capitalism. Just about all the black men involved with the white cops had criminal records, You would think the protestors would spend their time on fixing the black family, instead of protesting everything but that. Even our black politicians look the other way. There are lots of good successful black people, so it can be done.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Rotten in Denmark 6/16/2020 7:47:14 AM (No. 446020)
Thanks to anti-American organizations on the LEFT, the longer this staged, controlled mass hysterics continues, the more voters for our America emerge. Cold anger and broken glass voters.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Calamity Kate 6/16/2020 7:50:57 AM (No. 446026)
YES!!!!! I said this in the very beginning!!! All these riots were pre-packaged, ready to go, just add 'an incident' and off to the riots! Mr. Floyd's death may have been the only flash-point they would get before the Fall...I'm certain these riots were meant to be more of an October Surprise than a Spring Fling. They've used up most of their momentum -- regular voters are weary and fatigued already. The Left has spent their outrage capital too soon.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: NorthernDog 6/16/2020 7:52:04 AM (No. 446027)
Marx, Lenin, and Engels provided a so-called intellectual basis for revolution. But Dems want the path of that 1920s/1930s socialist who had a funny mustache. So far, the Dems' Beer Hall Putsch has failed.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Clinger 6/16/2020 8:05:02 AM (No. 446041)
The Iroquois knew that they could count on the colonials to underestimate them and would attack with a small band drawing a counter attack into an ambush. We did the same thing to the British who looked on colonial militia with disdain and drew them into a trap at Cowpens. We have that opportunity but as of yet we have not demonstrated a willingness to spring the trap. The democrats have outed themselves as socialists when just a few years ago we were ridiculed for suggesting that was so. The left has set themselves up through their arrogance in presuming Hillary would win and recklessly exposed their abuses with the the NSA database and FISA. But what are we going to do about it? We couldn't have asked for a better set up, problem is we didn't ask it was just handed to us. No such blunder on the part of the left will mean a thing until we are ready to pounce. There will be plenty of additional opportunity to leverage the next and the next next tragedy. We are staring into the whites of their eyes right now.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 6/16/2020 8:09:44 AM (No. 446047)
I'm convinced that the current chaos being wrought by the libtard left was pre-planned, but intended to occur much closer to the election so as to damage Trump's prospects. But the killing of Floyd, coming at a time when people were looking for any excuse to escape from quarantine restrictions, prematurely lit the fuse, and the revolution was on. Except that it is run by people who have no clue what they're doing. Despite its inevitable failure, it has served a purpose. It has unmasked opportunistic, self-serving politicians who will latch on to the stupidest things thinking it will advance their own careers and agendas, and it has once again exposed cowardly corporations who will willingly acquiesce to the demands of a mob, virtue signalling out of fear of losing the mob's patronage. And coming too far out from the election, it has allowed Americans to sort out what is going on. The silent majority will be heard from in November. Then the libtard left will probably riot again because the hate the results.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Jebediah 6/16/2020 8:20:50 AM (No. 446055)
So far the Left seems to be doing just fin and this won't disappear by election Tucker Carlson if you want chills to go up your spine. Very few are standing up to them (Antifa and Black Lives Matter directing the mob) and I just heard that the Fed just fired a man for saying that we should sit down and have a calm, intelligent conversation about all of this. Where the Hell are the reasonable Republicans, Independents and Democrats......they are all terrified to speak up and we are losing our country.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Jebediah 6/16/2020 8:23:50 AM (No. 446058)
And there are Blacks, like Shelby Steele et al who ARE speaking up, but nobody but Fox (and even then timidly unless it is Mark Levin) carries their remarks and logic.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: HotRod 6/16/2020 9:13:39 AM (No. 446098)
FAR: ''Marx, Lenin, and Engels provided a so-called intellectual basis for revolution'' The problem for the left, basing their revolution on the teachings of those men, is that Americans are not the sheep, nor the defenseless subjects, that poor Europeans were back in the day. While we have our share of sheep and useful idiots, most Americans are not inclined to humor these left-wing thugs. We are too used to freedom to give it up to Marxists, communists, socialists, fascists, or democrats!
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Reply 16 - Posted by: chance_232 6/16/2020 9:23:55 AM (No. 446114)
Lets be clear.... the rioting is being largely perpetrated by white socialist masquerading as anti-facists under the cover of BLM. The race issue is a cover. And notice....the protests and rioting gets more effective with every instance. Favorable media coverage, more white guilt and more corporations forking over dollars, more whites fired and now we have white liberals kneeling and pledging fealty. As far as Im concerned, these uprisings have been hugely successful. The next future round of rioting will be more successful. Frankly, Im of the opinion that its too late to take back the country. Leftist extremism has been mainstreamed. Traditional beliefs, morals and idealology have been sidelined as extremist. We may get a reprieve, but the rot is too deep. And we dont have the will to do whats necessary to correct it. I.e. purge leftists from positions of authority or influence.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: F16 guy 6/16/2020 9:27:02 AM (No. 446120)
Why is it that in an America with so many minorities, only ONE minority group has an issue with police? Could it possibly be that a broken culture is responsible, not law enforcement?? We can end police "abuse" against any minority be following these 4 steps: 1. Don't do anything that requires police intervention 2. When stopped, follow all commands 3. Do not resist 4. Do it now
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Rumblehog 6/16/2020 9:34:09 AM (No. 446133)
When swing states see what's being allowed to happen in the Deep Blues, they'll not be fazed, they'll simply vote for the Law and Order candidate. Americans always tend to vote for law and order, and it will be Trump/Pence 2020 -four more years!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: stablemoney 6/16/2020 9:35:24 AM (No. 446136)
Oh sure, the country has been sitting and waiting to turn the country over to this mob of great ones. What a laughable absurdity! To do so would have our per capita incomes reduced to less than $500 each, no water or sewer. Our homeless live better. And think of the invigorating dialogue as we all learned to speak mumbo jumbo. Who wouldn't be enthusiastic about that prospect?
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Strike3 6/16/2020 9:44:31 AM (No. 446147)
Some people continue to wring their hands but the attempted revolution is a complete and utter failure for several reasons. Yes, timing is a factor. It is a generation or two too early. The Antifa revolutionaries are mushheaded products of the Marxist colleges but there are not enough of them. The black looters and foot soldiers are useful idiots with no leadership whatsoever, again, they don't have the numbers. The generations of armed patriots out here have several wars under our belts and refuse to give up the power of the 2nd Amendment, which is the ability to protect ourselves from these morons and keep leftist government at bay. Once we are all gone the mushheads may have a chance to sieze the country but they will not keep the prize of America for very long as there are many countries out there who would like to share in the spoils and will run them over like they are dry wheat.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: EQKimball 6/16/2020 9:51:49 AM (No. 446155)
In other words, the Left has foolishly attempted to ignite Charlie Manson’s demented plan of “Helter Skelter” writ large.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 6/16/2020 9:58:12 AM (No. 446160)
None of this would be getting any traction without the complicit help of the Leftist propaganda media. Part of that reality is good because people that are unhappy with the actions of the Left are clearly seeing the slant and deception of the media. They launch narratives only to have most of them collapse within days and then they scurry on to the next one with never an "Oops" or mea culpa. Many people that didn't already know it are becoming aware that the media is not dependable and in many cases is outright lying and covering up for others who they know are lying. Many people in the mushy middle simply don't like the drumbeat of chaos even if they don't get the backstory. Constant attacks on society eventually wears very thin. Most of us know we aren't bad people and that we don't live in a fundamentally bad Country. When bad things happen, we expect that a thorough investigation will be carried out (unless the culprit is a dem) and that appropriate corrective actions will be carried out. When we hear dog whistle words like "White privilege" we know we are being hustled by people with an agenda. The question is, after Trump wins in a landslide, what will be left of the media? Could a Conservative group start up an alternative media outlet that provides unbiased news with anchors that are intelligent instead of self important propagandist copy readers?
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Lawsy0 6/16/2020 10:18:39 AM (No. 446187)
My mom had a saying that just popped into my head this morning. The people leading this mini-revolution are ''Wet behind the ears!'' I suddenly realized that these children, playing their war games, are completely wet behind the ears. They are deadly, yet they are immature.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Arby 6/16/2020 10:47:21 AM (No. 446212)
This is a very shrewd article. Timing is everything but the conditions must also be right. Unfortunately, Marxism will always have its adherents (dreamers, lovers of social poetry--for Marx is a poet, not an economist) but so long as America is prosperous, fair and just (as measured against other countries, not Platonic absolutes) it will be very difficult to precipitate a revolution. Lenin himself realized this. Our current situation is comparable to the situation on campuses when an isolated and relatively rare act is committed by some bonehead: the bureaucrats and wannabes rush into the crowd and try to achieve what they could never achieve without the isolated boneheaded action which catches peoples' attention. Emotions are stoked and people foam at the mouth as they scream nonsense. On the campus this generally involves bureaucrats with no real duties trying to justify their existence. In the real world it involves troubled individuals without real lives trying to find some meaning therein by joining larger movements that give them a temporary sense of belonging. After the return to normalcy they stew in their basements waiting for the next singular event. It's all very sad and it's curable by authentic education; unfortunately, the left has done everything in their power to destroy that as well.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Highlander 6/16/2020 11:13:54 AM (No. 446239)
Reply 23; it’s more like they have poopy in their diapers!
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Reply 26 - Posted by: hurricanegirl 6/16/2020 11:33:11 AM (No. 446273)
This is just practice for the "real" revolution coming soon. Keep your powder dry.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: NotaBene 6/16/2020 11:40:05 AM (No. 446279)
Cultural Marxism was poised for racial riots and confederate history shaming. Any race incident would trigger Antifa and BLM guerrillas in an election year. Clinton and Maxine Waters did it in the Los Angeles Race Riots of 1992. In 2020 it came off prematurely but the unnecessary lockdowns gave the Communists extra virulence. The Freemasons/ Illuminati activated their military assets way too soon (Petraeus, McRaven, Mattis, Stavidris, Kelly, McMaster, Mullens, Milley, Esper). This anti-Trump Revolution is easier to understand if organized from above by Globalist borderless Secret Societies seeing their New World Order slipping away by the strength of the stones of one Man and his Deplorable supporters. Pray our Marxist enemies within do not resort to assassination or total voter fraud.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: weejun 6/16/2020 11:57:20 AM (No. 446301)
Totally agree, #26. My prediction is November, when Trump gets reelected. Look for these same goons/idiots to return to the streets all over the country with even more fury/weapons which they will expand to murder of their fellow citizens who “disagree” with them; i.e., they will ignite a civil war.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: udanja99 6/16/2020 12:31:42 PM (No. 446352)
#’s 26 and 28, close but not quite there. The next stage will happen in the 2 weeks leading up to the election. This is all just a trial run to perfect their techniques in order to keep us Deplorables frightened to the point where we will fear going to the polls to vote. I’m sure that polling places are gun free zones but it would be a good idea if all of us arrive with guns in our cars.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: garyhope 6/16/2020 12:34:06 PM (No. 446358)
#3,...Ms. Judy W.,....nailed it (and beat me to the comment that I've always thought and believe) with her comment about the clever, nasty, insidious Dim-O-Craps hijacking the color blue. I've often wondered how the Dims manged to pull that off with no objection from the naive Republicans, we,...the true Blue patriotic Americans. Symbols mean a lot. All of the so called "Blue" states and robots absolutely hate America and Americans. Thank you Ms. Judy W.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: Penney 6/16/2020 1:17:03 PM (No. 446401)
When anarchists can turn major American cities into ghost towns, as videos of downtown Seattle, etc., show, and when the police are restrained from protecting the people and public & private property and former respect for others which was the norm throughout America, turns to violent attacks, something's gotta give. The media isn't reporting actual, ''news,'' but feeds simpatico anarchist propaganda 24/7. However, despite all of the left's plotting & vile efforts, we see what destruction they are doing. We are aware of their treachury and dem/socialist pols will probably never be elected again, for they have lied and betrayed the public trust. Hurry November!
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Reply 32 - Posted by: MickTurn 6/16/2020 2:03:16 PM (No. 446454)
Title Correction: The Left’s Premature Ejacvolution
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Reply 33 - Posted by: sunnyday 6/16/2020 3:45:39 PM (No. 446573)
I live in Virginia. Our governor has just announced that he is proposing making Juneteenth a holiday while protesters are ravaging Richmond. I have never seen such pandering in my 70 years of being alive. I am sickened by what is going on and what is happening in Virginia. I am glad that I live in a rural area, but am fearful that even rural areas will be targeted. That is why I am glad that we are armed.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: rsgonner 6/16/2020 4:54:33 PM (No. 446654)
There is a strong spiritual dimension to this period of social unrest, just as in the French Revolution. Look up the term "egregore" that was used to describe the nonphysical reality that stalked France in those days, and is stalking the US now. The world has been this way multiple times-the aforementioned French Revolution was the first, but we have seen the Russian Revolution, the Nazi Revolution, the Mao Revolution. All follow the same MO: actual injustice causing unrest, but fanned into flames by those who only want power, using the "useful idiots" as cannon fodder. Today we have those to whom virtue signaling is more important than actual virtue, and you have America in 2020. Unless this is fought with both temporal and spiritual weapons, it will be a long, tough fight.
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Posted by ladydawgfan 7/25/2020 2:33:34 AM Post Reply
Leftists in Portland are routinely committing violence in the downtown area. This week, the rioters have set their sights on the Hatfield Federal Courthouse, which is a mistake since vandalizing federal property isn't handled by the pusillanimous officials of Portland but by folks at the U.S. Department of Justice. U.S. Attorney Billy Williams announced on Friday that 18 individuals arrested during attacks on the Hatfield Federal Courthouse this past week are now facing federal charges. Court documents say protests in downtown Portland have been followed by criminal activity that includes assaults on law enforcement officers, arson, looting, destruction of property, and vandalism.
Downtown Portland businesses, derailed by
pandemic, say protests present a new challenge
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Adam Milne, the owner of Old Town Pizza & Brewing, realized he had to shut down his flagship Portland taproom on July 9 after the business closed out the day with just $18.75 in sales. As he walked through downtown and saw the boarded-up storefronts and empty streets that day, it was hard for Milne to envision customers returning to his restaurant anytime soon. He knew he couldn’t keep bleeding money by keeping the taproom open. “I think all restaurants are really hurting and struggling, but I’m not sure if the city and state officials realize that to be a
Without sports, Americans TV
watchers are cutting the cord
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The coronavirus pandemic has been great for streaming services as consumers quarantine at home and watch more video. The same can’t be said for regular TV. AT&T reported it lost another 886,000 cable and satellite TV subscribers in the second quarter of 2020. The telecommunications giant—the second largest TV provider in the US behind only Comcast—lost about the same number of TV subscribers in the previous quarter. Its total subscriber base has eroded 18% in the last year alone. If sports were still on TV, AT&T and other providers may have been able to temporarily slow down the acceleration of cord-cutting. But without sports, expensive TV bundles don’t offer consumers enough value.
'Wall of Vets,' join protests in Portland 19 replies
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A group of veterans formed a line in front of protesters in Portland on Friday as the city endured another night of tense demonstrations.(Snip)They joined a group of Portland mothers calling themselves “Wall of Moms,” who chanted, “Moms are here. Feds stay clear.” Both groups were eventually dispersed with tear gas and other crowd control agents used by the federal forces.(Snip)Duston Obermeyer, a Marine Corps veteran, told the Times that the veterans were “there to ensure our citizens did not have their right to free speech and their right to protest and right to assemble taken away from them.”
Company Drops ‘Coon’ Cheese Name in Australia
as Black Lives Matter Forces Corporate Reckoning
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Saputo will drop the “Coon” name from its popular cheese products in Australia, the latest company to change branding amid a corporate reckoning on systemic racism. The Canadian food giant is working to develop a new brand name “that will honor the brand affinity felt by our valued consumers while aligning with current attitudes and perspectives,” it said in a statement posted online. The company says its cheese brand was named after founder Edward William Coon. But the word ‘coon’ is more popularly recognized as a racist term with its roots in American slavery, an abbreviation of the word ‘raccoon’
Rep. Swalwell on new information
showing FBI spied on Trump: 'They
were right to do it'
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Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., reacted to the revelation that an FBI agent involved in the "Crossfire Hurricane" Russia investigation "actively listened" for certain topics during a briefing on election interference given to the Trump campaign in August 2016, saying "they were right to do it." "I hope they do it if a Democratic candidate ever does that with any country," Swalwell said Friday on "The Story with Martha MacCallum." "So, Martha, remember right before this meeting occurred, candidate Trump said, 'Russia, if you're listening, I hope you have Hillary's emails.' And what do they do? They actually did it. So think about it."
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