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Anthony Fauci should explain '$3.7
million to the Wuhan laboratory'

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Posted By: MissMolly, 4/28/2020 5:14:25 AM

President Donald Trump’s legal counsel, Rudy Giuliani, in a recent chat on “The Cats Roundtable” on New York AM 970 radio, suggested a good U.S. attorney general move about now would be to investigate key members of the past Barack Obama administration on the Wuhan, China, laboratory, to see what they knew and when they knew it. And then he mentioned Dr. Anthony Fauci specifically. And then he accused the prior Team Obama of sending $3.7 million to the lab in 2014 — at a time when that same Team Obama had banned the funding of any lab that was involved in virus experimentation.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Nimby 4/28/2020 6:24:18 AM (No. 393983)
Folks, let me explain how extramural grants are funded by NIH. A committee consisting of “ peer scientists” reviews the grant proposal for scientific merit and recommends the proposal. The NIH Institute’s administrative staff along with the bean counters make decisions to “fund” the project. Dr. Fauci possibly was never involved in the decision! No use spitting fire at him. The policy of funding “institutions outside of USA with tax payers’ $$ has to end
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Reply 2 - Posted by: ARKfamily 4/28/2020 6:26:03 AM (No. 393984)
Not only do I think Anthony Fauci should explain $3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory, he should explain his remark on January 11, 2017. This from " Anthony S. Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said there is “no doubt” Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency." Let's see, Russian collusion, impeachment and now a surprise infectious disease?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: OBX Pete 4/28/2020 6:37:39 AM (No. 393989)
Sometimes I wonder about Giuliani's mental condition but if he is right about this one there should be an immediate investigation into Fauci's connection to the Chinese and the Wuhan Lab. Did Fauci get any of the 3.7 million back into his bank account? This information, if true, could explain a lot of the things Fauci has suggested. Is he part of the original "get Trump" bunch?
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Reply 4 - Posted by: DCGIRL 4/28/2020 6:46:01 AM (No. 393992)
I agree that Fauci needs to explain why he had very little knowledge of this virus. He gave $3.7M to the Wuhan lab for research on the Coronavirus. He should have had more information and provided this at the very beginning. It seems this virus is more contagious but it looks like this virus is not more deadly that any other. Fauci should have known this. But instead he and the scarf queen had President Trump shutdown the entire nation and destroy the economy. Seniors and people with underlying conditions should have been protected, not the entire country. Something smells here; can't put my finger on it. I really think Bill Gates is up to his neck in this.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Daisymay 4/28/2020 7:14:20 AM (No. 394015)
I was wondering why we haven't seen him, at the Press Briefings, lately. Must mean someone has been whispering in Trump's ear that his guy, Fauci, maybe is going to have a lot of Splaining to do! I never did like the Midget! He always seemed to be much happier than the rest of those dealing with shutting down the country. If he had his way, we would be shut down all summer!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Flagstone 4/28/2020 7:45:08 AM (No. 394036)
I’d like to hear the answer to this. I would also like to understand more about Bill Gates foundation 280m gift to IHME in 2017. You know IHME, the one who authored the wildly inaccurate covid model cited as rationale for shutting down the country. The same IHME who refuses to hand over the code until it is “refactored” by Microsoft. The same Microsoft that is partnering with QDX on “immunization passports, something Fauci has publicly discussed. Not much for tinfoil, but I do have questions.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Clinger 4/28/2020 7:58:04 AM (No. 394050)
Perhaps we should reconsider what the Chinese meant when they said this scourge came from the US. Once again we need to listen to what the leftist elites actually say. Words from the left today are tomorrows "conspiracy theory."
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Reply 8 - Posted by: ARKfamily 4/28/2020 8:13:02 AM (No. 394072)
#1, not so fast. Ignorance doesn't exonerate someone.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: MickTurn 4/28/2020 8:13:04 AM (No. 394073)
Hey Shortie, what the H are you giving the Chinese COMMUNISTS money for? Sounds like you personally are in the tank with them...what say you?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Jebediah 4/28/2020 8:16:35 AM (No. 394080)
I understand why Fauci can't be fired, but someone should say something about the fact that this man goes on ANY outlet that asks him to speak (Tinder the other day, where he added that sex with strangers is o.k....that is Tinder's mission, by the way) and speaks CONSTANTLY---the man is a publicity hound! No other "expert" does this, by the way.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Strike3 4/28/2020 8:45:09 AM (No. 394113)
I say we should contain and fix this thing before spending time and money looking for its origin. "Immediate investigation" will not work because the speed at which this government investigates anything is measured in years. We still haven't found the exact origin of Ebola and have been looking since the 1980s. Fauci is focused on the virus and not the big picture. He would shut the entire world down if he could. We would be in a Green New Deal situation without really trying. We must remember that before Donald Trump we were in bed with the Chinese both politically and economically. $3.7 million dollars amounts to change for the candy machine. We have funded the CDC and WHO faithfully for years thinking that we were covered for this sort of thing. When the time came to produce they both turned out to be just another bunch of worthless bureaucrats. Good comment by Staff. It has a couple of clever meanings.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: oldmagnolia 4/28/2020 8:49:20 AM (No. 394117)
As much as I would like to see this lab rat and scarf gone, Trump cannot fire them. The media will go after like the hyenas they are. Instead, he should send both to an obscure lab in a dungeon to continue their lab "research" never to see the light again. No computers with internet.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 4/28/2020 8:52:16 AM (No. 394122)
George H. Bush compliments Fauci by name in a speech back in 1988. That tells me all I need to know, given my new understanding of the Bush family. I knew the NIH grants were a rigged system, but never knew that they preferred communist China over Americans who apply!!! The swamp is so pervasive: politics, corporate board rooms, media and now science. Trump is the only one who has a prayer of changing anything, and the prayers need to come from all of us.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: seamusm 4/28/2020 8:59:06 AM (No. 394132)
#1 is 'mostly dead' - I mean, right. Yes, the NIH serves to advance science by funding various projects and much of its work while technically under Fauci is done by others who are layers down outside of his immediate supervision. I'd like to say that the USA has a lock on all the intelligent scientists in the world - but that would arrogant AND stupid. There are brilliant researchers outside the US and we all benefit from advances in medicine with better understanding of disease processes and new drugs. So to offer funding only to scientists in the USA would be short-sighted. As to why Wuhan was specifically funded - it's a variation on Sutton's Law. Wuhan or rather, China, is where the viruses are. Unfortunate, the facility staff are apparently dangerously sloppy and we are all paying a price for their ineptitude. I doubt they ever receive another US dime but it doesn't change the fact that you have to study diseases WHERE they are - not just in a lab.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: little guy 4/28/2020 9:01:34 AM (No. 394134)
Dr. Faust .... I mean Fauci, sorry ... has a lot of 'splainin' to do (as Ricky would say to Lucy) and this is the least of it. Being a mole for Soros and Bill Gates is the biggest issue for me. And pushing America towards 100% vaccinations and then carrying a card to prove it is the secret way to keep track of people and tell what they are up to.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 4/28/2020 9:12:53 AM (No. 394147)
#14 They were studying the virus in a lab in North Carolina and were forced to shut down the unethical research. Then Fauci allowed the unethical research to be outsourced to China. Unethical research should not be funded by U.S. tax dollars in any country!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 4/28/2020 9:13:22 AM (No. 394149)
Fauci should also explain if the $3.7 million was used in ANY WAY to develop the COVID19 virus at the Wuhan lab or at other labs working in association with the Wuhan lab.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: starboard 4/28/2020 9:27:20 AM (No. 394174)
Agree with #11. Let's not put the cart before the horse. Before anything else, let's open the country strategically now and start to make America great again. We have vicious vipers on the left that need to be fought with a heavy hand. After the Election, we can go back and review all the mistakes. Casting blame now is not a priority. As soon as possible, President Trump should have a plan to bring American companies in China back home, especially the drug companies. Let's face it, the best way to fight a greedy and unscrupulous nation is to take money away from them. The next thing he should do is let Mike Pence do a twice weekly report on the state of the virus. As for Fauci, he should retire. For us, the most important thing at this time is to show support and help get President Trump reelected.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: bighambone 4/28/2020 12:08:04 PM (No. 394327)
Remember when Dr. Fauci funded the Wuhan laboratory, which was doing dangerous corona virus research that was banned in the USA, it was during the Obama-Biden Administration. Now because of the dangerous unsafe procedures practiced at that laboratory, the Wuhan virus was no doubt able to escape from laboratory containment , infect one or more workers there, who then seeded the Wuhan region of China with the virus. Beyond that, the Communist Chinese Government kept the ongoing human to human transmission of the virus secret while allowing a large number of international flights to depart from China to points around the world, including the USA, carrying an unknown percentage of passengers who were carrying the virus and thereafter seeded the world with the virus. In January President Trump shutdown all travel to the USA of foreigners who had been in China in the last 14 days. Trump has authority to do that under provisions of the immigration laws. But Trump has no legal authority to keep returning US citizens from re-entering the USA from abroad and they continued to return to the USA in large numbers even up to today. When Trump did that, the Democrats opposed that move that undoubtedly kept untold thousands of virus carriers out of the USA, and called Trump’s action racist and xenophobic. Because of all that over 50,000 Americans have been killed by the virus, with a still unknown number of Americans being infected, and causing an extreme disruption to the US economy. I guess Fauci has some explaining to do! Beyond that the Democrats and the liberal media have been fraudulently blaming Trump for the importation of the virus into the USA, and for not using a magic wand to provide for the immediate repeated testing of all 330 million Americans, for a specific virus that was unknown in the USA more than a couple of months ago, a process that entails identifying the virus, bio engineering the chemical reactants and other equipment needed to perform the tests, ensuring that the tests would be accurate, manufacturing those substances and equipment, distributing the testing equipment and chemical substances across the USA, setting up the testing stations and the laboratories to conduct and process all those millions of tests, along with training the huge number of laboratory and medical technicians to correctly perform and analyze the tests. Clearly the Democrats and the liberal media are living in a dream world!
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Reply 20 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 4/28/2020 1:34:24 PM (No. 394420)
I am thoroughly convinced that this Chinese bat virus is NO COINCIDENCE! Planned ahead...just like 1)Russia Russia Russia! 2)Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine! 3)Impeach Impeach Impeach! 4)Pelousy ripping up the SOTU speech! 5)Purposeful pork for the left in the Stimulus! 6)The hateful questioning by “reporters”! It’s all unfolding right before our eyes Are we that blind to it?
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Harlowe 4/28/2020 2:08:03 PM (No. 394456)
#4,#6,#15- A document written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Chairman, Children’s Health Defense) published on April 9, 2020 (Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination) identified serious, deadly results of vaccinations being used in India, Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, all having an affiliation with the Gates Foundation. Bill Gates, in an effort to eradicate polio, “took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI), ...” Doctors in India blamed the Gates campaign “for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that that paralyzed 490,000 children beyond expected rates between 2000 and 2017. The Indian government “dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and asked Gates and his vaccine policies to leave India. NPAFP rates dropped precipitously.” In 2017, the World Health Organization “reluctantly admitted that the global explosion in polio is predominantly vaccine strain.” In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a trial of an experimental malaria vaccine that killed 151 African infants and other serious side effects to 1,048 of the 5,949 children. In 2010, Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO and said, “We must make this the decade of vaccines.” A month later, in a TED Talk he said new vaccines “could reduce population.” In 2014, the Catholic Doctors Association in Kenya “accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a ‘tetanus’ vaccine campaign. Independent labs found a sterility formula in every vaccine tested.” The WHO, initially denying the charges, “admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade. Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines.” In 2009, the Gates Foundation “funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, ... on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died.” In 2002, a Gates’ operatives in Sub-Saharan Africa “forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children against meningitis.” Approximately 50 of 500 developed paralysis. Americans should cautious about the insistence of vaccine programs for COVID-19.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Geoman 4/28/2020 2:44:48 PM (No. 394495)
President Trump can fire any subordinate within his administration at his own discretion. What can the democrats and media do worse that what they already do? Impeach him?
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Reply 23 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 4/28/2020 4:29:55 PM (No. 394566)
Dr. Falsi. I call him Dr. Falsi.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 4/28/2020 9:32:14 PM (No. 394867)
#19 and #21 Thank you for the usual factual information. $3.7 million is a spit in the ocean for the waste of taxpayer money. For too long We have rolled over and played dead while those in charge have helped annihilate this nation. It's all about numbers and every generation in this country has been dumbed down and indoctrinated more than the last one.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Mother of AL 4/28/2020 11:05:50 PM (No. 394917)
#19 & 21: Those are not simple statements. They are specific and detailed. I’m not asking for info that would cause you to be identified, but I need a little more specificity to accept your material. Those are pretty condemning statements. As a pediatric nurse who spent a lot of time giving these vaccinations, and over a period of years saw Absoutely none of those effects I need a little more information. In addition to practicing here in the states, I was also active in Nigeria and saw, but was not a part of vaccination programs there.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Harlowe 4/29/2020 2:09:15 AM (No. 394959)
#25- From Post #19: “A document written by ROBERT F. KENNEDY, JR. (CHAIRMAN, CHILDREN’S HEALTH DEFENSE) PUBLISHED ON APRIL 9, 2020 (GATES’ GLOBALIST VACCINE AGENDA: A WIN-WIN FOR PHARMA AND MANDATORY VACCINATION) identified serious, deadly results of vaccinations being used in India, Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, all having an affiliation with the Gates Foundation.” Use the computer's search engine to post the title of the article and retrieve the document for the full text as well as the live link references embedded within the Kennedy article.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: BillW. 4/29/2020 2:54:31 AM (No. 394966)
Haven't read all of these, but I wanted to toss this intel I received last night into the mix. If someone wants to post this on, the article link follows. --Vets for Trump 2020 Fauci Knew About HCQ in 2005 – Nobody Needed to Die American Family Association / Monday, April 27, 2020 Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose “expert” advice to President Trump has resulted in the complete shutdown of the greatest economic engine in world history, has known since 2005 that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses. How did he know this? Because of research done by the National Institutes of Health, of which he is the director. In connection with the SARS outbreak - caused by a coronavirus dubbed SARS- CoV - the NIH researched chloroquine and concluded that it was effective at stopping the SARS coronavirus in its tracks. The COVID-19 bug is likewise a coronavirus, labeled SARS-CoV-2. While not exactly the same virus as SARS-CoV-1, it is genetically related to it, and shares 79% of its genome, as the name SARS-CoV-2 implies. They both use the same host cell receptor, which is what viruses use to gain entry to the cell and infect the victim. FTA: This means, of course, that Dr. Fauci has known for 15 years that chloroquine and it’s even milder derivative hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) will not only treat a current case of coronavirus (“therapeutic”) but prevent future cases (“prophylactic”). So HCQ functions as both a cure and a vaccine. In other words, it’s a wonder drug for coronavirus. Said Dr. Fauci’s NIH in 2005, “concentrations of 10 μM completely abolished SARS-CoV infection.” Fauci’s researchers add, “chloroquine can effectively reduce the establishment of infection and spread of SARS-CoV.” FTA: There is a monstrous reputational risk for those who will be found to have dismissively waved off a treatment that could have been used from the very beginning, even back on February 15 when Dr. Fauci said that the risk from Coronavirus was “minuscule.” How many lives could have been saved if the heads of our multi-billion dollar health care bureaucracy had been advocating for HCQ treatment from day one? We’ll never know. Instead, their advice has been dangerous and deadly in every sense of that word. Someday - maybe even today - we will be able to identify the individuals who had the knowledge and expertise to make a global difference, but turned up their noses at the solution when it could have made all the difference in the world.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Trigger2 4/29/2020 3:38:25 AM (No. 394969)
With regard to #2, is there any doubt left that CV-19 was orchestrated by the demonrats in collusion with the Chinese? Why do you think the demonrats keep supporting China to the USA's detriment?
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Before ‘takedown’ of General Flynn,
he was planning to audit John Brennan
for running billions ‘off the books’
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Posted by Pluperfect 6/29/2020 4:54:56 AM Post Reply
Sidney Powell, attorney for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, said her client, in his duties as the White House national security adviser, was prepared to “audit” the U.S. intelligence community. That, according to the former federal prosecutor, is partly why federal agents “set up” Flynn. Powell, who took over Flynn’s defense last summer, told the “Vickie McKenna Show” on 1310 WIBA Madison that her client was “totally set up” because he threatened to expose wrongdoing by top intelligence officials in the Obama administration.
It Was Obama All Along 32 replies
Posted by MissMolly 6/29/2020 4:30:41 AM Post Reply
The publication of a set of notes taken by now-disgraced former FBI agent, Peter Strzok related to the prosecution of former national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn provides the first specific evidence that former president Obama was behind the wrongful prosecution of Flynn and, almost certainly, the investigation of Donald Trump’s campaign and presidential transition. Strzok took the notes at a January 5, 2017 White House meeting at which he, Obama, Joe Biden, then-deputy attorney general Sally Yates, then-FBI director James Comey and Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, all were present. (Snip) Obama directs the investigation of Flynn to proceed.
If We Don't Act, 2% of the People Are
About To Control the Other 98%
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I was once told if we’re not careful, 2 percent of the passionate will control 98 percent of the indifferent 100 percent of the time. The more I’ve thought about this phrase, the more I believe it. There is now a small group of passionate people working hard to destroy our American way of life. Treason and treachery are rampant and our rule of law and those law enforcement professionals who uphold our laws are under the gun more than at any time in our nation’s history. These passionate 2 percent appear to be winning. Despite there being countless good people
Chief Justice John Roberts’s Lack of
Courage Is Damaging the Supreme Court
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Posted by Pluperfect 6/30/2020 4:55:25 AM Post Reply
Decisions on abortion and separation of powers demonstrate how good ideas about the law become empty words on a page. T here is a saying — perhaps as old as Aristotle — that courage is the first virtue, because it makes all the others possible. We usually associate courage (or its absence) with leadership by elected officials: There are times when it is hard to stand up for your principles, to stand against your own party, or both. From judges, we are told, the important thing is to follow, not to lead: to have the ascetic self-discipline to apply the Constitution and laws as written,
Barack Obama Can’t Stop Trashing
His Wife’s Writing Ability
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Former president Barack Obama has been "working" on his third memoir for several years. In that time, his wife, nutrition extremist Michelle Obama, has authored and published her own internationally best-selling memoir, Becoming. For whatever reason, Barack appears unable to tolerate his wife's literary success. He has expressed an almost pathological level of annoyance at Michelle's ability to complete a memoir in under two years. It was a sore subject in 2019, when the Atlantic published a (sort of) preview of Obama's forthcoming tome, but with few details beyond the fact that the former president was struggling to keep it under 1,000 pages.
At Least 20 People Shot, 7 Fatally, During
24 Hours in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
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At least 20 people were shot, seven fatally, during a 24-hour timeframe this weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago. NBC Chicago reports the first non-fatal shooting occurred around 4 p.m. Friday, when a 31-year-old was shot and wounded while riding in a vehicle “in the 10300 block of South Halsted.” The man was transported to the hospital in good condition. Just under 24 hours later, at 3:50 p.m. Saturday, a 28-year-old man was found on South Phillips with “a gunshot wound to the chest, the neck and the right arm.” The victim was transported to the hospital in critical condition.
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