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The paranoid style in COVID-19 America

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Posted By: Judy W., 4/27/2020 9:14:34 PM

To grasp the urgency of lifting the ubiquitous economic shutdowns, visit New York City’s Central Park, ideally in the morning. At 5:45 am, it is occupied by maybe 100 runners and cyclists, spread over 843 acres. A large portion of these early-bird exercisers wear masks. Are they trying to protect anyone they might encounter from their own unsuspected coronavirus infection? Perhaps. But if you yourself run towards an oncoming runner on a vector that will keep you at least three yards away when you pass each other, he is likely to lunge sideways in terror if your face is not covered.


Heather Mac Donald has the wonderful talent of showing us the facts and figures that back up common sense ideas. These people shivering in fear that someone might breathe on them as they jog are nuts. The fear, stoked by the media and by politicians of both parties is destroying our country. Even President Trump seems intimidated by it, but if he doesn't take hold of the reins soon and do something to get back to normal we are going to be destroyed.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Urgent Fury 4/27/2020 9:49:27 PM (No. 393793)
Yeah I know way too many people who are still scared or are otherwise OK with all this. They'll soon have something to really be afraid of.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: red1066 4/27/2020 9:50:04 PM (No. 393794)
I'll participate in the mask wearing while in a store only because I have to, but once outside, I'm mask free and I'm going to remain that way. It's not just NY city joggers walking around someone, it's everywhere one goes. It's mass hysteria. The lack of common sense which has been on display for years, is in full display everywhere. The constant drumbeat of despair by every news organization including Fox, is removing any objectivity. People need to get a grip.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: marlon 4/27/2020 9:51:58 PM (No. 393795)
Please it's like the grocery store. You come around the corner, both wearing masks, and the sheer horror on the person's face that you just came within 10 feet of them is amazing. Yes, it's going to jump from my unaffected person to you threw the air and thru the mask!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: unionriverman2316 4/27/2020 10:30:09 PM (No. 393812)
If you are terrorfied of catching the kung fu flu, dont expect me to stay in MY house...YOU stay in YOURS. American people have the god given right to freely assmble any time they wish. If that bothers you stay in your hidey hole and get someone to bring food to you. I am going out whenever I feel like it, all 4 of us in this house work 5 days a week and go to stores as we please. We dont wear masks and don't intend to as they compromise the immune system. If you are scared stay home! We are not scared as we can see this is no worse than a usual influenza epidemic in the winter. We are not letting it destroy our lives and our country. We will do anything we can to help those in need and to help get the country going and keep it going. America was NOT built by cowards!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: skacmar 4/27/2020 10:35:40 PM (No. 393815)
The paranoia and fear instilled by the media and the government to control people is becoming worse than the illness they want to prevent. It has turned normally reasonable people into crazed zealot mask police who condemn anyone who dares question the need for a mask or staying home.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: dovestar 4/27/2020 11:03:16 PM (No. 393833)
F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DVC 4/27/2020 11:15:03 PM (No. 393844)
I don't wear a mask, but have a doc apot tomorrow. They asked me to wear a, I'll wear one of my dust masks.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Trigger2 4/28/2020 1:51:55 AM (No. 393909)
Demonrats - yellow bellied, self-important, Jim Jones types willing to ignore everything so long as their personal preferences get satisfied.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: franq 4/28/2020 6:07:28 AM (No. 393973)
My wife correctly pointed out that they put the onus on the non-maskers. A mask won't keep you from getting IT, but it will keep you from giving IT to someone else. And since you can have IT and not be aware (asymptomatic is their fave), how could you be so insensitive not to mask up? Pshaw.
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The paranoid style in COVID-19 America 9 replies
Posted by Judy W. 4/27/2020 9:14:34 PM Post Reply
To grasp the urgency of lifting the ubiquitous economic shutdowns, visit New York City’s Central Park, ideally in the morning. At 5:45 am, it is occupied by maybe 100 runners and cyclists, spread over 843 acres. A large portion of these early-bird exercisers wear masks. Are they trying to protect anyone they might encounter from their own unsuspected coronavirus infection? Perhaps. But if you yourself run towards an oncoming runner on a vector that will keep you at least three yards away when you pass each other, he is likely to lunge sideways in terror if your face is not covered.
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President Trump’s schedule is so packed amid the coronavirus crisis that he sometimes skips lunch, his aides told The Post — refuting a report that the commander-in-chief spends his days obsessing over TV coverage and eating fries. White House staffers said the president works around the clock and can make five dozen work-related calls a day during the pandemic. “I can tell you that the biggest concern I have as a new chief of staff is making sure he gets some time to get a quick bite to eat,” White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told The Post. He said Trump recently called him at 3:19 a.m. He wasn’t expecting the call
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There’s a lot of important news this week which is getting insufficient coverage. By way of example, we have these developments: There are increasingly plausible reports that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un may be dead, dying, or comatose. General Michael Flynn, in support of his motion that he be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea, filed a new pleading this week. In it he notes that exculpatory material that he just now tardily received had been deliberately withheld from him. (Snip) Congressman Adam Schiff, an avatar for deceit, continues to withhold the transcripts of 43 interviews of “Russia collusion” witnesses his committee had in secret and is blocking declassification
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When President Donald Trump pushed the pause button on funding the World Health Organization this past week, most people’s only experience with the group was as a harmless arm of the United Nations. But the “watchdog” of the global health is a lot more than the world’s disease and infection police. It’s also, as more Americans are starting to learn, one of the biggest promoters of abortion and peddlers of radical sex ed. (Snip) Slater also explains that “the WHO’s CSE standards for European children, which are even worse, start by teaching toddlers about masturbation. They also refer 9-year-olds to [the International Planned Parenthood Federation] to learn about their ‘sexual rights,’
Does military’s biodefense lab hold
a key to future coronavirus treatment?
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Though often omitted from public conversations about pandemic solutions, the U.S. military has a huge stake in fighting deadly infectious diseases and quietly has been researching novel treatments for years at its secretive biodefense lab at Fort Detrick. The reasons are mission obvious. With soldiers deployed in exotic locations around the world where novel viruses like Ebola, Zika or bird and swine flus can strike with lighting speed and alarming fatality, the Pentagon wants to make sure it has treatments to keep its forces from being disabled It’s from that body of research that an intriguing potential remedy, an organic extract, has emerged. And of all sources, it comes from the common
Was Hockney RIGHT? French researchers to
give nicotine patches to coronavirus patients
and frontline workers after lower rates of
infection were found among smokers
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A French study found that only 4.4% of 350 coronavirus patients hospitalized were regular smokers and 5.3% of 130 homebound patients smoked This pales in comparison with at least 25% of the French population that smokes Researchers theorized nicotine could prevent the virus from infecting cells or that nicotine was preventing the immune system from overreacting to the virus To test this theory, hospitalized coronavirus patients, intensive care patients and frontline workers nicotine patches Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19
Can We Please ‘McKinsey-Proof’ America? 7 replies
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Andrew Cuomo has a plan for a “Trump-proof” reopening of New York. Or actually, he has a plan to hire some people to develop a plan. According to CNBC, “Cuomo has hired high-powered consultants to develop a science-based plan for the safe economic reopening of the region.” Wow, a science-based plan from high-powered consultants! The report goes on to say that these consultants will be “producing models on testing, infections, and other key data points that will underpin decisions . . . .” (Snip) So who are these consultants who will advise America’s loudest governor? The answer, of course, is McKinsey & Company.
Financing Poverty, Malnutrition
and Death – Part 2
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Posted by Judy W. 4/20/2020 8:32:45 AM Post Reply
It’s easy to farm organically in the wealthy EU and USA, where consumers can afford to demand much more expensive organic meats, eggs, fruits and vegetables. It’s much harder if you have to deal with the insects and crop diseases that plague African farmers on constant massive levels and locusts that bring true catastrophes every few decades – and then sell your meager crop yields to impoverished families. That modern pesticides might save billions of dollars of crops every year and stop locusts before they can swarm by the tens of billions – or that bioengineered crops might feed more people, from less land, with less water, with greater resistance
The Tyranny of ‘Scientism’
and the Subversion of Science
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Posted by Judy W. 4/17/2020 11:02:00 AM Post Reply
In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy unintentionally defined this critical moment in America’s history. “We weren’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this,” he explained about his draconian decrees, including a ban on religious gatherings, to fight coronavirus. “First of all, we looked at the data and the science and it says people have to stay away from each other.” Murphy’s comments undoubtedly buoyed the egos of academic “experts” across the country. A leading politician boasted, without the slightest sense of remorse, that his fidelity to the almighty deity of “science” prevailed over protecting the rights of his state’s citizens.
The Coronavirus Is Changing the
Future of Home, Work, and Life
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The COVID-19 pandemic will be shaping how we live, work and learn about the world long after the last lockdown ends and toilet paper hoarding is done, accelerating shifts that were already underway including the dispersion of population out of the nation’s densest urban areas and the long-standing trend away from mass transit and office concentration towards flatter and often home-based employment. Amid 20 years of fanfare about how big, dense cities are the future, the country had kept spreading out with nearly all population growth since 2010 occurring in the urban periphery and smaller cities.
It’s a Wuhan Virus Easter 9 replies
Posted by Judy W. 4/12/2020 7:25:31 AM Post Reply
For all who celebrate Easter, I wish you a happy one in the midst of so much social and economic disruption. There are signs that all this shall soon pass and we will get back to our regular programming, including the likelihood that those in the intelligence community who misused their positions and broke the law to spy on their political opponents will finally be brought to justice. Wuhan There are multiple signs that the pandemic is leveling off. Hastily constructed field hospitals in Oregon and New York were never filled, many hospitals are so empty staff is being laid off, and new treatments are being utilized successfully to cope
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Study: Historic Drop in U.S. Reading and Math
Scores Since Common Core ‘Debacle’
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Posted by ladydawgfan 4/28/2020 3:04:09 AM Post Reply
A study released Monday by the Boston-based Pioneer Institute reveals a historic drop in national reading and math scores among U.S. students since the adoption of the Common Core Curriculum Standards a decade ago. “Nearly a decade after states adopted Common Core, the empirical evidence makes it clear that these national standards have yielded underwhelming results for students,” said Pioneer executive director Jim Stergios in a statement. “The proponents of this expensive, legally questionable policy initiative have much to answer for.” The study, titled “The Common Core Debacle” and authored by education policy researcher Theodor Rebarber, asserts the “shocking trends” in American student performance in critical math and reading skills
Pelosi snaps back at Trump: Having ice
cream in my freezer is better than
having Lysol in somebody's lungs
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hit back at President Trump after he mocked her for showing off an expensive freezer full of ice cream while millions of people across the United States suffer during the coronavirus pandemic.“He makes a big fuss about my having ice cream in my freezer,” Pelosi told MSNBC on Tuesday. “I have ice cream in my freezer. I guess that's better than having Lysol in somebody’s lungs, as he’s suggesting.” (Video) Her retort referenced Trump floating the idea of using disinfectants and sunlight to treat coronavirus patients.
Biden’s sexual assault problem
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The news about Joe Biden has taken on a completely surreal quality. For a long time, the headlines were about his declining mental state, which is becoming hard to ignore. This was bizarre enough in a presumptive Democrat candidate for the presidency. Then, Tara Reade dropped a bombshell, alleging that the same politician known for publicly groping and sniffing women and children had sexually assaulted her. The media assiduously ignored Reade's allegations as long as they could and eventually reported on them only to dismiss both Reade and the allegations. The media’s worst nightmare came true, though
Disgraceful! Hack Reporter Asks President Trump
if the Man Who Lost 50,000 American Lives
Should be Re-elected?
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Posted by RUReadyY3K 4/28/2020 8:43:52 AM Post Reply

On Monday during his daily coronavirus press conference his final question was from a liberal hack who asked him if the man who lost 50,000 Americans should be re-elected. What a disgrace. The reporter is Olivia Nuzzi from New York Magazine. President Trump masterly responded that the “experts” originally estimated over 2 million deaths so he saved lives. This is going to be the new liberal media line.

Anthony Fauci should explain '$3.7
million to the Wuhan laboratory'
28 replies
Posted by MissMolly 4/28/2020 5:14:25 AM Post Reply
President Donald Trump’s legal counsel, Rudy Giuliani, in a recent chat on “The Cats Roundtable” on New York AM 970 radio, suggested a good U.S. attorney general move about now would be to investigate key members of the past Barack Obama administration on the Wuhan, China, laboratory, to see what they knew and when they knew it. And then he mentioned Dr. Anthony Fauci specifically. And then he accused the prior Team Obama of sending $3.7 million to the lab in 2014 — at a time when that same Team Obama had banned the funding of any lab that was involved in virus experimentation.
Pelosi: A Minimum Guaranteed Income May
Now Be ‘Worthy of Our Attention’
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Posted by ladydawgfan 4/28/2020 12:44:47 PM Post Reply
As Congress weighs another relief package amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has many small businesses closed until stay-at-home orders are lifted, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) floated out the possibility of a minimum guaranteed income for workers. Pelosi said on “MSNBC Live” a minimum guaranteed income is “perhaps” now “worthy” of getting looked at being added into the next funding package. “[A]s we go forward, let’s see what works,” Pelosi outlined. “What is operational, and what needs other attention? Others have suggested a minimum … guaranteed income for people. Is that worthy of attention now?
Joe Biden Says America Needs
More ‘Economic Intercourse’
26 replies
Posted by Imright 4/28/2020 1:42:36 PM Post Reply
Former Vice President Joe Biden ripped President Donald Trump’s policies Monday night, saying the U.S. needs to engage in more “economic intercourse” across the world.The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee told CBS 4 in Miami on Tuesday night that the Trump administration has reduced America’s standing in the world.“I would get much more engaged in the world. We can’t step back,” Biden said.The former vice president lamented the possibility of long-term travel bans being imposed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
Breaking: California Doctors Go on
Ingraham Angle, Challenge Official COVID
Policy —YouTube then takes down
their videos!
25 replies
Posted by Imright 4/28/2020 11:58:22 AM Post Reply
On Saturday two California doctors of Immunology went on with KERO News 23 in California and made a video disputing the official state coronavirus policy in California.Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi said their facilities have tested over 5,200 patients for the coronavirus throughout the county, making up for over half of all testing in Kern County. According to their data, the death rate of the coronavirus is similar in prevalence to the flu. And they believe only the sick and elderly should be quarantined and that businesses should open. They also revealed that the state of California is pressuring doctors to pad the COVID-19 numbers.
Beware of coronavirus mission creep 24 replies
Posted by StormCnter 4/28/2020 5:23:09 AM Post Reply
As leaders prepared the public for what would turn into widespread shutdowns of business and leisure activities, they made it abundantly clear that the point was to “flatten the curve” of growth in coronavirus cases. That is, when it was clear that the virus could not be contained, the strategy shifted to an effort to space out inevitable infections over a longer period, so there were as few cases as possible at the peak. The idea was to prevent the number of cases from exceeding the capacity of the hospital system and thus saving the system from collapse.
Hillary Clinton: Coronavirus ‘Would
Be a Terrible Crisis to Waste’; Need
‘Universal Health Care’
23 replies
Posted by Imright 4/28/2020 5:58:11 PM Post Reply
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that the coronavirus pandemic “would be a terrible crisis to waste” by not creating “universal health care.” Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee in the 2016 presidential election, was speaking to former Vice President Joe Biden in a virtual women’s “town hall” meeting, during which she endorsed him for president. Biden nodded in agreement as Clinton spoke about exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to bring about the left’s dream of “universal health care”: This is a high-stakes time, because of the pandemic. But this is also a really high-stakes election.
Jill Biden Talks ‘True Leadership’ as Joe
Biden Looks On in Bizarre Viral Video
23 replies
Posted by Imright 4/28/2020 1:37:39 AM Post Reply
A viral video made the rounds Sunday featuring Dr. Jill Biden speaking about “leadership” while her husband, presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, looked on silently, frowning oddly, as if unable to speak.The former second lady said:And together, we’re just getting started. This moment reminds us that the presidency is about true leadership: having the forethought to prepare for the worst, the backbone to lead through chaos, the character to move beyond politics, and serve every American no matter where they live or what they believe.
Scientists are perplexed by the low rate
of coronavirus hospitalizations among
smokers. Nicotine may hold the answer.
22 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 4/28/2020 5:13:39 PM Post Reply
No experts are remotely advocating for people to take up smoking to prevent COVID-19, but some researchers have theorized nicotine may be playing some role in keeping the virus at bay, Vice reports. That's because there's a surprisingly low rate of smokers among coronavirus hospitalizations. In France, for example, 25 percent of the population smokes, but only 5.3 percent of coronavirus patients have been recorded as smokers, and studies have found low rates in China and New York City, as well. Greek cardiologist and tobacco harm-reduction specialist Konstantinos Farsalinos thinks nicotine (crucially, not tobacco) might be lessening the intensity of
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