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ICE detainee tests positive for
coronavirus in New Jersey

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Posted By: Ribicon, 3/24/2020 5:07:12 PM

An illegal immigrant being detained by ICE in New Jersey tested positive for COVID-19, the agency announced Tuesday, forcing a suspension of new detainees at the Bergen County Jail. Officials did not say how the 31-year-old Mexican was infected, nor did it reveal any other details of the particular case, other than to say the person has been quarantined and is receiving medical care. “Consistent with CDC guidelines, those who have come in contact with the individual have been cohorted and are being monitored for symptoms. ICE is suspending intake at the facility until further information is available,” the agency said.


Activists say the illegal aliens should be set free so as to share their diseases with the rest of us.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: PlayItAgain 3/24/2020 5:12:47 PM (No. 356654)
I suppose that a self imposed quarantine would be too much to ask.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DVC 3/24/2020 5:22:27 PM (No. 356661)
Two weeks in isolation and deport him.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Pearson365 3/24/2020 5:58:26 PM (No. 356708)
Drop him off at the NJ Governor’s mansion with a sign, Hug an Illegal Today.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: DVC 3/24/2020 6:13:57 PM (No. 356730)
I literally laughed out loud at #3. Yeah!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Strike3 3/24/2020 6:27:31 PM (No. 356747)
Gracias. As for the self-imposed quarantine, he wasn't responsible enough to contain himself in his own country.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: fishbone 3/24/2020 10:42:51 PM (No. 356912)
I admit to some curiosity as to where and from whom he contracted the virus. Specifically, is it some border buster who’s now loose somewhere in these United States? Scary, if so. Another epicenter!?!?!?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Trigger2 3/25/2020 4:32:12 AM (No. 357046)
No wonder demonrats love and worship illegals so much. They're doing the demonrat's job of spreading death. Baby murders aren't enough; now it's on to the general population, particularly the old and vulnerable. Barry's Death Panel under CommieCare didn't work out to demonrat expectations.
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ICE detainee tests positive for
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Posted by Ribicon 3/24/2020 5:07:12 PM Post Reply
An illegal immigrant being detained by ICE in New Jersey tested positive for COVID-19, the agency announced Tuesday, forcing a suspension of new detainees at the Bergen County Jail. Officials did not say how the 31-year-old Mexican was infected, nor did it reveal any other details of the particular case, other than to say the person has been quarantined and is receiving medical care. “Consistent with CDC guidelines, those who have come in contact with the individual have been cohorted and are being monitored for symptoms. ICE is suspending intake at the facility until further information is available,” the agency said.
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He’s the new Luv Guv. Women are crushing on Gov. Andrew Cuomo—calling his coronavirus press briefings their daily “fix”—during this state of emergency. Denise Albert, a 45-year-old divorcée on the Upper West Side, is officially smitten. “For me, it was when I heard him say, ‘My mother is light and joy,’” said Albert, co-founder of multimedia company The Moms.(Snip) Talia Reese, a married mom of two in Great Neck, Long Island, thinks ­Cuomo sounds like Al Pacino. The comic said she and her friends text one another when he’s on TV, with one declaring, “Cuomo press conference right now. Morning fix.”
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President Trump pushed back at CBS reporter Paula Reid on Wednesday when she pushed the usual "nonpartisan experts say you're all wrong" line on him. After the live briefing, CNN host Wolf Blitzer turned to in-house analysts Daniel Dale -- the "fact checker" -- and Gloria Borger. Dale didn't check any facts, lamely noticing that Trump can't have any rallies, but he repeats his catch phrases like "big beautiful wall." Thanks, genius. Then Wolf Blitzer turned to Borger to lament the attack on those Nonpartisan Journalists. (Video)
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For days and days it looked like Black Friday at Costco. Or, as the Instagram account "CostcoBuys" put it, "Panic at the Costco." Well put. [Tweet] Yes, well. Customers lined up around stores to buy things they most certainly did not want to run out of in the case they'd be under quarantine for days on end. They looked in vain for toilet paper: [tweet] And the rolled gold was increasing in value in the eyes of the hoarders. As a joke, this toilet paper roll was put in the fine jewelry section of Costco with a $200 price tag. [Tweet]
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President Trump lead another Coronavirus task force briefing from the White House on Monday evening. The President was joined by Vice President Mike Pence, US Attorney General Bill Barr and others. Trump signed a second executive order to providing authority to address hoarding and price gouging that threatens the supply of medical supplies.Attorney General Bill Barr put hoarders on notice and said they will get a knock on the door if they are sitting on a large amount of supplies.“We have started to see some evidence of potential hoarding and price gouging,”
California Police to Use Chinese-Made Patrol
Drones Equipped with Night Vision Cameras
to Patrol Streets for Quarantine Busters
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Never let a crisis go to waste, right? California is really ramping up its efforts to control the population after a couple dozen people died from the Coronavirus. Governor Gavin Newsom recently said he was considering martial law after 12 people died from the Coronavirus.Now a California police department is planning on using drones with night vision cameras and loudspeakers to monitor the population amid the Coronavirus shutdown after approximately 28 confirmed deaths in the state.
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The Trump administration, state officials and even individual hospital workers are now racing against each other to get the necessary masks, gloves and other safety equipment to fight coronavirus — a scramble that hospitals and doctors say has come too late and left them at risk. But according to a previously unrevealed White House playbook, the government should’ve begun a federal-wide effort to procure that personal protective equipment at least two months ago.
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