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I’ve Seen This Movie
Before: Reboot or Sequel?

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Posted By: MissMolly, 1/31/2020 4:55:10 AM

Reboots are all the rage in Hollywood these days, and also in politics it seems. There’s something familiar about a Democratic nomination contest featuring a former Vice President trying to fend off a challenge from a far left Senator who enjoys the enthusiastic backing of the frenzied left for the privilege of facing off against a Republican incumbent that Democrats loathe with the intensity of a thousand white hot suns. Oh yeah—that was 1972, when the George McGovern insurgency ended Hubert Humphrey’s presidential ambitions. There are some lessons to be learned from that long ago contest, including how the party establishment was unable to stop McGovern, partly

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Reply 1 - Posted by: varkdriver 1/31/2020 5:25:35 AM (No. 302767)
Hunter S. Thompson covered the 1972 campaign brilliantly, with the help of plenty of alcohol and "medications". I make it a point to re-read "Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail '72" during the run-up to each presidential election. Hayward is right; this is a case of the favorite [Muskie and later Humphrey in '72, Creepy Uncle Joe today] suddenly looking vulnerable by an upstart. Also a repeat of the Dem nomination in 2016, until The Hildabeest squashed Bernie with the all-powerful superdelegates. And as noted, unlike Commie Bernie, McGovern served as a B-24 pilot in WWII. I've read that the Liberator was a handful to fly under normal conditions; after taking some hits, it took plenty of effort by everyone to get her home. Can't wait to cast my primary vote for Amy K. K as in K.A.O.S. [for all you Get Smart fans]
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Reply 2 - Posted by: ramona 1/31/2020 5:48:00 AM (No. 302776)
McGovern - and HHH- were misguided but basically decent human beings. I see no parallels in today's DNC. Ramona (the Pest)
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Reply 3 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 1/31/2020 7:49:59 AM (No. 302848)
Reboots and endless sequels are all the rage amongst Hollywood writers because they are completely out of original ideas, or at least out of original ideas that the public would be willing to pay to see.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Chuzzles 1/31/2020 8:27:51 AM (No. 302889)
The rot and corruption IMO has never been at such toxic levels until Obama and Perez got their slimy mitts on the DNC. George McGovern even admitted once during an interview done before he passed that one of his biggest mistakes when he was in congress was to assume he knew anything about business or how one is run. I found that honesty refreshing on his part. Congress needs to run more business people in their elections, for the business climate is so important to our nation's economic health. Right now in congress, we have people who see business as nothing more than revenue producing deep pockets for them to raid, vs one of the most important parts of our nation's security and health. That cannot stand forever without trouble. What we see in the current campaign is full economic ignorance on display for everyone to see, vs somebody who actually knows how to create jobs and a booming economy. So their solution is to try and remove him prior to the election, because they know they cannot defeat him otherwise. They are pulling the biggest case of voter fraud and election tampering in our history. We have to do our part to stop them.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: JackBurton 1/31/2020 9:10:30 AM (No. 302925)
I've seen that last repartee on social media. "Who do you plan to support?" "Probably your whole family if Bernie wins." Winning
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Reply 6 - Posted by: MDConservative 1/31/2020 10:57:02 AM (No. 303061)
The times in '72 were certainly different than today. The UNIPARTY hadn't formed to fleece the American systems and people for billions, nor create a "global economy". There was a national consensus that Communism/Socialism/Fascism were not improvements on free enterprise and to be opposed by the "Free World" led by the US. China was an enigma, almost as much a hermit as North Korea. Anyone who opposed continuing the Vietnam War in 1972 was labeled a commie. McGovern's cornerstone was his opposition to the war. The rest was filigree. Don't forget, this was still in an era of a strong economy, a civil rights movement, with liberal carry-over from the Great Society of LBJ. Texas was a Democrat stronghold. California was competitive, where Ronald Reagan was governor. Democrat/Independent Gov. George Wallace was a electoral college force in the deep south, and moving northward. McGovern likely would be a RINO in the Senate today.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: qr4j 1/31/2020 5:44:20 PM (No. 303448)
It is my understanding that Obama is not too keen on Sanders as the nominee. If that is true, it may or may not mean much. Anything could happen, of course, but I just don't see a self-professed socialist being elected to the White House. People like having jobs with wages that are going up. It doesn't matter whether you are black or white or brown or cream or olive or whatever. People like lower tax rates, too. I really hope Mr. Trump kicks some major butt in November. After the shenanigans of the Democrats re Russiagate and impeachment, the Left deserves to be slaughtered politically at the ballot box.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Ming 1/31/2020 7:21:51 PM (No. 303577)
#2, very well stated. Thank you.
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Reboots are all the rage in Hollywood these days, and also in politics it seems. There’s something familiar about a Democratic nomination contest featuring a former Vice President trying to fend off a challenge from a far left Senator who enjoys the enthusiastic backing of the frenzied left for the privilege of facing off against a Republican incumbent that Democrats loathe with the intensity of a thousand white hot suns. Oh yeah—that was 1972, when the George McGovern insurgency ended Hubert Humphrey’s presidential ambitions. There are some lessons to be learned from that long ago contest, including how the party establishment was unable to stop McGovern, partly
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Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page filed a lawsuit Thursday in federal court against the Democratic National Committee, law firm Perkins Coie and its partners tied to the funding of the unverified dossier that served as the basis for highly controversial surveillance warrants against him. The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Illinois’ Eastern Division Thursday morning, and was described by his attorneys as the “first of multiple actions in the wake of historic” Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuse. “This is a first step to ensure that the full extent of the FISA abuse that has occurred
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Pop icon, Constitutional scholar, and noted political pundit Barbra Streisand says she sees in Adam Schiff (D-CA), the face of the Democrat impeachment campaign against President Donald Trump, a man who “would make a great president. “Adam Schiff is so impressive. His knowledge of the law… his passion… his articulateness. His sincerity!” Barbra Streisand said, pouring praise on the partisan lawmaker. “He speaks the truth and would make a great president.” (Tweet) Babs may want to pomp the breaks because as it stands, only 27 percent of America has a positive opinion of Rep. Schiff according to YouGov data.
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Chief Justice John Roberts doesn't seem to have the judicial acumen of a traffic court judge. (snip) If the chief justice had instructed the House managers to stop committing perjury, then perhaps their posturing in calling witnesses to get at the truth may have been be more credible. If there is no penalty for perjury, then why have any witnesses? So far, this entire impeachment is just more D.C. political blustering and fake news reporting theater of the absurd that Americans hate at so many levels.
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Mitt Romney is stoking suspicions that he is eyeing a third White House bid in 2024 after the Utah Republican broke with his party and insisted on witnesses at President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate. Along with centrist Susan Collins of Maine, Romney was one of just two Senate Republicans to join the Democrats in a failed vote to subpoena fresh testimony. The 2012 Republican presidential nominee might yet acquit Trump on two articles alleging abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, but consistent criticism of Trump throughout impeachment, a GOP rarity, capped by support for witnesses has some Republicans convinced Romney is jockeying to reclaim the party.
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Former National Security Adviser John Bolton on Thursday defended the impeachment inquiry witnesses who have been attacked by President Trump, implicitly hitting back at similar criticism he has faced for his role in the process. KXAN reported that as Bolton was speaking to a private gathering for an investment firm in Austin, Texas, he defended several of the officials who testified in the House impeachment hearings, including Alexander Vindman, William Taylor, Fiona Hill, Tim Morrison and Marie Yovanovitch. "All of them acted in the best interest of the country as they saw it and consistent to what they thought our policies were,”
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On Tuesday, Trump tweeted photos of a briefing he'd received on the new coronavirus spreading out of China. "We will continue to monitor the ongoing developments," the President said in his post. "We have the best experts anywhere in the world, and they are on top of it 24/7!" Who are these experts? They're largely the same sorts of white men (and a couple women on the sidelines) who've dominated the Trump administration from the very beginning.
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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer melted down on Friday as impeachment against President Trump imploded.McConnell will be holding a vote on additional witnesses Friday after closing arguments wrap up.In a huge blow to Democrats, Senator Lamar Alexander announced Thursday night he will be voting against new witnesses, giving the Republicans a probable victory with a 50-50 tie. Chief Justice Roberts is not expected to cast a tie-breaker vote, according to Republicans.Once the witnesses are blocked, Republicans will move to acquit President Trump.
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CPAC doesn’t want Sen. Mitt Romney’s shadow darkening the door at its annual conference. The Conservative Political Action Committee formally disinvited the Utah Republican from its high-profile conference next month, after he voted in favor of new witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial. “BREAKING: The ‘extreme conservative’ and Junior Senator from the great state of Utah, @SenatorRomney is formally NOT invited to #CPAC2020,” tweeted Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union. Mr. Romney has attended CPAC in the past. In 2012, as he successfully campaigned for the GOP presidential nomination, he used the word “conservative” 25 times in his 26-minute speech at the conference.
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Across a frightened nation divided by politics and culture, a fragile harmony is ascendant, as Americans in small towns and large cities alike cry out in trembling unison: Hey, where did all these Californians come from? Talk of a “California Exodus” is sweeping the country—and so are anxieties about its effects on the rest of the West. In October, the Boise mayoral candidate Wayne Richey proposed at an election forum to build a $26 billion wall to keep out people moving from the Golden State. (His backup plan to stop the invasion of Boise? "Trash the place.”) A viral Wall Street Journal article
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Utah Republican senator Willard “Mitt” Romney faces a citizen effort in his home state to recall him from office. was updated in the midst of Romney’s public split from President Trump on the issue of calling witnesses in Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. Romney wants to call witnesses and drag out the trial — a stance that is being rejected by Romney’s Republican colleagues. (Snip) Romney’s foreign policy adviser on his 2012 campaign, Joseph Cofer Black, served on the board of Burisma Holdings alongside Hunter Biden, which is important context when analyzing Romney’s betrayal of President Trump.(Snip) At Bain, Romney invested in the fetus disposal company and longtime Planned Parenthood partner Stericycle.
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