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That Trio of RINO Rebels

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Posted By: ladydawgfan, 1/29/2020 6:07:20 AM

You’ve got to hand it to the Democrats -- they can hold their caucus together for the flimsiest of causes. The GOP, though, has all these RINOs who have to establish their independence; they’re willing to break party unity when it serves their own ambitions. Three senators – Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, and Mitt Romney of Utah – are rumored to be willing for witnesses to be called in the impeachment trial now underway in the Senate. Obviously, such a slowdown benefits the Democrats, who want the impeachment to headline news reports as long as possible.


*smdh. 😠

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Toby Ten Bears 1/29/2020 7:01:50 AM (No. 301109)
Mitch can put an end to this... Call for the vote on Friday. There is no way Trump gets removed. Put this nightmare behind us so that the DemocRATs can invent another "Bombshell".
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Rinktum 1/29/2020 7:07:02 AM (No. 301111)
How any reasonable person who could, after watching what has been going on in the House Investigation and now by their managers in the Senate, vote to extend this farce even by an hour is beyond belief. Clearly, these dems are not concerned with anything but destroying this President. They are not honorable and thoughtful men and women. They are knee-jerk destroy Trump fanatics who delivered a half-baked case to the Senate filled with innuendo but short on evidence. They have lied to the American people and have sullied the reputation of the Senate by their lies and demeanor. They have cheapened the act of impeachment so that going forward it will be the tool of choice for a disgruntled party. To even contemplate giving them time to do what they already should have done is reckless and irresponsible. They could have proceeded in accordance with precedent and followed the rules for witnesses, but THEY chose not to because it would have interfered with their goal of removing the President prior to the 2020 election. They realize that removing the President is likely going to be rejected so their next strategy is to have the impeachment hearing run up to the election hoping it will negatively impact this President. This is all just more political theater. The Republicans mentioned in this article are giving aid to the democrats for no other reason than because they can. They are not some super warriors of justice riding in to save the day. They are, in fact, abetting a flawed and purely political process to continue in order to allow the democrats to destroy an opponent they cannot defeat otherwise. We all know that if the Senate votes to not allow witnesses and votes to acquit the President, the democrats will walk out of the room to announce another investigation is underway. Nothing will change in their quest to try and destroy the President. The majority of people in this country want this trio of Republicans to refrain from giving any legitimacy to the process the democrats have patched together because they were unwilling to follow the proper procedures set forth by the Founders. The democrats caused this and no Republican should step in to try and fix it. It was nothing but a political cudgel used by the democrats on this President. It certainly was not what the Founders envisioned Impeachment should in the future. Like everything else the democrats touch, they have destroyed this process and made it up as they go along to fit their purposes. Why in the world would you want to give any credibility to their actions? Stop this madness now. Vote no on any additional witnesses. Let the democrats go back and do the homework they chose not to do. They came unprepared.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: MattMusson 1/29/2020 7:23:26 AM (No. 301120)
Dear Democrats, In the Immortal words of Admiral Akkbar, "It's a trap!" Call witnesses and prove how stupid you are.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: ARKfamily 1/29/2020 7:25:30 AM (No. 301123)
Does anyone hear me screaming at the top of my lungs, "when is this going to end?"
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Reply 5 - Posted by: ARKfamily 1/29/2020 7:47:25 AM (No. 301136)
You know what is suspect about all of this? Who are the real players in this Ukrainian deal? We know about the Biden family, the Pelosi family and I read somewhere that an associate of Mitt Romney had some dealings too. I am also asking about the timing of Joe Biden running for President of the USA. I forgot about one thing. He did not run in 2016 but now he is running in 2020? I don't doubt for a second that the Democrats have been turning over every rock to find "fodder" to impeach Donald Trump. It started with the re-election counts in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin if I remember correctly. That didn't work so they try the Russian collusion angle. That didn't work so I firmly believe that Joe Biden running for President was put in place to create a "gotcha" moment. When, in fact, Donald Trump has been disgusted with how Ukraine was treated in all of this. Look at some of his United Nation speeches. He is always talking about the diversity of countries and what makes each country strong etc. The fact that these three Republican senators are viewing this charade in the manner they are tells me how little respect they have for other countries especially Mitt Romney and his associate.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Alias Grace 1/29/2020 7:58:34 AM (No. 301146)
Those three RINO’s, every darn time, they stink up the Senate. Whatever their motives are, they are reliably RINO. A massive number of citizens need to bombard their accounts with condemnation and tell them they need to be unified Republicans and vote for swift acquittal. Enough of this CRAP.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: gusman1964 1/29/2020 8:02:07 AM (No. 301147)
People of these three States call, call, call, call. If they don't do what you want vote these fools out!!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: seamusm 1/29/2020 8:06:46 AM (No. 301149)
Then immediately move to have recall elections.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: cobieone 1/29/2020 8:21:20 AM (No. 301172)
For anyone asking "when will this end?", the answer is... it won't. I will bet my house that Pelosi can't wait to make Trump the first president in history to be impeached twice. After this is over, you all know there will be another investigation, etc. Regardless, McConnell needs to take control and stop letting the Dems run the show! Call the vote Mitch! Then get prepared for the next round.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: hammondb3 1/29/2020 8:26:58 AM (No. 301177)
There is a reason that demwits can circle the wagons so easily while republicans cannot. The demwits have a goal that is larger than any single issue. They will gladly trounce over any personal sense of morality in order to maintain the greater goal - stay in power at ANY cost. Republicans are a more principled bunch. For that reason, there are some whose personal sense of what is right and wrong does NOT fall into the party's majority. That is why Ted Kennedy can kill a woman, Barney Frank can let his boy friend run a male prostitution ring out of their home, Marion Barry can be videotaped smoking crack with a prostitute and they not only remain in power, but are re-elected. And, that is why Larry Craig (Senator from Iowa, Republican) can lose his seat when he touched the foot of an undercover cop in an airport restroom. Principled people will disagree and NOT be in lock step. Criminals are the ones who get to together to fabricate their story then stick to it no matter what. Being in lock step is a sign of moral bankruptcy.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: gone2pot 1/29/2020 8:38:19 AM (No. 301189)
What a surprise. Gosh, I wonder if, in "fairness" of course, ONLY the Marxists get the "witnesses" they want but the trio (and other worthless Republican senators) votes against actual fact witnesses the president wants. Gosh, I wonder. Mitt, Susan and Lisa WILL be re-elected and not primaried out either. Republicans; never failing to shoot themselves in the foot, get a wire bottle brush, roll the bristles in margarita salt, and ream out the bullet hole. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 1/29/2020 8:43:20 AM (No. 301194)
It is true that if Murko, Suzie Q, and Pierre Delecto keep it up that McConnell could exercise the nuclear option (agree to have Bolton and Mulvaney testify in exchange for having Biden and Hunter testify) which of course Chuckie would never never agree to thus giving McConnell room to reject any motion for more witnesses while blaming Chuckie and the dims at the same time. But, look, Leader McConnell. Do what you do best and solve the problem by telling Chuckie and his caucus to shove it sideways and schedule the vote for Friday. Actually, having the vote on Tuesday a few minutes before the President's SOTU Address would be totally sweet. After all of this is done, the Senate Ethics and Judiciary Committees should waste no time investigating unethical and criminal behaviors starting with Chuckie. And Biden and Hunter, don't get too comfy thinking you might be off the hook, not by a long shot. Your Ukraine and China dealings will need a very close investigation. Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Billary, and Obie, same for you - AG Barr and Durham will be wanting to talk to you soon.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: preciosodrogas 1/29/2020 8:59:42 AM (No. 301213)
David Hogg is Romney's love child. What is Romney's mandate? Why is he in the Senate? What is his contribution to righting the ship of State? Does anyone know what purpose he serves other than serving his ego and to garner revenge against President Trump? Is he actually an agent of good operating under cover to drag out the impeachment hearing to expose the dems' corruption and weaken their chances for a win in the upcoming election? Utah got the man and I would hazard a guess that he is somehow serving the people of Utah. I see nothing of value coming from him.If Romney cannot see that there zero evidence against President Trump then why is he there.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: chillijilli 1/29/2020 9:06:50 AM (No. 301224)
Yes, #2, you are right about everything except your last sentence. They came VERY prepared. They INTENTIONALLY didn't ask former witness testimony because their goal was NEVER to remove Trump from office. They KNEW that would be impossible. Their mission was ONLY to get their proverbial toe in the door to call more witnesses in the Senate trial so they could present an endless cavalcade of Kavenesque "witnesses" who will cast aspersions on Trump right up to the election. And it looks like they just a accomplished that. Their MO is always the same. They target the most vulnerable and turn the screws with the help of the 24/7 sycophant media. The GOP never seems to learn. To defeat the Demos at their game, they need to hand-hold and get commitments to remain united from the weak-kneed Pubbies UP FRONT. The Managers are not one bit worried about us calling Biden. They've already signaled their plan of action: They'll claim the Bidens have nothing to do with this impeachment and if the GOP wants to question them, they should start a separate investigation. And you can bet that they've already decided that Roberts is vulnerable to being labeled "unfair" and so they'll press for him to rule on rejecting Biden testimony. They must think Roberts will agree or they wouldn't be going down this path.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: little guy 1/29/2020 9:07:43 AM (No. 301230)
Ms. Lucianne would ban me for life if I typed what I really feel about these back stabbers! They are Republicans when it serves them (in name only, hence RINO) and they need money. Then they call up the RNC and get millions. When it counts, they wobble. Lisa Murkowski, who I'm sad to say claims to be Roman Catholic, has NEVER won a majority vote in her 3 Senatorial elections and got only 44% in 2016 when she cheated Joe Miller with her fake write-ins in a 7 way race. Susan Collins --- another phony R.C. --- wants to be something --- governor, Supreme Court judge, anything to enhance her own creds --- is the female Juan McCain. And the less said about Mittens Romney, the better. His niece (Chair of the RNC) will see to it my money helps him out in the expected primary he'll get next time. Sickens me.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 1/29/2020 9:12:23 AM (No. 301238)
Hey, Poster #4 - - stop with the screaming. I'm trying to listen to Jerry Nadler.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 1/29/2020 9:12:29 AM (No. 301239)
If anyone thinks that John Roberts is not going to throw a wrench in this if witnesses are involved, you haven't been watching this guy. He is in some way compromised. End this! And Utah, clean up the mess you made in the next election!!!
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Reply 18 - Posted by: bigfatslob 1/29/2020 9:19:51 AM (No. 301249)
This entire impeachment is a sham and for the life of me why would any and all Republicans in the house or senate put their names with democrats. This should be all Republicans in with Mitch McConnell with votes on Friday and shelf this scam. These three RINO stooges need to get in party line and give McConnell their support.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Namma 1/29/2020 9:21:49 AM (No. 301253)
I thought I read where Mitts baby boy is involved in Burmisa Ukraine dealings. If true, Mitts is probably trying to get rid of PRESIDENT Trump just to protect his kid. Pelosi also has a relative involved in the Ukraine dealings. So, I would think that she also had to get PRESIDENT Trump out of office. To protect her family member. If PRESIDENT Trump knows all this, then of course the dems want him out of office, But I would think that if PRESIDENT Trump is out of office, and has knowledge of all this corruption, that being out of office, and a private citizen, he would be able to expose all the corruption. BTW. Russia donated $0.00 money to the Trump Campaign. But to the hitlary and billkyboy foundation, the Russians donated $145,600.00. I would thin that this is Russian interference into our elections.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: MDConservative 1/29/2020 9:22:35 AM (No. 301255)
Mitch is the man to watch. Says he doesn't have the votes...but how hard has any arm been twisted, and in what direction. This is what some expected. Drag this out, produce some great conflict, threaten bombshells, and let's see what public opinion does in the polls. The goal is sub-40s with a downward arrow...that would allow a "moderate" primary challenger...and it's not happening...yet. That potential challenger is likely occupying a Seante seat. The UNIPARTY is deeply invested in this, and it is a farce. But like that well-digger, they know there's water there if just digging deeper. They have little choice. The House walking away in defeat strengthens PDT, who has not been even slightly bruised by this nonsense. If this fails, don't expect Pelosi to be Speaker in '21, no matter which party holds the majority. (I anticipate her retirement.) In fact, it is likely that Schiff and Nadler will be equally ill-treated, and the Dems will slide even further left. So, let's see what color hat Mitch is wearing...white?...or, black? Let's see where Mitt casts his vote on witnesses should this come. Maybe he will look up Arlen Specter...
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Chuzzles 1/29/2020 9:25:05 AM (No. 301261)
Some great thoughts today from my fellow commenters. I honestly think that if after the great defense laid out by the Trump team, if the senators go along with the delay tactics desired by the RINOS and democrats, then they are beyond redemption, and we the people need to take names and kick backsides at the ballot box. The lawyers were right. If the senators let the insult to the Voters stand, they are just as bad as democrats. The brazen attempt to steal our right to vote for who WE want, in favor of what they CHOOSE for us is what is before us. The Lawyers laid it out and are we the voters paying attention? I sure hope so. We may have to save our president and our right to vote shortly.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 1/29/2020 9:34:05 AM (No. 301270)
End this now and vote NO to impeach. A billon dollars wasted to write lies a crap dossier, trips abroad, pay off journalists, lawyers, grandstanding on TV, Mueller Investigation, and getting paid for not doing the countries business. These liberals/Democrats are nuts, pure and simple! Please MAGA 2020
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Reply 23 - Posted by: save America 1/29/2020 9:34:43 AM (No. 301273)
Still more negative repercussions from the 17th amendment.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Strike3 1/29/2020 9:49:11 AM (No. 301290)
These three stooges can always be counted upon to do what the republican voters do not want. If they push their resistance too far they will have difficulty getting to work through the millions of people who will surround the capitol, their homes and their airports. They have made it personal. There was no crime on Donald Trump's part and there are no witnesses to anything. I'm hoping that Schweizer's people are investigating Romney like they have all of the crooked democrats in his latest book. Most politicians put themselves before the people and this sham trial is obvious.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: The Kansas Cowboy 1/29/2020 10:28:07 AM (No. 301335)
Maybe we need to primary these four traitors.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Luckyx3 1/29/2020 10:33:20 AM (No. 301343)
every single time there is an important vote, we are held hostage by the same damn rinos - time to clean house people - there is nothing noble in hold-outs
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Mr. Know-It-All 1/29/2020 10:51:12 AM (No. 301356)
Allow the leftists to get away with this, haveing shoddy, sham, hurried farce of impeachment hearings and then expecting the senate to do what THEY should have done to begin with, and you are just about GUARANTYING that they will do it again. A message must be sent; do YOUR job properly before bothering us with this. Impeachment is a serious issue, to be used for a serious problem, and not as a tool of petty political harassment of somebody you don't like.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: msjena 1/29/2020 11:00:31 AM (No. 301369)
#25, Murkowski for sure needs to be primaried. She is in a solid red state but votes like she's from Massachusetts. She is up in 2 years. I hope the Alaskans don't forget.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: IdSpud 1/29/2020 11:02:07 AM (No. 301372)
# 10. Larry Craig was the Senator from Idaho, but your point is well taken.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Marzon 1/29/2020 12:42:18 PM (No. 301467)
One very important reason the dems want to drag this out as long as possible even if they know they will lose is that they intend to use the fact that the trial is "ongoing" as justification to stop Trump from appointing any more supreme court justices.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: cold porridge 1/29/2020 1:10:09 PM (No. 301506)
Susan Collins is up for re-election. She needs to be primaried by an actual republican. The same needs to be done to the other two when their re-elections come up. Enough of these back stabbing snakes!
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Reply 32 - Posted by: msjena 1/29/2020 5:55:44 PM (No. 301683)
What is the point of trying to prolong this thing? The fact is, no matter what Bolton or anyone else says, the votes are not there to convict. These three are engaged in a pointless exercise. Hey Mitt, Harvard Law graduate, would a judge allow a prosecutor or plaintiff to put on his case and then say he needs more depositions? The time for investigations is over. Get on with it and vote!
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Reply 33 - Posted by: msjena 1/29/2020 5:59:14 PM (No. 301688)
Sorry to post again, but would some Senator please stand up and make a motion for dismissal or directed verdict? Then vote. These three have no power at all to stop a finding of acquittal. Just vote!
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On impeachment, Mitt Romney has thrown a spanner in the works. What looked like a speedy scrapping of the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, premised on Democrats beclowning themselves, is now on hold. Romney says that John Bolton's "bombshell" about a supposed Ukrainian aid-for-investigation quid pro quo is so significant it merits calling Bolton as a witness in the Senate impeachment trial, just as Democrats have been calling for, though not enough to call him in at the House. According to the Associated Press: WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s Mitt Romney’s big moment, again. The 2012 Republican presidential nominee has for a year been a
That Trio of RINO Rebels 33 replies
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You’ve got to hand it to the Democrats -- they can hold their caucus together for the flimsiest of causes. The GOP, though, has all these RINOs who have to establish their independence; they’re willing to break party unity when it serves their own ambitions. Three senators – Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, and Mitt Romney of Utah – are rumored to be willing for witnesses to be called in the impeachment trial now underway in the Senate. Obviously, such a slowdown benefits the Democrats, who want the impeachment to headline news reports as long as possible.
Tailgates, Melania lookalikes, and clashes
with protesters outside Trump’s rally in Wildwood
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WILDWOOD — They took jitneys down from Atlantic City, pre-gamed with Yuenglings and flags at a local Irish bar, and tailgated in the Wildwoods Convention Center parking lot overnight. If this were summer, the crowd that buzzed Tuesday around the Wildwood boardwalk — with provocative T-shirts and slogans, flashes of defiant patriotism, and generally elevated exuberance just to be there — might have simply blended in with the town’s usual Jersey Shore vibe.
Watch: Elizabeth Warren Says She Won’t
Pick An Education Secretary Until They
Are Approved By A ‘Young Trans Person’
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) made a bizarre announcement at a campaign stop in Iowa last Sunday, telling the crowd that, when she selects her cabinet, she’ll only consider candidates for the Secretary of Education who have taught in public schools, and the final candidate will only take office after passing an interview with a “young trans person.”One of the attendees at Warren’s weekend stop in Cedar Rapids asked the Massachusetts Senator and hopeful 2020 Democratic presidential nominee whether she would support more education on LGBT and transgender issues for school-aged children. In response, Warren suggested that LGBT and transgender issues
Joe Biden says he’d want Michelle
Obama to be his running mate
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Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden this week reaffirmed his desire to have former first lady Michelle Obama be his running mate. “I sure would like Michelle [Obama] to be the vice president,” Biden said Tuesday at a campaign stop in Muscatine, Iowa. The comment came after the former vice president was asked if he would consider nominating former President Barack Obama to the Supreme Court. “Yeah, I would, but I don’t think he’d do it. He’d be a great Supreme Court justice,” Biden responded.(Snip) Biden responded: “They’re both incredibly qualified people and they’re such decent, honorable people.” The pairing would be a first
We Deplorables May Not be Ivy Leaguers,
But We Do Know How to Mark 'X' on a Ballot
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CNN's Don Lemon giggled like a schoolgirl as panelists Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali mocked President Trump's supporters as a bunch of illiterate hillbillies. Lemon, who is the defendant in a scandalous sexual assault case, was dishing about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's dustup with an NPR reporter who reportedly could not find Ukraine on a map. "[Pompeo] also knows deep within his heart that Donald Trump couldn't find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter U and a picture of an actual physical crane next to it," Wilson said. "He knows that this is, you know, an administration defined by ignorance of the world.
Mitt Romney: The Dumbest Smart Person? 27 replies
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There's a great line from the movie I, Robot that often springs to mind when it comes to politicians. (snip) "You are the dumbest smart person I know!" "Dumbest smart person" should be engraved on an award. Mitt Romney and the three other Republicans considering calling witnesses in President Trump's impeachment trial would be the final four. Clearly, Romney, Collins, Murkowski, and Alexander are all smart people. They're successful. They've managed to get elected to the Senate. Romney himself is a near-billionaire in his own right. But they are willfully blind to the obvious-to-everyone-else tactics of the Democrats.
It’s Time to Pull the Plug
on the Impeachment Farce
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Mitch McConnell set up the rules for the Senate’s current impeachment hearing so that there would be an early vote on whether to call witnesses, or simply proceed to an up or down vote on impeachment. Either way, the result is foreordained, just as the impeachment process itself was foreordained when the Democrats captured the House in 2018. The president will be exonerated. The vote on whether to proceed with witnesses apparently will take place on Friday. I assume that McConnell thought it would be easy to get 51 votes in favor of terminating the Senate proceeding, but John Bolton’s ill-timed and ill-advised tell-all book
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