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Why the elites really hate Trump

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Posted By: M2, 12/6/2019 6:23:03 AM

President Trump is not a buffoon or a blowhard or an egomaniac, even though his tweets can sometimes make all three descriptions seem accurate. This is certainly the way much of America sees President Trump. The president demonstrates he's not a narcissist every time he shows compassion to a child or to a wounded warrior, or to the family of a fallen warrior. His critics never seem to notice his compassion, the sincerity of his concern for others, and how it should make clear that he is not the narcissist he sometimes appears to be. His strategic decisions have shown that the president is not the buffoon he is

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Reply 1 - Posted by: BRADCRO 12/6/2019 6:31:53 AM (No. 254132)
Why do these goofs find it necessary and cute to inject some snarky comment on "his tweets" early in the article. I stop reading at that point.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: GO3 12/6/2019 6:38:20 AM (No. 254139)
#1, agree 100%.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rinktum 12/6/2019 7:14:19 AM (No. 254188)
#1, I believe that author is hedging his bets. He doesn’t want to go fully in for the President for fear that the left will be successful in getting rid of President Trump. Therefore, he will offer praise but coach it in terms that allows him to survive if the worst happens. We all know what is going to happen in the awful event that the democrats win in 2020. There will come a purge of Trump supporters from all areas. The public square will be cleansed of conservative thought. Conservatives will be shut out. There will be no tolerance because they came so close to losing what they worked so hard to create, the fundamental transformation of this country. They must crush the opposition in order to make sure that the country class never rises up again to challenge the ruling class. The democrats will do what we would never think of doing. If that possibility does not move you to go to the polls in 2020, nothing will. Their animosity has for the most part been hidden, now it is no longer. They will exact their revenge. Our response to this possibility, is a landslide for the President in 2020. Even if you are not a fan of Donald Trump, vote for him because there is going to be great satisfaction watching the left lose their minds again. Another upside is the salvation of the Republic which is no small thing.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Rumblehog 12/6/2019 8:41:51 AM (No. 254263)
It's because they HATE what he represents, which is US.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 12/6/2019 8:48:06 AM (No. 254277)
"Our interpretation of what someone says is always heavily influenced by our opinion of the person who says it." Also our interpretation of what someone does. Unfortunately, if Trump were to chew bubble gum in the Oval Office, they would probably declare it an impeachable offence. Hatred is a terrible affliction on the hater. "the elite truly are egomaniacs, and they are blowhards, and they are buffoons" And every bit of Trump's success spotlights their faults. Being egomaniacs, they cannot help themselves in going on the attack and deepening their exposure as dolts. Their anger also publically shatters their sophisticated veneer. They are reduced to the status of junkyard dogs, barking and slavering but fenced in and impotent. They run around in their tiny and distorted world that no one else wants to enter because of their rabid behavior.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Kafka2 12/6/2019 9:13:01 AM (No. 254318)
Don Herston wanders all over the place, but misses the real reason the self appointed elites hate him. He has racked up more positive accomplishments in the last 3 years than the whole lot of them combined. In spite of their self-proclaimed superior intellect and sophistication, 99% of them have been shown to be empty suits.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Arby 12/6/2019 9:23:29 AM (No. 254334)
Why do they hate him? Because he's a successful, throwback alpha male, not a prissy, androgynous Uncle Tim. He's got the most beautiful wife Washington has ever seen and--the most annoying thing of all--he's accomplished things rather than sit shuffling papers and chairing do-nothing committees. He has shown that these things can get done (when his predecessors did somewhere between nothing and very little). That exposes their complete incompetence as well as their impotence. Of course they hate him. He also has great political instincts. They want to trash him while the voters want to put him on Mt. Rushmore. If you're a political twit like Chuckey Cheese, e.g., who has spent a life in Washington and done next to nothing, Trump's presence is more than unnerving. It reveals your near-total emptiness and silliness.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: little guy 12/6/2019 9:50:42 AM (No. 254386)
#1, I agree. Also I don't like his attempt to call Trump just a showman like P.T.Barnum ... who made some money (and lost a lot) in his lifetime by hoodwinking people. No, Trump is not an "elite" ... but he could buy most of them. The real reason Trump is so hated is because he sticks up for the non-elites and he does so often with a loss of power being taken from those same elites. In other words, they let us play the "game" as long as we always agree to lose and let them win. Whether we complain or not just makes it more unpleasant for them, but winning is everything. Basically, the snobs hate Trump not because he is Trump but because they hate America ... and we who voted for him.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: stablemoney 12/6/2019 9:50:54 AM (No. 254387)
The elites hate Trump because he has shown we the people don't need them---and that they are not elite.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 12/6/2019 9:55:30 AM (No. 254399)
Yeah, Herston is covering his bets with his first sentence. As a freelance writer, he could have just put it out there like #3 did. Next time, Don, call it for what it is - a political civil war against us Americans that has the potential to go violent. Make the case that we Americans need to stand tall and take care of business, you know, that get out and vote thing, next November. Make the case that there is no room for complacency. Help your readers recall what happened to the Europeans in the 1930s-40s when they got complacent and that socialist kook by the name of Adolf Hitler took over. Look where that got them and us. If you can write an article like this, I'll even read the whole thing.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: msts 12/6/2019 10:09:47 AM (No. 254417)
When the original Progressives rose to power in the early 20th century, guys like TR and Woody Wilson, they believed in the triumph of scince over man and God. The platform was to take all control away from the common man and replace it with credentialed Mandarins, unelected bureaucrats, who would administer all the rules. The Mandarins would all be experts in their "fields". They would have credentials like degrees and licenses with the ability to confer these degrees or not on the masses. Ask yourself why it takes a Masters Degree to teach Kindergarden?!! The pinnacle of the Mandarin class is the lawyer. Anyone who is smart and doesnt go into difficult work, like say neurosurgery, becomes a lawyer, or at least thinks about it. So look at todays political elite. They are all attorneys. They are all "Learned Colleagues". They score highest on standardized testing (Teachers lowest, another story) and believe that they know more about more than any other profession. And they hate non-lawyers telling them anything. Many people despise Donald Trump just as many despised George W Bush. Neither are attorneys. The lawyer class hates them because they are not lawyers. They disparage them, treat them like fools, determine they are not worthy of the job and believe they have no right to either have the job or even try. Politics is impossible between the the two classes because one side will always view the other as incomplete, uneducated, less sophisticated and without the correct credentials. Those people drive public opinion. A woman I know continues to tell me the President has no honor. Thats something fed to her by a class of people who believe themselves above people who are not like them.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: ZeldaFitzg 12/6/2019 10:30:45 AM (No. 254446)
They hate him because they can't control him. Another thought on the comments:::: We are not in a position to know who the most beautiful First Lady has been, as, going back to the beginning, we do not have depictions of all of them in their youth (or during their service in the White House, for that matter). I lose patience with all claims relating to the most or the least of anything "in history." For example, the Dems repeatedly say that President Trump is the worst President in our history. Bogus on its face, as criteria are not listed----nor are the evaluators and their biases. It is impossible to make such a subjective claim accurately and without considerable qualification. Just a pet peeve of mine. YMMV, as always.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: DVC 12/6/2019 10:54:19 AM (No. 254471)
Actually, I think this is one of the better analyses of our President. Much of his salesman persona is a necessary approach to marketing his hotel and resort brands. It is a role he plays, and loves, but the man Trump is a bit different, and shows through in many of the choices he makes, which prove that he is a good and caring man. Those that stopped reading early cheated themselves and should go back and read the whole article.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Lawsy0 12/6/2019 11:10:07 AM (No. 254500)
The elites hate Trump because Trump is a boot-strapper. The elites hate Trump because he knows who is father is. The elites hate Trump because he works for a living--and a pretty good living, at that. And most of all the elites hate Trump because Trump is NOT an elite.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: NotaBene 12/6/2019 11:36:54 AM (No. 254531)
The Globalist-Democrat ruling class hates Trump because he is US. He saved US from the Paris Global Warming Agreement and TPP, renegotiated NAFTA, stopped the Communist Chinese exfiltration of manufacturing, deregulated the economy, lowered income taxes, got 6 million out of FoodStamps, full time jobs for all who want to work, largest producer of energy in the world, and made all those that have 401ks or pension plans wealthy for the first time.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Trapper 12/6/2019 11:37:14 AM (No. 254532)
Don't kid yourself. It's us they hate. Trump just got in the way.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: NotaBene 12/6/2019 11:48:20 AM (No. 254552)
Like big Donald tweeted: “Stock Markets Up Record Numbers. For this year alone, Dow up 18.65%, S&P up 24.36%, Nasdaq Composite up 29.17%. “It’s the economy, stupid.””
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Reply 18 - Posted by: dbdiva 12/6/2019 11:49:10 AM (No. 254553)
#13.....Thank you for expressing my opinion as well.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: DVC 12/6/2019 12:19:44 PM (No. 254593)
For #16,
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US officials repeatedly lied to the public about the war in Afghanistan for its 18 year duration by hiding the fact that it was unwinnable and troops were out of their depth, The Washington Post has claimed. In a lengthy article published on Monday, the Post claims that top officials knew the military's chances were slim but that they routinely hid the grave reality and made 'rosy pronouncements' about it instead. The cache of documents—dubbed the 'Pentagon Papers of Afghanistan'— includes interviews that the government carried out with senior military personnel which the newspaper obtained through a Freedom of Information request.
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