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The Department of Defense Joins the Coup Cabal

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Posted By: ladydawgfan, 11/19/2019 4:05:57 AM

We like to think of military officers as political eunuchs, but that fairy tale is a smug myth. No American government institutions, including the military services, thrive or survive in Washington without vigorous internal and external political engagement. Outspoken flag officers have several things in common. Soldiers with integrity, vision, and conscience honor the wall between political and partisan, the ethic that allows for a distinction between policy differences, honorable service, and sedition. That ethic has been eroded by the post-Vietnam era class of flag officer. Consider a sampling of contemporary military officers whose behavior today is a toxic echo of George McClellan’s ugly Civil War sedition,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Flyball Dogs 11/19/2019 5:11:02 AM (No. 238927)
A jolting exposes’ of what we’re up against. Suggest Must Read.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: chumley 11/19/2019 5:25:32 AM (No. 238931)
After the gulf war I was discussing with some other NCOs whether or not we really won. A major approached and said we did win because our political objectives had been met. My contention was that we did not win because the enemy still had the ability and the will to fight. I lost the argument because he was a major. And twenty years later we are still there.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DCGIRL 11/19/2019 5:41:23 AM (No. 238937)
I'm still beside myself why this administration did not do a major flush of all that were promoted to flag rank and SES by Obama. These people are dangerous.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: F15 Gork 11/19/2019 6:38:05 AM (No. 238968)
True Warriors rarely make it to flag rank - they are shunned because they are effective or they refuse to do the Potomac Two Step.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Condor44 11/19/2019 7:21:12 AM (No. 239007)
So this fly boy Colonel insults two Marine Generals. He couldn't even stoop to shine their shoes. Mattis kept quiet about the President. They had differences, but he never demeaned him as this Colonel is demeaning Mattis. As for General Kelly, all he wanted was for the President to listen to two sides of an argument, and then make an informed decision. Mattis, like Trump is outspoken, sometimes what he says like the comment that those who did not serve during Viet Nam are pussies is not politically correct, but like Trump, that is who he is. Semper Fi, Gen. Mattis and General Kelly . You are true heroes to the Marines and to the United States.Written by a MARINE!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: MDConservative 11/19/2019 9:17:47 AM (No. 239147)
Politics within the services is not beanbag. Far from it. Hundreds of billions are involved, as are careers and "futures" in government, boards, and TV "contributors". Human nature does not subordinate itself to "duty".
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Reply 7 - Posted by: doctorfixit 11/19/2019 10:52:00 AM (No. 239247)
If the forces of Freedom lose the military or law enforcement, it's game over. I know that Obama corrupted every government agency. He purged high ranking officers who did not knuckle under to Political Correctness. The depth of rot needs to be probed.
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Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Donald Trump are going over with the public like a juicy, wet fart. Seriously. Such wind was broken live on MSNBC on Monday night on the eve of the Democrats’ next round of impeachment hearings on Tuesday, where a Democrat Congressman helping lead the charge for impeachment was being interviewed by a network host. Then, mid-interview, a loud fart broke out on air. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) denied Monday evening that it was he who ripped the massive fart live on MSNBC during an interview with Chris Matthews on Hardball. Meanwhile, Matthews and MSNBC remain silent on whether they are owning up to the blast of flatulence
GOP Targeting Vulnerable Pro-Impeachment
Democrats in Trump-Won Districts with $7
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The GOP is aiming to expose the Democrat impeachment inquiry as a partisan bust, launching a coordinated, multimillion-dollar ad blitz targeting pro-impeachment lawmakers serving in districts that President Trump won in 2016. The GOP is, figuratively, dropping bombs on House Democrats, launching a $7 million coordinated anti-impeachment campaign spanning across 37 vulnerable districts. The massive campaign, which brands impeachment as a “politically motivated charade,” is coordinated by the American Action Network. The group works with other “like-minded groups” and describes its mission as putting “center-right ideas into action by engaging the hearts and minds of the American people and spurring them into active participation in our democracy.”
Illegal Alien Allegedly Killed Vietnam Veteran
Day Before Veterans Day
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An illegal alien living in Pennsylvania is accused of killing a Vietnam War Veteran the day before Veterans Day, according to law enforcement officials. Nemias Perez Severiano, a 31-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, is accused of killing Samuel Jackson, a disabled 69-year-old who served as a Marine in the Vietnam War, the day before Veterans Day this year in Norristown, Pennsylvania, according to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office. On November 10, police said Severiano was driving drunk when he hit and killed Jackson before fleeing the scene of the accident. According to court records obtained by CBS Philly,
The Department of Defense Joins the Coup Cabal 7 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/19/2019 4:05:57 AM Post Reply
We like to think of military officers as political eunuchs, but that fairy tale is a smug myth. No American government institutions, including the military services, thrive or survive in Washington without vigorous internal and external political engagement. Outspoken flag officers have several things in common. Soldiers with integrity, vision, and conscience honor the wall between political and partisan, the ethic that allows for a distinction between policy differences, honorable service, and sedition. That ethic has been eroded by the post-Vietnam era class of flag officer. Consider a sampling of contemporary military officers whose behavior today is a toxic echo of George McClellan’s ugly Civil War sedition,
Obama Granted Clemency to Terrorists and
Traitors, But We’re Supposed to be Angry at
Trump's Pardons
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Last week, President Trump granted full pardons for Army First Lt. Clint Lorance and Army Maj. Mathew Golsteyn, who’d been accused of war crimes. Lorance had served six years of a 19-year sentence, and Golsteyn was facing trial for killing an alleged Taliban bombmaker. Navy SEAL Edward R. Gallagher, who was found not guilty of war crimes, but still had his rank reduced, was granted clemency and restoration of rank. Lawmakers had been pushing for pardons for Lorance and Golsteyn because they’d taken actions to defend themselves on the battlefield and were charged with war crimes for it. Yet, when President Trump pardoned them, it immediately sparked controversy and outrage.
Department of Justice Threatens to Arrest
Oregon Judges Who Try to Keep Immigration
Agents From Enforcing the Law
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Posted by ladydawgfan 11/17/2019 11:53:40 PM Post Reply
As we’ve seen for the past three years, vast swaths of the nation’s judiciary are in opposition to the rule of law. In the federal courts, we are seeing judges interject themselves into mundane and banal executive branch actions simply to obstruct the ability of the Trump administration to govern because those judges oppose the policy decisions by the administration. These decisions are routinely overturned on appeal but the net effect is depriving the administration of months or years of potential actions. At the state level, we’re seeing state judges in lockstep with progressive state governments in trying to hamstring the ability of federal agencies to perform their duties.
Adam Schiff Witness David Holmes Tries to
Become the Julie Swetnick of the Impeachment
Hearing and May Have Succeeded
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Posted by ladydawgfan 11/17/2019 11:27:21 PM Post Reply
On Wednesday, former Ambassador Bill Taylor, who was billed by Adam Schiff as his star witness, testified before the “impeachment” tribunal that Schiff has empaneled. Mostly he admitted to knowing jack about the quid pro quo (or bribery or solicitation of a bribe or whatever the Democrats are calling their central allegation this week) and what he did know, first hand, was not unhelpful to President Trump. What was interesting, though, was in his written statement he mentioned a highly improbable story but one tailor-made for the credulous NeverTrumpers who have bought into this story as spun by Schiff.
Let None Dare Call It Sedition 6 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/17/2019 7:31:50 PM Post Reply
High School students are probably no longer required to read Seven Days in May. The political novel that was later turned into a movie starring Burt Lancaster. It may be time to read it again or at least watch the film. It’s a story about some military brass who become furious with a President over his nuclear negotiations with the Soviet Union. So they plot a coup. They almost succeed. The generals are confident that their ends fully justify the means. This isn’t a riot in the streets, Banana Republic coup they are plotting. These are smart and sophisticated men.
Trump puts finger on the travesty of throwing
Roger Stone in the can
12 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/16/2019 4:04:23 PM Post Reply
Well, they did it. Another conservative head on a pike for the far-left pantheon. A federal jury on Friday convicted longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone of tampering with a witness and lying to Congress about his efforts to learn of hacked Democratic emails during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The panel of nine women and three men deliberated for less than two days before finding Stone, 67, guilty on all seven counts resulting from his September 2017 testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, which was investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election and the Kremlin’s efforts to damage Donald Trump’s Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.
The real reason for the Russia Hoax (and
Ukraine, and impeachment, and the next
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Posted by ladydawgfan 11/16/2019 3:45:23 PM Post Reply
The Russia Hoax was never about Russia. It was always a cover story to unleash a legal assault on Team Trump, the sole aim of which was to look for, and create, secondary crimes (e.g., decades-old loan applications [Paul Manafort], a misremembered timeline [George Papadopoulos], raiding the son of a top-tier target [Michael Flynn] to compel a guilty plea, or the ever-reliable "lying" charge [Roger Stone]). That's it in the shell of a nut. A single sentence. And guess what: that single sentence is the current legal strategy for the Democrats, the Deep State, and the NeverTrump Republicans for the impeachment inquiry,
A Glimpse of Freedom 4 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/16/2019 3:19:39 PM Post Reply
Sometimes, a brief moment in time, however trivial, can remain perpetually with you. One such moment beamed its way into my consciousness around 1979. I was working as a camp counselor and having the time of my life. Almost every day after camp, a big group of us got together to hang out, drink beer, and listen to our favorite albums. One day my brother picked me up in my parent’s Gran Torino. Heading home, windows open, wind blowing on my suntanned face, I experienced the most profound and dazzling sensation of my life. It was freedom. I basked in the realization that this notion of sweet liberty was allowable
Biden to Trump: ‘Release your taxes or shut up' 22 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/16/2019 5:01:58 AM Post Reply
Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden told President Trump to “shut up” after the commander in chief asked the Supreme Court to bar the release of his tax returns. Biden, the former vice president, referenced Trump’s repeated calls to stop corruption in countries like Ukraine, which has become the center of the current impeachment inquiry. “@realDonaldTrump, release your taxes or shut up about corruption,” Biden tweeted on Thursday night. Trump’s lawyers sent a petition to the Supreme Court on Thursday, urging them to hear an appeal after a ruling from a federal appeals court in Manhattan.
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Army Reportedly Ready to Move Vindman
Family Onto Base if They’re in ‘Physical
Danger’ After Impeachment Testimony
56 replies
Posted by Harlowe 11/19/2019 11:18:38 AM Post Reply
National Security Council official Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his family are reportedly ready to move to a military base if the Army determines they are in “physical danger” following Vindman’s public impeachment hearing testimony.(Snip)But in a sobering development, the Army is concerned for the safety of Vondman and his family once he testifies publicly for the first time Tuesday, according to The Wall Street Journal: The U.S. Army is prepared to move Col. Vindman and his family onto a military base in the area to ensure their security if it is determined that they are in physical danger, according to U.S. officials.
GLAAD Commends Chick-fil-A for
Dropping Donations to Christian
Groups But Demands
Franchise Change ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Brand
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Posted by M2 11/20/2019 6:48:36 AM Post Reply
On Monday, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation commended Chick-fil-A for its decision to halt donations to several Christian charities but demanded the fast-food chain do more to change its “anti-LGBTQ” brand. GLAAD said it “greet[s] today’s announcement with cautious optimism” but warned that the Georgia-based company still has work to do to fix its tarnished image with the LGBTQ community. “In addition to refraining from financially supporting anti-LGBTQ organizations, Chick-fil-A still lacks policies to ensure safe workplaces for LGBTQ employees and should unequivocally speak out against the anti-LGBTQ reputation that their brand represents,” GLAAD director of campaigns Drew Anderson said in a statement to CNN.
LGBTQ groups still unhappy with Chick-
fil-A: 'Further transparency is needed'
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Posted by Ribicon 11/19/2019 3:09:13 PM Post Reply
LGBTQ activists are still unhappy with Chick-fil-A after the fast-food chain announced Monday it was ending donations to The Salvation Army and other Christian charities following years of backlash. Chick-fil-A caused a stir after announcing it would no longer donate to Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The Salvation Army or Paul Anderson Youth Homes following years of criticism for donating to faith-based groups that support traditional marriage.(Snip) “Chick-fil-A Still Isn’t LGBTQ-Friendly, Despite Pledge on Donations,” reads a headline by The Advocate magazine. “Remember, Chick-fil-A isn’t LGBTQ-friendly yet,” reads another by LGBTQ
Impeachment witness scolds Nunes for
calling him mister: 'Lt. Col. Vindman, please'
42 replies
Posted by Harlowe 11/19/2019 12:41:29 PM Post Reply
The testimony of National Security Council official Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman grew tense Tuesday under questioning from Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif. -- as the impeachment hearing witness eventually scolded the top intelligence committee Republican for not addressing him by his military title. (Snip) "Mr. Vindman, you testified in your deposition that you did not know the whistleblower," Nunes stated. "Ranking member, it's Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, please," the witness responded. Nunes corrected himself and repeated the statement, which followed questions regarding who Vindman had spoken with about Trump's phone call.
Hillary Clinton calls for White House
adviser's removal, says his presence is
an 'emergency'
41 replies
Posted by Imright 11/19/2019 6:23:09 PM Post Reply
Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that White House senior adviser Stephen Miller, whom progressives have blamed for the president's hard-line immigration agenda should be removed from his position."Every day Stephen Miller remains in the White House is an emergency," Clinton tweeted before promoting a letter calling for Miller's removal, signed by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and NAACP.The letter was produced by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, a nonprofit coalition of "more than 200 national organizations to promote and protect the civil and human rights of all persons
Eric Swalwell farts loud and proud on
live television
40 replies
Posted by PageTurner 11/19/2019 8:48:23 AM Post Reply
While intoning pious flapdoodle about his sacred duty to impeach and remove President Trump from office, it seems that God or else Eric Swalwell's digestive system had other plans for him. He let 'er rip, and it wasn't subtle. No one heard a thing he said either before or after that impressive digestive demonstration. Which was fitting reminder to voters just how lightweight the first Democratic presidential debate dropout is, now that he's achieved a new reason to get his name in the news. Swalwell seems to have done it with little effort to hold it in, which raises questions for the ace investigative reporters
Barack Obama's aides left notes in White
House offices for Donald Trump's staff
reading 'You will fail' and 'You're not
going to make it' says press secretary
Stephanie Grisham—who claims cabinets
were 'filled with Obama books'
37 replies
Posted by zephyrgirl 11/19/2019 1:15:27 PM Post Reply
Some of Barack Obama's departing White House aides left biting notes for their successors in the Trump administration including messages that read 'You will fail,' according to the president's press secretary. Stephanie Grisham told a Virginia radio host at the White House on Tuesday about finding the notes, and office cabinets brimming with Obama-authored books. 'We came into the White House—I'll tell you something, every office was filled with Obama books. And we had notes left behind that said "You will fail," "You aren't going to make it."
Armed citizen puts a stop to fatal
shooting at Walmart by putting
gun to suspect’s head
36 replies
Posted by DVC 11/20/2019 12:41:49 AM Post Reply

Thank goodness the Duncan, Oklahoma Walmart is not a “gun-free zone.” Because an armed citizen happened to be doing his shopping Monday morning and spotted a gunman shooting, victim fatalities were limited to two people. Brandon Curtis of Concealed Nation writes: A shooting incident occurred in a Walmart parking lot this morning where a man and woman were shot and killed as they sat inside a vehicle. Immediately after, it is reported that an armed citizen, who was in the immediate area, drew his gun and put it to the head of the suspect and told him to stop shooting.

Vindman: 'My Impression Is' That
Trump Demanded a Favor of Zelensky
36 replies
Posted by Imright 11/19/2019 12:25:57 PM Post Reply
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a member of the National Security Council who testified against President Trump at Tuesday's impeachment inquiry, said Trump didn't "request" an investigation into a political opponent -- he demanded it. "[M]y impression is that in order to get the White House meeting, President Zelensky would have to deliver these investigations," Vindman said. In his opening statement, Vindman said he listened to the now-famous July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky. I listened in on the call in the Situation Room with White House
Clinton Foundation Reports
$16.8 Million Loss in 2018
34 replies
Posted by MissMolly 11/19/2019 5:07:53 AM Post Reply
The Clinton Foundation reported a loss of more than $16 million in 2018, according to newly released tax records, marking the second consecutive year of losses since Hillary Clinton's humiliating defeat to President Donald J. Trump in 2016. The foundation reported total revenue of just $30.7 million, including $24.2 million worth of grants and contributions, a record low for the alleged "charity." That figure was well short of the foundation's total expenses for the year—$47.5 million— resulting in a net loss of $16.8 million. The previous year, the Clinton Foundation reported a net loss of $16.1 million. In total, the organization has lost a staggering $32.9 million
Stacey Abrams 'happy' to run
as vice president with nominee
31 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 11/19/2019 8:30:50 AM Post Reply
Amid months of speculation, Stacey Abrams said that she would be “happy” to run for vice president alongside the Democratic nominee. Abrams is the 45-year-old former Democratic nominee for Georgia governor who lost a close race against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in 2018. She has repeatedly tamped down rumors that a meeting she held in March with Joe Biden, 76, was to discuss running as his number two. Speaking at an event in Iowa on Monday, Abrams said that she would consider joining the ticket of whoever wins the nomination, according to the Daily Iowan. “You do not run in
Joe Biden Becomes Unwitting Grandparent
Again – DNA Paternity Test Confirms Hunter
Biden Father to Arkansas Baby “Roberts”….
30 replies
Posted by Imright 11/20/2019 6:03:37 PM Post Reply
After trying to deny he had a relationship with a woman in Arkansas, and after a DNA test proves paternity, lawyers for Hunter Biden will no longer fight Arkansas lawsuit. Hunter Biden is the father, and presidential candidate Joe Biden is a grandfather again ARKANSAS – DNA testing has established, “with scientific certainty,” that Hunter Biden is the father of an Arkansas baby, according to a motion filed Wednesday in Independence County on behalf of the child’s mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts.Biden, son of former vice president Joe Biden, “
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