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President Trump, Syria, Congress: We the people vs. we the war people

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Posted By: BigAlPeoplesPal, 10/23/2019 5:29:24 PM

The war world of Washington wrecks the so-called checks and balances not only in the Constitution but in the soul of the old Union. And the “we the people” concept is forgotten. Since 1946 (after WWII) over 100,000 Americans have died in combat without a single declaration of war being passed by Congress. Article I, Section 8 is clear that it is the responsibility of Congress to declare war. It is also clear that the president is not routinely the Commander in Chief; and certainly not the Commander in chief of the Country. Tucker Carlson revealed the common cowards who stood before the cameras to berate President Trump.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: weirdone 10/23/2019 6:41:00 PM (No. 215772)
As far as I can see the last "Just War" MY country was engaged in and won was WWII. Then came Korea, over 50,000 dead, some 32,000 KIA and untold numbers of Koreans dead. 6 decades later we are still maintaining troops there and an occasional American dies as a result. Just a " Police Action" with no formal end. Next came the Viet Nam War which lasted 19 years and 8 months with never a formal declaration of war. 58,220 dead Americans and untold numbers of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians. There followed several smaller conflicts, those KIA in El Salvador Civil War 37, Beirut 266, Grenada 19, Panama 40, Persian Gulf War 258, Somalia 43, Bosnia 12, Now we come to the two current undeclared wars. Afghanistan 2409 KIA over 19 years involvement, and Iraq KIA 4,571 over 8 years involvement and no end in sight, and for what? These people have been killing each other for over 1000 years and will probably continue to do so forever! Add up the number of American Dead a d wounded and the Hundreds of Billions spent in endless wars since 1950 and then explain to me what has been gained that has had any direct value to the people of the U.S. How much American blood and treasure are you willing to spend in an exercise in futility?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: earlybird 10/23/2019 8:24:17 PM (No. 215812)
Re #1, very well said. We didn’t go looking for WWII. It came to us one December morning at Pearl Harbor. We should never go looking for war. Only those who profit greatly - monetarily - from it seem to welcome it and are happy to send the sons and fathers and brothers of others. They should not be permitted to do so… President Trump has been a great gift. He soldiers on in his own way. I hope and pray that he’ll have another four years in the White House. He has much more to accomplish...
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Trigger2 10/24/2019 4:12:31 AM (No. 215989)
No, it's we the people against the liars, criminals, and hypocrites. When a Republican is President, demonrats are against war, any war. When a Republican shows up who is against wars, demonrats are all for it.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: MDConservative 10/24/2019 5:55:27 AM (No. 216038)
The sad thing is that there are lots of "conservatives" who equate US chest thumping, sabre rattling and finally "punching far below our weight" to an endless and deadly draw as Patriotic, not to be challenged. It's the 1920s again...and the US is much better served taking care of its own business than protecting the effete Europeans, acting as Saudi mercenaries, or honoring some obligation to the Kurds engaged in a conflict over a millennium old already. The US needs to stop acting as the "Leader of the Free World", which is an empty title today. We won in '45. We won again in '92. It's all over over there.
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President Trump, Syria, Congress: We the people vs. we the war people 4 replies
Posted by BigAlPeoplesPal 10/23/2019 5:29:24 PM Post Reply
The war world of Washington wrecks the so-called checks and balances not only in the Constitution but in the soul of the old Union. And the “we the people” concept is forgotten. Since 1946 (after WWII) over 100,000 Americans have died in combat without a single declaration of war being passed by Congress. Article I, Section 8 is clear that it is the responsibility of Congress to declare war. It is also clear that the president is not routinely the Commander in Chief; and certainly not the Commander in chief of the Country. Tucker Carlson revealed the common cowards who stood before the cameras to berate President Trump.
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As a one-time college professor, I’ve been attempting to answer a torrent of questions via Quora from prospective students looking for help in the admissions process and advice as they plan their upcoming college majors and degree programs. Some of these questions are silly and unanswerable. Others, those involving the choice of a college major and the likely job prospects in such an area, are crucial. Practically speaking, making the right, not the emotional, choice here will determine whether the student will earn enough to pay off his or her absurdly high college loan debt; or be consigned forever to the dismal hell of sharecropping one’s way through life.
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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic candidate for President, has proposed the passage of a wealth tax. The tax would be 2% annually on net worth between $50 and $100 million, and 3% on net worth above $1 billion. This is a disastrous proposal for America. The proposed Warren tax on wealth is unfair, counter-productive, growth-killing and downright un-American. The Warren tax means families that have worked years, perhaps decades, to accumulate wealth, will be forced to pay millions in extra taxes each year. Their extra earned income is already taxed at 37%. Warren wants an additional wealth tax of at least $1 to $50 million.
Drudge leaves Conservatives, follows Fox down the liberal rabbit hole 33 replies
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The Drudge Report seems to have lost its conservative-leaning. More and more the headline aggregator, whose claim to fame was Monica Lewinsky’s semen-stained blue dress, is highlighting articles that are anti-Trump, anti-Republican, and pro-Impeachment. It has been an obvious trend during the Trump Presidency that is accelerating as we get closer to the House Impeachment farce and the 2020 election. Drudge is increasingly anti-Trump. Top headline this morning, for example: “Romney Downloads on Trump: May vote to Remove!” in a glaring center headline.The article, from the known ultra-liberal magazine The Atlantic, could not be more open in its bias against the President.
Pew Report: The two-party gap widens without agreement on basic facts 2 replies
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A new Pew Report survey confirms what we all know: “Overwhelming majorities in both U.S. political parties (85% of Republicans and 78% of Democrats) say divisions between the two are increasing.” The details, however, reveal significant roadblocks to overcoming growing socio-political divisions. Perhaps now best seen in the House’s Trump impeachment inquiry. A procedure of concern to eight-in-every-ten Americans. “From the 1980s through the mid-2000s, no more than about a third of Americans said there were major differences between the two parties,” the survey says. Today, 55% of Americans say that is the case. Partisan antipathy is definitively more intense, and more personal.
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Welcome back, fans of Truth, Justice and the American way. Round 2 of my comprehensive list of conservative (and in a few cases, mostly conservative) news and information sources you can substitute for the bankrupt newspapers and network and cable news conglomerates that now bring you nonstop fiction instead of actual news, facts and figures. Today, I’m focusing on the best breaking conservative news sites available online. I’d like to give a grateful shout-out to Don Surber and Ed Driscoll of Instapundit for alerting their readers to my first Media Stars column.Today, I focus on sites that offer in-depth coverage of breaking conservative news, plus some degree of analysis.
Exclusive: Behind Turkey's Erdogan,
Kurdish SDF, Trump ceasefire
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Talks between senior American officials, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Kurdish Syrian Defense Forces result in a short-term ceasefire, says the Whitehouse. The U.S. delegation including Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien flew to Ankara to meet Erdoğan face-to-face. What President Trump calls “tough love” along with the threat of biting sanctions to Turkish President Erdoğan ended with a ceasefire deal between the two NATO giants. Also, participating in the talks indirectly, was the commander-in-chief of Kurdish Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) General Mazlum Abdi. Here’s how the negotiations affect U.S partners in Syria.
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Upon hearing the news that President Trump bowed to pressure from congressional Republicans and reversed his decision to hold next year’s G-7 summit at the Trump National Doral Miami, my immediate response was, “Ah, what might have been.” No, I’m not wistful about the missed opportunity for taxpayers to throw a lifeline to Trump’s struggling resort. Rather, I’m a bit misty-eyed about what the last three years might have looked like if Republicans had shown this kind of spine all along. There is an interesting consensus among the fiercely pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces on the right. For simplicity let’s call them Never Trumpers and Always Trumpers. Among the Never Trumper Republicans
Senator Pierre Delecto ends the
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By now everyone knows that Mitt Romney used a Twitter account named "Pierre Delecto" to attack President Trump, Newt Gingrich, and others. Further, Pierre defended and praised Mitt. Too bad Pierre was not around to defend Mitt when the Democrats, led by Harry Reid, attacked Mitt for supposedly not paying income taxes, shipping jobs overseas, causing cancer to his employees, being mean to his dog, and so forth. (snip) The good news for non-quisling Republicans is that this should end the career of Pierre/Mitt to be the next John McCain as the go-to-guy whenever the Democrats and the media need a "Republican" to attack President Trump and conservatives.
DNC Announces All-Female Moderator
Panel for Next Debate amid Neutrality
Concerns and Sinking Viewership
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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced that its upcoming presidential primary debate will be moderated by an an all-female panel amid concerns over the event’s neutrality and sinking viewership.The debate, which is being sponsored by The Washington Post and MSNBC in Georgia on Nov. 20, will be moderated by NBC News’s Andrea Mitchel and Kristen Welker, The Washington Post’s Ashley Parker, and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.As the Post reported when announcing the lineup, the November debate will mark the second time in history that an all-female panel has moderated such an event.
$27M for slavery reparations
‘not enough,’ Princeton seminary
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Princeton Theological Seminary pledged last week to use $27.6 million of its endowment to pay reparations for the school’s historic ties to slavery, believed to be the largest amount ever paid by a school to atone for benefiting from the slave trade. The school’s black student association says it’s “a great start, but not enough.” The Association of Black Seminarians at Princeton Theological Seminary—a student group that helped raise the slavery reparations issue at the school—plans to call for at least $120 million more in slavery reparations along with money for current African-American students and other changes, the association’s president said.
Insider Democrat 2020 fears
chronicled by a sympathizer
31 replies
Posted by Magnante 10/24/2019 6:14:30 AM Post Reply
A fascinating look inside Democrats’ deepest fears about 2020 comes from a Bloomberg columnist. Democrats are afraid of President Trump expanding his voting base to people who haven’t voted in recent elections. (snip) what if Trump represents not a last gasp of cultural and racial revanchism but a new wave? What if the trickle of white men who voted for the first time in years in Wisconsin in 2016, despite widespread predictions that Trump’s candidacy was doomed, is followed in 2020 by a wave of previously nonvoting white males who conclude that Trump’s brand of tribal aggression is at last something worth voting for?
Flight shaming is gaining traction
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Consumers are paying more attention to their carbon footprint and it could cost airlines billions of dollars, Citi said in a note to clients Tuesday. The firm said that "flight shaming," which it defines as "the inherent guilt that an individual feels as a result of one's aviation-related carbon footprint" is causing consumers to explore alternative modes of transportation when possible and to look for ways to offset their carbon emissions. Citi estimates that over the next five years the cost of carbon offsetting economy flights will grow to $3.8 billion per year. It will either be absorbed by the
Professional Journalists out to trademark
term ‘fake news’ to ban Trump
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A Florida chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists is hoping to trademark the term “fake news.”As ridiculous as that may sound, Teen Vogue reporter Emily Bloch explained that her chapter of the organization believes “a joke sometimes hits harder than the truth.” “So yes, this is satire. It’s a joke,” Bloch wrote. “But it’s a joke with a point, and as any student of public discourse will tell you, a joke sometimes hits harder than the truth. And if anyone accuses us of trolling the president, well, nothing else seems to work with him, so what do we have to lose?” Covering education and government for The Florida Times-Union
Senate GOP bill seeks to move 90% of jobs
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The decision to move the Bureau of Land Management headquarters to Colorado’s Western Slope should be viewed not as a one-off, but a good start, as far as some Senate Republicans are concerned. GOP Sens. Josh Hawley of Missouri and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee introduced Wednesday legislation to move 90% of positions in 10 executive departments — including Agriculture, Education and Energy — to 10 states outside Washington, D.C., and “into the heart of economically distressed regions across the country.” Mr. Hawley pointed to the Agriculture Department’s decision in June to move two of its agencies to the Kansas City area
The Odd Conservative Love
Affair With Tulsi Gabbard
26 replies
Posted by MissMolly 10/24/2019 5:18:56 AM Post Reply
I think I know what the deal is with all the gushing adoration Tulsi Gabbard has somehow managed to wrangle from ordinarily sensible conservatives. Think of a regular guy walking down the hall in high school, and the head cheerleader passes by and says, “Hi.” The dude’s going to think she’s awesome. Of course, just because she is polite doesn’t mean Regular Joe is ever going to take her to the prom. Tulsi gets Strange New Conservative Respect for several reasons, but the primary one is that she doesn’t seem to hate our guts. She is what an opponent should be – an opponent, not an enemy.
Why the secrecy, Rep. Schiff? 23 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 10/24/2019 4:41:13 AM Post Reply
House Minority Whip Steve Scalise asks an excellent question: “What is Adam Schiff trying to hide?” Schiff — the point man for impeachment — could at least try to explain why he’s holding all his hearings behind closed doors, with the public getting only leaked, and likely biased, accounts of the testimony. To dramatize the problem Wednesday, 30 House Republicans stormed into the room that was to host Schiff’s next secret hearing. The chairman responded by leaving, postponing the testimony of Defense Department official Laura Cooper.
Massachusetts Democrat’s Bill
Criminalizes Calling Someone ‘B*tch’
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Posted by M2 10/23/2019 6:18:08 AM Post Reply
Massachusetts Rep. Democrat Daniel J. Hunt is driving a bill that would essentially make it illegal to call someone a “bitch” as part of his act “regarding the use of offensive words.” Hunt — a Democrat — introduced a bill in May that would criminalize calling someone a “bitch” in an insulting manner. The act states: A person who uses the word “bitch” directed at another person to accost, annoy, degrade or demean the other person shall be considered to be a disorderly person in violation of this section, and shall be subject to the penalties provided in subsections (a) and (b). A violation of this subsection may be reported by the person
UPDATED: Lindsey Graham
clarifies describing GOP storming
of closed-door deposition as 'nuts'
22 replies
Posted by M2 10/24/2019 6:55:11 AM Post Reply
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham condemned as "nuts" the actions of more than two dozen House Republicans who stormed a closed-door deposition of Defense Department official Laura Cooper on Wednesday afternoon. "They’re making a run in the SCIF! That’s not the way to do it. That’s nuts," Graham said as the GOP House members remained in the Capitol basement, stalling the House Intelligence Committee's questioning of Cooper. The group of rogue congresspeople was led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who has been sharply critical of the Democrats' secrecy in the early stages of an impeachment probe against President Trump.
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