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Donald Trump Confirms Decision to
Call Off Military Strike on Iran

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Posted By: Imright, 6/21/2019 9:54:00 AM

President Donald Trump confirmed Friday he pulled back a military strike on Iran after he learned the number of possible casualties. “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on three different sights (sic),” Trump revealed on Twitter. The attack was planned in retaliation for Iran shooting down a U.S. surveillance drone on Thursday in international waters.Trump said prior to the strikes he was told by a general the casualties could be up to 150 people. “Ten minutes before the strike I stopped it, not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone,” he wrote. Trump added that he was in “no hurry” for additional military conflicts with Iran

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Reply 1 - Posted by: hershey 6/21/2019 10:07:07 AM (No. 103007)
Are the weasels putting women and children around their missile and radar sites again???? 150 people?? That is less than the number beheaded in a week over in that sand pit....
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Reply 2 - Posted by: bamboozle 6/21/2019 10:08:50 AM (No. 103009)
Might it have been an effort to show Iran what could happen if they keep escalating?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: M2 6/21/2019 10:14:37 AM (No. 103014)
Who leaked this to the NYT, that's what I wan't to know? OPEN LETTER TO POTUS: You have a mole in the White House, leaking to the NYT. Find him or her and hang 'em.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Northcross 6/21/2019 10:17:25 AM (No. 103018)
I think that Trump acknowledging this is a message to Iran about how close they came to being hit.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: VietVet68 6/21/2019 10:20:52 AM (No. 103021)
The last thing you want is a war but it's doubly troublesome when the democrats hold a majority in the house. As in Vietnam the democrats have a tendency to walk away from the military fighting the war when it becomes inconvenient for them to support the action. On their best day the democrats are duplicitous but on their worst day they're treasonous.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Philipsonh 6/21/2019 10:23:39 AM (No. 103023)
The President needs better guidance. There are MANY targets that would not involve a large number of humans getting killed or injured; start with rail lines, pipelines, roads, oil wells, etc. Then move up to electric utilities. Just wipe out the infrastructure and Iran would come to a standstill. The nuclear sites are underground and would be useless without any above ground support. Why is this so hard to understand ?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Ribicon 6/21/2019 10:30:09 AM (No. 103027)
We could use lots of costly missiles and bombs to destroy their critical infrastructure, then rebuild it all better than new at US taxpayer expense, as in Iraq. What's not to like?
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Pepper Tree 6/21/2019 10:37:57 AM (No. 103032)
Last night Sean Hannity’s hair was on fire arguing with Geraldo Rivera over whether or not to get another war going in the ME. The two were trying to shout each other down and neither had a clue of what Trump is attempting to do. PDJT just wants Iran at a bargaining table to create a win-win scenario for both sides. Iran wants to sell its oil and the world wants Iran to be without nuclear weapons. Iran is on the near edge of economic collapse and trying to militarily bully its way out of it. I trust Trump’s instincts and abilities. So should Hannity.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Moritz55 6/21/2019 10:39:06 AM (No. 103033)
I just hope this isn’t taken the same way as Obama’s lack of action was when Assad crossed the “red line.”
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Reply 10 - Posted by: curious1 6/21/2019 10:44:50 AM (No. 103036)
#9, apples and oranges. Competence vs incompetence. Loyal American vs treasonous non-American. etc., etc., etc.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: zephyrgirl 6/21/2019 10:52:23 AM (No. 103046)
He's right - they haven't killed anyone. So far, they've damaged property. Infuriating, but no need to give them the propaganda boost they want.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Zarin 6/21/2019 10:52:57 AM (No. 103047)
So what is there to complain about? The MSM is calling this 'failure to launch' - it is not a failure. It is wisdom. Nor is stopping the strike a show of weakness & lack of resolve. The point is we could have done it, we came close to doing it! And did not. We can still retaliate if we wish. It is like having a sword hanging over Iran. Kinda like psychological warfare. President Trump did not escalate nor up the ante. Anyone killed would have become martyrs and that would become a rallying point to inflame the populace. This is strategy. We have a true Commander in Chief.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: GO3 6/21/2019 10:54:58 AM (No. 103049)
Agree with #3. I was going to back to the original NYT article posted here early this morning, but couldn't find it. I did see it was the classic "unnamed sources." Don't discount a high ranking uniformed member being the leaker. During the planning for OIF, General Franks was so concerned about a leaker in the "Tank" that he briefed an optional course of action which was a false plan just to see if it ended up in the press. And it did. IMO the weasel was Shinseki. It wouldn't surprise me if if there are still a few flags making hay off of their access. OTOH, Trump was maybe running a similar op as Franks to root out the leaker who shared info with the Slimes.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: mamabear 6/21/2019 11:09:32 AM (No. 103064)
...Praying like crazy that PJDT would take no hasty action in retaliation against Iran. In the not too distant past, Washington DC politicrats (republican and democrat), foreign governments and George Tenet (democrat in charge of CIA) were all over cable tv insisting that Sadaam Hussein/ Iraq had wmd's and used them on his own people. Pressure from both sides mounted on former president George W. Bush to deal forcefully with what was deemed to be a dangerous situation. Finally, we had bi-partisanship in Washington! But when all was said and done, democrats, rinos and the media were the first to turn on him. Remember code Pink, (paid) protestors, "Bush lied-people died" etc.? If PDJT makes a heavy-handed response to the 'bi-partisan" pressure to punish Iran for shooting down a drone, it could end up being "Trump lied-people died". Hard to get a second term in office with that hanging over his head. Plus, the dems and the media desperately need a diversion and a cover. War always works. In the breathless, wall-to-wall, media coverage of the "war", results of the FBI-DOJ investigations will be swept under the rug. Frankly, I will not be surprised if we later discover democrats were manipulating Iran behind the scenes to needle Trump into a war. Remember the former administrations' attempts to unseat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015? ( Take your time Mr. President. I'm hoping and praying that you will find a way/s to make a measured response and deal with the already-weakened Iranian regime without firing one single shot.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Clinger 6/21/2019 11:23:02 AM (No. 103078)
This smells to me like a brilliant fake on Trump's part. Perhaps even a double fake. First, he wants Iran to feel the pressure of a finger on a double set hair trigger. Second, he may have simultaneously found a mole by setting them up with an irresistible bait.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: chillijilli 6/21/2019 11:35:09 AM (No. 103087)
I think if you step back you'll see a familiar pattern here: I'm gonna order a strike. No, I'm not. Oh, perhaps this was a mistake by somebody stupid. I'm waiting to hear this was just bad judgment. Very soon they'll see how serious I am. I'm gonna strike. Well, I ordered it. But I called it off at the last minute. This is Trump's classic modus operandi. It's a successful business strategy which he uses regularly. It gives him an edge in negotiations because the opposition can never be 100% sure where he stands. He accomplishes exactly what he set out to accomplish.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Geoman 6/21/2019 11:46:05 AM (No. 103091)
Thinking of our armed forces, why gin up orders that gets US strike teams all spun up for combat in the first place?
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Reply 18 - Posted by: DVC 6/21/2019 12:10:39 PM (No. 103109)
Too bad.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Timber Queen 6/21/2019 12:17:45 PM (No. 103120)
#17 - Speaking as the wife of a retired Army Major with 25 years of service; our military personnel understand strategy and tactics. They would rather gear up for combat, even begin the mission, and be called back than initiate hostile action. They much prefer missions that are warning messages to useless military strikes whose purpose is to shore up the macho image of a politician. The men and women wearing the uniform for the USA know President Trump values their lives and families and will not put them in harms way because he was bullied into it by those against the interests of our country. I'll bet they are cheering and laughing at the brilliance of their Commander in Chief. Reread #8. MAGA - Led by a very stable genius.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Rumblehog 6/21/2019 12:21:41 PM (No. 103123)
I suspect he was encouraged to allow the Israelis to "join in the fun."
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Reply 21 - Posted by: bighambone 6/21/2019 12:45:58 PM (No. 103157)
Remember back during the Presidential campaign when Donald Trump said the last thing that he intends to do as President is to continue to involve the USA in “endless wars”. Since President Trump was elected he has always followed that tact. That’s what is happening now, even after the Iranians shot down that US drone. Which Trump has said may have been the result of a local Iranian commander exceeding his authority. Whether that “mistake” occurred or not will soon become evident. Trump still asks the Iranians to come to the negotiating table. The next move is now with the Iranians, as if they fire on another US aircraft or ship, nobody can blame Trump for the kinetic fury that will rain down on the Iranian Military. As Trump has said, we will see what happens!
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Reply 22 - Posted by: DVC 6/21/2019 2:17:15 PM (No. 103265)
The chess game has fundamentally changed from the 1980s when we had the "Tanker War" with Iran. Then we were heavily dependent on Middle Eastern oil. Today, we are self-sufficient in oil and gas (thanks to the President, while the Dems worked furiously to prevent us from becoming self-sufficient). China, Japan and Korea are now very dependent on oil coming through the Straits of Hormuz. So....what will China, Japan and Korea do about Iran? I believe that the ships which were attacked were Japanese ships. Where is the Japanese Navy? Maybe they can send all three or four of their ships over, or whatever they have. And China....where are their (foolishly named) "Army Navy" ships? Come on, boys, time to ante up -- maybe the USA won't do all your dirty work for you this time.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: America 1st 6/21/2019 6:43:58 PM (No. 103506)
Think about it: President Trump bombed Iran today! - Democrats scream Trump is a war monger! Or President Trump decides not to bomb Iran today! - Democrats scream Trump is a coward! President Trump saw no value in allowing Iran to parade casket after casket for our Media to use to scream Trump is a warmonger. Democrats will never understand how President Trump plays them like a fiddle.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 6/22/2019 4:47:47 AM (No. 103793)
Trump is being pushed by the NeoCons to go to war with Iran. He just brilliantly baited them and then pulled the rug out from under them! No more middle eastern wars! We can kick Iran's butt in two weeks...the problem is the old "now what" as the country slips into total chaos! No thanks! Get these people out of power now!
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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has received a personal letter of 'excellent content' from President Donald Trump, the country's state news agency said Sunday. Kim 'said with satisfaction that the letter is of excellent content,' Korean Central News Agency reported. 'Appreciating the political judging faculty and extraordinary courage of President Trump, Kim Jong Un said that he would seriously contemplate the interesting content,' KCNA said. The report gave no further detail about the content of the letter.
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Hispanic voters should take their fight against President Trump to the “streets,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) suggested in a tweet Saturday. The Democrat presidential candidate spouted a series of falsehoods in a tweet posted Saturday, accusing Trump of breaking up Hispanic families and caging children just for kicks. He also accused Trump of seeking to “erase” the Hispanic population’s existence by way of a basic census citizenship question.“If you’re Hispanic, there’s nothing @realDonaldTrump won’t do to break up your family, cage your children, or erase your existence with a weaponized census,” Swalwell tweeted.“And there’s nothing we won’t do in the streets, courts, and at the ballot box to stop him.
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President Donald Trump says he is delaying a nationwide sweep to deport people living in the U.S. illegally. He said in a tweet Saturday he would delay for two weeks to give lawmakers time to discuss border solutions. Three administration officials told The Associated Press the operation had been canceled because details had leaked in the media and officer safety could be jeopardized. The officials were not authorized to speak publicly on the operation and spoke on condition of anonymity. The operation was expected to begin Sunday and would have targeted people with final orders of removal, including families
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On Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the runner-up for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination and a 2020 candidate, said his "Medicare for All" program would extend health care coverage to the 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. "We are gonna end that and create a Medicare for All healthcare system which guarantees health care to every man woman and child and saves the average American substantial sums of money," Sanders said at the NALEO conference in Miami."Senator, would you include the 11 million undocumented immigrants in that?" a moderator asked."Absolutely. Absolutely," Sanders responded. "When I talk about health care being a human right,
Donald Trump Confirms Decision to
Call Off Military Strike on Iran
24 replies
Posted by Imright 6/21/2019 9:54:00 AM Post Reply
President Donald Trump confirmed Friday he pulled back a military strike on Iran after he learned the number of possible casualties. “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on three different sights (sic),” Trump revealed on Twitter. The attack was planned in retaliation for Iran shooting down a U.S. surveillance drone on Thursday in international waters.Trump said prior to the strikes he was told by a general the casualties could be up to 150 people. “Ten minutes before the strike I stopped it, not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone,” he wrote. Trump added that he was in “no hurry” for additional military conflicts with Iran
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The Left’s reparations strategy is working as intended: The push for slavery reparations is all about anger, not justice. In the face of the prosperity Donald Trump has brought, the Democrats worry about their dependence in high turnout and 90%+ voting support from African-Americans. (snip) The one emotion that can both unite group solidarity and drive people to vote is anger. I the current economy satisfies people, then some other source must be found, for as Saul Alinksy taught them, “it's up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”
Elizabeth Warren warns anti-abortion backers:
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COLUMBIA, S.C. — Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren suggested that abortion restrictions and anti-abortion politicians were motivated by a desire to return to a period when women could not participate in the workforce."It is not 1952," the Massachusetts senator said on Saturday about her work in the upper chamber to expand abortion rights. "You're not going to lock women back in the kitchen. You are not going to tell us what to do."Warren was speaking at the "We Decide" forum hosted by Planned Parenthood's political arm, an event coinciding with the state Democratic convention. She has promised that if elected president she would have Congress pass a bill into law

Immigrant advocates prepare for ICE sweeps:
‘The effect is terror. We’re getting call
after call after call’
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Posted by earlybird 6/22/2019 10:59:34 AM Post Reply
Emilio Amaya, a longtime immigrant advocate in the Inland Empire, spent much of the day Friday taking calls from a frightened community.(Snip)No one yet knows the actual impact of nationwide immigration enforcement operations set to start Sunday. President Trump had said Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents would begin removing “millions” in the country illegally. Federal officials then said that agents in major U.S. cities would target up to 2,000 family members for deportation. On Friday, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said about 140 individuals with orders for removal would be targeted by immigration agents in
Romney Pushes to Stop Trump
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Posted by tisHimself 6/22/2019 6:35:04 AM Post Reply
Senator Mitt Romney is trying to prevent President Donald Trump from doing what many in Congress fear he plans to: Going easy on Huawei Technologies Co. as part of a trade deal with Beijing. In an amendment Romney submitted this week to the National Defense Authorization Act, the Utah Republican set out specific conditions for the commerce secretary to remove Huawei from a U.S. blacklist.
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MARRAKESH, Morocco — Their screams must have carried for miles in the thin air of the Atlas Mountains, anguished sounds of a terrorist attack that no one was there to hear, see or stop. Maren Ueland, 28, and Louisa Jespersen, 24, Scandinavian students who revered the outdoors, were descending North Africa’s highest peak in December when they encountered four men searching for Westerners to kill. The men waited until after nightfall, then approached the women’s tent with knives and misplaced hopes of becoming Islamist heroes. They attacked Ueland, a Norwegian, and her Danish friend, Jespersen, in their sleeping bags, stabbed them until their bodies went limp
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