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Michael Flynn Hires Attorney
Sidney Powell as Legal Counsel…

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Posted By: earlybird, 6/12/2019 2:23:41 PM

This is excellent news. Last week Michael Flynn fired Covington & Burling LLP as his legal counsel. Today it is being reported that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has hired former U.S. Attorney Sidney Powell.This is an excellent development as Sidney Powell is one of the few legal advocates with a firm grasp on the surrounding dynamic. Additionally, Mrs. Powell is smart to the tricks and corrupt tactics of Andrew Weissmann and the assembled crew of Robert Mueller. It will likely take several weeks for Powell to review the case file (must be rather large), and given the background of corrupt FBU activity, hopefully


YES!!!!! Powell is amazing. She hangs out once in a while on Lou Dobbs, where he obliterates her wisdom with his canned “rabid Dims” blather. She also posts with her own name at CTH.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: earlybird 6/12/2019 2:25:18 PM (No. 96810)
OP comment cont’d: There is a lot of detailed background in this article. Well worth a read for more than just the Powell announcement.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Annie Xango 6/12/2019 3:30:55 PM (No. 96871)
YAY!!!! she is amazing..she also had a great sit down with Mark Levin..and she does post sometimes on CTH....
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Nevadadad46 6/12/2019 4:42:56 PM (No. 96911)
Some blow-up on this is about to happen. It will not be good for the Mueller people.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: john56 6/12/2019 4:48:02 PM (No. 96914)
And they say there's no good news in the papers anymore.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: America Rising 2020 6/12/2019 5:49:28 PM (No. 96967)
Sickem.....nail that POS bass terd weisssmann
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John Dean: Still a Crook 0 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/14/2019 10:05:36 AM Post Reply
There is something retrogressively fetid in the odor wafting from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerold Nadler’s (D-N.Y.) show trial on Monday. In it, he called the infamously dishonest criminal John Dean as star witness to assist, once again, in the obstruction of justice we now know is being perpetrated by the Democrat Party in their ongoing attempt to frame several citizens, among them Donald J. Trump. It makes sense, then, that Nadler and the House Democrats would invite Dean to “testify.” He lied to federal investigators 19 times, he lost his law license for “unethical, unprofessional and
White House Slams Office of Special
Counsel Recommendation for Kellyanne
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The White House is slamming the Office of Special Counsel [OSC] for recommending Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway be removed from her position for violations of the Hatch Act. "OSC's draft Report is based on multiple fundamental legal and factual errors, makes unfair and unsupported claims against a close advisor to the President, is the product of a blatantly unfair process that ignored statutory notice requirements, and has been influences by various inappropriate considerations. As a result, the current Report would serve only to undermine public confidence in OSC and its procedures," a lengthy letter written by Counsel to
Devin Nunes and Mark Meadows
Discuss Corruption Within FBI/DOJ
and “New Whistle-blowers” Coming Forward……
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HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes appears with judiciary committee member Mark Meadows to discuss today’s HPSCI hearing, corruption within the DOJ/FBI, and the current NYT story about AG Bill Barr questioning the CIA construct of the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment. Notice in Mr. Nunes statements: “corrupt rank and file“? {CURIOUS}; also Fusion GPS and the FBI operating on “parallel tracks“? {CURIOUS x 2} Additionally, from Rep. Mark Meadows we hear this: “We are now getting a lot of whistle-blowers” … “people who knew this was wrong are coming forward now” …
President Trump Uses Mark Warner and
Adam Schiff Examples to Highlight
Foreign Contacts….
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Posted by earlybird 6/13/2019 3:20:08 PM Post Reply
Earlier today President Trump hit back against a ridiculous media and political narrative that in a series of tweets: (Tweets)The example of Mark Warner is particularly poignant. In 2017 Senator Mark Warner was texting with lawyer/lobbyist Adam Waldman about setting up a covert meeting with British intelligence operative and dossier author Chris Steele. Waldman is a lobbyist/lawyer with a $40,000 monthly retainer to represent the U.S. interests of Russian billionaire Oleg V. Deripaska. Additionally, in 2018 the Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, was demanding the FBI and DOJ keep records from congress.
Report: John Durham Questioning CIA
Officials About Intelligence Community Assessment…
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Posted by earlybird 6/12/2019 10:11:54 PM Post Reply
The New York Times has a report this evening surrounding U.S. Attorney John Durham questioning CIA officials about the origination of the Trump-Russia investigation. However, a closer look at the substance underneath the NYT reporting and it doesn’t actually look like Durham is questioning the CIA about the investigation itself; rather it appears he is questioning the CIA about how they came to the conclusions within the January 7th, 2017, Intelligence Community Assessment, or ICA. (Snip)Questioning the construct of the ICA is a smart direction to take for a review or investigation. By looking at the intelligence community work-product, it’s likely Durham will cut through a lot
GOP’s ‘Recycled Children’ Drama Beats
Democrats’ ‘Family Separation’ Claim
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GOP senators are putting Democrat senators on the defensive by directly spotlighting the Democrats’ role in creating the “child recycling” problem on the U.S. border. “We have this obvious mistreatment of children, recycling of children, [people] being paid to do it, probably the cartel benefiting from it,” Iowa GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley told the Senate Judiciary Committee (Snip)In any debate over child recycling, the Democrats are vulnerable because they are “responsible for the abuse of these [recycled] children,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies. The Democrats’ support for the Flores loophole
AP: Ilhan Omar Ignores Request for Tax
Returns, but Demanded Trump’s
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Posted by earlybird 6/12/2019 4:14:59 PM Post Reply
The Associated Press (AP) has confirmed that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) filed a joint tax return with one man while being legally married to another — and adds that she has ignored requests to release her tax returns. Omar has joined Democrats in demanding that President Donald Trump release his tax returns, even claiming — oddly — that he had to do so because it was “required by law”: (Snip) "filed joint tax returns for 2014 and 2015.” That could add fuel to persistent allegations that Omar had been married to two men at the same time —
Hunter Biden Secretly Marries After
Split from Brother’s Widow
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Posted by earlybird 6/12/2019 4:09:47 PM Post Reply
Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President and 2020 White House frontrunner Joe Biden, secretly married last month amid heightened scrutiny of his business ties to China’s communist government, according to a report out Wednesday. (Snip)Biden, 49, married South African-born Melissa Cohen on May 16th in Los Angeles. “The couple was married by an L.A. minister who runs an instant marriage company, which makes us think Uncle Joe and the rest of the fam were not there,” the gossip media outlet reports. The news comes on the heels of reports that Hunter split with Hallie Biden,
State Department Official Helped
Christopher Steele With Business
Concerns, Emails Show
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Posted by earlybird 6/12/2019 2:32:34 PM Post Reply
A State Department official who played a key role in handling the Steele dossier facilitated meetings between Christopher Steele and private consulting firms, according to State Department emails obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Jonathan Winer, a longtime associate of former Secretary of State John Kerry, set up a meeting in late 2014 with an executive at APCO Worldwide, an international consulting firm where (Snip) Winer also attempted to set up a meeting in November 2014 between Steele, a former MI6 officer, and executives at McLarty Associates, a consultancy founded by Bill Clinton’s first chief of staff, Mack McLarty.
Michael Flynn Hires Attorney
Sidney Powell as Legal Counsel…
5 replies
Posted by earlybird 6/12/2019 2:23:41 PM Post Reply
This is excellent news. Last week Michael Flynn fired Covington & Burling LLP as his legal counsel. Today it is being reported that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has hired former U.S. Attorney Sidney Powell.This is an excellent development as Sidney Powell is one of the few legal advocates with a firm grasp on the surrounding dynamic. Additionally, Mrs. Powell is smart to the tricks and corrupt tactics of Andrew Weissmann and the assembled crew of Robert Mueller. It will likely take several weeks for Powell to review the case file (must be rather large), and given the background of corrupt FBU activity, hopefully
Death Spiral Continues as CNN
Loses One-Third of Primetime Audience
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Posted by earlybird 6/12/2019 12:13:07 PM Post Reply
The far-left CNN’s ratings death spiral marched into last week as the fake news network lost one-third of its primetime audience and a breathtaking 55 percent of its demo viewers. When compared to this same week last year, CNN also lost 21 percent of its total day viewers. How bad is this? Well, you can’t blame a slow news week because not only was President Trump on an overseas trip, but as you will see, CNN stands completely alone with this massive audience implosion. By comparison, in primetime, MSNBC and Fox News only lost four percent of their
‘Empire’ Creator Lee Daniels Blames
Jussie Smollett for Cancellation
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Posted by earlybird 6/12/2019 12:00:44 PM Post Reply
Empire creator Lee Daniels blames Jussie Smollett for the cancellation of the hit TV show and has cut him out of his life. In a lengthy interview with Vulture, Daniels is asked: “It was a little surprising to learn that Fox was ending Empire. Do you think the Jussie situation played a part in that decision?” Without any apparent hesitation, Daniels answers, “Certainly, that played a major part.” Although he refused to say he Smollett is outright lying about being the victim of a hate crime, Daniels did admit to being “beyond embarrassed” for initially believing him and
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Oberlin College hit with maximum
(capped at $22 million by law) in Gibson’s Bakery case
41 replies
Posted by shalimar 6/13/2019 3:27:19 PM Post Reply
The jury just rendered its verdict on punitive damages in the Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College case. Daniel McGraw, our reporter in the courtroom, reports that in addition to the $11.2 million compensatory damages awarded last Friday, the jury awarded a total of $22 million. That brings the total damages to $33 million. We will have the breakdown soon. The jury also awarded attorney’s fees, to be determined by the judge. In closing argument, Gibson’s lawyer Lee Plakas argued: “Why is the country watching you. Because the country agrees that what happened to the Gibsons should not happen to anyone, but could happen to everyone.”
Mitt Romney slams Trump for saying
he would accept 'foreign dirt' on rivals: 'Simply unthinkable'
40 replies
Posted by tisHimself 6/13/2019 10:58:00 PM Post Reply
Senator Mitt Romney has slammed Donald Trump for saying that he would accept dirt on a political opponent from a foreign government, saying the president’s remarks are “simply unthinkable.” Mr Romney, who was the 2012 Republican nominee for president before winning his Senate seat last year, said during an impromptu interview with reporters that he would contact the FBI immediately if a foreign government approached him in that way.
Special Counsel recommends firing
Kellyanne Conway over alleged
Hatch Act violations
36 replies
Posted by Harlowe 6/13/2019 1:22:33 PM Post Reply
The Office of Special Counsel recommended Thursday that Kellyanne Conway be fired from the federal government for violating the Hatch Act on “numerous occasions.” The Hatch Act is a federal law that limits certain political activities of federal employees. The OSC, which is separate from the office with a similar name previously run by Robert Mueller, said in a scathing report released Thursday that White House Counselor Conway violated the Hatch Act by “disparaging Democratic presidential candidates while speaking in her official capacity during television interviews and on social media.
Bernie: ‘A Lot Of People In The
Country Would Be Delighted To
Pay More In Taxes’
34 replies
Posted by JoniTx 6/13/2019 6:33:47 AM Post Reply
Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said on Wednesday night during a CNN interview that "a lot of people" would love to pay more in taxes if it meant that they got government-run health care. (Video) "But as you know, the taxes in many of those countries are much higher than they are in individual and personal tax are much higher than they are in the United States," CNN's Anderson Cooper said."Yeah, but I suspect that a lot of people in the country would be delighted to pay more in taxes if they had comprehensive health care as a human right," Sanders responded.
'I think I’d take it': In exclusive interview,
Trump says he would listen if foreigners
offered dirt on opponents
32 replies
Posted by M2 6/13/2019 8:04:55 AM Post Reply
President Donald Trump may not alert the FBI if foreign governments offered damaging information against his 2020 rivals during the upcoming presidential race, he said, despite the deluge of investigations stemming from his campaign's interactions with Russians during the 2016 campaign. Asked by ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos in the Oval Office on Wednesday whether his campaign would accept such information from foreigners -- such as China or Russia -- or hand it over the FBI, Trump said, "I think maybe you do both." "I think you might want to listen, there isn't anything wrong with listening," Trump continued. "If somebody called from a country,
Give Congressmen a Pay Raise?
Pelosi: 'It's Not a Pay Raise,
It's a COLA Increase'
29 replies
Posted by JoniTx 6/13/2019 2:39:35 PM Post Reply
At her weekly news conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was asked whether it's appropriate at this time for Congress to give itself a pay raise."It's not a pay raise, it's a COLA increase," Pelosi responded. "And whether that comes to be, I don't know. It would have to be a bipartisan initiative."In this case, Congress could allow itself a COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) that would raise lawmakers' pay by $4,500 to $178,500, up from the current $174,000. (According to the Congressional Research Service, members of both the House and Senate are paid a salary of $174,000. The House and Senate majority and minority leaders are paid $193,400; and
'Thank you for letting me fend for
myself': High school valedictorian blasts
'alcoholic' teacher and 'unavailable' counselor
in shocking graduation speech
29 replies
Posted by JoniTx 6/13/2019 2:35:32 PM Post Reply
A California valedictorian took to the podium and slammed a teacher for being 'regularly intoxicated' and her counselor for leaving her to 'fend for herself' during her graduation speech.Nataly Buhr, a senior at San Ysidro High School in San Diego, opened her speech thanking the school, her parents, and a few teachers for being 'invested in the students' education and well being' on Thursday June 6. But then her address took a sharp turn when she called out the school's administrators and teachers for being negligent and failing to do their jobs. 'To the teacher that was regularly intoxicated during class this year,
Oberlin College pleads poverty to
jury deciding on punitive damages
28 replies
Posted by Magnante 6/13/2019 9:00:19 AM Post Reply
Yesterday saw the president (salary: over half a million dollars) of Oberlin College (with an endowment of $887.4 million) plead poverty to a jury in Lorrain County, Ohio (median household income: $54,932), urging them not add punitive damages of up to $22 million to the $11 million already awarded to Gibson’s Bakery. (snip) Gibson’s lawyers spent considerable time going over Oberlin College’s IRS Form 990, showing over $1 billion in assets and numerous employees earning over $100,000
House panel to hold hearing on
reparations for slavery next week
26 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 6/13/2019 11:25:57 PM Post Reply
Washington - A House panel will hold a hearing next week on the topic of reparations for slavery. The House Judiciary Committee's subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties is set to hold a hearing June 19 on legislation that would establish a commission to study the consequences and impacts of slavery and make recommendations for reparations proposals. The hearing is titled "H.R. 40 and the Path to Restorative Justice." (Snip) "While we have focused on the social effects of slavery and segregation, its continuing economic implications remain largely ignored by mainstream analysis," Jackson Lee said, adding, "These economic
New York City to unveil largest
rainbow pride flag in city’s history
26 replies
Posted by Ribicon 6/13/2019 11:45:26 AM Post Reply
Let your freak flag fly, New York! New York is coming out in a larger-than-life way this Pride Month, unveiling the biggest pride flag in the city’s history on Friday. But it won’t be a traditional cloth flag. Instead, the normally gray, concrete steps at Roosevelt Island’s Four Freedoms Park will be painted to resemble the iconic rainbow symbol for the gay rights movement. The fitting hashtag: #AscendWithPride. The location of the massive 12-foot-by-100-foot display of equality is no coincidence either. Four Freedoms State Park was established as a memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt
U.S. soccer stars embarrass themselves
at Women's World Cup
22 replies
Posted by MissMolly 6/13/2019 5:10:58 AM Post Reply
Yesterday at the Women’s World Cup, the U.S. defeated Thailand 13-0. The lopsidedness of the result is further proof that the tournament is a second rate sporting event. Soccer is the world’s game, but women’s soccer is not. Not many countries take women’s soccer seriously and, with the possible exception of the U.S., those that do don’t take it nearly as seriously as they take men’s soccer. Hence, mismatches like the U.S.-Thailand farce. There just aren’t enough competent women’s teams in some continents to make up a strong world cup field. At the real World Cup, a mismatch like yesterday’s is nearly impossible. If the best men’s team from Europe
How Long Can The Media Ignore The Fact That
A Senior House Democrat Is Married To A Fraudster
22 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 6/13/2019 4:32:49 AM Post Reply
So far the media has managed to avert its eyes and studiously ignore a major story of corruption and malfeasance in Congress because to cover said story would totally destroy a narrative and expose them to allegations that they are racist. At the epicenter of this tale is the pustulent and rather dim Elijah Cummings from my current state of residence. Cummings is your typical product of the Maryland Democrat machine. The reek of corruption is always near him but never quite attaches to him because he is, as I said, the product of the Maryland Democrat machine and therefore bulletproof. Now all of that may be getting ready to change.
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