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Posted By: Dreadnought, 11/5/2022 12:53:43 AM

The GOP is on the brink, I think, of an epic sweep of the 2022 midterm elections. I expect both the House and the Senate to be in Republican hands in January. So, is there a fly in the ointment? There is indeed: Donald Trump is preparing to announce for the 2024 presidential nomination: Former President Donald Trump plans to formally announce his long-teased third run for the White House later this month, two sources told The Post Friday. One source added that Nov. 14, the Monday after the midterm elections, is the likely date the 45th president will launch his bid. Another source said an announcement would come sometime this month

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Reply 1 - Posted by: bpl40 11/5/2022 1:06:46 AM (No. 1324872)
You idiot! No Trump no GOP. Do you think the limp wristed, lily livered country club boys of the GoPe are going stare down and defeat the Democrat thugs? You still don’t get it!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: SALady 11/5/2022 2:39:05 AM (No. 1324886)
All I know is that, if Donald Trump decides to run in 2024, he will have my husband's and my support, donations, and votes!!!! And I am pretty sure that there are 80,000,000+ people in this country that vote and feel exactly the same way. Plus, now that we see the utter incompetence and immorality of the Demon-Rats on full display, I'm sure Trump will pick up a lot more votes from people that voted for Senile Joe bidet last time but have learned the error of their ways (especially at the gas pump and grocery store)!!! At this point, the Demon-Rats have absolutely nobody to run in 2024 that gets anyone excited. And other than Trump and DeSantis, the Republicans don't either. DeSantis knows that he is young and has plenty of time to run in 2028 and beyond. So if Trump decides to run, DeSantis will sit it out and be Trump's greatest cheerleader. And then DeSantis will get all of Trump's support (and probably very generous cash donations), as well as the goodwill, support, and votes, of all of Trump's 80,000,000+ supporters, in 2028!!!!! It's a "no brainer" for DeSantis, and a win/win for conservatives in this country in 2024, 2028, and beyond!!!!!
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Proud Texan 11/5/2022 2:53:05 AM (No. 1324890)
Poor littleJohn Hineyraker is falling so far behind the dust is given him a butthurt. Like #1 says, we need a warrior, not some timid candidate that wants to lose by gentlemens' rules. Donald Trump is THE warrior for the job.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Aud 11/5/2022 5:08:51 AM (No. 1324912)
Is Hinderaker delusional? This essay of his makes me think so.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: laurenc 11/5/2022 6:13:57 AM (No. 1324925)
The only part I agree with is that there will be endless investigations of all things Trump... and this time they will go for the legal equivalent of a death penalty.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: F15 Gork 11/5/2022 6:32:36 AM (No. 1324939)
Every time I watch a Trump rally I say go for it. Hopefully the GOP will pull its cranium out of its tail pipe this time and support him.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: judy 11/5/2022 6:41:57 AM (No. 1324945)
PL..Trump never left. Comparing Trump's 4 years to Biden's 2 years caused the red wave. The voters are saying let's go back to 2020.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Falconer 11/5/2022 6:42:23 AM (No. 1324946)
We should not let democrats, rinos or the media tell us who our candidate should be. They will attack whoever the candidate is come election day.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: montwoodcliff 11/5/2022 7:30:18 AM (No. 1324977)
What are Trump’s blunders that this guy is talking about, not firing everybody in sight who was tying his hands? If I were Trump, I would save any announcements until January, when all of his people are in place.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: J F Ackerman 11/5/2022 7:41:05 AM (No. 1324990)
Please, no announcement until after the Georgia run-offs. The will be run-offs in Georgia.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Right Time 11/5/2022 7:50:36 AM (No. 1324997)
I support Donald Trump and will vote for him in 2024 if he runs. Having said that, the buzz about Trump making an announcement is stupid. And making any announcement now u\is even more stupid. I say let the midterm elections play out and the red wave come. Let the DC beltway be shaken to the core. But WAIT---wait until January for any announcement, Mr Trump, when you will have your supporters in place, and when the evil Democrats have been removed from the offices that they lost. Wounded animals are most dangerous, and evil Democrats who have lost elections to their lifelong sinecures are extremely dangerous. Wait until the GOP takes over both Houses of Congress and has filibuster-proof majority to protect you from the evil Democrats
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Rinktum 11/5/2022 7:50:47 AM (No. 1324998)
Looks like the same people who didn’t want Trump in 2016 still don’t want him in 2024. I could see that if their decision was based on his incompetence but it is based on nothing but personality. They cannot deny his success. Frankly, give me a plain speaking warrior everyday of the week instead of mealy mouthed GOPe’s who have enabled democrats by their unwillingness to go toe to toe with them. These fools are so stubborn and out of touch with reality that they cannot pull themselves into the truth of the state of politics today. Trump didn’t ask for this fight he just got sick of watching flaccid Republicans allow radical democrats to run roughshod over them to the detriment of the country. Instead of hoping someone would come along to fight for us, Trump jumped in and shook up the political landscape and the country was better off for it. The GOPers are angry because he showed them up as complete worthless fools who refused to fight when it was necessary. Truth be told, the feckless Republicans are the reason we need a warrior like President Trump. Had they done their jobs, we may be in a different place. Americans know who the enemy is and it is not the guy willing to charge Hades with a squirt gun to save this country. Sadly, these so called wizards of smart, thank you Rush, will not change, their egos won’t allow it.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: hoopsfan 11/5/2022 8:22:57 AM (No. 1325028)
To #1, 3, 5 and others --- John Hinderaker is not delusional or idiotic; if you'll read his entire piece, you may see the sound points that he makes. Donald Trump is simply too old, baggage-ridden, and divisive to be a good candidate. The Dems are probably eager for his candidacy so they can divert attention from their own failures.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Strike3 11/5/2022 9:19:41 AM (No. 1325092)
In spite of opinions to the contrary, Donald Trump is the best President we have seen in the last hundred years and his next term will be better than his first because he has exposed the enemy that just happens to be America's enemy. The "baggage" was created by democrats like Hillary and Barack and our corrupt FBI. MAGA
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Urgent Fury 11/5/2022 9:20:02 AM (No. 1325094)
Take Trump out of the equation---If not DeSantis, who then?
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Reply 16 - Posted by: WV.Hillbilly 11/5/2022 9:23:08 AM (No. 1325101)
"half of America’s voters won’t even consider voting for Trump in 2024." Half of America’s voters won’t even consider voting for any Republican in any year.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 11/5/2022 9:25:19 AM (No. 1325104)
Once again, folks, let us not lose focus on what is important right now - the November 8th mid-terms and re-gaining control of the House and Senate. November 8th is not a presidential primary.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Dino Sayer 11/5/2022 10:13:44 AM (No. 1325150)
Which Democratic sources are these? Gee, can we inject Trump into the election in the last couple of days? Here’s a hint: most of the winning candidates are already Trump -endorsed. Your fake announcement is only going to make the Republican victory larger.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Jubal 11/5/2022 11:55:19 AM (No. 1325299)
Same old story. Don't send a winner out! Bring on the Bushes again. Is Jeb still around? Reagan didn't want "Read my Lips" Geo. H. W., but the establishment forced him on Reagan. Is Bob Dole still available? C'mon man.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Kate318 11/5/2022 1:00:20 PM (No. 1325395)
Same anti-Trumpers, different day. Please, please, please yes, Mr. President.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Citoyen 11/5/2022 1:02:31 PM (No. 1325396)
#10, The January 6 rally is one of Trump’s blunders, in my opinion his biggest. Leading up to that disastrous blunder was Trump’s focus on jiggered voting machines and fraudulent votes, neither of which were proven, instead of the fact that elections in the swing states were conducted in violation of the Constitution. There were certainly other blunders. If he is the nominee for 2024 I’ll vote for him. Not sure about the primary.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: DrOstrow 11/5/2022 1:42:48 PM (No. 1325443)
THANK YOU #13 I get tired of the 'Oh NO ! Not Trump' drum beat. Seldom if ever does anyone say - why not ? 'He's not presidential ! - and the doofus we have now IS ?? 'He has too much baggage !' Show me someone his age who DOESN'T have baggage. Grow up and stop looking for someone who is 'perfect'. If you can find one, you're not going to find them in the political 'pool'. Trump is wealthy enough that he cannot be bought. THIS is what PO's his opponents the MOST. They cannot BUY him as they do with some other politicians to get them to 'toe the party line' ! He's not for sale - not even to the Chinese, unlike some others I suspect ! Ever notice how a LOT of politicians come OUT of office a LOT richer than when they went in ? Their salaries aren't THAT high ! I give you 2008 - 2016 to ponder for starters. Trump didn't make a mistake on Jan 6 IMHO. There were going to be riots, arrests and show trials. no matter what else happened and all for the purpose of smearing Trump. The people to started it were all in place and ready ! Finally anyone who thinks the election wasn't FIXED either can't add or aren't paying attention or BOTH. Biden essentially never came out of his basement ( if that's where he really was ) for the ENTIRE campaign. When he did, he couldn't fill a gas station parking lot with supporters but he got 81 MILLION votes ?? Yeah, right ! It must have taken three days for the printing presses to cool down ! I WANT a fighter. Someone who cares about the American people and who is NOT a politician. Someone who will point out how useless and in some cases corrupt, a fair number of our sacred institution are . Trump is a man who could have spent the rest of his life in luxury without a worry in the world. Instead he took on what is probably one of the most, if not the most difficult job in the world. If he runs again he'll have my support in any way I can for as long as I can because I can't imagine anyone else who could do AGAIN what he has already done in the past ! What in the name of ......................... was SO BAD about 2016 - 2020 when Mr. Trump was President ?
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Loyal RedState readers will no doubt have a good grasp of the number of legacy characters, established stories, and beloved IPs that have been corrupted, perverted, and twisted by radical ideologues in order to turn them into delivery systems for their own extreme politics. Oftentimes, they claim they’re doing this for “modern audiences,” but this is a weak excuse, especially since these “reimagined” movies and television shows tend to lose audiences and money as viewers walk away in order to avoid getting preached at by shallow people who hate the moviegoers they’re trying to peach at. But if you wanted proof that the intent is to inject modern radical politics into
Bob Iger Speaks Out About Gun Control
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Former President Barack Obama, Disney CEO Bob Iger and Matthew McConaughey joined together in New York Tuesday to condemn and lift up solutions to the continuing issue of gun violence on the 10th anniversary of the school shooting in Sandy Hook. Speaking at the Sandy Hook Promise Benefit, a night honoring an organization started by parents of the victims that trains students and adults to know the signs of gun violence, Iger said preventing shootings before they happen “should be among our highest priorities.” The recently reappointed Disney CEO was honored for his support of gun reform and the organization’s Start with Hello initiative, which works to combat social isolation.
Herschel Walker Concedes Georgia Senate
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Republican candidate Herschel Walker conceded the Georgia Senate runoff race to Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) on Tuesday. “I want you to believe in America and continue to believe in the Constitution and believe in our elected officials most of all,” he said. “I’m never gonna stop fighting for Georgia.” “There’s no excuses in life, and I’m not going to make any excuses now, because we put up one heck of a fight,” he continued. Walker made no mention of Warnock in the speech.“I want to thank all of you as well,” he told the crowd. “Because we’ve been through a tough journey, have we not?”
Apple is adding end-to-end encryption
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Apple will finally be adding end-to-end encryption to iCloud backups, the company said as part of a major set of security announcements on Wednesday. Under what it calls Advanced Data Protection, Apple will expand the number of “data categories” protected by end-to-end encryption from 14 to 23, with backups, Notes, and Photos now covered. Users on Apple’s beta program in the US will be able to enable Advanced Data Protection beginning Wednesday, Apple says. It will be available broadly to US users by the end of the year and will begin rolling out globally in early 2023.
Peru's President Pedro Castillo says he
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Peru's President Pedro Castillo announced on Wednesday that he will dissolve Congress temporarily, and will install an emergency government -- hours before lawmakers were due to make an impeachment vote in congress. In a televised speech from the Presidential Palace on Wednesday, Castillo said he will call for early parliamentary elections to work on a new constitution. The embattled president, who has survived two impeachment attempts, also declared a national curfew from Wednesday from 10 p.m. local (5 p.m. ET) to 4 a.m. local.
Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize 8 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 12/7/2022 11:26:02 AM Post Reply
I am pretty sure that my readers know that I am not a huge fan of Donald Trump, particularly the current version of Trump the candidate or Trump the celebrity. Still, I think Trump’s presidency from 2017-2021 is grossly underrated, particularly regarding his outstanding record in foreign policy achievements. As a Trump skeptic when he was running back int 2015 and 2016 I would never in a million years have expected him to be an outstanding president in foreign policy, but he was. Perhaps the best since Ronald Reagan, and certainly the best since George H.W. Bush. Trump was absolutely hated by our European allies, and equally hated by our international adversaries.
The last midterm miss: The big lesson
for GOP in Walker flop
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Posted by Dreadnought 12/7/2022 11:23:05 AM Post Reply
In a way, last night’s runoff election in Georgia provided the perfect cap to a midterm cycle full of missed opportunities and poor assumptions. Herschel Walker narrowly lost as a celebrity outsider to a two-year Senate Democrat incumbent who should have been uniquely vulnerable in 2022. And yet Walker finished behind Raphael Warnock not once but twice, in a state that elected Republicans into every other statewide office last month. Walker couldn’t get to 50% in either try despite the results of the regular election for Republicans in all other statewide races: Governor: Brian Kemp over Stacey Abrams, 53.4/45.9 SecState: Brad Raffensperger 53.2/44.0 over Bee Nguyen Lt. Governor: Burt Jones 51.4/46.4
Loudoun County Fires Superintendent over
Handling of Sexual-Assault Cases
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Posted by Dreadnought 12/7/2022 11:18:25 AM Post Reply
The Loudoun County school board fired Superintendent Scott Ziegler in a closed-door meeting Tuesday night after a special grand jury released a report blaming the district for failing to escalate cases of student sexual assault in 2021. Many parents reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with Ziegler to the school board after an investigation ordered by Governor Glenn Youngkin found that the district mishandled an incident in which a female student was raped in a school bathroom, allowing the perpetrator to commit a second sexual assault after being transferred to another school within the district.
China Reverses Harshest Covid-19 Restrictions
following Protests
4 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 12/7/2022 11:10:44 AM Post Reply
China has lifted its strictest zero-Covid policies after protests challenging the draconian measures swept the nation. Citizens who contract the virus and exhibit mild or no symptoms will no longer be required to check into a state facility to quarantine and can do so at home now, according to a ten-point order issued by the Chinese National Health Commission on Wednesday. Testing requirements for people traveling within China have also been dropped and officials were ordered to discontinue frequent arbitrary lockdowns. The order told officials to “more scientifically and accurately” demarcate “risk zones,” with a faster timeline for opening up high-risk zones after they have recovered.
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Warnock fends off Republican Herschel
Walker in Georgia, handing Democrats outright
majority in Senate
49 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 12/6/2022 10:35:32 PM Post Reply
Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) won reelection Tuesday, fending off a spirited challenge from Republican Herschel Walker while helping Democrats grow their thin Senate majority in the midterm elections after a bruising four-week runoff campaign. Warnock was leading Walker 50.4% to 49.6% when the race was called, earning the senator his first, full six-year term after ousting an appointed Republican incumbent in a special election runoff nearly two years ago. Walker’s defeat was a major blow to the Republicans. They capped a disappointing midterm election season with yet another loss that effectively surrendered a Senate seat to the Democrats, who saw their majority grow from 50 to 51.
Herschel Walker just wrote Donald Trump's
political obituary
47 replies
Posted by Citoyen 12/7/2022 11:28:21 AM Post Reply
Herschel Walker, the Heisman Trophy winner who led the Georgia Bulldogs to a national championship in 1982, just wrote Donald Trump’s political obituary.  Mr. Trump will not win another election. His most glaring political strength today is his ability to energize Democrats, causing not only historic turnout but attracting gushers of campaign cash – for the opposition.
Mitt Romney, Susan Collins Dismiss the
Idea of Impeaching DHS Chief Mayorkas
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Posted by earlybird 12/6/2022 2:07:12 PM Post Reply
Impeaching DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for failing to secure the southern border does not appear to have the support of the some Republican senators. As border patrol has encountered more than 2.3 million illegal aliens at the border, with over 230,000 migrant encounters in October, establishment Sens. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Susan Collins (R-ME) appear averse to holding Mayorkas accountable for the southern border invasion. “Someone has to commit a high crime or misdemeanor for that to be a valid inquiry,” Romney told Politico about impeachment standards. “I haven’t seen any accusation of that nature whatsoever.”
Walmart CEO warns that retail giant could
HIKE prices or shut down some stores if
'historically high' thefts at the chain
continue and prosecutors’ lax approach
to dealing with criminals is not corrected
34 replies
Posted by Imright 12/7/2022 1:28:28 AM Post Reply
Walmart's CEO has warned that the retail giant may have to hike prices and shutter some stores amid 'historically high' thefts. Speaking on CNBC's Squawk Box Tuesday, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon admitted that theft has become a major issue for the chain known for its low prices, saying woke district attorneys' lenient policies need to be 'corrected.' 'If that's not corrected over time, prices will be higher and our stores will close,' he told co-host Rebecca Quick. McMillon did not specify in the interview which locations have experienced this record-high level of shoplifting, but his announcement comes after Walmarts in Los Angeles resorted to locking up most of their inventory
NY lawmakers push for slavery reparations
for black residents
33 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 12/6/2022 9:10:09 AM Post Reply
Some New York lawmakers are renewing the push for a state law that would lay the groundwork to pay reparations to black residents whose ancestors were enslaved. Proponents gained steam after a task force in California last week recommended that the Golden State shell out $569 billion in reparations to slaves’ descendents there, or $223,200 apiece, because of lingering housing discrimination practices. A previously proposed New York measure called for creating a commission to study the impact of slavery and providing reparations but failed to pass the legislature. It is now being revised, backers said.
The ‘Trump effect’ destroyed Republicans
this year
32 replies
Posted by Solid_Oak 12/7/2022 3:52:22 PM Post Reply
Herschel Walker’s 100,000-vote loss in Georgia puts the exclamation point on the “Donald Trump is electoral poison” narrative. If the former president had deliberately attempted to sabotage the Republicans' chances ever since November 2020, he could not have been more destructive than he actually was. In the Senate, the Trump effect meant Republicans lost chances at a whopping 10 seats (one of them two times!) they either should have won or in which they might have been competitive. In the House, Trump’s harm was more diffused, but almost equally baleful.
Watch: Teacher refuses to teach grammar,
claiming it is part of white supremacy
31 replies
Posted by Frederic F. Frew 12/7/2022 12:21:24 PM Post Reply
A teacher in California who identifies as "cringey" is going viral after claiming she does not teach grammar usage and writing skills in an attempt to defeat white supremacy.Marta Shaffer teaches English at Oroville High School and uses linguistics to fight "white supremacy in my classes" and be "inclusive of all kinds of ways we use the language," she said.
A Corrupt, Evil Regime Intent on Imprisoning Trump 30 replies
Posted by DW626 12/7/2022 4:26:25 AM Post Reply
Gunrunner, never-charged criminal, political hack, and perpetually aggrieved former attorney general Eric Holder is back, bloviating about President Trump being imminently arrested. Given that we live in post-Republic times and that the Department of (in)Justice has exhibited no shame or remorse in its years-long campaign of political persecution and partisan double-standards, I'll take Obama's contemptible "wingman" at his word just this once. So Democrats, Establishment Republicans, and the Deep State Leviathan plan on humiliating President Trump by frog-marching him before the world and tossing him in the clink
Advice to DeSantis: Wait for ’28 29 replies
Posted by GustoGrabber 12/6/2022 6:52:59 AM Post Reply
Reports surfaced two weeks ago that Florida Republicans are considering changing the state’s “resign-to-run” law so Governor Ron DeSantis could throw his hat in the ring for the 2024 presidential nomination without losing his governorship. It is one sign among many that DeSantis, or those close to him, are thinking about taking on Donald Trump in the primary. A word of warning and wisdom to DeSantis: Don’t do it. DeSantis is a promising politician with a real future on the national scene. He should want to be president. But not yet. DeSantis needs to understand his true self-interest. Running for president in 2024 isn’t it.
TIME releases shortlist for ‘Person
of the Year’ and folks have questions!
28 replies
Posted by Imright 12/6/2022 5:34:20 PM Post Reply
TIME magazine has been honoring individuals and ideas that have changed the world for nearly a century and this week, the publication released its shortlist of candidates for the 2022 ‘Person of the Year” with none other than disgraced soon to be former Congresswoman Liz Cheney among the finalists. Cheney joins world leaders Xi Jinping of China and Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy as well as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, billionaire Twitter owner Elon Musk, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Jeff Bezos ex-wife MacKenzie Scott, gun control activists, Iranian protesters and the U.S. Supreme Court as potential winners of the prestigious recognition.
Are you ready for ... Bolton 2024? 27 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 12/6/2022 10:56:42 AM Post Reply
Er … no, not really. Nor do I think for a moment that we will need to prepare for it, either. John Bolton practically epitomizes seriousness, but this interlude between midterms and presidential primaries — shrinking as it is — is not called the “silly season” for no good reason. Bolton kinda-sorta threw his hat in the ring yesterday, or more accurately, announced that he would consider tossing his hat in the ring, yada yada yada. Bolton wants to goad other Republicans into fighting Trump now over his remarks about “terminating” the Constitution, while at the same time misrepresenting what’s actually happening among GOP elected officials:
Family of Deceased Capitol Police Officer
Refuses to Shake Mitch McConnell’s Hand
at Ceremony Honoring January 6 Defenders
26 replies
Posted by Imright 12/7/2022 1:26:00 AM Post Reply
The family of a Capitol Police officer who died the day after he fended off the rioters on January 6 refused to shake the hand of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) at a ceremony honoring those who defended lawmakers as the mayhem unfolded throughout that day. “The family of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick — his mother, father and brother — refused to shake hands with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy at a Congressional Gold Medal ceremony honoring the police departments that worked to save the U.S. Capitol during the riot,” reported CBS News. 
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