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'So far, so good': Country star Toby Keith,
60, announces that he has stomach cancer
and has been undergoing chemotherapy since
last year

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Posted By: Imright, 6/12/2022 9:59:57 PM

Toby Keith announced on Sunday that he had been battling cancer since late last year.In a statement posted to social media, the 60-year-old country music singer shared that he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer, which he was battling aggressively with several treatments.Although he was light on details about his current condition and prognosis, he said things were 'So far, so good.' (Photo) 'Last fall I was diagnosed with stomach cancer,' Keith began his statement. 'I've spent the last 6 months receiving chemo, radiation and surgery.'He seemed upbeat about his condition and was looking forward to some down time.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Mushroom 6/12/2022 10:08:29 PM (No. 1184114)
Sir, I lift a Red Solo Cup in your honor!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Imright 6/12/2022 10:13:29 PM (No. 1184117)
Red Solo Cup:
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Catherine 6/12/2022 10:55:46 PM (No. 1184141)
Maybe the new miracle cure shot we've been hearing about could help him.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: YorkieMom 6/13/2022 1:30:50 AM (No. 1184202)
Prayers for Toby Keith. Red Solo Cup is my phone ring tone.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: varkdriver 6/13/2022 6:21:49 AM (No. 1184258)
A very great American. Prayers for your health, my friend! "Brought to you, courtesy of the Red, White and Blue." And at my local watering hole, we always play, "I Love This Bar.". Please get well soon, Mr. Keith.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Rich323 6/13/2022 8:04:59 AM (No. 1184344)
Wishing you the best Mr Keith. I hope you are back on the road soon and good to go for many years to come!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Cindiana 6/13/2022 8:53:57 AM (No. 1184401)
Thank you, #2. I am aware of who he is but don't follow that music. What a wonderful experience listening to that video!
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It's the photo they tried to hide, but has obtained the mug shot of shame-faced Paul Pelosi after he was arrested on DUI charges last month. Pelosi, 82, was collared by California Highway Patrol officers in Oakville, California, on May 28 after he blew through a stop sign in his 2021 Porsche and hit a Jeep.The mugshot, which shows Pelosi wearing a neat brown suit and collared shirt, would have been taken shortly after the late-night incident. Pelosi, who had a blood alcohol content of 0.08%, is scheduled to appear in court over the incident on August 3.
Bear market hits Wall Street as stocks,
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NEW YORK — Wall Street tumbled into what’s called a bear market Monday after fears about a fragile economy and rising interest rates sent the S&P 500 more than 20% below its record set early this year.The index sank 3.9% in the first chance for investors to trade after getting the weekend to reflect on the stunning news that inflation is getting worse, not better. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was briefly down more than 1,000 points before finishing with a loss of 876.At the center of the sell-off again was the Federal Reserve, which is scrambling to get inflation under control.
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Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Monica Crowley charged that President Joe Biden’s administration and Democrats, in general, have been carrying out a plot to upend the country.The leftist media and Democrats immediately called Crowley’s allegations wild and intimated she was crazy but she was explicit in her accusations describing the infiltration of major American pillars including the media, educational system, and the military. The conservative pundit referred to the KGB in Russia while making her points, bluntly tying the left to communists.Crowley made her comments while speaking with Fox News
Judge rejects Navarro request to delay
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A federal judge rejected former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro's request for a delayed arraignment and issued a protective order limiting his discussion of his Jan. 6 case Monday.District Court Judge Amit Mehta noted the public interest in the case and sided with the federal prosecutors in determining that Navarro failed to make a strong argument for why a 45-day extension was necessary."The public interest weighs in favor of moving this case forward through its preliminary stages
Paul Pelosi’s mugshot released from
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A mugshot for Paul Pelosi, husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, has been released from the night of his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence last month. Pelosi was arrested on May 28 by the California Highway Patrol for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and driving with a .08% Blood Alcohol Content or higher, according to a press release from the County of Napa.Paul Pelosi, 82, was arrested on suspicion of DUI in the early hours of May 29. He was booked into the Napa County Jail and was released about four hours later, according to inmate records.Mr. Pelosi had been in a traffic collision
Dems’ dirty meddling and more commentary 1 reply
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“Democrats are intervening aggressively in Republican primaries,” having spent $20 million already “to promote MAGA-aligned candidates” who “are likely losers in a general election,” reports National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar. The “meddling” is “paying dividends, potentially taking several big-state governor’s races off the table for Republicans.” In Pennsylvania, Democrats spent “more money on a single ad” boosting “far-right Republican Doug Mastriano” than he “spent on TV ads in his entire primary campaign.”
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Democrats on Capitol Hill are holding hearings this week to examine January 6, 2021 and their allegation President Donald Trump, along with Republicans on Capitol Hill, launched an "assault on democracy" by questioning or rejecting the results of the 2020 presidential election. Conveniently, Democrats are failing to highlight their own "assault on Democracy" over the years. The first example is Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson, who is leading the January 6 Committee. Thompson voted against the certification of the 2004 presidential election and refused to attend President Trump's inauguration.
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January 6 committee members claim they
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investigating a criminal indictment for Trump
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Members of the House committee investigating the Capitol riot said Sunday they have uncovered enough evidence for the Justice Department to consider a criminal indictment against Donald Trump for seeking to overturn his 2020 election defeat. 'I would like to see the Justice Department investigate any credible allegation of criminal activity on the part of Donald Trump or anyone else,' said committee member Rep. Adam Schiff.He later added: 'They need to be investigated if there's credible evidence, which I think there is.' The committee held its first public hearing last week, with members laying out their case against Trump
Taking Aim at DeSantis, Spooked Trump
Considers Launching 2024 Bid in Florida
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Donald Trump in recent months has been telling confidants that he may launch his 2024 presidential campaign early — and that he’s considering launching it in Florida to stick it to Gov. Ron DeSantis. Trump has kicked around staging a large, flashy launch rally (with fireworks, of course) that would announce his White House bid before the 2022 midterm elections, according to three sources familiar with the matter.
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First Lady Jill Biden reportedly trashed former President Donald Trump at a glitzy Hollywood fundraiser on Friday, bragging that since Trump left office, people have come up to her saying “I feel like I can breathe.”The Bidens attended a Los Angeles fundraiser thrown by Democratic mega-donor Haim Saban and his wife, Cheryl. The event was intended to raise money for Democratic National Committee’s Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund, with tickets starting at $1,000 per person and going as high as a whopping $36,500.In her address to the donors assembled on Friday evening, Jill Biden brought up the January 6 riot
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Leftist activist and filmmaker Michael Moore used his Friday podcast “Rumble Michael Moore” to call for a full repeal of the Second Amendment in the wake of the Uvalde, TX school shooting. Moore said, “I know that there are Democratic Party leaders that do not want me saying this we going to lose the election.” He continued, “I make no apologies for it because I understand the history of this country, and I don’t think we should be afraid to say this. Repeal the Second Amendment. Repeal the Second Amendment.” Moore added, “That is it. That is what we need to do. We need to start a movement to repeal the Second Amendment
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More than a decade ago, Michael Walsh dubbed the Democrats, “A criminal organization masquerading as a political party.” I once thought this was overstating the matter, but I no longer do. If you can’t fully accept this characterization, recent events surrounding the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, should unshutter your eyes and let in the light. Democratic leaders are encouraging lawless, threatening behavior against Supreme Court justices, and their attorney general refuses to enforce the law against such behavior. This criminal organization has a huge public relations outfit working around the clock for it, the Major Media,
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The national gas average hit a new record of $5.00 a gallon this week, and it doesn’t look like prices are going to fall anytime soon. Americans are frustrated with President Joe Biden’s lies about the economy, and many believe he is at fault for their wallets shrinking. A new poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group found that over 53 percent of people “believe the Biden administration is intentionally letting gas prices rise to make Americans use less fossil fuels.” While 56 percent of voters agreed that the high fuel prices is Biden’s fault. Gas prices have nearly doubled since Biden took office just over a year ago
Video: Police Officer Finally Admits That
Patriot Front Was Infiltrated By 'Several'
Law Enforcement Members And That They
Were Working With The Feds – 31 Arrested
Near An Idaho Pride Event
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 6/12/2022 11:30:09 AM Post Reply
Authorities arrested 31 members of the white supremacist group Patriot Front near an Idaho Pride event Saturday after they were found packed into the back of a U-Haul truck with riot gear. The men were standing inside the truck wearing khakis, navy blue shirts and beige hats with white balaclavas covering their faces when Coeur d’Alene police stopped the U-Haul and began arresting them on the side of the road. “They came to riot downtown,” Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White said at a news conference.
David Hogg: Putting More Cops in Schools
May Endanger Non-White Students
29 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 6/13/2022 1:58:03 AM Post Reply
While speaking at the June 11 March for Our Lives rally, gun control proponent David Hogg suggested that putting more cops in schools may actually endanger students do not have white skin. Hogg suggested that a common response to school shootings is to put more police in schools. He then claimed, “Putting more cops in schools hasn’t worked.” He cited two examples to bolster his viewpoint: First he pointed to the armed officer who stood outside Parkland instead of entering, even as the attack was carried out. Then he made claims about the police response to Uvalde. Hogg did not mention the numerous times armed resource officers have saved lives on campus.
Kinzinger: If Trump Believes 2020 Election
Was Stolen, He’s Not Mentally Capable
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Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation” that if former President Donald Trump truly believed he won the 2020 presidential election, he was not mentally capable of being president. Partial transcript as follows: JOHN DICKERSON: Let me ask you about one of the findings on Thursday evening, one of the things we were shown for the first time is several people close to the president telling him there was no widespread fraud, he was going to lose, that’s what the numbers showed. How many people do you think in his- close to him were sending him that message? KINZINGER: Well, I look, we’re gonna get
'You gotta be kidding me': MSNBC anchor
Katy Tur reveals her reaction when her
'abusive' father Zoey Tur told her he
was transgender in 2013 - as her parent
admits to being violent and apologizes
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Posted by Beardo 6/13/2022 8:10:09 AM Post Reply
MSNBC anchor Katy Tur has opened up about her reaction when her legendary broadcaster father came out as transgender to her almost a decade ago. Speaking to CBS about her new memoir Rough Draft, Katy reminisced about her childhood flying over Los Angeles with her helicopter reporter parents, the former power couple of broadcasters Marika Gerrard and Zoey Tur - formerly Bob Tur. The 38-year-old recounted the 2013 call with her estranged father, who has never met her two children with 'CBS This Morning' co-host Tony Dokoupil. 'My dad said, ''I am a woman.' And I said ''What?''
America Has More Transgender Youth Than
Ever, Study Says
26 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 6/13/2022 6:05:10 AM Post Reply
Nearly half of the 1.6 million Americans who identify as transgender are teenagers or young adults, and some of the highest rates of youth transgenderism occur in blue states, according to a new study. The study, conducted by the University of California Los Angeles Williams Institute, found that transgenderism rates varied between states, with New York seeing a 3% rate among youth compared to roughly 0.6% in Wyoming.
Disney Disaster: United Arab Emirates
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UBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The United Arab Emirates on Monday banned the upcoming Pixar animated feature “Lightyear” from showing in movie theaters after its inclusion of a kiss between two lesbian characters. The decision by the UAE comes as Malaysia also reportedly will ban the film, raising the possibility other Muslim-majority nations could follow suit on one of Disney’s biggest animated films of the year as the film industry comes out of the depths of the coronavirus pandemic.
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