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Where's Hillary?

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Posted By: PageTurner, 2/14/2022 9:20:23 AM

Hillary Clinton is in big trouble. With revelations from Special Counsel John Durham's investigation that her 2016 campaign literally paid tech companies to spy on the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, the Trump residence, and the Trump White House, the question now is what kind of felony charges are coming. It looks like this: Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio noted Special Counsel John Durham alleged in Friday’s legal filing that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign paid an Internet company to “infiltrate” servers at Trump Tower and the White House to try to tie Donald Trump to Russia.


Mocking her own emails again and running for president.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Venturer 2/14/2022 9:27:50 AM (No. 1071561)
What kind of felony charges are coming against Hillary? Don't make me laugh.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: padiva 2/14/2022 9:36:22 AM (No. 1071570)
It's a conspiracy to make her ineligible to run for POTUS. /s (Just like the left is trying to do with PDT>)
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Reply 3 - Posted by: PChristopher 2/14/2022 9:40:08 AM (No. 1071576)
Hillary will only be brought up on charges if she's getting in the way of someone who the radical left likes better or if the Comms feel she's dragging the party down more than Joey already is. Pray for charges
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 2/14/2022 9:48:55 AM (No. 1071591)
That's a VERY old picture of Hillary. Photoshopped being as she hasn't looked like that in 20 years. Plus look at the lapels on the guy behind her. All that said, I hope something horrible happens to her, preferably at Gitmo, preferably involving a fusillade.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: downnout 2/14/2022 9:50:38 AM (No. 1071594)
Let’s stop beating around the bush and call it what it is - a coup. in another time she (and her pals) would be offered a cigarette, a blindfold and then shot. I volunteer for the firing squad.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: mobyclik 2/14/2022 10:11:55 AM (No. 1071616)
So does Willy the Bent, #5.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: terrywhite 2/14/2022 10:22:38 AM (No. 1071628)
I remember in the debates between Hillary and Trump that she brought up the topic that he was somehow tied to Russia and I remember thinking then, "Where is this coming from? I never heard such a thing." I guess we know now.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: mariboo72 2/14/2022 10:33:26 AM (No. 1071648)
Ha ha ha. It's Hilary Clinton! Nothing is going to happen to her. The Dems and the media will defend her and make it sound like what was done was good and necessary (maybe even heroic!). She'll probably claim that she had no idea what her campaign staff was doing. She'll throw them under the bus and be on her merry way.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: chance_232 2/14/2022 10:48:16 AM (No. 1071675)
Unless an email or memo is found, with Hillary's signature, directing this coupe attempt, nothing will happen to her. The people at the top are rarely stupid enough to put their signature on an illegal activity. Thus they are able to maintain plausible deniability. Frankly, Hillary isn't smart enough to head up this type of conspiracy. That. And she's a really really bad liar. She personally may not have been aware of what was being done for her benefit. She probably believes what her handlers told her. Similarly, I doubt that Biden was aware of the ballot stuffing in 2020. He Really believes that he got 81 million votes.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: thomthomp 2/14/2022 11:09:29 AM (No. 1071704)
I'm tired of hearing that Hillary's "campaign" committed felonies, possibly even treason. A "campaign" can't be indicted, tried and sent to jail. It's PEOPLE who did this. It's way past time to start naming names. And, no, there may be no smoking gun document or recording that lays it all at Hillary's feet, but there MAY be some person or persons willing to provide evidence in exchange for something if there were a serious prosecutor prepared to turn the screws. Not holding my breath.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: formerNYer 2/14/2022 12:05:49 PM (No. 1071767)
Hillary is going away - one way or another.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Lonestar Jack 2/14/2022 12:06:35 PM (No. 1071769)
Bread and water for her.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 2/14/2022 12:15:19 PM (No. 1071779)
Lock her up!
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Mr. Know-It-All 2/14/2022 12:29:32 PM (No. 1071791)
Where is she? Probably holed up with her minions, trying to figure out a way to get Durham to take a night time stroll in Fort Marcy Park. Let's go Brandon!
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Reply 15 - Posted by: red1066 2/14/2022 12:30:37 PM (No. 1071793)
I suspect Hitlery is huddling with her lawyers.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: bighambone 2/14/2022 12:46:36 PM (No. 1071807)
The so-called “Russia Hoax” is part of a criminal conspiracy which means that there were Democrat politicians and a lot of Democrat operatives involved. All it takes is a couple of those involved to “spill the beans” to the Durham investigative team, and that may already have occurred, that someday may be the legal basis for criminal indictments. The headline asks where is Hillary? In that respect does she even live with old Bill now, or does she live in New York City with Bill living apart from Hillary in his apartment above his library at Little Rock, Arkansas? Obviously no one could fault him for that!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: chance_232 2/14/2022 12:50:53 PM (No. 1071811)
Re#16 Least we forget that McCain delivered the report for investigation. And how many elected Republicans stood by silently while this was unfolding? The prevailing "wisdom" was that Trump would be run out of office within a year.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: udanja99 2/14/2022 1:08:04 PM (No. 1071818)
I’ve been waiting for 30 years for this odious evil murdering creature to receive some justice. It was obvious from the minute she stepped onto the national stage that she was huge trouble. At least to anyone with a bit of curiosity, honesty and a willingness to do a bit of research. I pray that my patience is about to be rewarded.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: bighambone 2/14/2022 1:27:02 PM (No. 1071830)
#17 you have to wonder if the Clinton conspirators also hoodwinked the completely willing anti-Trump McCain to deliver the report or dossier or piece of garbage to the willing insider DC authorities and compliant liberal media. As what could be better than a wimpy RINO Republican to pass on that bogus information! The wimpy establishment Republicans led by McConnell at the moment look like they are still attempting to knock out Trump to keep him from again running for President in 2024. Really what Trump should do in response is run for President in 2024 as a conservative Democrat. If he were to win the Democrat nomination the wimpy establishment Republicans would be wiped out in the 2024 general election. Based on the Biden scenario, there would be nothing to keep Trump from running as a conservative Democrat and then governing just as he did before when he was President.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: rytwng 2/14/2022 1:39:48 PM (No. 1071842)
If the Beast goes to prison, then Bill is free as bird.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: lakerman1 2/14/2022 2:08:22 PM (No. 1071853)
The statute of limitations on most federal crimes, including anything alleged against Lady Lucifer and her friends, is FIVE years. Therefore, unless I am missing something here, Durham's work will be in vain, unless Hillary and her friends signed tolling agreements, thus extending the statue of limitations. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: Rich323 2/14/2022 2:47:51 PM (No. 1071884)
All of you newbies to the political commenting world are in for a real treat! Us old timers have been watching Hillary escape justice since the early 1990's in Arkansas. Many time we have thought the walls were closing in only to see the blind eye of justice pass her by. Mena, Arkansas, the missing White House FBI files and travel office security clearance scam, the Vince Foster suicide, the Whitewater investigation, the healthcare hoax, and then the more current Clinton Foundation scandal, Benghazi attack etc., the mission 30,000 emails and now Russia Gate. We watched her faint and seize as a Presidential candidate but no, that did that disqualify her! Her youthful ties to Saul Alinsky who taught her the tactics of destroying anyone in her way (by the way Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer). Her George Soros connections and probably a lot of good friends in the Deep State have provided indestructible Top Cover. So, think what you will, but you soon will feel the angst we have felt for decades.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Geoman 2/14/2022 7:31:53 PM (No. 1072099)
Re: #22 - While the main elements of your post may be true, she still lost the 2016 election to a political novice. No one run politics is invincible; not even Hillary.
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With revelations from the Durham special counsel's investigation that the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 paid tech executives to spy on the Trump campaign, the Trump residence, and then the Trump presidency, many political watchers think significant indictments are probably coming as a result of it. The tech executive, for one, has fired back at Durham, which if nothing else, signals how big of trouble he might be in. John Ratcliffe, President Trump's former Director of National Intelligence, thinks "significant" indictments are coming. Adam Housley, a former Fox News correspondent who apparently still has some impressive contacts, tweeted out a couple of candidates and boy, do they have ... histories:
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Hillary Clinton is in big trouble. With revelations from Special Counsel John Durham's investigation that her 2016 campaign literally paid tech companies to spy on the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, the Trump residence, and the Trump White House, the question now is what kind of felony charges are coming. It looks like this: Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio noted Special Counsel John Durham alleged in Friday’s legal filing that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign paid an Internet company to “infiltrate” servers at Trump Tower and the White House to try to tie Donald Trump to Russia.
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/19/2022 12:47:12 AM Post Reply
We brought you the story about the two people who had been run over by the Ottawa police on their horses. The police ran their horses into a crowd of protesters much faster than they should have, despite the protesters being peaceful. You can see them knock over a woman who was on what appeared to be a disability scooter, and a man in a brown coat with a knit hat, who was trying to shield her or push her out of the way of the horses. Both were knocked to the ground, as people yelled about them being trampled. There were later reports that the woman had died, but,
National Archives CONFIRMS Trump took
classified documents from the White House
to Mar-a-Lago and shredded files when
he left office and is now in talks with
Biden's DOJ over an investigation
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Posted by Imright 2/18/2022 6:54:49 PM Post Reply
The National Archives confirmed on Friday that Donald Trump took classified documents from the White House to Mar-a-Lago when he left office.The agency has informed Congress and is now in talks with the Justice Department about an investigation after the sensitive material was found in 15 boxes seized from his Florida home.'Because NARA identified classified information in the boxes, NARA staff has been in communication with the Department of Justice,' said the letter, written by David S. Ferriero, the national archivist, to Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney.
Senile Old Joe Biden Makes Up Name of
Lake in Yesterday’s Speech – There
Is No Oswego Lake in New York
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Posted by Imright 2/18/2022 10:35:48 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden got lost and claimed he once was a lifeguard on Lake Oswego in New York. The problem is there is no such place. Biden’s just keeps making things up not realizing how demoralizing this is for his Administration and the country. During a speech yesterday, Joe Biden shared that he once worked as a lifeguard on Lake Oswego when talking about New York. The problem is there is no Lake Oswego in New York.There is a Lake Oswego in Oregon but there is no evidence Biden worked there. He’s probably never been there.
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FIRST READING: The real crack down is
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Posted by DogFacedPonySoldier 2/18/2022 5:47:09 AM Post Reply
So far, Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act hasn’t yielded any overt scenes of state power; no clouds of tear gas or columns of troops being marched into the capital. But it’s very different story within the Canadian financial sector. One of the most far-reaching implications of the Emergencies Act is what it prescribes for the Canadian financial system. According to the government’s new Emergency Economic Measures Order, every single bank, credit union, investment broker and insurance provider in the country has been deputized to figure out if they have a blockader as a client, and to immediately freeze their accounts if so.
Wrong-way Biden dispatches Kamala Harris
... to the Ukraine border
23 replies
Posted by PageTurner 2/18/2022 9:21:01 AM Post Reply
So Kamala Harris is going to the border. That would be the Ukrainian border, not the U.S. Southern border, to somehow resolve Ukraine's border crisis instead of ours. According to the New York Post: Vice President Kamala Harris set off Thursday on a peace mission to Europe as Russia appeared to accelerate preparations for an invasion of Ukraine — undeterred by her failure to resolve the ongoing US-Mexico border crisis as President Biden’s point person on illegal immigration. About two hours after Harris departed DC to attend the Munich Security Conference, Biden
AOC slams NYPD for arresting 12 shoplifters
and claims they're being branded 'monsters'
for stealing diapers and baby formula
as she blames removal of child tax credits:
Crime surges 46.5% in the Big Apple
22 replies
Posted by Ribicon 2/18/2022 11:59:40 AM Post Reply
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lashed out at the NYPD and her colleagues in Congress over the arrests of 12 shoplifters for stealing diapers and baby formula in the Bronx, saying the removal of the child tax credit by the federal government was to blame for the crime. The shoplifters stole $1,800 worth of diapers, baby wipes, laundry detergent and other household goods which are easy to resell on the streets. 'It's much easier to frame people who steal baby formula and medicine as monsters to be jailed than acknowledge our politics and economic priorities create conditions where people steal baby formula to survive,' she posted in response to a police department tweet,
‘A new low!’ Ottawa police reamed
for warning dissenters what will happen
to their pets
22 replies
Posted by Imright 2/18/2022 2:50:16 AM Post Reply
Ottawa, Ontario, authorities, who already have warned peaceful, anti-COVID-mandate Freedom Convoy protesters to leave the downtown area or face severe penalties, appear to be threatening to hold the dissidents’ dogs hostage and then schedule them for a fast-track adoption. Or maybe something worse.In a social media message, the city of Ottawa’s By-law and Regulatory Services Branch, a municipal law enforcement agency, put animal lovers who are participating in the Freedom Convoy and presumably wind up being arrested on notice:“Attention animal owners at demonstration: If you are unable to care for your animal as a result of enforcement actions, your animal will [be]placed into protective care for 8 days, at your cost.
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