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FIRST READING: The real crack down is
happening where you can't see it

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Posted By: DogFacedPonySoldier, 2/18/2022 5:47:09 AM

So far, Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act hasn’t yielded any overt scenes of state power; no clouds of tear gas or columns of troops being marched into the capital. But it’s very different story within the Canadian financial sector. One of the most far-reaching implications of the Emergencies Act is what it prescribes for the Canadian financial system. According to the government’s new Emergency Economic Measures Order, every single bank, credit union, investment broker and insurance provider in the country has been deputized to figure out if they have a blockader as a client, and to immediately freeze their accounts if so.


Canadians are at war with their tyrant dictator and his/her/its Liberal Party accomplices. The Toronto Sun is a brave publication, it seems, .and it risks being atttacked by the Gouvernment

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Reply 1 - Posted by: DogFacedPonySoldier 2/18/2022 5:50:14 AM (No. 1075341)
Now, we are hearing about a "run on the banks" in Canada where people are withdrawing their money from banks across the country. Trudeau and Company are making a total mess of their country. I can't believe he was reelected last year. Democracy IS dying in the Big Land.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: 5 handicap 2/18/2022 6:11:40 AM (No. 1075347)
The very last good French man was The Marquis de LaFayette! Hell Even Eisenhower didn't tell DeGaulle about Normandy until June 6, 1944, because he knew DeGaulle would sell out the Allies to get a good deal with Hitler.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Krause 2/18/2022 6:37:16 AM (No. 1075363)
Trudy had an opportunity to show his statesmanship and mediation ability, but took a power approach to deal with hard working, and essential, blue collar Canadian citizens. Big mistake.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Chiritwo 2/18/2022 7:04:06 AM (No. 1075379)
Trudeau is an elitist and can't believe the ordinary citizens are not listening to him. He has to realize that citizens want their freedoms after 2 years of lockdowns etc. It's slowly leaking out that the whole thing was a farce, especially since biden lets in thousand of illegals and sends them all over the USA - unvaxed, untested. The truckers are saving us all from tyranny. He also doesn't realize that the truckers have far superior power than he does. The truckers stop working, the grocery shelves are empty.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: F15 Gork 2/18/2022 7:04:25 AM (No. 1075380)
That sound you hear coming from north of the border is the new gold rush......rush to gold that is.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: thethirdruffian 2/18/2022 7:21:41 AM (No. 1075389)
This is why governments hate cash and declared war on crypto. This is the real reason for the stupid war on drugs . Control of money.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: jalo1951 2/18/2022 7:26:03 AM (No. 1075393)
I have no doubt that the Dems are taking copious notes and waiting to see how this turns out. They are pulling for the Soy Boy. With Covid being pushed aside they have to come up with a new wrinkle to stuff the ballot box this fall and get us under control again. Power, money, control.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: spacer 2/18/2022 7:29:52 AM (No. 1075395)
Where is the political push back. All I've seen has been talk in the Parliament. Looks like the cowards in the opposition are rolling over.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: NancyD 2/18/2022 7:36:53 AM (No. 1075401)
When Trudeau receives backing from "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad" you KNOW you are on the wrong side. I cannot imagine what is running thru the minds of the Canadians. Fools will think it won't happen to them and others will withdrawl all of their money from the banks and hunker down. But let this be a lesson to all of us, we KNOW the leftists will try this bs here at some point. One of the good things is that even the Canadian Justice Minister David Lametti says if you're part of a "Pro-Trump movement" you should "be worried" about your bank account being frozen by the Government. SO, Freedom = Trump Thank you Lametti! That was the BEST thing you could have said. Well done sir!
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Reply 10 - Posted by: PostAway 2/18/2022 7:44:57 AM (No. 1075407)
I smell a giant juicy rat. I wonder if pretty soon all bank customers will be supporters of the convoy (prove they’re not) and every attempt to withdraw money will be a disturbance of peace and tranquility. The police seem strangely compliant and the RCMP have jailed at least one pastor in Alberta for holding church services a year into COVID. The elites long suspected and now know that the fear of disease and death turns people into sheep.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Muguy 2/18/2022 8:40:11 AM (No. 1075448)
This is what the GREAT RESET is all about-- Government using partnerships and regulations with private business concerns (classic fascism!) to pick the winners and losers-- These "public/private" partnerships can cut people off from the means of funds they need to stay in business, keep a home, feed their families, and starve them out for protesting and dissent. The little dictator showed us a preview of what is coming HERE if we don't stand against this right now. President Trump wouldn't play ball with this, but picking the winners and losers started with NoBama. Saddam Hussien used to turn the electricity on and off when people wouldn't play ball with him in order to CONTROL the people with the FEAR that it would happen to them if they didn't conform. JoeBamaBiteMe has shown that he is a puppet to those who write his speeches, create his "policy" and keep him away from the microphone so he doesn't make a jackass of himself. Boasting about putting a dead dog on a republican constituent's doorstep is nothing to be proud of!! He is an idiot in search of a villiage It's amazing that his wife Jill "the good doctor" has vanished from headlines,,, is she still acting as Edith (Mrs. Woodrow) Wilson??? I'm not much into podcasts, but the 1st hour of yesterday's Glenn Beck show tells us where we are headed if we don't protect ourselves-- What about those January 6th people left rotting in jail over Piglosi's orders??? They are making up all sorts of things to halt the truckers in Canada, and anyone assisting them is going to be silenced with the same tactics as well WAKE UP
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Marzipan4 2/18/2022 8:40:35 AM (No. 1075449)
That whole country better stand up or they are lost like australia. And if you think our current president and his cabinet won’t try this on us you have your tin foil hat pulled down too far.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: bigfatslob 2/18/2022 8:48:23 AM (No. 1075455)
Empty banks along with empty grocery shelves Fidel Trudeau loses to the Nazi Truckers.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: cny 2/18/2022 8:54:00 AM (No. 1075461)
What does 'freezing an account' mean? Not being able to withdraw cash is one thing, but what about paying your bills online via withdrawal from a checking account - can a frozen account holder still do that? If not, then bye-bye house, car, credit rating, etc.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: planetgeo 2/18/2022 8:55:28 AM (No. 1075466)
If the Castreau regime wants to find out what happens when you cut off all means of peaceful protest to your most productive and most peaceful people, they are in for a very nasty surprise. If they continue with this sadistic game of seizing people's bank accounts, they'll be lucky if they're only driven out of office and not meet the fate of the Trudescus in Romania.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: WV.Hillbilly 2/18/2022 8:59:31 AM (No. 1075470)
Empty your accounts, stop making deliveries and starve the city.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Right Time 2/18/2022 9:11:42 AM (No. 1075484)
Trudeau has swarms 0f RCMP mounties and the military to protect him and insulate him from the fallout of his stupidity. But the bank manager or bank teller that decides to steal my money under the Emergencies Act is a soft target
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Reply 18 - Posted by: udanja99 2/18/2022 9:35:36 AM (No. 1075515)
#14, it also means bye-bye businesses and services which won’t be getting paid due to those frozen accounts. How long can they continue to operate with their customers not being able to pay their bills? The Canadian economy will crash - which may actually be the intent of Trudy and his cabal. Coward-Piven, anyone?
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Reply 19 - Posted by: wilarrbie 2/18/2022 9:49:53 AM (No. 1075541)
These are the downhill slopes that snowballs get bigger on.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: ChattyCatsSusan 2/18/2022 10:05:08 AM (No. 1075563)
This all boils down to elections have consequences. They chose to relive the Pierre Trudeau days instead of electing a conservative Canada First kind of leader. The Prime Miniature has not failed in our expectations, he has succeeded wildly in his incompetence and failures.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: DVC 2/18/2022 10:39:02 AM (No. 1075618)
Time to pull all your money out of Canadian banks, Canadians. THAT will cause the banks some REAL problems.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: zephyrgirl 2/18/2022 11:27:59 AM (No. 1075663)
I'd be yanking my money out ASAP, and hiking across the border. Hey, if Mexicans, and most of South American can do it, why can't Canadians?
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Marzon 2/18/2022 12:05:33 PM (No. 1075690)
The most depressing line in the article: "A new Maru Public Opinion poll found that 66 per cent of Canadians support the invocation of the act, and 67 per cent support measures to clear blockades even if they result in convoyers getting “hurt, or worse.” I hope they enjoy watching their banking system collapse, their economy crash, and their businesses go bankrupt.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Faithfully 2/18/2022 11:02:37 PM (No. 1076184)
When Trudeau says he admires the Communist China Way as he did don't be astonished when he brings it home.
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FIRST READING: The real crack down is
happening where you can't see it
24 replies
Posted by DogFacedPonySoldier 2/18/2022 5:47:09 AM Post Reply
So far, Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act hasn’t yielded any overt scenes of state power; no clouds of tear gas or columns of troops being marched into the capital. But it’s very different story within the Canadian financial sector. One of the most far-reaching implications of the Emergencies Act is what it prescribes for the Canadian financial system. According to the government’s new Emergency Economic Measures Order, every single bank, credit union, investment broker and insurance provider in the country has been deputized to figure out if they have a blockader as a client, and to immediately freeze their accounts if so.
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The Canadian capital of Ottawa is bracing for a third straight weekend of protests against a vaccine mandate by truckers in the so-called Freedom Convoy as a state of emergency takes effect in the city. Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly promised "more boots on the ground" in remarks and Friday and urged protesters not to come to Ottawa but he did not share details about potential police deployments. Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency in the Canadian province on Friday and both he and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned of "consequences" for protesters.
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Hundreds of Canadian truckers plan to descend on the nation's capital of Ottawa on Friday in an attempt to shut down the city in protest of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.The mandate, initially enacted by the Canadian federal government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, went into effect on January 15. The mandate requires any truck driver crossing into Canada from the United States to provide proof of vaccination. A similar mandate, which went into effect on January 22, requires the same proof of vaccination for truckers driving from Canada into the United States.
Kingston supporters to join truck protest
in Ottawa
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Posted by DogFacedPonySoldier 1/28/2022 4:18:59 AM Post Reply
Local supporters of a countrywide vaccine mandate protest by truck drivers are to gather in the city’s west end before driving to Ottawa early Friday morning. Trucker drivers and their supporters are to leave Kingston on Friday morning to be in Ottawa for the planned rally on Parliament Hill on Saturday. The protesters are calling for an end to vaccine mandates for all sectors.“Our front-line workers are not being heard and they are crying for help,” said Jennifer Almeida, one of the organizers of the Kingston portion of the protest who is to lead a caravan of supporters to Ottawa on Friday.
Continuous shaming of the unvaccinated 13 replies
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As COVID continues to ravage through Vermont, so too does the increasingly invective rhetoric deployed against those who are unwilling or unable to take the vaccine. A vaccine so remarkably ineffective at preventing contagion, that Vermont – the state with the highest vaccination rate in the nation – recently made national headlines for also having the highest case rate in the nation. And higher case rates have led to more deaths – many more deaths. There have been three times as many COVID deaths since the vaccines than before.  CORRECTION*
Fauci pushes for universal coronavirus vaccine 22 replies
Posted by DogFacedPonySoldier 12/16/2021 10:04:53 AM Post Reply
The scientific quest for a universal coronavirus vaccine received a boost Wednesday, as three top federal researchers, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, outlined a path to develop new vaccines that could tackle a variety of ailments including Covid-19, some common colds and future viruses. Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, Fauci and two colleagues said the virus that causes Covid-19 is unlikely to be eliminated, and current vaccines are too limited to prevent the emergence of new variants.
Burlington enacts mask mandate,with some
proof-of-vaccine exemptions
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Posted by DogFacedPonySoldier 12/2/2021 5:59:29 AM Post Reply
Burlington— After a fiery meeting that showcased how polarizing pandemic restrictions have become, city councilors voted unanimously to enact a citywide mask mandate Wednesday evening, requiring businesses to ensure that employees and patrons either wear masks or prove they are vaccinated. The mandate requires indoor masking while Covid-19 spread is “high” or “substantial” in Chittenden County... Per state law, it must be renewed monthly and cannot extend past April 30, 2022. People do not have to wear masks in restaurants, convenience stores or gyms if everyone in the establishment has shown proof that they are vaccinated, the ordinance stated.
Move on from failed vax, mask policy 13 replies
Posted by DogFacedPonySoldier 11/13/2021 6:31:36 AM Post Reply
I appreciate Dr. Levine’s honest answer at the Governor’s press conference this week when asked why our state’s Covid-19 rates are so high given that Vermont has the country’s highest vaccination rate. One reason he stated is that we have “low natural immunity.” Are any reporters asking the follow up questions here? How could this be? CORRECTION*
Black flags and crucifixes: Italy vaccine
passport protests unite strange bedfellows
5 replies
Posted by DogFacedPonySoldier 10/23/2021 7:50:15 AM Post Reply
It’s said that politics makes for strange bedfellows. Protests in Italy against the strict vaccine passport rules set by the government to chart a course out of the pandemic are proving that adage right. Demonstrations against rules mandating vaccine status checks, or at least negative tests, have brought together a disparate alliance, stretching from anarchists and trade unionists to neo-fascists and ultra-conservative Catholic groups.
Who is Controlling the Biden Presidency? 21 replies
Posted by DogFacedPonySoldier 9/22/2021 11:06:49 AM Post Reply
To answer the question of who is controlling the Biden presidency, we should consider the Biden administration's disastrous policy decisions. "Cui bono?" – Who benefits? Why would Biden abandon Bagram Air Force Base? It is key to all of Southwest Asia – just 400 miles to China and 500 miles to Iran. It is a vitally important geopolitical, military and intelligence platform with consequences...
HMS Queen Elizabeth: Covid
outbreak on Navy flagship
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An outbreak of Covid-19 has been confirmed on the Royal Navy's flagship, HMS Queen Elizabeth. The BBC has been told there have been around 100 cases on the aircraft carrier, which is part way through a world tour. Several other warships in the fleet accompanying it are also affected. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said all crew on the deployment had received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine (Posted with staff permission.)
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Alec Baldwin may have fired the shot that killed “Rust” cinematographer Halyna Hutchins without pulling the gun’s trigger, a New Mexico prosecutor says. Santa Fe District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies told Vanity Fair she had watched Alec Baldwin’s bombshell interview with ABC in December and was drawn to the actor’s claim that he did not pull the trigger. “You can pull the hammer back without actually pulling the trigger and without actually locking it,” Carmack-Altwies said. “So you pull it back partway, it doesn’t lock, and then if you let it go, the firing pin can hit the primer of the bullet.”
Biden Declares ‘National Emergency’
Ahead of Freedom Convoy Heading Towards
Washington D.C.
54 replies
Posted by Imright 2/21/2022 2:56:07 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden is extending the declaration of a Covid “national emergency” ahead of an expected People’s Convoy heading towards Washington D.C. The move echoes beleaguered Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act to carry out a police crackdown on Freedom Convoy protesters under the color of martial law.Biden has just issued the declaration in an executive letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: Dear Madam Speaker: (Dear Madam President:) Section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)) provides for the automatic termination of a national emergency unless, within 90 days prior to the anniversary date of its declaration, the President publishes
Ottawa Mayor Announces Cars Seized During
Freedom Protests Should be Sold to Cover
Costs Incurred by City
30 replies
Posted by Imright 2/20/2022 10:45:06 AM Post Reply
The regime is very upset with the serfs. How dare they challenge Justin’s ridiculous COVID orders! (Snip) Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson told the CBC that the regime has the power to do this now that the Emergency Act was invoked by Prime Minister Trudeau.(Tweet) The state-controlled CBC reported: Ottawa’s mayor says any vehicles seized during the police crackdown on the occupation of the downtown should be sold to cover costs incurred by the city.
Kamala says U.S. must 'put ourselves out
there' to help divert Russian war following
meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky
in Germany and VP admits there will be
'some costs' associated with involvement
and says diplomatic path is 'narrowing'
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Posted by Imright 2/20/2022 11:07:50 AM Post Reply
Kamala Harris told reporters Sunday that the U.S. may face 'some costs' associated with involvement in Europe should Russia invade Ukraine, which she claims is all but certain. When asked before departing Germany for the U.S. if Americans should be braced for economic fallout from involvement, the vice president said 'sure.''When America stands for principles, and all of the things that we hold dear, it requires sometimes for us to put ourselves out there in a way that maybe we will incur some cost,' Harris told a group of seven reporters in Munich on Sunday. 'And in this situation, that may relate to energy costs, for example.'  CORRECTION*
Baltimore State Attorney who faces perjury
charges over COVID hardship claim tries
to have case thrown out and says she's
being targeted for being 'woke and black'
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Posted by Ribicon 2/21/2022 2:03:51 PM Post Reply
A Baltimore State Attorney facing a $1million perjury lawsuit for fudging financial numbers while taking out a loan for a pair of holiday home purchases in Florida has tried to get the case thrown out, claiming she's being targeted due to the fact that she's black and progressive.(Snip)The city official's legal team characterized their client's indictment as the culmination of a 'crusade to ruin the political career of a young, progressive, Black, female elected official.' The lawyers specifically accused the prosecution's head lawyer, Erek Barron, of 'prosecutorial vindictiveness,' saying the fellow Baltimore State Attorney—who is also black—has 'expressed disapproval of her both personally and professionally.'
Lia Thomas is a bad man 27 replies
Posted by Big Bopper 2/21/2022 9:43:11 AM Post Reply
I don’t hate Lia Thomas because she’s a transexual; I hate her because she’s a cheat. At the Ivy League Championship Swim Meet last weekend, Thomas easily won four events, setting pool and league records. She may be the most-improved swimmer in history. She was ranked 462nd in the country a few years ago, and is now ranked Number 1. The difference is not that her swim times have gotten better. It’s that her competition has gotten worse. Her Number 462 ranking was against men, while her Number 1 ranking is against women.
US reports to United Nations that Moscow
has lists of Ukrainians 'to be killed
or sent to camps' following a military occupation
27 replies
Posted by Imright 2/21/2022 2:37:21 AM Post Reply
Russia plans to carry out a host of human rights abuses - including targeted killings, kidnappings, torture and forced disappearances - against ethnic minorities, gays and journalists after it invades Ukraine, according to a frantic letter penned to the UN Human Rights Commission. US Ambassador to the UN Bathsheba Nell Crocker dashed off a one-page missive to UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet as an 'early warning' that the war in Eastern Europe would 'create a human rights catastrophe.'
Michigan men's basketball coach Juwan
Howard takes swing at Wisconsin coach
and sparks massive brawl at end of game
because rival called a late timeout during
blowout win over Wolverines
26 replies
Posted by Ribicon 2/20/2022 11:04:32 PM Post Reply
Michigan men's basketball coach Juwan Howard unloaded a wild swing at a rival coach after his underperforming team was routed Sunday, sparking a massive postgame brawl that could have major ramifications on the rest of the Wolverine's season. Howard, a a former member of Michigan's famed Fab Five and longtime NBA star, apparently got angry that Wisconsin coach Greg Gard called a timeout in the closing seconds of a game that was out of reach between the Big Ten conference foes. After the final horn sounded on Michigan's 77-63 drubbing, Howard appeared to make contact with Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft after arguing with Gard in the handshake line.
Forensic linguists say they now know the
origin of the Q texts on the message board
that began the QAnon movement
26 replies
Posted by Imright 2/20/2022 1:21:59 AM Post Reply
One of the enduring mysteries of the Trump era - 'who is Q' - appears to be solved, sort of.Two sets of forensic linguists have published two separate papers using two different techniques to conclude that Q appears to be two people: South African tech journalist Paul Furber, 55, and 4chan internet message board moderator and computer entrepreneur Ron Watkins, 34, according to the studies. 'While relying on two completely different technologies, both stylometric [quantitative study of literary style] analyses could establish that QAnon's early period on the 4chan forum, from October to December 2017, was likely the result of a collaboration between Paul Furber and Ron Watkins,
Democrats Roll out a Desperate Strategy
to Deflect Blame for Their Failures
26 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 2/20/2022 12:01:30 AM Post Reply
Unless the goal is to receive backslaps from a sycophantic mainstream media, it’s not a good time to be a Democrat. Things have collapsed in ways that didn’t seem possible over the last six months. Sure, it was expected that the party in power would see some regression, but at this level? Inflation continues to be a top concern among Americans, with January’s number clocking in at another multi-decade high. People are seeing their buying power eroded, and with gas prices set to explode further over the next year, there is no relief in sight. Meanwhile, Russia is on the verge of starting a major war in Europe, Afghanistan
Everything that’s wrong with American
education summed up in one image
25 replies
Posted by DW626 2/21/2022 6:01:20 AM Post Reply
A photograph came across my screen today that perfectly encapsulates what’s wrong with modern, traditional education. (I use the word “traditional” as a contrast to Montessori or Waldorf schools.) In it, we see that a child gave a correct answer to an ambiguous question, only to be told his answer was wrong because the teacher was unable to see beyond the confines of her answer book. Things like this turn students into the kind of mindless drones who think as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does.
Capitol perimeter fence erected after
January 6 riot will be REINSTALLED ahead
of Biden's State of the Union address
on March 1 as the truckers' Freedom Convoy
heads for Washington
25 replies
Posted by Imright 2/20/2022 5:22:09 PM Post Reply
The fencing that surrounded the Capitol complex for much of 2021 will be reinstalled next week as Congress prepares to host President Joe Biden for his first State of the Union address on March 1.U.S. Capitol Police are preparing for truckers protesting the mask and vaccine mandates as the 'Freedom Convoy' heads to Washington, D.C. after demonstrating in Canada for weeks and causing major blockades.The protesters were able to block the Ambassador Bridge border crossing between Windsor and Detroit as they expressed their distaste with COVID-19 mandates related to mask wearing and compulsory vaccinations.
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