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Flashback: Joe Biden's Crazy Claim About
MLK's Assassination

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Posted By: Imright, 1/17/2022 4:48:25 PM

It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2022. I’m still waiting for Joe Biden to make an official statement to commemorate the day. It hasn’t come yet, so for now, I’ll simply remind our readers what Joe Biden said in 2020 when he compared and contrasted the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 to the death of George Floyd.“Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did,” Biden said during a teleconference in Philadelphia. “It’s just like television changed the Civil Rights movement for the better when they saw Bull Connor and his dogs ripping the clothes off of elderly black women

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Reply 1 - Posted by: MickTurn 1/17/2022 5:29:05 PM (No. 1041906)
Brandon likely pulled the trigger...he can't remember anything so let's add this to the pile!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DaBigGuy 1/17/2022 6:07:48 PM (No. 1041953)
Brandon's official statement today will be that, "I was there for King's famous, 'Can we all just get along?' speech."
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Reply 3 - Posted by: skacmar 1/17/2022 6:31:32 PM (No. 1041992)
At least Biden did not say that he was on the balcony at the Lorraine Motel with MLK on the day he was killed and held his hand as the life bled from his body.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Birddog 1/17/2022 8:36:55 PM (No. 1042075)
Key rubric? "What dead Black person most effects 'Joe Biden' on any given day?" THAT becomes the most important dead black least to 'Joe Biden'.(Who will climb up on ANY nearby coffin to use as a soapbox)
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Thot zhot 1/18/2022 7:30:22 AM (No. 1042336)
This moves from funny to frightening with the realization that he isn't writing his own speeches. Someone is attempting to coopt history to spon a political agenda. This occurred notably in Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm with the Pan-German movement, and again in the 1930s under that Austrian Jew Adolf Hitler. (His mother was a Jew. The irony is strong with this one.)
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Reply 6 - Posted by: broken01 1/18/2022 8:36:08 AM (No. 1042409)
Biden: I was there on the Grassy Knoll in TX when MLKJR was shot! Ron Klein: Sir that was when JFK was shot. Biden: JFK? Yes I remember when Teddy and I made that Black guy Clarence Thomas look like a jerk. Ron Klein: Sigh, Yes sir.
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Video: Newsmax host launches GOP challenge
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Joe Pinion, a businessman who hosts "The Saturday Agenda" on the right-leaning news network Newsmax, highlighted Martin Luther King Jr. on his federal holiday."The promise of Dr. King's dream is vanishing! Too many politicians are focused on Left vs. Right, instead of Right vs. Wrong. I am running for U.S. Senate to unseat Chuck Schumer!" the 38-year-old added in his tweet alongside his announcement video. (Tweet/Video) Pinion, who ran unsuccessfully for the New York State Assembly in Yonkers in 2018, quoted the civil rights icon in the video."The time has come for us to rediscover what Dr. King called the fierce urgency of now,"
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Two more House Democrats announced Tuesday they would retire from Congress at the end of their terms, bringing the total to 28 amid polls that show President Biden's party in danger of losing its majority.Rep. James Langevin, an 11-term lawmaker from Rhode Island who serves on the coveted House Armed Services Committee, announced his decision in an op-ed Tuesday.He said it was 'time for me to chart a new course, which will allow me to stay closer to home and spend more time with my family and friends.
Former Trump Administration Officials
Convene to Try to Stop 45th President’s Return
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Former Trump administration officials met on Monday evening to impede Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential return, CNN reported.The group was apparently only able to agree on two items: the difficulty of successfully plotting opposition to the former president, and the group’s dilemma of making up for lost time.Those in attendance on the secretive phone call were reportedly former White House staffers who served at the pleasure of Trump but likely found more harmony with the administrative state, the unofficial fourth branch of government: Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. Former Communications Director Alyssa Farah Griffin
The media blackout on Fauci’s damning emails 5 replies
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Last week saw another batch of emails drop from Anthony Fauci, and another media blackout as to their contents. The strategy by the press in cases like this has been pretty straightforward: ignore the story, wait for right-leaning media or Republicans to pick it up, then frame any attacks on the subject as tainted by partisanship.Last week, when confronted once again by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, Fauci responded with more hyperbole and ad hominem. The media, meanwhile, framed the exchanges as “Rand Paul Attacks!” and “Anthony Fauci defends!” They refused to look at the information in the emails that Paul was asking about, refused to ask questions about them,
What Reporters Should Ask Biden About
Guns at His Promised Press Conference
on Wednesday
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President Biden’s remarks after the hostage situation at the synagogue in Texas leave more questions than answers. What were the motivations for the attack occur? A full day after a Pakistani Muslim attacked a synagogue on the Jewish sabbath to gain the release of Aafia Siddiqui described as the “Lady of al Qaeda,” Biden doesn’t know. The synagogue was near where Siddiqui is held. But when asked why the attacker targeted that synagogue, Biden again responded that he didn’t know but promised more at a press conference on Wednesday.
New Photos Show Ashli Babbitt Tried to
Stop Protesters from Entering Pelosi’s
Lobby — Was Shot Dead by Lt. Mike Byrd
in Cold Blood Moments Later
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New footage by investigative reporter Tayler Hansen reveals Ashli Babbitt attempted to stop protesters from violently entering the Speaker’s Lobby on January 6, 2021.She was shot dead moments later in cold blood by Lt. Mike Byrd.Byrd was pardoned by investigators and was never even called in to testify by DC Police.Zero Hedge reported via The Epoch Times:Ashli Babbitt desperately tried to prevent rioters from vandalizing the doors leading to the Speaker’s Lobby at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, even stepping between one troublemaker and police
Trouble in High Court as Gorsuch reportedly
refuses to mask-up, ‘forcing’ Sotomayor
to work remotely
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Posted by Imright 1/18/2022 6:28:54 PM Post Reply
Believing that masks do not provide the protection that people worldwide have been told to accept that they provide, Justice Neil Gorsuch is standing firm on his intent to remain mask-less in court, even when requested to do so by Chief Justice John Roberts.Roberts’ reported request came in response to Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s refusal to be around un-masked individuals due to her compromised health situation. Justice Gorsuch sits next to Justice Sotomayor on the bench, NPR reported. “Sotomayor has diabetes, a condition that puts her at high risk for serious illness, or even death, from COVID-19. She has been the only justice to wear a mask on the bench
While Shuttering Your Family Business,
Fauci Made $1.7 Million On His Lies
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Posted by Imright 1/18/2022 6:24:39 PM Post Reply
While Americans who were forced to stay at home by tyrannical politicians and health bureaucrats struggled to make ends meet during the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s household raked in $1,776,479.According to Fauci’s financial disclosures obtained by Open The Books, the federal government paid Fauci and his wife Christine Grady, who also works at the National Institutes of Health, $868,812 in combined income and benefits in 2020. In addition to their federal salaries, the Fauci household also received royalties and stipends totaling at least $113,298 while their investment accounts increased by $794,369.
Breaking: FBI ‘Mystery Man’ Ray Epps
is Now Set to Testify Before Pelosi’s
Partisan Jan. 6 Committee
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Posted by Imright 1/18/2022 6:16:59 PM Post Reply
FBI ‘mystery man’ Ray Epps, who was seen on video provoking people to storm the capitol, will provide a transcribed interview on Friday. The development was reported by Politico. “Ray Epps, a former Arizona Oath Keeper at the center of pro-Trump conspiracy theories related to Jan. 6., intends to sit for a transcribed interview with the select committee investigating the attack on the Capitol,” Politico reported.Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a Republican representative who is on his way out of Congress due to redistricting, confirmed the news that Epps plans to sit for a transcribed interview.“I know this will break some hearts,” Kinzinger said on Twitter
White House believes Russian invasion
of Ukraine could be imminent: Jen Psaki
warns there is an 'extremely dangerous
situation' at the border ahead of Blinken's
trip to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky
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Posted by Imright 1/18/2022 6:12:21 PM Post Reply
The White House on Tuesday said it believed a Russian invasion of Ukraine could come at any time, as Press Secretary Jen Psaki warned of an 'extremely dangerous situation' at the border.Her words came as Moscow bolstered the number of troops in the region, sending an unknown number of personnel to Belarus for major war games. Talks between the West and Russia failed to ease tensions last week.Now Secretary of State Antony Blinken will meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday before holding talks with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Geneva on Friday
White House Pursuing Joe Biden Communications
Reboot as Polls Collapse
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Posted by Imright 1/18/2022 11:29:55 AM Post Reply
The White House is planning a new communications strategy, as President Joe Biden faces a total collapse of his approval ratings.Citing “senior administration officials,” NBC News reported Tuesday the White House is exploring new ways to communicate directly with the American people.Advisers expressed the need for Biden to “talk to more people directly,” instead of “one-dimensional” speeches from the White House, the report revealed, citing “his greatest political strength” as “empathy and an ability to connect with ordinary Americans.”Biden’s approval numbers are only getting worse as he approaches the one year anniversary in office.
Bill de Blasio announces he’s not running
for governor of New York
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Posted by Imright 1/18/2022 9:36:35 AM Post Reply
Former Mayor Bill de Blasio will not run for governor, he announced Tuesday.In a video posted on Twitter, de Blasio touted his record on education and policing before declaring, “No, I’m not going to be running for governor of New York state.”“But I am going to devote every fiber of my being to fight inequality in the state of New York,” he added in the 90-second clip, recorded outside one of his Park Slope homes.De Blasio, who formed a candidate committee in November, promised to announce “more news” in the coming days, hinting he will not exit the political arena.
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Maxine Waters uses race to smear fellow
Dems Manchin, Sinema: ‘They don’t
care about blacks’
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Posted by Imright 1/17/2022 8:42:48 PM Post Reply
In anything but what might be considered a spoiler alert, radical Democrat Maxine Waters claims that U.S. Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema “don’t care about minorities” because neither Democrat will vote to end the filibuster.An “always optimistic” U.S. Rep. Waters (D-Calif.) also slammed Republicans, who are supposedly under the spell of Donald Trump, for their opposition to changing the filibuster math, which she argued posed a “difficult time” for Democrats and the country itself.Democrats would love to end the 60-vote threshold requirement in the upper chamber to enable them to jam through the currently stalled, so-called voting rights legislation, as well as other components of their far-left wishlist.
White House Pursuing Joe Biden Communications
Reboot as Polls Collapse
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The White House is planning a new communications strategy, as President Joe Biden faces a total collapse of his approval ratings.Citing “senior administration officials,” NBC News reported Tuesday the White House is exploring new ways to communicate directly with the American people.Advisers expressed the need for Biden to “talk to more people directly,” instead of “one-dimensional” speeches from the White House, the report revealed, citing “his greatest political strength” as “empathy and an ability to connect with ordinary Americans.”Biden’s approval numbers are only getting worse as he approaches the one year anniversary in office.
MIT-educated anti-vaxxer doctor who treated
COVID patients with Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine
has her license suspended and must undergo
psychiatric evaluation 'for spreading misinformation'
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Posted by Imright 1/18/2022 12:02:34 AM Post Reply
A medical board in Maine has suspended the license of an MIT-educated doctor and ordered a psychiatric evaluation after she was accused of treating some of her patients with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and spreading misinformation about COVID-19. Maine’s Board of Licensure in Medicine voted last week to conduct a deeper investigation into Dr Meryl Nass, from Ellsworth. The board also voted to suspend her license for 30 days and have her undergo a psychiatric evaluation. The board stated in its January 12 order that allowing Nass to continue practicing medicine 'constitutes an immediate jeopardy to the health and physical safety of the public
Sen. Mitt Romney says Biden was elected
'to stop the crazy' and argues that voters
weren't asking him 'to transform America'
47 replies
Posted by GustoGrabber 1/17/2022 7:58:29 AM Post Reply
Sen. Mitt Romney on Sunday said President Joe Biden was not elected to "transform America." Romney said people who backed Biden "were looking to get back to normal" and "stop the crazy." The senator said Biden's latest voting-rights speech was not helpful in forging bipartisanship. Sen. Mitt Romney on Sunday dinged President Joe Biden's governing approach, arguing that the longtime Democratic lawmaker was elected to restore a sense of normality to government and was not put into office to "transform" the country
DeSantis will NOT bend the knee to Trump:
Florida Gov. says backing ex-president
for 2024 now 'is too much to ask' after
Trump attacked him for being 'dull' and
having 'no charisma'
44 replies
Posted by Lucky5 1/18/2022 10:45:59 AM Post Reply
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a once-loyal member of Donald Trump's court, is refusing to bend a knee to the former president and says backing him in the 2024 election 'is too much to ask' after Trump publicly attacked his character. Trump allegedly branded popular governor as having 'no personal charisma' and a 'dull personality' as rumors swirl the ex-president is angry DeSantis hasn't declined to challenge him for the GOP presidential nomination. DeSantis, however, has told his inner circle that Trump's 'expectation that he bend the knee is asking too much,' the New York Times reported.
Fully Vaccinated *And Boosted* Mark Milley
Tests Positive For Covid-19 Four Days
After Having Contact with Joe Biden
44 replies
Posted by Imright 1/17/2022 7:09:06 PM Post Reply
Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, who is fully vaccinated *and boosted* tested positive for Covid-19 on Sunday and is experiencing symptoms.Milley, 63, was with Joe Biden on Wednesday at the funeral of Gen. Raymond Odierno.According to Joint Chiefs spokesman Col. Dave Butler, Milley is in isolation and working remotely.ABC News reported:Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley has tested positive for COVID-19 and is experiencing very minor symptoms, a spokesperson said Monday. The Marine Corps said its commandant, Gen. David Berger, also has COVID-19.
Michael Phelps: NCAA's Lia Thomas Controversy
'Very Complicated'
36 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 1/18/2022 4:40:54 AM Post Reply
Michael Phelps says the controversy surrounding transgender NCAA swimmer Lia Thomas is “very complicated.” Thomas, a transgender swimmer on the women’s team at the University of Pennsylvania, competed for three years as a male. NCAA bylaws permit transgender athletes to compete as women if they have undergone testosterone suppression for a year. Phelps, appearing with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour last week, spoke to the issue as one of doping, saying he doesn’t believe he’s competed in a fair field in his whole career.
Jill Biden: I didn’t expect ‘healing
role’ as first lady
36 replies
Posted by Ribicon 1/17/2022 2:42:17 PM Post Reply
Las Vegas—Her husband campaigned to help unite the country, but Jill Biden says “healing” a nation wounded by a deadly pandemic, natural and other disasters and deep political polarization is among her chief roles as first lady, too. Wrapping up a year in which she saw herself as a key member of President Joe Biden’s team, the first lady told The Associated Press that she found herself taking on a role that “I didn’t kind of expect, which was like a healing role, because we’ve faced so much as a nation.” Jill Biden spoke sitting in the sunshine near a swimming pool at a Las Vegas hotel
Michigan Democrats tell parents they are
NOT 'clients' of public schools, that
children should be taught 'what society
needs them to know' - and that taxpayers
should stay out of education
35 replies
Posted by Ribicon 1/18/2022 11:56:36 AM Post Reply
Michigan Democrats were heavily criticized over the weekend for telling parents that they are not 'clients' of public schools and that public education teaches kids what society 'needs them to know.' A Facebook post on Saturday shared by the state's Democrats on their official page blasted the idea that parents should be involved in what public school teach their children. The post was taken down on Monday morning following heavy disapproval.(Snip)The Michigan Democratic Party later deleted the post on Martin Luther King Day and retracted its original statement. It is unclear who wrote the post—but Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been blasted for what many see as meddling
Janet Yellen says US economy is unfair
to Black Americans in MLK Day speech
33 replies
Posted by Ribicon 1/17/2022 1:16:16 PM Post Reply
The treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, marked Martin Luther King Day with a speech acknowledging that the US economy “has never worked fairly for Black Americans or, really, for any American of color”. Interpreting the late civil rights leader’s I Have a Dream speech, Yellen said: “Dr King knew that economic injustice was bound up in the larger injustice he fought against.” In her comments, recorded for delivery at the Rev Al Sharpton’s National Action Network breakfast in Washington, Yellen noted the financial metaphors the Rev Martin Luther King Jr used in his address, delivered on 28 August 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
Fourth shot of Covid vaccine is NOT enough
to prevent 'lots of infections' from Omicron,
Israeli study finds
31 replies
Posted by Ribicon 1/17/2022 9:53:20 PM Post Reply
The fourth dose of the Covid vaccine is less effective on the Omicron variant and provides only limited defence, a preliminary study in Israel has found. Israel's Sheba Medical Center began administering a fourth vaccine to more than 270 medical staff last month during a trial program. Experts studied the defence of the Pfizer booster in 154 people after two weeks and the Moderna booster in 120 people—who had previously been vaccinated three times with the Pfizer vaccine—after one week. The clinical trial found that both groups showed increases in antibodies 'slightly higher' than following the third vaccine last year. But it said the increased antibodies did not prevent
William Barr to release memoir titled
‘One Damn Thing After Another’
30 replies
Posted by Ribicon 1/18/2022 3:15:27 PM Post Reply
Former Attorney General William P. Barr will release a memoir in March that will dive into his tenure under the presidencies of George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump. In the long-rumored book, “One Damn Thing After Another: Memoirs of an Attorney General,” Mr. Barr will give a “candid account of his historic tenures serving two vastly different presidents,” according to a book description on Amazon. “In this candid memoir, Barr takes readers behind the scenes during seminal moments of the 1990s, from the LA riots to Pan Am 103 and Iran Contra,” the description states. “Thirty years later, Barr faced an unrelenting barrage of issues, such as Russiagate,
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