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Why is the medical profession letting
us die?

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Posted By: ladydawgfan, 10/19/2021 4:29:32 AM

Thank you, Dr. Brian C. Joondeph, for your article on aspirin as a potential part of the covid treatment regimen. And for mentioning ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as similar safe and potentially very effective therapeutics. Here are a couple more to be considered. (Please note that I am not a physician, and I am not dispensing medical advice. I’m just commenting on publicly available information.) Bromhexine, an ingredient found in some cough suppressants, may work due to its protease-inhibitor functions, according to a paper released in May 2020. It appears to have use as both a prophylactic and a treatment. A number of antihistamines, including diphenhydramine, sold under label as Benadryl


Informative article that I agree wholeheartedly with.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: dst4life 10/19/2021 4:52:28 AM (No. 950407)
This is a must read. FTA: "How will they know they can sue for this? Because those same policymakers decided who would have the pandemic listed as their cause of death on their officially issued death certificate." By perpetuating the pandemic, the politicians believe they can postpone the inevitable--the lawsuits for wrongful deaths.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Amoeba 10/19/2021 5:12:24 AM (No. 950413)
agree, OP. I dont have a primary care doctor anymore because every one I tried is a sold out vaccine bum. I do not trust the DUKE-UNC medical community in NC any longer. I expect the East Carolina Medical crowd is the same.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Rinktum 10/19/2021 5:33:28 AM (No. 950419)
Very informative article. I could never understand why the naysayers of other therapies were so adamant against any therapy that popped up that was having success. Physicians lost their jobs for speaking up for these therapies. It was then I realized that this pandemic was being driven by politics, not science. No doubt, the slimy politicians will pass a bill stating no lawsuit can be filed against a physician or health care worker who failed to use other therapies that showed promise or some such wording. This administration is not going to have anyone question their mandates or policy decisions. The left used this pandemic for their political benefit and will continue to do so until Americans rebel. That we are still mandating masks and now the unconstitutional act of firing anyone who is not vaccinated, shows the depths to which this reprehensible administration is willing to go. BTW, where are the hordes of constitutional scholars who should be speaking out against this clear violation of our rights? Apparently, the Constitution is not as revered as they so pompously contended. Have they moved on from our founding principles? It certainly appears that the majority of the legal profession have abandoned the very foundation of our laws for leftist ideology.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: DCGIRL 10/19/2021 5:49:59 AM (No. 950426)
I lost my tooth implant surgeon because he turned into a political nut job. Can not trust that guy anymore. Looking for another one.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: IowaDad 10/19/2021 6:18:03 AM (No. 950444)
Why are some people so accepting of any suggestion (based on the flimsiest of evidence) that a common mediations can cure COVID, but so resistant to the idea that vaccination can prevent it? Isn't prevention sometimes better that a cure?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: ussjimmycarter 10/19/2021 6:43:24 AM (No. 950469)
The point is that vaccinations of the current variety don’t work! And they are very dangerous! I wouldn’t ever call that prevention! Drugs that cure should be freely and generously given to everyone! They aren’t? Why?
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Reply 7 - Posted by: frew 10/19/2021 6:53:33 AM (No. 950479)
People who ignore good medical advice on the basis of crackpot conspiracy theories and try to rely on treatments that not only haven't been proven to work but for which we have positive evidence that they don't work? Darwinism in action!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: jinx 10/19/2021 7:39:56 AM (No. 950520)
Look at the way our government has taken over and destroyed education, the post office, etc. Why would we think that they can run the medical profession without destroying it? The destruction has begun.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Bluefindad 10/19/2021 8:43:08 AM (No. 950589)
The author hit the larger nail on the head by characterizing COVID as a "super-powerful cold". The virus is in the same family as the common cold. No cold vaccine has ever been successful, nor will be. It is quite possible that even those claiming natural immunity from previous infection will get it again - just like a cold. Insufficient time has passed to draw any conclusions from long-term observations. One thing's for sure, they will continue to produce boosters for what will turn out to be an endless parade of variants. They can't help themselves because they're too far down the path. The author promotes the most reasonable and efficacious path - using therapeutics to lessen the severity of infection caused by all variants of the virus. Unfortunately this advice is treated by our nobility in the same manner as a cross presented to Dracula.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: TexaTucky 10/19/2021 8:54:43 AM (No. 950607)
Come on #5, stop posting as #7 . . . at least within the same thread. It's been established that the two handles are one and the same poster: - You both appeared in the salon in March of 2019 - You both have implied a professional association with psychiatry - You both use phrasing such as " the idiots among us who remain unvaccinated" and "conservatives have not covered themselves with glory during this pandemic" While these could be coincidences, they're not. Opining repetitively with different handles and voting for yourself is not the way to influence or convince people.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: udanja99 10/19/2021 9:06:46 AM (No. 950621)
Why? It’s all about the Benjamins. I’m fortunate in that my GP hasn’t fallen for all of Fauxci’s nonsense. In fact, at my last annual physical in May, not only did he not ask my vaccine status, he didn’t even bring up flu shots or pneumonia shots like he used to.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: bigfatslob 10/19/2021 9:31:32 AM (No. 950649)
Rule of thumb, whatever Joe Brandon and the left is for I'm against simple as that. FJB
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Reply 13 - Posted by: DVC 10/19/2021 11:48:50 AM (No. 950781)
He is correct about protease inhibitors. I have one that is sold OTC in Ukraine to prevent cold viruses, and will use it if infected. Interesting that he mentions diphenhydramine, the most effective (and dirt cheap, OTC) antihistamine for me. Due to dust and pollen allergies, I wind up taking one or two of these probably 3 or 4 times every month, or more often when mowing and kicking up dust and grass particles. Plenty on hand. Perhaps it has been helping keep me free of this virus. Doctors are really wrecking their trust with this. The word IS getting out very slowly, and will continue to get out, relentlessly - and the "doctors" just let us die, have done nothing until people are super sick, many too sick to save, because they were ordered to not to do it. The doc who got me a prescription for ivermectin and doxycycline was threatened with firing and loss of her medical license and forced to stop prescribing. The 'people in charge' want us dead, and will stop at nothing to control any and all treatments which aren't FDA/CDC approved by Dr. Fraud the modern Dr. Mengele. Doctors are becoming the 'bad guys' in this whole mess.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: DVC 10/19/2021 11:54:53 AM (No. 950790)
A certain poster keeps claiming, no matter the MASSIVE evidence to the contrary, that these "vaccinations" prevent the disease. 90% of the people in the hospitals have had this 'vaccination', and were not protected by it. Deep in the thrall of the big pharma companies. The facts clearly show that these "vaccinations" do not prevent infection, do not prevent illness, do not prevent passing on the virus and do not prevent death. So, the "solution", we are told is ANOTHER 'vaccination'. Unreal. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. The only REAL outcome is that the big pharma companies are raking in billions while people still get sick and are being forced out of their jobs. The outcome from these "vaccines" is no real protection, and it kills some people all by itself.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: MickTurn 10/19/2021 12:44:21 PM (No. 950874)
How Dare you mention better protocols than the Vax...What are you some kind of NUT Job? /S Great Piece, I too wonder why our 'Doctors' have sold their souls to Big Pharma and the Commies running our Country!
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Rubinski 10/19/2021 3:34:53 PM (No. 951063)
I received an email this week which had a hotlinks to articles in MD Edge/Medscape. One of the articles was “Yes, it’s ok to deny care to unvaccinated patients.” Appalling.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: TXknitter 10/19/2021 3:44:07 PM (No. 951076)
Thank you #10. This is an excellent article full of real information to share with sometimes stubborn lived ones. Many thanks for posting!
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Reply 18 - Posted by: mamabear 10/19/2021 9:39:12 PM (No. 951392)
I fear the greatest casualty of covid 19 will be that sacred trust between a doctor and patient. :-(
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Why is the medical profession letting
us die?
18 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 10/19/2021 4:29:32 AM Post Reply
Thank you, Dr. Brian C. Joondeph, for your article on aspirin as a potential part of the covid treatment regimen. And for mentioning ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as similar safe and potentially very effective therapeutics. Here are a couple more to be considered. (Please note that I am not a physician, and I am not dispensing medical advice. I’m just commenting on publicly available information.) Bromhexine, an ingredient found in some cough suppressants, may work due to its protease-inhibitor functions, according to a paper released in May 2020. It appears to have use as both a prophylactic and a treatment. A number of antihistamines, including diphenhydramine, sold under label as Benadryl
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Award-winning country music artist Travis Tritt announced Monday that he’ll be canceling a number of shows due to venues requiring fans to either show proof of COVID vaccination, submit a negative COVID test, or mandating masks. “I’m putting my money where my mouth is and announcing that any venue or promoter mandating masks, requiring vaccinations, or pushing COVID testing protocols on my fans will not be tolerated,” Tritt said in a statement sent to The Daily Wire. “Any show I have booked that discriminates against concert-goers by requiring proof of vaccination, a COVID test, or a mask is being canceled immediately.”
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A Republican senator is calling for annual senility tests for aging politicians, such as President Joe Biden, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), a physician, said during a recent appearance of “Axios on HBO” that he wants cognition tests for aging leaders in all three branches of government, Axios reported. Cassidy, a gastroenterologist, said that people generally begin a “rapid decline” when they hit 80 years old. “It’s usually noticeable,” the senator said. “So anybody in a position of responsibility who may potentially be on that slope, that is of concern. And I’m saying this as a doctor.”
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Update: The Canadian government did not threaten to fire employees for using the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” in correspondence and the memo claiming otherwise is fake. “We can confirm this message was not issued by Shared Services Canada and it does not reflect departmental policy,” the Shared Services Center told The National Post in a statement. Original story below: Last Thursday, an agency of the Government of Canada responsible for providing and consolidating information technology services across federal government departments informed federal government employees that they would be fired “without recourse or labor union participation” if they used any form of the popular meme “Let’s Go Brandon”
Opinion Smidgen: There's Really Something
Seriously Wrong With This Guy
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Posted by ladydawgfan 10/18/2021 9:06:47 PM Post Reply
“What you’ve just said, is one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard.” –“Billy Madison” (1995) I don’t even have to mention his name. I used to be sympathetic to his neurological affliction; for about five minutes. Until I realized that he’s playing hardball at destroying America. Or, the people controlling him and pulling his strings are. He careens around haltingly, being told and directed where to go next or how to exit, and never seems to know where he is or what century it is. He remembers few names, including his cabinet secretaries. His live stream is regularly having “technical difficulties”
Jill Biden Steps in to Save a Confused,
Meandering Joe Biden at White House Event
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I’ve generally tried to avoid these kinds of stories the last several weeks because writing about Joe Biden’s obvious senility gets repetitive at some point. But somehow, he just keeps upping the ante in a way that I can’t ignore. That happened today during an event at the White House where Jill Biden hosted the 2021 Teachers of the Year ceremony. That included the presence of Randi Weingarten, the child-less teachers union head who was at the forefront of so much destruction to schools over the last two years. She was honored today because absolutely nothing matters to this administration except rank partisanship and being on the right team.
Ivermectin: The Elephant in the Room 8 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 10/18/2021 6:43:27 PM Post Reply
There are a great many unknowns and controversies associated with the COVID pandemic. Among the most urgent are those associated with appropriate therapeutic and prophylactic interventions. Some of the most intense disputes involve repurposed therapies — i.e., drugs that have been approved for the treatment of some other condition being used as therapy for COVID. This is the case with the anti-parasitic agent ivermectin. Much of the controversy regarding ivermectin involves "evidence" that the drug has a benefit in the treatment of COVID. Detractors will often use the hyperbolic claim that there is no evidence that ivermectin is useful in this setting.
Democrat Dog and Pony Shows Come up Short 0 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 10/18/2021 6:36:10 PM Post Reply
It isn’t hard to point out the failures of Democrats. They’re so numerous it would be difficult to compile a comprehensive list of them. But two recent political gambits by congressional Democrats are falling flat on their face. Biden’s SCOTUS Commission and the congressional J6 commission have completely failed in their purpose of hiding their incompetence in managing anything larger than a fundraising dinner. Democrats successfully managed to whip their base into a frenzy over the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. It seems like ages ago now, but the #MeToo crowd that trashed Kavanaugh was nowhere to be found
YouTube temporarily bans Steven Crowder
for hurting transgender feelings
7 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 10/18/2021 6:27:45 PM Post Reply
American Marxism, unable to use economics to attack America, now opts for tribalism, dividing Americans into victims and abusers. The abusers are always straight White men. Currently, the left's two primary victim classes are Blacks and LGBTers, especially so-called transgender people. Anything you say about them that is not slavishly supportive is hate speech, and that's true whether your statements are factually accurate or not. And that's why popular YouTuber Steven Crowder has been put in YouTube's deep freeze. Steven Crowder is a popular conservative with a website and two channels on YouTube, one with 5.5 million subscribers and the other with 1 million subscribers.
Justice Department to Request Supreme
Court Block Texas Abortion Law
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The Biden administration is planning to request the U.S. Supreme Court block the Texas abortion law. Last week, a federal appeals court rejected the Biden administration’s efforts to stop the new law. In response, the Biden administration is planning to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court, which could set a major precedent on abortion rights in the country. “The Justice Department intends to ask the Supreme Court to vacate the Fifth Circuit’s stay of the preliminary injunction against Texas Senate Bill 8,” Anthony Coley, the Justice Department spokesman, said in a statement, per the New York Times. In a one-page decision, the Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals
Mother of Ashli Babbitt Says Denying Daughter
Military Funeral ‘Slap in the Face’
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Posted by ladydawgfan 10/18/2021 6:05:29 PM Post Reply
Ashli Babbitt, the only person killed during the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building as a result of direct action taken by others, was an Air Force veteran who served the country proudly for more than a dozen years, but according to her mother, she was denied a military burial earlier this year. Babbitt, who was shot and killed by Lt. Michael Byrd as it appeared as though she was about to crawl through the broken window of a door leading to the House floor, should have been able to be buried with full military honors, her mother, Micki Witthoeft, told Newsmax TV Saturday, because she loved her country
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Rachel Levine becomes first transgender
four-star officer, will lead U.S. Public
Health Service
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Posted by Ribicon 10/19/2021 12:26:32 PM Post Reply
The Biden administration said Tuesday it was burnishing its support for the LGBTQ community by swearing in Rachel Levine, an assistant health secretary, as the first openly transgender four-star officer of the eight uniformed services of the United States. U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy held a ceremonial swearing-in for Adm. Levine, who will lead 6,000 officers in the U.S. Public Health Service. “This is a momentous occasion and I am honored to take this role for the impact that I can make, and for the historic nature of what it symbolizes,” Adm. Levine said. “I stand on the shoulder of those LGBTQ-plus individuals who came
Biden secretly flying underage migrants
into NY in dead of night
46 replies
Posted by FlyRight 10/19/2021 6:57:49 AM Post Reply
Planeloads of underage migrants are being flown secretly into suburban New York in an effort by President Biden’s administration to quietly resettle them across the region, The Post has learned. The charter flights originate in Texas, where the ongoing border crisis has overwhelmed local immigration officials, and have been underway since at least August, according to sources familiar with the matter. Last week, The Post saw two planes land at the Westchester County Airport, where most of the passengers who got off appeared to be children and teens, with a small portion appearing to be men in their 20s.
Trump Surgeon General Adams Blames Unvaccinated
for Colin Powell Death — ‘Didn’t
Take the Proper Measures to Lower Spread’
42 replies
Posted by Imright 10/19/2021 4:26:09 AM Post Reply
Former Trump administration Surgeon General Jerome Adams said Monday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that former Secretary of State Colin Powell died because some Americans were not vaccinated.Anchor Chris Cuomo said, “In terms of his passing and how he would want it understood, what do you say about the idea that Powell passing while being vaccinated is proof that the vaccination is not necessary?”Adams said, “It’s absolutely untrue. We’ve got people out there who are in the vaccine-resistant crowd. We’ve got people who have completely different agendas, agendas that have nothing to do with vaccines, and as you mentioned, want to divide us.
Transgender HHS Official Rachel Levine
Named ‘First-Ever Female Four-Star Admiral’
In Public Health Corps
41 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 10/20/2021 11:43:57 AM Post Reply
The Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Tuesday publicly announced that Rachel Levine, the transgender assistant secretary of health for HHS, had been named the nation’s first openly transgender four-star officer across any of the eight uniformed services of the United States. According to the press release, this makes Levine, a biological male, the “highest ranking official in the USPHS Commissioned Corps and its first-ever female four-star admiral.”
Cheney begs GOP colleagues at Jan. 6 hearing:
Tell our voters the truth, that the election
wasn't rigged
38 replies
Posted by LoveYourCountry 10/20/2021 12:02:43 PM Post Reply
Some of them do admit that — when they’re cornered. I’m thinking of Dan Crenshaw being confronted by an election truther at a fundraiser in August and telling the guy that he was kidding himself if he believed there was such widespread fraud that it flipped the result in multiple states. There’s a cohort of hardcore populists within the House GOP whose loyalty to Trump is such that they’ll eagerly parrot any conspiracy theory he likes but most GOP reps who are asked about this tend to mumble something noncommittal about “election integrity” and “unanswered questions” before changing the subject.
Jamie Lee Curtis introduces transgender
daughter Ruby
36 replies
Posted by Ribicon 10/20/2021 5:43:54 PM Post Reply
Nearly three months after revealing that her youngest child is transgender, Jamie Lee Curtis sat down for an interview with her daughter Ruby about the 25-year-old’s transition and journey to self-acceptance. The “Halloween” star, 62, admitted on Wednesday that “learning new terminology and words” has been a challenge at times, but she is determined to put in the work for Ruby. “It’s speaking a new language,” she told People. “I am new at it. I am not someone who is pretending to know much about it. And I’m going to blow it, I’m going to make mistakes. I would like to try to avoid making big mistakes.”
Fox’s Neil Cavuto off air after contracting
Covid; vaccinated host heavily immunocompromised
36 replies
Posted by Imright 10/20/2021 7:30:22 AM Post Reply
Fox News host Neil Cavuto, 63, has contracted a breakthrough case of the coronavirus despite reportedly being heavily immunocompromised, raising concerns over his health given the recent passing from COVID of Colin Powell, 84, who too had been vaccinated and immunocompromised. Cavuto, who hosts shows on both Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, remains optimistic over his fate nevertheless. In a statement issued to the media Tuesday, he touted his decision to get vaccinated as surefire proof that “I’m surviving this.”“While I’m somewhat stunned by this news, doctors tell me I’m lucky as well. Had I not been vaccinated, and with all my medical issues,
Democrats to scale back Treasury's IRS
bank reporting plan, raise threshold from
$600 to $10,000
34 replies
Posted by Imright 10/19/2021 5:13:46 PM Post Reply
Senate Democrats are set Tuesday to announce a scaled-down version of the Biden administration's proposal to crack down on Americans it suspects are dodging taxes.The administration's original proposal was greeted with overwhelming opposition from fiscal conservative groups, the banking industry and other over concerns about financial privacy.The initial plan, conceived by the Treasury Department and Senate Democrats, would have allowed the Internal Revenue Service access to information on bank accounts that had at least $600 worth of annual deposits or withdrawals. The new proposal will still allow the IRS to access information on accounts that transfer or receive more than $10,000 annually.
Ted Cruz Introduces Bill That Would Send
Illegal Immigrants To The Towns Of Rich
White Liberals For Processing
32 replies
Posted by Imright 10/20/2021 2:13:33 AM Post Reply
In the midst of the ongoing border crisis, Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz filed legislation on Tuesday that would establish processing centers for illegal immigrants in areas such as Martha’s Vineyard and other Democrat-led communities.Earlier this month, Cruz said: “For the past ten months, President Biden and his administration have willingly surrendered the United States’ southern border to dangerous criminal cartels, with no thought given to the South Texas border communities like McAllen and Del Rio, which are running low on resources from dealing with this massive influx of illegal immigrants,”
An Embarrassing Video Of Two Female Cops
Shows Why Every Female Cop Should Have
A Male Partner
31 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 10/20/2021 7:23:09 AM Post Reply
There are significant police-related differences between men and women. And it is likely in our best interest as police officers to capitalize on the differences and use them to our advantage. From what I have read, there appear to be significant police-related differences between men and women. And it is likely in our best interest as police officers to capitalize on the differences and use them to our advantage. While on the other side, if the differences cause challenges, change our method of training to accommodate the differences. A video that we’ve received today shows why male and female cops should work together!
GOP Rep. Jim Banks is criticized for calling
the first transgender admiral Rachel Levine
a 'man' who has 'broken the dreams of
little girls trying to break the glass ceiling'
30 replies
Posted by Ribicon 10/20/2021 5:46:35 PM Post Reply
GOP Rep. Jim Banks hit back after Rachel Levine became the nation's first transgender four-star admiral, calling her a 'man' and a disappointment for 'little girls.' The Indiana Republican's remarks drew pushback. Levine, a Biden appointee, was sworn in as head of US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, which made her the nation's highest-ranking transgender official.(Snip)'The title of first female four-star official gets taken by a man,' Banks tweeted in response to the news. 'Calling someone that was born and lived as a man for 54 years the first 'female' four-star officer is an insult to every little girl who dreams of breaking glass ceilings
'Jealous' Trump is slammed for making
Colin Powell's death all about him and
for 'dancing on his grave': Critics say
'spiteful' statement attacking Secretary
of State proves he's 'insecure'
30 replies
Posted by Imright 10/19/2021 5:25:47 PM Post Reply
Donald Trump was bombarded with criticism on Tuesday for labeling late Secretary of State Colin Powell a 'RINO' who 'made plenty of mistakes' in a statement one day after Powell's death of COVID-19 complications at age 84. In an email full of mixed messages, Trump commented on the posthumous praise Powell has been receiving since Monday morning and said he hoped he'd get the same treatment 'one day.''Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and famously, so-called weapons of mass destruction, be treated in death so beautifully by the Fake News Media,' Trump said
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