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How a vegan diet could
affect your intelligence

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Posted By: MissMolly, 1/30/2020 5:16:07 AM

I It was the late 1880s in the city of Rajkot, India. The meeting was to take place on the banks of the local river – and discretion was essential. Mahatma Gandhi, who was just a teenager at the time, hadn’t told his parents where he was going; if they had found out, they would have been shocked to death. As it happens, Gandhi was having a picnic. And on this occasion, India’s future national hero – and one of the most famous vegetarians in history – wasn’t planning to dine on cucumber sandwiches. No, for the first time in his life, he was going to eat meat.


Maybe this explains Cory Spartacus.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Socio 1/30/2020 6:23:54 AM (No. 301927)
I think a direct correlation can be made between the rise of socialism and communism and veganism, younger generations are eating themselves into stupidity!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: kreeger 1/30/2020 6:27:51 AM (No. 301930)
Once again we love to read articles that justify our unhealthy lifestyle. Fact is that all diets have their shortcomings so that you educate yourself and test appropriately. B12, as an example, was never a problem when our ancestors drank from streams and ate food gathered in the wild without washing them. Today, all plant based dieters know that you have to take supplements. And that is why you do testing. Why don't we ever post articles here about our exploding rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer, auto immune disease, kidney failure and dementia? Can't be due to a bunch of people going vegan. What about our lack of fiber in our diet?And how do you explain the results of studies on the most observed population in the world, the seventh day adventist?It shows that the vegans had the best health results in just about every category.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: TexaTucky 1/30/2020 6:39:08 AM (No. 301939)
I don’t care what anybody eats, but I have noticed that the rate of butthurtedness is highest among the vegan set. No, seriously, always angry and ready to preach (talking about a nephew, not you #2).
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Reply 4 - Posted by: PlayItAgain 1/30/2020 7:03:47 AM (No. 301952)
I know three people, one was my cousin, who were in their fifties and went on rather aggressive vegetarian diets. They lost lots of weight and looked much better. But very soon thereafter each developed a very aggressive case of Alzheimer's and died within three years. These people were not related to each other. I will never remove meat from my diet.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: F15 Gork 1/30/2020 7:37:47 AM (No. 301974)
I like vegetables - particularly when they are rubbing shoulders on my plate with a medium rare Tomahawk cut of prime beef!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Strike3 1/30/2020 8:03:53 AM (No. 301998)
My opinion is that anyone who turns down a steak is already stupid or has some serious wiring problems in the taste buds.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: dolphin 1/30/2020 8:07:18 AM (No. 302001)
Plants can't run or bite so they poison.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Kate318 1/30/2020 8:18:45 AM (No. 302008)
Respectfully disagree, #2. Eating meat is not an unhealthy lifestyle. Meat and dairy supply healthy fats to the body, which has repeatedly been shown to be of great benefit to the human body. The diseases/conditions that you list are more the result of unhealthy lifestyles and processed foods, particularly simple carbohydrates. In addition, there are now some studies that connect Alzheimer’s to the high amount of pharmaceuticals that people tend to take as they age. Check out the Weston E. Price Foundation, for some fascinating studies on the relationship between animal fat and human development/health. Bottom line is that if you feel better being a vegan or a vegetarian, go for it. But please, don’t define those of us who make another choice as merely “justifying an unhealthy lifestyle.”
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Kate318 1/30/2020 8:29:55 AM (No. 302017)
Sorry, make that Weston A. Price Foundation in #8.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Judy W. 1/30/2020 8:30:00 AM (No. 302018)
The vast majority of vegans are female -- 79% according to one source. The IQs of men and women are roughly the same, though women score higher in verbal IQ and men in mathematical and other nonverbal. Watch now as veganism sweeps the younger generation and the average female IQ drops. What howling and accusations there will be, when women's average IQ drops. Maybe if some women's magazine told the the girls that eating eggs and meat will give them bigger breasts they would stop this nonsense.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: rfr46 1/30/2020 8:32:03 AM (No. 302023)
Great news! More beef for me! Just don't try to tax it.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: fayebeck 1/30/2020 8:39:16 AM (No. 302035)
#6 I agree. Stupidity came before the vegan stuff.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 1/30/2020 8:58:55 AM (No. 302062)
I have a cousin who refused to eat meat and takes lots of supplements. She likes to lecture others on healthy choices, but she looks 15 years older than she should. In her 50s she had to get false teeth. When she fell she broke multiple bones. Her bones are crumbling. It is not the healthy choice that she thinks it is. Give me real butter, real sugar, and real meat.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Chuzzles 1/30/2020 9:41:10 AM (No. 302118)
Even God warned back in the early days of man that there would be people who would only eat this kind of diet, and that we should have sympathy for them. They truly know not what they are talking about. The warning was given at the same time God gave the ancient Hebrews their dietary laws. God even warned that they would get in our faces with their misguided zeal. So the deficiencies of a vegetable diet have been known for a very long time. God did not design us to be herbivores, but members of the other PETA, People for the Eating of Tasty Animals. I do try to watch my fat intake, and we eat meat of all kinds in this house, but we also eat it with vegetables too.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: coldborezero 1/30/2020 9:44:03 AM (No. 302122)
I could not care what you eat so long as you do not care what I eat. Attempt to stop me from eating what I choose and I will attempt to end your oxygen addiction.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: coldborezero 1/30/2020 9:45:55 AM (No. 302124)
Above should read "I could not care LESS".
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Chuzzles 1/30/2020 9:58:23 AM (No. 302135)
One of the most infamous vegetarians of history was Hitler. Just saying. If one has to slurp down lots of fake supplements instead of getting what you need from your diet, how is that healthy again? Doctors have long warned that most of those supplements get flushed anyway. So if they want to flush their money down the drain, fine. But get out of our faces about your and our diets. You made your choice, so don't lecture us about our's.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: marbles 1/30/2020 10:21:14 AM (No. 302164)
Cory Booker says he is a vegetarian. If that's the truth, it explains a lot.....................what about Hank Johson?
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Reply 19 - Posted by: JunkYardDog 1/30/2020 10:34:21 AM (No. 302174)
Are all Leftists vegans? Things that make you go hmmmmm.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: NotaBene 1/30/2020 10:51:06 AM (No. 302186)
Vegans look pale and thin-skinned to me. Soy milk gives you breasts.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Historybuff 1/30/2020 11:07:54 AM (No. 302202)
How can you tell someone is a vegan? Don’t worry they’ll tell you.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: WV.Hillbilly 1/30/2020 11:21:27 AM (No. 302216)
How can you tell if someone's a vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: bad-hair 1/30/2020 11:24:32 AM (No. 302219)
Or vice-versa ? Being not so bright makes you susceptible to weird dietary malfunctions ?
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Reply 24 - Posted by: earlybird 1/30/2020 12:26:30 PM (No. 302272)
Re #2, “Why don't we ever post articles here about our exploding rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer, auto immune disease, kidney failure and dementia?” Go ahead! Post them! The members here are the ones who post articles. Any member is free to post an article from an approved news site. Jump in!
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Reply 25 - Posted by: msjena 1/30/2020 1:06:45 PM (No. 302305)
#2, our ancestors had high rates infectious disease, infant mortality and short life spans. Some, no doubt, because of unsanitary conditions such as eating unwashed food. The fact is that humans are omnivores. Meat is part of our normal diet. It is not unhealthy and in fact provides essential vitamins like Vitamin B-12. The fact that vegans need to take supplements shows that it is not a normal diet for humans.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Pook60 1/30/2020 1:29:47 PM (No. 302317)
I believe the Lord created us to be omnivores since He gave us the teeth for meat and veggies.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: yottyhere 1/30/2020 1:30:47 PM (No. 302318)
About 18 years ago I loved eating beef...we bbq'd almost every weekend either burgers or steaks. One week end I broke out in horrific hives even my throat got swollen. Thought it was a fluke ...waited a couple of days and tried to eat a hamburger ..same results. Went to the doctors and after numerous tests it appeared for some reason I was allergic to beef (or the supplements they were giving beef cattle...this was early on.) I stopped eating beef while still cooking it for my large family. Fast forward I still could eat I was okay. Then after about 8 years I ate a pork chop and my allergic reaction nearly killed me. I had been eating pork for years (esp after cutting beef out of my diet) I still eat poultry and hope (greatly) my body doesn't reject the meantime I do eat the vegan meat substitutes (some aren't so bad others suck majorly) You can't help how your body reacts to some foods so it would be nice if some of you holier than thou could get off your thrones and understand not all cases are the same.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: caljeepgirl 1/30/2020 2:03:37 PM (No. 302341)
#25 is correct. Humans are naturally omnivores, like bears. End of discussion.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: couchguy 1/30/2020 2:18:35 PM (No. 302355)
Smart people don't fall for that vegan nonsense. So the question is do only dumb people fall for it? or do they become dumb after they quit eating real food?
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Reply 30 - Posted by: Sunhan65 1/30/2020 4:09:28 PM (No. 302421)
Thanks for the tip about soy milk, #20. I'll take Sofia Vergara's to go, please.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: udanja99 1/30/2020 4:56:47 PM (No. 302439)
It’s not just our teeth that prove we are supposed to eat animals. It’s the placement of our eyes on our heads and it also applies to all mammals and some birds. Predator (meat eating) animals have eyes located on the fronts of their heads to assist them in hunting - humans, cats, dogs, wolves, owls etc. Prey (vegetarian) animals have eyes on the sides of their head so that they can watch out for the predators while grazing or feeding - rabbits, deer, cows, horses, etc. A horse has a vision field of about 340 degrees. I don’t eat meat because I have genetic very high cholesterol, but I do eat fish, especially the ones which are high in healthy fat.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: earlybird 1/30/2020 5:30:31 PM (No. 302455)
Re #27, ever have a tick bite? Have a look:
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Reply 33 - Posted by: earlybird 1/30/2020 5:31:38 PM (No. 302458)
Re #27 and #32, specifically, a Lone Star tick. Can cause meat allergy.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: earlybird 1/30/2020 5:34:02 PM (No. 302461)
Re #27, more here:
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Reply 35 - Posted by: jerrodmason 1/30/2020 5:38:47 PM (No. 302466)
"Vegetables are not food. Vegetables are what food eats." - Alf
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Reply 36 - Posted by: girlhowdy 1/30/2020 6:26:32 PM (No. 302500)
Well, eating meat or not eating meat, being vegan or not, should not be a political issue. It is a personal health issue, but also a public health issue. With all the current worry about the coronavirus, we would do well to read and heed Dr. Michael Greger's book called How Not to Die. In the chapter on How Not to Die From Infections, he says: "Most modern human infectious diseases were unknown before domestication led to mass spillover of animal disease into human populations. For example, tuberculosis appears to have been originally acquired through the domestication of goats but now infects nearly one-third of humanity...HIV, a virus thought to have originated from the butchering of primates in Africa for the bush-meat trade, causes AIDS by weakening the immune system." Salmonella poisoning from poultry is rampant and apparently impossible to get rid of once on your kitchen counter. He goes on to relate the problem of fecal bacteria in meat. "As the Mayo Clinic rather indelicately puts it, "Most people are infected with Salmonella by eating foods that have been contaminated by feces. How does it get there? In slaughter plants, birds are typically gutted by a metal hook, which too often punctures their intestines and can expel feces onto the flesh itself. According to the latest national FDA retail-meat survey, about 90 percent of retail chicken showed evidence of contamination with fecal matter." I believe this article from the BBC is a mere re-write of PR from the Big Meat or Dairy industry. It is just too typical of the industry's justifications of their inhumane and unhealthy production practices. It would cost them maybe 1 cent more to do things better, but they lobby our corrupt FDA instead. And personally, I know from experience that a low-fat, all-vegan diet may be not the best for some people. It is for me who tends to heart conditions, but some people really need more calories and good fats in their diet, like my husband who developed Parkinson's disease. But excess meat protein is another matter. At best, the US consumer eats many times more meat protein than is necessary for health. All that undigested, unnecessary protein wreaks havoc elsewhere in your system (see colon cancers).
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Reply 37 - Posted by: Catherine 1/30/2020 6:58:00 PM (No. 302518)
# 2 - in spite of all this, vegans will die too one day.
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Reply 38 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 1/31/2020 12:52:40 AM (No. 302680)
Is there any other nation so consumed by what to eat ? You eat whatever your little heart desires and back away from my ice cream.
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With the 51 to 49 vote not to call witnesses, the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump is on track to an acquittal. And so the Trump impeachment saga is coming to an end not with a bang but a whine. “We wuz robbed!” shriek the foot-stomping Democrats as they repeat their poll-tested mantra that the trial was rigged because no witnesses were called to testify. Consequently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decreed that the president will remain impeached forever, and his presidency and all that flows from it will be deemed unclean and illegitimate. Obviously, this latest failed effort to depose Trump has left the Democrats frustrated, bitterly disappointed
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If past is prologue, the losing team in Sunday’s Super Bowl will swallow its bitter disappointment and graciously offer its congratulations to the winners. Our politics used to be like that. (Snip) Before and after Gore, all those who were defeated licked their wounds in private while publicly bowing to the will of the people. Except Hillary Clinton. Although she conceded to Donald Trump in November of 2016, she soon made it very clear that she did not consider his victory legitimate.
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Posted by Imright 2/1/2020 8:41:40 PM Post Reply
University of Kansas student senators voted on a resolution to ask the school to cancel classes on Monday. The resolution reportedly asked the chancellor to provide barf bags on campus the day after the Super Bowl if it does not cancel.The University of Kansas student senate voted on a resolution calling on the chancellor to cancel classes on the Monday after the Super Bowl or at least scatter bags around campus for students who have to go to class after a long night of partying and drinking. While introducing the resolution, one student leader pointed out that 75 percent of students at KU are from Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska
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