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President Trump rallies the South Florida
faithful and heaps scorn on opponents

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Posted By: Imright, 11/27/2019 9:55:54 AM

The two diametrically opposed world views of President Donald Trump came together in one place Tuesday: the BB&T Center, where Trump held one of his signature rallies. Inside, a devoted crowd welcomed home the president, who recently declared himself a Florida resident. Outside, protesters displayed scorn and fury, along with the Baby Trump balloon, the orange-haired inflatable infant clad in a diaper and clutching a cellphone.Trump didn’t hold back. He whipped the crowd into a chant


*And Brooke Baitinger

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Smart11344 11/27/2019 10:49:05 AM (No. 246967)
The democrats remind me of a great Roy Orbison song, "Running Scared".
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Reply 2 - Posted by: thomthomp 11/27/2019 12:10:15 PM (No. 247077)
Heaping scorn on Democrats and their demonstrably ruinous ideas is what ALL Republicans should have been doing for decades. Why didn't they? Why don't they?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Timber Queen 11/27/2019 1:27:00 PM (No. 247123)
Love me some Trump! I watched the video posted at the Treehouse last night wearing my MAGA hat, as I do for every rally, much like my old Romper Room beanie. President Trump as renewed my childhood hope in all things possible. He is the only person since Miss Nancy that makes me feel like they are talking to me personally through the TV screen. I am in awe of the privilege to be an American patriot today. I am so proud of President Trump and to be part of the American Restoration he is leading. MAGA - I trust Trump because I trust God.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: BigTimeTrumper 11/27/2019 3:07:03 PM (No. 247203)
I've been a volunteer at four of his Rallys...The Dirty Lyin Rats will rue the day they should ever turn all that joyous energy inside the arena and the television audience homes into rage at the pathetic vermin outside...demanding more Free Stuff!
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Huge: Strzok-Page Texts Were Not
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Oh my – the reason corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok was caught texting his lover in the FBI, Lisa Page, was not due to incredible investigative work. The reason was the oldest explanation in the book – his jealous and scorned wife! We are only now finding out how Peter Strzok got caught texting his mistress Lisa Page at the FBI. He was outed by his wife – (Tweet/Video) Sidney Powell summed it up – “There is some justice
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A record-breaking veteran climber fell 600-feet to his death off a steep Mexico mountain after failing to tie a knot in his rappel rope. Brad Gobright, 31, had been rappelling down El Sendero Luminoso at El Potrero Chico on Wednesday with climbing partner Aiden Jacobson, 26. Gobright and Jacobson met each other for the first time on the day of the climb. The night before, the veteran climber had posted to Instagram asking whether anyone wanted to join him. Jacobson, from Phoenix, answered the post, and the pair met up the next morning. The pair used a 260ft rope
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Carter Page accused the Justice Department of "Orwellian overreach" in his lawsuit related to the forthcoming release of a watchdog report on alleged government surveillance abuses. The onetime Trump campaign adviser is fighting for a chance to review and request amendments to Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report, which focuses on the DOJ's and FBI's compliance with rules and policies in applications filed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court targeting Page, before it is set to be made available to the public. In a court filing on Friday, Page argued in favor of rejecting the Justice Department's motion for a time extension to respond,
Jerry Nadler Gives Trump Friday Deadline;
Impeachment to Include Russia Collusion
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House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) wrote to President Donald Trump Friday, giving him until Friday, Dec. 6., to answer whether he and his lawyers would participate in the “impeachment inquiry.” Nadler’s letter quotes the forthcoming report from the House Intelligence Committee, which will be written entirely by Democrats and which will recommend drafting articles of impeachment against the president. The report will state that there was “a months-long effort in which President Trump again sought foreign interference in our elections
Trump blasts Newsweek over story
on his Thanksgiving plans
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President Trump slammed Newsweek over its story on his Thanksgiving plans, which it said included “tweeting, golfing and more,” though he ended up making a surprise visit to US troops in Afghanistan. “I thought Newsweek was out of business?” the president wrote along with a retweet of his son Donald Trump Jr.’s photo of the commander-in-chief serving Thanksgiving dinner to the service members. Attached to the image was a screenshot of Newsweek’s story, with the headline: “How is Trump spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, golfing and more.” The writer began the story by writing, “As with any other day of the year,
Tucker Carlson: Trump’s Lies Are Not
The Reason The Left Despises Him.
It’s The Key Truths He Tells
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson acknowledged several lies told by President Donald Trump over the years, but he contended that what the left truly hates is when the president tells key truths that threaten their power. Calling the president a “salesman, a talker, a boaster, a compulsive self-promoter,” and even a “full blown BS artist at times” during the Wednesday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment, Carlson referred to the Washington Post’s count of over 13,000 alleged Trumpian tall tales before honing in on the president’s “untrue” claim about his inauguration crowd size. “If Trump hadn’t gotten rich in real estate, he could have made a fortune selling cars,”
New York Times Obtains Resignation
Letter From Kamala Harris Staffer
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Posted by Imright 11/29/2019 6:24:21 PM Post Reply
The New York Times obtained a strongly-worded resignation letter from a former Kamala Harris campaign staffer, who said she has “never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly.” The Times published the letter Friday as part of a longer story about Harris’ fading campaign.“While I still believe that Senator Harris is the strongest candidate to win in the General Election in 2020, I no longer have confidence in our campaign or its leadership,” former staffer Kelly Mehlenbacher wrote in her resignation letter. “The treatment of our staff over the last two weeks was the final straw in a very difficult decision.”
Watch: Pro-Democracy Protesters In Hong
Kong Wave American Flags, Photos Of
Donald Trump During ‘Thanksgiving’ Rally
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Posted by Imright 11/29/2019 6:15:12 PM Post Reply
Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong waved American flags, sang patriotic songs, and even held up photos of President Donald Trump during a massive “Thanksgiving” rally in the city-state’s center, in an expression of gratitude for Trump’s decision to support and sign legislation expressing America’s explicit support for the demonstration. “U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed into law congressional legislation which supported the protesters, despite angry objections from Beijing, with which he is seeking a deal to end a damaging trade war,” CNBC reported Friday.
“Hard to Think of Bigger Disappointment
Than Obama” – Amazing – Liberal Writer
Dunks On Obama After His Attacks
on Bernie Sanders
17 replies
Posted by Imright 11/29/2019 1:04:50 PM Post Reply
Former President Barack Obama indicated earlier this week he would speak up to stop Bernie Sanders from becoming the party’s nominee should the Vermont Socialist make significant gains in the Democrat primary. This did not sit well with the grassroot Bernie supporters in the party. Leftist activist and writer Walker Bragman posted a series of tweets reminding Democrats of Barack Obama’s massive failures as a president. (Tweet) It is interesting, Bragman lists off a quick recap of Obama’s empty promises. Quick recap of Obama’s time in office:
America’s first black billionaire: No current
Democratic candidate can beat Trump
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Posted by Imright 11/29/2019 12:50:39 PM Post Reply
BET founder Robert Johnson is not convinced any of the Democratic candidates seeking to face President Trump in 2020 has a shot at winning the White House.Johnson, America’s first black billionaire and a lifelong Democrat, told CNBC that the Trump economy is strong and he has an ability “to dominate the news cycle” that makes it hard for his Democratic challengers to focus on substanc. “If you take a snapshot today, I don’t think that group is capable of beating Donald Trump despite what the polls say,” Johnson said. “I do not see anybody in the Democratic primary race today that is enough in the center where
Christian Trump Supporters Don’t Have
A ‘Branding Problem,’ The Left
Has A Lying Problem
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Posted by Imright 11/29/2019 12:40:31 PM Post Reply
It’s been three years since I and many other Christians voted for Donald Trump, and I for one am done defending that decision. At long last, I’m finished explaining my values to people who are hell-bent on misconstruing them.Among those people are the left’s media foot-soldiers, who insist Trump-voting Christians have a “branding problem.” They conclude that because we could elect a man like Trump and because the number of Christians in America is shrinking, the two must be inextricable, and the culture wars we now fight are decidedly “post-Christian.”Ezra Klein says as much in his latest column at Vox, “The post-Christian culture wars.”
Donald Trump Celebrates Unity and
Gratitude in Thanksgiving Proclamation
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Posted by Imright 11/28/2019 10:43:00 AM Post Reply
President Donald Trump recalled the spirit of unity and gratitude in his Thanksgiving proclamation for 2019.Trump noted the pilgrims spent their first Thanksgiving seated in unity with the Wampanoag Tribe after they helped them survive in the New World.“That first Thanksgiving provided an enduring symbol of gratitude that is uniquely sewn into the fabric of our American spirit,” Trump wrote.The president also recalled America’s first president, George Washington declared a National Day of Thanksgiving after the Revolutionary War and the new Constitution and President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a day of Thanksgiving after the battle of Gettysburg.
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Queen Elizabeth may soon retire to hand
‘reigns’ to Prince Charles
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Posted by ladydawgfan 11/29/2019 12:18:06 AM Post Reply
Queen Elizabeth II is apparently considering retiring in about 18 months so her son, Prince Charles, can assume the throne, reports in the UK said Wednesday. The 93-year-old monarch is weighing stepping down around her 95th birthday, the same age that her husband, Prince Philip, withdrew from his royal duties, sources told the UK’s Express. “Her Majesty is mindful of her age and wants to make sure when the time comes, the transition of the Crown is seamless,” a former senior member of the royal household told the outlet. “I understand the queen has given the matter considerable thought and believes that, if she is still alive at 95,
Why Michelle Obama
may jump into the race
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Posted by M2 11/29/2019 6:42:35 AM Post Reply
Although it's far from a lead-pipe cinch, a plausible case is to be made that the former first lady Michelle Obama may enter the Democratic primary race. There are three reasons for believing this. First and most obvious is the current field of contenders for the Democrat nomination. As has often been said, they resemble occupants in a clown car that tumble out together for their periodic debates. The emotion that they instill in the general public is not one of enthusiasm but fear. The most seemingly stable among the Democrat field is former Vice President Joe Biden. But Slow Joe is
Jamie Lee Curtis’ Thanksgiving Message:
Vote for Women to Transform
Our ‘Misogynist Society’
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Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is using the Thanksgiving holiday to remind voters to choose female candidates as way to transform America’s “misogynist society.” In an editorial for NBC News, the Knives Out star described the United States as a fundamentally sexist country characterized by a pervasive hatred of women. “Unfortunately, right now, we live in a misogynist society and a lot of men hate women,” Jamie Lee Curtis said. “They just do. I think that seeing a strong woman articulate her points, argue for her position, and even get angry about the disparities she faces — whatever they are — will cause some men to have a problem, even if women won’t
‘Teacher of the Year’ Randi
Chaverria allegedly gave student
oral sex in classroom
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Posted by Ribicon 11/28/2019 1:04:01 PM Post Reply
A Texas educator once lauded as her district’s “Teacher of the Year” allegedly performed oral sex on a student in a classroom, authorities said. Randi Chaverria, a 36-year-old family and consumer science teacher at Round Rock High School, was arrested Tuesday after a student told police she had performed oral on him twice in October, according to an affidavit obtained by KVUE. Text messages sent between the student and Chaverria–who was named the Secondary Teacher of the Year by the school district in May–appear to be consistent with the teen’s accusations, investigators said. Parents were notified
Nebraska bakery owner tackles teen who
allegedly stole tip jar
29 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 11/29/2019 10:58:48 AM Post Reply
A bakery owner in Nebraska is being praised for tackling and holding down a 90-pound teenager who allegedly stole a tip jar containing $15 – but the boy’s mother wants the woman criminally charged for going “way above the law,” according to a report. The 14-year-old boy and a friend were at Farine + Four bakery in Omaha on Thursday when owner Ellie Pegler sprang into action during the alleged theft, the Omaha World-Herald reports. Pegler later posted photos of the incident on her now-deleted Instagram page, complete with images of her bloodied knuckles and a warning for other would-be thieves. “I’m tired of teenagers stealing our tip jar,”
Inspector General’s report will CLEAR
the FBI of placing undercover informants
in Donald Trump's campaign to probe
Russian links and of political bias in wiretapping
two aides but say agents DID make mistakes
28 replies
Posted by Lucky5 11/28/2019 11:44:05 AM Post Reply
There is no evidence that the Federal Bureau of Investigation tried to plant a spy inside President Trump’s campaign in the run-up to the 2016 election, an upcoming Department of Justice report will claim. The conclusion was reached by DOJ’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, who is leading an internal review of the origins of the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, according to The New York Times. The Times quoted a source who has seen a draft copy of Horowitz’s report, which is scheduled to be released on December 9.
Dog pee TD celebration costs
Ole Miss in chaotic Egg Bowl finish
27 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 11/29/2019 8:30:14 AM Post Reply
The 2019 Egg Bowl ended in absolute chaos. When Ole Miss scored with four seconds remaining in regulation, the game looked destined for overtime. That was until Rebels wideout Elijah Moore got a little too frisky when celebrating his touchdown that cut Mississippi State’s lead to 21-20. — Yahoo Sports College Football (@YahooSportsCFB) November 29, 2019 Yes, that is Moore crawling on the turf and pretending to pee like a dog (in homage to DK Metcalf) — a celebration that drew a 15-yard penalty.
Environmentalists: Thanksgiving,
Christmas Holidays’ Carbon
Footprint Bad for Planet
24 replies
Posted by M2 11/28/2019 7:00:09 AM Post Reply
Before you sit down for your Thanksgiving feast or unwrap this year’s gifts tucked under the Christmas tree, environmentalists want you to know that your holiday traditions are contributing to climate change and hurting the planet. Media reports on this bad news are popping up everywhere online as Turkey Day arrives, including on the Earth Day Network website under the holiday-themed headline: “Don’t let consumerism consume your holiday” and the subhead “It’s (not) a wonderful life:” One study published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology showed that individual household consumption — not businesses, government or industries — accounts for more than 60 percent of global
Five Common Misconceptions
About the Electoral College
23 replies
Posted by shredmaster 11/29/2019 11:55:07 AM Post Reply
Two of the nation’s last three presidents won the presidency in the Electoral College, even though they lost the popular vote nationwide. In 2000, Al Gore outpolled George W. Bush by more than 540,000 votes but lost in the Electoral College, 271–266. Sixteen years later, Hillary Clinton tallied almost 3 million more votes than Donald Trump but lost decisively in the Electoral College, 306–232. And, as a recent New York Times poll suggested, the 2020 election could very well again deliver the presidency to the loser of the popular vote.
An apocalyptic myth helps explain
Trump's evangelical support
23 replies
Posted by Harlowe 11/28/2019 11:44:41 AM Post Reply
"God's used imperfect people all through history. King David wasn't perfect. Saul wasn't perfect. Solomon wasn't perfect," outgoing Energy Secretary Rick Perry said in an interview on "Fox & Friends" before going on to claim that he had given the president "a little one-pager on those Old Testament kings about a month ago. (Snip) Perry's statement--especially that "chosen one" bit--would be more surprising in a different administration. At this point, though, it could almost disappear into the background chatter of the administration and its allies. Presidential adviser Paula White, for example, uses the description of a demonic struggle
Leftists show their class,
allowing kids to 'boo' Melania Trump
who was there to help them
23 replies
Posted by M2 11/28/2019 7:12:12 AM Post Reply
In a non-partisan speech to middle school and high school students seeking to protect them from drug use, first lady Melania Trump was booed by the kids, signaling just how bad the leftist school system is in instituting manners. According to the all-but-drooling New York Times, which blamed the bad behavior on President Trump's past remarks: WASHINGTON — Melania Trump was booed by a roomful of students in Baltimore on Tuesday when she took the stage to give a speech about youth opioid use, one of the pillars of her “Be Best” initiative. A vocal crowd of middle school and high school students erupted in a mix of loud boos and
Mayor Pete’s Rainbow Army 23 replies
Posted by MissMolly 11/28/2019 4:30:26 AM Post Reply
A friend informs me of a young lady from his hometown and home church. Valedictorian of her classical Christian high school, she was a solid evangelical raised in an evangelical home, an evangelical church, and by evangelical parents. “Guess what she did for break?,” my friend asks me. “She headed to Iowa to volunteer for Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign.” Why anyone would think that Pete Buttigieg is qualified to be president is a mystery. An even greater mystery would be why a conservative evangelical girl would spend her college break knocking on doors for a cultural radical to be president of the United States. Actually, it’s no mystery.
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