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Pete Buttigieg, Failure

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Posted By: MissMolly, 11/24/2019 4:44:54 AM

Pete Buttigieg’s polling strength is, as far as I can tell, based on one factor only: He’s a smooth talker. He speaks the kind of fluent Ivy League-technocrat-consultancy lingo that makes a certain kind of highly educated white liberal’s heart melt, especially when combined with an appealing sense of reasonableness and youthful, forward-thinking optimism. Alas for him, he can’t talk much about the wonderful improvements he made as two-term mayor of South Bend, Indiana, because they aren’t there. James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal, notes that South Bend has an extremely high crime rate for a city its size and that a recent program to provide housing

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Reply 1 - Posted by: ROLFNader 11/24/2019 6:16:01 AM (No. 243900)
He sure is cute, though.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: smcchk 11/24/2019 6:54:42 AM (No. 243915)
My daughter lives in South Bend. It isn’t appealing, outside of the Notre Dame orb.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: lisa belanger 11/24/2019 7:03:20 AM (No. 243921)
he might be cute to you 1 but he is 5.5 that is very he wears makeup has his eyesbrows done come on if you are gay maybe its appealing to you but me i find it appaling his life style and this country is not ready for it...he is an ivy league technocrat he loves his voice...but never will he be pres......never never
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Reply 4 - Posted by: jeffkinnh 11/24/2019 7:11:04 AM (No. 243926)
Never say never. Heck we elected to the presidency a community organizer from the morass that is Chicago whose claim to fame is that he got a gazebo built. Never underestimate the power of a smooth liar.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: mobyclik 11/24/2019 7:35:15 AM (No. 243941)
How is it that when Obama was running the so-called ''media'' couldn't scream loud enough nor often enough about the possibly of 'our first black president' (except Clinton, of course)? But they're strangely quiet about 'our first homosexual candidate?' They gushed over Clintons wife, ''the smartest woman in the world'', but no interviews with Buttigiegs wife, or is he the husband, the media hasn't asked the candidate. Wonder why?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Zarin 11/24/2019 7:52:04 AM (No. 243951)
No, we don't need to select a person just because he is part of a minority group that is 'oppressed'. And we should beware of people who can spout bromides and may even sound reasonable. When there is no proof to back up their claims of being able to 'solve' a problem. The logical question is this: Is South Bend better off after 8 years of this guy's policies & administration? Looks like the answer is - NO! But hey, politics is all about illusion, selling a fantasy and looking good while you do it!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: udanja99 11/24/2019 7:52:46 AM (No. 243952)
Yes, #4, but he had a high melanin content and was elected for that reason alone. Buttplug is lily-white. And America is just not ready for a sodomite and his “husband” in the WH.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Red Jeep 11/24/2019 7:56:44 AM (No. 243956)
Re: Reply 5: why is the media silent over Buttigieg's homosexuality? Voters in flyover country, Blacks and Hispanics will not vote for a homosexual for President. If Buttigieg had a woman for a wife, not a man for a husband, he might have a very good chance of being the Democrat's choice to run against President Trump, if not now, in the future against another Republican..
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Reply 9 - Posted by: bpl40 11/24/2019 7:59:14 AM (No. 243960)
When a buttplug fails.. Ugh! Its not pretty.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: franq 11/24/2019 8:46:15 AM (No. 243993)
No matter. What accomplishments did Hussein have? Yet he served two disgusting terms.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: walcb 11/24/2019 8:58:30 AM (No. 244004)
If he can't run a successful small city in Indiana where the economy is strong and crime is low, why would he be successful at running the country with the largest economy in the world? But then I am using logic which is not important to a typical Democrat voter.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Strike3 11/24/2019 9:31:36 AM (No. 244040)
Don't criticize his makeup, all girls wear it. A review of all of the undersized men in history exposes the fact that they were long on ambition but short on honorable qualities. Yes, they may have conquered lands and killed thousands or millions of people but that is not accomplishment, that is the talent of persuading others to do your dirty work for you. Napoleon, Stalin and Mussolini were notorious examples. If Pete got his pink little fingers on the keys to the Oval Office he would be more likely to attempt to confiscate weapons and put people in chains than the rest of them would. Bernie and Pocohontas want to put us in economic chains but Pete would spring more nasty surprises if given the chance.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Rama41 11/24/2019 10:21:07 AM (No. 244100)
The narrative on Mayor Pete is that he lacks Black support, yet neither the press nor Democrats mention the Issue that Dare Not Speak its Name. If his momentum continues past South Carolina, then at some point, Democrat King and Queen makers may have to publicly acknowledge he would be a drag on the ticket. If you enjoyed Chicago 1968, plan on an interesting Milwaukee 2019.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: EaglePaul 11/24/2019 10:42:23 AM (No. 244130)
#2, (smcchk), my daughter lives in South Bend as well, pursuing her Masters degree. The Notre Dame campus is gorgeous. The rest of the town is a pit. A few months ago, she woke to find a bullet hole in her car door. She's there until May, then escaping. Mayor Pete is a phony, pure and simple. Here's hoping my daughter, and yours, stay safe.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: JimBob 11/24/2019 10:43:56 AM (No. 244135)
It seems to me that each of the democ'RAT candidates has a..... what would be the right word....'shtick'..."A characteristic attribute, talent, or trait that is helpful in securing recognition or attention". -Lieawatha rose to prominence as a 'Native American' (all 1/1024th of her). -Heels-Up Harris' big thing is being a 'Woman of Color' trying to ride the 'descended from slaves' gig without saying so, even though she is descended from what.... Jamaicans on one side and 'real Indians' (from India) on the other. -Crazy Bernie's shtick is that he is an old-school Communist and admirer of the failed Soviet Union. -Butt-plug's shtick- what he is known for, even if mentioned only sporadically in the media- is that he is on the 'receiving end' in a homosexual 'marriage'. Each one of these people is in the media ONLY because they are each a member of some group to which the leftist 'mainstream' media shamelessly panders. Take away the 'shtick' from each one, strip away the camouflage, and the real underlying reason that the 'media' promotes them, writes endless favorable articles about them...the ONE thing all these people have in COMMON is that....... they are ALL SCREAMING HARD LEFTISTS!
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Reply 16 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 11/24/2019 11:23:11 AM (No. 244169)
it would be a surprise if PeteButt got the nomination, but it was a surprise when Barack Obama won. Too many Democrats don't care if they wreck the nation just so long as they benefit in the process. Guessing the gay mafia is pushing this guy in the media, and they have plenty of money too. Just remember, not only are elections stolen, they are purchased as well. Haven't watched the Dems closely, but have to wonder if PeteButt knows how to interact with people better than Biden, Warren, or Sanders. A little charisma, and a little skill in talking to people goes a long way. Just ask Donald Trump.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Italiano 11/24/2019 12:05:09 PM (No. 244200)
Even if Tinker Pete were competent, which he isn't, America isn't ready. I hope that I'm dead by the time it is.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Smart11344 11/24/2019 12:36:52 PM (No. 244243)
Darn, you mean the condom broke?
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Reply 19 - Posted by: fairplay 11/24/2019 12:44:38 PM (No. 244254)
Lie awatha should call herself a "Woman of Tan"!
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Reply 20 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 11/24/2019 1:39:24 PM (No. 244299)
Simply hilarious that his name is peter butt... and that he claims to have a “husband”.. Another crazy rat clown polling at 1% You can’t make this sh__ up!
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Lawsy0 11/24/2019 4:16:57 PM (No. 244382)
I want a real man in the White House; someone I can look up to that will uphold the US Constitution! Not some mamby pamby fancy dancing pansy. We've been there, done that. And isn't it just so cute how we let women pretend we'd ever put one of them in the White House? We don't need a 4th for bridge! Get. Over. It. And keep your campaign money. I don't really care what you do with it.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: NotaBene 11/24/2019 4:33:05 PM (No. 244407)
Alfred E. Newman form Mad Magazine will not cut it. Get a man.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: DanvilleBill 11/24/2019 5:52:06 PM (No. 244466)
On the plus side, he probably has a fabulous collection of Judy Garland records.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: tom7 11/24/2019 8:44:34 PM (No. 244592)
Matt Drudges' pretty littlle Petey is a whining little loser.
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Life is interesting, isn’t it? And when the Democrats roll out “the Resistance,” their pathetic public corruption of our social contract, life also takes on aspects of shamefulness and hypocrisy. Take, for example, Act Two of their seasonal theatrical production, the Phantom of the Congress. We the audience now return from intermission to find Adam Schiff, the villain of Act One, missing and replaced by Jerrold Nadler, who seems less despicable because, beneath the surface, he is oh-so-vulnerable, oh-so-compromised, and oh-so-neutered. We wonder what has transpired during the period that the intermission passed over: Legislation to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and to get control over health care?
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A little something to cleanse the palate. She said this in an interview today with Howard Stern, which makes it slightly less weird since chatter about lesbians is like 40 percent of the content on that show. Or at least it was when I was a regular listener a million years ago. (In fairness to Stern, she’s the one who brings it up.) He went easy on her by not asking the obvious follow-up: What were you doing at Epstein’s ranch, then? She should consider this a missed opportunity, as a surprise admission of bisexuality would have helped add a little more “diversity” to an upcoming Democratic debate.
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A viral video published by Deseret Sun photojournalist J. Omar Ornelas shows two men using a ladder to defeat the replacement border fence that President Donald Trump said “can’t be climbed.” In September, Trump visited the Otay Mesa border site to extol the virtues of the replacement barrier that’s being installed there, and went on an extended riff about how difficult the fence would be to climb. Trump said the wall had been tested by “world-class mountain climbers,” and referenced “pictures of young people climbing walls with drugs on their back--a lot of drugs.”
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Hillary Clinton quashed long-running rumors that she’s a closeted lesbian during an interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday. “Well, contrary to what you might hear, I actually like men,” the former secretary of state joked on Mr. Stern’s Sirius/XM radio program. The shock jock asked Mrs. Clinton to raise her right hand and swear to never having a “lesbian affair.” “Never, never, never!” the former presidential candidate said, laughing. “Never even been tempted, thank you very much.” Mrs. Clinton added that she was “pretty popular” growing up and that getting dates (with men) was never a problem for her.
John Kerry endorses Joe
Biden for president
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Posted by Imright 12/5/2019 1:11:11 PM Post Reply
Former Secretary of State John F. Kerry endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential candidacy on Thursday. “I believe Joe Biden is the President our country desperately needs right now, not because I’ve known Joe so long, but because I know Joe so well. I’ve never before seen the world more in need of someone who on day one can begin the incredibly hard work of putting back together the world Donald Trump has smashed apart," Kerry said in a statement, according to the Biden campaign. "There’s never been a time more urgent for leadership at home that can work for the middle class and tackle existential issues
Kamala Harris should never
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Posted by Garnet 12/4/2019 12:29:15 PM Post Reply
California Sen. Kamala Harris should never have run for president in the first place. Her ambition far exceeded her ability. She hadn’t yet established herself in the U.S. Senate. And she hadn’t exactly excelled in her previous job as California’s attorney general. There wasn’t much of a record worth bragging about on the campaign trail. After being elected to the Senate in a 2016 cakewalk, she should have spent the next three years focused exclusively on representing Californians in Congress, helping the state on such vital issues as water development, environmental protection, healthcare and homelessness. But people around her — political advisors and her sister Maya Harris
Nancy Pelosi erupts 'Don't mess with me!'
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi erupted Thursday at a reporter who asked if she hates President Donald Trump. Pelosi had two hours earlier publicly told House Democrats to draft articles of impeachment to try to remove the president from office.'Do you hate the president, Madam Speaker?' asked James Rosen, a longtime correspondent for Fox News who is now with Sinclair Broadcasting.Pelosi, typically even-tempered, abandoned her measured speaking and became visibly angry. 'I pray for the president all the time,' she shot back. 'So don't mess with me when it comes to words like that.'
George Zimmerman SUES Trayvon Martin's
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MILLION, claiming they engineered false
evidence in his homicide trial for shooting
dead the unarmed black teen in 2012
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Posted by ladydawgfan 12/4/2019 1:59:42 PM Post Reply
George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted in the 2012 fatal shooting of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, is suing Martin's family and Florida prosecutors, claiming that they engineered false evidence in the homicide trial. The lawsuit to be filed Wednesday in Polk County Circuit Court seeks $100million in civil damages for defamation, abuse of civil process and conspiracy. It alleges that the prosecution's key witness in Zimmerman's 2013 murder trial, Rachel Jeantel, was an imposter coached by the family and their lawyers. The lead defendant in the suit is Sybrina Fulton, Martin's mother. Fulton gained national notoriety as an advocate for social justice
Gay activists turn on Pete Buttigieg
over Salvation Army ties
28 replies
Posted by Pluperfect 12/4/2019 5:09:48 AM Post Reply
Pete Buttigieg has been outed — as someone who has worked with the Salvation Army. According to a report Tuesday in Out magazine, the South Bend mayor has several times participated in Red Kettle Ring Off for the Christmas season in the Indiana city. Out linked to reports of the annual charity in local South Bend media from 2015 and 2017, and at least one other photo from 2016 surfaced on Twitter. In 2018, he held the annual Mayor’s Night Out — an open-listening event to let residents quiz city officials — at a Salvation Army community center.
Rep. Al Green howls about no black
faces among the screaming leftist professors
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Posted by PageTurner 12/5/2019 7:35:44 AM Post Reply
Poor Al Green. All that lefty scream-mongering at the congressional impeachment hearings and no minorities to show for it. According to Fox News, the Texas Democrat actually said this: A Texas congressman slammed his fellow Democrats Wednesday after “not one person of color” was called as an expert to testify during the first day of impeachment hearings conducted by the House Judiciary Committee. Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, rebuked his colleagues in a speech on the House floor before the committee hearing began. Three legal scholars later testified at the request of Democrats in the first Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry hearing. Jonathan Turley, a professor
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