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Blackface Trudeau should apply
the same high horse standards
to himself that he applies to
everyone else – and demand
his own racist head on a plate

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Posted By: MissMolly, 9/21/2019 5:26:23 AM

So, let me get this absolutely straight… Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada and arguably the most woke, virtue-signalling and PC-crazed leader in the history of Mankind – or ‘Peoplekind’ as he insisted we rename it last year - turns out to have a rather cracked halo? Wow. I’m so shocked…not. I’ve not met a high-horse rider yet who doesn’t eventually tumble off into a pit of shameless hypocrisy. But I’ve got to hand it to Trudeau, when he fell, he really FELL. For a guy so keen to paint himself as the male Mother Teresa, the revelation that he has literally painted himself to appropriate non-white skin color

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Highlander 9/21/2019 7:07:39 AM (No. 185421)
Putting on blackface is not a sin except to those weak sisters on the left. Given that, any virtue-signaling politico should at least avoid any hint of hypocrisy if he is to point a finger at anyone not in conformity to leftist orthodoxy.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: F15 Gork 9/21/2019 7:17:41 AM (No. 185426)
Dark brown? He be lookin purdy black to me.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: franq 9/21/2019 7:31:19 AM (No. 185436)
Don't hold your breath.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Rotten in Denmark 9/21/2019 7:51:47 AM (No. 185451)
Black face “indignation” should leave one red-faced ( oops, can I still say that ? ) vice the TRUE black community problems of crime, abortion, fatherless families, gangs, poverty, drugs...
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Lawsy0 9/21/2019 8:29:55 AM (No. 185482)
A lady who worked for my mom, way back in the 60's told of her time at an HBI where she and sorority sisters did a dance in white-face for a variety show. It wasn't a big deal then and it is even less of a big deal now nearly 60 years later. UNLESS, Americans have been dumbed down!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: bpl40 9/21/2019 8:58:17 AM (No. 185501)
It is the intent that is sin. MLK used the word Negro. Did he mean (it) as an insult? The problem is that the PC crowd (including Pajama Boy Justin) refuse to give that consideration to others who say "I did not mean to" or "That was another time". It is the conceit, condescension and hypocrisy that is the issue.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Franz 9/21/2019 12:11:15 PM (No. 185672)
Trudeau is a poster child for elitists hypocrisy. It is nice to his smug pomposity biting him in the arse.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Catfur27 9/21/2019 2:38:24 PM (No. 185757)
...nah ain't no thang... ...IF J -Tru-Dawg was a conservative ...THEN it would be a "Crime Against Humanity!! ".... making him unfit for ANY office...BUT... ...He is a, all he has to say is... " I'm sooorrrrry "... " I'm still pro-baby-killing"...and " I HATE Trump"...and all is forgiven !! ...Oh Lawdy, Lawdy...praise be The Double Standard !!
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One of America’s great men, FDR, although not without faults, began the practice of speaking to the nation via radio shortly after he was inaugurated in the winter of 1933. He was talking about the banking crisis that then enveloped the nation and his aim to was to alert the people about the problem and then sell them on his drastic proposals to shut all the banks, audit any and all of them, and then reopen the ones that were basically sound and put in place restrictions and guarantees that still underlay the banking system in this country. And by the way, federal deposit insurance
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We are in the middle of a media feeding frenzy over a supposed intelligence community whistleblower complaint on Trump’s conversation last summer with the Ukrainian president. We know almost nothing about the complaint or the conversation, but that has not stopped a full-blown “we’ve got him now!” type joyfulness throughout the mainstream media and Never-Trump-land. Lack of actual facts has not stopped Democrat candidates and various pundits from declaring that this is further ground for impeachment. The initial claim was that Trump threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine if it didn’t investigate the business dealings of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, while Joe was Vice President. Then the story changed,
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Last week, in a Democratic presidential debate, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro read a list of black Americans killed by police violence. Alongside Laquan McDonald, Walter Scott, and Eric Garner, Castro named Michael Brown, who was shot dead five years ago in Ferguson, Missouri. Several of the current Democratic candidates have accused the officer who shot Brown of murder. Brown’s death was a tragedy, but it wasn’t a murder. When Democrats claim it was, and when they refuse to correct that mistake, they cast doubt on their commitment to truth. And they undermine the cause of criminal justice reform. Brown became an icon of the Black Lives Matter
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Like any religion, wokeness understands the need to convert children. The old Jesuit motto (sometimes attributed to Voltaire) was, after all, “Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man.” And so I was moved but not particularly surprised by George Packer’s tale of a progressive school banishing separate restrooms for boys and girls because this reinforces the gender binary. The school did not inform parents of this, of course: Parents only heard about it when children started arriving home desperate to get to the bathroom after holding it in all day. Girls told their parents mortifying stories
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Chick-fil-A has more than doubled its annual sales since gay rights advocates called for a boycott of the chicken chain restaurant after it was revealed nearly a decade ago that the company donated to organizations that opposed same-sex marriage. In 2018, the company had $10.5 billion in total sales, becoming the third-largest chain in the nation behind Starbucks ($20.5 billion) and McDonald’s ($38.5 billion). It was a 16.7% increase in sales from the year prior. An analysis credited the growth to a variety of factors, including the opening of nearly 700 more locations in recent years, low start-up costs, and digital sales via delivery apps. There are now more than 2,400 locations nationwide,
Blackface Trudeau should apply
the same high horse standards
to himself that he applies to
everyone else – and demand
his own racist head on a plate
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Posted by MissMolly 9/21/2019 5:26:23 AM Post Reply
So, let me get this absolutely straight… Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada and arguably the most woke, virtue-signalling and PC-crazed leader in the history of Mankind – or ‘Peoplekind’ as he insisted we rename it last year - turns out to have a rather cracked halo? Wow. I’m so shocked…not. I’ve not met a high-horse rider yet who doesn’t eventually tumble off into a pit of shameless hypocrisy. But I’ve got to hand it to Trudeau, when he fell, he really FELL. For a guy so keen to paint himself as the male Mother Teresa, the revelation that he has literally painted himself to appropriate non-white skin color
Trump admin. reaches asylum
deal with El Salvador
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The Trump administration signed an asylum agreement Friday with El Salvador, giving the U.S. the right to repatriate migrants who cross through El Salvador to reach the U.S. and who then request asylum here. Officials hope the agreement, along with a similar one signed with Guatemala over the summer, will change the incentives that have spurred this year’s illegal immigration surge at the border. Most asylum-seekers have bogus claims and won’t win their cases, but under the current system, many of them were allowed to remain in the U.S. while they argued their case — giving them a foothold here. Officials believe that if they can block those bogus asylum-seekers
Missing piece to the Ukraine puzzle: State
Department's overture to Rudy Giuliani
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Posted by MissMolly 9/21/2019 5:12:36 AM Post Reply
When I was a young journalist decades ago, training to cover Washington, one of my mentors offered sage advice: When it comes to U.S. intelligence and diplomacy, things often aren’t what they first seem. Those words echo in my brain today, as much as they did that first day. And following the news recently, I realize they are just as relevant today with hysteria regarding presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s contacts with Ukraine’s government. The coverage suggests Giuliani reached out to new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s team this summer solely
The Australian State Dinner, in photos 2 replies
Posted by MissMolly 9/21/2019 5:09:35 AM Post Reply
The White House held its second State Dinner under President Donald Trump on Friday to mark Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's visit to the United States. A number of politicians, officials and celebrities including Attorney General Bill Barr, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and golfer Greg Norman turned out for the occasion.
Former Carrier of ‘Nuclear Football’:
Whistleblower Broke ‘Circle of Trust’
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Posted by MissMolly 9/21/2019 5:06:22 AM Post Reply
Buzz Paterson, the White House military aide who carried the “nuclear football” information for former President Bill Clinton, said that a member of the intelligence community broke the “circle of trust” by filing a complaint with the Intelligence Community Inspector General about a private phone call President Trump had with a world leader, as well as leaking this information to Congress. According to media reports, the intelligence official had filed a complaint with the ICIG alleging an inappropriate promise made by the president. “I was President Bill Clinton’s Air Force military aide from 1996 to 1999,” Patterson told The Epoch Times, explaining that he lived and worked
The Democrats' desperate do-overs 3 replies
Posted by MissMolly 9/20/2019 5:24:30 AM Post Reply
When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States on Nov. 7, 2016, it came as a shock to the country. The tough campaign worked for the billionaire businessman, who had never held public office before. He tore down the once reliable blue wall of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, beating the Clinton dynasty once and for all. This is when the delusion and denial began. Democrats and their allies in the media, led by twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, were stunned and in disbelief. Instead of accepting the results put forward by the voting American public, Democrats tried to discredit Trump’s victory through allegations of cheating and Russian collusion.
Iowa or bust: Kamala Harris' last
gambit to save presidential run
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Posted by MissMolly 9/20/2019 5:21:37 AM Post Reply
Sen. Kamala D. Harris hit the panic button Thursday on her free-falling campaign, announcing an Iowa-or-bust strategy that she hopes will put her on an Obama-like glide to the nomination. She also raised the stakes by vowing to quit the race if she can’t muster a win, place or show in the Hawkeye State’s leadoff caucuses Feb. 3. “We want to make sure that we have a strong top-three finish,” said Harris campaign manager Juan Rodriguez. “I think that will kind of continue to give us a slingshot to go into that early primary state calendar and then make sure that we’re also competitive heading into Super Tuesday.”
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Birds Are Vanishing From North America 49 replies
Posted by frew 9/21/2019 3:27:53 PM Post Reply
The number of birds in the United States and Canada has fallen by 29 percent since 1970, scientists reported on Thursday. There are 2.9 billion fewer birds taking wing now than there were 50 years ago. The analysis, published in the journal Science, is the most exhaustive and ambitious attempt yet to learn what is happening to avian populations. The results have shocked researchers and conservation organizations.
If This Isn’t Impeachable, Nothing Is 44 replies
Posted by 4Justice 9/21/2019 4:36:43 PM Post Reply

The president of the United States reportedly sought the help of a foreign government against an American citizen who might challenge him for his office. This is the single most important revelation in a scoop by The Wall Street Journal, and if it is true, then President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office immediately.   Source corrected.

'Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Says
He Is a 'Member of the
Beautiful H.I.V.-Positive Community'
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Jonathan Van Ness, the 32-year-old star of Netflix’s Queer Eye, shared that he is H.I.V. positive in a powerful interview with the New York Times on Saturday. He said that he hopes he can bring attention to misperceptions about being H.I.V. positive, saying that he is healthy and a proud “member of the beautiful H.I.V.-positive community.” Van Ness revealed to the Times’ Alex Hawgood that he was sexually assaulted when he was a child, and explained that “[f]or a lot of
North Carolina school officials cancel
football game after cheerleaders'
Trump 2020 banner
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Posted by M2 9/21/2019 7:28:42 AM Post Reply
A week after authorities placed a North Carolina high school cheerleading squad on probation for displaying a pro-Trump banner before a football game, school officials abruptly canceled the school's Friday night game due to safety concerns. On Monday, the cheerleading team at North Stanly High School, about 50 miles east of Charlotte, was put on probation by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association after an investigation determined that the squad had violated school policy by posing with a "Trump 2020: Make America Great Again" banner prior to a game on Aug. 30, according to Asheville ABC affiliate WLOS.
WATCH–Jerry Nadler: Climate
Change Is a Greater Threat Than a World War
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Posted by M2 9/22/2019 6:42:15 AM Post Reply
House Judiciary Committee Chairman and Democrat New York Rep. Jerry Nadler claimed Friday that the threat of climate change is greater than that of a world war. Nadler’s remarks were made as he spoke in Washington, D.C., at one of several global climate strike protests. “We have to make sure people feel the depth and the immediacy of this crisis, which is approaching us much more rapidly and much worse than the scientists proposed twenty years ago and ten years ago,” Nadler said. “Half measures will not do,” Nadler continued. “We are facing a crisis. If we had a world war, God forbid, the country would mobilize.”
Democrats promote unionizing entire
industries with 'sectoral bargaining'
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Posted by NorthernDog 9/21/2019 9:16:10 AM Post Reply
Cory Booker has become the latest Democratic presidential candidate to back unionizing entire industries by supporting a concept called "sectoral bargaining." The idea dates back to the 1930s and involves the federal government creating union-management committees that would set wages and other work standards. The change, if adopted, would radically shift the business landscape across the U.S. Under sectoral bargaining, unions would be granted enormous power over industries, while businesses would be strictly limited in the workplace policies they could adopt. All workers in an industry would be represented by the union officials on the committees. The New Jersey senator
Cory Booker’s Campaign Warns He May Not
Be in Race ‘Much Longer’
28 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 9/21/2019 1:45:39 PM Post Reply
Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) 2020 presidential campaign manager warned staffers in a memo that he may not be in the race much longer if the campaign does not raise $1.7 million in ten days. Campaign manager Addisu Demissie issued the warning after pulling in a weaker-than-expected fundraising haul in early September, stating that to stay in the race, the campaign needs the $1.7 million before September 30, the end of the financial quarter. “Without a fundraising surge to close out this quarter, we do not see a legitimate long-term path forward,” Demissie wrote in the Saturday memo to staff and supporters that NBC News obtained.
Meeks: Pelosi Wants Trump ‘in Jail,’ Jailing
Trump Only Way to Show We’re Fighting
for Rule of Law
25 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 9/21/2019 1:51:58 PM Post Reply
On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” Representative Gregory Meeks (D-NY) stated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wants President Trump “in jail,” and that putting President Trump in jail is the only way to show that the rule of law is being fought for. Meeks said, “Speaker Pelosi, she’s singularly focused to get this — she wants him in jail, where he really [belongs]. That’s what her focus — she wants — Donald Trump, and if you look at all the things that he’s done, it’s almost if it was any other American, they would be in jail. And she is focused singularly.”
Elizabeth Warren highlights violence
against transgender women of
color, reads names of those
killed this year
24 replies
Posted by M2 9/21/2019 3:07:32 PM Post Reply
Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-MA., was the penultimate speaker at Friday night’s forum focused on LGBTQ issues, and took the stage with a powerful opening statement. “If elected President, what should LGBTQ Americans expect from the first 100 days in office?” moderator Lyz Lenz asked Warren. “I’m not going to tell you - I’m going to show you,” Warren said, taking out a small slip of pink paper. “Dana Martin, Jazzaline Ware, Ashanti Carmon, Claire Legato, Muhlaysia Booker,” Warren read. Her voice began to shake.
'Should Be Shot In The Head': Secret
Service Investigates Teacher’s Alleged
Threat Against Pence
21 replies
Posted by Imright 9/21/2019 3:32:16 PM Post Reply
The Secret Service is investigating a North Carolina high school teacher after she allegedly told a classroom of students that Vice President Mike Pence “should be shot in the head," according to numerous reports."The woman allegedly told her class at Cuthbertson High School in Union County that Pence should be 'shot in the head,' WJZY reported over the weekend," The Charlotte Observer wrote.The unidentified teacher allegedly made the comment the same week Pence stopped in Union County to campaign for congressional candidate Rep. Dan Bishop, Fox 46 reported.
Arrivederci! Meghan Markle drapes a camel
coat over her shoulders as she and Prince
Harry leave Rome, skipping Misha Nonoo's
glamorous post-wedding party tonight to
head home and collect baby Archie before
jetting off on tour of Africa
20 replies
Posted by Ribicon 9/21/2019 12:35:11 PM Post Reply
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were flying home from Rome this afternoon after a two-day trip laced with luxury to celebrate Misha Nonoo's star-studded wedding. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are skipping the newlywed fashion designer's extravagant post-nuptials party tonight to collect their baby son Archie before they all jet off to South Africa tomorrow. The Royal couple were zipped through the streets of the Italian capital in a slick tinted-window Mercedes from the £1,200-a-night hotel where they had been staying.(Snip) On Friday, the Sussexes were seen beaming as they mingled with the upper echelons
Fashion Notes: Melania Trump Is Shades
of Cool for U.S.-Australia State Dinner
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Posted by Imright 9/21/2019 12:03:22 AM Post Reply
First lady Melania Trump greeted Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife, Jennifer Morrison, at the White House on Friday for a state dinner in shades of cool blues — a nod to the island nation’s aquatic lifestyle. For the daytime, Mrs. Trump welcomed the Morrisons in an icy blue crepe knit dress by Scanlan Theodore, the Aussie brand founded in Melbourne in 1987. The dress features billowing cocoon-like sleeves, a cinched belt and v-neck cutout, retailing for about $800. The cool tone is not only synonymous with Mrs. Trump, who has made the shade one of her signatures since her debut as first lady when she wore
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