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When Mexico enforces its
own laws, immigration drops

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Posted By: MissMolly, 7/13/2019 5:15:40 AM

‘We’re holding a gun to our own heads,’ said Sen. John Cornyn in June. He was talking about President Trump’s threat to impose tariffs in order to force Mexico to crack down on illegal immigration into the Unites States. Many congressmen agreed, fearing, as establishment figures are prone to do, that Trump was risking the whole economy for some nebulous border demand. A month later, it seems Trump’s tariff gambit has worked. After Mexican officials agreed to crack down on illegal immigration to avoid US-imposed tariffs, the Department of Homeland Security reports that border apprehensions dropped from 144,278 in May to 104,344 in June — a 28 percent decrease.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Strike3 7/13/2019 6:25:48 AM (No. 122098)
In case it wasn't clear before, we have a lot of Senators and House members with mental deficiencies. Illegal aliens do not travel thousands of miles from their home countries without assistance.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: ARKfamily 7/13/2019 6:35:41 AM (No. 122105)
No kidding. If every country made their country great again, its citizens would have no need to enter a country illegally.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: binar 7/13/2019 6:36:45 AM (No. 122107)
144K is too much. 100K is OK. apparently we have 2 entities. one wants the border secured, the other NO border seems to me this can be the flash point for kinetic action.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Rinktum 7/13/2019 8:52:49 AM (No. 122206)
The dems do want to fundamentally change this country which leaves the rest of us scratching our heads when we have the visible proof of where those changes will lead. Who wants to live in Venezuela or any other socialist paradise they profess to love? The majority of Americans like it just fine here. Democrats love chaos which seems an insane idea to the rest of us. However, every policy they promote ends at the same place, chaos and misery. An open border is the quickest way down the path of destruction. Americans are resisting and if push comes to shove, it won’t be pretty. It appears to most of us that the President is the only sane man or woman in Washington willing to vigorously fight for our sovereignty. Many Republicans lack the foresight and courage to ack on behalf of the American people. They are as wretched as the democrats, maybe even more so. If we lost on border security, we have lost this country. Who I. Their right mind would want that? It amazes me that so many politicians are okay with the chaos and misery they will willingly be handing their grandchildren. What utter fools!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: MDConservative 7/13/2019 9:53:58 AM (No. 122254)
Why does anyone trust these figures? Any figures? Yesterday, it was reported by ONE observer, a group of 300 crossed the border unhindered. Years ago it was said there were 25 to 30 million already in the number has dwindled to 11 million. Anyone believe that? They must've all moved to Maryland. That's my observation.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Arby 7/13/2019 10:52:51 AM (No. 122331)
The president squeezes in just the right way and the hearts and minds follow.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: bighambone 7/13/2019 12:06:20 PM (No. 122401)
Obviously the blame for the current explosion of intending illegal aliens showing up at the borderline lies 100% with the UniParty US Congress, that legislated killer “loopholes” into the asylum and immigration laws laws that allowed unlimited numbers of illegal aliens who show up at the borderline and make initial bogus asylum claims to then be granted a legal pathway into the USA. Once in the USA the vast majority of those illegal aliens, most coming to the USA for economic purposes, in other words to get hired to a US job, never appear for their scheduled immigration court hearings (about 80%) and of the borderline initiated asylum claims that are actually heard by federal immigration judges, about 93% are denied as being completely bogus or not meeting the minimum evidentiary requirements that aliens must meet to be lawfully granted asylum in the USA. The Congressional Democrat objective in creating those “loopholes” is to allow as many poor, uneducated, and socialist oriented illegal aliens as possible into the USA. Many Republicans in Congress, whose focus on immigration is limited to the involved cheap labor factor, facilitated that Democrat plan to provide a path for illegal aliens to evade immigration law enforcement consequences to continue to provide their business related supporters with an unlimited supply of cheap foreign labor. Of course the many activist liberal federal judges who were appointed by Clinton and Obama are always going to rule in favor of any Democrat position on immigration, that has bec9me clear since President Trump was elected. In essence once in the USA the vast majority of illegal aliens travel to immigrant and low income communities, many of the designed Sanctuary Cities that the Democrats have created to protect illegal aliens from being detected, arrested, and deported. With such huge illegal alien populations residing in those areas and communities who are counted who will be counted in the Federal census, it gives the Democrats the opportunity to demand that additional Congressional Districts be reapportioned into those areas and communities, where the Democrat socialists are politically dominant, based upon the total census population figures. When that happens it makes it much more likely that Democrat socialist candidates can get elected to those new congressional seats with low vote counts, since much of those new congressional district constituencies are made up of aliens who cannot vote in US elections. It is common sense that congressional districts should be apportioned throughout the country based upon the population figures of US citizens who are lawfully entitled to vote, and not the total population figures that include aliens who cannot lawfully vote, a great many of who are not even lawfully in the USA. With Mexico, how can about 40,000 Black Africans from Central Africa transit through Mexico to the US borderline without them being detected by Mexican authorities?
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When Mexico enforces its
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‘We’re holding a gun to our own heads,’ said Sen. John Cornyn in June. He was talking about President Trump’s threat to impose tariffs in order to force Mexico to crack down on illegal immigration into the Unites States. Many congressmen agreed, fearing, as establishment figures are prone to do, that Trump was risking the whole economy for some nebulous border demand. A month later, it seems Trump’s tariff gambit has worked. After Mexican officials agreed to crack down on illegal immigration to avoid US-imposed tariffs, the Department of Homeland Security reports that border apprehensions dropped from 144,278 in May to 104,344 in June — a 28 percent decrease.
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Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke said he was recently given documents showing that both he and his wife are descendants of people who owned slaves. In a post Sunday night for the website Medium, the former Texas congressman wrote that the documents showed that one of his paternal great-great-great grandfathers owned two women, named Rose and Eliza, in the 1850s. He said records also showed that one ancestor of his wife, Amy, owned slaves while another was part of the Confederate Army.(Staff) 'For example, there is 10 times the wealth in white America than there is in black America.
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