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Clint Eastwood to Film New Movie in
Georgia Despite Hollywood Boycott
Over 'Heartbeat Bill'

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Posted By: Imright, 6/26/2019 2:06:04 AM

Despite the boycott of filming in Georgia launched by Hollywood liberals angry over the state's new pro-life "Heartbeat" law, legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood will be making his latest movie, "The Battle of Richard Jewell," in Atlanta this summer, reported NBC Charlotte and other media. "Clint Eastwood will perform new film in Georgia despite abortion bill boycott," tweeted NBC Charlotte on June 25. The movie is about Richard Jewell, a police officer and security guard who discovered a bomb at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Ga., and saved countless lives. Jewell was initially hailed as a hero and then was viewed as a suspect.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Strike3 6/26/2019 2:09:57 AM (No. 106781)
Eastwood calls his own shots. There are still a few real human beings left in the dying garbage dump that is Hollywood.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Osprey21 6/26/2019 5:55:03 AM (No. 106810)
Godspeed Mr. Eastwood
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Reply 3 - Posted by: winmag 6/26/2019 6:04:18 AM (No. 106820)
The true story is how the media railroaded this poor guy with no evidence. He won big judgements against the dirt bag lib media.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: udanja99 6/26/2019 6:54:17 AM (No. 106859)
Leave it to Dirty Harry to shove the left’s excrement right back in their faces. Gotta love the guy!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: F15 Gork 6/26/2019 6:55:20 AM (No. 106861)
Dirty Hairy is big enough that he doesn’t give a Schiff about any of these Schumer’s.....
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Reply 6 - Posted by: earlybird 6/26/2019 8:47:10 AM (No. 106953)
Those who still go to movies enjoy Clint Eastwood’s work. Does anyone believe that a Hollywood boycott of Georgia over abortion will make any difference to them? Especially when it is against life? They are delusional...
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Reply 7 - Posted by: lakerman1 6/26/2019 9:24:04 AM (No. 107001)
The incident took place in Georgia. Why would Eastwood not film in Georgia?? (And in case you people have forgotten, it was a college president where Jewell had previously worked, who sicced the FBI on Jewell, for no good reason.)
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Reply 8 - Posted by: HotRod 6/26/2019 9:33:27 AM (No. 107021)
Clint Eastwood has never forgotten who made him a star, and who supported him. Other Hollywood actors forgot and don't think they need us any more, except for our money. They want us to buy their product, but bite the hand that feeds them!
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Reply 9 - Posted by: felixcat 6/26/2019 9:44:51 AM (No. 107040)
Kind of surprised to see Olivia Wilde will be in the movie - she's another wacky liberal actress. And a reminder that the FBI basically ruined Mr. Jewell's live and reputation. Our stellar law enforcement agency - hahahaha - only in tv shows.
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I’d urge everyone to read my colleague Jim Geraghty’s post on the thuggery this weekend in Portland. It was appalling to watch masked Antifa thugs attack Andy Ngo, and it was also appalling that the police weren’t immediately present to arrest his attackers. Antifa’s propensity to violence is well known, and while I’d love to hear a sympathetic explanation for the absence of police, the lack of response looks a lot like a dereliction of duty. There is, however, a simple and well-known legal reform that will go a long way towards deterring Antifa violence — even when police aren’t close by, but iPhones are. It’s called an anti-masking law.
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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said Tuesday the state would be canceling the incentives offered in a deal with Nike in response to the athletic company scrapping plans for a Betsy Ross-inspired sneaker. The sneakers, featuring a U.S. flag with 13 stars on each heel, reportedly was canned after former football player and political activist Colin Kaepernick said the design could be seen as an offensive symbol of slavery. Mr. Ducey said the state was supposed to announce a deal with Nike but then “this news broke yesterday afternoon.”(Snip) “It is a shameful retreat for the company. American businesses should be proud
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Code Pink can have the “Baby Trump” blimp on the National Mall for President Trump’s Lincoln Memorial speech on Thursday—just not off the ground and not where Mr. Trump can see it, the group claimed. According to a Tuesday press release from Code Pink, the National Park Service has granted the left-wing gadflies a demonstration permit. But it “does not allow the balloon to be filled with any helium, only air, and the permit is not in the location we requested—within line of sight of the Lincoln Memorial where President Trump will be speaking,” the group said.
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter on Monday night to defend herself — and once again blast the US Customs and Border Protection agency — after an online report accused her of screaming at federal agents “in a threatening manner” during her highly publicized visit to the southern border. “To these CBP officers saying they felt ‘threatened’ by me – They were literally discussing making a GoFundMe for an officer who attacked my on my tour [sic],” the congresswoman tweeted. “They’re just upset I exposed their inhumane behavior.” Ocasio-Cortez insisted that she posed no threat to the agents — not verbally or physically.
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