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'They want to put a big roll of masking
tape over my mouth!' Kellyanne
Conway hits back as House Democrats
move to subpoena her after ethics
watchdog demanded she is fired

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Posted By: Imright, 6/24/2019 11:32:26 AM

Kellyanne Conway charged House Democrats with wanting to put a 'big roll of masking tape' over her mouth with their threat to subpoena her if she doesn't appear before the House Oversight committee on Wednesday.'They want to put a big roll of masking tape over my mouth,' she charged Monday morning on 'Fox & Friends,' saying Democrats were angry at her role in electing Donald Trump as his 2016 campaign manager and her defense of him as president.The House Oversight committee is holding a hearing Wednesday on the recommendation of the independent Office of Special Counsel that President Trump fire Conway for violations

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Krause 6/24/2019 11:40:37 AM (No. 105521)
I’m assuming her husband is siding with the Dems.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: M2 6/24/2019 11:56:50 AM (No. 105538)
What is being revealed, loud and clear, is the depth of nastiness and sheer obnoxiousness of Leftists. We'd never have known how bad they really are if Trump had not rotted their socks by getting elected.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: MDConservative 6/24/2019 12:11:38 PM (No. 105548)
Hubris is catching up to you, Kellyanne.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Blue-Z-Anna 6/24/2019 12:12:20 PM (No. 105549)
I loved the "Drum Major" outfit she wore on inauguration day. Poke 'em in the eye, Kellyanne !!! BTW-----Takes an open mind to marry a political opponent. I, too, am in a 'mixed marriage'. You see....I'm a Republican whereas my wife is a BYTCH !!!!! ------Ron White
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Nimby 6/24/2019 2:58:38 PM (No. 105708)
Geez Kellyanne! Put a ductape on your hubby’s fingers first!
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Reply 6 - Posted by: john56 6/24/2019 4:27:22 PM (No. 105777)
Maybe the deep state folks and AOC do need to tour those immigrants "concentration camps" and the real ones of WW2. Sounds like their plan is to use something like them to silence their opponents.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: ColonialAmerican1623 6/25/2019 3:04:04 AM (No. 106054)
Kellyanne, seems like you need a "big roll of masking tape" for your husband.
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A group of 9/11 first responders praised Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after meeting with him to discuss the bill that would permanently fund the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund."Mitch McConnell works for us ... and today Mitch McConnell promised to work for us and I'm going to take him for his word," first responder John Feal told reporters after the meeting, saying he is not concerned about McConnell going back on his word because "we challenged his humanity, and he passed."Feal said his past meetings in 2010 and 2015 with McConnell were more contentious and emotional than the one on Tuesday.
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.During an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Monday night, former View co-host and left-wing conspiracy theorist Rosie O’Donnell not only defended outrageous comparisons of illegal immigration detention centers to “concentration camps,” but she claimed that there were “over 100,000” camps spread across the United States.Near the end of the show, Cohen helped promote a planned nationwide liberal protest of the Trump administration’s immigration policy, teeing up O’Donnell: “Rosie, you’re going to be doing a vigil called Lights for Liberty, July 12th, demanding an end to the detention camps.” O’Donnell launched into a fact-free rant: (Video)
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CNN’s John King took time Tuesday to note that problems at the U.S. border did not start with President Donald Trump.Democrats have criticized Trump and his administration for its immigration policies, as well as the treatment of migrants at the border. King said the U.S. faced many of the same problems under the Obama administration. “This particular issue is not new,” King said. “This has been a problem the U.S. government has had to figure out a solution to for a long time.”King then replayed an interview that former President Barack Obama did with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, where Obama issued a warning to migrant families not to send their children
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Chants of “build the wall” broke out at Tuesday’s rollout of the Donald J. Trump for President Latino Coalition event in Miami, Florida.Vice President Mike Pence was headlining the launch of the Trump 2020 presidential campaign event when chanting broke out among what was described by New York Times Miami Bureau Chief Patricia Mazzei as a largely Cuban/Venezuelan/Nicaraguan American crowd, “Build the wall.” “We need four more years for President Donald Trump,” Pence said sparking the crowd to begin chanting those same words. It’s notable that Pence did this event in Miami on Tuesday because on Wednesday and Thursday in the same city the Democrat candidates for president
Stephanie Grisham Chosen as Next
White House Press Secretary
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First lady Melania Trump announced Tuesday that top aide Stephanie Grisham has been selected to replace outgoing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Trump wrote on Twitter that Grisham will also assume the role as White House communications director, a position she served in under the first lady. I can think of no better person to serve the Administration & our country. Excited to have Stephanie working for both sides of the @WhiteHouse,” she said. (Tweet)
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Should a vacancy come up on the Supreme Court before the 2020 election, President Trump said he would absolutely fill the seat promptly. “Would I do that? Of course,” Trump said in an exclusive interview with The Hill when asked if he’d fill the post during campaign season.The president’s vow runs counter to what he said in 2016, when he was running for the White House. As a candidate, he opposed former President Obama’s effort to seat his nominee, Merrick Garland, before the election, backing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) decision to block the nomination.
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Bookies taking bets on the 2020 presidential election are predicting a Trump-Biden race, with President Trump a 1-1 favorite to win reelection.Current wagers indicate that former Vice President Joe Biden would take the nomination and stands at a 4-1 chance to beat Trump. In a surprise, said that the odds for Sen. Bernie Sanders, long the first or second choice in the Democratic primary race, has sunk to sixth in the general election, while Sen. Elizabeth Warren is second behind Biden.“Now at even money (1/1), Trump is still the odds on favorite to win re-election in 2020.
Teenager Tells His Teacher There Are
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In Aberdeenshire, Scotland, a teen told his teacher there are only two genders.The teacher didn’t agree.As reported by the Daily Mail, the instructor had informed his class that a website which only allowed for two gender options was “old fashioned.”The 17-year-old spoke up, claiming that male and female are the only two, biologically.For taking a position that was “not inclusive,” he was kicked out of class.Later, the teacher discussed the issue with the boy privately — and the kid secretly videoed it.On the tape — which has been viewed nearly 100,000 times via YouTube —
‘Trump’ puts ‘Clinton’ and ‘Obama’ behind
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A parade in Highmore, South Dakota celebrating the 50th Annual Settler’s Day had one float that stole the show. The float that got the most attention showed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in prison with President Donald Trump standing outside the case, his hands up as if presenting the prisoners to the crowd. (Photo) “I just wanted to put it out there, it was just my view that I feel that they should be charged, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton,” Jeff Damer, the float’s creator, told KSFY. Damer revealed there was some hesitation because he did not want to come across as racist by throwing Obama behind bars.
Pelosi On Enforcing Immigration Laws
In U.S.: ‘What’s The Point?’
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Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows on Monday with a series of comments that she made about enforcing U.S. immigration laws. (Video) Speaking at an event in Elmhurst, New York, Pelosi attacked President Donald Trump over the raids from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers that were scheduled to happen over the weekend but were delayed after sensitive information was leaked to the public about the locations of the raids."When I saw that the president was going to have these raids, I mean it was so appalling," Pelosi said. "It's outside the circle of civilized human behavior to just be kicking down doors, splitting up families,
Congresswoman mocked by John Kelly as
'empty barrel' comes out Against impeachment
saying Trump will 'rot in prison' like Al Capone
while Connecticut pragmatist is now for it
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Posted by Imright 6/25/2019 2:10:15 AM Post Reply
A House Democrat who clashed with former White House chief of staff John Kelly has come out against impeachment, arguing that after President Trump leaves office he will 'rot in prison'. Rep. Frederica Wilson, a Florida Democrat who demanded an apology from Kelly after he inaccurately accused her of touting her own efforts to get funding from President Obama during dedication of an FBI memorial in her district, explained her reasoning on Twitter Monday. 'There's no question Trump is guilty but the current Senate will never find him guilty of anything,' she said. 'If the House impeaches him the Senate will exonerate him w/in days
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Peggy Noonan is tired of Trump winning 50 replies
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Peggy Noonan trotted out the latest Democrat talking point. President Donald John Trump is winning too much. She and her buddies and her employer want the public to believe there is an overload of winning. (Snip) remember on the Ed Sullivan show when we were little children? There was a guy who came and balanced plates. There would be a stick, put a plate up, get it going, get another and then he would run back and forth just trying to keep them all up. Balancing plates is part of the tone of this administration and of this president.”
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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez helped Sen. Bernard Sanders introduce a bill Monday that would forgive all student loan debt, which the lawmaker said is a scourge to working-class citizens. “We are experiencing a systemic and economy-wide threat to grinding our economy to a halt because families and people in my generation, older and younger, are not buying cars we’re not purchasing homes, we’re not building families because of the scepter that student loan debt represents on our generation. It is unjust,” Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, New York Democrat, said as she joined Mr. Sanders for a press conference at the Capitol
Adam Silver: NBA done using term 'owner'
over racial sensitivity questions
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NBA commissioner Adam Silver told TMZ the league office is done using the word “owner” amid concerns whether the title is racially insensitive, adding they stopped using the term a few years ago. TMZ reported earlier this month that some NBA teams were debating whether to move away from the title, given some feel its racially insensitive in a league where the majority of players are African American. Warriors forward Draymond Green also raised the issue on LeBron James’ HBO Show “The Shop,” saying he took offense to the term. Silver said he respects Green’s position. “I don’t want to overreact
Code Pink granted permit to fly
'Baby Trump' over July 4 address
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The National Park Service has reportedly granted a liberal activist group the right to fly the “Baby Trump” blimp over the National Mall during President Trump’s July 4 speech. According to WTTG Channel 5, the Fox affiliate in Washington, Code Pink will be taunting the president as he delivers an Independence Day speech at the Lincoln Memorial, though exactly where is still being worked out. “Baby Trump blimp expected in DC July 4. @NatlParkService says @codepink has been granted a permit to protest & NPS is now figuring out where they will be allowed to fly their blimp,” reporter Lindsay Watts tweeted,
Climate change is taking its toll
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Climate change is threatening ancient Greek monuments, among them the Acropolis, one of the most-visited archaeological sites in the world, scientists said. Air pollution and acid rain are eroding marbles, while extreme weather phenomena such as droughts or torrential rains have led ancient walls and temples to develop structural problems. Even though the Acropolis hill, where the Parthenon stands, is probably Greece's best preserved archaeological site, there are signs that climate change has been increasingly affecting the monuments that stand on the hill. "The walls of the (ancient) city have more erosion than in the past," Maria Vlazaki, General Secretary
Ocasio-Cortez Wants Debt Canceled
Because ‘I Have Student Loans Too’
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Posted by earlybird 6/25/2019 11:03:14 AM Post Reply
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is on board with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) proposal to erase all student loan debt, because she has not paid off her student loans either, she said Monday. While making remarks in support of Sanders’ sweeping bill to cancel $1.6 trillion in student loan debt, Ocasio-Cortez discussed her “personal stake” in the fight. She wants to make the bill a reality, in part, because she has outstanding student loans. “I will be completely honest. I will disclose my personal stake in this fight because I have student loans too,” she said Monday. “And I think it’s so funny. A year ago, I was waiting tables in a restaurant.”
Pelosi On Enforcing Immigration Laws
In U.S.: ‘What’s The Point?’
26 replies
Posted by Imright 6/25/2019 2:16:18 AM Post Reply
Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows on Monday with a series of comments that she made about enforcing U.S. immigration laws. (Video) Speaking at an event in Elmhurst, New York, Pelosi attacked President Donald Trump over the raids from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers that were scheduled to happen over the weekend but were delayed after sensitive information was leaked to the public about the locations of the raids."When I saw that the president was going to have these raids, I mean it was so appalling," Pelosi said. "It's outside the circle of civilized human behavior to just be kicking down doors, splitting up families,
Paul Ryan praises Trump:
'He's not taking any crap'
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Former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) offered some praise for President Trump, saying he’s energized a base of Republican voters who didn’t previously participate in politics. “What I think people get excited about is he's not taking any crap,” Ryan said Sunday in a wide-ranging interview with PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff. “I mean, he’s taking on political correctness, he’s taking fights that a lot of people want to see fought. The forgotten man that he speaks to is a person that finally feels like they’re being taken seriously, they’re being paid attention to. And he’s concerned about their issues.”
They could've moved next door!' Fury as
it emerges Harry and Meghan spent
£2.4million of YOUR cash on Frogmore
Cottage 'to escape rift with Kate and
William' - and final bill could hit £3m
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Posted by earlybird 6/25/2019 1:25:09 PM Post Reply
Prince Harry and Meghan have been damned today after spending £2.4million of public money doing up their new home in the grounds of Windsor Castle with the cost expected to balloon to £3million. (Snip) The £2.4million 'substantial overhaul' of Frogmore Cottage - a gift to the couple from the Queen - was approved by Her Majesty but it is still not complete with the costs set to rise by up to £600,000 because of landscaping and more decorating. The spending emerged as the Royal Household's 'Sovereign Grant' accounts were published today,
'Burn that rag!' Activists to desecrate
the flag at Trump July Fourth rally
24 replies
Posted by Imright 6/24/2019 5:28:15 PM Post Reply
Sparks will fly in Washington as activists torch an American flag to protest President Trump's July Fourth "Salute to America," which Trump claims will be one of the largest events in city history.Longtime flag-burning activist Gregory "Joey" Johnson of the Revolutionary Communist Party told the Washington Examiner, "I'm going to be there in D.C.," and "that rag of empire and oppression is going to burn." Johnson is well known for winning a 1989 Supreme Court case that invalidated state laws against flag burning. He declined to share the time and location of next week's protest or say how many other activists will participate.
Why the author accusing Trump
of rape won’t bring charges
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When the rape allegations brought against President Trump by advice columnist E. Jean Carroll surfaced on Friday, you could instantly predict that we were going to see a standoff between supporters on both sides. That’s been playing out over the weekend already, but one interview that Carroll did on Friday night caught my attention. She appeared on MSNBC and one of the expected subjects came up. She’s made a very serious charge in her upcoming book, far beyond any sort of harassment or inappropriate touching, so is she going to bring charges? Apparently not. That’s her call to make, of course, but why? It’s her reason
Popular Knitting Platform Ravelry Bans All Trump
Support: 'Undeniably Support for White Supremacy'
23 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 6/24/2019 12:41:55 PM Post Reply
Ravelry, a company that describes itself as a community of knitters and crocheters, announced Sunday that its website is erasing President Trump — banning any and all expressions of support for the duly elected president of the United States. Not being a crafter myself, I had never heard of Ravelry—a site that boasts 8 million users. The announcement was brought to my attention by a reader who uses the site. "Not even crafting is safe," she lamented in an email to PJM. Indeed, it appears that social justice warriors have taken control of the site, which is the go-to source
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