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Peter Doocy asks puzzled KJP when the
White House will delete its Twitter account

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Posted By: Imright, 12/1/2022 11:31:03 AM

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy put White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in the hot seat during Wednesday’s press briefing, asking her when the White House plans to shut down its Twitter account. “When are you guys gonna delete the White House Twitter account?” Doocy asked simply. “Why would we do that?” asked Jean-Pierre, seeking clarification that most people in her position probably wouldn’t need. (Video) In his clarification, Doocy referred to prior skepticism expressed in press briefings about Twitter under its current CEO, Elon Musk. “Well, you say you’re keeping an eye on Twitter because it might not be a suitable platform. So, why use it?” he asked.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: thekidsmom66 12/1/2022 11:41:51 AM (No. 1346651)
uh....uh....uh...uh..... Maybe communications is not the job for you, KJP.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: vrb8m 12/1/2022 11:46:16 AM (No. 1346653)
I can't even look at that idiot anymore.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: itsonlyme 12/1/2022 12:03:07 PM (No. 1346663)
May 05, 2022 "Jean-Pierre will be the first Black woman and openly LGBTQ person to serve in the role." She learned a lot of helpful tips from Jen "Psychopath" Psaki.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: PChristopher 12/1/2022 12:24:04 PM (No. 1346682)
KJP would be more suited as a snotty barista at Starbucks
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Reply 5 - Posted by: earlybird 12/1/2022 12:32:58 PM (No. 1346689)
Peter must take after his mother. His father is such a wuss but Peter is smart as a whip and as lethal...
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Reply 6 - Posted by: groover 12/1/2022 12:43:01 PM (No. 1346698)
Way to go Peter! Knocked it right out of the park!!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: udanja99 12/1/2022 1:13:09 PM (No. 1346713)
If you took the word “uh” out of her vocabulary, she would be mute.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: rocket-j-squirrel 12/1/2022 1:23:54 PM (No. 1346719)
I have this secret wish that somebody sneaks into her office while she's napping and draws tiger eye pupils on those eyelids. Then, when she looks at her notes, we can at least have a laugh or two
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Rich323 12/1/2022 2:13:50 PM (No. 1346737)
When is KJP not puzzled? The robot has a limited vocabulary and most questions do not compute.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Enoch Powell 12/1/2022 2:29:24 PM (No. 1346741)
President Vegetable has the best press secretary ever - Karine Jean-Pierre aka Ms. Turnip. This should (but probably won't) put the nail in the coffin of the myth that liberals and leftists are all so very smart... Doocy should put a bag over her head and see if she can figure out how to get it off.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: FJB 2022 23 24 12/1/2022 3:50:59 PM (No. 1346777)
Love that Peter Doocy
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 12/1/2022 4:46:53 PM (No. 1346809)
Wow. ouch. Peter, you go for the jugular, no?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: YorkieMom 12/1/2022 6:11:33 PM (No. 1346862)
Another Doocy fan here. I love how he makes Shirley Temple practically wet her pants every day.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: chumley 12/1/2022 9:26:07 PM (No. 1346980)
She looks like Sideshow Bob made it with a pumpkin and she has the IQ to match. That kind of stupid should not be on TV. Seriously, she reminds me of the kid in class who couldn't read out loud without mouthing the words silently first.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: mifla 12/2/2022 5:47:20 AM (No. 1347105)
KJP should close her binder, look at Peter and say: "Peter, we both know Biden is a fool who will say anything. Can we just move on?"
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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday dismissed Elon Musk’s release of the so-called "Twitter Files" as a "distraction" at a time when she says the platform is facing a rise in hate speech.  The exchange came days after Musk, who acquired Twitter in late October, released bombshell revelations about what led the tech giant to suppress a New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s laptop in the final weeks of the 2020 election. (Photo) Musk outsourced his findings to Substack journalist Matt Taibbi who published a lengthy thread detailing the platform’s censorship and the internal decisions that were made.
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The media delayed its coverage of the “Twitter Files” and the FBI’s “hack-and-leak” reports over the weekend that suggest the agency helped censor the story on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Twitter CEO Elon Musk and Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi detailed how the former executives at Twitter intentionally suppressed the New York Post’s report on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Taibbi reported that former head of legal, policy and trust Viyaja Gadde led the effort to squash the story without the knowledge of former CEO Jack Dorsey. The liberal and corporate media has been slow to cover the content detailing the lead up to Twitter’s days-long censorship
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Blinken tells Israeli group White House
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U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Biden administration will work with the administration of incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if he holds to principles set by U.S. precedent. In comments to the progressive pro-Israeli J Street conference in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, Blinken said the White House would not waiver in its support of "all" Israeli citizens, including the LGBTQ community and Palestinians living in Israel. The comments appeared to reference Netanyahu's plans to appoint Avi Maoz, head of the far-right Noam Party, as deputy minister over various education programs. He has vowed to end the Jerusalem Pride parade.
Texas Churches Split From Methodists Over
Gay Marriage Stance
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Nearly 150 Texas churches voted to leave the United Methodist Church during the Northwest Texas Annual Conference of United Methodist Churches (UMC) over disagreements concerning the church’s position on gay marriage, according to the Texas Tribune. In a 261-24 vote over the weekend, 145 churches voted to exit the United Methodist Church and join the Global Methodist Church after years of disagreement between the churches and the UMC over the organization’s acceptance of gay marriage, according to the Texas Tribune.
Elon Musk Claims His Life Is in Great Danger 11 replies
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Elon Musk has become the most influential CEO in the world.  In 2022, he has combined the honorary title of the richest man in the world and that of the most powerful CEO in the world. His net wealth is valued at $189 billion as of Dec. 4, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire index. However, it has fallen by $81 billion since January. The serial entrepreneur recently added another symbolic company to an already extensive and impressive list. Musk completed the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter on Oct. 27. This transaction makes him a boss involved in running Tesla, SpaceX, Boring Co., Neuralink and Twitter,
Conservative Attorney Harmeet Dhillon
To Challenge Ronna McDaniel For RNC Chair
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Conservative attorney Harmeet Dhillon reportedly said she plans on challenging Ronna McDaniel for Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. Dhillon, whose resume includes her service as former vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party and her expertise on civil liberties, has been allegedly meeting with RNC members in preparation for a bid to unseat McDaniel in the coming days. “After three successive terms of underwhelming results at the polls for the GOP, all the while with leaders congratulating ourselves for outstanding performance, I feel that we owe it to our voters to have a serious debate about the leadership of the party and what we must change to actually win in 2024,”
Elon Musk claims disgraced FTX crypto
exchange CEO Sam Bankman-Fried donated
more than $1b to Democrats and asks 'Where
did it go?'
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Elon Musk has suggested that disgraced crypto exchange billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried donated more than $1billion to Democrats before FTX's collapse. Musk's allegation, if true, would mean SBF donated significantly more than the initially reported $40million figure to Democratic politicians, ahead of his business's total meltdown. On Friday, healthcare tech startup CEO Will Mandis tweeted: 'SBF donating $40m to not go to jail for stealing $10b+ is one of the highest ROI trades of all time,' referring to the known number in donations to Democratic politicians.  Musk then weighed and responded, 'That’s just the publicly disclosed number. His actual support of Dem elections is probably over $1B.
'It's about hatred, it's about race':
Harry and Meghan drop ANOTHER Netflix
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of royal family, suggesting insiders leaked
and planted stories about them' and featuring
unseen images of pregnant Duchess
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Harry and Meghan today dropped a second trailer for their Netflix documentary which launched a fresh volley of barbs against the Royal Family, with the duke concluding the clip by warning, 'No one knows the full truth - we know the full truth'. In a one-minute video that will horrify courtiers, Harry hits out at the 'hierarchy of the family', claims insiders 'leaked and planted' stories about them, describes royal life as a 'dirty game' then - after footage of his mother, Diana, and Kate, the Princess of Wales, being hounded by photographers - talks about 'the pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution'.  
Newsmax's Chris Salcedo Slams Media for
Silence on Dem Anti-Semites
7 replies
Posted by Imright 12/5/2022 6:09:44 AM Post Reply
Well, bravo. Over there at NewsMax, Chris Salcedo, the host of “The Chris Salcedo Show”, nailed it exactly when covering the dust-up over the Trump-Kanye West dinner that, unknown to Trump, would include decided anti-Semite Nick Fuentes. The problem? The liberal media instantly jumped on the dinner - and that’s fine. Salcedo himself pointedly noted that Ye had been spewing anti-Semitism and he, Salcedo, condemns anti-Semitism no matter where it comes from. He’s right, of course.
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'It's about hatred, it's about race':
Harry and Meghan drop ANOTHER Netflix
trailer with more barbs about 'hierarchy
of royal family, suggesting insiders leaked
and planted stories about them' and featuring
unseen images of pregnant Duchess
52 replies
Posted by Imright 12/5/2022 9:49:22 AM Post Reply
Harry and Meghan today dropped a second trailer for their Netflix documentary which launched a fresh volley of barbs against the Royal Family, with the duke concluding the clip by warning, 'No one knows the full truth - we know the full truth'. In a one-minute video that will horrify courtiers, Harry hits out at the 'hierarchy of the family', claims insiders 'leaked and planted' stories about them, describes royal life as a 'dirty game' then - after footage of his mother, Diana, and Kate, the Princess of Wales, being hounded by photographers - talks about 'the pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution'.  
Ex-Twitter Executive: Elon Musk Is Putting
Us ‘In Harm’s Way’ By Showing How
We Censored Content
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Twitter’s former head of trust and safety claimed Friday night that Twitter CEO Elon Musk was putting people’s lives in danger by revealing internal company documents showing how employees censored conservatives and a negative news story about then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son. Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former Sr. Director, Head of Trust & Safety, complained about Musk’s decision to release internal company communications through journalist Matt Taibbi about the company’s censorship of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 presidential election.
Paul Pelosi makes his first public appearance
since hammer attack as he joins House
Speaker in Kennedy Center box next to
Biden to honor George Clooney, U2 and
Gladys Knight
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Paul Pelosi made a dramatic return to Washington's social scene at the Kennedy Center honors Sunday, more than a month after suffering a brutal hammer attack at his San Francisco home.  Pelosi joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a box seat to view the annual televised ceremony, where artists including George Clooney, Gladys Knight, and Irish Rockers U2 were honored. Pelosi wore a black hat over his head and a glove on his left hand, days after his wife spoke about his recovery.  At one point, he could be seen smiling and pointing toward the president, who smiled and gestured back
Catholic bishop calls Hillary Clinton
an ‘evil woman’ over startling analogy
of pro-lifers and war criminals
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Posted by Imright 12/4/2022 1:07:23 PM Post Reply
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s latest attempt to score points in the culture war came with some pious blowback when a Texas Bishop slammed the “evil woman” after a startling analogy of pro-life supporters and war criminals. Following the overturn of Roe v. Wade, progressives have continued to see the promotion of abortion as a winning issue for campaigns and fundraising. Clinton demonstrated this Thursday when she joined Christiane Amanpour on PBS’s “Amanpour and Company” to discuss the Clinton Presidential Center’s summit on global women’s rights. As highlighted by NewsBusters Alex Christy, when asked about comments she had made in the past about “unfinished business,”
Stale heir: Legacy of Kennedy greatness
‘thins out’ through generations
29 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 12/4/2022 5:36:57 AM Post Reply
Months after presidential candidate Robert Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, his family stood on the lawn of their compound in McLean, Virginia, to announce the creation of a foundation that would honor the commitment of the former attorney general to “work towards a more just and peaceful world.”
Richmond Restaurant Denies Pro-Life, Pro-Family
Group Dinner Service Over Christian Values
28 replies
Posted by AltaD 12/5/2022 1:35:43 PM Post Reply
The intolerant leftist mob is coming for Christians everywhere, and we were just the latest target in the way this past Wednesday night. The Family Foundation of Virginia is the largest and oldest pro-family advocacy organization in Virginia. Our team and supporters were denied a meal for our beliefs when Metzger’s Bar and Butchery in Richmond, Virginia, refused to service our pre-reserved event, leaving us scrambling just moments before. (Snip) About an hour and a half before the event was set to take place, one of the restaurant’s owners called our team to cancel. An employee had looked up our organization, and their wait staff refused to serve us.
Why authorities will NOT stop magma from
the world's largest active volcano from
reaching major highway: Mauna Loa's lava
barrels within 2.5 miles of traffic as
it moves 40 feet per hour
28 replies
Posted by Imright 12/5/2022 5:43:30 AM Post Reply
Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano is likely going to reach a major highway in the state unimpeded, as it moves within 2.5 miles of traffic on Sunday.  Many people on the Big Island in Hawaii are bracing for major upheaval if lava from Mauna Loa slides across a key road and blocks the quickest route connecting two sides of the island. The molten rock could make the road impassable and force drivers to find alternate coastal routes in the north and south. That could add hours to commute times, doctor's visits, and lorry deliveries.
Georgia Senate Runoff: Early Vote Favors Walker 27 replies
Posted by Garnet 12/5/2022 8:51:54 AM Post Reply
It’s a tricky business to glean predictive data from early voting in any election. This is particularly true of the Georgia Senate runoff between incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker. Nonetheless, the 1.8 million ballots that were cast through last Friday, when early voting ended, provide some useful information. One datum in particular should encourage the Walker campaign — the number of older voters who cast early ballots swamped their younger counterparts.
‘Twitter Files’ Fallout Rains Down
On Arizona And Reveals That Katie Hobbs
Colluded With The Big Tech And The AZ
Government Was Breaking The First Amendment
27 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 12/4/2022 8:30:38 AM Post Reply
Elon Musk’s release of information detailing how Twitter suppressed speech during the 2020 presidential election is only the beginning of the story, according to one Texas congressman. “Investigations are coming,” Republican Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas tweeted Friday. Earlier Friday, journalist Matt Taibbi released internal Twitter communications that showed Twitter employees took down tweets at the behest of the Biden campaign and the Trump White House. Taibbi noted that because the Twitter staff was overwhelmingly liberal, there were “more channels” to censor speech available to the left.
The Great Meltdown Is Just Beginning 26 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 12/5/2022 2:45:40 AM Post Reply
The vindication for President Donald Trump on a number of fronts is just beginning. The malign actors know it and they are angry with rage at the prospect of what it means. Losing control of the people’s House last month was bad enough. Now they have this “Twitter thing” that is not within their authoritarian control. They don’t have the free hand to tip the scale in their favor. They don’t have the ability to gaslight the nation with dishonest narrative about their political enemies. They see glimpses of the future if things proceed as they currently are—and they are very afraid. They should be.
Ex-Intelligence Officials Who Said Hunter
Biden Laptop Story Was a Russian Operation
Silent After Twitter Files Released
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Former top intelligence officials who signed an open letter suggesting the Hunter Biden laptop story was part of a Russian operation just weeks before the 2020 election were silent after internal Twitter emails acknowledged there was no evidence the story involved material that was illicitly obtained. According to the New York Post — the outlet that broke the story in October 2020 — as reported on Saturday: Leon Panetta, a former CIA director and defense secretary, John Brennan a former CIA director, Mike Hayden, a former CIA director, and Jim Clapper, a former director of national intelligence — who all once said The Post’s reporting had ‘
Donald Trump Jr. Calls Out Republicans
Fighting Against Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership 
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Posted by Imright 12/4/2022 5:55:50 AM Post Reply
Donald Trump Jr. called out Republicans who are against former President Donald Trump’s choice for the next House Speaker, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and said those Republicans are “in effect empowering those who impeached Donald Trump.” Trump Jr.’s remarks come amid concerns from top conservatives about a “doomsday scenario” where House Democrats would undercut GOP power by working with certain Republicans to oppose McCarthy and install a more moderate Speaker. Although McCarthy overcame a challenge from Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) and received the House Republican nomination for Speaker of the House by a margin of 188 to 31 votes,
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