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The Nuclear Option: Schumer Brands Trump a Madman — for Not Killing Iranians replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/24/2019 10:40:40 PM Post Reply
JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia — Just when you were wondering whether Washington, D.C., is still the dumbest place on earth, along comes Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is king, you see. So, Mr. Schumer is king in the Land of Democrats. (One-Eyed Schumer is not, however, to be confused with the Senate’s “Exalted Cyclops” of the Democratic Party. That white-hooded, one-eyed monster was the venerated late Sen. Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia, who began his political career as a proud member of the Ku Klux Klan.)
Roseanne Barr and Andrew Dice Clay Announce ‘Mr. and Mrs. America’ Comedy Tour replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/24/2019 10:44:33 PM Post Reply
Comedians Roseanne Barr and Andrew Dice Clay are teaming up for a joint comedy tour dubbed “Mr. And Mrs. America,” the two announced in a pair of Instagram posts Sunday. Clay – who was banned from MTV over his headline-making material – and Barr – who was removed from her hit show Roseanne over an offensive joke about Valerie Jarrett – decided to team up for a joint “Mr. and Mrs. America” comedy tour. The tour is inspired by the “national obsession with political discourse and the policing of comedians’ language,” Deadline reports.
Trump’s Iran Policy Upstages Obama Disaster replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/25/2019 12:18:18 AM Post Reply
Democrats so wanted President Donald Trump to blast Iran. I think many Americans believe that the shooting down of our drone by Iran was a setup. Democrats hoped Trump would overreact and blast Iran into next week. But he sniffed out the ruse, and instead provided a measured response.
Democrats cannot win without Trump voters replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/25/2019 4:57:22 PM Post Reply
Joe Biden's recently embraced Democrat segregationists of the past. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren began her campaign with a beer. These are the leading blue-collar candidates among the two dozen or so Democrat presidential candidates. Hmm. Do they try to get black votes by saying how much they like watermelon? Warren is closer to being an Indian than being a blue-collar person. I get that is her roots, but she dyed her hair elitists. Nothing wrong with that. Just don't patronize me by drinking a beer.
The Donald has dirt on Biden replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/25/2019 5:10:08 PM Post Reply
President Donald John Trumps knows his enemies well. It is the Sun Tzu in him. Before he ran against Hillary, he knew she was a drunk and that it eventually would come out. On 9/11/2016 it did. Hilary was too drunk to make it through a 9/11 commemoration that morning in perfect weather. He immediately stopped hammering away at her health. His point had been made. The media said he was lying about her health, demanded he prove it, and immediately dropped the subject when she had "the flu" -- as her campaign called it. Actually, it was another Chardonnay Moment for her.
Media rolls out "without evidence" meme — without evidence replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/26/2019 5:18:42 PM Post Reply
So far this month, the president has charmed the Queen, eloquently memorialized D-Day, got Mexico to help defend our border, and even got a nice birthday card from Kim Jong Un. President Donald John Trump also has averted World War III with Iran. To counter his making of America great again, Democrats today promised to trot out Mueller next month to flog Russian Collusion, a horse so dead its head belongs in a Godfather movie. President Trump went on the offense, telling Fox Business Network that Mueller terminated text messages between Pete Strzok and Lisa Page when they were with the FBI. Hello, obstruction of justice. That's destruction of evidence.
Constitution mandates gerrymandering replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/27/2019 1:40:11 PM Post Reply
The fifth vice president of the United States pronounced his surname with a hard G, but two centuries later not only do people mispronounce Elbridge Gerry's name but they misunderstand the political tactic that bears his name: gerrymandering. The Constitution provides a decennial census, which allocates congressional representation to the states. The states then divide themselves into districts. They do the same with state legislative seats and lesser jurisdictions. The party in power draws these districts to its advantage. The losers always whine.
How we blew a $700 quintillion opportunity replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/28/2019 1:06:21 PM Post Reply
This summer's 50th anniversary of America landing a man on the moon depresses me because we so quickly gave up on space. We should have been to Mars, Venus and one of Jupiter's moons by now. Instead, Democrats pulled the plug on manned space exploration. They said the money could be better spent here on Earth fixing our problems. They were wrong.
Democrat Party meltdown replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/28/2019 6:57:01 PM Post Reply
Remember how Democrats smoked Republicans in 2016? This time they see the handwriting on the wall. Things are not going well for the Democrat Party, which means our world is a better, safer and saner place today. The joyless and futile quest for the presidency has begun for Democrats. The Democrat presidential candidates spent two nights debating on national TV and there is a sense of desperation.
HUGE! FBI gave immunity to Hillary lawyer responsible for 33k email deletion replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/28/2019 7:42:22 PM Post Reply
Heather Samuelson testified under oath in a Judicial Watch court-ordered deposition that, contrary to what she told the FBI, she was, in fact, aware that Clinton used a private email account as secretary of state. That’s not all. The former Secretary of State’s White House Liaison at the State Department, and later Clinton’s personal lawyer, Heather Samuelson, admitted under oath that she was granted immunity by the U.S. Department of Justice in June 2016. Samuelson also revealed that, contrary to what she told the FBI in 2016, she was, in fact, aware that Sec. Clinton used a private email account while secretary of state.
Project Veritas Sends Google Letters to Congress replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/28/2019 7:50:15 PM Post Reply
Project Veritas sent a letter to several Members of Congress informing them about Project Veritas’ investigation of Google that raises some concerns regarding Google’s possible improper intervention in Federal elections which may violate laws like the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA). The letter is a follow up to Project Veritas’ latest investigative report which includes undercover video of Google officials, leaked internal Google documents and emails, and statements provided by a Google insider. We sent versions of the letter to several members of Congress:
Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Makes Promises and Veiled Hints at G-20 Summit replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/28/2019 9:40:55 PM Post Reply
Chinese leader Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan on June 28, in which he made promises that the Chinese regime would further open up its economy. The more conciliatory tone contrasted with the anti-U.S. propaganda that Chinese state media has published in recent weeks. [Snip] Xi will have a sideline meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump at 11:30 a.m. local time on June 29. [Snip] White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said [Snip] “President Trump looks forward to the meeting. We believe it’s quite possible if the meeting goes well that the Chinese will come back to the negotiating table.”
The Art of War, Trump edition replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/29/2019 10:33:59 AM Post Reply
After God, the biggest influence on Donald John Trump's presidency is Sun Tzu, a Chinese general who died more than 2,500 years ago. He wrote a book, "The Art of War," that Donald Trump read when he was the captain of his class at the New York Military Academy, which was then an all-boys high school. He applied those principles to business and had a successful career that took him from being a millionaire to being a billionaire to being a billion in the hole to being a billionaire again. Now he is applying those lessons learned in a half-century of running his family's business to running the Free World.
Does Trump speak Korean? replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/30/2019 12:18:37 PM Post Reply
Thomas Wictor was a Twitter star until the Thought Police ran him off for supporting President Donald John Trump. He turned to blogging and he posted a video that appears to show our favorite president speaks a little Korean. Wictor wrote, "It tells you that Donald Trump speaks Korean. He TWICE understood Kim Jong-un BEFORE either interpreter spoke. Clearly Trump learned to speak Korean specifically to deal with North Korea." It could be true. If it is, I suggest he keep it under his hat. Never show all your cards.
They can't spin history at the DMZ replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 6/30/2019 5:30:09 PM Post Reply
The press may as well try to throw shade on the Sun because there is no way to make President Donald John Trump's visit to North Korea as anything but a historic moment. When a world leader crosses the border into enemy territory, that's not just news. That's history. That's something everyone recognizes as important. But our koi fishing press simply is not up to the task of reporting history. Reporters covering our president on the whole lack the intelligence, maturity, and objectivity to accurately report the president's travels. They cannot overcome their bias.
Sanctimony in politics leads to violence replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/1/2019 10:28:26 PM Post Reply
Violence by Antifa thugs in Portland, Oregon, this weekend -- while police stood by and watched -- is the result of the holier-than-thou approach to politics of Democrats. Liberals created and fostered this atmosphere by branding the opposition as evil in 2016. Topping the list were Hillary's basket of deplorables speech and Biden calling supporters of Donald John Trump the dregs of society. Portraying their opponents as subhuman ogres gave license to their brownshirt brigade to attack Trump supporters, and the Antifa thugs have.
The Kushner Plan for Middle East Peace replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/2/2019 12:27:35 PM Post Reply
Let’s see… economist Glenn Hubbard, previously of the George W. Bush administration writes an op-ed explaining that the Jared Kushner plan for Middle East peace resembles the Marshall Plan. It places economic development ahead of more difficulty political and cultural issues. Now, David Makovsky, a seasoned Middle East commentator and diplomat comes back and explains that Kushner got it wrong. He quotes the eminent diplomat and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to the effect that they know better than the unseasoned Kushner.
Betsy Ross costs Nike plenty replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/2/2019 2:56:33 PM Post Reply
When Colin Kaepernick objected, Nike stopped selling shoes that were a tribute to Betsy Ross, a woman legend of the American Revolution. Now that will cost the company millions in incentives Arizona offered to snag a Nike plant. It will cost the state 500 jobs. More than a million soldiers have died defending that flag that Nike turned its back on. The shoe featured the flag that legend holds designed the flag. That seems to be based on family lore. But she did more for America than any of today's quarterbacks did.
Trump’s Visit to North Korea is an Alarming Message to China replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/2/2019 4:46:21 PM Post Reply
On Sunday in the “Peace Village” of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone, President Donald Trump stepped over the Military Demarcation Line and took twenty steps into North Korea with Kim Jong-un, the dictator of the Hermit Kingdom. The pair immediately walked back another twenty into the South, where they met for fifty minutes. The brief visit by the president of the United States of America to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea delighted Kim, who smiled broadly and constantly. Almost certainly, the forty-step outing alarmed Xi Jinping, the Chinese ruler, who was not in attendance. Trump is now the first sitting American leader to go to North Korea.
Charlie Kirk Launches ‘Turning Point Action’ to Organize 1 Million Trump-Supporting Students replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/2/2019 5:25:40 PM Post Reply
Turning Point USA founder and executive director Charlie Kirk, who has launched Turning Point Action, a national get out the vote initiative for President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, announced the acquisition of Students for Trump on Tuesday. TPUSA’s sister 501(c)(4) organization, Turning Point Action (TPA), announced on Tuesday its expansion with the acquisition of Students for Trump, and “all associated media assets.” The new initiative is seeking to organize one million student Trump-supporters in an effort to get out the vote in 2020.
Former Google Engineer: CEO Sundar Pichai Lied to Congress About Blacklists replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/2/2019 5:40:49 PM Post Reply
Former Google engineer Mike Wacker claims that CEO Sundar Pichai lied to Congress when claiming that the company does not manually intervene on users search results. In a Medium blog post titled “Google’s Manual Interventions in Search Results,” former Google engineer Mike Wacker alleges that Google CEO Sundar Pichai lied to Congres when he stated “We don’t manually intervene on any particular search result.” Wacker notes that Pichai’s comment was in answer to a question from Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) who asked why photos of President Trump were returned under image searches for the term “idiot.”
Translated North Korean Broadcast Even More Optimistic and Respectful Than Initial Review… replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/3/2019 2:05:46 AM Post Reply
Jumping Ju-Ju bones. Wow. The North Korean broadcast of the meeting between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un has now been fully translated to English. Initially, even without the translation, we could see the optimistic message and a mutual strategy that would align the interests of Chairman Kim and President Trump. However, the translation is even better than anticipated. The message to the North Korean people is not just optimism and propaganda, the message directly and purposefully conveys an incredibly strong message of respect for U.S. President Trump.
WSJ: Nike’s ‘Patriotic Fumble’ an ‘In-Kind Donation to Trump’s Re-Election’ replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/3/2019 3:56:50 PM Post Reply
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) editorial board observed Tuesday that Nike’s decision to allow ex-quarterback Colin Kaepernick to “call the play” of rescinding the company’s release of its “Betsy Ross flag” sneaker is essentially an “in-kind donation to Trump’s re-election.” The WSJ board referred to Nike’s cave to Kaepernick as one of those “harebrained controversies” that ultimately “give many Americans the not unreasonable sense that their country is being maligned by pampered social-justice warriors.”
Nolte: Movie Box Office Bottoms Out to Three-Year Low replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/3/2019 4:41:12 PM Post Reply
Hollywood is so far having a terrible, no good, very bad 2019 with its worst box office performance in three years. Currently, box office receipts are lagging behind last year by a full ten percent, and around half a percent behind 2017 and 2016. One more flop and 2019 could easily slip behind 2015. What should terrify the movie business all the more is that things are even worse than they seem, because… There is only one studio holding up the year and that’s Disney, which is responsible for 2019’s top four money makers:
Can Silicon Valley disarm the tech policy boomerang? replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/3/2019 5:24:02 PM Post Reply
Will Silicon Valley now admit how pernicious was its 15-year campaign to regulate the internet via Title II net neutrality? They told us every bit should be treated equally. They warned that without Title II our broadband would slow down and our favorite entertainment would cost more. In a nightmare scenario, internet service providers might even someday block political speech they found unsavory or inconvenient. It never happened. Instead, without net neutrality laws, our broadband and mobile networks got dramatically faster and remained, in their favorite refrain, “free and open.”
Killing The Fourth of July. The left has opened up a new front on America: July 4th. replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/3/2019 7:25:10 PM Post Reply
After the monuments, the national anthem, and attacks on the Constitution replete with the bent on censorship, it was only a matter of time until the left came for July 4th. President Trump’s plans for a parade in Washington, D.C. hastened the attacks. [Snip] Someone, somewhere – probably in the bowels of the Democratic Party National Headquarters on Capitol Hill – thought it would be a good idea to make the comparison between the President’s July 4th event and Chinese acts of military oppression circa 1989.
Democrat says party wrong on immigration replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/5/2019 1:08:18 PM Post Reply
Jeh Johnson, who ran the Department of Homeland Security during Obama’s second term, told Democrats they are wrong about decriminalizing border jumping. He told the Washington Post, "That is tantamount to declaring publicly that we have open borders. That is unworkable, unwise and does not have the support of a majority of American people or the Congress, and if we had such a policy, instead of 100,000 apprehensions a month, it will be multiples of that." But there Democrats are, pushing again to decriminalize illegal acts rather than enforcing the law.
The Donald takes on Big Pharma replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/5/2019 7:53:12 PM Post Reply
Not everything Bernie Sanders says is garbage. Drug prices are too high. President Donald John Trump has come up with a way to bring those prices down that doesn't involve the federalization of Big Pharma. United Press International reported, "President Donald Trump on Friday said his administration intends to announce a plan to decrease prescription drug costs based on the lowest price other countries pay. "He called it a favored-nations clause." Hmm. This sounds interesting.
Sloppy Joe tries so hard replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/7/2019 3:33:05 PM Post Reply
Does anyone take Joe Biden seriously? The man made monkey shines during the president's State of the Union address. Biden could not hold it together for one hour. Then there was the signing of Obamacare. Biden burst out loud in the middle of it, exclaiming, "This is a big [vulgarity] deal." Finally, there was his weirdness around women and children -- sniffing their hair, touching them, and making inappropriate comments. I get the feeling they kept him out of the loop. He was the comic relief in the Obama administration, a throwback Democrat who served as protection from impeachment. The greatest fear Republicans had was Biden becoming president.
What if they are right about Trump? replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/7/2019 3:45:07 PM Post Reply
The Daily Mail reported, "Britain's Ambassador to Washington has described Donald Trump as 'inept', 'insecure' and 'incompetent' in a series of explosive memos to Downing Street. "Sir Kim Darroch, one of Britain's top diplomats, used secret cables and briefing notes to impugn Trump's character, warning London that the White House was 'uniquely dysfunctional' and that the President's career could end in 'disgrace.'" When a British ambassador private insults about a head of state become public, he embarrasses his government not the target of the tirade, or in this case tirades. [Snip] -- they even speculate as to the size of his penis -- nobody really cares.
Newspapers hurt democracy replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/8/2019 4:51:28 PM Post Reply
The Youngstown Vindicator will shutter on August 31, giving other newspapers a marketing opportunity. The Washington Post ran a column, "'Democracy . . . is about to die in Youngstown' with closing of the local newspaper." But democracy won't die in Youngstown, Ohio. Nor will our constitutional republic die. Youngstown existed before the Vindicator began, and the city will exist long after the Vindicator is gone.
Obama judge sides with big drug companies replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/9/2019 11:45:08 AM Post Reply
If Donald Trump came out against high drug prices, Democrats would support raising drug prices. He has and they have. Reuters reported, "A federal judge on Monday dealt a blow to the Trump administration by striking down a new rule that would have forced pharmaceutical companies to include the wholesale prices of their drugs in television advertising. "U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta in Washington sided with drugmakers Merck and Co Inc, Eli Lilly and Co and Amgen Inc by halting the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services rule from taking effect on Tuesday as planned. [Snip] Precedent seems to favor the Trump administration.
Harmeet Dhillon Launches ‘Publius Lex’
Legal Fund to Fight Antifa and Big Tech
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/9/2019 12:46:29 PM Post Reply

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon, known for her work defending Andy Ngo and James Damore, launched a new legal nonprofit, Publius Lex, aimed at protecting civil rights for all Americans, including conservatives who are the frequent target of far-left activists and corporations. Dhillon is the attorney for Andy Ngo, the journalist who was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage by extremist “Antifa” activists in Portland two weeks ago. Her firm is also waging a class-action lawsuit against Google on behalf of former employees who allege the company discriminates against non-progressives and against white and Asian males. A judge recently ruled that the case against Google can proceed to discovery.  

Hiding socialism behind skirts replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/9/2019 4:01:17 PM Post Reply
Former Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon tweeted on Sunday what I have said for months: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the soul of the soulless Democrat Party. His tweet responded to Pelosi dismissing as ineffective backbenchers AOC and three other rookie congresswomen [Snip] True. In the House, they have four votes. But the Fearsome Foursome have the media and the party's billionaires such as Jeffrey Epstein. They also have -- or think they -- immunity from scrutiny of the content of their character because of the color of their skin. That is why the kingmakers in the party selected them to front the party's real agenda.
Report: Google Android Lets Apps Track You Regardless of Permissions replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/9/2019 5:29:39 PM Post Reply
According to a recent study, Google’s Android operating system is allowing more than 1,300 apps to bypass system permissions controlling access to user data to track users without their knowledge. ZDNet reports that a recent study by the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) claims that as many as 1,325 Android apps installed across 500 million Android devices have found methods to bypass the Android operating systems permissions system to continue to track users without their knowledge or consent.
Mark Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Interfered in
Political Speech Before Irish Abortion Vote
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/9/2019 5:54:58 PM Post Reply
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted during a recent talk that the social media network banned a number of pro-life advertisements ahead of the Irish abortion referendum. [Snip] Zuckerberg explained that American pro-life groups wanted to run Facebook ads targeted towards Irish citizens. Facebook reached out to the Irish government to determine whether or not the ads should be allowed at the time. Zuckerberg stated: “Their response at the time was, ‘we don’t currently have a law, so you need to make whatever decision you want to make.'” “We ended up not allowing the ads,” Zuckerberg stated.
GOP Leaders Quiet as Business Pushes
GOP Reps to OK Giveaway to Indian Workers
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/9/2019 6:10:59 PM Post Reply
House GOP leaders are quietly allowing business lobbyists to prod GOP legislators into voting for a huge jobs-giveaway bill, despite the harm to swing-voting college graduates, and despite the proven risks to GOP legislators’ support in their districts. The GOP leaders’ inaction is also creating a campaign problem for President Donald Trump, who may be forced to veto or sign a Democratic-run bill which hurts white-collar suburban voters. [Snip] The bill’s chief sponsor in the Senate is Sen. Kamala Harris, who may face Trump in the presidential election.
Nolte: Watch Jon Voight Wipe Rain Off
Gold Star Family Chairs on 4th of July
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/10/2019 2:36:42 PM Post Reply
Oscar-winner Jon Voight’s humble act of wiping the rain off of chairs reserved for Gold Star family members was captured on video and has since gone viral. [Snip] “While Hollywood Elites protested President @realDonaldTrump’s ‘Salute to America’ on July 4th… Here’s a video of John Voight cleaning the rain off seats for Gold Star families. This is what it’s all about!” And sure enough, there is the 80-year-old Jon Voight holding a roll of paper towels and working with other volunteers to dry off the chairs that would soon be occupied by Americans who have sacrificed so much. I’ve never seen anything like this that wasn’t a photo-op…
Axios: Breitbart Defines Democratic
Presidential Field by Dominating Social
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/10/2019 2:52:44 PM Post Reply
Despite widespread, documented cases of bias against conservative media by social media platforms, Breitbart News and other conservative media have dominated online coverage of the Democrat party primaries, according to Axios. [Snip] Axios notes the potential impact that conservative dominance is having on emerging narratives about the Democrat candidates. The news website admits that conservative media is “shaping the way a big chunk of the electorate looks at these candidates and exposing potential lines of attack for Trump to exploit.”
Republican Candidate Sues Alexandria
Ocasio-Cortez for Blocking Him on
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/10/2019 3:15:16 PM Post Reply
Joseph Saladino, a Republican congressional candidate in New York’s 11th district, is suing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) after she blocked him on Twitter, in response to a recent ruling by a judge stating that President Donald Trump is not allowed to block people on the platform. [Snip] Saladino a YouTube star who goes by “Joey Salads” on the platform, announced his lawsuit on social media earlier today. “I have officially filed my lawsuit against AOC for blocking me on twitter” said Saladino. “Trump is not allowed to block people, will the standards apply equally? Stay tuned to find out!”
Project Veritas: 1,000 Google
Employees Signed Internal Anti-
Breitbart Petition
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/10/2019 3:31:48 PM Post Reply
An internal Google petition “to end Google’s business with Breitbart” was recently leaked to Project Veritas. The petition — which over 1,000 Google employees have signed — calls for labeling Breitbart News as “prohibited content” to block the news outlet from “all Google-served ads.” [Snip] “These people are employees of Google,” said a Google insider to James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, “They are unhappy with the election, and they are unhappy with the narratives that are being put out there that contradict the mainstream media’s narrative.”
Anti-Christian Attacks in
France Quietly Quadrupled.
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/10/2019 4:09:43 PM Post Reply
LAVAUR, France – Late one night a few months ago, two teenage boys crept into the massive 13th century Cathedral of Saint-Alain in Lavaur, a postcard town in southwest France. There, they set fire to an altar, turned a crucifix upside down, threw another one into the nearby Agout River, and deformed a statue of Jesus into what the town's mayor called “a grotesque pose.”[Snip] But there is nothing at all unusual about an attack on a Christian religious site these days in France, [Snip] the attacks on Christian sites quadrupled between 2008 and 2019.
Epstein, Bean & Buck:
The Democratic Donors’
Sex-Creep Club
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/10/2019 5:22:43 PM Post Reply
Well, well, well. “Follow the facts,” Democratic strategist Christine Pelosi now advises fellow liberals in the wake of billionaire and high-flying political financier Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking indictment this week. Some of “our faves” could be implicated in the long-festering scandal, the Pelosi daughter warned, so it’s time to “let the chips fall where they may.” Too bad Ms. Pelosi’s mommy hasn’t adopted that same attitude of accountability. [Snip] Since the woke-ty woke Democrats are now gung-ho on undoing special treatment of wealthy liberal sex creeps, perhaps they will soon be revisiting the matter of two of their other “faves,”
Facebook Under Scrutiny Following
Controversial Policy Changes
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/10/2019 7:14:50 PM Post Reply
Facebook recently updated their “community standards” policies, resulting in those who noticed to publicize and raise concern over the controversial changes. In the policy regarding violence and incitement, the big tech company wrote in new exceptions to its own rules, which appear to discourage violence unless its against those on the platform’s so-called “dangerous individuals” list. Among those on the list are Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, and Infowars staff member Paul Joseph Watson. Watson originally broke the news about the policy change, which he argues breaks U.K. law. “They’ve actually instituted a new policy on Facebook, where talking about me unless you’re denouncing me, is verboten,” he stated.
Wait Until You’ve Read What Mike Rowe
Has To Say About Nike And Kaepernick
— He Nails It!
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/10/2019 8:08:27 PM Post Reply
Mike Rowe, the former host of “Dirty Jobs,” is one of the most insightful conservatives we have on our side. He understands American history, limited government, and personal responsibility. He takes no prisoners when he calls out the left and their stupidity, and that includes Nike listening to a failed NFL quarterback who left football and turned down contracts to pursue victimhood. [Snip] “Why would anyone in their right mind support Nike after this latest round of nonsense?"
From Perot to Palin to
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/10/2019 8:33:19 PM Post Reply
Have no fear, dear readers. We will celebrate the departure of the British ambassador who resigned due to illness; he suffers Trumpophobia. But I will let that cup brew while I serve the best Trumpenfreude from the rack. First, the midterm election and death have thinned the herd of Never Trumper senators -- although the weakling Mitt Romney won election to the Senate. Also, the House is rid of Paul Ryan and other RINOs who decided to retire one step ahead of Trump voters. With the return of Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker, America gets to see how jaw-dropping incompetent, illiterate and unintelligent the Democrat Party is.
David Friedman: ‘More People Are Alive
Today in America’ Thanks to Israeli
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/10/2019 10:22:44 PM Post Reply
Israeli intelligence saves American lives, said United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman in a Tuesday-published interview with Mark Levin on the latter’s eponymous radio show. [Snip] We don’t put a single soldier’s life at risk in Israel. So we get all the benefits of having a forward position in the Middle East in Israel without a single soldier’s life being at risk.”
Race baiting bites Pelosi replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/11/2019 10:38:55 AM Post Reply
Unable to convince a majority of Americans to give up capitalism in favor of communism (why mince words?), the Democrat Party has played the race game. Democrats await that day when black people and Hispanics outnumber white people. Then they will rule for 10,000 years. Now white Democrats find themselves as the butt of the Lone Ranger joke. It had the Lone Ranger telling Tonto, "We are surrounded by Indians. We are dead men." Tonto replies, "What do you mean 'we,' paleface?" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just asked that question of Nancy Pelosi.
Highlights of the News replies
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/11/2019 10:48:36 AM Post Reply
Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch surrendered to President Donald John Trump. This is Britain's biggest diplomatic blunder since the Munich Agreement with Hitler. [Snip] "President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order that he says would improve the lives of patients with kidney disease while lowering health care costs. [Snip] "A key part of the plan would shake up a multi-billion dollar industry, run by two dialysis companies, that favors expensive treatment in health centers instead of home-based services that can be easier for patients." An Obama judge in Hawaii immediately declared it unconstitutional. Just kidding. Seriously, he just did more to improve health care in America than Obama ever did.
Church Pays $7.2 Million in Medical
Debts for Struggling Florida Families
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/11/2019 11:05:49 AM Post Reply
A church located in Central Florida raised funds to wipe out approximately $7.2 million in medical debts for residents of four counties who are living at the poverty level. Soon, 6,500 families will receive letters advising them they no longer owe the crippling debts. [Snip] The donations will be made to One More Child, which services foster homes for children, and RIP Medical Debt, an organization that purchases medical debt from health care provides for approximately one penny on the dollar and then pays off the purchased debt with donations, the Sentinel reported.
Doctor ‘Dismissed’ After Saying He
Wouldn’t Call ‘Any 6ft Bearded Man
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/11/2019 11:32:40 AM Post Reply
A Christian doctor has said that he was allegedly dismissed from his job at a government office because he refused to call “any six-foot-tall bearded man ‘madam’,” an employment tribunal has heard. Dr David Mackereth, 56, told a hearing in Birmingham on Wednesday that he had been dismissed from his role as a health and disability assessor at Birmingham Fiveways assessment centre, part of the Department for Work and Pensions, after refusing in theory to use a transgender person’s preferred personal pronoun, the BBC reports.
Column: Put this Serena Williams
quote on all the motivational posters.
The world needs to hear it.
Posted by Chris Jr. 7/11/2019 12:10:55 PM Post Reply
Who do I contact about getting a whole bunch of motivational posters made? I found a quote. It’s from Serena Williams. (No surprise.) And I want it to hang in every high school classroom. And college classroom. And workplace break room. Maybe folks will want to hang it in their kitchens too. [Snip] “In the end,” Williams writes in Harper’s Bazaar, “my opponent simply played better than me that day and ended up winning her first Grand Slam title. I could not have been happier for her.” [Snip] If they won’t listen to your words, convince them with your winning.
Trump the Red Chinese replies
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Chairman Xi now knows what Kathy Griffin meant when she said, "He broke me." Red China's economy is tanking, the South China Morning Post reported. The newspaper said, "China’s inflation figures revealed two separate headaches for Beijing on Wednesday, with consumer prices continuing to rise, while the prices producers charged at factory gates in June threatened to dip into deflation. [Snip] President Trump -- unlike his failed predecessor -- knows how to negotiate. Donald Trump offers the carrot-and-the-stick approach to negotiations, and occasionally he uses the carrot as a stick.
Fed Chair Jerome Powell Calls on
Facebook to Halt Libra Cryptocurrency
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Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has stated that Facebook’s digital currency Libra cannot be allowed to operate until concerns about the project are addressed. [Snip] Powell stated: “Libra raises many serious concerns regarding privacy, money laundering, consumer protection, and financial stability.” Powell later added “I don’t think the project can go forward,” without addressing those issues. He stated that any regulatory reviews of Libra should be “patient and careful.” “It’s something that doesn’t fit neatly or easily within our regulatory scheme but it does have potentially systemic scale,” he said. “It needs a careful look, so I strongly believe we all need to be taking our time with this.”
Street Smarts in the White House replies
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President Trump went to an Ivy League school, but he came out still talking like a New Yorker, with his street smarts intact. What does it mean to have street smarts? It’s knowledge of how to spot trouble coming, how to cope with mean bastards, and thrive. It is knowledge gained from gritty life [Snip] Your knowledge is based in your life experience, not conventional wisdom or academic notions, so it is actually real. [Snip] Think President Trump. [Snip] Like a martial arts master, Trump doesn’t absorb his enemies’ attacks. He transforms their assaults into his own energy to win.
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The Florida prosecutor who allowed Jeffrey Epstein to get away with the abuse of children is a very popular guy in Palm Beach. The YWCA of Palm Beach County (“eliminating racism, empowering women”) offers the Barry Krischer Humanitarian Award and the Domestic Violence Council has a Barry Krischer scholarship. Last year, the ADL honored Krischer with its Jurisprudence Award. The Florida Bar had honored Kirscher with a lifetime achievement award and he’s still listed as a member in good standing. Even Jeb Bush had bestowed a Peace at Home award on the prosecutor. [Snip] The next Barry Krischer Humanitarian Award will be handed out in October. Unless the truth comes out.
They always say we're racist replies
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The New York magazine headline amused me, "Tucker Carlson’s Latest Attack on Ilhan Omar Is a Pack of Racist Lies." Any criticism of a Woman of Color by anyone is now considered racism. Democrat Congresswoman Omar is a refugee we took in from Somalia along with thousands of others. [Snip] And she showed all the gratitude of a frog. In that way, she is much like your typical Democrat. [Snip] American soldiers were sent to Mogadishu in 1992 to rescue little girls. And that little girl was she. Now she is like the princess who couldn't sleep because there was a pea under the 19 mattresses.
Why is no one talking about
Barry Krischer?
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The Florida prosecutor who allowed Jeffrey Epstein to get away with the abuse of children is a very popular guy in Palm Beach. The YWCA of Palm Beach County (“eliminating racism, empowering women”) offers the Barry Krischer Humanitarian Award and the Domestic Violence Council has a Barry Krischer scholarship. Last year, the ADL honored Krischer with its Jurisprudence Award. The Florida Bar had honored Kirscher with a lifetime achievement award and he’s still listed as a member in good standing. Even Jeb Bush had bestowed a Peace at Home award on the prosecutor. [Snip] The next Barry Krischer Humanitarian Award will be handed out in October. Unless the truth comes out.
APA Task Force Promotes Multiple Sex
Partner Status as Legally Protected Class
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The American Psychological Association (APA) has created a task force to promote “consensual non-monogamous relationships” (CNM) and a petition seeking legal protected class status of individuals with multiple sex partners. [Snip] Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver said in a statement the APA division’s task force “is more evidence that the American Psychological Association has lost it way.” “The same people who want to deny counseling for people with unwanted same-sex desires or confusion also want to promote sexual anarchy and make ‘open relationships’ a protected class,” he added. “It’s time to call out the APA for its unscientific bias that is harmful to people.”
9th Circuit sides with Trump
over Planned Parenthood
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The 9th Circuit Court ruled that taxpayers may abort funding for Planned Parenthood. Our money, our choice. [snip] Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, said, [Snip] "Title X had become a marketing slush fund for Planned Parenthood, and the Trump Administration and the American people won today." [Snip]The Washington Times reported, [Snip] "The rule also requires a 'clear financial and physical separation' between abortion procedures and other family-planning services, a mandate scheduled to take effect in March 2020."
Report: FTC Fines Facebook $5 Billion
for Privacy Violations
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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reportedly approved a $5 billion settlement with Facebook on Friday following the social media giant’s handling of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This serves as the largest fine the FTC has given out for privacy violations; however, politicians and activists have said that this fine serves as a “bargain” for Facebook.
9th Circuit sides with Trump
on sanctuary cities
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Many parts of Los Angeles are lined with the homeless living in tents. Instead of tending the needs of American citizens, the Democrats who run the city welcome illegal aliens. Now the politicians will pay for that decision. [Snip] "The ruling, a split 2-1 decision, said the Department of Justice (DOJ) was within its rights to withhold Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grants from sanctuary cities and states over their refusal to work with federal immigration enforcement authorities" [Snip] The dissenting vote was not from an Obama judge. It was from Kim Wardlaw, a Clinton judge.
Nasty gay piece shows where
Democrats are
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The Disco Era marked the acceptance of gays in America. Schoolchildren were singing "YMCA" as parents decided the kids would not be in on the joke. Gays were fun, and people like fun. [Snip] 40 years (two generations) later, we have gay marriage and a gay candidate for president, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The backlash against him comes from the homosexual community. He is not queer enough, or queerty as they prefer. A very nasty and graphic column appeared in New Republic by Dale Peck, a gay writer.