News Forum - HomePage - RSS News Forum - HomePage - RSS ( Wed, 24 46 2019 10:46:56 GMT Wed, 24 46 2019 10:46:56 GMT The ideologue who wrote the textbook calling Trump and his supporters “racists” Wed, 24 46 2019 10:46:25 GMT 525ef00d0ec57365bc86bbb06b93d360fd3c41a5 Power Line, by Paul Mirengoff Posted By: Hazymac- Wed, 24 46 2019 10:46:25 GMT Yesterday, I wrote about the AP U.S. History textbook By the People that calls President Trump and his core supporters “racists” and suggests that the president is “mentally unstable.” Today, I want to write about James W. Fraser, the author of this egregiously biased left'wing book. Stanley Kurtz blew the whistle on Fraser a year ago. Rereading Stanley’s piece made my blood boil, just as it was simmering down. Fraser isn’t just a hard'leftist. Stanley shows that, at a minimum, he’s a communist sympathizer. That phrase went out of style decades ago, perhaps for the best. But applying it to Rush on The Story with Martha MacCallum Wed, 24 53 2019 09:53:23 GMT 1cc6be0fc226cab423577cffcd177074b123611e, by Rush Limbaugh Posted By: Harlowe- Wed, 24 53 2019 09:53:23 GMT MACCALLUM: Here now exclusively tonight on The Story, Rush Limbaugh, host, of course, of the Rush Limbaugh Show. Rush, thank you for being here tonight. Great to see you this evening. RUSH: Thank you for having me. This is the one hour on Fox I haven’t done in a while, so it’s great to be here. MACCALLUM: It’s great to have you back. You know, I want to start with Joe Biden. You’ve seen him run for president twice before, in 1984 and 1988. What version of Joe Biden do you think we’re gonna get this time, and how do Parents charged with murder in Crystal Lake boy´s death Wed, 24 39 2019 09:39:19 GMT 338589f12fe3096c78cc83b05d10386401289c9c Daily Herald, by Griffin, Jake* Posted By: brianod1- Wed, 24 39 2019 09:39:19 GMT The parents of a missing 5'year'old Crystal Lake boy have been charged with his murder after investigators located Andrew "AJ" Freund´s remains in a field about seven miles northwest of his home Wednesday. Crystal Lake Police Chief Jim Black announced the charges against the boy´s parents JoAnn Cunningham and Andrew Freund Sr. at a Wednesday afternoon news conference. Forensic analysis and cellphone data provided information key to the case, Black said. McCain family to support Biden in 2020 race in bid to defeat Trump Wed, 24 54 2019 08:54:16 GMT cc946ad28ab18e5894f342f5d12ef6b65684930f Washington Examiner, by Joseph Simonson & Naomi Lim Posted By: JoniTx- Wed, 24 54 2019 08:54:16 GMT The late Sen. John McCain´s family plans to support former Vice President Joe Biden´s White House bid, backing the Democrat not only in his party´s crowded primary race but also in a general election matchup with President Trump, the Washington Examiner has learned. In an extraordinary snub to Trump, who derided McCain´s Vietnam War service and mocked him even after his death last August at age 81, the McCain family is preparing to break with the Republican Party. McCain represented the party in Congress for 35 years and was chosen as its presidential nominee in 2008, losing to Barack Obama. Clinton'Era State Department Employee Pleads Guilty to Conspiring With Chinese Agents Wed, 24 49 2019 08:49:48 GMT 3f40b48e873bb628f1f9c2762b7d6d29cf073813 Gateway Pundit, by Christina Laila Posted By: JoniTx- Wed, 24 49 2019 08:49:48 GMT The Department of Justice announced Wednesday that a former State Department employee who also happened to be a Clinton appointee, pleaded guilty to conspiring with foreign agents. The FBI arrested Candace Marie Claiborne on March 28th, 2017. She made her first appearance in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia the following day.According to the DOJ, Candace Marie Claiborne, a former employee of the U.S. Department of State, pleaded guilty Wednesday to a charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States, by lying to law enforcement and background investigators, and hiding her extensive contacts with, and gifts from, Scaffolding firm says workers smoked at Paris´ Notre'Dame Wed, 24 45 2019 08:45:47 GMT a7038e227e32cf2fe2c2174c4a0002b7977b095e Reuters, by Julie Carriat, Emmanuel Jarry Posted By: earlybird- Wed, 24 45 2019 08:45:47 GMT PARIS ' A scaffolding firm that has worked on the roof of Notre'Dame said some of its workers had smoked on the site, but ruled out that a cigarette butt might have started the fire that destroyed the cathedral’s oak'framed roof last week.A spokesman for family'owned Le Bras Freres, confirming a report in French weekly Le Canard Enchaine, told Reuters that some workers of its Europe Echafaudage scaffolding unit had informed police that they had “sometimes” smoked on the scaffolding, despite a smoking ban on the site. “We condemn it. But the fire started inside the building... U.S. grants exemptions to sanctions on Iran Revolutionary Guard Wed, 24 13 2019 08:13:10 GMT ec256dbf6eed17cdb560decbd3b87fc3017f4b94 Associated Press, by Matthew Lee Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Wed, 24 13 2019 08:13:10 GMT Washington - The Trump administration on Wednesday granted important exemptions to new sanctions on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, watering down the effects of the measures while also eliminating an aspect that would have complicated U.S. foreign policy efforts. Foreign governments and businesses that have dealings with the Revolutionary Guard and its affiliates will not be subject to a ban on U.S. travel under waivers outlined by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in two notices published in the Federal Register. (Snip) The waivers leave intact sanctions that apply directly to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and its proxies, Florida House passes bill that forbids ‘sanctuary cities,’ would issue fines for failing to help federal immigration authorities Wed, 24 51 2019 07:51:23 GMT 2e8a34847ae19c0ca6bf3320c2a85e5f680cf1f5 Washington Post, by Tim Craig Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Wed, 24 51 2019 07:51:23 GMT The Florida House of Representatives voted Wednesday to require local officials to comply with federal immigration authorities, a move that brings the Republican'controlled state government to the cusp of enacting one of the nation’s most stringent laws against “sanctuary cities.” The House legislation, which passed in a 69 to 47 vote, would bar local governments from ignoring Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests — known as detainers — (Snip) A Florida Senate committee approved similar legislation last week. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who made the issue a central issue in his campaign last year, McDonald´s customers slam ´soggy´ eco'friendly straws: ´Paper straws and milk shakes don´t go together´ Wed, 24 48 2019 07:48:57 GMT 90172e9b326c9122f464321a139534b24892857d The Sun (UK), by Molly Rose Pike Posted By: JoniTx- Wed, 24 48 2019 07:48:57 GMT Customers of McDonald´s in the UK are demanding the fast food chain brings back plastic straws ' claiming the new paper ones aren´t fit for purpose.30,000 people have signed a petition to get rid of the new straws, which have been brought in over concerns about plastic pollution. Many claim the paper ones are dissolving into their drinks and change the taste of the products. (Tweet/Photo) Some have been taking to Twitter to rant at McDonald´s, with some even threatening to boycott the firm until plastic straws return. One tweeted: "I’m all about saving the turtles and that, but @McDonalds Hillary: Trump would ´have been indicted´ by Mueller if he wasn´t president Wed, 24 38 2019 07:38:47 GMT 6c4b4d7c404092a62e9878e2604e09f48fe4b6d2 Washington Times, by Bailey Vogt Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Wed, 24 38 2019 07:38:47 GMT Hillary Clinton said Tuesday the reason President Trump escaped obstruction charges following the Mueller report was because of his presidential title. “Any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted, but because of the rule in the Justice Department that you can’t indict a sitting President, the whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the Congress,” the New York Democrat said while speaking at the Time 100 summit Tuesday. Ms. Clinton said she has little faith in Congress acting, saying Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to investigate deeper into special counsel Robert Mueller’s report Joy Behar Worries to Gillibrand, Trump Might Win in 2020 Because Dems ´Won´t Play Dirty!´ Wed, 24 36 2019 07:36:29 GMT 0ade0d56917ddf690fa9c12ecd9148e595fa0f59 Newsbusters, by Kristine Marsh Posted By: JoniTx- Wed, 24 36 2019 07:36:29 GMT Wednesday on The View, co'host Joy Behar had an interesting theory on why Democrats could lose the upcoming 2020 presidential election. To guest Kirsten Gillibrand she worried that her party would lose to Trump in 2020, because Democrats didn’t “play dirty” like Republicans did. Says who? The Democrat Senator from New York and 2020 candidate was on The View later in the show, where she received a tough shake from each co'host to start off, mostly about her chances of winning. When it became Joy Behar’s turn, she grilled Gillibrand for her part in condemning former Democrat Senator Al Franken, Joe Biden is Obama without hope Wed, 24 36 2019 07:36:05 GMT 8285cf41dad291102e4deedde632dcf5a80a0b0d Spectator U.S., by Daniel McCarthy Posted By: earlybird- Wed, 24 36 2019 07:36:05 GMT Joe Biden’s inevitable 2020 presidential candidacy is a strange, strange thing. Biden has longed to be president all his political life: he first ran in 1988; he ran again 20 years later. Now we’re more than a decade past his last grab for power, and Biden, as he nears 80, thinks his day has come once more. What are voters supposed to think is different this time? If Biden wasn’t good enough in 1988 or 2008, why should Democrats accept him as the best they can do in 2020? (Snip) Polls don’t suggest he’s the only Democrat who can defeat "Avowed racist" to be executed in black man´s horrific 1998 dragging death Wed, 24 23 2019 07:23:17 GMT 496884fbc287dcc7d6fdea7341319c6a228c1676 Associated Press, by Staff Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Wed, 24 23 2019 07:23:17 GMT A man who orchestrated one of the most gruesome hate crimes in U.S. history is set to be executed Wednesday for the dragging death of James Byrd Jr. nearly 21 years ago. John William King, who is white and an avowed racist, was put on death row for chaining Byrd to the back of a truck and dragging his body for nearly three miles along a secluded road in the piney woods outside Jasper, Texas. The 49-year-old Byrd, who was black, was alive for at least two miles before his body was ripped to pieces in the early morning hours of June 7, 1998. Prosecutors said he was targeted because he was black. U.S. targets two men, three firms for helping Hezbollah avoid sanctions Wed, 24 01 2019 07:01:11 GMT 43b189d3f87db70b81e407d44a0e700bdbfa1b58 Reuters, by David Alexander Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Wed, 24 01 2019 07:01:11 GMT The U.S. Treasury, moving to boost pressure on Hezbollah, imposed sanctions on Wednesday against two people and three firms that Washington accuses of being involved in schemes to help the armed Shi´ite group backed by Iran evade American sanctions. The Treasury´s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said it was targeting Belgium-based Wael Bazzi because he acted on behalf of his father Mohammad Bazzi, a Hezbollah financier. OFAC also took action against two Belgian companies and a British-based firm controlled by Bazzi. In addition, the U.S. Treasury designated Lebanon-based Hassan Tabaja, who it said had acted CNN’s Chris Cuomo Made 11 Misleading Statements About the Mueller Report Wed, 24 55 2019 06:55:48 GMT 74891b50c1c065051c286f58a106eeed0bad0651 Breitbart Media, by John Nolte Posted By: JoniTx- Wed, 24 55 2019 06:55:48 GMT The world already knows CNN’s Chris Cuomo is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Still, during an interview with former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Tuesday night, Cuomo proved not only that he’s eager to mislead his audience, but that he doesn’t have the capacity to grasp even the fundamental bottom line of the Mueller Report and has no idea how our three separate branches of the federal government operate. From Maggie Haberman to John Podhoertz to Bill Kristol to Mitt Romney to Chris Cuomo… Nepotism is replacing meritocracy and America is all that much stupider for it.Sure, no Pete Buttigieg faces backlash for saying people in prison should not be allowed to vote Wed, 24 36 2019 06:36:58 GMT 97628839c0e15ab8e424e93e84439e16a8c65ad6 Independent [UK], by Lily Puckett Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- Wed, 24 36 2019 06:36:58 GMT New York - Democratic frontrunners are facing scrutiny for their stance on voting rights for incarcerated felons - after Bernie Sanders said he supports voting rights ´even for terrible people´. In one of five CNN town halls that aired Tuesday night, Senator Sanders was asked by a Harvard student specifically on whether those currently serving a prison sentence should be allowed to vote. "This is a democracy and we have got to expand that democracy,” the Vermont senator said, “and I believe every single person does have the right to vote.” Vermont is one of two states, the other being Maine, where incarcerated felons have always Two Little Words Missing from Bernie Sanders Allowing Boston Bomber To Vote Wed, 24 03 2019 06:03:26 GMT 2a2cce13c8391a0c6fb58ffdf61a29c00bdffff2 Canada Free Press, by By Judi McLeod Posted By: Cavallodifiero- Wed, 24 03 2019 06:03:26 GMT Two little words are missing from the trending headline, ‘Bernie Sanders Wants Boston Bomber To Be Allowed to Vote’. The two missing words? “FOR ME!”. But it’s not just Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, whose vote Sanders wants, but the potential votes of some possible 183,000 murderers and 164,000 rapists. In fact, Socialist Sanders, Sugar Daddy Dispenser of Free Stuff for All, wants all convicted U.S. felons, no matter how heinous their crime, to be able to vote for him from prison. American schools produce 100,000 illegal immigrant ‘Dreamers’ a year Wed, 24 59 2019 05:59:06 GMT dc5712d07b50136e197818370cc46fb7c83ba199 Washington Times, by Stephen Dinan Posted By: Ribicon- Wed, 24 59 2019 05:59:06 GMT American high schools are churning out nearly 100,000 illegal immigrant “Dreamers” a year, according to a new study Wednesday that shows just how extensive the network of illegal immigrant families is in the U.S. The Migration Policy Institute’s research is the first in more than a decade to try to capture the size of the emergent Dreamer population, which is defined as illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as juveniles, lacking any immediate claims to legal status. MPI’s numbers show the population has grown, from about 65,000 a year in 2003 to 98,000 graduating each year now. Some 27,000 Trump World ramps up campaign to turn tables in Russia case, target Dems who ´colluded´ Wed, 24 12 2019 05:12:09 GMT 26eedd52e657d786489998c7c04293ef8e1cee2f Fox News, by Gregg Re Posted By: Harlowe- Wed, 24 12 2019 05:12:09 GMT As Democratic leaders tentatively took impeachment proceedings off the docket this week, the White House put payback on the front burner''calling for closer looks into everyone from the FBI officials who investigated the Russia case to allies of Hillary Clinton´s campaign who solicited foreign help during the 2016 presidential campaign. (Snip) On social media and in televised interviews, President Trump, his attorneys, his campaign and senior members of his administration have in the wake of the Robert Mueller report seemingly adopted a strategy of highlighting lesser'known episodes of alleged misconduct by Democrats and investigators, as Democrats pursue obstruction of justice Rush Limbaugh to Republicans: This is Trump´s party, ´get on board´ Wed, 24 56 2019 04:56:03 GMT e11100194cc45ad3971d1ebdfbe2ed5414669ab6 Fox News, by Victor Garcia Posted By: Harlowe- Wed, 24 56 2019 04:56:03 GMT Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh didn´t mince words while addressing multiple issues Tuesday on "The Story with Martha MacCallum" but his strongest hits were aimed at Republicans who had yet to fully jump on the President Trump bandwagon. (Snip) Limbaugh criticized the Republican party for not fully standing behind Trump and celebrating his "victory" when the Special Counsel Robert Mueller´s report was released. He also noted that Trump wasn´t just taking on the Democratis but was battling the Washington establishment''including Republicans. "Where´s the Republican party with the celebratory emails to their voters? Even fund'raising, or just celebrating the Playing Golf with the President Is So Much Fun Wed, 24 46 2019 04:46:14 GMT 8e71fd5dcc6287ffd155ca988eecf723bb3ab059, by Rush Limbaugh Posted By: Harlowe- Wed, 24 46 2019 04:46:14 GMT RUSH: I’ve been getting a lot of emails. “You haven’t talked about playing golf with the president. Why not?” Because everybody knows I did. But some of the people are saying, “Well, what was it like? How did you do?” Let me explain just a few brief things. (Snip) He is everything that you would want him to be when you meet him. He’s everything that you would hope. He’s not arrogant, he’s not stuck up, he’s not distant. He has this ability to make whoever he’s talking to feel like they’re the only person in his attention span. That Unredact All of It Wed, 24 46 2019 04:46:02 GMT e162da8aec8291653e7ea3a9165ae68c5903acdf American Greatness, by Julie Kelly Posted By: earlybird- Wed, 24 46 2019 04:46:02 GMT The Mueller Report confirms what some of us have suspected from the beginning: There was no collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Kremlin to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. (Snip)We should fully support Nadler’s request for the unredacted report, any supporting materials and the open testimony of both Barr and Robert Mueller. The American people should finally hear from the inscrutable special counsel; he should answer many lingering questions about his investigation, not the least of which is why he continued to pursue a non'existent offense that had been manufactured by University of Delaware Won’t Commit to Opening Biden Archive Before Election Wed, 24 45 2019 04:45:09 GMT 29f073028f97624fe0e2e33f4089487fe63ae1b6 Washington Free Beacon, by Brent Scher Posted By: JoniTx- Wed, 24 45 2019 04:45:09 GMT The University of Delaware library is in possession of nearly 2,000 boxes of archival records covering Joe Biden´s 36 years as a senator but has not committed to releasing them before the presidential election, which the former vice president is expected to enter on Thursday. The records were donated by Biden to his alma mater during his first term as vice president in 2011. Biden stipulated when he donated the papers that their release could come "no sooner than two years after [Biden] retires from any public office," according to the library. Biden left office more than two years ago