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Fact Check: Did Fauci Brag That Trump
'Did Everything I Told Him To Do'?

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Posted By: Moritz55, 9/15/2023 3:55:22 PM

Donald Trump has attempted to take a harsh stance against COVID interventions during his 2024 presidential run, despite overseeing many of the protective measures enforced during the pandemic. The former president recently railed against news that institutions were reinstating mask mandates, pledging that if elected again next year he would "use every available authority to cut federal funding to any school, college, airline or public transportation system that imposes a mask mandate or a vaccine mandate." However, political rival and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently attacked Trump over his record on COVID, claiming that Dr. Anthony Fauci had boasted how the former president had taken all his instructions during the pandemic.


DeSantis is showing his true colors ever more brazenly. I wish him good luck in Florida and bad luck in any future run for the White House.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 9/15/2023 4:08:57 PM (No. 1556813)
Back in the early days, we all believed him. That Trump - like the rest of us - saw the light is not a bad thing.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: philsner 9/15/2023 5:07:55 PM (No. 1556842)
Therefore, we should elect democrats?
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 9/15/2023 5:57:17 PM (No. 1556855)
Like I often say: Any person or group who calls themselves "Fact Checkers" are not interested in presenting the truth, but are "checking" the facts: as in the second definition of verb (used with object): 2: to restrain; hold in restraint or control.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: DVC 9/15/2023 6:37:35 PM (No. 1556874)
Actually, Dr. Fraud mostly interacted with VP Pence.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: danu 9/15/2023 6:45:20 PM (No. 1556882)
I knew this was coming from this self-obsessed rodent; so did PDT,i expect. Game, Trump.
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Biden scolds media on how to cover his
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I’ve always found it interesting (OK, actually annoying) when people feel the need to tell me how I could do my job better – or that they could do it better than I ever could. Yet, that comes with the territory of writing your opinions for a living. My readers have a right to tell me what they think. But you know who doesn’t? President Joe Biden – or any government official. Our First Amendment creates a firm wall between the press and the government, allowing for the greatest protections of free speech seen anywhere in the world.
Breitbart Business Digest: The UAW Is
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Which Side Are You On? The looming strike by the United Auto Workers is as much a protest against Bidenomics as it is the policies of General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Stellantis. More than a decade ago, as U.S. automakers were teetering on the verge of collapse and two in the grip of bankruptcy amid the Great Recession, the unions and the autoworkers they represent made many concessions to keep the Big Three afloat. A big one was the agreement to accept contracts that no longer tied worker pay to inflation. The pressure put on the unions at the time was tremendous. The Obama administration relentlessly pushed for acceptance of its program
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At the height of Watergate, then-President Richard Nixon boldly asserted that the American people had a right to know “whether or not their president is a crook.” The same is true today. The question takes on added significance as accumulating evidence suggests that President Biden may have used the influence of the various governmental offices he has held over his long career to enrich himself, his family and his associates. The people who are supposed to ask tough questions about such matters have been strangely silent on the latest disclosure about the underhanded way in which Mr. Biden communicated with his son Hunter about matters including Ukraine.
What Happened to the DeSantis Campaign? 8 replies
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There was a time, shortly after the 2022 elections, when Ron DeSantis became, at least in the minds of people who back their predictions with money, the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. Indeed, when 2023 started, DeSantis outpaced the combined field among bettors. It was sensible. DeSantis won the 2018 Florida gubernatorial election in a very unfavorable environment for the GOP. On a disappointing night for Republicans (at least compared to expectations), DeSantis won his gubernatorial reelection bid by almost 20 points, smashing the previous Republican margin of victory in the state for that office. Not only that, but he’d done so
Fact Check: Did Fauci Brag That Trump
'Did Everything I Told Him To Do'?
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Posted by Moritz55 9/15/2023 3:55:22 PM Post Reply
Donald Trump has attempted to take a harsh stance against COVID interventions during his 2024 presidential run, despite overseeing many of the protective measures enforced during the pandemic. The former president recently railed against news that institutions were reinstating mask mandates, pledging that if elected again next year he would "use every available authority to cut federal funding to any school, college, airline or public transportation system that imposes a mask mandate or a vaccine mandate." However, political rival and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently attacked Trump over his record on COVID, claiming that Dr. Anthony Fauci had boasted how the former president had taken all his instructions during the pandemic.
AOC, other Dems drowned out by screaming
protesters at NYC migrant crisis news conference
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Posted by Moritz55 9/15/2023 2:47:24 PM Post Reply
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and other Democrats were loudly heckled Friday at a press conference in New York City regarding the migrant crisis there. The Democrats, who spoke outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, which has become a relief center for asylum seekers, were drowned out by shouting protesters chanting, "Send them back!" and "Close the border!" "Close the border! Close the border! Respect the constitution, AOC! I am your constituent!," a man was heard among the angry crowd, shouting into a megaphone.
With McConnell, Biden, US politicians
are older than ever. Stop voting for them.
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Posted by Moritz55 9/15/2023 1:40:01 PM Post Reply
Most Americans look forward to retirement, especially those who’ve enjoyed a successful career and built up a solid nest egg. Take U.S. senators, for example. After years in the public eye and media crosshairs, you’d think they’d enjoy a well earned break. Finally, they can kick up their Gucci loafers at one of their many vacation homes, lazily shuffle millions between tax shelters and enjoy beach time with their wealthy children – at least those who still talk to them. But that’s not the choice most politicos make. Instead, they keep a bony grip on their Senate desks, refusing to budge unless ejected by voters or the Grim Reaper.
Democrats have pathways to replace Biden
in 2024, but they are narrowing
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Posted by Moritz55 9/15/2023 11:18:37 AM Post Reply
Calls are growing for Democrats to find an alternative to President Biden before the next election. With the first primary contests a few months away, is it too late for them to find a viable replacement? The short answer is no, but time is running out. Biden would either need to face a serious primary challenge now or decide to step down later. Either method would make history in the modern era. Pathway 1: The Democratic primary. Democrats already have a process in place to find a new candidate for the general election. That is the presidential primary. Democrat voters will head to the polls from January to June next year
Conservatives praise McCarthy for grilling
reporter until she 'admits' GOP has evidence
of Biden wrongdoing
3 replies
Posted by Moritz55 9/15/2023 11:09:50 AM Post Reply
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy set social media ablaze on Thursday after he pushed back against a reporter’s assertion that he launched an impeachment inquiry "without evidence.""AP reported that McCarthy's impeachment inquiry was launched ‘without evidence,’" GOP operative Arthur Schwartz posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Thursday. "Here’s McCarthy forcing an AP reporter to admit that there was lots of evidence to support an impeachment inquiry." In the clip, AP reporter Farnoush Amiri asked McCarthy about fellow Republicans who have said that the investigation into President Biden has yet to show an impeachable offense at this point.
Beware the DoJ’s Hunter Biden distraction 4 replies
Posted by Moritz55 9/15/2023 10:44:50 AM Post Reply
You don’t need to be a political genius to see that this Hunter Biden indictment is an obvious smokescreen for the White House and Democrats on Capitol Hill. The three-part indictment is very simple and straightforward and could’ve been brought a long time ago… so why this week? Why does it come after a rough opening to September for Democrats, with horrible polls released concerning Joe Biden’s age and approval ratings — and particularly the same week that Republicans finally pulled the trigger on an impeachment inquiry? First, it serves to muddy the waters. The counts in these indictments have nothing to do with what Republicans are doing
Which Side Are You On, DC? 4 replies
Posted by Moritz55 9/14/2023 7:17:23 PM Post Reply
The Book of Deuteronomy instructs, “You shall not oppress a hired worker.” Apparently, no one told President Biden or the rest of the political-industrial complex. Last week, they united to stifle a potential strike by railway workers, the first one in years. It’s too costly for the economy, the DC types moaned, the workers are being unreasonable. Hardly. The rail workers were merely asking for a handful of sick days, something the professional class regards as a matter of divine right. Half the House of Representatives still won’t show up for work for fear of even potentially falling ill.
Impeaching Biden Is The Right Call, But
Don’t Stop With Him
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Posted by Moritz55 9/14/2023 7:00:53 PM Post Reply
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made the right decision to launch a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden for what he called “serious and credible allegations into President Biden’s conduct,” which taken together paint a picture of a “culture of corruption” surrounding the president. That’s correct as far as it goes, but it doesn’t go far enough. It won’t be enough simply to impeach Biden if GOP lawmakers don’t also go after the corrupt federal law enforcement agencies that have been hiding evidence against Biden, covering up his corruption, and obstructing investigations into the Biden family business. Indeed, the Justice Department and FBI’s involvement in all this is a much greater
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Exclusive: Wild rise of the 'flash rob
mobs' making off with hundreds of thousands
of dollars of designer goods in under
60 seconds: Crimewave will cost California
$19BILLION-a-year - as state sets up task
force to tackle brazen thieves
36 replies
Posted by Imright 9/16/2023 10:19:53 AM Post Reply
A distressing new crime trend known as 'flash rob mobs' is on the rise and likely to cost California a whopping $19billion a year, guidance from the LAPD warns. The incidents have become increasingly frequent in soft-on-crime California, where detectives in the state's largest police force are now assembling designated teams to tackle the problem. The groups have been pillaging stores including Nordstrom and Versace. In response to the recent spate, officials at the Los Angeles Police Department have formed a taskforce, named the the Organized Retail Crime Taskforce (ORCT).
Lauren Boebert apologizes for vaping,
disruptive behavior during Beetlejuice show
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Posted by NorthernDog 9/16/2023 11:13:33 AM Post Reply
Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) issued an apology for vaping and displaying disruptive behavior during a Beetlejuice production, according to a statement her campaign team released Friday evening. Boebert apologized for her behavior and expressed regret for not telling the truth about whether she had vaped during the production, which later led to her removal from the crowd by theater staff. The apology comes just days after it was reported the Colorado Republican had been removed from the theater for “vaping, singing, [and] causing a disturbance” to other patrons, according to a city incident report. “The past few days have been
New: Lauren Boebert Issues Apologetic
Statement as More Video Surfaces of Actions
at 'Beetlejuice' Show
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Posted by Dreadnought 9/16/2023 12:52:22 AM Post Reply
In yet another example of how crazy this news week has been, we learned Tuesday that Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and her companion were confronted by ushers and escorted out of a Denver theater Sunday over multiple complaints that they were taking photos, vaping and “causing a disturbance” during a "Beetlejuice" show. To quickly recap, according to reports, Boebert allegedly refused to leave at first and told theater employees when they threatened to involve the Denver PD to go and get them. An incident report noted that Boebert also allegedly tried a power play on the ushers after she and the unidentified man left their seats
California fast food workers will earn
at least $20 per hour. How's that minimum
wage compare?
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Unions representing health care workers, fast food workers and other industries are increasingly flexing their power, as employees take to the picket lines this summer. Across industries, workers are seeking improved benefits, better working conditions and most commonly, increased wages. In California, nearly 1 million fast food and healthcare workers are set to get a major raise after a deal was announced earlier this week between labor unions and industries. Under the new bill, most of California's 500,000 fast food workers will be paid at least $20 per hour next year. And a separate bill will increase health care workers'
Fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok: We Need
a Special Unit to Protect FBI Agents From
Americans (Video)
17 replies
Posted by DW626 9/16/2023 4:12:33 PM Post Reply
Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok said there needs to be a special unit to protect FBI agents from Americans. It’s a number we’ve never had before,” she told lawmakers. Peter Strzok took it to another level and said the FBI needs an entire unit to protect agents from American citizens. The FBI recently formed a unit to investigate threats against prosecutors and FBI agents involved in the Hunter Biden probe. “We have stood up an entire threat unit to address threats that the FBI employee facilities are receiving,” executive director for human resources for the FBI Jennifer Moore told the House Judiciary Committee. Moore said threats to the FBI are “unprecedented.”
Republicans to dispense with ‘pro-life’
in favor of ‘pro-baby’?
17 replies
Posted by FlyRight 9/16/2023 7:31:05 AM Post Reply
Steven Law, the head of the Senate Leadership Fund super PAC and former aide to Mitch McConnell, recently presented poll results that suggested voters are reacting differently to the terms “pro-life” and “pro-choice” in the wake of last year’s Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. Via an NBC News report on the story, in a September 7 interview Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) stated:
Socialists Push New ‘Migrant Taxes’
for New Yorkers
16 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 9/16/2023 4:40:08 PM Post Reply
New Yorkers are angry and fed up over the illegal crisis in the state. Thanks to Joe Biden’s broken border policy, more than 7 million illegal aliens have flooded over the US border. Just ask Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about the mood in the city. The Squad member was shouted down by angry New Yorkers while in NYC to discuss the crisis. “Close the border! Close the border! Respect the constitution AOC! I am your constituent!” one man shouted. Now, socialist state lawmakers are angling to add new tax increases to cover the mushrooming cost associated with illegals. Two state senators told The New York Post new taxes were on the table.
OUT OF TOUCH: Oprah Winfrey Baffled by
Backlash to Her Request for Maui Donations (VIDEO)
16 replies
Posted by Mercedes44 9/16/2023 7:17:18 AM Post Reply
From the moment that billionaire Oprah Winfrey and multi-millionaire ‘The Rock’ started asking the public for donations to fire victims in Maui, the public started pushing back. People all over the country are hurting financially and many critics felt that if Oprah really wanted to help, she should have just done it herself. People also didn’t trust her claim that she and The Rock were kicking it off with a ten million dollar donation. She went on CBS Mornings on Friday and showed that she has no idea why people reacted in this way.
‘He was the first to slice the bread’:
People dig in when asked for Biden’s
‘greatest accomplishments’
15 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 9/16/2023 7:03:00 PM Post Reply
Conservative actor Matthew Marsden caused X users to devolve into uncontrollable laughter after asking what President Biden’s greatest accomplishments were, hilariously claiming his was the president’s invention of the wheel. Right at the top of that list, other than inventing the wheel, would be his propensity for not even being remotely capable of telling the truth, but the responses on X were far more imaginative than that. “The thing I admire about Joe Biden the most is when he invented the wheel. Which Biden achievement is your favorite?” Marsen asked tongue-in-cheek.
Only 800 of New York's tens of thousands
of illegal immigrants have applied for
work authorization
15 replies
Posted by FlyRight 9/16/2023 7:29:02 AM Post Reply
It has been revealed that out of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants that have taken over New York City within the past 18 months, less than two percent have applied for work visas. Democrats at every level of government continue to say that getting more work visas will solve the illegal immigration problem in New York. AOC and other Democrats staged a press conference outside midtown Manhattan's Roosevelt Hotel on Friday to speak about work authorizations, more federal funding, and the American dream, but they were shouted down by constituents who very clearly want the border closed.
“The Bush Era Ends Today in the State
of Texas!” – Ken Paxton’s Attorney
Goes Off on RINO Coup After Prosecution
Offers No Evidence of a Crime as Senate
Trial Ends – Make Calls Today to Save Texas!
13 replies
Posted by Imright 9/16/2023 11:53:41 AM Post Reply
Texas RINOs, including Bush and Rove allies, want Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton gone. So they made up some accusations against him without evidence in an attempt to impeach him. Attorney General Ken Paxton is the one man who has stood up against the Democrat-Marxist onslaught in the great state of Texas. Democrats and Secret Sleeper Republicans hate him for this. On Tuesday, the Texas Senate opened the impeachment trial of Attorney General Ken Paxton, which could result in his removal from office. The Republican-led Texas House in May impeached highly popular Attorney General Ken Paxton over allegations of misconduct.
Greta Thunberg once again arrested and
charged during climate demonstration
12 replies
Posted by mc squared 9/16/2023 6:20:09 PM Post Reply
Radical climate activist Greta Thunberg has reportedly been arrested and charged with disobeying the police for the second time in less than two months. Thunberg, 20, originally participated in a climate protest in the southern city of Malmo on June 19th. “The climate crisis is a matter of life and death for countless people. We choose to physically stop fossil fuel infrastructure. We are reclaiming the future,” she reportedly said at the time. A month later, she was “fined 1,500 Swedish crowns ($134) by a Swedish court on July 24 for failing to leave [the] protest when ordered by police,” according to Reuters.
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