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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Delivers a Fiery,
Patriotic Memorial Day Speech Denouncing
Left-Wing Ideologies

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Posted By: Hazymac, 5/31/2023 8:53:34 AM

New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave a completely unexpected Memorial Day speech denouncing socialism and Communism and bemoaning the lack of patriotism from the nation’s young. Referencing Thomas Jefferson (a mistake, according to the radical left), Adams spoke of the famous “Tree of Liberty.” “You water the tree of freedom with your blood,” Adams said. “We sit under the shade of that tree of freedom protected from the hot rays of socialism and communism and destruction that’s playing out across the globe.” Adams referred to himself as a “thirty-eight percenter,” recalling a poll from last year that showed just 38% of Americans were “extremely proud” of the United States.


Why doesn't he give Brandon Johnson a call?

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Reply 1 - Posted by: udanja99 5/31/2023 9:10:16 AM (No. 1481423)
Sounds like he’s about to throw his hat into the ring to run for president.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Moritz55 5/31/2023 9:22:49 AM (No. 1481433)
Talk is cheap
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Reply 3 - Posted by: EQKimball 5/31/2023 9:24:29 AM (No. 1481434)
Adams sounds like a relic from the once anti-Communist wing of the Democratic party of Harry Truman. Henry (Scoop) Jackson, Joe Lieberman, George Meany, JFK, LBJ, and Jim Webb. Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? A lonely nation turns its eyes to you.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: mc squared 5/31/2023 10:34:18 AM (No. 1481503)
The devil won't appear with a pitchfork and a tail.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Cindiana 5/31/2023 11:03:49 AM (No. 1481535)
Yes, #1, and he's already spoken the words that will be his campaign slogan: "Show me the money!".
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Reply 6 - Posted by: forward 5/31/2023 12:04:47 PM (No. 1481586)
Adams has his work cut out for him, NYC is a massive mess of a mess -- but I have to say I agree with a lot of what I'm hearing from him. He's a rare one, a centrist Dem (actually switched to the GOP a few decades ago during the Clinton years and then switched back during Bush/Cheney)
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Namma 5/31/2023 12:17:38 PM (No. 1481596)
Says one thing, does another
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Reply 8 - Posted by: red1066 5/31/2023 12:58:45 PM (No. 1481632)
Like my response to Comey's comment about the FBI. Actions speak louder than words.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Vitaman 5/31/2023 1:49:45 PM (No. 1481693)
It's OK. He doesn't really mean it.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: mifla 6/1/2023 4:03:43 AM (No. 1482109)
One too many illegals show up at your door, Mayor?
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Reply 11 - Posted by: MickTurn 6/1/2023 9:05:19 AM (No. 1482200)
A Pathetic Leftist that has NO CLUE. It's the Commies MORON!
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Lead To A Bigger Biden Scandal
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After a confidential human source claimed then-Vice President Joe Biden agreed to accept money from a foreign national to affect policy decisions, FBI agents used what’s called an FD-1023 form to record the allegation. Now FBI Director Christopher Wray is defying a May 3 congressional subpoena to provide this form. On Tuesday, in response to Wray’s refusal to hand over the documents, Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer announced the House will move to hold the FBI director in contempt of Congress. It isn’t that announcement — or even the other explosive ones released over the past year by Comer’s Senate colleague, Chuck Grassley —
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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Delivers a Fiery,
Patriotic Memorial Day Speech Denouncing
Left-Wing Ideologies
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Posted by Hazymac 5/31/2023 8:53:34 AM Post Reply
New York City Mayor Eric Adams gave a completely unexpected Memorial Day speech denouncing socialism and Communism and bemoaning the lack of patriotism from the nation’s young. Referencing Thomas Jefferson (a mistake, according to the radical left), Adams spoke of the famous “Tree of Liberty.” “You water the tree of freedom with your blood,” Adams said. “We sit under the shade of that tree of freedom protected from the hot rays of socialism and communism and destruction that’s playing out across the globe.” Adams referred to himself as a “thirty-eight percenter,” recalling a poll from last year that showed just 38% of Americans were “extremely proud” of the United States.
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Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann called for President Joe Biden on Tuesday to “kick Joe Manchin’s ass” for getting approval of a natural gas pipeline for West Virginia included in the debt ceiling agreement. Manchin worked with Speaker Kevin McCarthy to include the approval of the Mountain Valley Pipeline into the agreement. The pipeline would carry shale gas from West Virginia to the east coast. The pipeline has been embattled in the courts. In a statement, Manchin thanked McCarthy. “I am pleased Speaker McCarthy and his leadership team see the tremendous value in completing the MVP to increase domestic energy production and drive down costs across America and especially in West Virginia.
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Violent attacker meets his match when
pregnant mom pulls her pistol
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An Arkansas thug who tried to victimize an out-of-town family during their Memorial Day visit to Little Rock got more than he bargained for when an armed mom reacted to being attacked in a parking garage by fighting back, with the pregnant mom pulling a gun and shooting the attacker. The incident went down at a River Market public garage when the family was packing up after spending the day celebrating the birthday of a seven-year-old girl. They were confronted by the criminal who assaulted them, striking the father several times as he was loading a wagon onto the top of the vehicle.
Get your motor running: Former VP Pence
rides a Harley to a showcase of Republican
2024 runners as he teases Wednesday campaign
launch, but Trump's absence casts shadow
over Iowa gathering
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Former Vice President Mike Pence pulled on a helmet and straddled at Harley Davidson motorbike on Saturday, riding at the head of a biker procession to a major gathering of Republican 2024 hopefuls. He has not yet declared a run but is expected to launch his campaign on Wednesday. Pence joined Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former Gov Nikki Haley, Sen. Tim Scott and other declared candidates in Des Moines, Iowa.
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This is the astonishing moment a Chinese warship comes within 150 yards of an American destroyer in Taiwan Strait, just days after the Pentagon said it would not stand for 'bullying' by Beijing. Footage obtained by Global News, shows a People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) warship cut across the bow of a U.S. guided-missile destroyer on Saturday while it was transiting the Taiwan Strait. USS Chung Hoon and HMCS Montreal had also been transiting the strait on a rare joint mission when a PLAN warhsip cut across the bow of Chung-Hoon.
Fmr. Anheuser-Busch Executive: Corporate
Leftism Is Driven by Investment Firms
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On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Strive Asset Management Co-Founder and former Anheuser-Busch executive Anson Frericks said that asset managers like BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard impose things like ESG and DEI onto companies because the asset firms are pressured into doing so by government officials. Frericks said, “You take a look at BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard, they manage $20 trillion worth of capital, but it’s not their own money. This is the money that everyday citizens, firefighters, police officers, doctors, who generally have their money either [in] 401ks or, in a lot of cases, large pension funds, large pension funds
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The US Capitol Police on Friday said it silenced a children’s choir performing the national anthem inside the Capitol Building last week because of a “miscommunication,” which House Speaker Kevin McCarthy derided as “unacceptable.” (snip) Rasbach told The Daily Signal on Friday that a female Capitol Police officer had directed a congressional staffer to immediately put an end to the children’s performance despite having obtained permission from South Carolina Republican Reps. William Timmons, Joe Wilson and the office of the House speaker.
ESPN Host Stephen A. Smith Is Fed Up with
Silence About Black-on-Black Gun Crime
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The outspoken host of ESPN’s “First Take” and “The Stephen A. Smith Show” podcast is fed up with black-on-black crime and the silence that surrounds it. This week Smith said during his eponymous podcast that he “had no choice” but to talk about it. Lamenting the high number of shootings in Chicago over the long Memorial Day Weekend, Smith had a question for the black community: “When are we going to look at ourselves when it comes to black people being killed in the streets of America?”Smith is right to be angry. Over the long holiday weekend, fifty-three Americans were indeed shot in Chicago alone.
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