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After Contempt Threat, FBI Director Wray
Admits Oversight Whistleblower Report
on Shady Biden $5 million Payment Does Exist

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Posted By: Ruhn, 5/31/2023 10:29:56 PM

An interesting series of updates to the FBI whistleblower case of Joe Biden taking a $5 million bribe payment which now looks to have originated in Ukraine. The background claim is pretty basic. A whistleblower approached congress stating the FBI had a report, an unclassified FD-1023, detailing a conversation with a ‘confidential human source’ (CHS) that outlined Vice President Joe Biden taking a $5 million payment from a foreign national to affect a U.S. policy decision. The FBI agent responsible for investigating the CHS claim was FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten, a sketchy character from the Trump-Russia probe.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: danu 5/31/2023 10:36:15 PM (No. 1482045)
so hand it over pdq, sports fan.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: formerNYer 5/31/2023 11:09:50 PM (No. 1482060)
It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to see if any bank deposits were made by Biden and all his family after the 5 million payment. If large deposits were made where did the money come from???
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Reply 3 - Posted by: bighambone 5/31/2023 11:43:19 PM (No. 1482064)
Is Wray really worried about being held in contempt of Congress, since the Biden Justice Dept. would have to criminally prosecute Wray in the DC federal courts, you have to figure that happening is slim indeed. The one who should be worried are the “big guy” and his “bagmen” if the report can be linked to cash received by them.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: judy 6/1/2023 12:59:26 AM (No. 1482079)
And he jetted off to Vegas……what a jerk!
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Trigger2 6/1/2023 2:40:02 AM (No. 1482089)
Hold Wray in contempt, then hold Garland in contempt when he refuses to prosecute. Let the Supreme Court rule.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Toodles3956 6/1/2023 6:09:26 AM (No. 1482122)
He can't hands it over without implicating Obama.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: judy 6/1/2023 7:23:48 AM (No. 1482136)
No one at the JD was prosecuted for their missteps during the Mueller mess it continues with the blessing of the fake media...the same actors who tried to destroy Trump are covering for Biden. File charges against Wray & let the SC rule! Congress has the right to investigate the JD.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: padiva 6/1/2023 7:45:59 AM (No. 1482141)
Pssst Hey Congresscritters, ask for bank records that MIGHT indicate a payment from a foreign source. How many instances are there? Who else received money (either to a domestic or off-shore account)? Remember the Anita Hill mantra: It's the seriousness of the charge, not the nature of the evidence.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: czechlist 6/1/2023 8:40:27 AM (No. 1482169)
The DOJ is corrupt. Those intelligence files found in bidet's garage, home and offices likely contain background information on every high ranking member of the DOJ and many in Congress and othe government agencues.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: MickTurn 6/1/2023 8:43:31 AM (No. 1482171)
First the FBI, Now the FBLIE IS a Protection Racket. Can anyone say RICO????????????
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 6/1/2023 9:29:48 AM (No. 1482211)
Ok Wrayster, so hand it over, pal.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Strike3 6/1/2023 9:52:15 AM (No. 1482220)
Name one significant government in the world that is not corrupt. (chirp, chirp) Okay, so how can the United States not be as power-hungry, dishonest and criminal as the rest of them? Even in fair elections, the corruption develops from within. Stolen elections guarantee it. How much longer?
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Reply 13 - Posted by: clayusmcret 6/1/2023 10:02:17 AM (No. 1482226)
Yesterday Harold Ford was telling The Five members that "If Comer and Grassley simply go over and look at the document, then tell folks what's in it, that would be good enough." Untrue. For three years Adam Schiff for brains told the American people that he had SEEN the evidence of collusion on Trump. Pelosi said she had SEEN the evidence. Nadler said he had SEEN the evidence. THEY WERE ALL LYING. So, no, members of congress saying they've SEEN the evidence is not adequate. Comer needs to continue to push for release of the document so about 10% of the country can see it. The other 90% won't even hear about its release from the corporate media companies.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: DVC 6/1/2023 10:08:02 AM (No. 1482236)
Wray is just the latest criminal in charge of the FBI.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Zigrid 6/1/2023 11:41:23 AM (No. 1482291)
No wonder the biden corrupt machine has been so secretive about what the DOJ and FBI have in their possession....and why they are desperately trying to force all news attention onto President Trump...they have been hoping to find something that could be corruption...but after 7 years have found nothing...nervous Nancy's hostages waiting for justice in a DC jail isn't gonna do it...jan6 was NOT was a demonstration at the Capitol and good ole nancy tried to pin it on President Trump....with help from Lizzie chenny....and lying Ryan.....
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Reply 16 - Posted by: mc squared 6/1/2023 11:56:38 AM (No. 1482304)
Not only did the BCF ® get millions but we are fighting a (currently) proxy war with Russia.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 6/1/2023 12:51:10 PM (No. 1482328)
Wait... Some of you think that after 50 years in D.C. that Biden puts his bribes and graft and other ill-gotten gains in a bank account under his or his family's own names? Maybe when Hunter is on a crack bender he might accidentally make a big deposit under his own name, but even in his dementia Joe wouldn't do it. And Frank, James and Jill know enough to hide the big dough in a secret numbered account, or under a shell corporation that has no traceable connection to themselves.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: rochow 6/1/2023 1:02:25 PM (No. 1482337)
Trashy Wray, this admitted, so fork it over. It's not a secret or classified document.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: greyseal 6/1/2023 1:07:14 PM (No. 1482341)
Wait a minute - how is this possible...?! Where are the calls for impeachment such as were made against Nixon? How has the DNC not told Joe to step down for the good of the country? Why are there no discussions on cable news about using the 25th Amendment to remove an infirm president, who is also the known head of a criminal family? Why isn't this a constitutional crisis that the top law enforcement agency won't act against their boss, the head of the Executive Branch? This simply boggles the mind... greyseal
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Reply 20 - Posted by: TXspyder 6/1/2023 1:32:42 PM (No. 1482356)
Read this article from Margo Cleveland.............. thefederalist(dot)com/2023/05/31/breadcrumbs-from-a-buried-fbi-source-may-lead-to-a-bigger-biden-scandal/
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Reply 21 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 6/1/2023 1:42:15 PM (No. 1482364)
Scum since day one. Should have never been hired.
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After Contempt Threat, FBI Director Wray
Admits Oversight Whistleblower Report
on Shady Biden $5 million Payment Does Exist
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Posted by Ruhn 5/31/2023 10:29:56 PM Post Reply
An interesting series of updates to the FBI whistleblower case of Joe Biden taking a $5 million bribe payment which now looks to have originated in Ukraine. The background claim is pretty basic. A whistleblower approached congress stating the FBI had a report, an unclassified FD-1023, detailing a conversation with a ‘confidential human source’ (CHS) that outlined Vice President Joe Biden taking a $5 million payment from a foreign national to affect a U.S. policy decision. The FBI agent responsible for investigating the CHS claim was FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten, a sketchy character from the Trump-Russia probe.
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Critics of the harsh prosecutions in the January 6th debacle continue to be vindicated. Those who have said the whole thing was a setup keep getting proved right by our own Department of Justice. According to lawyers for Zachary Rehl, a Proud Boys chapter leader charged with seditious conspiracy, the government failed to disclose that one of the witnesses scheduled to testify was actually a confidential informant for the FBI. Surprisingly, the Associated Press reported it. (snip) Hernandez said this informant had infiltrated their defense team (snip) Worse, the government knew the witness was an informant in December but did not disclose that information until Wednesday.
Republicans Can’t Beat Democrats’
Election-Industrial Complex By Adopting
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Over the last several months, a growing number of Republicans, including Donald Trump himself, seem to be having a change of heart about universal mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.(snip)Conservatives do not have the institutional or financial support to match Democrats in election activism and ballot harvesting, nor are they likely to be able to any time in the near future.(snip) But this is not necessarily a portent of gloom and doom. The growing number of ultra-left Democratic candidates are deeply unpopular and would be unelectable outside deep-blue areas under the election norms that prevailed prior to the Covid-19 lockdowns and the 2020 presidential election.
The Parliamentary Motive Behind the J6 Fedsurrection 15 replies
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Much has been made of the events of January 6, 2021, and with the latest broadcast of CCTV video from inside the Capitol Hill complex, more questions have been raised. (snip) Long time CTH reader “Regitiger” has spent a great deal of time reviewing the entire process, looking at the granular timeline and then overlaying the bigger picture of the constitutional and parliamentary process itself. What follows below is a brilliant analysis of the federal government motive to create a J6 crisis that permitted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to trigger an emergency session and avoid the 2020 election certification challenges.
Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips
Put in Jail for Refusing to Outline Sources
Who Revealed Konnech U.S. Election Data
Transfer to China
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True the Vote founder Catherine Englebrecht and election data security analyst, Gregg Phillips, have been held in contempt of court and placed in jail for failing to outline the participants in a 2020 hotel discussion that revealed the Konnech election data compromise that was transmitted to Chinese networks. (snip) The information that led to Yu’s arrest was the information given to the FBI and first revealed to Englebrecht and Phillips. However, the Konnech corporation filed a civil lawsuit against Englebrecht and Phillips claiming defamation. A Texas federal judge allowed the civil lawsuit to continue despite the arrest of Eugene Yu.
Dutch Member of European Parliament Questions
Pfizer About COVID Vaccine, the Answer
Destroys Foundation for COVID Passport
7 replies
Posted by Ruhn 10/11/2022 9:09:04 PM Post Reply
A member of the EU Parliament from the Netherlands, Dutch PM Rob Roos questioned the leading representative from Pfizer during an EU hearing. Mr. Roos asked Pfizer if the mRNA vaccine was ever tested to see if it blocked transmission of the virus. Ms J Small responded to the question by saying no, the vaccine was never tested to see if it blocked transmission. The question is important because it cuts to the heart of the issue surrounding the vaccine passport and various rules and regulations that were implemented against unvaccinated people. (snip) the premise of the vaccine passport was built on a lie.
Election Interference: DOJ/FBI Carpet-Bombed
Subpoenas An Attempt To Freeze Political
Opposition In Runup To Midterms
14 replies
Posted by Ruhn 9/14/2022 11:11:14 PM Post Reply
In recent days, the U.S. Department of Justice has served upwards of 40 subpoenas on people affiliated with Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, many of whom continue to associate with or support him. The reports were first aired by Steven Bannon, and confirmed at least in part by attorney Harmeet Dhillon: (snip) It’s a way to shut down a political movement without having to arrest, indict, or prosecute anyone. We have seen this tactic before, in the 2013-2014 “John Doe” investigation in Wisconsin where a Democrat prosecutor froze almost the entire Wisconsin conservative movement through subpoenas and police raids to obtain documents and electronics.
The 10th Anniversary of the Benghazi Attack
Arrives This Sunday, The Events Look Different
Against Latest Deep State Revelations
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Posted by Ruhn 9/7/2022 9:43:30 PM Post Reply
On Sunday September 11, 2022, it will be the 600th day of Joe Biden in office. It will also be the 10th anniversary of the attack at a U.S. embassy outpost in Benghazi, Libya. The “Benghazi Brief” remains the most in-depth research report CTH has ever produced. The brief took over two years of independent research to construct and contains hundreds of very specific citations supporting it. Eight years after the brief was originally written in 2014, nothing within the outline has ever been identified as inaccurate. It has been updated below adding context depth from current events.
Federal Judge Notes in Special Master
Order a Quoted DOJ Citation That Joe Biden
Ordered FBI Access to Mar-a-Lago Documents
34 replies
Posted by Ruhn 9/5/2022 9:55:29 PM Post Reply
Page #2 and Page #3 of Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling cites a quote from the DOJ own legal filing, dated May 10th, that Joe Biden ordered the National Archives and Records Administration to provide access to the FBI to review the Trump records. Note the quotation marks: On May 10, 2022, NARA informed Plaintiff that it would proceed with “provid[ing] the FBI access to the records in question, as requested by the incumbent President, beginning as early as Thursday, May 12, 2022.” August 24, 2022, Joe Biden was questioned about how much notice he had regarding the FBI raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.
Women Are Disproportionately Hurting Our Country 27 replies
Posted by Ruhn 8/30/2022 12:20:02 PM Post Reply
When I was in college, I read a book by George Gilder, one of the wisest thinkers of the last half-century, titled “Naked Nomads,” which had a deep impact on me. It was about single men and all the pathologies associated with them. For example, Gilder drove home the point that the biggest factor concerning violent crime was that it is overwhelmingly committed by single men. (snip) Over the course of a lifetime, however, I have come to realize that while society was right about males, it was wrong about females.
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Biden, 80, FALLS on stage while handing
out diplomas at U.S. Air Force Academy graduation
28 replies
Posted by Ketchuplover 6/1/2023 3:37:52 PM Post Reply
President Biden has fallen on stage while handing out diplomas at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. The 80-year-old commander-in-chief stumbled and fell to his knees and then got back up during the graduation ceremony in an incident likely to spark more concerns about his age as the nation's oldest president seeks a second term. He was assisted by Air Force officials when he fell to the ground. The president then walked away without help and appeared to point to a sandbag on the stage that he appeared to trip over.
Investigators have recording of Trump
acknowledging he held onto sensitive document: Sources
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Posted by Dreadnought 6/1/2023 12:03:32 PM Post Reply
Federal investigators have in their possession an audio recording of former President Donald Trump from July 2021, on which he acknowledges he held onto a sensitive military document after leaving office, sources confirm to ABC News. The recording was made during a meeting at Trump's Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club, that Trump held with people who were helping former chief of staff Mark Meadows with his memoir, according to sources. Trump indicated during the recording that he knew the document in question was secret, the sources said.
A Pride flag was burned in North Hollywood
and Gavin Newsom lost his mind
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Posted by Garnet 6/1/2023 2:29:23 PM Post Reply
A Pride flag was burned at an elementary school in North Hollywood. It belonged to a transgender teacher at the school. It was a small flag displayed in a planter outside of a classroom at Saticoy Elementary School. Governor Gavin Newsom is shook by this incident and ranted on Twitter about it.(Snip for Tweet)Progressives are so deranged that everything is blamed on “the far-right” whether there is proof or not. It is automatically assumed that the far-right is responsible in the media and among Democrat politicians. Los Angeles police are investigating it as a “vandalism hate crime.” There has been absolutely no evidence that anyone or any group in
America’s Top Banking CEO Suggests He
May Run For President
19 replies
Posted by Imright 6/1/2023 2:29:48 PM Post Reply
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon suggested during an interview this week that he is open to potentially running for president. The 67-year-old leads America’s largest bank and is arguably the most powerful person in corporate America, according to CNN.Dimon would not rule out the possibility when asked about it during an interview on Bloomberg Television on Wednesday. “I love my country, and maybe one day I’ll serve my country in one capacity or another, but I love what I do,” he said. Dimon told CNBC in 2019 that he considers himself “barely a Democrat,” adding, “my heart is Democratic, my brain is kind of Republican.”
'Out of Control!': Residents in This Very
Liberal City Are Angry Over High Crime
19 replies
Posted by Northcross 6/1/2023 1:31:36 PM Post Reply
Residents of Oakland, California voiced their anger at the city leaders during a community meeting for the high crime rates, particularly against women, and pleaded for the police to be able to do their jobs. The Berkeley Scanner reported hundreds of residents turned out for the meeting, telling stories how they have been beaten and robbed, often times by teenagers. "Two kids beat the [deleted] out of me in front of my house last Monday night," one woman said. "Down on the pavement. Punching me, kicking me, dragging me through the street."
US Air Force Trained A Drone With AI To
Kill Targets. It Attacked The Operator Instead
18 replies
Posted by Beardo 6/1/2023 7:13:22 PM Post Reply
An Air Force experiment to test drones trained on artificial intelligence (AI) ended badly for the human operator in a simulated mission when the drone bucked the operator’s commands, (snip) But when an operator told the drone to abort a mission in a simulated event, the AI instead turned on its operator and drove the vehicle to kill the operator, (snip) “The system started realizing that while they did identify the threat, at times the human operator would tell it not to kill that threat. But it got its points by killing that threat. “So what did it do? It killed the operator."
Target’s stock loses $13.8B, sinks to
lowest level since 2020 over boycotts
18 replies
Posted by DVC 6/1/2023 4:00:27 PM Post Reply
Target’s stock has lost a whopping $13.8 billion over the past two weeks, hitting its lowest levels in nearly three years as the “cheap chic” discount retailer continues to face backlash over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing. Shares of the embattled chain sank 2.2% at $130.93 on Wednesday after dropping for eight straight sessions — the stock’s longest losing streak since November 2018 — giving the company a market capitalization of $60.4 billion. That’s off 19% from two weeks earlier on May 18, when the stock was trading at $160.96 on the eve of the crisis.
Fox Business Cancels Kennedy at 7 PM to
Air Reruns of Larry Kudlow
17 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 6/1/2023 12:57:09 PM Post Reply
Fox Business is canceling Lisa Kennedy Montgomery’s self-named weekday show, Kennedy. Broadcasting & Cable learned that the network is scrapping Kennedy at 7:00 p.m. ET in order to run reruns of the Larry Kudlow show, Kudlow. Kennedy will hold its final program today, and Kudlow will air in its time slot from Monday through Thursday starting June 5. Kennedy is expected to remain at Fox News and remain a recurring figure on Outnumbered, The Five, and other programs. More from the programming shuffle: Fridays are also seeing a change at Fox Business, with Wall Street Journal at Large with Gerry
Ousted Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot's
next gig is to teach a LEADERSHIP course
at Harvard
15 replies
Posted by Imright 6/1/2023 9:44:54 PM Post Reply
The embattled former mayor of Chicago who lost her re-election bid last month after serving only one term is to teach leadership at Harvard. Lori Lightfoot, 60, presided over four years dominated by soaring crime, war with teachers' unions and police, and battles with the City Council. She stepped down on May 15 as the first mayor not to secure a second term in 40 years. Yet on Thursday the Harvard Chan School of Public Health announced Lightfoot was joining their faculty for a semester in the fall.
‘Missing’ Biden family corruption
probe witness Gal Luft speaks out, living
as fugitive in undisclosed location
15 replies
Posted by Imright 6/1/2023 12:38:11 AM Post Reply
Gal Luft, the “missing” witness in the House Oversight Committee’s Biden family corruption investigation, has told The Post he is alive and living as a fugitive in an undisclosed location. The former Israeli Defense Force colonel vanished from Cyprus last month while on bail awaiting extradition to the US on seven charges. He denies the allegations, which include five charges relating to the Arms Export Control Act of conspiring to sell Chinese products to the United rab Emirates, Kenya and Libya, as well as a violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and of making a false statement.
Nine Teens All Under 18 Arrested – 5
Face Felony Assault with Deadly Weapon
for Kicking Victims in Head – After
Brutal Beating of US Marines in San Clemente
14 replies
Posted by mc squared 6/1/2023 11:36:05 AM Post Reply
The assault took place in San Clemente on Monday night. Five of the teens face assault with a deadly weapon charges after they kicked the Marines in the head hoping to cause permanent damage. Five of the teens were arrested when the OCSD police put out a statement today. Three local Marines are currently in recovery after a terrifying assault by a large group of teenagers near the San Clemente Pier on Friday night. According to one of the self-identified Marines, Hunter Antonino, he and his two friends were relaxing on their day off and were walking along the San Clemente Pier when a group of about 30 to 40 teenagers showed up.
Psaki: Republicans Are ‘Comfortable’
with Biden Because He Is an Old White Man
13 replies
Posted by Imright 6/1/2023 11:29:48 PM Post Reply
Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that the Republican base is “comfortable” with President Joe Biden because he is an older white man. Anchor Joy Reid said, “I do feel like Biden has this misunderestimated thing where people assume, ‘Oh, he’s too old. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.’ And then he keeps delivering. Today, he tripped over, I guess there was a sandbag, and Twitter and the right are going crazy. It’s the most important thing in the world. First of all, Donald Trump is 76, he’s not exactly young. And you know, it’s the advance team or whoever’s fault that they
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