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Meet the CCP-Loving Biden Donor Responsible
for US Economic Interests in Asia

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Posted By: DVC, 4/29/2022 4:36:25 PM

President Joe Biden's pick to represent the United States on a council that promotes free trade in Asia has a long history of cozying up to the Chinese Communist Party. He's also a top Biden donor. Biden tapped Dominic Ng, the chairman of East West Bank, to represent the United States on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Business Advisory Council, a group of business leaders that advises governments on issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Ng, who has led the East West Bank since 1992, contributed $100,000 to the Biden Victory Fund and $35,500 to the Democratic National Committee in October 2020, according to campaign finance disclosures.


Traitor Joe works for the Chinese Communist Party more than for any Americans. McConnell is the same, even married one. This is just another sell out of the USA.
They hated Trump because he was for Americans, against the Chinese Communists.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: smokincol 4/29/2022 6:30:32 PM (No. 1141908)
who do you mean, mitch mcconnells wife? that's mu guess - I didn't read the article just the headline and that thought immediately popped into my mind
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How to Turn a Whole State's Power Production
to Wind and Solar Dreams
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Many ideas considered radical a decade ago now enjoy mainstream support in the environmentalist movement. Demands to "decarbonize" electricity production are proceeding apace despite the limitations of generating electricity reliably and affordably from renewable sources alone. The technology to store energy simply hasn't kept pace with our ability to generate it, leaving renewable sources like wind and solar handicapped by their inherent intermittency. Consequently, renewables provide only a fraction of Nebraska's energy needs and find economic viability only through a regime of heavy government subsidy. Despite this technological deficiency, clean energy advocates still insist we decommission "dirty" sources sooner rather than later.
Meet the CCP-Loving Biden Donor Responsible
for US Economic Interests in Asia
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Posted by DVC 4/29/2022 4:36:25 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden's pick to represent the United States on a council that promotes free trade in Asia has a long history of cozying up to the Chinese Communist Party. He's also a top Biden donor. Biden tapped Dominic Ng, the chairman of East West Bank, to represent the United States on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Business Advisory Council, a group of business leaders that advises governments on issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Ng, who has led the East West Bank since 1992, contributed $100,000 to the Biden Victory Fund and $35,500 to the Democratic National Committee in October 2020, according to campaign finance disclosures.
The other side of the Orrin Hatch story 14 replies
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I held my silence following the death on Saturday of Orrin Hatch, the former long-serving Republican senator from Utah. One doesn’t rush to speak ill of the dead. And besides, Senator Hatch had some redeeming qualities. He was unfailingly gentlemanly and on many issues he was squarely in the same camp as I. But he was also far from a conservative warrior; he was, in fact, part of the uniparty establishment, and pulled his punches on many key issues. For a scathing look at Hatch’s record, check out Michelle Malkin’s essay at
World to run out of food in 27 years and
248 Days!
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According to a report in the Daily Star, a UK tabloid, some scientists are now predicting that the world will run out of food in 27 years. 27 years and 251 days, to be more precise…as of Sunday, April 24th, 2022. (Start your doomsday countdown at home!) So, that’s it, the science is settled, apparently. We are done by 2050. But, what if, say, 26 years from now half of us go on strict diets and limit our caloric intake…or 60% of us are by then vegan…or 10% of the projected population has been killed off by Lyme Disease/Islamic radicals/leftist economic policies?
Utah garbage man secretly filmed teaching
woman a 'lesson' about American flag
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Posted by DVC 4/27/2022 1:07:14 PM Post Reply
A garbage man in Utah was filmed last week taking an American flag out of the trash and folding it neatly when he thought nobody was looking. Don "Munch" Gardner, a Marine Corps veteran, was secretly taped honoring the flag by Huntingdon, Utah resident Brooke Cowley, according to Fox 13. "I was a complete idiot! I was cleaning our porch while the kids did an Easter egg hunt. I threw away our flag and pole because it had broken and ripped," Cowley wrote on Facebook. "Then I witnessed our ‘garbage man’ stop get out of the truck, unhook the flag and take the time to fold it!"
Limu Emu and Vlad 15 replies
Posted by DVC 4/20/2022 12:04:58 AM Post Reply
A couple of years ago I moved to a different state and had to change my auto insurance policy with my big-name insurance company. A month after paying for the new policy, I accidentally discovered that they were about to auto-renew my old policy (for the state I no longer lived in). I was livid. The lady on the phone told me “Well, of course, you have to tell us to cancel your old policy". Recently I canceled the policy, which was an amazingly tricky and confusing process. I can’t imagine what it would be like trying to make a claim after an accident with such shysters.
Prayers answered: North Dakota horses
saved after rancher battles blizzard
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Posted by DVC 4/16/2022 1:30:29 PM Post Reply
The blizzard of 2022 will be remembered for generations to come on a small North Dakota ranch nestled in the heart of Stark County. When the snowstorm hit, Hollie Wilson knew it was going to be bad. She prepared and then prepared more, thinking it would be enough. But it wasn't. "People said we didn't prepare. Rest assured, we definitely did. We just never imagined that this would have been this bad," said Wilson, the owner of Rockin’ 33 Performance Horses in South Heart. Her seven horses were covered in ice and shivered uncontrollably for three days. Snowdrifts, some as tall as 10-feet, trapped them inside their barn
I agree with scientists and journalists
that damaging cold weather is caused by
climate change
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Posted by DVC 4/8/2022 4:10:38 PM Post Reply
Scientific data shows that the climate has consistently and naturally changed for billions of years, so yes, when we have late damaging frosts, they are caused by natural climate change. I hope a lot of money and time wasn’t wasted in coming to this logical conclusion. Late frost ices over French vineyards, threatens fruit crops French vintners are lighting candles to thaw their grapevines to save them from a late frost following a mild winter (snip) The frost is particularly frustrating after a similar phenomenon hit French vineyards last year, leading to some 2 billion euros
DeSantis Is Playing 4D Chess With Florida
Redistricting – And Dems Can’t Do
Anything About It
9 replies
Posted by DVC 4/7/2022 1:04:56 PM Post Reply
Democrats in Florida have had a bad run of it since DeSantis got elected. What used to be a 50-50 purple state has, under his wise leadership and immensely popular initiatives, become bright red. As if that weren’t enough to give what Democrats in Florida that still hold onto Congressional seats heartburn, things might soon get a good bit worse for them: DeSantis is pushing a major redistricting plan that could harness the state’s population growth and use it to give Republicans yet more seats. You see, the legislature had created and passed, along party lines, a map that was favorable to the GOP. However, because of certain problems with it,
The Democrats have a pedo problem 14 replies
Posted by DVC 4/2/2022 3:07:48 PM Post Reply
Progressives have a pedophilia problem. Full stop, as the Barack Obamas of the world might say. From CNN producers to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) station chiefs and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) field agents; from the woke Disney corporation to Democrat donors; from Hollywood to the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA); from Facebook/Meta to the Lincoln Project to America's public school system — the progressive Left has a demonstrated prurient interest in underage children. This is not guilt by association, innuendo, or conjecture; it is a firmly established fact pattern. And this is not to suggest that no Republicans have ever espoused
America's Truck Driver Shortage 6 replies
Posted by DVC 3/30/2022 6:09:44 PM Post Reply
There is a trucker shortage... and it's worse every year. This is not news; this national driver shortage is no shock to businessmen or policymakers. Our driver shortage contributes to empty store shelves, idled assembly lines, retail price inflation, a reduced Gross Domestic Product, and the global supply chain crisis. This is not just one industry’s problem; it’s everybody’s problem. What is odd, however, is that so many people believe the trucker shortage is caused entirely by not enough people choosing the profession of truck driving as a career. While that is certainly a part of it, it's not our real problem. Our truck driver shortage is caused by government policies
Study: Medical Marijuana Leads to Addiction,
Not Shown to Be Effective
21 replies
Posted by DVC 3/23/2022 11:38:52 AM Post Reply
Medical marijuana has been legalized in 37 states, but a new study released Friday found that the drug had no benefit for those treating pain, depression, or anxiety. Moreover, a significant number of people in the study who used marijuana for medical purposes developed cannabis use disorder, also known as marijuana addiction, the study found. The study was conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital. “People with pain, anxiety or depression symptoms failed to report any improvements, though those with insomnia experienced improved sleep,” said the study’s lead author, Jodi Gilman, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Depression and anxiety are some of the conditions most commonly treated with marijuana.
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Disney Exec Geoff Morrell, Who Crafted
the Response to Florida’s Parental Rights
Law, Resigns After 3 Months on the Job
43 replies
Posted by Beardo 4/29/2022 10:02:20 PM Post Reply
Geoff Morrell, the chief corporate affairs officer for Disney, who helped crafted the embattled company’s response to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, has resigned to “pursue other opportunities” after just three months. The one-time George W. Bush Pentagon spokesman joined Disney only three months ago to head up the company’s global communications dept. — which included overseeing Disney’s government relations and public policy. But on Friday, Morrell released a statement telling the company that he was stepping away, saying, “After three months in this new role, it has become clear to me that for a number of reasons it is not the right fit,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Establishment Sen. Lisa Murkowski Laments
‘I May Not Be Re-Elected’
39 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 4/30/2022 2:44:55 AM Post Reply
Establishment Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) on Thursday admitted she may lose her primary bid to Donald Trump-endorsed candidate Kelly Tshibaka. “I may not be re-elected,” Murkowski told the New York Times about the possible end of her 20-year Senate career. “It may be that Alaskans say, ‘Nope, we want to go with an absolute, down-the-line, always, always, 100-percent, never-question, rubber-stamp Republican,’ she said about Tshibaka who is leading in the polls. “And if they say that that’s the way that Alaska has gone — kind of the same direction that so many other parts of the country have gone — I have to accept that,” Murkowski added.
Jill Biden Biography a Total Flop, Sells
250 Copies in First Week
35 replies
Posted by Imright 4/30/2022 8:02:13 AM Post Reply
Jill Biden’s biography was a total flop and only sold 250 copies in its first week on the market.According to far-left Politico, the dulling of the Biden White House isn’t due to lack of talent in the press briefing room, but rather due to fulfillment of a central Biden promise: to beat Trump and make DC news boring again.And because DC is boring, sales of Dr. Jill’s biography: “Jill: A Biography of the First Lady” have been a little slow.It has nothing to do with the fact that Jill Biden is tacky, uninspiring, cheated on her first husband with Joe Biden and now
Top Democrats push for federal crackdown
on high gas prices
34 replies
Posted by NorthernDog 4/29/2022 8:44:14 AM Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Citing growing worries about high gasoline prices, Democratic leaders announced an effort Thursday to give the Federal Trade Commission increased authority to crack down on companies that engage in price gouging. In doing so, they downplayed the possibility of other options such as a federal gas tax holiday or offering oil companies more government incentives to increase production. Instead, they said the FTC needs more tools, including stiffer fines and penalties and a team of dedicated experts to monitor markets and go after price gouging. With voters concerned about the growing toll of inflation, Democrats again signaled their intention
Woman Stabs 16-Year-Old Jimmy John’s
Employee Over Sandwich Order
33 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 4/30/2022 2:14:15 AM Post Reply
Winston-Salem, North Carolina – An angry customer stabbed a 16-year-old Jimmy John’s employee over a sandwich order. Demetrius Holeman, 45, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and injury to real property for the damages to the store, WXII reported. According to police, Holeman was on a ‘do not serve’ list at Jimmy John’s because of past behavior but she entered the store on Tuesday and became violent. The teen victim suffered non-life threatening injuries, but was badly hurt according to WXII. WXII reported: A High Point woman is facing charges after, police said, she became aggressive toward a Jimmy Johns employee over her sandwich order.
Manic Morning Joe's Advice To Dems: Make
People 'Very Afraid' of 'Crazy' Republicans
32 replies
Posted by Imright 4/29/2022 8:17:53 PM Post Reply
Some liberals cannot stare coldly at the Democrats losing the governor's race in Virginia last year after Terry McAuliffe spent the entire campaign talking about Trump, Trump, and more Trump. Glenn Youngkin was not Trump. On Friday's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough's urgent electoral advice to Democrats was to make voters "very afraid" of the "crazy" Republicans. He and his supporting cast deployed a plethora of related epithets, calling Republicans: "dupes, knuckleheads, weirdos, freaks, loony, kooks, out of their blanking minds,
Democrats May Demand Elon Musk Testify
About Twitter Reforms
31 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 4/30/2022 3:28:57 AM Post Reply
Democrat senators on Friday will weigh whether or not Elon Musk should testify about how he intends to reform Twitter. The senators’ deliberation comes after the Biden administration on Wednesday created a “Disinformation Governance Board” just two days after Musk’s inked the deal with Twitter. It appears Democrats are gearing up for a two-pronged attack on any changes Musk makes to the platform. “We’re thinking about it,” Commerce Committee Chair Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) told Bloomberg News about a potential hearing. No hearing has yet been scheduled, but Democrats may find a hearing politically expedient. Since Musk’s successful bid to take Twitter private, congressional Democrats have become interested
Mayorkas looks to divert VA funding to
illegal immigrants
29 replies
Posted by mc squared 4/29/2022 10:42:14 AM Post Reply
When Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently unveiled his “six pillar plan” for dealing with the crisis on our southern border, he certainly didn’t mention this truly awful idea. During his recent testimony before Congress, Mayorkas slipped in one option that Joe Biden is reportedly considering. In order to provide better care for the tens of thousands of illegal aliens streaming across the border, the White House is looking at the possibility of diverting funding from the Veterans Administration for that situation. Additionally, some of the doctors and nurses tasked with caring for our veterans could be reassigned to providing care for the illegals.
New Mexico Finds Errors in Dominion Voting
Machine Software Similar to Recent Issues
Identified in Tennessee
28 replies
Posted by Imright 4/29/2022 8:14:36 PM Post Reply
Another issue with the software in Dominion voting machines was reported last night in New Mexico. Earlier this week we reported that there were errors found in the EAC certified Dominion machines in a recent election in Tennessee.The ‘glitch’ moved a ballot and all ballots after that ballot to the adjudication process. From there the ballots could be manipulated since not processed in the normal count process.Nick Moseder reports:“What can you do with provisional ballots set off to the side? You can mass adjudicate them anytime down the road however you want and then tabulate them to the count using the RTR process outlined in the Dominion user manuals.”
Emails Surface More Evidence Hillary Clinton
Paid For Anti-Trump Disinformation Operation
26 replies
Posted by Imright 4/29/2022 5:46:44 PM Post Reply
Evidence continues to mount that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid former MI6 agent Christopher Steele to launder fraudulent opposition research through U.S. intelligence agencies.Newly published internal emails reveal that before Fusion GPS hired Steele on behalf of the Clinton campaign to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, the opposition-research firm began peddling several of the same Russia collusion lies that the former MI6 agent would later detail in the Steele dossier. This fact highlights a significant aspect of the Spygate scandal that deserves further focus and condemnation: Democrats’ outrageous exploitation of intelligence credentials and connections to launder scurrilous accusations against a political enemy.
Van Jones: ‘Day-to-day reality for black
folks’ worsened under Biden, Dems overpromised
and underdelivered
25 replies
Posted by Beardo 4/29/2022 8:49:30 PM Post Reply
CNN political commentator Van Jones was very blunt Friday, asserting that the day-to-day lives of black Americans have worsened under the lack of leadership by President Joe Biden and claimed that Democrats have “overpromised, underdelivered so far.” Van Jones appeared on CNN’s “New Day” with co-host John Berman. He tore into Biden and fellow Democrats over cratering poll numbers, especially among black voters. A Gallup poll this month showed Biden’s approval rating among black Americans optimistically standing at 67 percent. The kicker is that number has dropped a shocking 20 percent since he took office.
Newly Obtained Body Cam Footage Shows
Clear View of Officers Violently Assaulting
Rosanne Boyland Before Her Death As She
Laid Unconscious on Jan. 6
23 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 4/30/2022 2:19:56 AM Post Reply
Newly obtained bodycam footage was released this week showing a never before seen angle of Capitol Police Officer Lila Morris violently beating an already unconscious Rosanne Boyland at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. The video was released by The Epoch Times on Friday. In the video, Morris can be clearly seen using a large wooden stick to club Boyland three times, with blows landing on the head and body as she lay motionless on the ground. Despite countless bystanders screaming for her to stop her vicious assault, Morris continued until the wooden stick was jarred from her hand by a protester who intervened. “Please stop pepper-spraying!
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