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New data: Protection from COVID boosters
may last for years, avoiding need for
fourth shot near term

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Posted By: Dreadnought, 2/22/2022 12:11:36 AM

Note the word “protection” in the headline, which is different from “antibodies.” Antibodies always fade in time; it takes around four months after a third COVID shot, according to the best data we have. But there’s more to immunity than just antibodies. There are also T cells and B cells, which work together to help the immune system form a “memory” of a particular virus. (Or the spike protein of a particular virus, which is how the vaccines work.) Once you have that “memory,” you can generate new antibodies rapidly to neutralize that virus if you’re infected with it. And here’s the important part: The clearer the “memory”

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Dreadnought 2/22/2022 12:11:58 AM (No. 1078969)
Today's Times article was telling its readership it's OK to move on from the virus even if they had only two shots.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: DVC 2/22/2022 12:49:01 AM (No. 1078980)
None of these Shots prevent infection, or transmission or death. But they cause harm at a rate at least 100 times more than any other vaccination in the last 30 years.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Catherine 2/22/2022 1:17:38 AM (No. 1078991)
Funniest thing I've heard in a while. Those shots do not do anyone any good. They do, however, kill people, cause miscarriages and stillbirths, affect the heart of young children, but protect from anything, nah.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: kono 2/22/2022 1:50:07 AM (No. 1078998)
The protection provided by the shots may last for years. That may be NO protection in the first place. Data clearly shows the shots, themselves, are a risk to the ones receiving them, though.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 2/22/2022 5:28:08 AM (No. 1079046)
Got data?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: BarryNo 2/22/2022 7:12:17 AM (No. 1079121)
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Reply 7 - Posted by: red1066 2/22/2022 8:06:09 AM (No. 1079177)
After reading and seeing what funeral directors are finding in the arteries and veins of recently deceased people who have been vaccinated, I'm taking an aspirin more frequently. When funeral directors started seeing these huge blood clots, they started asking doctors what could have caused them. The doctors were baffled. They had never seen these kind of blood clots before. The reports started coming in from funeral homes from all over the country. In every case but one, the recently deceased had been vaccinated. These clots look like huge earth worms. Some also had long white fibrous worm like clots wrapped around the clot. I don't remember if I saw the article on this site, or some other site, but the photos of the blood clots looked like something from space horror movie.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: czechlist 2/22/2022 8:36:58 AM (No. 1079211)
Hot Air, NYT, CDC globalist propaganda outlets
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Reply 9 - Posted by: NamVet70 2/22/2022 9:31:17 AM (No. 1079264)
I was about to comment on this, then I saw it was an article by Allahpundit and realized it wasn't worth my comment.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: franq 2/22/2022 9:39:30 AM (No. 1079278)
But wait, there's more!!!!
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Readaholic 2/22/2022 10:45:09 AM (No. 1079348)
#7, the one who had not seen vaccinated had, however, received a blood transfusion.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Heil Liberals 2/22/2022 11:41:39 AM (No. 1079427)
Just in time for the mid-term elections! What a relief. I was afraid that the fearful people would have to have a shot every three months until death-do-them-part. I wonder how the jab mongers will take this since it means the end of this particular gravy train.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 2/22/2022 12:54:51 PM (No. 1079477)
Take your trash and peddle it elsewhere. Told my doctor about my history of A-fib and getting bouts of irregular heartbeat ever since treatment. Told my doctor I had a bout of irregular heartbeat 24 hours after getting the third shot (booster). Doctor said there have been reports of people getting A-fib that never even had a history of A-fib. GTH. This stuff is trash and needs to be pulled.
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CDC: Some of you should wait longer before
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In the states and cities where immunity passports are still required, people have been told that they need to be “fully vaccinated” to be in compliance. For most people, that means two initial shots spaced three (for Pfizer) or four weeks (for Moderna) apart followed by a booster shot roughly six months later. Of course, those definitions have been changed by the CDC on a regular basis. They recently suggested that the boosters should be given as soon as four months after the initial injections because people’s immunity was fading too quickly. But now they’re even walking back the spacing of the initial two shots, at least for some people.
Biden unveils new sanctions on Russia
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Washington — President Biden on Thursday declared Russia's continuing assault on Ukraine a "premeditated attack" and announced additional economic sanctions the U.S. and Western allies will impose on Russia in response to its incursion. "Putin is the aggressor. Putin chose this war. And now he and his country will bear the consequences," Mr. Biden said during remarks at the White House, hours after the Russian assault began on Ukraine. The president announced the U.S. will impose sanctions on four of Russia's largest banks, in addition to two financial institutions the U.S. sanctioned earlier this week, meaning "every asset they have in America will be frozen," he said.
Biden Unveils Sanctions on Russian Banks,
Stops Short of Cutting Country Off from
Global Financial System
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/24/2022 2:25:00 PM Post Reply
President Biden announced new sanctions on Russian banks in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, but declined to make good on his threat to sanction Vladimir Putin directly or to cut Russia off from the international banking system entirely. “We’ve now sanctioned Russian banks that together hold around $1 trillion in assets,” Biden told reporters at the White House. Biden noted that the U.S. had already cut off Russia’s largest bank from the U.S. financial system. “And today, we’re also blocking four more major banks. That means every asset they have in America will be frozen,” Biden said.
Is Putin's Next Target the Baltic States? 8 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 2/24/2022 12:45:24 PM Post Reply
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sent a wave of unease across Eastern Europe, especially in Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. The three Baltic States joined NATO in 2004, but that might not matter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has out-guessed and outmaneuvered U.S. President Joe Biden and the rest of NATO since the crisis began. Indeed, the question asked during the Ukraine crisis is the same one that would be asked if Putin invaded one of the Baltic states: Would NATO risk world war, and possibly nuclear war, to save Lithuania? The Baltic states aren’t so sure Associated Press: Along with Poland, also a NATO member, the small Baltic countries
When is Joe Biden's speech today on Russia
invading Ukraine?
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Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a pre-dawn attack against Ukraine on Thursday. Explosions were heard in major cities in the Eastern European nation, with at least 40 people reported dead. Ukrainian authorities said Russian forces had hit military assets and other defense facilities. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said his country has severed diplomatic relations with Russia, adding that “Ukraine is defending itself and shall not cede its freedom.” President Joe Biden condemned the attack, calling it an "unprovoked and unjustified attack." He also said the world would hold Putin accountable for the invasion.
It May Shock You to Discover That the
Ukraine Situation Is All Trump's Fault
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/24/2022 12:06:34 PM Post Reply
This morning, we woke up to reports of military attacks in Ukraine as Russia drops all pretense of “peacekeeping” (or, perhaps they just have a different definition than I do) and invades the nation. The very same people who have spent a long time now assuring us that Joe Biden will hold Vladimir Putin accountable if he were to launch an attack are now nodding somberly and declaring that this is all because of Donald Trump. Of course, you knew it was going to happen, but it’s somewhat shocking to see nonetheless. Here’s Matthew Dowd on Tuesday, teeing it up. Biden, who eased sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline
Bloodshed in Ukraine: Hundreds of Casualties
Reported as Nationwide Russian Assault Continues
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/24/2022 9:11:55 AM Post Reply
Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky called on citizens to defend the nation as his Interior Ministry reported that there have been hundreds of casualties since Russia began its nationwide assault early Thursday morning. “We are issuing arms to all those capable of defending our sovereignty,” Zelensky said during a televised address from Kyiv, in a translation broadcast on CNN. “Each citizen of Ukraine will decide the future of our people. Anyone with military experience who is able to join the defense of Ukraine must report to call-up stations.” Zelensky added that Ukraine will not “cede its freedom.”
Putin Officially Launches a Full Invasion
of Ukraine, Lodges Disturbing New Threats
Against the West
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/24/2022 12:57:14 AM Post Reply
As RedState reported earlier, Secretary of State Antony Blinken shared on Wednesday evening that he believed Russia would fully invade Ukraine within hours. That has now been confirmed by none other than Vladimir Putin himself. Per an announcement from the Russian president, his military forces are moving into greater Ukraine, including Kyiv, in order to “demilitarize” and “denazify” the sovereign nation. None of this is hypothetical anymore. Explosions are being heard in multiple Ukrainian cities. It is clear that a major military attack is underway. Putin also levied some disturbing threats against the west, seeming to suggest he would be willing to use nuclear weapons
CNN Live Shot in Kyiv Interrupted By Multiple
Explosions from Invasion
10 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 2/24/2022 12:53:02 AM Post Reply
It has begun. The Russian invasion of Ukraine started Wednesday night (U.S. time) with evidence that dictator Vladimir Putin intends to take more of the country than just the Donbas territory in the eastern part of the country. That evidence came in the form of explosions in the capital Kyiv during a CNN live shot of correspondent Matthew Chance on the roof of his hotel, forcing him to don a flak jacket. Chance was reporting on a speech Putin had delivered to the Russian people just minutes before as the reported cruise missiles started to drop in the distance: Essentially and saying that any responsibility for bloodshed
Breaking: Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Is 'Underway'
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/24/2022 12:45:28 AM Post Reply
According to reports on the ground, Russia is invading Ukraine tonight. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who is the vice-chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, tweeted that the invasion is now “underway.” “In the hours to come #Russia will… conduct strikes on air defense systems… move to cut off #Kyiv from eastern #Ukraine… move to cut off Ukraine’s military forces on the line of contact in the east to prevent them from falling back to defend Kyiv,” Rubio tweeted. In addition, Kan News correspondent Amichai Stein tweeted that Ukrainian airspace is shut down.
Tough Day at the Office: Doocy, AP Reporter
Bring Cavalry Against Team Biden
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Posted by Dreadnought 2/23/2022 8:44:18 PM Post Reply
Ahead of a likely Russian invasion of Ukraine, State Department spokesman Ned Price and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki spent Wednesday afternoon under fire from establishment media reporters and, of course, Fox’s Peter Doocy over the administration’s flip-flop on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, the failure to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the impact the war could have on the U.S. economy. Price went first and, from the get-go, the always-tough and persistent Matt Lee of the Associated Press went right to the news that Germany had suspended Nord Stream 2 from Russia and the U.S. would sanction the company (after having opposed doing so for a year).
Biden officials fear Elon Musk would embarrass
president at WH: report
15 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 2/23/2022 8:25:57 PM Post Reply
The White House is reportedly worried Elon Musk would be a bad guest if invited to meet with President Biden — a target of frequent mockery by the Tesla founder. Some of Biden’s top advisers have purportedly warned against inviting Musk to the White House over fears he would say something to embarrass the administration. The billionaire has repeatedly slammed the White House for failing to mention Tesla while discussing its plans for major nationwide investments in electric vehicles. Biden and his close advisers are said to be irritated with Musk’s public criticism and have no immediate plans to invite him to the White House for future events,
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Putin issues chilling warning to Biden
and NATO as he invades Ukraine and says
that if anyone 'interferes' they 'will
face consequences greater than any you
have faced in history'
65 replies
Posted by Imright 2/23/2022 11:39:34 PM Post Reply
Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine and gave a chilling warning to its allies in the West in an early Thursday morning address in Moscow.Explosions were heard in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, as Putin announced that Russia was launching a military attack on Ukraine.'To anyone who would consider interfering from the outside - if you do, you will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history,’ he said on a television broadcast around 6am Moscow time.The United Nations Security Council had just convened an emergency meeting Wednesday night. Earlier Wednesday, European and U.S. officials rushed to place more economic sanctions on Russia
'I'm a Trans Man Trying To Get Pregnant' 54 replies
Posted by Beardo 2/23/2022 12:33:22 AM Post Reply
Rosie and I met close to 15 years ago. She was introduced to one of my friends and remained on the periphery of our friendship circle for a really long time. She would be in a relationship when I wasn't in one and I'd be in a relationship when she was single. I was a wild, unruly, beer-drinking football player and she was incredibly mature, really amazing and a total babe. She had her life together and it felt like she was completely out of my league. Then in 2012, I had a really big heartbreak.
White House deputy press secretary calls
Trump a 'nauseating, fearful pig' who
with Putin is 'rubbing their snouts together
and celebrating as innocent people lose
their lives'
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Posted by Ribicon 2/24/2022 1:27:16 PM Post Reply
White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates hammered former President Donald Trump for heaping praise for days on Russian President Vladimir Putin. 'Two nauseating, fearful pigs who hate what America stands for and whose every action is driven by their their own weakness and insecurity, rubbing their snouts together and celebrating as innocent people lose their lives,' Bates tweeted from his official government account Thursday morning. Bates shared an article about Trump telling a crowd at Mar-a-Lago Wednesday night—as Putin began his assault on Ukraine—that the Russian leader was 'pretty smart.'(Snip)Later Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki hit back at Trump.
Exclusive: Pete Buttigieg accepted $250,000
and gifts from mayoral campaign donors
who were later awarded $33million in city
contracts, raising concerns of 'pay to
play' as Transportation Secretary doles
out $210billion in infrastructure plan
42 replies
Posted by Ribicon 2/23/2022 11:34:48 AM Post Reply
Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg's top political donors received millions of dollars in city contracts after giving thousands to his campaigns while he was mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Buttigieg's political action committees took money from 23 companies who then got jobs from South Bend's Board of Public Works on which he was seated, documents obtained by reveal. On two occasions, the former presidential candidate received donations the same day the companies were awarded contracts. Other city contractors gifted the mayor cigars, alcohol and golf trips worth hundreds of dollars. The companies, their executives and spouses donated a total $253,750 to Buttigieg's campaigns, and received a total of at least $33,280,426
Failing cable news nets CNN and MSNBC
poised for a bidding war over Psaki as
their ratings savior
37 replies
Posted by Magnante 2/24/2022 8:14:20 AM Post Reply
There is a certain symmetry to the notion that the spokesmouth for the failing Biden administration reportedly is being assiduously courted by the two failing cable news networks, CNN and MSNBC, both of which have endured near-catastrophic ratings declines in the era of Biden. More Biden cowbell… yea, that’s the ticket. A scoop report by Dylan Byers, formerly of NBC and now the founding partner at media website Puck, gushes over Psaki and the reported talks she or her agent are having with the two networks. (snip) Paski’s job is to make the Biden administration look good and sell its performance to the American public. Let’s see how she’s been doing
Facing Financial Peril and a Pending Senate
Rebuke, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Revokes Emergency War Measures Act
37 replies
Posted by Ruhn 2/23/2022 6:15:24 PM Post Reply
In the bigger picture, the Canadian banking and financial system was hit hard by the deployment of the Emergency Act which highlighted the ability of the government to arbitrarily freeze and seize money, assets and financial investment capital without any due process. There are also strong rumors in the financial sector, that in addition to Canadians removing money from the banking system, previous investment funds from Hong Kong had been moved – and, making matters even worse, digital currency exchanges were no longer offering secure services in Canada.
Kerry: I sure hope Putin remains a partner
for climate change
36 replies
Posted by Garnet 2/24/2022 12:49:41 PM Post Reply
Russian troops have invaded Ukraine from three directions in an all-out war. Ukrainians have had to rush into full civilian mobilization in an attempt to survive it. At stake is the post-Soviet world order that provided for at least some semblance of diplomatic engagement over use of arms between major powers.Those life-and-death issues aren’t the big priority, at least not to former Secretary of State John Kerry. This morning, he expressed hope on BBC Arabic that Putin will remain a partner with the West on … climate change. No, seriously:(Snip for tweet) “Massive emissions consequences” from the war that Kerry only lightly acknowledges in this interview?
Exclusive: Thar she blows! Barack Obama
spends Presidents' Day weekend whale watching
and snorkeling in Hawaii with Michelle
and daughters Sasha and Malia
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Posted by Imright 2/23/2022 6:21:58 PM Post Reply
Former President Barack Obama spent Presidents' Day weekend snorkeling and whale watching with his family in his native Hawaii, exclusive photos show. The 60-year-old was spotted with wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha Saturday as they embarked on a whale watching tour along the coastline of Maui.The First Family was joined by friends and other spectators aboard a 53-foot double-decked tour boat from where they looked out for sea creatures and aquatic life on the crystal-clear waters of Ma'alaea Bay. Donning swimsuits, sunglasses, and hats, the Obamas were in full vacation mode enjoying life as a normal family,
Blinken: We Hit Russia ‘Hard’ with
Sanctions, ‘Everything Is in Place’
for Full Invasion I Have Reason to Believe
Will Happen Today
29 replies
Posted by Hazymac 2/24/2022 7:29:35 AM Post Reply
On Wednesday’s broadcast of “NBC Nightly News,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the U.S. has hit Russia “hard” with sanctions, he has reason to believe Russia will be engaging in something similar to a full invasion of Ukraine before the end of the night, and “everything is in place for Russia to move forward.” Host Lester Holt asked, “Do you have reason to believe that, before this night is over, Russian forces will be engaged in something akin to a full invasion of Ukraine?” Blinken answered, “I do. Unfortunately, Russia has positioned its forces at the final point of readiness across Ukraine’s borders, to the north,
The real reason Putin played a pussycat
during the Trump presidency
29 replies
Posted by MDConservative 2/23/2022 3:31:22 PM Post Reply
Republicans have long had a toughness fetish. Going back to the early days of the Cold War, its flip side has been the insinuation that Democrats are weaklings ready to sell out the country to its enemies, with the GOP eager to serve proudly and unapologetically as America's lone defenders abroad. No one should be surprised that the script has already been updated to account for recent distressing events on the border separating Russia and Ukraine.
Sen. Mitt Romney takes swipe at Obama,
Trump in condemning Russia’s invasion
of Ukraine
28 replies
Posted by Ribicon 2/24/2022 10:01:13 AM Post Reply
Sen. Mitt Romney condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a statement late Wednesday that also took a shot at both of America’s last two presidents, including a famed line thrown at him by Barack Obama. The Utah Republican blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on a decade and more of U.S. weakness, also alluding to former President Donald Trump’s foreign-policy slogan. “Putin’s impunity predictably follows our tepid response to his previous horrors in Georgia and Crimea, our naive efforts at a one-sided ‘reset’ and the shortsightedness of ‘America First,’” he said. Mr. Romney once was ridiculed by Mr. Obama, when the two men faced off
Putin Officially Launches a Full Invasion
of Ukraine, Lodges Disturbing New Threats
Against the West
28 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 2/24/2022 12:57:14 AM Post Reply
As RedState reported earlier, Secretary of State Antony Blinken shared on Wednesday evening that he believed Russia would fully invade Ukraine within hours. That has now been confirmed by none other than Vladimir Putin himself. Per an announcement from the Russian president, his military forces are moving into greater Ukraine, including Kyiv, in order to “demilitarize” and “denazify” the sovereign nation. None of this is hypothetical anymore. Explosions are being heard in multiple Ukrainian cities. It is clear that a major military attack is underway. Putin also levied some disturbing threats against the west, seeming to suggest he would be willing to use nuclear weapons
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