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Does vitamin D protect against Covid after
all? Israeli study finds patients who
are deficient are up to 14 TIMES more
likely to fall severely ill

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Posted By: Ribicon, 2/5/2022 2:29:03 AM

Vitamin D may help fight off coronavirus after all, a study suggests. The jury has been out on the 'sunshine vitamin' since early in the pandemic, with conflicting findings muddying the waters. Papers that did find a link were deemed not rigorous enough and not definitive. But a new study—this time in Israel—claims to have the most conclusive evidence yet. Previous research has been criticised for only looking at vitamin D levels when the Covid patient was already in hospital.(Snip)To overcome this limitation, in their latest study, researchers from Bar Ilan University and the Galilee Medical Center looked at patient records up to two years before


Many of us knew all along that easily available and inexpensive supplements were effective preventatives. Here it emerges that vitamin D is likely even more effective than the vaccines they're pushing, at a fraction of the cost and with essentially zero side effects. How many lives might have been saved had such information not been widely suppressed and derided by the free and independent American media?

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Reply 1 - Posted by: seamusm 2/5/2022 3:53:22 AM (No. 1062014)
Maybe I am just a believer but this lung doctor had thought this question was settled a year and a half ago. My wife, I, and those who'd listened to me, have taken Vit D3 and Zinc every day, and weekly hydroxychloroquine for most all of that time. Only recently have we relaxed our guard hoping (and successfully) to get natural immunity from the bad cold Omicron variant. Yet another example how the elites lied to us about treatments and consigned millions to needless hospital stays and deaths. Fauci should hang publicly for that crime after every penny of his ill-gotten gains be forfeited.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Californian 2/5/2022 4:52:52 AM (No. 1062036)
I drink more milk every day than a new born cow yet have a compromised immune system and barely follow the minimums required here for masking, etc, and of course didn't take mRNA shots. Tested virus free last year and again last week. Does a body good.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: ladydawgfan 2/5/2022 5:14:58 AM (No. 1062042)
RE #2: I guess those of us who are highly lactose intolerant (my Dr. calls mine a "non-allergy allergy) are basically screwed to the wall!! Enjoy your milk!! BTW, I have been taking a daily D3 for years. I also take Quercetin with zinc and 1000mg of C daily. Also does a body good!! ;)
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Reply 4 - Posted by: BeatleJeff 2/5/2022 7:04:42 AM (No. 1062087)
Purely anecdotal, but I take 3000 mg of D daily along with 1000 of C. I've never caught the Wuhan Virus. Draw your own conclusion.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: BirdsNest 2/5/2022 7:09:19 AM (No. 1062091)
I have been taking 5000 IU Vit D3 for 7 years. I also take Elderberry caps daily, been doing that for 6 years. I think I had the lesser version of covid, runny nose,sneezing,sore throat for 5 days. No fatigue. Been feeling fine all along. No clot shots for me.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Kitty Myers 2/5/2022 7:24:59 AM (No. 1062103)
Add Quercetin to your diet, too. It's available everywhere.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: zephyrgirl 2/5/2022 8:16:08 AM (No. 1062155)
I've been taking Vitamin D for about 5 years. Early in the Wuhan flu madness, I read that people with a vit-D deficiency were vulnerable to the virus. I upped my dosage, added zinc, quercetin and vit-C. So far, so good. I'll only add that I'm also fanatical about cleaning my hands. I've gone though gallons of hand sanitizer when going to stores and restaurants.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: udanja99 2/5/2022 8:37:54 AM (No. 1062177)
6,000 IUs of D3, 500 mg of C, 50 mg of zinc, 500 mg of quercetin, 500 mg of NAC, 325 mg of aspirin, 2 elderberry gummies daily. No covid.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Hugh Akston 2/5/2022 8:46:06 AM (No. 1062188)
Of course it does. Why do you think 'flu season' ends every year in the spring as people get outside more, get sunshine, fresh air, and don't forget, UV radiation. Nature's Vit D has worked since the dawn of mankind. Knock on wood. Unlike others, I probably used hand sanitizer 5 times in the first week of this madness, grab 'dirty' shopping carts in the parking lot, don't keep my hands away from my face, and other than an infrequent multi vitamin, haven't done anything special other than take a sun bath when the weather lets me.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: broken01 2/5/2022 8:50:50 AM (No. 1062197)
I take 5000mcg of D3, 1000mcg of C, KM-7(it’s recommended to take this for of vitamin K for high doses of D), zinc and elderberry. I’ve done this since 2015 and have never been sick. Along with working out and cutting back on certain foods plus drinking more water my energy level is also great. Boosting your immune system in this day and age is a must especially for us older folks. I haven’t listening to Fauci and the other idiots and choose to do things my way when it comes to COVID.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: franq 2/5/2022 8:51:12 AM (No. 1062199)
How can you thieves live with yourselves, depriving Big Pharma of their profits. Found out yesterday from our RN daughter that Remdesivir is $5,000 per IV bag 😳
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Reply 12 - Posted by: DHorne123 2/5/2022 9:04:00 AM (No. 1062218)
OP: “…free and independent American media” They surely are free as their constant lies oh so well demonstrate. But they are oh so far from being ‘independent’ — they are an integral part of the dimokrat-media complex. INDEPENDENT my royal kester!
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Reply 13 - Posted by: jar 2/5/2022 9:13:43 AM (No. 1062227)
Three months away from 88, thus considered high risk although am not obese and have no high risk diseases. I do Yoga three to six times a week, take the aforementioned vitamins, D3 for 25 years, now increased to 10,000 units; plus the others mentioned (quercetin, C, zinc) plus a few others. No complaints except by vaxed individuals who have shunned me for not being vaxed.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: westsnoop 2/5/2022 9:19:09 AM (No. 1062236)
#2, have you seen the Benadryl and Milk Covid cure? Milk contains a compound called Lactoferrin which kills the virus, and the benadryl stops the cytokine storm. There are a number of news stories if you Duck Duck Go it.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Chiritwo 2/5/2022 9:27:51 AM (No. 1062249)
This has just been one big scam - big pharms made their money, now the ones making the home tests for covid are raking in their money along with the companies that make the NR95 masks (if that's what they're called). biden and fauci know how to spread the wealth around to their buddies. The problem is that this scam has killed 1,000s and maimed 1,000s. It's also caused a generation of kids who are afraid of getting sick, think they have to mask up whenever. It has taught them not to think and question but to follow, which is one of the worst consequences. The disadvantaged have fallen further behind. It's just been one huge disaster on Americans and the world. Yet people are still losing their jobs because they won't get the shot when science proves the shot doesn't work.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: WimeTarmerFable 2/5/2022 9:39:17 AM (No. 1062263)
In December, 2019 my co-worker had a massive respiratory infection and was intubated. I was sick for 10 days (I have taken a Vit D supplement for some time..) My co-worker has relatives from overseas.. she and I had it.
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Reply 17 - Posted by: Rubinski 2/5/2022 9:43:11 AM (No. 1062271)
Couple of points: there isn’t enough vitamin D in milk to overcome vitamin d deficiency. It has about 400 IU per cup. FLCCC recommends 5000 IU per day, so that’s almost 12 cups of milk, which has a lot of sugar/calories—not recommended. You almost certainly need a supplement. Second point: zinc competes with copper so you can’t take zinc everyday without (over time) causing copper deficiency. Copper deficiency can cause permanent myleoneuropatjy. This is what those denture cream lawsuits were about. Polident and similar products used to be almost pure zinc oxide, and it crippled a lot of people before the formula was changed. Google “zinc induced copper deficiency neuropathy.”
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Reply 18 - Posted by: JackBurton 2/5/2022 9:46:55 AM (No. 1062275)
I have been taking extra vitamin D for a while... since I read that the NFL did a study and found that vitamin D intake correlated with fewer injuries among players. Basically, the trainers make sure their athletes get 2000 IU of D daily. Be aware that D goes into your fat. If you weigh too much (co-morbidity here) you need to take mroe.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: starboard 2/5/2022 9:49:20 AM (No. 1062281)
We have been duped from the get go. It's part of the big reset to take over our country and eliminate as many seniors as possible on Medicare and social security. The good news is we had to go through this to discover who the evil doers are. We are currently in the stage of rectification. So stay optimistic and continue to pray. #2 Btw, I was lactose intolerant for years and all of a sudden I've discovered I'm not anymore. What a revelation! Though I'm still careful not to overdo.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: bigfatslob 2/5/2022 10:01:25 AM (No. 1062299)
Last year at the height of covid I changed doctors getting prescriptions filled for BP became difficult with my first doctor. In the process I was put on prescription vitamin D when my blood was tested. I had two separate surgeries last year and had to be tested for covid prior to them both were negative. We refuse to be vaxxed or hardly wear mask (hospitals and doctor's offices require it) but before I go to the grocery store, I swab the inside of my nose with a mixture of 10% iodine and water (35 to1). It supposed to kill the virus if inhaled also use Listerine mouthwash during the day especially after going out. You can't be too cautious.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Ida Lou Pino 2/5/2022 10:09:13 AM (No. 1062308)
Oh, darn! Two-Tongue Tony was just about to say the same thing - - and they took the words right out of his mouth. Two-Tongue Tony is - - by far - - the world's greatest expert on viral diseases. If you don't believe it - - just ask him. And he made this astounding discovery - - all by himself. He'll be appearing on all the leftist talk shows - - to tell us all about it. How lucky we are - - to have a genius like Two-Tongue Tony at the helm!
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Reply 22 - Posted by: lefthanddan 2/5/2022 10:17:29 AM (No. 1062325)
We don't have a cold and flu season, we have a lack of Vitamin D3 season! I live in Wisconsin. From mid November to mid April we receive no D3 from sunshine. The sun is just too low on the horizon. Nice to see the obvious being exposed. We need a vaccine to reduce exposure to television, NIH and Fauci season! Stay well, Ldotters. Easter is coming.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: 4freedom 2/5/2022 10:24:16 AM (No. 1062337)
Look for our Government to ban vitamin D now.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Zigrid 2/5/2022 10:47:21 AM (No. 1062364)
I remember when early in the china virus pandemic ...President Trump was talking about these benefits...along with hydroxychloroquine...and the fake media laughed at his possible advantages in attacking the virus...BUT...then the big Pharma dudes wouldn't have made all that money on useless vaccines and inferior china produced face's becoming clearer every day how china unleashed this virus on the world and then profited on the so/called cures...WE've been had folks...
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Reply 25 - Posted by: ChattyCatsSusan 2/5/2022 11:24:28 AM (No. 1062414)
This household has been taking Vitamins D, C and zinc for over a year now and we have avoided getting covid, or even bad colds. So until things calm down, we are going to stick to our regime until further notice.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Rumblehog 2/5/2022 11:38:56 AM (No. 1062434)
My nationally recognized Neurologist, 5 years ago, prescribed that I take 50,000 IU's per week of Vitamin D3, and he specified it MUST be D3 to gain maximum effect. As he said, "Taking any other D Vitamin is like trying to fill an SUV through a straw." He also said that Vitamin D deficiency occurs in almost 98% of the U.S. population. He then said the reasons for that are numerous and a great discussion over a beer. It's really interesting how we got to this point. Not sure if it prevents Covid, but none so far with me, or Mrs. R-hog, who also takes it.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Rumblehog 2/5/2022 11:44:11 AM (No. 1062440)
And by the way, Vitamin D3 in 50,000 IU quantity is available over the counter at most "Compounding" Pharmacies these days. It's where we get ours.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: NotaBene 2/5/2022 12:01:16 PM (No. 1062461)
Some good soul informed us at the start of the China attack to take Vitamin D3 daily. Also Zinc+Quercetin and Vit C (Airborne). The malevolent NIH never mentioned Vitamin D. Never even got a cold since.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: RedWhiteBlue 2/5/2022 12:02:20 PM (No. 1062463)
And yet we' are encouraged to use SUNSCREEN!!! to screen out the sun's rays! I don't use it I just limit my exposure on a daily basis to ensure I get my Vit. D naturally!
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Reply 30 - Posted by: DVC 2/5/2022 12:47:30 PM (No. 1062537)
Yep. My wife and I were taking 3,000 units of Vitamin D3 and 1,000 of Vitamin C for many years before this ChiCom virus. In March of 2020, we increased that to 5,000 units of Vitamin D3 and 2,000 of Vitamin C every day, plus zinc. Have always been using E, a multivitamin for trace minerals, and more. So far, no COVID in my home. Two friends who take about the same haven't had it in their homes....except their two adult children, one vaccinated, one not, who are adults living in other cities did get it. The mother works in a hospital with Wuhan virus patients every day. We all use povodine-iodine nasal spray after mingling with strangers as per Dr. McCullough. Two years in, doing fine, but ready and equipped to do FLCCC early treatment protocols, too.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: DVC 2/5/2022 12:53:25 PM (No. 1062545)
Excellent point #29, I do the same. I mow several days a week on our rural property for a few hours a day. I wear a big sun hat but short sleeves and sometimes short pants. I WANT the sun for more Vitamin D naturally.
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Reply 32 - Posted by: red1066 2/5/2022 1:41:25 PM (No. 1062601)
Of course it does. Vitamin C as well. I've been taking Zinc, vitamin D, and Vitamin C for almost two years. For the first year of this virus, I was around Covid patients in the hospital on daily basis, and I was fine. I had to get the shot because I worked in a hospital, but taking the vitamins helps even if you don't get the Covid shot.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 2/5/2022 3:02:02 PM (No. 1062690)
Fwiw, Lady Chihuahua and I take 2000 IU of D3 daily plus a multi- vitamin. Multi Vitamin has another 1000 IU of D3 (125% daily recommended), 60mg vitamin C (only 67%), 11mg Zinc (100%), Both of us take a probiotic. I also take 32mg Aspirin daily since I had A-fib. Neither of us have had COVID that we can tell. A number of family members related to the Lady Chihuahua have tested positive for COVID recently. All minor. Sniffles and sore throats. Is this what people are afraid about? Our 'leaders' have created a climate of fear, anger, and hatred. Quite deliberate. Fear, anger, and hatred short circuit the brain. People need to use and brains and keep their wits to survive. Our leaders don't want that.
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Reply 34 - Posted by: starboard 2/5/2022 3:27:49 PM (No. 1062712)
I was once told by a wise old neighbor that seniors should get 10 -15 minutes of sunshine a day. If you wear a visor or a hat with a brim and an open top, you will get the benefit of Vitamin D on the top of your head where it is most needed. But also take it in capsule form as well.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: Californian 2/5/2022 4:23:20 PM (No. 1062753)
Wow, y'all are taking a lot of pills. To the person who said I can't get enough vitamin D from a few glasses every day then the entire world has been suffering a vitamin d deficiency for all of human history. That seems unlikely. For those who are lactose intolerant, there are lactose free milks available. Mayo Clinic says this, "Taking 60,000 international units (IU) a day of vitamin D for several months has been shown to cause toxicity. This level is many times higher than the U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for most adults of 600 IU of vitamin D a day". That's 600 not 6000.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: HisHandmaiden 2/5/2022 7:54:48 PM (No. 1062844)
Cute thread, all y’all, glad to hear y’all have stayed well! For the people drinking milk [from a former farmer who shipped 1K gal of milk every other day to the local co-op] save your $$ unless it’s fresh milk… pasteurization etc kills the bad and good of milk. Avoid dairy and you will be more healthy… well, ok, make your own or get butter locally! And yes, Vit D is The Sunshine Vitamin, and remember 40: 40 minutes daily with No Chemical Sunscreen or 40K IU of D. Daily exercise is also key! Get a dear pup [Yorkie] and walk her 1-2 miles each day as you thank the Good Lord for our many blessings, pray for each other, as we watch the perfect V-formation of geese above your beach or lake flying South, and enjoy the morning breezes! TBIYTC
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Posted by Imright 2/5/2022 6:28:07 AM Post Reply
Tesla CEO Elon Musk accused GoFundMe of hypocrisy after the company canceled the Freedom Convoy fundraiser on Friday after it actively supported a campaign for the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest in Seattle.The crowdfunding platform claimed the convoy fundraiser - which raised $10million Canadian dollars ($8 million USD) in support of truckers protesting against COVID-19 vaccine mandates - violated its terms of service 'which prohibits the promotion of violence and harassment.' GoFundMe plans to distribute the remaining $9million of donated funds to 'credible and established charities' that were reportedly chosen by the convoy organizers and have been verified by the platform.
Biden REMOVES some Iran sanctions imposed
by Trump - including unfreezing $29B in
bank accounts overseas - in bid to return
to Obama-era deal that three negotiators
have resigned over
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The US State Department is waiving sanctions on Iran's civilian nuclear program in the hope that Tehran will return to the 2015 nuclear agreement, a senior official said Friday.As U.S. negotiators head back to Vienna for what could be a make-or-break session, Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed several sanctions waivers related to Iran's civilian nuclear activities. The move reverses the Trump administration's decision to rescind them. The resumption of the waiver, ended by Trump in 2020, 'would be essential to ensuring Iran's swift compliance' if a new deal on controlling Tehran's nuclear program can be reached in talks in Vienna, the State Department official said
Does vitamin D protect against Covid after
all? Israeli study finds patients who
are deficient are up to 14 TIMES more
likely to fall severely ill
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Vitamin D may help fight off coronavirus after all, a study suggests. The jury has been out on the 'sunshine vitamin' since early in the pandemic, with conflicting findings muddying the waters. Papers that did find a link were deemed not rigorous enough and not definitive. But a new study—this time in Israel—claims to have the most conclusive evidence yet. Previous research has been criticised for only looking at vitamin D levels when the Covid patient was already in hospital.(Snip)To overcome this limitation, in their latest study, researchers from Bar Ilan University and the Galilee Medical Center looked at patient records up to two years before
Chris Wallace Learns a Valuable Lesson
After Jeff Zucker's Ouster From CNN
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Chris Wallace recently left his long-time, top position as the host of “Fox News Sunday.” Being the principled newsman that he is, he chose to run over to the shining jewel of journalism that is CNN to be part of their new streaming service. Since that announcement, we haven’t heard much of anything from Wallace.But apparently, he’s speaking up about Jeff Zucker’s departure. As RedState reported, the former CNN head was recently forced out after he failed to disclose a long-term affair with his chief lieutenant (Snip) Per Radar Online, which broke the Zucker story weeks before Zucker’s resignation, Wallace is not happy about the development.
Why does Karl Rove want to send our sons
to war?
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Karl Rove is, once again, beating the war drums. He is ready to send 18-year-olds like my son to fight nuclear Russia over Ukraine’s border so that he and the other neocons can talk like tough guys on TV. On Jan. 28, Karl Rove shared an article on his Twitter page written by Noah Rothman attacking American populists who are opposed to sending our troops to war with Russia. My view is that Mr. Rove despises “America First.” He loves war and the global economy that all these wars prop up.
77% Of Students At One Baltimore High
School Read At Elementary, Kindergarten Level
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More than three quarters of students at one Baltimore high school are reading at an elementary level, with many reading at a kindergarten level. Fox Baltimore reported that a teacher at Patterson High School, one of the largest high schools in the city, came forward with information showing 77% of students at the schools were found to have an elementary school reading level. Patterson has a 61% graduation rate and a $12 million budget.(Snip)The revelation comes at the same time that Maryland Public Policy Institute released a report showing that Maryland taxpayers are paying millions of dollars for “ghost students”–those who don’t attend school.
‘My stomach hurts, I’m very pale’:
Olympians lament inedible food and ‘unreasonable’ conditions
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As many athletes watch their Olympic dreams get dashed by a positive COVID test, more and more are taking to social media and speaking out against the conditions of the Beijing “quarantine hotels” into which they are being forced to check in.“My stomach hurts, I’m very pale and I have huge black circles around my eyes,” said Valeria Vasnetsova, a Russian athlete competing in the biathlon, in an Instagram post shared from isolation. “I want this all to end. I cry every day. I’m very tired.” Thursday, Vasnetsova posted a picture of her food tray. On it sat a bit of plain pasta, some charred meat, a sprinkling of potatoes,
Ottawa Declares Emergency as Protests
Spin ‘Out of Control’
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Canada’s capital declared a state of emergency Sunday as police struggled to rein in ongoing protests against vaccine mandates. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, who declared the emergency, said in a statement that the increasingly rowdy demonstrations posed a “serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents.” Hundreds of trucks continued to occupy the downtown area near Canada’s parliament with no sign that the protesters planned to leave. The protests started in reaction to Canadian and U.S. laws that went into effect in January, requiring truckers crossing the border to be fully vaccinated. They have since morphed into
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