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British hostage taker at Colleyville synagogue
bought gun ‘on the street’, Biden said

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Posted By: Dreadnought, 1/16/2022 11:44:25 PM

President Joe Biden said Sunday the British national who held four people hostage inside a Colleyville synagogue was armed with a gun apparently “purchased on the street.” The president said the hostage-taker spent his first night in Texas at a homeless shelter, and speculated that he might have gotten a gun there. Also on Sunday, Greater Manchester police in England said they detained two teenagers in connection with the gunman who took four people hostage for more than 11 hours over the weekend in Colleyville. The two teens were the suspect’s sons who were in touch with him at some point Saturday, MSNBC reported.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Dreadnought 1/16/2022 11:44:58 PM (No. 1040975)
That's possible. A 'poc' Middle Easterner with a British accent might scream 'narc' to the 'street' but persons in a shelter with mental impairments and drug dependencies might not care if the dollars are there. Google places 'homeless' shelters about 10 miles south of Colleyville. How did he get to the synagogue?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: MindMadeUp 1/17/2022 12:52:00 AM (No. 1041006)
Yep, it's those Brits responsible for all the terrorism. And, of course, guns. Guns are so anti-Semitic
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Highlander 1/17/2022 1:21:53 AM (No. 1041010)
Well, if Diaper Joe says it’s true the Muslim gunman bought the gun off the street, then who am I to say otherwise? Right? It’s not like the terrorist had resources from his brothers-in-arms.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: DVC 1/17/2022 1:48:50 AM (No. 1041022)
Lots of people will sell guns, often stolen, to anyone with a hand full of Benjamins. Always has been true, always will be true.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Californian 1/17/2022 3:57:35 AM (No. 1041025)
Did he get the gun from the FBI or ATF?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: EJKrausJr 1/17/2022 4:21:46 AM (No. 1041033)
Have we heard from the Squad members Tlaib or Omar? Biden's no clue is because he has no clue unless he reads his clue from a teleprompter. The FBI is clueless as well because the perp is not a "Domestic Supporter of MAGA". We are in good hands folks.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: FleetUSA 1/17/2022 5:20:04 AM (No. 1041063)
...and all the anti-gun laws in Biden's (limited) imagination would not prevent this purchase. That's how under the radar markets work.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: chumley 1/17/2022 5:37:08 AM (No. 1041069)
On the street. With all the thugs who grew up "on the street", all the winos who live "on the street" and all the guns you can buy "on the street", its a miracle anyone can drive there. Has anyone tried getting on the sidewalks? I really wish they would come up with different phrases that are supposed to scare and/or outrage us.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: F15 Gork 1/17/2022 6:23:41 AM (No. 1041087)
If Brandon said it then it’s got to be a lie.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: WhamDBambam 1/17/2022 6:31:59 AM (No. 1041091)
Brandon must have gotten a tip from Corn Pop.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: DCGIRL 1/17/2022 6:41:35 AM (No. 1041098)
Did anyone do a background check on this guy when he came into the U.S. Just wondering, since they (FBI/DOJ/democrats) are calling the Jan 6 people domestic terrorists and harassing them. Yet, they allow a foreign national with ties with a foreign national in jail to freely come into this country. Oh, forgot, the parents at the school board meetings are also "domestic terrorists".
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Rama41 1/17/2022 7:02:06 AM (No. 1041111)
I take with a grain of salt any article that starts with the words "President Joe Biden said".
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Reply 13 - Posted by: lakerman1 1/17/2022 7:09:35 AM (No. 1041118)
#5, it saddens me that you posted that. And it saddens me even more that I have to agree with your post. Dementia Jo's handlers need a 'wag the dog' to take the pressure off their guy. Let's just hope it is not another 'fast and furious' idiotic stunt. I still don't know anything about this filthy islamofascist terrorist pig. Where did he fly from?Where to? How did he pay for his ticket? Cash? Credit card? Where did he get the money? Was he employed? Had he traveled to Mecca recently? To Pokeston? When?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 1/17/2022 7:17:03 AM (No. 1041129)
Since the shooter is deceased and since the gun is in evidence, perhaps a history of where that gun has been used would be interesting. Ohhhh the FBI took possession of it? It must be in the vault with the Epstein pictures and videos.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Come And Take It 1/17/2022 7:19:36 AM (No. 1041131)
From Corn Pop, no doubt. He's a bad dude, you know.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: homefry 1/17/2022 7:33:12 AM (No. 1041140)
IF he had money for a gun, why was he in a homeless shelter?
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Reply 17 - Posted by: JHHolliday 1/17/2022 7:45:55 AM (No. 1041148)
What is really disgusting is the FBI attempts to dismiss this Jew-hater as some random nutcase who just happened to walk into a synagogue. I would be in favor of disbanding the FBI entirely. Apparently, all they are good for is harassing people who don't agree with the Democrat narrative....parents, Trump supporters and anyone suspected of not liking black people (the door pull noose). They don't seem to be able to stop real terrorists from swarming into this country at any time.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Toby Ten Bears 1/17/2022 7:46:22 AM (No. 1041149)
Diaper Joe Biden doesn't even know his own name but he knows where this Muslim got his gun... Tell us more Diaper Joe!
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Bur Oak 1/17/2022 8:19:52 AM (No. 1041181)
The Muslim terrorist flew into NYC 12/29 and is let into the country, why? He goes to NYC and ends up in Colleyville. TX an obscure town, how did he get there? He stayed the night before in a homeless shelter 10 miles away, how did he make this journey? How did he obtain the gun? Was he killed to keep him from talking? Questions that likely will never be answered.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: JrSample 1/17/2022 8:22:15 AM (No. 1041189)
The British government warned the US that he was a terrorist. Maybe the FBI was too busy monitoring angry Moms at school board meetings to be concerned with this. Besides, he's ''British''... pip-pip, cheerio, how-bout a spot-o-tea, Guvnuh.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Clinger 1/17/2022 8:24:43 AM (No. 1041191)
Little known fact: The Muslim terror network has named it's weapon distribution center "On The Street."
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Reply 22 - Posted by: 3XALADY 1/17/2022 8:52:26 AM (No. 1041237)
I have a dumb question but I may know the answer. The shooter spoke with his two sons who are in the UK. Obviuosly this was by cell phone. If he is homeless, where does AT&T or whoever handles his account send the bill to be paid, OR (I'm thinking here) does someone just pass out the phones and there is never a bill to be paid. All of us suckers who pay our bills take care of the ones with free phones?
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Reply 23 - Posted by: FunOne 1/17/2022 9:19:42 AM (No. 1041275)
It didn't take long for the anti-second amendment cabal that is in charge at the White House to draft a comment to be attributed to Brandon. In reality, I doubt if Brandon is even aware of what happened in a red state during the weekend.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: bigfatslob 1/17/2022 9:45:03 AM (No. 1041309)
When I saw, "Biden said" I knew this is going to be a lie. He obtained the gun like all the black yutes in Chicago do so what's the point Brandon? FJB
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Reply 25 - Posted by: bigfatslob 1/17/2022 9:57:29 AM (No. 1041330)
Second post, all here remember the two Boston Marathon pressure cooker bombers moved freely between their home country and the US while the FBI knew about it. I'm not believing this Muslim terrorist could act so free with the FBI knowing nothing unless old grannies are being stripped search in air terminals while Islamist jihadist are being waved in to help the FBI attack Trump voters. I'm not buying that this terrorist was under the radar he was let into the country.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: chesterbelloc was right 1/17/2022 9:59:23 AM (No. 1041333)
Bidet’s next mandate, we have to eliminate streets. You know, the thing…
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Reply 27 - Posted by: Strike3 1/17/2022 10:01:19 AM (No. 1041334)
That's helpful. I bought all of my guns on the street too - at strategically placed gun shops.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Come And Take It 1/17/2022 10:02:39 AM (No. 1041335)
Anyone care to offer an explanation why this terrorist was allowed to fly into NYC 5 weeks ago by Homeland Security? How was he even allowed to board a plane for the US? How did he get from NYC to Texas, end up with the homeless, acquire a gun, and take a synagogue hostage? Does someone at FBI have an explanation for all this?
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Reply 29 - Posted by: MickTurn 1/17/2022 10:52:54 AM (No. 1041392)
Likely bought it from an Antifa Thug...
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Glenn Youngkin Wastes No Time Delivering
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Shortly after being inaugurated, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin and his administration set the left’s hair on fire. It was glorious to watch. Virginia is not just full of government employees working in the Biden administration. It is also full of corporate media hacks who cover the beltway. One of the first few actions Youngkin took was appointing an adviser on the pandemic. He chose Dr. Marty Makary, surgery and public health professor at Johns Hopkins University. The Washington Post was not pleased. Gov. Glenn Youngkin has named a respected physician who opposes blanket vaccine mandates and downplayed the threat of the coronavirus to children as his lead adviser on pandemic response.
British hostage taker at Colleyville synagogue
bought gun ‘on the street’, Biden said
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President Joe Biden said Sunday the British national who held four people hostage inside a Colleyville synagogue was armed with a gun apparently “purchased on the street.” The president said the hostage-taker spent his first night in Texas at a homeless shelter, and speculated that he might have gotten a gun there. Also on Sunday, Greater Manchester police in England said they detained two teenagers in connection with the gunman who took four people hostage for more than 11 hours over the weekend in Colleyville. The two teens were the suspect’s sons who were in touch with him at some point Saturday, MSNBC reported.
Rabbi of Congregation Beth-Israel: "Grateful
to be alive"
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The good news is that all of the hostages, including the rabbi of Congregation Beth-Israel, are alive and safe. The bad news is that a deranged British national entered the synagogue during Shabbat services and held the men hostage while demanding the release of convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, known as Lady al-Qaeda. Today Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker released a statement of gratitude for being alive in a Facebook post. I am thankful and filled with appreciation for All of the vigils and prayers and love and support, All of the law enforcement and first responders who cared for us, All of the security training that helped save us. I am grateful for my family.
HHS Will Stop Counting COVID Deaths on
Feb. 2, According to New Guidance for Hospitals
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At this point, it’s clear there’s a difference between hospitalization with COVID-19 and for COVID-19. Now take the next logical step; there is also a difference between dying with COVID and dying from COVID. How many people listed as dying of COVID were receiving treatment for another illness and only tested positive? Apparently, that is a conversation the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) does not want to have. In an astonishing move, HHS notified hospitals they are no longer required to report COVID deaths beginning Feb. 2, 2022. Currently, the only required reporting of COVID deaths is the count from the previous day.
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New York Times reporters Reid Epstein and Nick Corasaniti consoled the Democratic Party and lamented its electoral prospects in 2022 in Sunday’s lead story, “With Voting Rights Bill Dead, Democrats Face Costly Fight to Overcome GOP Curbs.” Evidently, moves by Republicans in various states to roll back pandemic-inspired loosening of the vote, such as ballot harvesting and vote drop boxes, are prima facie examples of “voter suppression” (a phrase used twice in quoted material here) that will doom the Democrats – as if an objective press would pick a side. And now the party will have to actually have to (gasp!) spend money to convince people to vote for them.
Why the Media Is About to Run Away From
the Texas Synagogue Hostage Story
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Rebecca covered this story last night. A madman held people hostage at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas. For 12 hours, a gunman held four people including a rabbi hostage for over 10 hours at Congregation Beth Israel. It was a happy ending. The gunman is dead, and all the hostages were released unharmed (via NBC News): All hostages have been released safely from a synagogue in the Dallas-Fort Worth area following a more than 10-hour standoff, and the man responsible is dead, according to local and federal law enforcement officials. A group of four people, including the rabbi, were taken hostage at about 10:41 a.m.
FBI Dallas Identifies Colleyville Synagogue
Hostage Taker As Malik Faisal Akram
13 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 1/16/2022 1:02:18 PM Post Reply
Dallas – The FBI Dallas Field Office confirmed the identity of the confirmed. the identity of the man who took four people hostage at a Colleyville synagogue for 10 hours before an FBI SWAT team stormed the building, ending a tense standoff. FBI Special Agent in Charge Matthew DeSarno identified the 44-year-old British national as Malik Faisal Akram. Akram was shot and killed after the last of the hostages got out at around 9 p.m. Saturday at Congregation Beth Israel. In a statement, the FBI said there was no indication that anyone else was involved, but it didn’t provide a possible motive.
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The FBI have sparked fury after they appeared to dismiss a terror attack at a Texas synagogue as not being targeted against Jewish people. FBI Special Agent Matt DeSarno spoke on Saturday after British terrorist Malik Faisal Akram, 44, took four hostages at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas and held them for more than 10 hours before he was shot dead by agents. 'We do believe from our engaging with this subject that he was singularly focused on one issue, and it was not specifically related to the Jewish community. But we're continuing to work to find motive,' DeSarno said.(Snip)'The FBI is a joke. A dangerous
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It’s official: Democrats are the biggest drama queens on earth. In 2022, Democrats will be faced with a very difficult problem. They have no issues and no accomplishments on which they can run successfully. By next November, the economy will be a political dry hole for Democrats as it’s very unlikely that inflation will ease, and chances are getting better for the double-whammy of inflation and a slowing economy. Domestically, their agenda is stalled and doesn’t appear to have much chance of getting through the Senate. All the goodies they want to give away — very popular because voters believe the goodies are “free” —
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The entire Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board got together and published an op-ed Saturday that has many wondering if we are still living in America.According to the Board—the whole Board, mind you—Salt Lake City is no longer a “truly civilized place.” If it were, the Board contends, Utah Governor Spencer Cox would find a way to enlist the National Guard in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.“Were Utah a truly civilized place, the governor’s next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as to deploy the National Guard to ensure that people
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The treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, marked Martin Luther King Day with a speech acknowledging that the US economy “has never worked fairly for Black Americans or, really, for any American of color”. Interpreting the late civil rights leader’s I Have a Dream speech, Yellen said: “Dr King knew that economic injustice was bound up in the larger injustice he fought against.” In her comments, recorded for delivery at the Rev Al Sharpton’s National Action Network breakfast in Washington, Yellen noted the financial metaphors the Rev Martin Luther King Jr used in his address, delivered on 28 August 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
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The University of Michigan has fired its $927,000-a-year president after his emails revealed he was having an affair with a female subordinate.Mark Schlissel, 64, was informed in a letter on Saturday that he was being fired from the role he has held since July 2014.Schlissel - a married father of four - and his lover, who has not been identified, exchanged emails on their work email addresses which were 'inconsistent with promoting the dignity and reputation of the university', the regents of the university wrote. It is unclear how the affair came to the attention of college bosses.
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A judge in the state of Wisconsin ruled on Thursday that the use of ballot boxes in the 2020 election was, in fact, illegal. Joe Biden was declared the winner over Donald Trump in the state by 20,682 votes. Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Michael Bohren issued the decision in a lawsuit that had been filed on behalf of two voters by the Wisconsin Institute of Law & Liberty (WILL). WILL argued that the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) had unilaterally issued guidance to election clerks, authorizing the use of ballot collection boxes, in contradiction of state law. “The guidance from the Wisconsin Elections Commission on absentee ballot drop boxes was unlawful.
Doctor loses license, ordered to have
psych eval for Ivermectin scripts, sharing
Covid ‘misinformation’
29 replies
Posted by ladydawgfan 1/16/2022 11:44:53 PM Post Reply
A 25-year Maine doctor has had her license temporarily suspended and been ordered to submit to a psychological evaluation for the alleged offenses of treating her patients with Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, in addition to sharing so-called “misinformation” about the coronavirus and its associated vaccines. The State of Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine issued the 30-day suspension (minimum) last Tuesday on the grounds that Dr. Meryl J. Nass’ medical services would constitute “an immediate jeopardy to the health and physical safety of the public.” The order goes into detail about how she prescribed Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to several patients and once falsely labeled a patient a victim of Lyme disease
British hostage taker at Colleyville synagogue
bought gun ‘on the street’, Biden said
29 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 1/16/2022 11:44:25 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden said Sunday the British national who held four people hostage inside a Colleyville synagogue was armed with a gun apparently “purchased on the street.” The president said the hostage-taker spent his first night in Texas at a homeless shelter, and speculated that he might have gotten a gun there. Also on Sunday, Greater Manchester police in England said they detained two teenagers in connection with the gunman who took four people hostage for more than 11 hours over the weekend in Colleyville. The two teens were the suspect’s sons who were in touch with him at some point Saturday, MSNBC reported.
Margaret Brennan: America’s Credibility
‘Will Be Lost’ If Putin Defies Biden
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Posted by MAGA Might 1/17/2022 9:10:30 AM Post Reply
Margaret Brennan, host of CBS’ “Face the Nation,” expressed her concern about President Joe Biden’s ability to lead the U.S. and NATO out of the crisis currently brewing between Russia and Ukraine while speaking with National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan. Citing former CIA director Mike Morrell, Brennan said, “This comes down to a matter of American credibility, which will be lost if Vladimir Putin defies President Biden.” “That’s what is- what is at stake here, Jake. I mean, we’ve been talking about the president’s approval ratings being on the decline since that chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.
New Virginia AG Fires 30 Members of the
Civil Rights Division, To Start Prosecution
Cases Dropped by Soft on Crime DAs
28 replies
Posted by Imright 1/16/2022 11:21:07 PM Post Reply
Citizens of the Old Dominion are learning that elections have consequences. Specifically, in this case, they’re learning that electing Republicans means returning to pro-American and pro-law and order policies.First, they saw Youngkin launch an anti-Covid jab mandate blitz that was paired with a series of executive orders that struck back at the mask mandates and CRT lessons pushed onto Virginia’s schools by the agents of the former, leftist governor.Now, they’re getting a reminder of what it’s like to have a real attorney general rather than a social justice warrior that crazy leftists like George Soros want in the AG’s office so criminals can be freed and law-abiding conservatives punished.
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