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Kamala Harris appears on GMA to deny claims
she is 'underused' as VP and insists she's
'traveled the country and is getting things
done' with the President

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Posted By: Imright, 11/18/2021 8:08:00 AM

Kamala Harris hit back at claims she is being misused as vice president, saying she doesn't feel like she's under utilized by President Joe Biden and his team. 'No. I don't,' she told ABC's George Stephanopoulos in an interview that aired on Good Morning America Thursday morning. 'I am very, very excited about the work that we have accomplished but I am also absolutely, absolutely clear-eyed that there is a lot more to do and we're going to get it done.'She rattled off a list of her accomplishments, including the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, her recent trip to France, her work with members of Congress and

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Come And Take It 11/18/2021 8:15:04 AM (No. 981318)
And just what do you think you have accomplished? This dimwit thinks she can save herself by going out and playing the charm offensive with the Lugenpresse. The problem with that is that she is so phony, so unlikable, that every word out of her Willie holster comes off as bogus as the PIAPS with a bottle of hot sauce. Take your little pots and pans, and go away. Forever.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Lets Go Brandon 11/18/2021 8:37:55 AM (No. 981344)
Wow, I actually agree with the VP, I think this is a first. She's not being underused, and if anything, she's being overused. With her non-existent skill set and capabilities, she should be doing nothing but hanging out in the basement with Joe.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: bpl40 11/18/2021 8:55:59 AM (No. 981358)
If I were her, I wouldn't claim a share in what Joe Dementia is 'achieving'. But, as the saying goes - fools rush where angels fear to tread!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: red1066 11/18/2021 9:16:53 AM (No. 981379)
She's like the little kid who when told to clean their room does everything but clean the room. Then when confronted by the parents, starts picking up stuff and says, I'm cleaning.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: mizzmac 11/18/2021 9:26:09 AM (No. 981392)
The only "work" she's done since she and Slo Jo were installed after a stolen election is to try to change people's appropriately low opinion of her. And believe me, that will take some herculean "work."
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Reply 6 - Posted by: Maggie2u 11/18/2021 9:30:03 AM (No. 981396)
Poster #4, she's more like my daughter who shared a room with her older sister. They had bunkbeds and when I told them to clean their room, she raised her hands up in the air and said....'my half of the room IS clean.'
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Reply 7 - Posted by: hershey 11/18/2021 9:32:12 AM (No. 981405)
Does 'getting things done with the president include mattresses??? Just asking for a friend...
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Rama41 11/18/2021 9:50:04 AM (No. 981422)
Wow. A recorded interview with George Stephanopoulus. Another example of this administration's belt-and-suspenders approach to media manipulation.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: ChattyCatsSusan 11/18/2021 11:16:36 AM (No. 981487)
Go tell that to the towns and cities on our Southern Border Dirty Cop. Let us witness the ripping you will get in return.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: SALady 11/18/2021 11:50:57 AM (No. 981522)
When not-my-president Lyin' Joe biden appointed this hose beast to take charge of the border disaster under their administration, she showed exactly how incompetent she was by totally ignoring her responsibilities. If she had been competent in the least, she would have at least gone down to the border the next day and very publicly shown that she was in charge. But, like everything about this bogus and invalid administration, she failed miserably!!! As my mama always said "words are cheap". You are judged by your actions, and not-my-VP Matressback Harris has no actions to back up her very cheap words!!!!!
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Reply 11 - Posted by: DVC 11/18/2021 11:59:39 AM (No. 981531)
Undersused......well, given her only skill, she should put in a condom machine and rent a hotel room....get some "use".
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Reply 12 - Posted by: mifla 11/21/2021 3:36:01 AM (No. 984134)
She thinks all jobs in government are comprised of photo ops and speeches full of word salad.
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The White House's communications chief of staff has announced she is leaving her post, marking the administration's second high-profile resignation this week as President Biden's approval ratings continue to plummet. White House communications chief of staff Emma Riley said Friday she is resigning from her Oval Office gig less than a year into the administration and is heading to a new post at the Labor Department. 'It was an honor and privilege to serve @POTUS and the American people at the @White House … I'm excited to be moving down Pennsylvania Ave and traveling around the country with @SecMartyWalsh and @USDOL,' Riley tweeted.
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By a narrow margin, the Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives voted on complicated and controversial legislation. Inside-the-Beltway observers, always attuned to political technique, were duly impressed by the muscle used to get the bill through the House. In the words of Politico, “Despite the tough path to passage, the legislation is a significant win for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.” For his part, the new Democratic president—less than a year into office—was delighted. He said of the legislation, “It’s a bold and necessary step.”So, yes, Democrats were very happy when the American Clean Energy and Security Act passed the House on June 26, 2009.
Democrats Scramble as Rumors Cast Doubt
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As Vice President Kamala Harris continues to flounder in the polls, Democrats are scrambling to dispel rumors that President Biden will not run in the 2024 election while maintaining a dose of healthy realism.Last week, former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), a longtime friend of the president, sparked a wave of speculation when he suggested to the New York Times that Biden may not seek reelection.“I’m hoping the president runs for re-election,” Dodd said. “But for whatever reason that might not be the case, it’s hard to believe there would be a shortlist without Kamala’s name on it. She’s the vice president of the United States.
Health fears for 'confused' President
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Fears were growing last night for the health of US President Joe Biden, who turned 79 yesterday.One source who previously worked in the White House said: ‘Everyone knew President Reagan was losing it by the time he came to the end of his term.'Reagan left office when he was 77. Biden is 79 and only in the first year.’(Photo) Increasingly looking weak and doddery, he is given to moments of confusion and prone to gaffes.Even his White House PR team can no longer cover up for his mishaps, such as nodding off during the COP26 conference, where he also broke wind in front of the Duchess of Cornwall.
ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN skip DOJ whistleblower
revealing 'threat tag' targeting parents
at school board meetings
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The media have largely ignored the explosive allegation made by a DOJ whistleblower about the counterterrorism targeting of outraged parents that appears to undercut sworn testimony from Attorney General Merrick Garland. On Tuesday, a whistleblower revealed the FBI created a "threat tag" to aid in tracking alleged threats against school board officials, teachers, and staff as part of its implementation of a controversial memo issued by Garland last month.An Oct. 20 internal email from the FBI’s criminal and counterterrorism divisions, released Tuesday by House Republicans, instructed agents to apply the threat tag "EDUOFFICIALS" to all investigations and assessments of threats directed specifically at education officials.
Hunter Biden’s firm helped China gain
control of electric-car mineral: report
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Hunter Biden’s investment firm helped broker a 2016 deal that gave a Chinese state-backed company control of a massive African mine rich in cobalt — a mineral essential for the production of electric car batteries.The deal, first reported by the Washington Free Beacon during the 2020 presidential campaign, was spotlighted by the New York Times Saturday as Congress inches closer to approving President Biden’s $2 trillion social spending plan, which earmarks billions of dollars to promote electric vehicles.In 2016, an investment firm founded by Hunter Biden with several Chinese partners was cut into a complex $3.8 billion transaction
Could Kyle Rittenhouse SUE Biden? Kenosha
teen 'has a defamation case against president
for calling him a white supremacist' before
murder trial says expert who helped Nicholas
Sandmann reach settlement
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Posted by Imright 11/20/2021 8:02:56 PM Post Reply
Kyle Rittenhouse, who was found not guilty on all charges Friday in a controversial trial that has divided the nation, may possibly have a defamation case against President Joe Biden over reference to 'white supremacists' in a video, experts said. The video was posted in a September 2020 tweet, which could now possibly cause Biden legal trouble, according to lawyer Todd McMurtry, who helped Nicolas Sandmann sue news outlets for upward of $800 million for defamation. The now-19-year-old famously settled with CNN and The Washington Post after they deemed him a racist when he was seen in viral video footage wearing a MAGA hat.
Good luck with that! FBI demands motorists
return money they grabbed in frenzy after
armored truck spewed cash over San Diego
freeway when doors flew open: Two arrested
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Posted by Imright 11/20/2021 5:34:21 PM Post Reply
An armored truck spewed cash all over a San Diego freeway this week after one of its doors burst open, and now the FBI and the California Highway Patrol are looking for those who ran off with the money.'If anyone picked up cash, we ask you to bring it to the office in Vista immediately,' a CHP spokesperson told Fox 5. 'I just want to give everyone a head's up that there is a lot of video evidence.' They are giving people 48 hours to return the money or face 'potential criminal charges.' Two people have already been arrested, officials said.Drivers stopped what they were doing Monday and scrambled to
First Lady Jill Biden Welcomes Trisha
Yearwood for A White House Thanksgiving
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First Lady Jill Biden and Trisha Yearwood, country superstar and host of Food Network’s Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, are kicking off the holiday season with an exclusive look at the First Family’s Thanksgiving traditions and favorite recipes in the special A White House Thanksgiving, premiering Saturday, November 20 at 12|11c on Food Network and streaming the same day on discovery+. In addition to creating a beautiful tablescape made with fresh flowers from the White House Kitchen Garden, the First Lady and the country superstar will be preparing their favorite Turkey Day dishes, including the First Lady’s Grandmom Jacobs’ Savory Stuffing recipe and Trisha’s Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy.
Watters slams Biden’s ‘angry’ about-face
on Rittenhouse verdict: ‘His puppet
masters got ahold of him’
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Fox News host Jesse Watters pointed out the hypocritical flip-flop by President Biden on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict as he initially sided with the jury and then later reversed his stance, declaring he was “angry” and “concerned” over the ruling.“The jury system works and we have to abide by it,” Biden said Friday while speaking with reporters concerning the Rittenhouse verdict. The president asserted he “stand[s] by what the jury has concluded.”“I think he should have stopped at that because that was the correct answer — and then his puppet masters get ahold of him and
'Be brave. Come here': Bill Maher challenges
AOC to appear on his HBO show and slams
the 'Squad' and Democrats for pushing
'stupid wokeness' and 'appearing on shows
where they're pre-adored'
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Posted by Imright 11/20/2021 1:41:58 PM Post Reply
Bill Maher has dared House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to appear on his HBO talk show.The Real Time host also scolded the far-left ‘Squad’ member on Friday for dismissing critics of ‘wokeness’ - which he claims is the reason Democrats suffered electoral defeats this year in Virginia and elsewhere.Maher said he would 'love' to have Ocasio-Cortez on his show since there's 'so much to admire' about her, particularly her efforts to combat climate change.'But that will probably never happen because Democrats don't go anywhere these days where they're not being adored,'
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FNC’s Juan Williams: If Rittenhouse
Were Black ‘Laws Might Have Treated
Him a Little Differently’
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Fox News analyst Juan Williams said on Friday on “Special Report” that if Kyle Rittenhouse were a black teen, he would have been treated differently.Discussing Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict, Williams said, “Well, I think one of the realities is that the jury made a decision. And I think a considered decision after lengthy three days, obviously, looking at the facts of the case and looking at the law. I think that’s where we have to go. I think there are lots of people who are concerned that someone crossing into another state with a weapon, you know, really a vicious weapon, is now under the law allowed to engage in
Colin Kaepernick Says Rittenhouse Verdict
‘Validates the Terrorist Acts of a White Supremacist’
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After a Wisconsin jury declared that accused shooter Kyle Rittenhouse was “not guilty” on all counts, former NFL player Colin Kaepernick called the teenager a “white supremacist” benefiting from a system that Kaep wants to “abolish.”Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot several assailants who attacked him during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2020, was declared innocent in a Friday afternoon reading of his verdict. Still, the determination did not sit well with the hard-left, anti-American protester and former second-string NFL quarterback.Just after the verdict, Kaepernick went on a tear, tweeting, “We just witnessed a system built on white supremacy validate the terroristic acts of a white supremacist.”
Fauci Finally Admits Vaccines Don’t
Protect Against Serious Covid or Death
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Posted by Magnante 11/20/2021 4:36:19 AM Post Reply
Last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci made perhaps the most damning confession in the Covid vaccine saga. So far-reaching are the implications of his statement that the interview in which he made it may well prove a turning point in the fight against the vaccine fraud that is being perpetrated on the peoples of the world. In a November 12 podcast session with the New York Times, Fauci was forced to admit the fact that the vaccines do not reliably protect their recipients from serious Covid or death. (snip) Fauci’s words amount to the admission that the vaccinated are getting infected and more and more of them are ending up in hospital
Joy Reid on Rittenhouse: America ‘Built
on the Idea That White Men Had a Particular
Kind of Freedom’ ‘That Only They Have’
42 replies
Posted by Imright 11/20/2021 9:41:18 AM Post Reply
On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” host Joy Reid reacted to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict by stating that America “was built on the idea that white men had a particular kind of freedom and a particular kind of citizenship that only they have, that gives, from the slave catchers on, the right to inflict violence in the name of protecting property. That’s like the foundational creation of the United States.” And so, a conviction of Rittenhouse would have been a shock.Reid said, “I was not at all surprised. We’ve talked about this. I mean, this is what we expected to happen.
Physical finds Biden 'fit' for the job,
but report does not say he had a cognitive exam
36 replies
Posted by Imright 11/20/2021 10:28:50 AM Post Reply
The White House on Friday released a copy of results from President Biden's first physical exam, which claims he is fit to lead the nation and highlights observations including his "stiffened" walking pattern.Biden, who turns 79 on Saturday, was evaluated for his first physical since taking office by White House physician Kevin O'Connor. According to O'Connor's examination, Biden "remains a healthy, vigorous, 78-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency."While O'Connor did not report any vital health concerns regarding the president, the results of his exam
Joe Biden’s Doctor Releases His Physical;
Detailing ‘Pronounced’ Coughing and
‘Stiffer’ Walk
32 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/20/2021 12:16:45 AM Post Reply
President Joe Biden’s doctor released the details of his physical examination on Friday afternoon, citing concerns about his increasing coughing and stiffer walk. Biden’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, has been his doctor for 13 years and was appointed by the president after his taking office in January 2021. O’Connor noted that Biden had experienced “increasing frequency and severity of ‘throat clearing’ and coughing during speaking engagements” but attributed it to his ongoing struggle with “gastroesophageal reflux.” “My original assessment that gastroesophageal reflux is the source of the President’s throat clearing and coughing is supported by the findings and by expert consultation,” he wrote.
White House honors Transgender Day of
Remembrance with vigil
31 replies
Posted by Ribicon 11/20/2021 6:32:45 PM Post Reply
The White House issued a statement on Saturday recognizing a day of remembrance for the transgender community, citing those who were killed in acts of violence. President Biden called on state and local leaders to follow suit of his administration to advance policies that aid and protect LGBTQ people. “Transgender people are some of the bravest Americans I know. But no person should have to be brave just to live in safety and dignity. Today, we remember. Tomorrow—and every day—we must continue to act,” Mr. Biden said in a statement. The president also condemned various bills across GOP-led state legislatures that are aimed at curbing transgender policies.
Gang of 14 Chicago thieves ransack Louis
Vuitton store during looting following
Rittenhouse verdict and make off with
$120,000 in brazen daylight robbery
30 replies
Posted by Ribicon 11/20/2021 9:55:38 AM Post Reply
A gang of 14 thieves stole about $120,00 worth of merchandise in broad daylight from a Chicago-area Louis Vuitton store as the Windy City's rampant crime spreads to its posh suburbs, police said. Shocking video shows the gang entering the store at the Oak Brook Center one at a time on Thursday after an armed guard went on a short break. Once they were all inside, the thieves pulled out trash bags from their coats and jumped to every corner of the store, stuffing their bags full of designer products. Some of the thieves took everything they could carry by hand, and in seconds, they all ran out
Mark Meadows floats congressional scenario
that will have leftists ‘melting down’ everywhere
28 replies
Posted by Imright 11/20/2021 2:10:36 AM Post Reply
With Democrats already facing the nightmare scenario of losing control of Congress in next year’s critical midterm elections, leftists could be in for a collective traumatic shock unseen since the iconoclastic billionaire outsider Donald J. Trump pulled off the upset of the century against the “undefeatable” Hillary Clinton in 2016.Traditionally, the party in control of the White House loses seats in the midterms but intensifying dissatisfaction with the miserable presidency of Joe Biden that has brought staggering inflation, unprecedented shortages and a flagrant disregard for the Constitution has some predicting much more severe losses for power-drunk Democrats who may be forced onto the wagon by angry voters.
First Lady Jill Biden Welcomes Trisha
Yearwood for A White House Thanksgiving
26 replies
Posted by Imright 11/20/2021 3:28:58 PM Post Reply
First Lady Jill Biden and Trisha Yearwood, country superstar and host of Food Network’s Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, are kicking off the holiday season with an exclusive look at the First Family’s Thanksgiving traditions and favorite recipes in the special A White House Thanksgiving, premiering Saturday, November 20 at 12|11c on Food Network and streaming the same day on discovery+. In addition to creating a beautiful tablescape made with fresh flowers from the White House Kitchen Garden, the First Lady and the country superstar will be preparing their favorite Turkey Day dishes, including the First Lady’s Grandmom Jacobs’ Savory Stuffing recipe and Trisha’s Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy.
Biden's physician pronounces him 'fit
for duty' in first public medical report:
President's gait is 'perceptibly' stiffer,
he suffers increased throat-clearing and
has acid reflux but 'NO SIGNS' of neurological disorder
26 replies
Posted by Ribicon 11/20/2021 10:15:36 AM Post Reply
Joe Biden is 'fit for duty,' his doctor declared Friday after the president's routine medical exam, which included a colonoscopy and 'extremely detailed neurologic exam.' Biden is ‘fit for duty, and fully executes all of his responsibilities without any exceptions or accommodations,' Dr. Kevin O'Connor, the president's longtime physician, wrote in a six-page memo to press secretary Jen Psaki, which was released by the White House. In the first public medical report of Biden's presidency, O'Connor addressed a couple of items that had become topic of public discourse—the president's notable increase in coughing and clearing his throat and whether his stiffer gait a symptom of a neurological problem
Protesters Take to Streets Across the
Country Following Not Guilty Verdict in
Rittenhouse Trial
25 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 11/20/2021 12:29:35 AM Post Reply
Protesters took to the streets of Brooklyn, Chicago, Oakland, and other cities following the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. After the verdict, hundreds of people took to the streets of Brooklyn, New York, to voice their frustration with the jury’s verdict. The crowd gathered at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and reportedly chanted, “Say his name, George Floyd.” Progressive activists have tried incessantly to make the Rittenhouse trial about race, even though Rittenhouse and the three men he shot were all white. In Chicago, dozens
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