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My heat pump has me left in the cold...
but I'm VERY hot and bothered about the
PM's eco-jollity

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Posted By: Ribicon, 10/23/2021 3:16:55 PM

My first shot at burning down our house was rather less effective than my second. I was a small boy and it was the morning after Bonfire Night.(Snip)It cost a small fortune, but it was worth it. I was helping to save the planet and saving myself the cost of buying nasty, polluting oil. The perfect win-win, I told myself. A toasty house whatever the weather and a minuscule energy bill.(Snip)The sad reality is I’ve spent a small fortune and have not ended up with a cosy house. And I wonder: how many of us would—or even could—pay at least £10,000 for a heating


Article describes the trials and tribulations of the impractical and very expensive Green heating systems the serfs are required to buy, and for their troubles they will freeze in the dark, the vision of which brings great joy to our betters.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Come And Take It 10/23/2021 3:31:12 PM (No. 955333)
I replaced and old and failing furnace in my home about 7 years ago with a very high EER heat pump. Mine is a hybrid dual-fuel (both electric and gas). I have been happy with it, but heat pumps simply do not work well in below freezing temperatures. Once temps fall, mine supplements, and then goes completely over to gas, which produces greatly superior heat at low temperatures. I would have never put in straight electric heat. 20 below is not unheard of in Illinois, and electric only is crappy heat.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: JHHolliday 10/23/2021 3:36:06 PM (No. 955340)
My heat pump works well most of the winter. It struggles on the rare cold days in the lower teens. Having said that I live in Georgia. Heat pumps are less effective the colder the outside air. I wouldn’t want one if I lived in Michigan’s UP.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: Vesicant 10/23/2021 3:43:45 PM (No. 955349)
Gee, why not just cut to the chase and move back into caves, mud huts, and middens? Note that he buries the lede -- everything libterds and econazis want is useless, costs more, and has more side effects than what they want to replace.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: red1066 10/23/2021 3:50:33 PM (No. 955360)
I had a heat pump in my first house here in Maryland. It was fine as long as the temps were above about 40 degrees. Once the temperatures got down to freezing and lower, it was useless. For me, what bothered me most, was not that it ran constantly when it got below 30, but that the air coming out of the vents felt cold. I lived in that house for ten years. When we had our new house built. I insisted on oil or gas heat. No more cold air coming out of the vents for me. Whatever that thing was doing, it sure a hell wasn't pumping heat.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Bur Oak 10/23/2021 4:12:00 PM (No. 955392)
John you've been hoodwinked. Carbon dioxide from burning gas is good for the planet. If you are cold why wouldn't you welcome warming?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: MickTurn 10/23/2021 4:13:28 PM (No. 955394)
I visited friends in England in 2006...among our conversations was the state of their govt and welfare state. I asked them what they thought of both and they all said they hated it. I didn't say anything back them but it occurred to me that they ALL voted for what they have and are first in line for their Free Stuff/Checks. I see the same issue here, the Demoncraps have figured out the way to a moron's heart/vote is FREE STUFF. The rest of us get the bill. To change that we need to reduce the number of welfare bums by cutting off their bennies...PERIOD. Until then the same story will get repeated every second of every day.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: DVC 10/23/2021 4:33:08 PM (No. 955425)
My father installed a heat pump "to save energy" in his new home in about 2000. By 2002 my mother was very unhappy "with this damned cold, miserable house. I can never get warm". Even though the thermostat was set at 75, she was cold and always said, "Stupid thing just blows cold air". The issue is how humans percieve temperature. A heat pump, as the outside air gets colder, has trouble getting enough heat to warm the house. Since the heat exchanger temperature is barely above the desired room temp, say 75 F, the large quantity of air blowing out of the vents may be at 78F or so, and because it is 1) cooler than body temp (98.6F) and 2) moving.....will provide a cooling feel to a hand put in the "warm air flow", even though it is provably actually heating the home. A gas or air fired furnace, OTOH, will have a heat exchanger temp of several hundred degrees and blow a smaller quantity of air at perhaps 110F or more. This is above body temp, and will then feel pleasantly warm on the skin. Each will warm the home, but one feels "cold" and the other feels "warm". And the heat pump will lose efficiency until it basically quits heating at about 30F outside air temp. Oil and gas are used for furnaces for a host of very real reasons. Many people complain of "feeling cold" in a heat pump heated home.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: joew9 10/23/2021 4:34:40 PM (No. 955428)
Heat pumps have a narrow limited geographical range where they are practical. Above the Mason Dixon line heat pump systems require so much alternative heat(emergency heat) that the pump becomes insignificant and just an expensive annoyance. Below Georgia-Florida line a simple electric or gas heat system is all that is needed.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: NHChemist 10/23/2021 4:51:14 PM (No. 955450)
I run an air source heat pump/oil furnace in NH. During the winter when it gets below 20° the furnace kicks on. I also run a coal stove on the first floor when temps are below 20°. I burn about 250 gallons of oil a year. The beauty of the oil furnace is that I can run it on a small generator when I lose my power. The heat pump would require a 10KW backup generator. When the price of oil is high (like this coming winter) I can keep the house warm at 10° outside temperatures. When I replaced the system 10 years ago I looked at ground source heat pumps. The cost would have been about $18,000 for the heat pump and another $9000 for a 400 foot well. I passed because of the cost of a new 10KW generator was much more than the cost of the oil furnace.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: chumley 10/23/2021 5:22:57 PM (No. 955468)
I used to work on those infernal things and will never own one. They are essentially an air conditioner running in reverse. They dont work when it gets cold enough to need one. Always have to have a source of supplemental heat for when it gets cold, which kind of defeats the purpose.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Jennie C. 10/23/2021 7:11:46 PM (No. 955567)
Heat pumps are nasty. We had one in our first apartment. When you set the temp at, say 72, the temperature flowing out of the registers is, well, 72. That's cold. I love natural gas, which keeps me warm. I would never willingly go back to a heat pump, although I do understand they aren't so bad in the South. But I don't live in the South.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: bad-hair 10/23/2021 7:13:21 PM (No. 955569)
They work OK in Texas except when it actually gets cold. Britain not so much. Greenie Weenie find out his crap doesn't work. I am an engineer. My wife is an engineer with a psychology degree as well. Our standing joke is she can tell me why my crap doesn't work AND how I should feel about it.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: NHChemist 10/23/2021 7:58:38 PM (No. 955608)
Sorry for the second post. It is 45° outside right now and the air coming from my registers is 97°. Even during 30° weather, the discharge temperature is 90° or above. I would argue that those who have problems purchased their systems from companies that had no idea what they were doing. Avoiding electric supplemental heat is the key.
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Reply 14 - Posted by: 4Liberty2020 10/23/2021 9:42:21 PM (No. 955663)
Also live in NH, our 1740 circ home is heated with wood, with oil backup....nice and warm when it is below 32 degrees outside.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Rumblehog 10/24/2021 9:48:42 AM (No. 955935)
FTA: "I jest but this is no laughing matter. The world is facing a real crisis." Calling BS on that very premise! The world is in NO crisis, globalism is in a real crisis, which is the point. They want to control every aspect of our lives, and getting us used to complying with their every whim. Not only that, but the bottom line is the close association of Corporations with Governments is FASCISM and drives competition out of the market. Setting up the Government to decide what's best for you, instead of you deciding within a 100% "free market" is a fool's paradise. Government wants 2 things: 1) Power and 2) Money... if they get #1 first they automatically get #2; if they get #2 first they'll eventually get #1 also.
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President Biden and Senate Democrats are drafting a plan that would tax the stocks and bonds of the wealthiest 0.0002 percent, an idea popularized in some 2020 campaigns but still not fully supported within the Democratic Party. The new 'Billionaire Income Tax' is being written by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, with input from the Treasury Department and the White House. As it stands, billionaires use much of their money to buy assets like stocks, which are currently only taxed when they are sold. The new plan would levy annual taxes on those assets for the ultra-rich while they're still in the hands
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Dr. Anthony Fauci is under fire over claims his division of the National Institutes of Health sent a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia that locked beagles in cages so sand flies could eat the dogs alive. The White Coat Waste Project claims that Fauci's researchers spent multiple weeks injecting the dogs with an experimental drug before killing and dissecting them. The 44 puppies were locked in cages for nine consecutive days and used as bait to attract infectious sand flies that would eat the dogs alive, the report alleges. Researchers are also accused of removing the dogs' vocal chords so they could work without 'incessant barking.'
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Tent encampments in parks and under bridges aren't the only signs of a housing problem in the Twin Cities. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, rent control measures are on the November ballot for the first time in both cities, a reaction to skyrocketing prices. House prices are at record highs, rents are on the rise and, among large metros, the Twin Cities has the lowest housing vacancy rate in the nation, according to new census data.(Snip)In the Twin Cities metro, where housing costs are increasing far faster than wages, keeping lower income people housed is increasingly difficult. Last week, Zillow said that average rents in the metro
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Charlottesville, Va.–A Virginia museum is proposing to melt down a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee that was the focus of a violent white nationalist rally in 2017 in Charlottesville and create a new work of public art. The Jefferson School African American Heritage Center submitted its proposal last week to Charlottesville’s city council and city manager, The Daily Progress reported. It outlines a plan to create the new work of art through a community engagement process and then give it to the city to be installed on public land.(Snip)“Recontextualization is not enough,” the museum said in the proposal, stressing that wherever the statue goes,
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Republican Reps. Jim Banks and Marjorie Taylor Greene were dinged by Twitter this week for saying that Rachel Levine, a transgender Biden administration official, was a man. Mr. Banks of Indiana said Saturday that his official account was suspended after he tweeted, “The title of first female four-star officer gets taken by a man,” referring to Dr. Levine’s promotion to four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Meanwhile, Twitter placed a “hateful conduct” warning on—but did not remove—a tweet by Ms. Greene, Georgia Republican, that said, “A dude who lived the first 50 years of his life as a man isn’t the first female anything.”
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People who've recovered from the coronavirus are experiencing problems with their memory, new research and data reveal. A study, published Friday in medical journal JAMA Network Open, says nearly a quarter of individuals who've been infected with the coronavirus have problems retaining information and focusing months after contracting the disease. Researchers, examining 740 patients at the Mount Sinai Health System in New York, found that it's relatively common for people who've had COVID-19 before to struggle with things like multitasking. "In this study, we found a relatively high frequency of cognitive impairment several months after patients contracted COVID-19. Impairments in
Alec Baldwin is merely getting a taste
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Posted by DW626 10/24/2021 6:42:17 AM Post Reply
For four continuous years, Alec Baldwin maliciously caricatured President Trump in numerous ‘comedy’ sketches on Saturday Night Live. The cycle worked as follows: The ‘brains’ in Washington contrived a scandal or outrage for that week, often related to the phony Russian Collusion narrative that loomed over Trump’s 4-year term. The figurative rifles were fired resting on the shoulders of shady lawyers, porn stars, dismissed or disgruntled personnel, anonymous ‘insiders’ and ‘leakers’.
National School Boards Association Apologizes
for Letter Comparing Parents to Terrorists
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Posted by Come And Take It 10/23/2021 1:07:35 AM Post Reply
The National School Boards Association has apologized for a letter that called on the Biden administration to investigate whether alleged threats against school-board members constituted domestic terrorism. The NSBA Board of Directors apologized in a memorandum to members on Friday. The initial letter, sent on September 29, asked the administration to investigate whether alleged threats to school-board members, over masking policies and “propaganda purporting the false inclusion of critical race theory” in lessons, necessitated federal investigation.
Attorney Says Alec Baldwin ‘Needs to
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Attorney Andrew Stoltmann believes actor Alec Baldwin “needs to start thinking like a potential defendant instead of just somebody who made a tragic mistake.” “There are crimes that cover this sort of situation depending on his level of culpability.” “I’m certainly not saying he’s going to be charged,” the Chicago-based attorney told Fox News, “but what I am saying is anytime somebody shoots another human being – even on accident, even in self-defense – the police and eventually prosecutors look very, very carefully at what happened.” “There are literally about a hundred different issues that would need to be resolved, but there is something called negligent homicide,”
Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Demands
Answers From Fauci About 'Cruel' Experiments
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Posted by Dreadnought 10/24/2021 12:18:32 AM Post Reply
Welp, guess who’s in trouble with lawmakers, again? Make that still. Yup, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the emerging and infectious diseases “expert” has been implicated in a series of taxpayer-funded, animal-testing experiments. Beagle puppies, that is. This time, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is demanding answers. According to the White Coat Waste Project (a watch group committed to stopping taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs, monkeys, cats, and other animals), as reported by Daily Caller, 44 beagles were used in the experiments conducted in a Tunisia, North Africa, laboratory. Some of the dogs reportedly had their vocal cords removed, allegedly so scientists could work without incessant barking.
No, let's not be kind to Alec 32 replies
Posted by Magnante 10/23/2021 9:19:12 AM Post Reply
There have been a number of suggestions, from the conservative press as much as elsewhere, that we should go easy on poor Alec Baldwin concerning the terrible “accident” that resulted in a “tragedy” at his New Mexico filming location. No, we should not. It was not an accident, and it is not a tragedy. There a four primary rules of firearms handling, codified many years ago by firearms expert Jeff Cooper. Everyone serious about firearms has long ago (snip) It seems clear that Baldwin ignored every last one of these.
Climate Change? China Launches ‘All-Out’
Coal Production Campaign
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 10/23/2021 4:46:07 AM Post Reply
China on Tuesday launched a major effort to ramp up coal production and stabilize coal prices ahead of an anticipated surge in electric power demand this winter. China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) reportedly ordered mine operators to “produce as much coal as possible.” CNN noted on Wednesday that China made an effort to scale back coal production this year to placate climate change activists, but those desultory efforts simply evaporated in the face of rolling blackouts that interfered with the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) industrial goals.
Right-hand privilege presentation at university
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Posted by NorthernDog 10/24/2021 12:23:25 PM Post Reply
Check your privilege, especially if you used your right hand to open this article. That's according to a presentation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that has gone viral. Using one's right hand as the primary mode of grappling objects "makes life easier" and gives one more "opportunity" and "advantage," according to the presentation. It also said being right-handed apparently makes one have a sounder "sense of belonging" in the world. The lecture took place Monday, Newsweek reported . It has garnered more than 2,600 "likes" on a popular Twitter account. (Tweet) The presentation was part of training
Biden delays release of JFK assassination
records, blaming COVID-19 pandemic
28 replies
Posted by Imright 10/23/2021 8:08:46 AM Post Reply
The US will “unfortunately” continue to delay the public release of records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and officials say the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame.The move was announced in a memo signed by President Joe Biden and released by the White House Friday.“Temporary continued postponement is necessary to protect against identifiable harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure,” Biden wrote.
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