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“What Am I Doing Here?”; Biden Gets
Rescued By Anderson Cooper After Suffering
Another Embarrassing Brainfreeze

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Posted By: Imright, 10/22/2021 1:46:57 PM

During Friday night’s “Town Hall” on CNN, Joe Biden had a rough go of it. It was bad.One of the most cringeworthy moments is when Anderson Cooper had to literally save Joe after the 46th President forgot the city of Long Beach, CA.“I was able to go to the private port where — 40 percent of all products coming into the United States of America on the West Coast go through Los Angeles and — and — oh, what am I doing here?” Biden said, forgetting the name of Long Beach, CA.“Is it Long Beach or —”, Cooper assisted.“Long Beach. Thank you. And I know both the mayors,” Biden replied.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Mr C 10/22/2021 1:58:12 PM (No. 954218)
“What Am I Doing Here?” Please Anderson Cooper...I really need to go...incontinence is ruff!
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Reply 2 - Posted by: red1066 10/22/2021 2:04:48 PM (No. 954227)
Everyday Biteme proves there was fraud in the last election. Nobody will ever convince me Biteme won the election fairly. There is no way in hell 81 million people actually voted for this guy. This mind numbingly out of it dementia patient needs to be removed NOW along with his entire administration. He's putting this entire country in danger. This country will not survive with Biteme and the people behind the scenes running the show for another three years.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: itsonlyme 10/22/2021 2:08:39 PM (No. 954233)
Joe "Dementia" Biden "Dementia is a condition that causes memory loss and other thinking problems that get worse over time." While Jill searches for another photo opportunity and Kamala "Heels Up" Harris visits the Bronx.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: MommaTeePee63 10/22/2021 2:25:47 PM (No. 954251)
I'd sure as hell like to know what you're doing, too.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: Come And Take It 10/22/2021 2:35:30 PM (No. 954264)
Why, Mr. Resident, you are here to usher in communism in America. Do you remember now?
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Reply 6 - Posted by: MDConservative 10/22/2021 2:43:24 PM (No. 954270)
Biden was channeling retired Vice Admiral James Stockdale, Ross Perot's "out of ammunition" running made. By today's standards, he would have been Presidential timber after all.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Toby Ten Bears 10/22/2021 2:44:28 PM (No. 954271)
What a pathetic excuse for a man... Anyone that voted for this doddering dotard should lose their citizenship.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: Luandir 10/22/2021 2:48:24 PM (No. 954279)
And this is the BEST Biden they can put forward: their pick of scheduling, collaborative "moderators," and the very best meds they can pump him with. What is he like at 3 AM when that red-phone call comes in?
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Reply 9 - Posted by: PrayerWarrior 10/22/2021 2:58:53 PM (No. 954285)
#7 Who says that those who voted for JFB were citizens?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Flyball Dogs 10/22/2021 3:29:52 PM (No. 954315)
Embarrassing to whom? When you have no moral compass (see his bank account(s), habit of lying, etc,) there is nothing you could do or say to embarrass yourself.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: anniebc 10/22/2021 3:43:30 PM (No. 954325)
And that's what 81 million votes gets ya, folks. Da-dum!
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Urgent Fury 10/22/2021 5:24:23 PM (No. 954408)
Hey at least he's only mean in person and not on Twitter!
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Reply 13 - Posted by: doublesharp 10/22/2021 5:26:19 PM (No. 954412)
During Friday night’s “Town Hall” on CNN . . . Is there going to be another one tonight or maybe Clayton has a time machine?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Enoch Powell 10/22/2021 5:35:20 PM (No. 954421)
The only people who wanted Biden in the WH were the CIA and FBI. Hopefully both agencies will be abolished when the dems are replaced by ethical Republicans.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: RedWhite&Blue2 10/22/2021 6:17:18 PM (No. 954443)
"I took a million train rides" "I flew a million miles" "I was first in my law class" "I fought the Chinese in World War I" "Little girls like to rub my leg hair" "Can I sniff you" And on and on...our President Trump, the truly elected President, makes this fool look like a naked circus clown on fentanyl!!!
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Kumoan 10/22/2021 6:25:15 PM (No. 954450)
"...our President Trump, the truly elected President, makes this fool look like a naked circus clown on fentanyl!!!" FJB looks like Humper?
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Reply 17 - Posted by: watashiyo 10/22/2021 6:36:21 PM (No. 954455)
For crying out loud, somebody do something! Same thing happened to my mother-in-law and we had to place her in a senior care home for her safety.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: caljeepgirl 10/22/2021 6:59:09 PM (No. 954471)
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Reply 19 - Posted by: enemyofthestate 10/22/2021 7:36:39 PM (No. 954489)
President Vegetable.... and Fruit, the CNN cheerleader.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Imright 10/22/2021 7:41:32 PM (No. 954492)
LOL # 18...Good One!!
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Reply 21 - Posted by: cor-vet 10/22/2021 8:23:14 PM (No. 954524)
Biteme is the 1st president able to gobble up ice cream without worrying about brain freeze. A simple question will trigger it, tho.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: rytwng 10/22/2021 10:04:24 PM (No. 954574)
Pretend president Joke Moron is pathetic.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Daisy Mae 10/22/2021 10:20:32 PM (No. 954582)
Exactly...... what is he doing there? This imbecile should be home counting beads to put on a string...."
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Reply 24 - Posted by: FunOne 10/22/2021 10:38:22 PM (No. 954592)
The participants were all loyal democrats by invitation only. The questions were known and the answers were already cued up on the teleprompter. The world's famous Cellar Dweller was juiced up with meds to keep him moving around. All on the DNC network--CNN. This was not a "Town Hall". It was a hard core democrat pep rally.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: web 10/22/2021 11:10:24 PM (No. 954606)
That's what we all want to know, joe. What are you doing pretending to be the President of the United States, when you obviously are not competent enough to do anything more than sit in front of the TV and eat ice cream. Your handlers stole the election, placed a senile old idiot in place to enact their policies of destroying America, and there doesn't seem to be anything can done about it. Too bad we don't have a real media that would tell us the truth instead of all this woke nonsense.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: bighambone 10/23/2021 11:57:05 AM (No. 955142)
Biden is just a figurehead with obvious declining cognitive abilities who does not know where he is most of the time. The real leftist and socialist agenda coming out of the White House these days has been created, and is being formulated by Barack Obama, yet unidentified others, and his crew who are holding down all the big jobs in the White House these days.
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Airline workers and Patriots organized near Phoenix Sky Harbor airport on Friday morning to protest the unconstitutional jab mandates that will put thousands out of work if they do not compromise their medical freedoms. Biden announced the Labor Department will issue an emergency rule for companies with 100 or more employees to implement vaccination requirements.Stolen elections have severe consequences. Across the country, protesters have shown their opposition to the fraud in chief and his anti-American mandate.
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A MAGA hat-wearing rapper whose song Let's Go Brandon went from a YouTube sensation to near the top of the charts on iTunes was removed after the woke streaming giant said the video contained 'medical misinformation.'Rapper Bryson Gray announced on Twitter Thursday that the music video for his anti-Biden song was canceled by YouTube.'What medical misinformation is in the song? Whoa,' he asked. In the music video, Gray appears in an 'Impeach Biden' T-shirt and a MAGA bucket hat while holding an assault rifle.
The millionaires behind Trump’s new
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An elusive SPAC CEO who helped ex-President Donald J Trump take his media and technology company public is also the CFO of a mysterious firm with offices in Wuhan, China. Patrick Francis Orlando, 49, heads two SPACs - special purpose acquisition companies, also known as blank check companies, that look to make private companies go public through mergers and acquisitions.One is Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) - where Orlando is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - and it shook up Wall Street earlier this week when it announced its merge with Trump Media and Technology Group, sending shares soaring nearly 1,000 percent. With the money from the firm, Trump reportedly
Five sex offenders including two violent
pedophiles were placed in homeless shelter
within a block of $36k-a-year elementary
school in Manhattan - and only moved after
outraged parents found out
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Manhattan parents were outraged when they learned that city officials stuck five registered sex offenders, including two convicted pedophiles, into a homeless shelter last year about a block away from an elementary school.City officials placed registered sex offenders Thomas Libby, Lonzel McNeil, Lee Jackson, Francis Harrison and Curtis Thompson in the Radisson Hotel at 52 William St. in 2020 amid the pandemic. The shelter is a one-minute walk away from the $36,000-a-year Pine Street Elementary School, in Manhattan's Financial District, and both McNeil and Jackson have history of sex offense crimes involving minor.
Biden's Town Hall Did Really Poorly in
the Ratings
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Posted by Imright 10/23/2021 11:41:19 AM Post Reply
For some reason, the White House thought it would be a good idea to schedule President Joe Biden's town hall when millions of Americans were watching sports, including postseason baseball. Sure enough, the CNN town hall performed terribly in the ratings, according to Joe Concha.(Tweets) As Concha laid out in his column for The Hill: According to early numbers from Nielsen Media Research, the Biden town hall from Baltimore, which was moderated by Anderson Cooper, delivered just 1.2 million viewers from 8 p.m. ET to 9:30 p.m. In the younger demographic (25 to 54-year-olds) that advertisers covet most, the commander in chief commanded a paltry 271,000 viewers.
Biden Holds “Invisible Ice Cream Cones”
During CNN Town Hall Event, Gets Trolled Online
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During his train wreck of a town hall with CNN, President Joe Biden had a bizarre moment where he stood like a statue with his arms bent at 90 degrees. The pose looked as if Biden was holding imaginary ice cream cones in both hands. WATCH: (Tweet/Video) “Holding invisible ice cream cones?” trolled Scott Adams. (Tweet/Video) Check out some of the other reactions online: (Tweets/Videos) Does he think he is riding a donkey?
Biden delays release of JFK assassination
records, blaming COVID-19 pandemic
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The US will “unfortunately” continue to delay the public release of records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and officials say the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame.The move was announced in a memo signed by President Joe Biden and released by the White House Friday.“Temporary continued postponement is necessary to protect against identifiable harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure,” Biden wrote.
Don’t let Dems turn America into a Europen-style,
cradle-to-grave welfare state
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Posted by Imright 10/23/2021 7:34:47 AM Post Reply
More destructive than any specific policy item modern Democrats are pushing this year are the ideas they use to justify their agenda.The $3.5 trillion bill that President Joe Biden and Democrats are now attempting to cram through Congress via reconciliation is meant to create a European-style, cradle-to-grave welfare state here in the United States. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the bill’s Senate author, has, for years, praised systems across the Atlantic. As have many other Democrats.There are numerous specific arguments against the agenda that further expands an already onerous bureaucratic state, but it is the idea that traditional American life needs reimagining that should be rejected first.
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Ilhan Omar Introduces Bill to Create Special
Envoy to Monitor “Islamophobia” Around
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Reps Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) on Thursday introduced legislation to create a special envoy that would “monitor and combat Islamophobia” around the globe.“The bill requires the State Department to create a Special Envoy for monitoring and combating Islamophobia, and include state-sponsored Islamophobic violence and impunity in the Department’s annual human rights reports,” Omar said in a press release.Through the “Combating International Islamophobia Act,” Ilhan Omar wants the US to police the world and silence political discourse and truth
What is wrong with Kamala? 41 replies
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The Vice President of the United States spoke yesterday at the brand-new Northeast Bronx YMCA, promoting the so-called infrastructure bill that actually would transform the economy into dependence on unreliable “green” power and the populace into unsustainable financial dependence on borrowed money from the US Treasury. But forget about the substance, bad as it is, and focus on her behavior at the podium, which was, frankly, bizarre enough to suggest something is deeply wrong. Watch her arms in this clip. It’s only 26 seconds long, so I recommend watching it first with the sound off. Watching a second time with the sound on does nothing the ameliorate the utter weirdness
People who've had COVID-19 are facing
memory problems months after contracting
the disease, new study says: 'They can't think'
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People who've recovered from the coronavirus are experiencing problems with their memory, new research and data reveal. A study, published Friday in medical journal JAMA Network Open, says nearly a quarter of individuals who've been infected with the coronavirus have problems retaining information and focusing months after contracting the disease. Researchers, examining 740 patients at the Mount Sinai Health System in New York, found that it's relatively common for people who've had COVID-19 before to struggle with things like multitasking. "In this study, we found a relatively high frequency of cognitive impairment several months after patients contracted COVID-19. Impairments in
National School Boards Association Apologizes
for Letter Comparing Parents to Terrorists
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The National School Boards Association has apologized for a letter that called on the Biden administration to investigate whether alleged threats against school-board members constituted domestic terrorism. The NSBA Board of Directors apologized in a memorandum to members on Friday. The initial letter, sent on September 29, asked the administration to investigate whether alleged threats to school-board members, over masking policies and “propaganda purporting the false inclusion of critical race theory” in lessons, necessitated federal investigation.
Twitter suspends GOP congressman for calling
Biden health adviser Rachel Levine a man
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Posted by Ribicon 10/23/2021 5:59:08 PM Post Reply
Republican Reps. Jim Banks and Marjorie Taylor Greene were dinged by Twitter this week for saying that Rachel Levine, a transgender Biden administration official, was a man. Mr. Banks of Indiana said Saturday that his official account was suspended after he tweeted, “The title of first female four-star officer gets taken by a man,” referring to Dr. Levine’s promotion to four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Meanwhile, Twitter placed a “hateful conduct” warning on—but did not remove—a tweet by Ms. Greene, Georgia Republican, that said, “A dude who lived the first 50 years of his life as a man isn’t the first female anything.”
Attorney Says Alec Baldwin ‘Needs to
Start Thinking like a Potential Defendant’
34 replies
Posted by Dreadnought 10/23/2021 2:41:25 PM Post Reply
Attorney Andrew Stoltmann believes actor Alec Baldwin “needs to start thinking like a potential defendant instead of just somebody who made a tragic mistake.” “There are crimes that cover this sort of situation depending on his level of culpability.” “I’m certainly not saying he’s going to be charged,” the Chicago-based attorney told Fox News, “but what I am saying is anytime somebody shoots another human being – even on accident, even in self-defense – the police and eventually prosecutors look very, very carefully at what happened.” “There are literally about a hundred different issues that would need to be resolved, but there is something called negligent homicide,”
No, let's not be kind to Alec 32 replies
Posted by Magnante 10/23/2021 9:19:12 AM Post Reply
There have been a number of suggestions, from the conservative press as much as elsewhere, that we should go easy on poor Alec Baldwin concerning the terrible “accident” that resulted in a “tragedy” at his New Mexico filming location. No, we should not. It was not an accident, and it is not a tragedy. There a four primary rules of firearms handling, codified many years ago by firearms expert Jeff Cooper. Everyone serious about firearms has long ago (snip) It seems clear that Baldwin ignored every last one of these.
Climate Change? China Launches ‘All-Out’
Coal Production Campaign
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Posted by Black Conservative Voice 10/23/2021 4:46:07 AM Post Reply
China on Tuesday launched a major effort to ramp up coal production and stabilize coal prices ahead of an anticipated surge in electric power demand this winter. China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) reportedly ordered mine operators to “produce as much coal as possible.” CNN noted on Wednesday that China made an effort to scale back coal production this year to placate climate change activists, but those desultory efforts simply evaporated in the face of rolling blackouts that interfered with the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) industrial goals.
Biden delays release of JFK assassination
records, blaming COVID-19 pandemic
28 replies
Posted by Imright 10/23/2021 8:08:46 AM Post Reply
The US will “unfortunately” continue to delay the public release of records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and officials say the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame.The move was announced in a memo signed by President Joe Biden and released by the White House Friday.“Temporary continued postponement is necessary to protect against identifiable harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure,” Biden wrote.
Chella Man, first transmasculine face
of YSL Beauty, celebrates ‘radiant’
chest scars: They ‘make me who I am’
27 replies
Posted by Ribicon 10/23/2021 3:06:52 PM Post Reply
Actor, author and model Chella Man, the first transmasculine face of YSL Beauty, is celebrating the scars he has from his gender confirmation surgery. “My scars are radiant, they show where I’ve been,” the young LGBTQ and deaf activist said in a video for YSL Beauty shared on his Instagram account Thursday. Lifting up his shirt, and showing off his ripped and muscular torso and arms, Man says in a voiceover that he has always experienced “intense gender dysphoria.”(Snip)The Pennsylvania-born 22-year-old artist, who is known for sharing his experiences as a Deaf, transmasculine, genderqueer, and Jewish Chinese-American, began losing his hearing at age 4.
Alec Baldwin Shooting Victim Was Wife
Of Latham & Watkins Lawyer Which Represent
The Clinton Connected Attorney Just Indicted
By Bob Durham
27 replies
Posted by Black Conservative Voice 10/23/2021 11:34:01 AM Post Reply
A distraught Alec Baldwin said on Friday there are ‘no words to convey his shock and sadness’ after accidentally shooting and killing the female cinematographer on the set of his new movie Rust, and that he was cooperating fully with the police investigation into what happened. Officially Baldwin accidentally killed Halyna Hutchins, a 42-year-old married mother-of-two and the Director of Photography on his new movie on a ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Thursday at 1.50 pm.
Liberal Repellant: How to Keep Your Red
State Red
26 replies
Posted by PeterWolosin 10/23/2021 9:20:54 AM Post Reply
I was talking to my sister from Greenville, South Carolina the other day and she was telling me, once again, about how all the Liberals (read Socialists, Communists, Progressives, Woke Libtards, or just Democrats in general) are moving to Greenville from up north and bringing their values (or lack thereof) with them. She was decrying their habit of driving around with one hand on the horn, ready to blow it at you or anyone else who even slightly gets in their way or simply draws their attention.
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