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World’s biggest 'carbon-sucking' machine
is switched on in Iceland: $15
million device will capture 4,000
TONS of CO2 per year and could
help 'reverse climate change'

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Posted By: Imright, 9/10/2021 4:48:00 AM

The world's biggest carbon-sucking machine, billed as a tool to reduce climate change, has been switched on in Iceland.The $15 million (£10.8 million) 'direct air capture' (DAC) machine, created by Zurich-based company Climeworks, launched on Wednesday at the Hellisheiði Power Station, Iceland. Called Orca, it will capture 4,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year as part of efforts to reduce levels of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere – equivalent to the annual emissions from about 790 cars.However, this total is a mere fraction of global CO2 emissions,

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Reply 1 - Posted by: BarryNo 9/10/2021 5:07:53 AM (No. 909620)
Another 'Snake Oil' effort. We're already in a cooling trend. Have been for the last ten years. They are just trying to take credit for it.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: Policom 9/10/2021 5:43:37 AM (No. 909639)
So no more plants? They breathe the CO2 and turn it into O2. We breathe in the O2 and turn it into CO2. God is amazing.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DCGIRL 9/10/2021 5:44:28 AM (No. 909641)
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Reply 4 - Posted by: Rama41 9/10/2021 6:07:06 AM (No. 909654)
We used to call these devices "Trees". They're still available and a lot cheaper.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: proactus 9/10/2021 6:16:29 AM (No. 909657)
So that’s where Ross Perot’s NAFTA giant sucking sound went.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: F15 Gork 9/10/2021 6:28:59 AM (No. 909666)
Hey Iceland, quit sucking my carbon. I kinda like what it does for my trees and plants.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Blue Hen1 9/10/2021 6:30:17 AM (No. 909667)
That’s as much as Kerry’s jet puts in the air, ride on John!
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Reply 8 - Posted by: JayD 9/10/2021 6:36:48 AM (No. 909676)
Considering that Katla, one of Iceland's largest volcanoes, produces somewhere between 12,000 to 24,000 tons of carbon dioxide every DAY (2016, 2017 estimate:, it seems like they've got their work cut out for them to start making any difference, even in Iceland.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Come And Take It 9/10/2021 6:40:10 AM (No. 909679)
4000 tons? That's it? What does one of Iceland's active volcanos emit per year? Another scammer preying upon the stupid.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: mjwall69 9/10/2021 6:51:08 AM (No. 909686) This link is to an article about one volcano on Iceland that produces 4% of all GLOBAL CO2. Making a machine, that runs on electricity, not unicorn farts, to draw 4k tons of CO2 from the air around a volcano that's producing upwards of 12k tons, on top of all the other sources there, is putting a band aid on a severed limb. Does someone actually think this is doing something? If you google "waste of time" this should be the first hit.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: Sully 9/10/2021 6:59:46 AM (No. 909689)
Is this some kind of a joke? The "carbon sucking machine" is a scam akin to carbon credits. I am to believe intelligent or even low cog adults believe that a machine can suck enough carbon out of Earth's atmosphere so as to affect the Earth's temperature? If you believe such things maybe you deserve the chaotic misery of the life you live.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: bad-hair 9/10/2021 7:08:23 AM (No. 909694)
Here's a numbers game For 15 Billion we could build a thousand of them. For 15 Trillion we could build a Million of them Kiss your CO2 goodbye. There's not enough to feed a million of these. Kiss your trees goodbye too.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: Goose 9/10/2021 7:13:29 AM (No. 909699)
So what will they do with the 4000 tons of captured CO2 each year?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: Bur Oak 9/10/2021 7:17:11 AM (No. 909701)
This is insanity on an industrial scale.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: hoosierblue 9/10/2021 7:17:15 AM (No. 909702)
Latest report shows icebergs and sea ice have been increasing for almost a decade now. It has also been shown that there has been periods in the earths past were the Co2 has been much higher without any disastrous affects. Just another excuse to spend money and tax more.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Rinktum 9/10/2021 7:18:40 AM (No. 909703)
This sounds like a plot from a James Bond movie about a villain who intends to hold the world hostage unless it buys this handy dandy machine. Agent 007 to the rescue!
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Reply 17 - Posted by: LaVallette 9/10/2021 7:20:19 AM (No. 909705)
ROFL: And what is 4000 metric tons of CO'2 annually as a proportion of the climate change gasses emitted just by Iceland's own volcanoes?.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: Jesuslover54 9/10/2021 7:23:50 AM (No. 909708)
These are the same gullible people who bought crappy tranches.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: BarryNo 9/10/2021 7:25:22 AM (No. 909710)
This is akin to Edgar Rice Burrough's Barsoomian 'Atmosphere Pants'. Since John Carter's Mars didnt have many trees, they hade to create a machine to keep the atmosphere 'breathable'. Old idea, repurposed from old science fiction into 'new' science fiction.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: anniebc 9/10/2021 7:33:28 AM (No. 909723)
And this piece of junk will cost how much over the years? And, will the taxpayers continue to pay for it long after it's stopped working? Ye are not gods, so ye cannot affect climate change.Get over yourselves!
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Reply 21 - Posted by: udanja99 9/10/2021 7:36:57 AM (No. 909724)
It appears that Iceland is trying to take care of their (non-existent) carbon problem the same way they took care of their Down Syndrome problem. If you don’t remember the story - they eliminated Down Syndrome from their country by sucking all of the afflicted unborn out of the womb.
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Reply 22 - Posted by: coyote 9/10/2021 7:39:05 AM (No. 909726)
What climate change?
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Strike3 9/10/2021 7:39:09 AM (No. 909727)
It will probably kill every tree between there and the southern tip of Chile but who cares, Climate Change will have been stopped.
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Oldenoughtoknowbetter 9/10/2021 7:44:23 AM (No. 909735)
Maybe Iceland could put some of these around Washington D.C. for us. There's a whole lot of CO2 from wasted 02 that comes out of there.
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Clinger 9/10/2021 7:51:13 AM (No. 909742)
So when we plunge into the next ice age we'll know who to blame.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: Calvinesq 9/10/2021 7:51:30 AM (No. 909743)
Yesirree, step right up. In this box I have invented a contraption that will solve global warming. Now, if you invest in this box, you will get rich beyond measure! Schumer/Pelosi: We need at least five million of these, and we'll spend infrastructure money to get them. Wow, what a deal! [Cue sound of money flushing away]
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Reply 27 - Posted by: bpl40 9/10/2021 8:04:15 AM (No. 909756)
This such laughable BS. Don Quixote was more realistic.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: montwoodcliff 9/10/2021 8:09:49 AM (No. 909759)
A fool's errand! Imagine, spending $15,000,000 to remove 4000 tons of a gas that makes the grass grow green that produces oxygen in return. And what is the annual cost of operating that machine where you don’t have geothermal heating? This is another boondoggle perpetrated by by people who lack brains.
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Reply 29 - Posted by: Hermit_Crab 9/10/2021 8:14:25 AM (No. 909762)
I don't know if it is the world's largest sucking money from suckers machine. ... But it is a dang big one.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 9/10/2021 8:17:29 AM (No. 909766)
Can they build one to suck up liberals?
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Reply 31 - Posted by: czechlist 9/10/2021 8:20:55 AM (No. 909769)
#26 the dims will only purchase them if the manufacturers kick back money to the DNC. dim infrastructure investments are in money laundering
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Reply 32 - Posted by: Submariner 9/10/2021 8:21:17 AM (No. 909770)
This is a tree and plant starving machine from the Make The World Miserable Again fascists.
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Reply 33 - Posted by: 24tea@Mag 9/10/2021 8:21:30 AM (No. 909771)
Just because they claim it can capture 4000 metric tons, where is the proof, and what happens to it?
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Reply 34 - Posted by: Paperpuncher 9/10/2021 8:26:07 AM (No. 909775)
So what happens when trees start dying and crops start failing for lack of the CO2 they need. These are machines designed to kill planet Earth.
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Reply 35 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 9/10/2021 8:29:20 AM (No. 909778)
Sounds like another feel-good boondoogle to me. It's almost as if the Icelanders think their $15 million gadget will suck CO2 out of the air just over Iceland.
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Reply 36 - Posted by: stevendm 9/10/2021 8:34:02 AM (No. 909783)
A tiny drop in the bucket. From the internet: "In 2018, it's estimated that global aviation – which includes both passenger and freight – emitted 1.04 billion tonnes of CO2. This represented 2.5% of total CO2 emissions in 2018."
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Reply 37 - Posted by: saildreamer 9/10/2021 8:45:37 AM (No. 909791)
This reminds me of the Gatorade sprinklers in the movie Idiocracy. .
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Reply 38 - Posted by: PCMM 9/10/2021 8:54:05 AM (No. 909798)
Well, if Iceland is going to suck all of the CO2 out of the air, we’re all gonna need illegal aliens to come breathe on our flowers to keep the garden green. /sarcasm off
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Reply 39 - Posted by: Lawsy0 9/10/2021 8:59:11 AM (No. 909804)
Owl Gore must be back from the crypt and ready to party!
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Reply 40 - Posted by: walcb 9/10/2021 9:02:45 AM (No. 909807)
By my calculation that reduction is 1 ten millionth of the total CO2 production for one year.
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Reply 41 - Posted by: mc squared 9/10/2021 9:07:13 AM (No. 909811)
I once had a salesman come to my door trying to sell me one. He insisted I let him in to demonstrate it, but my Mama didn't raise no fool: his price was WAY too high.
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Reply 42 - Posted by: red1066 9/10/2021 9:07:27 AM (No. 909812)
The Amazon forest alone produces all the oxygen we need, plus removes the vast majority of C02 present in our atmosphere. This doesn't include all the other forests on earth. Perhaps all that tree planting over the last forty years has reduced the amount of C02 in the atmosphere causing the global cooling we're experiencing now. Perhaps too many trees is what caused the ice age 100,000 years ago.
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Reply 43 - Posted by: Otis Gill 9/10/2021 9:11:02 AM (No. 909817)
Many scientist, including Patrick Moore who wrote "Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout," believe that carbon is good for the environment and we need more of it. So maybe the liberals have it backwards. That's how they "solve" problems. They screw everything up and spend billions to fix problems that don't exist.
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Reply 44 - Posted by: Jennie C. 9/10/2021 9:11:33 AM (No. 909818)
They want to kill their trees?
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Reply 45 - Posted by: MickTurn 9/10/2021 9:15:09 AM (No. 909824)
Wait for their plants die and they starve...Genius', Yep, just like the Leftists!
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Reply 46 - Posted by: Petronius 9/10/2021 9:22:47 AM (No. 909838)
Hopefully no one will switch it from "Suck" to "Blow".
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Reply 47 - Posted by: bigfatslob 9/10/2021 9:27:28 AM (No. 909848)
Man disrupting the balance of nature. Like removing the wolves from the forest and other animals proliferate then there are too many of one species. Man shouldn't honor himself and be so bold to play like God. This is sheer stupidity.
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Reply 48 - Posted by: curious1 9/10/2021 9:36:46 AM (No. 909859)
Another scam to separate the rich but ignorant and gullible, emotionally driven morons from their money. They'll feel virtuous for giving money to such a device, but are too stupid to grasp that the climate changes due to the Sun, not humans, and our planet has a great set of feedback loops built in to take advantage of increased carbon dioxide from any source.
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Reply 49 - Posted by: Zigrid 9/10/2021 9:41:28 AM (No. 909867)
Oh give me a break... more money down the water closet facility...John Kerry is working overtime... how much kick/back did he get for his yacht and private's all a money game with democrats and their new world order crowd..I'll bet WE the people paid for this joke with green dollars from nervous nancy...the botox queen from California ...I pray she lives long enough to see President Trump back in the White House and our lovely First Lady decorating the White House Christmas tree once again...all I want for Christmas is...President Trump in the Oval Office...
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Reply 50 - Posted by: Thos Weatherby 9/10/2021 9:41:40 AM (No. 909868)
Wow 4k tons of CO2 in a year. Meanwhile a volcano also in Iceland spews 50k tons per DAY of CO2. So they need to spend billions just to make up for one volcano.
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Reply 51 - Posted by: DVC 9/10/2021 9:51:44 AM (No. 909883)
Hmm. That's like a machine to empty Lake Superior.....using teaspoons. Ten teaspoons full per day.....and "we'll get 'er done!" 150 million years at a ridiculous cost. Total waste of money. And meanwhile, the Chinese dump thousands of times that much into the air, without batting an eye and with nobody even complaining. CO2 is a harmless trace gas which has essentially zero effect on the climate, and is very beneficial for green plant growth.
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Reply 52 - Posted by: NamVet70 9/10/2021 9:55:13 AM (No. 909892)
That sucks. There is no global warming problem, the effect of anything man does to influence climate is trivial compared to the effect of regular variation in the amount of energy the earth receives from the sun, due to both the variation in the suns output and the variation in the distance of the earth from the sun. Many people don't realize the distance from the earth to the sun varies over time because the orbit is not a perfect circle. The sun also has regular cycles in its outputs over long periods of time. The mean temperature of the earth is somewhat lower than it has been in the long past and is currently in decline. The global warming fraud has run on for much too long now.
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Reply 53 - Posted by: MDConservative 9/10/2021 10:00:08 AM (No. 909908)
Nothing sucks like Electrolux...
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Reply 54 - Posted by: Old Army Vet 9/10/2021 10:03:49 AM (No. 909919)
Wow, that is so woke. This is an example of a colossal waste of money. Well as long as your "feelings" are satisfied then I guess it's ok.
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Reply 55 - Posted by: Otis Gill 9/10/2021 10:03:53 AM (No. 909920)
Some scientists, including Patrick Moore, who wrote “Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout” believe that carbon is good for the environment and that we need more of it. I’m not a scientist, but I wouldn’t doubt if he’s right. It would be just like liberals to spend billions to “fix” a problem that doesn’t’ exist.
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Reply 56 - Posted by: griddog1 9/10/2021 10:09:28 AM (No. 909924)
A fool and his money are soon parted!
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Reply 57 - Posted by: kangus 9/10/2021 10:25:43 AM (No. 909944)
How did Co2 become evil? The IPCC’s attribution methodology is fundamentally flawed by Ross McKitrick In a nut: For 20 years AT99 has held CO2 as the evil gas that must be removed before we all parish from Global Warming. Professor Ross McKitrick in 2019 found a problem with the math used and asked the authors Myles Allen and Simon Tett (AT99) to respond. "One day after the IPCC released the AR6 I published a paper in Climate Dynamics showing that their (AT99) “Optimal Fingerprinting” methodology on which they have long relied for attributing climate change to greenhouse gases is seriously flawed and its results are unreliable and largely meaningless." The results are the CO2 myth is dead, it does not cause warming therefore we can say AWG is dead. The question now is why it took 20 years for find this mathematical error. Every time someone comes up with an evil Co2 story we need to force them to answer Professor Ross McKitrick questions, they can't.
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Reply 58 - Posted by: snowoutlaw 9/10/2021 10:26:35 AM (No. 909946)
Seeding the oceans with a little iron is a lot cheaper and would remove a lot more CO2, we're talking gigatonnes.
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Reply 59 - Posted by: marbles 9/10/2021 10:32:57 AM (No. 909954)
Yes, it's scam, large display of smoke and mirrors..........................follow the money. The left makes up phrases and beats them to death. " Global warming" AKA as " climate change ". The left has a phrase for everything they say that only THEY can save us from. While make huge amounts of money from it at the same time. How very clever of them.How very gullible dem voters are.
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Reply 60 - Posted by: Gary O 9/10/2021 10:40:52 AM (No. 909961)
How does that compare to a Sequoia or a Redwood?
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Reply 61 - Posted by: dolphin 9/10/2021 10:43:00 AM (No. 909963)
Now we wait for the unintended consequences.
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Reply 62 - Posted by: Heil Liberals 9/10/2021 10:51:05 AM (No. 909967)
So, their wonder machine will remove 8,000,000 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere. An estimate by scientists ( is that volcanos emit 300 - 400 million metric tons of CO2 per year. The article is interesting, as it estimates the sequestered carbon located in the earth itself as well as free CO2 in the atmosphere and oceans. Our CO2 outputs are but a single flea bite on a St. Bernard.
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Reply 63 - Posted by: Kafka2 9/10/2021 10:58:01 AM (No. 909973)
I wonder if has occurred to them that plants need CO2 to exist. Higher levels of CO2 help plants to grow better. Better plant crops help to feed the ever growing population. If they succeed in significant reduction in CO2, it could result in reduced food production and starvation. The Medieval warming period was warmer than now and produced bumper crops. Before we take drastic measures to play God, it would be a good idea to reflect on what we are doing.
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Reply 64 - Posted by: janjan 9/10/2021 10:58:28 AM (No. 909974)
Maybe Willie Wonka can help them at the chocolate factory.
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Reply 65 - Posted by: columba 9/10/2021 11:01:48 AM (No. 909977)
The cost of the machine seems to equal the cost of about 60 new cars.
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Reply 66 - Posted by: Birddog 9/10/2021 11:28:10 AM (No. 910003)
$19,000 per "Car", Can the 4,000ton "Chunk" of carbon be marketed/sold...'used' for anything at all? Made into spacecraft/satellite parts and sent into space...permanently removing it from the earths atmosphere??? No? Then it has not been removed, anymore than taking a handful of water from a stream(or the ocean) has 'diminished it"
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Reply 67 - Posted by: weejun 9/10/2021 11:44:04 AM (No. 910015)
Quick: add another $150 billion to the infrastructure bill to put a DAC machine in every town in America!
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Reply 68 - Posted by: NotaBene 9/10/2021 11:47:47 AM (No. 910018)
Pope Francis should get one of those machines for the Vatican.
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Reply 69 - Posted by: Come And Take It 9/10/2021 11:49:58 AM (No. 910020)
I am pretty sure that Kamalalalala is the biggest carbon sucking machine on the planet.
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Reply 70 - Posted by: NessunDorma 9/10/2021 12:02:42 PM (No. 910025)
"Called Orca, it will capture 4,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year as part of efforts to reduce levels of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere – equivalent to the annual emissions from about 790 cars." So for $15 million, you've essentially accomplished getting 790 of approximately one billion cars off the road. Impressive.
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Reply 71 - Posted by: Venturer 9/10/2021 12:26:08 PM (No. 910049)
Maybe they are going into the Fire Extinguisher business.
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Reply 72 - Posted by: coldoc 9/10/2021 12:48:06 PM (No. 910069)
I'll bet the pony tailed fruitcake who came up with this is so proud.
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Reply 73 - Posted by: antitox 9/10/2021 1:05:31 PM (No. 910079)
This whole climate/CO2 thing is fake and these leftists all know it. There may be some people who have bought into it, but it's not real. Anyone who understands how the earth itself recycles everything can see it clearly. Air pollution will recycle back to the earth. Polluted air is heavier and it will come back down eventually. The BP oil spill happened and everybody went into a panic. Yes, we had to clean off the birds, etc, but Rush Limbaugh said on his program that the oil would recycle itself back thru the ocean. He said that soon they wouldn't be able to find any more oil. Sure enough, when they went out to find the rest of the oil, it was gone. What these alarmists don't even consider is that the earth itself spews oil on the ocean floor all the time because pressure builds up below. So the earth recycles daily.
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Reply 74 - Posted by: Rumblehog 9/10/2021 1:18:46 PM (No. 910085)
It's called, "Mega-Hoover" and it's the best damned plant killer in the world! s/o
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Reply 75 - Posted by: coldborezero 9/10/2021 1:44:15 PM (No. 910106)
Once again, the replies posted on Lucianne point out the thing about our side (the side that loves freedom and despises tyranny) that causes me the most anguish: we so often allow the enemy to set the terms and the vocabulary of the debate. My dear friends and compatriots, CARBON DIOXIDE IS NOT A POLLUTANT! It is an essential, critical element of life on this planet. One of the major victories for our enemy was convincing the public that plant food is hazardous. For some reason, we go along with this lie and perpetuate it. We shoot ourselves in the foot on every issue.
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Reply 76 - Posted by: snowoutlaw 9/10/2021 2:16:36 PM (No. 910137)
Story says the "CO2 reacts with the basalt rock and turns into stone within a few years." I assume then after a few more years a volcano (Iceland is just an island that is a big volcano) will re-melt the rock at release all the CO2, hence the CO2 cycle.
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Reply 77 - Posted by: Sorosisbehindit 9/10/2021 4:26:48 PM (No. 910216)
It makes me sad that these shysters know how stupid the population is at this time in history.
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Reply 78 - Posted by: Historybuff 9/10/2021 5:21:29 PM (No. 910255)
Pffft - we release that much every day when we open a Coca-Cola!
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Reply 79 - Posted by: danu 9/10/2021 6:11:31 PM (No. 910297)
BREAKING: entire plant kingdom to file suit on Monday.
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Reply 80 - Posted by: valinva 9/10/2021 6:29:49 PM (No. 910318)
Let's do the math. 286,900,000 registered vehicles in 2020. say 10% are electric = 258,210,000 / 790 (the number of cars CO2 emission this machine suck out) = 326,848 machines needed just to take care of the CO2 from cars in the US X $15,000,000 each = $4,902,721,518,987 just for the vehicles in the US. That is almost 5 Trillion Dollars! What a deal. The leftists will add these to their Green New Steal immediately.
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Reply 81 - Posted by: Folsomguy 9/10/2021 7:21:06 PM (No. 910372)
I was going to comment but #1 got it exactly right. Took the words right out of my mouth.
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Former President Trump made a surprise visit with New York City police and firefighters Saturday to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.In remarks to assembled guests, the former president sharply rebuked President Biden and the US pullout from Afghanistan.“It was gross incompetence and I hate to talk about it on this day,” Trump said.Trump praised New York’s Finest, telling the crowd, “if they let you do your job you wouldn’t have crime in New York!”As some in the crowd nodded their heads, The Donald jokingly warned them to “just stand and just be perfect.”
'Condition Omega!' Once-secret NYPD 9/11
report recounts horror, heroism
20 years later
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​Now relegated to the history files of the New York's police department, a September 2001 after-action report prepared by then-NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik for then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani provides a stunning account of what happened on the deadliest day in American history as four hijacked planes pierced the sunny, blue morning skies 20 years ago.Nineteen terrorists — working under the command of Osama bin Laden (since executed by the U.S. military) and his chief planner Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (since captured and on trial now at Guantanamo Bay) — exacted unspeakable carnage
Jackson, Wyoming, Explodes In A Sea Of
American Flags And 600 Harleys To
Honor Fallen Son, Marine LCPL Rylee McCollum
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Jackson, Wyoming, was stormed Friday afternoon with a sea of red, white and blue and 600 Harleys to honor Marine LCPL Rylee McCollum, one of the 13 Americans killed in a suicide-bomber explosion outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.Hundreds of people lined the streets with American flags during McCollum’s police-escorted funeral process downtown, and held their hands over their hearts as “The Star-Spangled Banner” was played. WATCH: (Video)
Buckingham Palace ‘Changing Of The Guard’
Features U.S. National Anthem
To Recognize 9/11
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Buckingham Palace played the U.S. national anthem Saturday morning at the “changing of the guard” to commemorate 9/11.The Army in London posted a video on Twitter showing the event. (Tweet/Video)“Just as they did at Buckingham Palace twenty years ago to show solidarity with our US allies, the Band of the @WelshGuards this morning played the US National Anthem at changing of the guard,” tweeted the British Army in London. Many American institutions are commemorating the 20 year anniversary of 9/11. The Boston College football team will wear special uniforms Saturday to honor a 9/11 hero.
Biden lays a wreath in Shanksville after
VP Harris called for a 'united
America' during her 9/11 speech
and Bush slammed 'violent extremists':
Clinton and Obama earlier joined
Biden at Ground Zero
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President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania - their second stop Saturday as the country marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. 'These memorials are really important. But they’re also incredibly difficult for the people affected by them, because it brings back the moment they got the phone call, it brings back the instant they got the news, no matter how years go by,' Biden told reporters in Pennsylvania. (Snip) At the western Pennsylvania site, Vice President Kamala Harris had called for a 'united America' Saturday as she joined
Why You Can’t Watch the ABC Miniseries
“The Path to 9/11”
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On September 6, 2006, the ABC television network aired “The Path to 9/11,” a three-hour documentary, written and produced by Cyrus Nowrasteh and directed by David Cunningham, which covered the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against our country. The program broke with other accounts of the causes of the 9/11 attacks— including by the 9/11 Commission—by casting substantial blame for the attacks on the incompetent foreign policy of the Clinton Administration. This program aired only once. A DVD was produced but can no longer be purchased on The reason? Former Clinton officials and their allies put heavy pressure on the Walt Disney Company
Biden Says Governors Who Push Back Against
Him Are ‘Cavalier’ With
People’s Health
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On Friday, President Joe Biden criticized governors who have repeatedly pushed back against his mandates and federal overreach with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. As reported by The Associated Press, “Biden visited a public school just a short drive from the White House to make the case for new rules he set out a day earlier that could impact 100 million Americans.”“I am so disappointed that particularly some Republican governors have been so cavalier with the health of these kids, so cavalier with the health of their communities,” Biden said during his trip to Brookland Middle School in Washington, D.C. “This isn’t a game.”
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World’s biggest 'carbon-sucking' machine
is switched on in Iceland: $15
million device will capture 4,000
TONS of CO2 per year and could
help 'reverse climate change'
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The world's biggest carbon-sucking machine, billed as a tool to reduce climate change, has been switched on in Iceland.The $15 million (£10.8 million) 'direct air capture' (DAC) machine, created by Zurich-based company Climeworks, launched on Wednesday at the Hellisheiði Power Station, Iceland. Called Orca, it will capture 4,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year as part of efforts to reduce levels of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere – equivalent to the annual emissions from about 790 cars.However, this total is a mere fraction of global CO2 emissions,
Joe Biden Marks 20th Anniversary of 9/11
Criticizing ‘Dark Forces’
in America Against ‘Peaceful Religion’
of Islam
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President Joe Biden marked the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by criticizing Americans for the anti-Muslim anger that occurred in the United States after the attacks took place. “We also witnessed the dark forces of human nature. Fear and anger. Resentment and violence against Muslim-Americans — true and faithful followers of a peaceful religion,” Biden said in a prerecorded video published for the occasion. The president said that the principle of “unity” in the country was endangered by the attacks but ultimately prevailed.
20 years after 9/11, Islamophobia continues
to haunt Muslims
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Sept. 11, 2001, marked the start of a new era for Muslims in the United States. Shortly after al-Qaida terrorists attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, many Muslims, as well as other Arab Americans, became the targets of anger and racism. Mosques were burned or destroyed and death threats and harassment followed many Muslims in the weeks following the attacks, according to congressional testimony from the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2011. Some victims were beaten, attacked or held at gunpoint for merely being perceived as Muslim, the organization said. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., who is Muslim, reflected on
George W. Bush uses his 9/11 anniversary
speech in Shanksville to condemn
'violent extremists abroad and
violent extremists at home' and
says they are 'children of the same
foul spirit'
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Former President George W. Bush used his 9/11 anniversary speech in Shanksville, Pennsylvania to condemn 'violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home,' calling them 'children of the same foul spirit.' Bush also used his address to tell veterans and servicemembers that their sacrifices in the War on Teror weren't for nothing.(Snip)'At a time when religious bigotry might have flowed freely, I saw Americans reject prejudice and embrace people of Muslim faith. That is the nation I know,' he said. 'At a time when nativism could have stirred hatred and violence against people perceived as outsiders, I saw Americans reaffirm their welcome to immigrants and refugees.
US drone strike that Pentagon said killed
a suicide bomber in Kabul actually
killed an AID WORKER and seven
children who ran to greet him
when he arrived home in a car filled
with 'water jugs, not explosives'
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The drone strike that the Pentagon claimed killed an ISIS-K suicide bomber in Kabul actually targeted an aid worker who had filled his car with water jugs, rather than explosives, according to a shocking new report. Zemari Ahmadi, 43, was driving the 1996 Toyota Corolla that was destroyed in the August 29 drone strike, killing him and nine family members, including seven children, according to a New York Times investigation. US military still maintain that only three people died, despite the family now detailing in the new report how their 10 relatives were killed in the blast.(Snip)Ahmadi worked for US-based aid group Nutrition and Education International,
Biden Blasts Americans on Eve of 9/11:
‘We Have Witnessed Violence in
America Against Muslims – True
Followers of a Peaceful Religion’ (Video)
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Did Obama write Biden’s 9/11 message?Joe Biden lashed out at Americans in a pre-recorded video released Friday on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack.Nearly 3,000 people died 20 years ago after Islamic terrorists hijacked planes and crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.Another hijacked plane crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. (Photo) Biden marked the 20th anniversary by blasting Americans and praising Islam as the ‘religion of peace.’Reprehensible.“We also witnessed the dark forces of human nature. Fear and anger. Resentment and violence against Muslim-Americans
Members of Congress and Their Staff Are
Exempt From Biden's Vaccine Mandate
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President Joe Biden's new vaccine mandates for federal employees don't apply to members of Congress or those who work for Congress or the federal court system. Biden issued two executive orders on Thursday requiring vaccination against COVID for federal workers and contractors who work for the federal government. He also asked the Department of Labor to issue an emergency order requiring businesses with more than 100 employees to ensure their workers are vaccinated or tested on a weekly basis. However, Biden's order on federal workers applies to employees of the executive branch.
CDC: Unvaccinated 11 times more likely
to die from COVID-19
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced results from a study Friday that found unvaccinated individuals were 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than fully vaccinated people. The research, spanning more than 600,000 people in 13 jurisdictions, also determined that unvaccinated populations were over 10 times more likely to be hospitalized — figures that underscore COVID-19 vaccines protect recipients from deaths and hospitalizations. The study also showed that unvaccinated people were 4 1/2 times more likely to contract COVID-19 than the fully vaccinated. The studies come just one day after President Biden announced a new rule
‘I Will Not Comply’: Social Media
Erupts Over Biden Vaccine Mandate Speech
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Social media erupted Thursday following President Joe Biden’s announcement that he will be mandating vaccination, testing, and mask requirements for not just federal employees, but many private businesses, too. “Companies with at least 100 employees must require their employees get vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID-19 tests under a new Biden administration plan to combat the coronavirus and encourage vaccination,” The Daily Wire reported. “President Joe Biden is scheduled to outline a revamped federal strategy to address COVID-19 that includes far more invasive regulations and restrictions than the federal government has put in place to date. Part of Biden’s six-point plan involves cracking down on 100+ employee companies
Kamala Harris on Pro-Life Texas Law: U.S.
Stronger When People Make Health
Choices ‘Without Government Interference’
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Vice President Kamala Harris unabashedly defended abortion and said the right to end the life of an unborn child is “not negotiable” during a discussion with abortion and “reproductive health providers” on Thursday.Harris met with providers from Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and New Mexico to discuss the impact of Texas Senate Bill 8, otherwise known as the Texas Heartbeat Act, and other laws that effectively limit abortions around the country. She said: The president and I are unequivocal in our support of Roe v. Wade, and the constitutionality of Roe v. Wade, and the right of women to make decisions for themselves with whomever they choose about their own bodies.
RNC to Sue Biden Administration over Unconstitutional
Vaccinate Mandate
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The Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced Thursday the committee will sue President Joe Biden’s administration for ordering the Labor Department to mandate private businesses require vaccinations for their employees.“Joe Biden told Americans when he was elected that he would not impose vaccine mandates. He lied,” McDaniel said. “Now small businesses, workers, and families across the country will pay the price.”“Like many Americans, I am pro-vaccine and anti-mandate,” she added.“Many small businesses and workers do not have the money or legal resources
White House: Unvaccinated Americans Entirely
Responsible for Joe Biden’s
Failure to Stop Coronavirus
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The White House blamed unvaccinated Americans on Thursday for President Joe Biden’s failure to control the coronavirus pandemic. “The reason we are here is because people have not gotten vaccinated, 80 million of them,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. “Not because of any other reason.”Psaki was asked if Biden regretted his decision to declare “independence” from the coronavirus in July only to have cases and hospitalizations resurge in the United States. She noted that the coronavirus was “a smart virus” that had evolved and would require the Biden administration to level more stringent vaccine mandates. Psaki denied that Biden’s new speech on
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