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As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaches,
President Biden's shameful
Afghanistan disaster has made America
look weak, spineless, cowardly,
and disloyal – it should cost
him his presidency

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Posted By: Imright, 9/6/2021 11:15:30 PM

This Saturday is the 20th anniversary of 9/11, one of the darkest days in American history.To mark the occasion, President Biden will travel to Ground Zero in New York where the Twin Towers were destroyed, to Virginia where a plane was flown into the Pentagon, and to a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where Flight United 93 also crashed after an on-air battle between terrorists and hero passengers.This would be a sombre enough experience for any American President given that nearly 3,000 people were killed on that infamous day back in 2001 which represented a terrible failure of US intelligence.

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Reply 1 - Posted by: Italiano 9/6/2021 11:34:28 PM (No. 906357)
We lost. Kind of hard to imagine, 20 years out. But we did. But we know who is to blame.
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Reply 2 - Posted by: MrDeplorable 9/6/2021 11:36:50 PM (No. 906358)
I think it’s time we stop focusing on the totally demented Joe Biden and demand the curtain be pulled back to expose the totally evil people who are pulling his strings.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: columba 9/6/2021 11:44:56 PM (No. 906363)
It is time to reinstate the winning President: Donald Trump!
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Reply 4 - Posted by: PChristopher 9/6/2021 11:53:25 PM (No. 906367)
Joey's going to fly to all three sites and won't be welcome at any of them.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: CactusStar 9/7/2021 12:18:48 AM (No. 906374)
He will defile the those sites with his presence.
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Reply 6 - Posted by: wilarrbie 9/7/2021 12:33:16 AM (No. 906382)
I totally expect a good showing from those of us close enough to make the trip, who intend to express their displeasure with our lackluster leader. Please - show up!
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Ketchuplover 9/7/2021 12:34:07 AM (No. 906383)
I wouldn't be surprised if he invited representatives from our newest ally: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
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Reply 8 - Posted by: itsonlyme 9/7/2021 12:39:44 AM (No. 906392)
#2, a good starting point would be White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain
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Reply 9 - Posted by: FL_Absentee_Voter 9/7/2021 12:51:42 AM (No. 906396)
Somewhat watered-down piece by Pierce's standards, and he couldn't resist dragging Trump into the picture as it was "he who signed the agreement with the Taliban that put the train to this fiasco destination in motion." A lot of facts left out of that statement, Pierce. He does give it proper perspective, though: 200,000 American troops currently stationed overseas in 70 countries - why the sudden rush to clear the remaining 2,500 out of Afghanistan?
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Zeek Wolfe 9/7/2021 2:58:53 AM (No. 906422)
Biden has made us look like cheeseburger eating surrender monkeys.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: mifla 9/7/2021 4:26:56 AM (No. 906434)
Still going to give your speech on 9/11 Joe? Good luck with that.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: Rinktum 9/7/2021 5:13:05 AM (No. 906445)
FTA: “ President Trump's predictable gloating over Biden's disaster is laughable given it was he who signed the agreement with the Taliban that put the train to this fiasco destination in motion.” This statement is indicative of what a fool you are, Piers Morgan. You need to get your facts straight, all of them. President Trump was withdrawing from Afghanistan because not only he but the American people wanted out of that hellhole. There were strategic plans drawn up that would have done so without the disaster we see happening today and Biden rejected them. This is ALL on Biden and the democrats. As a journalist it is important to get all the facts right. Deliberately omitting the fact that President Trump would have never left Americans, allies, or equipment behind was reporting that is unfortunately so common these days. It was lazy, unfair, and lacking in truth. Remember, it was President Trump who destroyed Isis, went after and eliminated terrorist leaders, and kept the Taliban under control so that no American life was lost in Afghanistan in 18 months. Therefore, the only one laughing is informed people who recognize a fool too lazy to get the facts right and a coward who took a swing at a real leader something you probably don’t recognize because they are analogous to a unicorn in your country. Do not ever equate any American to Joe Biden. The vast majority is nothing like him. Unfortunately, we are stuck with this surrender monkey and you, sir, defamed the only President in modern history that did what he said he would do and would not have made the decisions that this illegitimate fraud made. This throw away statement regarding President Trump is beneath contempt because it indicates that you are just like so many other writers today who pile on for cheap shots because you are too lazy or dishonest to bother with the whole truth when a little zinger will get you creds from your peers. You are one sad little man.
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Reply 13 - Posted by: coldoc 9/7/2021 5:39:11 AM (No. 906452)
But, but, but- the fbi had them on their "radar".
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Reply 14 - Posted by: DCGIRL 9/7/2021 5:50:57 AM (No. 906459)
Disinvite this clown to any ceremony.
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Reply 15 - Posted by: Dodge Boy 9/7/2021 6:00:21 AM (No. 906465)
Piers, in case you haven't heard, the whole purpose of the surrender, biden the cheater style, was just that - to make "America look weak, spineless, cowardly, and disloyal". Notice how staunchly he has defended his actions and his disregard for the servicemen who died. Regardless, if you believe he was blackmailed into conducting the pullout so chaotically, the desired outcome was achieved. When you get a chance, Piers, read up on the new world order and the Great Reset that is now progressing worldwide. Or on the other hand, Piers, perhaps the Afghanistan disaster is merely an expression of the social, political, and military paralysis that has gripped America of late.
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Reply 16 - Posted by: Catfur27 9/7/2021 7:31:21 AM (No. 906518)
....Traitor Joe just armed the terrorists of the world with $85 BILLION of U.S. weapons ....and he DARES to show his face at the site of these terrorist attacks.???? ...WHO is more obscenely clueless...this idiot...or the idiots that still support him ???
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Reply 17 - Posted by: udanja99 9/7/2021 7:58:15 AM (No. 906542)
The vegetable is going to make 2 plane trips and attend 3 memorials in one day? What are they going to pump into him to make that happen? Perhaps the people attending those memorials should take a cue from the college football fans over the past weekend.
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Reply 18 - Posted by: ARKfamily 9/7/2021 8:02:51 AM (No. 906546)
Just remember - Americans are hard-working, resilient people. We don't have to be influenced by the Democrat's cold and heartless actions. If I remember correctly, Rudy Guiliani was in a leadership position and he demonstrated very good leadership the days, weeks, and months after 9/11.
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Reply 19 - Posted by: Otis Gill 9/7/2021 8:18:00 AM (No. 906557)
It should cost him his job, but it won't. The Marxists control every branch of government, including the courts and the FBI, not to mention 95% of the media. Biden is a useful stooge who's doing exactly what he's told. He will only leave office when they decide to replace him with a new teleprompter marionette. The military, who is supposed to defend us from enemies foreign and domestic, was our only hope against these wretched communists who took control of our country, but presently, it's looking bleak.
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Reply 20 - Posted by: Yuban 9/7/2021 8:26:50 AM (No. 906566)
We don't just LOOK weak etc, we ARE weak, etc.
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Reply 21 - Posted by: Boatingforfun 9/7/2021 9:02:55 AM (No. 906612)
I hope every vet in the respective areas shows up along with their families to oppose this "Resident" of the White House. It is a disgrace that he even attend these services after his PURPOSEFUL HUMILIATING EMBARRASING COWARDLY STUPID was he ran out of Afghanistan ! Everyone knows he was bribed by China and Russia. Russia had another one of Hunters laptops(according to Hunter) so- Russia gets a German pipeline. China has been brining the Biden family for years and then helped RIG the presidential election - so China wants the US humiliated and brought down to size and the Biden communist administration is more that happy to comply!!! They ALL need to be brought up on TREASON! PROTEST BIDEN every chance we get and support the audits!!!!
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Reply 22 - Posted by: LC Chihuahua 9/7/2021 9:10:52 AM (No. 906628)
On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Biden handles Afghanistan about the same way Carter handled Iran. We are going to pay for this, and its going to hurt. Thanks for everything, Joe. You should be impeached. Btw, we did not lose in Afghanistan. Losing would imply we put up a fight which we did not. Its what happened at Bagram. We left in the middle of the night without any notice. We were never kicked out. We vacated.
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Reply 23 - Posted by: Lawsy0 9/7/2021 9:14:08 AM (No. 906632)
On 9/11 this year, as Ebenezer Scrooge eventually suggested about Christmas: I will keep it in my heart. The way it really was; not like the media suggests. Your memories are not my memories. Your memories are none of my business. As for Veggie in the Oval Office, we're probably stuck with him because the alternatives are 3 times more horrible to contemplate: Harris? Pelosi? (What meds do they shoot into his veins to keep him vertical?)
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Reply 24 - Posted by: Trapper 9/7/2021 9:33:02 AM (No. 906650)
President Ephialtes
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Reply 25 - Posted by: Zumkopf 9/7/2021 9:34:50 AM (No. 906653)
The only thing amusing about Biden’s monstrous debacle is that the Europeans so desperately wanted Biden to win the 2020 election. Remember, “the adults are back in charge”? #NoMoreMeanTweets and no way Biden was going to twist their arms to fully fund NATO. Well, Euros, you got what you wanted.
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Reply 26 - Posted by: starboard 9/7/2021 9:42:09 AM (No. 906662)
Biden will forever be a disrespected potus.
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Reply 27 - Posted by: bigfatslob 9/7/2021 9:43:16 AM (No. 906663)
That's plenty of traveling for the fraud cadaver to check his watch maybe a sad story about Beau to warm the cockles of our heart. Meanwhile the Taliban are planning a huge fireworks display at the American Embassy they now own it's going to be a fine weekend in Joe's empty head.
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Reply 28 - Posted by: Zigrid 9/7/2021 9:58:15 AM (No. 906684)
I'm tired of listening to everyone talk about WE lost in Afghanistan... WE the people didn't lose...Washington DC's swamp lost the war....the political elites are into "nation building"...not WE the made behind closed doors have been running America into the folks...I'll not admit WE lost...
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Reply 29 - Posted by: NotaBene 9/7/2021 11:05:46 AM (No. 906777)
We lost our dignity. WE are now a tributary state to those that brought the twin towers down. Our Deep State surrendered Bagram AF base and left our guns, airplanes, and citizens behind. Biden will live in infamy.
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Reply 30 - Posted by: bighambone 9/7/2021 11:32:18 AM (No. 906809)
As #28 said, the DC UniParty and Interagency “Swamp” lost the war in Afghanistan. That Swamp went to war in Afghanistan, has they have done since the Second World War, using limited war tactics and incompetent rules of engagement, this time against a tough battle hardened very primitive Islamist enemy that has been fighting outsiders and other Afghan tribes for hundreds of years. The obvious DC Swamp objective, after finding and killing Osama bin Laden a mission that Biden himself opposed, was to supposedly transform Afghanistan into another liberal and peaceful Vermont type place, while in the meantime making as much money and high rank for the now beribboned Generals and the so-called military-industrial complex in general, in a longtime political/bureaucratic system whereby when the Admirals and Generals retire, they move right into high positions in the defense and security oriented industries. While common sense will tell you that when going to war against such a brutal dark age enemy as the Taliban and other ideologically set Islamist fighting groups if you actually want to win in the end, you have to use total war strategies and realistic rules of engagement designed to annihilate the enemy, as that’s the only way to win such a war. But unfortunately the DC UniParty Swamp, and the attached at the hip military-industrial complex are not interested in quickly winning such wars but in prolonging them for as long as possible. One thing is for sure, unfortunately anyone thinking of enlisting in the Armed Forces should understand that the current politicization of war, especially by the leftist and socialist Democrats, could put their lives in danger to achieve a short term political gain, such as Biden being able to claim on 9/11/21 that he brought America’s longest war to an end while ignoring the facts that the enemy won and has captured most of the modern US military equipment sent to Afghanistan in what amounts to a very serious military retreat and surrender to a 7th Century brutal Islamist enemy that has been killing and seriously wounding American military members for almost twenty years.
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Reply 31 - Posted by: crashnburn 9/7/2021 11:57:20 AM (No. 906835)
1,000,000 likes for #12!
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Reply 32 - Posted by: Trump'sCousin 9/7/2021 12:25:07 PM (No. 906863)
Imagine being the most loathed, dare I say, hated person in the world, not just in America? Imagine being Biden the Butcher....
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Donald Trump will host Holyfield vs Belfort
boxing match in Florida on
September 11 and will be joined at
the highly-anticipated event by
his son Don Jr.
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Donald Trump will host and commentate on a September 11 boxing match between Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort in Hollywood, Florida. The match will take place at The Seminole Hard Rock Casino on Saturday, with boxing fans able to tune in to watch on TV for $49.95. The new venture was announced on Tuesday for the former president with the event being called 'The Most Anticipated Heavyweight Fight of The Year.' Donald Trump Jr. will also be present for the fight in Hollywood, Florida.
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An Afghan refugee was stopped on a US-bound flight with explosive materials in his luggage. The refugee traveled from Kabul to Ramstein Air Base with the explosives in his possession.He was described as a contractor for the US government. Just The News reported: A male Afghan refugee who was departing the Ramstein Air Base in Germany for the United States was detained Monday after it was discovered during pre-flight screening that he had blasting caps and other explosives materials in his carry-on luggage,
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Monica Lewinsky has opened up about the pain and embarrassment she felt while watching her affair with former President Bill Clinton come to life on the small screen for a new drama series that tracks the circumstances of their relationship - and the sensational scandal that it caused. The 48-year-old, who served as a producer for Impeachment: American Crime Story, confessed that - despite willingly signing on to help with the creation of the show - she found it incredibly difficult to watch 'some of the worst moments of her life' be dredged up for the whole world to see.
US will ‘have to’ reinvade Afghanistan,
Lindsey Graham says
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Posted by Ribicon 9/7/2021 1:58:13 PM Post Reply
Less than one week after the United States completed its full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Sen. Lindsey Graham said the US will “have to” re-enter the war-torn country in an interview with BBC that aired worldwide on Monday. “Whether you like Trump or not, whether you believe it’s Trump’s fault or Biden’s fault, here’s where we’re at as the world: The Taliban are not reformed, they’re not new,” said Graham (R-SC). “They have a view of the world out of sync with modern times. They’re going to impose a lifestyle on the Afghan people that I think is going to make us all sick to our stomach.
Jeb Bush Wants 'Action' on Climate Change
and I Can't Stop Laughing at
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Jeb Bush has returned to brighten your Labor Day weekend with a message: It’s time for Republicans to take “action” on climate change. Yes, with everything that’s going on right now, including the country being led off a cliff by Joe Biden, 2016’s low-energy candidate has his finger on the pulse. Inflation, American hostages in Afghanistan, the border crisis, etc. pale in comparison to the urgent need to tax carbon and spend more money we don’t have on useless green energy projects. But it’s not just the message that’s dumb. It’s also the presentation.
Biden Requests $6.4B in Taxpayer Money
to Resettle 95,000 Afghans Across U.S.
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Posted by Imright 9/7/2021 8:15:37 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden’s administration is asking Congress to authorize about $6.4 billion in American taxpayer money to bring 95,000 Afghans to the United States for permanent resettlement.In a call with reporters on Tuesday, administration officials said the White House would request Congress to authorize about $6.4 billion in funding to resettle tens of thousands of Afghans across the U.S.Pro-mass migration groups had asked Biden to authorize $8 billion in funds for Afghans.Roughly $1.7 billion of the funding will go toward “funding and resources to the Afghans to help them set up a new home in the U.S.,” NBC News reports.
Biden will make major COVID speech Thursday
outlining 'six-pronged' plan
based on more vaccine mandates
and school policies
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Posted by Come And Take It 9/7/2021 8:23:18 PM Post Reply
President Joe Biden on Thursday will present a six-pronged strategy intended to fight the spread of the highly contagious COVID Delta variant and increase U.S. COVID-19 vaccinations, the White House said on Tuesday. The United States, which leads the world in COVID-19 cases and deaths, is struggling to stem a wave of infections driven by the variant even as officials try to persuade Americans who have resisted vaccination to get the shots. Rising case loads have raised concerns as children head back to school, while also rattling investors and upending company return-to-office plans.
Mediocrity Reigns 21 replies
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The Russian evolutionary anthropologist Peter Turchin coined the term “elite overproduction” to describe the condition of a society that is producing too many potential elite members.(snipHis choice of terms is a bit misleading, as his description of elite overproduction in America is better understood as an overproduction of people who see themselves as potential elites, despite being mediocrities.(snip)Turchin’s argument is aided by present reality. Jake Sullivan is the United States National Security Advisor to President Joe Biden. He was the primary architect of the plan to leave Afghanistan. A quick look at his résumé shows that he is laughably unqualified for the position. He is an overeducated idiot who is
Ex-FBI deputy chief: Law enforcement should
take U.S. Capitol rally ‘very seriously’
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Posted by Ribicon 9/7/2021 3:15:59 PM Post Reply
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is urging law enforcement to take an upcoming right-wing rally on Capitol Hill “very seriously” after rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. “I think they should take it very seriously. In fact, they should take it more seriously than they took the same sort of intelligence that they likely saw on January 5,” Mr. McCabe, now a CNN contributor, told the cable news outlet late Monday. The “Justice for J6” rally is scheduled for Sept. 18, a Saturday when lawmakers likely will be out of town.(Snip)The new rally is designed to show support for rioters jailed in connection
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