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‘I’m Hopelessly Stuck’: Stranded
Americans, Afghan Allies Plea for
Help as Taliban Conquers Kabul

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Posted By: Imright, 8/16/2021 12:14:34 PM

In the chaos that has become Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover, stranded Americans and Afghan allies have been pleading for help on social media and through other channels in fear of being left behind.On Sunday, as helicopters airlifted U.S. Embassy personnel to safety, reports began circulating of Americans desperately seeking haven before the exit door closed. The moment became so dire that Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) tweeted out a number and an email address for stragglers to establish safe contact.“If you’re an American stranded in Afghanistan, or know one who is, please

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Reply 1 - Posted by: MDConservative 8/16/2021 12:21:56 PM (No. 881234)
Stuck? How did that happen? There were clear signs this was going south, and what did these Americans do? Put their faith in the Afghan security forces? There are 6000 American troops headed your way...I'm sure something can be worked out. One wonders how many American patriots the French would have evacuated had the US revolution gone wrong...Would John Hancock "helicoptered" out? George Washington?
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Reply 2 - Posted by: thewarden 8/16/2021 12:34:28 PM (No. 881254)
I tend to agree with the first poster. If you didn’t see this coming, I can’t help you. I still do feel bad for them on some level. I have an idiot niece who crosses the border every day so she can shack up with her Mexican boyfriend. She’s already been stopped by Federales several times, once handcuffed. She’s a cute blond white girl in a new car, clearly out of place. We’ve all expressed our concern but being the sassy feminazi she is, she thinks nothing bad will happen. I told my mom to ignore any calls for help from her—my mom has money and she’d be the first call if she needed bail. She’ll be fortunate if bail is all she needs...she is truly stupid. So yes, put yourself in dangerous situations and well, don’t be surprised when you get stuck, or worse.
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Reply 3 - Posted by: DVC 8/16/2021 12:37:20 PM (No. 881259)
Mixed feelings. Who couldn't see that getting out "while the getting is good" should already have happened? Now the getting is NOT good, and we are expected to expend unlimited funds and risk a lot of lives to rescue folks who should have had the brains to have left this stinkhole months ago. We definitely need to extract those whose government job required them to be there, but the rest.......why aren't they responsible for their own exit? This is NOT a tourist spot, you need to use your head when choosing to travel to war zones. I have delayed in traveling to a former soviet state because of minor civil unrest. Where's the personal responsibility? Traitor Joe, effing up EVERYTHING he touches, as usual.
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Reply 4 - Posted by: SweetPea3 8/16/2021 12:46:21 PM (No. 881273)
Saigon/Benghazi redux.
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Reply 5 - Posted by: volksford 8/16/2021 12:58:54 PM (No. 881295)
You work for a moron take your chances
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Reply 6 - Posted by: LadyHen 8/16/2021 1:00:37 PM (No. 881298)
I don't feel sorry for private Americans/Westerners who actively chose to go there for career, profit, or thrills. Had I even been there to start, I'd have gotten the hell out of that miserable hell hole the moment the dementia patient sat his diapered butt down in the Oval Office. I do however feel very bad for any natives that put their trust in us. NO ONE will ever trust us again, no one.
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Reply 7 - Posted by: Daisymay 8/16/2021 1:12:19 PM (No. 881318)
Biden ,AND his Staff or whoever is advising him, are going to pay a huge price for this decision they made. When the FIRST American dies at the hands of the Taliban, while this airlift is taking place, there is going to be Hell to Pay! Biden is already on Thin Ice, and this would be the Last Straw. Unfortunately where would we go from here? Kamala? Hell No!, Nancy Pelosi, I don't think so. So, what happens when you have a Fraudulent President, who suddenly has proven is, and never has been, up to the Job? Where do we go from here?
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Reply 8 - Posted by: red1066 8/16/2021 1:17:31 PM (No. 881328)
Now that the airport and Kabul has been taken over, and every American at the embassy has been removed, where exactly are these 6000 U.S. troops supposed to land? If the soldiers happen to land, are they going to be under fire before they even get off the plane, and why are they still going there? It seems all of the Afghan forces were Taliban because I haven't heard or read of any fighting taking place.
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Reply 9 - Posted by: Come And Take It 8/16/2021 1:38:19 PM (No. 881357)
Great plan there, Team Xiden. You gave Bagram Airfield over to the worthless Afghans instead of using it as a secure facility for the evacuation. Now, the main airport is closed to flights. Just how are you going to get those 6000 troops in and organized to do these rescues? You could control the perimeter at Bagram, but not at Kabul. Now you expect our boys to pull your worthless lying arse out of the fire.
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Reply 10 - Posted by: Maggie2u 8/16/2021 2:22:45 PM (No. 881412)
There's a guy in Seattle pleading for help to get his wife and three children out. They are Afghani-American citizens. His wife left Seattle in June because she wanted to visit her parents. A lot of stupid in this family. I feel sorry for the kids, they had no choice in the matter.
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Reply 11 - Posted by: red1066 8/16/2021 3:07:05 PM (No. 881457)
#10. I ran into a guy whose wife did the same thing about six months ago. Took the kids to visit her family. He was trying to get her out back in May. Don't know if she ever got back to the U.S.
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Reply 12 - Posted by: MickTurn 8/16/2021 5:43:35 PM (No. 881608)
Stuck? How many months did you have to get yo Arse OUT of that hell hole? No excuses, it's all on you!
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Reply 13 - Posted by: JackBurton 8/16/2021 7:31:22 PM (No. 881744)
Sorry, but if I were there and with nothing to lose, I would fight. I'd hide and shoot and burn and blow things up. What happened to people who do this? Are the savages the only people who fight these days?
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Reply 14 - Posted by: local500 8/16/2021 7:41:43 PM (No. 881757)
This is beyond upsetting. This is Biden's Benghazi and Saigon, all in one.
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The speech that shamed America: Its contemptible
dishonesty would have
made Donald Trump blush. Now, this
blistering analysis by Andrew Neil
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It was the most contemptible speech by a U.S. president in modern times — a speech that shames America and leaves its global reputation in the dirt.And given that, until last January, the White House was occupied for four years by a certain Donald J. Trump, there couldn’t be a more damning criticism of President Joe Biden.Much of his address to the U.S. on Monday was Orwellian. In his classic novel 1984, set in a totalitarian dystopia, George Orwell created a Ministry of Peace which waged war, a Ministry of Truth which peddled lies, a Ministry of Love which tortured dissidents and a Ministry of Plenty which oversaw starvation.
Pentagon Confirms Evacuated Afghans Being
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The Defense Department has confirmed that Afghans evacuated from Afghanistan, and applying for visas to the United States, will be sent to U.S. military bases in Texas, Wisconsin, and Virginia. For days, reports had circulated that the roughly 22,000 Afghans that President Joe Biden’s administration plans to bring to the U.S. would first be sent to military bases in a number of states. On Tuesday, Defense Department official Gary Reed confirmed to the Texas Tribune that the thousands of Afghans applying for visas will be sent to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, and Fort McCoy in Monroe County, Wisconsin, in addition to Fort Lee in Prince George County, Virginia.
Trump on Hannity Rips Bush Family for
Invasion of Middle East: “I Believe
It Was the Worst Decision in
the History of Our Country”
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President Trump joined Sean Hannity on Tuesday night to discuss Joe Biden’s complete failure in Afghanistan.Trump told Hannity this is like the southern border but worse the way Biden is handling Afghanistan. The Afghan soldiers were some of the highest-paid soldiers in the world. This is one of the greatest embarrassments in the history of this country. Joe Biden returned to the White House because he’s getting bad press. “And I don’t believe he’s even in charge.”
Absolute Horror: Biden Admin Sends Out
Message to Thousands of Americans
Trapped in Kabul – “We Cannot
Guarantee Your Security”
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CBS reporter Sara Cook posted this note that was sent out to American citizens trapped in Kabul.The note was sent to Americans trying to escape Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the city over the weekend. The Biden administration told Americans to make their way to the Kabul airport But they could not guarantee their security as they made their way there. A congressional aide told CBS there were no partners left in Afghanistan to safely get the 10- to 15,000 Americans trapped around the country to the capital of Kabul.
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$1 TRILLION worth of US failures in Afghanistan:
DOD report tears into ‘mind-boggling’
mistakes from Bush to Biden, the US funneling money into corruption and advisors
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A damning new government watchdog report on Afghanistan reconstruction revealed on Tuesday the 'many failures' of the last 20 years in the nation. The report, which relied on 13 years of oversight work, more than 760 interviews and thousands of government documents, analyzed the progress of the last two decades, which it deemed 'elusive' and sustainability of that progress, 'dubious.' The report noted that the US has now spent $837 billion on warfighting and $145 billion trying to rebuild Afghanistan, during which 2,443 American troops and 66,000 Afghan troops were killed.
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Pete Buttigieg and husband Chasten are going to be dads. "For some time, Chasten and I have wanted to grow our family," the U.S. secretary of transportation posted Tuesday on Twitter. "We’re overjoyed to share that we’ve become parents! The process isn’t done yet and we’re thankful for the love, support, and respect for our privacy that has been offered to us. We can’t wait to share more soon." Chasten Buttigieg quote-tweeted the post with a quick Twitter aphorism, "Some news!" He recently told The Washington Post they had started the adoption process and had gotten close to bringing a
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Former Vice President Mike Pence is ramping up his donor outreach as he weighs a 2024 White House bid. Pence held a donor retreat late last week benefiting his newly formed nonprofit group, Advancing American Freedom. The event, held in wealthy Jackson Hole, Wyo., is the first such gathering the former vice president has hosted since leaving the White House in January.
Anybody notice how cold and heartless
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Joe Biden and his media acolytes call him Mr. Empathy and Mr. Compassion. His Afghanistan speech yesterday told a different story, and should end that phony spin forever. My takeaway was how cold, and hard, and compassionless Biden was as he sought to extricate himself from the catastrophe of his own making. He blamed everyone but himself for his failure, particularly the Afghan army. He smarmily assured terrified Afghanis left behind he'd now speak out for their human rights instead of actually protect them. He effectively told U.S. servicemembers their service was for nothing. It was appalling.
The embarrassment that is Joe Biden 38 replies
Posted by Magnante 8/17/2021 4:38:38 AM Post Reply
Although the White House had intended to keep Biden under wraps for as long as possible, the demand that he say something – anything – about the unfolding debacle in Afghanistan forced him to leave Camp David for a 20-minute statement, after which he refused to take any questions. The important part of what he said boils down to one sentence: We had to leave and everything that went wrong was Trump’s or the Afghans' fault. Biden is a craven coward, a feckless fool, a dismal dummy, and a man who will soon have more blood on his hands than a thousand Lady Macbeths.
Ex-U.S. President Bush says U.S. must
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Posted by Ida Lou Pino 8/17/2021 9:58:55 AM Post Reply
Aug 17 (Reuters) - Former U.S. President George W. Bush, who launched a "war on terror" in Afghanistan and elsewhere following the Sept. 11, 2001attacks, urged the U.S. government to expedite help for Afghan refugees following the Taliban's swift takeover in recent days. "The United States government has the legal authority to cut the red tape for refugees during urgent humanitarian crises. And we have the responsibility and the resources to secure safe passage for them now, without bureaucratic delay," Bush and former first lady Laura Bush said in a statement late on Monday.
George W. Bush and wife Laura break silence
after Afghanistan falls to Taliban
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Posted by Imright 8/17/2021 12:56:57 AM Post Reply
Former President George W. Bush broke his silence on the Taliban's rapid takeover of Afghanistan, which prompted a frantic evacuation of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies widely compared to the fall of Saigon in 1975.Hours after President Joe Biden addressed the nation, asserting he stands by his decision to withdraw military forces from the country, Bush released a statement late Monday through his presidential center focusing on the humanitarian situation and evacuations that follow a war he initiated nearly 20 years ago to root out al Qaeda following the 9/11 terror attacks.
What is the lambda variant and how contagious
is the strain of COVID-19?
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Dallas - Although delta remains the most prevalent variant, the lambda strain of COVID-19 is starting to emerge and there’s little known about it. “We do not know whether this is going to be better or worse than delta, there’s not enough information,” said Dr. Andrew Yurochko, with LSU Health Shreveport. According to the World Health Organization, lambda was first discovered in Peru last year. Since April, it’s been responsible for more than 80 percent of cases reported there. It’s now taken over other parts of South America, including Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil. Now, 44 American states have reported lambda cases
Photo ID and vaccine passport required
by Mayor de Blasio to move freely
in New York City
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Posted by Ida Lou Pino 8/17/2021 5:46:39 PM Post Reply
New Yorkers will now have to show photo IDs in order to engage in public life. Along with proof of vaccination, the mayor said "Whatever works, all you have to do is show that proof and have ID as well." "And it's easy, all you have to do is show proof of vaccination — that could be a CDC paper card, that could be an Excelsior Pass, an NYC COVID Safe app, whatever works," de Blasio said. "All you got to do is show that proof and have ID as well, and it’s straightforward."
Fmr CIA Analyst Zeller: Biden Lied, No
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Former CIA analyst Matt Zeller told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Monday on her show “Deadline” that President Joe Biden lied to the American people during his address on the chaotic evacuation of Afghans that worked with our military over the last 20 years.On Biden’s speech, Zeller said, “I was appalled. There was such a profound bald-faced lie in that speech, the idea we planned for every contingency? I have been personally trying to tell this administration since it took office. I have been trying to tell our government for years this was coming. We sent them plan after plan on how to evacuate these people.
Absolute Horror: Biden Admin Sends Out
Message to Thousands of Americans
Trapped in Kabul – “We Cannot
Guarantee Your Security”
26 replies
Posted by Imright 8/17/2021 6:52:35 PM Post Reply
CBS reporter Sara Cook posted this note that was sent out to American citizens trapped in Kabul.The note was sent to Americans trying to escape Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the city over the weekend. The Biden administration told Americans to make their way to the Kabul airport But they could not guarantee their security as they made their way there. A congressional aide told CBS there were no partners left in Afghanistan to safely get the 10- to 15,000 Americans trapped around the country to the capital of Kabul.
Meanwhile, Fauci Says It's Time for Americans
to 'Put Aside Concerns About
Personal Liberties'
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Posted by mc squared 8/17/2021 10:21:55 AM Post Reply
One can only imagine — this one, anyway — the withdrawal symptoms Dr. Anthony Fauci has been suffering recently as the disastrous Biden Afghanistan debacle has continued to dominate the news, 24×7. So, what’s an attention-whore to do when all of America is paying attention to something other than him? Why, make some attention-getting “news,” of course. The more Fauci-esque, the better. In an interview with CBS correspondent Nancy Cordes, the infectious diseases “expert” said it’s time for vaccine-hesitant Americans to “put aside” concerns and personal liberties to help fight against COVID-19, asserting that unvaccinated people are spreading the “highly contagious Delta variant” more so than vaccinated
Fed-up doctor tells anti-vaxxers they’re
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An Alabama doctor is tired of helping people who refuse to protect themselves and others—so he’s no longer taking appointments with anti-vaxxers. Mobile, Ala., physician Dr. Jason Valentine posted a photo on Facebook in which he’s seen standing in front of a sign that reads “Effective Oct. 1, 2021, Dr. Valentine will no longer see patients that are not vaccinated against COVID-19.”(Snip)“If they asked why, I told them covid is a miserable way to die and I can’t watch them die like that,” he wrote. Comments on Facebook were mostly supportive of the doctor, though not so much of the yokels who oppose vaccinations
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